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I 1TKH H fft . HA. M From the book kopt by the secretary Hattlo Brubaker, t, UNN H
If -MUU . .UUU
Commencement Tluii-sday and tho
Address wns Delivered by Prof.
Olht Tcniitlln
Tho class of 1002, tho largest class
which over graduated from tho Iola
High School, finished Its work and
with appropriate oxcrciscs eolobrated
tho event and rccolved diploma.
Tho program of tho ovening began
with an invocation by Kov. D. D.
Shuoy, who asked tho guldanco ofjGod's
hand In tho lives of tho young people
just entering upon their duties as men
and women. The IIIj;h School chorus,
composed of undergraduates trained
by Prof. J. E. Henderson, then
creditably rendered tl.o chorus:
"Joy, Joy, Freedom Today."
Miss Mitchell then Introduced Prof.
Templln,, of tho chair of philosophy
at tho State University, who dollvcred
tho commencement address.
Mr. Tomplln said that deep Interest
was always felt In graduating clasTs
and In jouug ooplo because of imp
possibilities they represented, and
thero was always a temptation to
spoak words of advice. But ho did
not wish to bo (remembered solely as a
part of tho joyous ceremony which
marked their graduation; rather as
having given them food for reflection
and action.
Ho took as a text tho Biblical verso;
Whosoover shall seek to savo his life
shall loso it; and whoso shall seek to
lose his lifo shall preserve it. This
has beon Interpreted In various ways.
But tho speaker believed it might bo
understood as a statement of tho bio
logical law, although it is considered
a far cry from tho theory of natural
selection and tho survival of the fittest
to BIblo teaching. Tho idea of tho sur--vlval
of the fittest Is not pleasant as
applied to humanity. Throughout
Nature It works harmoniously for the
betterment of tho world,butas regards
man tho theory is not acceptable to
man. It means selfishness and greed
and tho rulo of might makes right.
So tho text Is intorprotcd not to ro
for to Man's physical lifo but to his
spiritual life. Certainly Man is not
expected to go against all his natural
Instincts and dollboratoly seek doath
for the body. The selfish man is
shunned and disliked universally and
tho unselfish man is admired.
Tho grain of corn remaining alon
and preserving itself nover accom
plishes anything. If it is destroyed
In the earth it brings forth many
grains; if consumed by man it creates
brain and rausclo and good works.
Tho grain must dlo to accomplish
With humanity It Is tho same way.
Unslfishncss, kindliness and helpful
ness of others nro necessary for tho
accomplishment of reiil good In the
world. And tho strugglo, tho nover
ending contest, aro beneficial and help
mako men strong. Better tho lifo of
Sisyphus, doomed forover to roll a
hugo boulder up a high hill, only to
seo it roll again to tho bottom, than
no struggle at all. What If all Natures
wearied of tho 6trugglo and gave up?
How barren tho world and our lives
would bo without tho Honors, tho
fruits, tho numberless creatures which
.strugglo for bxlstcnco on tho earth.
Would It bo woll for Man to exempt
him from this strugglo of tho survival
of tho fittest?
Yet huraanlty'demands'unsolfishnoss
of man. Tho bee stores honoy for un
born bees; tho colllo dog risks and
loses his lifo to preserve that of
others. Throughoutjtho animal king
dom tho unsolilshness of tho maternal
nstlnct is universal. This is always
admirod and thero is a demand by
humanity that men mako sacrifices for
tho good of civilization. Llko Plato's
Republic, where every man was busy,
Joing tho things for tho good of tho
Republic for which ho was best suited,
so should tho world be. Tho strugglo
of life Is beneficial, yet !ho who seeks
solely to presorvo himself loses tho
bettor life. Tho martyrs of old who
igavo up thoir lives freoly, yet llvo to
day more fully than did tho strong
imon who sought to presorvo but them
selves. Ho who seeks to savo his life shall
loso it; and ho who seeks to loso his
lifo shall proservo it.
Tho address required about thirty
jnlnutcs, nftor which tho girls' doublo
trio pleased tho audlenco with a pretty
selection. Tho singers woro: Edith
Suchor and BIrdio Hoch, sopranos,
Carrio Clayton and Elsie Popper, sec
ond sopranos, and Graco Morrison
and Allco Oillam, altos.
