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1k1' "Central America and Lesser Antilles
Full of Volcanoes.
Isantlo Crntrra Along Uir Miir of
the l'ropoaril Nlcnrnicnn Unnnl
Once Klery Now Are Kin-
cralil Utui,
Special Coata IUca Letter.
FROM where the clglitj -second de
gree of west longitude touches
the l'aclflc coast of Colombia,
JJOO miles due south from the city of
Clereland, drow a line straight north
restward 2,500 miles to where the
twenty-fifth degree of north latitude
crosses the Pacific shore of Mexico,
S.200 miles from New York city, and
count the once fiery, now emerald,
ems, which jewel that belt.
Near the beginning of that line is
Ifont lllnnco, Its head rises 0.5C0 feet
above the Caribbean sea, which seems
to one who looks down from Its crc6t
to be scarcely more than n stone
throw away. A mere step, sny 1G or
SO wiles farther, along our line an
other mountain lifts Its head n hun
dred feet higher than that of lllanco.
Then come many mountains of little
less height, before Turrlalba rises, a
majestic sentinel at the southern ex
tremity of that broad and fertile plain
which stretches 325 miles to the north
ern shore of Honduras, and forms the
larger part of three republics.
Across this plain (lows the Wo San
Juan, draining northeastern Costa
TOca and nil the basins of the great
lakes of Nicaragua. It fc along this
river and through the larger of the
two lakes that the proposed ship ca
unl would be made, should that route
bo accepted by the United States.
Turrlalba is 11,000 feet in height, and
atanding shoulder to shoulder with It
Ja Irazu, 11,480 feet high. At Its foot
alts the beautiful city of San Jose,
clean and proided with electric lights,
tram cars and telephone and telegraph
lines, ice plants nnd water supply, ho
tels and cafes, blooming parks and a
magnificent theater, with other con--reniences,
comforts nnd luxuries. A
thousand feet higher, on the flank of
Irazu, is the solid old city of Cnrtngo,
lonjr the capital of the republic. If
Irazu should burst its bounds, as did
Telee and La Soufiiere, the destruc
tion of life would appal the world.
Within sight of the 32,00 people who
Awell in San .Tore are the peaks of the
volcanoes of Harba, !,2U0 feet, and of
Pons. 8,080 feet in nltitmle. 1'oas car
ries in its crater ti little lake, such as
maa in l'elee until, perhaps. Mime scam
in the rock opened to let the water to
the fires raging beneath, and thus In
on inbtant made of a piettj and peace
ful pond the meant, of the most awful
destruction man has known since the
fatal day of Atlantis.
Tcnorio nnd Mlrnwilles, Ln Vipja and
Orosll are near the line, before it
touches Lake Nicaragua. There it
passes closes to the olennle Island of
Solentiname, near the head of the Illo
San Juan and the line of the proposed
(FmnoUB Central American Church
Cracked by Earthquake.)
canal; passes through the volcano of
Madera and the perfect cone of the
volcano of Ometepe, then through Kl
Zapatero and that wist uiin which, in
a sudden rage, hurled Its entire roof
nearly or quite ten miles, to fall in
fragment!, and make in the lake n reef
of islets, some of which afford farms
for those who dwell in contentment on
those proofs of the power of the most
prodigious nnd destructive force this
world hos known.
Following the line one sees to the
left the south wall of another volcano,
a, vost low crater, burnt, desolate,
lying south of the ancient Indian tow n
of Mnsnya, which dreams away its hot
nnd dusty days at the edge of another
crater, in which is a lake of pure wa
ter some COO feet below the level of
the town. A dozen miles westward is
-tho capital city of Managua, nestling
like n hen In a hot and dusty roadway,
at the edge of Lake Managua, and at
th foot of the tiny volcano of Tlscapa,
Behind the wall of the crater, only
300 or 300 feet Mtrh, ' a de'P P00' ot
stronglj nknllno waters, in which the
dirt linen of the town is washed.
The steamer which ea tries one fiom
Manngua to Momotombo, 30 miles
along our line, skirts tho point of
Chlltcpc, which has in Its crater a
lnko of sweet, cool water. Hounding
the point one has in full view the cone
of the great Momotombo, Its snowy
plume- forever streaming far out over
the perfect curve of it southwestern
slope. Between the lake and the Pa
clflo, and plainly seen from both, is
La Iioma del Tig-re; but it is insig
nificant in size only 1,030 feet in
height compared with the immense,
symmetrical bulk of the smoking
giant, bearing its white banner 5,700
feet above the lake which laps three
sides of its base.
History says that in days before Co
lumbus a large town was on the shore
where now a small villnge is at the
edge of the lake. But the mountain
labored, and brought forth such evi
dent signs of distress or of rage that
the people fled, with goods nnd house
hold gods, to where Teon now stands,
none too securely, in the brond val
ley, not so fr.r nway that the bulk of
lie huge smoker (.annot be plainly
seen from the streets. They might
have gone much farther and still hne
kept in slglit their nne-time idol; for
one ma j stand on the crest of Cerro
de Utile, in Honduras, and look across
a valley 18 miles to Tegucigalpa, the
capital city, gloaihlnp white in the
nfiernoon sun; then turn his back to
the city and see in Salvador, a little
west of south, and 71 miles distant,
the smoke rising from San Miguel.
Then almost due muth he will see
Coseulna, full 85 mile away; and ICO
miles tn the south-southeast he enn
see the steam rising from the crest of
Manv a time Momotombo threat
ened the people; and they have been"
afraid. On one occasion n multitude
took their way up the slope of the
mountain until the edge of the ashes
was reached. There they knelt in
earnest prajcr, while two devoted
priests bore up the steep the cross
they would plant at the brink of the
crater, to repel whatever flow of lava
might threaten. No one ever again
saw cross, nor priests. Nor did the
crater overoflw. If human foot baB
ever reached the edge of that pit no
word of it has come to other men.
Strung closely along the line are a
score or moro of dead little vol
canoes, Tclica, Viejo and ( oicovado,
pushing their shoulders high above
the others, 'then comes toseguin.i,
standing on or forming the promon
tory which in pnit shuts in the gteat
bay of Fonsecn. Coscguina has hi en
n most quiet mountain ever since, in
1836, it burst and startled by it
noise evun the City of Mexico, near
ly n thousand miles away. Through
three dujs the hammering of its, ex
plosions terrified four republics, and
in that time the volcano covered
three republics with n pall of ashes
that, over much of Honduras at least,
was Inches in depth. Old people, of
that country have told of the death
of thousands of nnimals, caused by
the clouk that hid all green things,
stopped the flow of water in the
streams, and suffocated the beasts.
That was probably the most terrific
outburst ever known by clvilied
man before the Kiakatoa mantled
the sea with pumice nnd minute dust,
nnd for many weks tinted the skies
of all the world by the dust info
which it had burst its rocks. So
Coscguiana also threw its dust bo
high into the sky thnt it hid from
the sunshine all the region within
350 miles, nnd even fell upon Ja
maica, 800 miles to windward.
It would be tedious, and useless, to
attempt to count all the volcanoes
which dot tho line between Cosc
guina in Nicaragua and Colimn In
MKico, for they arc too many, and
tho oneo savagely fiery heai'ts of
most of them aic dead nnd cold. But
from Collina, now threatening vio
lence, eastward to the shore of the
bay of Campecho Is a short arm of
tho mighty Andean cross, tlie only
east and west rnngo of volcanoes in
all America. In thnt arm are set
seven great volcanoes, the grandest
being Popocatepetl, 17,300 feet in al
titude. Of especial interest just now is
thnt part of tho great American vol
canic system which lies In tho sunk
en valley in which nre the lakes of
Nicaragua nnd their outlet, for
there is tho lino along which will be
tho Nicaragua Bhlp canal, If It shall
lie made. Within tho last century a
doren of those volcanoes have
belched lava and steam and dust,
nnd earthquakes hnvo been of almost
monthly occurrence.