Mr. E. C. Remsberg ob president of
the board of education made a short
speech bofore distributing the diplo
mas. Ho said that of tho infant class
of ninety-four members who enrolled
1n tho schoolB oloven years ago, just
one remained In tho graduating class
Roy Sleeper. Tho graduating class
was just ono-third tho slue of tho be
ginning class. Ho then distributed
tho sheopsklns, "not as diplomas of
work done, but as licenses to go and
After n song by tho chorus and tho
benediction by Rev. John Maclean, tho
audlenco dopartsd, It was a very en
joyable program and a mighty fino
looking class.
Prom tho book kopt by the secretary
of tho alumni association of tho Iola
schools, the following roll of gradu
ates and when they graduatd has
been secured and It Is believed to bo
Anna Hartley, deceased
Jonnio Colborn-Mollltt, Wallace, Id
W. Jj. Stowo, deceased
CLASS op 1881
F. A. Northrup. Iola
Ben E. Aushcrmuu, Evnnstou, Wyo
Audio aicuco uuiocrtson, Join
Minnie Bush Sprngite, deceased
Sadie Relnicrt-Thompson, Iola
CLASS op 1685
Media Browstor-Haycs, Pasadena,
Allco Hendricks, Iola
CLASS op 1880
S. C. Brewster, Iola
Fred Funston, Denver, Colo.
May Ewlng-Scott, Iola
Lola Smoltzcr-Scott, Stillwater, Ok.
Lonlo Paucoast, Iola
Mabel Clarko, Rockford, 111.
Deo Arnold-Knight, Pasadena, Cnl.
Francis McClure-Thlslor, Chapman
class' op 1887
R. C. White,
O. O. Adams, deceased
L E. Potter, Kirkwood, Mo.
Frank Powers, Archer, Toxus
Elllo Scott-Franklin. Lawrenco
Clara Welch, Denver, Colorado
Mary Dana-Rose,
Clara Harris, Iola
Mary llorney, Iola
Bird Horvllle-Foust, Iola
Mamie Norrls,
Bollo Rlcketts, Iola
class op 1888
Bert Funston, Iola
W. C. Hanklns, Iola
A. W. McDonuid,
Bert McNiol, tola
John Stewart,
Minnie Cain-Gregg, Iola
May Ellis, deceased
Chloo Jones-Richlo
Maudo Richurds-Pottcr, Kirkwood,
Emma Sleeper-Ling, Seattle. Wash.
Mnttlo L. Thayer, Lincoln, Neb.
Ruble Wisner-Green, Iola
Ada Wright, Iola
Louemma Evans, Iola
Blancho Allen-Wood, Iola
class op 18S9
Adda Adams, Iola
Susie Boyd, Olatho
Hattlo Bostwick-Starkwoathcr,
May Scott, Blackfoot, Idaho
Jessie Thayer-Adams, Iola
May Vczle-Church,
F. W. Brewster, Iola
Luther Thrasher, deceased
-Harvey Christian, "
Oscar Cowan, Iola
Edd Cummings,
John Henderson, Iola
.Tamos McCluro, Tippecanoe, Ohio
Mildred Henderson-McFarland
May Woodin, Lawrenco
Pearl Arnold, Pasadena, California
Graco Bostwlck, Iola
Graco Brewster, Iola
Poarl Jones,
John Kohler, Moran
Tenny Whitney,
Erwln Wynn,
Carl Wlsner, Iola
Arthur Cunningham, Humboldt
CLASS op 1801
Thomas Bowlus, Iola
Luto Stover, Iola
Orvlllo Williams, Iola
George Woodin, deceased
Craglo McDowoll, Iola
Sadlo Post, Iola
CLASS op 1892
Earl Chastaln, Iola
Geo. Caughorn,
Emmet Culbertson, Iola
Adlnl Ewlng, Iola
Vernon Grosbeok,
John Ludd, Parkmnn, Wvo,
Clark Biggs, Iola
Joslo Huwit, Garland
Clara Klauuinmi, Ltiwronco
Dolla Ladd, Iola
Allco Pearson-Pettit, Humboldt
Mamie Ruble, Iola
Olivo Thayor-Ch'andler, Medicine
Nolllo Warnor-Dusklo, Kansas City
Lily White-Collins, Royor, Ind.