Little injury hns been dono by
earthquakes In that region. It is
true that Leon, in Nicnragun, has
been badly shaken several times; nnd
no longer thnn two years ago the
mnssivo ornaments wcio tumbled
from tho towers of lior churches,
nnd wldo gaps wero opened in their
walls, ns like scams wero opened in
those of the queer, biaclj sandstone
church of Managua, 40 miles' distant,
paul nrrr.
Plucky Florida Girl Saves Lover
from Living Death.
Ilrotliers-In-I.nw of Yoanar Man Op-
jiour Mulch mill I. lire lllln Into
"Sanitarium" Hxperta feny
lie la Sane,
Jenny Urania l'lnder, of Key West,
Fin., after months f InccHnnnt ef
fort, uuttecded in releasing her lover
from the insnuc nnjlum nt Amlty
villc, h. I., und married him n few
dajB ago In the face of all opposi
tion of his people, suy the Chicago
Adolph Oundeshelmer, for it is the
young man's name, is n well-to-do
cltien of Mobile, La. He met MIhh
I'indcr on a llt to Key West last
full, where her fnther, Whltemore
I'indcr, is n merchant of high posi
tion. Last Niember, when (iundes
hcitner left Key West to visit his
brothers-in-law In New York the Imp
p, pair nriniiged to bo married the
month following. Ho wiih uin down
with hard work ami malaria, and
looked forward to his lsit with
When he readied New York he
found that Isaac and Bertram, the
brothers-in-law in question, were op
posed to his coming uinrringV. They
begged him to postpone It until he
was recocred, nnd, with the help ot
the family doctor, induced him to go
to n "sanitarium" to rest. He left
for Amltvtllle one night with a
It never entered his head that the
gieat house to whhli they lroe was
an insane hn1iiiii until the following
morning he found his door locked.
Storming wan of no use. Gnndes
helmer submitted to the ndice of
Dr. Wllsey, the superintendent, who
declared that his relatives merely
wished him to stay two wicks, and
urged him to profit by the chance to
The patient wrote daily to his
fiancee. At the end of two weeks he
was ant permitted to go, and discov
ered that his letters were never
mailed. He was, however, allowed to
walk about the lountry under guard.
nnd at last managed to slip a note
into a wayside post box.
Miss I'indcr was in agony. She got
no answer to her letters and could,
not find where her lover was. At last
she heard from Ills relatives that the
marriage could never take place, and
immediately after received the letter
from Adolph, explaining his silence
and pledging his undying love. Her
parents forbade her to leave Key
Wefet. She wrote to her brother-in-law
in New York, Dr. J. Victor Wil
son, and then began tiic Investigation
that endtil in (iundesheimer's re
lease. "I hnd never seen Mr. Ciundeshol-
mer," said Dr. Wilson, "but he had
not been adjudged insnne by any
court and deserved n trial.
"The family was induced to bring
him to the supieme couit in Iliook
lyn. They ti stifled thnt lie had boast
ed that he was the strongest man on
eaitli, and said he could eat more
than any tiling alive. Two physicians
rijPclnied him insane.
"However, the family agiccd to
the appointment of two alienists by
the supremo court and to his l flense
in my custody.
"Dr. Allan Hamilton and Dr. Sach,
the alienists appointed, piouounccd
(iiindesheimer sane."
"My examination failed to leveal
any mental unsoundness. He had no
"His memory nnd judgment were
not nt fault. His handvviitiiig did
not suggest insanity."
Bertram Harnett spoke for the
"Two physicians pronounced our
brother-ln-lnw Insane. Two did not.
It only shows how diagnoses can dis
agree. We are glad to believe Adolph
is mentally sound and hope he is hap
vy" I'luyliiK Cilumt Id KincnaU r.
It cost Truman Metgar just $175 to
have a little fun as n ghost. He is a
former of Weymart Centre, N. Y., and
to frighten his friend, Frank Chipmon,
he arrayed himself in mask ami a
white sheet. When Chlpman came
along in n wagon out popped the
"ghost," off tan the tenlflcd horse,
throwing the di her to the giound and
breaking his arm. To nvoid n lnvvsuit
the "ghost" paid ills victim $175.
IlUrov cry of h II I IT I'eiirl,
A pearl hns been found in ekt Aus
tralia an inch and a quarter In length,
of graceful bhape, and perfect luster.
In the same oyster shell two other
good small pearls were found.
say "Consumption can bo cured."
Naturonlonowon'tdoit. Itnoods
liolp. Doctors say
"Scott's Emulsion
Is tho bost help." Out you must
contlnuo Its uso ovon In hot
If you hire not tried It, tend for free Mmpie.
409-415 rcttl Street, New York,
joe and (1 co; all druggUt.
Iiu)1'C8b1o Ceieinonles Witnessed by
a Laige Ciowil at the Cemetery
Ono of tho distinctive features of tho
Woodmen of tho World lodge, and a
very haudsomo feature, is tho erecting
by tho order of a $100 monument over
tho grave of ov cry deceased member.
Tho unveiling of such monuments is
always mtido the. occasion of elaborate
ceremonies, as provided for in tho
ritual of tho order, and Suuday
afternoon Iola was tho scuno of such
Excursion rates from all neighbor
hood points attracted a large number
of visitors here, Including many
Nevada, Mo., Woodmen and the uni
formed guards of Ft. Scott. Theso
with lola Woodmen, visiting members
and nearly two thousand citlons,
marched from the squat e to tho ceme
tery, the Iola band leading tho pro
cession and playing a dlrgo. As tho
funeral of Willard Hlbbs, formerly a
member of tho order took place, at tho
same hour, and the hcarsetook its place
Inline of march and tho Iola Kagles, of
which Ilibbs was a member, partici
pated in tho ceremonies.
Arrived at tho cemetery, tho remaids
of tho deceased brother were laid to
rest ln tho grave with impressive cero
raony. Then tho orders crossed to
where tho nowly elected monument
over tho grave of Barney Sullivan
stands. John F. Goshorn was master
of ceremonies and J. B. Atchison
olllciatcd ln tho work at tho gravo.
Tho solemn, impressive words of the
ritual wero read, the band played
shortZstralns of tho dirge, uud tho
monument was unveiled.
After the return from tho cemetery,
Jonn W. Kaiser, State deputy, de
livered a talk at the hall on Wool
craft, and Deputy George B. Mooro,
captain of tho Ft. Scott guards, ex
emplified tho work In a most admir
able, manner.
It was a day long to be remembered
by the Woodmen of Iola and an event
in local lodge circles that marks the
growing importance of tho fraternal
spirit in our life.
(5. K Adams For Com t Cleik
r.lsewhero inthls issue will be found
tho announcement of C. M. Adams, of
Carlyle, for clerk of tho dlsttict couit
of Allen county on tho Republican
Mr. Adams was born in Indiana in
185.1. When his parents camo west
nnd located on a farm on Deer Creek
in Allen county in 1S(0 he camo also
and for tho past thirty-two years has
been a resident of tho county. For a
good many vears ho fat med and later
engaged in tho mercantilo business at
Carlylo. Fourteen years ago he was
appointed postmaster at that lotllce
and conducted that ofileo ln connec
tion with his business. Being an old
settler he Is widely acquainted over
tho county which, with his life-long
Republicanism, will assist him ma
terially in his race for tho olllce.
For Register of Deeds
In another column of this issue ap
poars tho announcement of John J.
Forrester as a candidate for tho Re
Plenty of Proof Right Here
in Iola
Claim Is ono thing, proof another.
Cohunbusclalmed tho vv o: Id w as t ound.