Class op 18D3
Lov Bostwlck, Scattlo, Wash.
Geo. Drumgould, Arkansas City
Herbert Eshbaugh, Iola
Rollo Groesbcck,
Nelson Grubbs, Wimer, I. T.
Willis Hondefson, Iola
v Earnest Jordan,
Win. Ledford, Iola
Wm. Scott, Iola
Geo. Freeman, Iola
Pearl Anderson, Iola
Etta Crowoll-Faust, Emporia
Mattlo Eshbaugh-Worstor, Iola
Abblo Ewart,
Joslo Hazzard, (deceased)
Halllo Irving, Iola
Bird Rolmert, Iola
Lottie Scott,
Lucy Woodin, Iola
Ella Taylor Ewlng, Iola
Anna Mooro-Bessy,
Class op 1891
Jonnio Kolso-Coutant, Iola
Ella Bostwlck, Iola
Agnes Robinson-Thompson,
Class op 189j.
Maudo Penland-Bliss,
Wcsslo Wlso, Colorado Springs,
Funnlo Norrls, Lawrenco
Henrietta Hondorson, Iola
Ella Ewart-Van Meter, Wollsvlllo
Maudo Esso-Funston, Iola
Dolla Irving, Iola
Kato Aushorinan, Iola
Daisy Hobart, Iola
Louis Freeman-Brown, Baldwin
Mattlo Eshbaugh,
Fred Green, Iola
Fred Nelson, Iola
Corapton Mooro, Moran
Aldo Funston, Iola
Enos Thomas, (deceased)
Class op 1800
Eva Klnnoy-Cummlngs, Iola
Bennlo Post-Tuggles, Iola
Ruth Ewlng, Lawronco
Clara Colgin, Iola
Dolllo Wolkor-Bryant, Iola
Horbcrt Goshorn,
Alfrod Dolaplaln, Iola
Class op 1897
Florence Iledger,
Elva Cain-Faust, Iola
Ellzo Roimort, Iola
Mumlo Hamilton,
Battle Brubaker,
Mildred Swlgart, Iola
Llzzlo McGeo-Roupe, Clifton, Okla.
Chas. BnwlUs, Iola
Rox Bowlus, Iola
Homer Henderson, Chanuto
Richard Ewitijr, Iola
Class op 1803
Ida Welth, Carlylo
Lulu Rlcheson-Thorapson, Iola
Daisy Chastaln, Emporia
Pearl Bostwlck-Donaldson, Seattle,
Dott Wright, Kansas City
Myrtlo Kelloy-Brack nrldge. Iola
Chas. Klaumanu. Io a
Claude Stowart, Funston
.Chas. Smoltzer, Stillwater. Okla.
Edward Kinney, Jacksonville, 111.
Mllo Paneoast, Iola
Millard Teats, Iola
Guy Swlnnoy. Pueblo, Colo.
Lavonla Donica, Emporia
Class op 1890
Abblo Woodln.'Lawronco
Mabol Holt, Iola
Gulla Myers, Lawrenco
Edith McCarty, Iola
Theo Robinson, Emporia
George Metcalf,
Vernon Lemasters, Iola
Harry Bedell, Lawrenco
Bruce Bowlus, Iola
Richard Hanklns, Iola
Clark Jaeoby, Lawrenco
Class op 1000
Theta Brewer, Iola
Nolllo Walters, Iola
Margaret Stovenson, Lawrenco
Nova Funk, Iola
Fannlo Chastaln, Iola
Hattlo Swlgart, Iola
JullalMcCluro, Iola
Ruth McKinney, Iola
Florence Mitchell, Iola
Daisy Thomas, Iola
Ora Hart. Iola
Joan Dudley-Henderson, Iola
Edna Ball, Iola
Bcssio Hyde,
Frank Melvln, Iola
Chas. Randolph, Iola
Harry Willoy, Iola
George Hanklns, Iola
Walter Crowell, Iola
Class op 1001
Ray Taylor,
Lottlo Reno,
Susie McCarty,
Frances McCann,
Christmas Wilson,
Blancho Ponsler,
Fred Ireland,
Dwlght McCarty,
Bollo Fronk,
Sarah Ewlng,
Melvln Araerraan,
Waltor McMlllen,
Cecil Kelly,
Dora Ellis,
Stella Coker,
Class op 1902
Edyth Austin,
Carl Ball,
Frank Bedell,
John Brett.