Did pooplo believo It? Not until ho
proved It.
Unprovon claims have mado tho peo-
plo skeptics.
Every claim mado for tho 'Llttlo Con-
quorer' is proven.
Provon In Iola by local oxporlenco.
Here Is ono case from tho many wo
Mrs. F. A. Rowden, of COl No. Jef
ferson St., says: "A dull aching In
tho small of , my back annoyed me for
two or three woeks. Wishing to check
It in tho lnclplont stages when I no
ticed Doan's Kidney Pills guaranteed
to euro pain ln the back from kidney
complaint, I went to C. B. Spencer tc
Co 's drug stoio for n box. If tho
treatment had not brought undoubted
benefit I would bo tho Inst tosldent of
Iola to publicly endorse the modi
clno." For salo by all dealers. Pi Ice CO
cents. Foster-Mllburn Co., Bullalo,
N. Y., solo agents for the United
Remember tho name Doan's nnd
J take no other.
publican nomination for Register of
Deeds. IIo Is a resident of Cast Cot
tago Grovo township and livos ten
miles south and one-halt mile east of
Gas City, IIo has been making a can
vnss of tho county for tho lust ilvo
vveoks and has been over all except
parts of two townships oxtondlng his
already wldo acquaintance.
Mr. Forroster was born in this coun
ty and has novor changed his resi
dence. IIo has grown up with the
country and Is in close touch with the
people. IIo has followed farming as
an occupation but spent two years In
Kansas City attending Business Col
lego fitting himself for office and busi
ness work should he attiny timo desire
to follow that line. Mr. Forrester's
parents came to this country from
Scotland. Ills father has never voted
anything but tho Republican ticket
and the live sons have followed faith
fully in their father's footsteps. Re
publican principles wero Inherited and
Mr. Forrester's Republicanism Is cf
tho stnunchest kind. Ho Isln tho light
in earnest and has many friends who
will stund by him In tho primaries.
1 ,
CI1lm.l1 Hugs nre Flying
From tho south Tuesday a cloud of
bugs camo through town, flying north
uttavnutui x ouj uiu uuii uuirj uuuugu
town, although they had a coutse
mapped out apparently, but loitered
around tho stteets, Mew ln people's
faces and took things lelsutely They
wero chinch bugs.
Tho agricultural editor of tho Rixi
IhTlIU vvus asked about them and he
says they are perlectly harmless. This
Is their timo to mlgrato and if It re
mains wet they can do little If any
damage. Theso aro tho giown bugs
but they will lay numerous millions
of eggs and if tho weather turns oil
dry tho young bugs hatching out will
suck tho jutco from tho growing crops.
Whoat and ohts nre too far along to
be much injured, so tho corn crop is
tho only ono endangered.
Miss Beadle went to Chanute.
Mrs. F. B. Fleming went to I. T.
Win. Davis went to Oklahoma City.
Wm. Reudlcker went to Humboldt.
Mrs. D. Robinson went to Col.
Mrs. Chas. F. Scott wenttoLawrencc
to visit her sisters.
Mrs. Geo. A. Fry went to DoQance,
Iowa to visit relatives.
Capt. H. A. Kwlag went to Topokato
attend Supreme Court.
Miss Sadie Nichols went to Ncode
sha to visit her sister Mrs. Lottie
Mr. Van Nest of Kansas City who
has been here visiting his daughter
Mrs. R. A. Kdgar returned to bis
Mrs. Lynn and Misi Stratton who
have been heie visiting Misses Hank
Ins and Odell Ireturned to their home
In Neosho Fulls.
Motrin l?3se who h.is been ill with
typhoid fover is much improved and
his early tcstoration to health is con
fidently piedlcted.
Frank Canntsoy, who is lold up so
ho cannot work, has found a nice
berth as a juror and is serving theso
days pretty regularly.
A Kunsas man who went over the
big water to Kuropo this spring wrote
"I had six meals a day on
voyage three down and threo up,
Ted Jones, who has learned the
tricks of tho trade as assistant chemist
In tho Works No. 1 of tho Lanyon
'Ana Company, has accepted 11 posi
tion with Lanyon Brothers' smelter at
Tho summer of 1002 began this
week. Tho folks who grunted
about tho rain and coolness last week
groaned over the heat Monday. The
transition requited about thiity sec
onds of time.
Announcements ato out for com
mencement wcok at tho University of
Kansas, during tho week fiom Juno
rub to tilth. It is tho thirtieth com
mencement of that institution and
promises to bo very inteiesting.
Chanuto Tilbune: J. C. Holler and
Alferd Folton, tho Indiana glass men,
who vveio in this part of tho stato a
month or two ago looking for a loca
tion, spent Sunday in tho city. They
say they will locate ln tho Kansas
Hold before going back.
Tho doctors and lawyers of loin aro
planning a matched gamo of ball at
tho fair grounds In tho near future
Baxtor McClaln will twirl for tho "di
vorco gettors" and Dr. Reld will twist
for tho 'undertakers' assistants." It
promises to bo something florco.
A Splendid Uemi'iiy.
Neuralgic pains, thouinatism, lum-
Daco and sciatic pains yield to tho
lenttratlng Influence of Ballard's
Snow Liniment. It penetrates to tho
norvos and bono, and being absorbed
Into tho blood, Its hoallng properties
at 0 convey od to ev ery pai t of tho body
and ellect somo wonderful cures. Mr.
D. F. Moore, Agent Illinois Central
Railway, Milan, Tonn., states: "I
have used flallatd's Snow Liniment
for ihoumatism, backaoho, etc., in
my family. It Is a Bplendld lemody.
W c nmild not do without it." 2.r)0, GOo
aAmWSifVBJ Spencer &. Co.
Harness, Saddles,
Collars, Whips,
Everything Oaually Found in n First
Class Harness Shop.
a. X. muo
Buy and Sell
Real Estate
Make Lonns on Fnrmt 1'ropertj
And Writo lnimame. . . .
Taxes pnlil and rents eolloctod foJ
non-residents. Otllco: Room 1, Cou
tnnt building.
hft rcopeued hla office, over Mr. Turner
ML'.cnery store, on West Mndlcon Avcnno
aouTH aioc louftftt OLA, KANSAS
GEO. W. COX, M. D.
Examination and Dlignol ot obicure
mado with the nld ot X-RAYS. Alio Electro
wheraoouilc treatment with X.RAY machine
Do you need tiny re
pairs for machinery? If
so, call at the
Iola Iron and
Metal Works I
on South Jefferson Av
enue. Repairs for any
thing and everything.
STi:i:L DUST is a handbomo dark
bay, shed by an imported thorough
bred Inpllsh Turf Horso, Hlsdamvvas
a Kentucky steel dust maio with a tec
oid of H:2X. He weighs about 1U50 and
is 10 hands high, and is a good all
1 ound genei al pui pose hoi to. Si 1 1 u
Dust was formerly owned by Joo
Stkih, Dust vv 111 inakn tho season
as follows: Mordavs and Tuesdays at
tho James Tlnloy place. Ilvo miles, east
and ono mile south of Humboldt. Tho
balance of tho week tit tho Iola Talr
Ti:kms: $8.00 to insuio living colt.
When mate is parted with or moved
from tho county tho charge for servico
becomes immediately due.
Carowillbo taken to prevent acci
dents, but wo will not bo responsiblo
should any occur.
C. D. WRIGHT, Owner
We promptly obtain U. 8. and Porilgn
Bend model, Bketch or r
Xreorcport on pntcntabll
tetch or photo ol Invention for r "i
patentability. For free book , t ' to
How to Secure'
ratents and
biKAYKD: A bay pony, marovoiie
about 000, bianded M on hip
dp in
shoulder, black points. T. J.
l i
, ,
I i(l
I 1

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