Nollio Colloy,
Mary Culbertson,
Grace Davis,
Roy DoWaters,
Alta Fry,
Veno Fry,
Charles Funk,
Georgia Gardner,
Lillian Grey,
Ethel Holt.
Florence Hull,
Graco Kessler,
Alma Manloy.
Serona Manioy,
Grnce McCloud,
Alice Montgomery,
Ida Morrison,
Grnce Nelson,
Edna Rolmert,
Grnce Reno.
Florom'o Robinson,
Ralph Shuey,
Mvrtlo Simpson,
Allen Sleeper,
Hazel Stevenson,
Gcrtrudo Trevorrow,
Mnrv Vnught,
Nora Wright,
Thp Matrimonial Column.
It Is better to be doad than out of
fashion, you know. Tho ifashlon in
Iola is to sneak oil', far from your
friends and relatives much after tho
manner you would steal watermelons
when you got married. All tho host
peoplo seem to do it that way, so
there's no uso kicking.
Tho latest fashionable woddlng oc
curred Saturday ovening, May 24, at
tho homo of Judgo J. B. Smith. At
that tlrao Scott R. Gard and Cora V.
McDonald wero united in marriage.
Thoy aro making their homo with tho
groom's parents, temporarily, on
north State street. The groom is a son
of Judgo Jacob Gard, was a member
of tho Twentieth Kansas regiment, and
has been working at tho smelters for
,somo tlrao. Ho Is an upright, manly
youth and has a largo number of
friends. Tho brido is a daughter of Mr.
and Mrs. John McDonald, an accom
plished musician, and numbers her
friends by the hundred. Tho young
peoplo havo the best wishes of all who
know them.
At tho Methodist church Monday
Rov. John Maclean united in mar
riage W. L. Zink and May B. Fislior,
two well-known young peoplo from
west of tho river. Mr. Zlnk was loft
an orphan when qulto young and has
mado his homo with Mr. and Mrs.
Webster Green. Ho is a successful
farmer and owns a valuable farm noar
tho Green home. Tho brldo is ono of
tho most charming girls of the neigh
borhood and tho young people havo a
host of friends who wish them joy.
Whooping Cough
My llttlo son had an attack of the
whooping cough and was threateno
with pnoumoniu; but for Chamber
lain's Cough Remedy wo would havo
had a serious time or It. It also saved
him from several severe attacks of
roup. n. J. Strickpaden,- editor
World Herald, Falr Havon, Wash.
For salo by W. IL. Ckauh & Co.,
1 ..
Nearly Ono Hundred Graduates
Iola High IScliool Enjoy tho
Annual Feed iiiul Toasts.
Saturday night at tho Odd Fellows
hall tho annual alumni banquet of tho
graduates of tho Iola High School was
held. Gathered thero wero noarly ono
hundred of tho alumni nndtho evening
was a most onjoyablo social nil air.
Boforo tho banquet thocrwd visited in
tho lurpo lodgo room and many pleas
ant acquaintances renewed.
Tho banquet propor was In churgo
of tho ladles working society of tho
Presbyterian church and tho good
things provided wero done ample jus
tlco by tho hungry graduates. Mr. J,
E. Henderson acted as toast master
and ho proved himself a most capablo
presiding officer, hlsbrlef Introductory
speeches being witty and putting thoso
who responded on their metal. Tho
address of wolcomo was given by
Adlal Ewlng, wdo expressed tho ap
proval that all folt over theso annual
meetings. On behalf of this year's
class Miss Edith Austin replied In
well-chosen words and happy vein.
Miss Marga Stevenson spoke on "Our
Prophesy," pointing with prldo to tho
correctness of tho prophesy sho made
two years ago when sho was class
prophetess of tho graduating class.
MlssLucy Woodin responded to tho
toast, "Any Old Thing," her remarks
being bright and interesting. Ono
number on tho program was not filled
and Mrs. Jennie Colborn MolTett,
of Wallace, Idaho, was called upon to
occupy tho time. Mrs. MolTett is ono
of tho members of tho first class that
graduated from tho local high school
and is today tho only surviving mem
ber of that class. Her reminiscences
were intensely Interesting and every
body was delighted to havo her pres'
ont and hear her talk. Tho toast
master rather insinuated that Miss
Ilydo was of Irish descent when ho in
troduced her, so sho called tho turn
and related a number of very laugha
ble Irish stories. Tho brovlty of tho
program and tho oxcollenco of tho re
sponsos mado tho evening ono of tho
pleasantcst in tho association's
As usual the annual election of
officers was hold, resulting as follows:
President, Willis Henderson; vice
president, Claudo Stowart; corres
ponding secretary, Julia McCluro;
Recording secretary, Myrtlo Simpson;
treasurer, Cralgto McDowoll.
Mr. Charles Klaumann, tho retiring
president, presided over tho meeting
and music was furnished during
tho evening by the Brown-Shields-Hering
Dentil of Willard Hiblia. ..
Willard Hlbbs, who has spent nearly
all his lifo in Iola, died quiet suddenly
at his room In tho Cottage Hotel on
west Madison avenue Friday ovening
about 8 o'clock. Tho funeral woro
hold from tho Culbertson undertaking
parlors at 1:30 and tho remains burled
in Iola cemetery.
For some timo Hlbbs has not been
feeling woll and In conversation with
friends intimated that ho thought ho
would not llvo long. Ho .seemed as
woll as usual Thursday and In tho
evening went to his hotel. Ho com
plained of feollng weak and went to
his room to Ho down, dying shortly
later. Tho cause of doath was a weak
ened heart action.
Hlbbs was a Woodman of tho World
andean Eaglo and tho funeral service
wero conducted under tho auspices
of thoso two ordors. Ho was but
twenty-nine yoars old at tho tlmo of
his death and was widely acquainted
over tho county.
Talking County Fair
Tho men who havo looked after tho
county fair year after year aro again
getting busy. Tho fair has always
been a popular and self sustaining
concern in this county and with good
crops promised for this year ought to
be an unusual succoss Tho livestock
and agricultural Interests of tho coun
ty nro Increasing and stops ought to
bo tnken to got a good display of
every manufacturing concern In tno
county. This foaturo would mako a
mighty fino showing and (would bo a
losson to every visitor to tho fair. The
directors will hold a mooting in tho
near future and tho first work to bo
done will bo tho gottlng out of tho
premium lists. Mako up your mind
right now to help mako tho fair a
success by exhibiting something at it.
Fined for Using a Net.
Thoro was a very unusual trial in
Judgo Hough's court Thursday which
resulted In a conviction that ought to
please tho fishermen. Tho defendant
was Jim Coates, for whom a warrant
was Issued Jast February, Tho com
plaint being that ho had caught fish
with a net, contrary to law. Coatos
disappeared, but Constable Hahn
found him hero yesterday, tookhlra In
and Hough tackoda twonty-flvo dollar
fine on him.
This should bo dono to ovorybody
guilty of tho same offense!'
Only one remedy In tho world that
will at onco stop Itchiness of the skin
ia any part of the body; Doan's Oint
ment. At any drug store, CO oents.
- - .' -- - -
IT IS A GOOD HONEST SOAP Completo catalogue lowing ovc
lieo upon request Send your name on
inc cauiiogur. tioarcw.-. fTQmiUm
0Utn UrniM, BCD, Diamond "U" Soap for sale i -pcerr..
Bank of Allen County
! Iola, Kansas.
Geo. A. Bowltjs,
Mrs. W. M. Hartman,
Thos. H. Bowlus,
A. H. Campbell,
!uutiwi wrwwrwipwinwrwwww
B D Jf
CAPITAL $50,000.00.
Stockholders' Responsibility! $500,000.00.
Mary E. Northrup
L. L. Northrup
J. H. Vannuys
L. A. Northrup
F. A.
D. P.
A. M.
D. A.
We solicit your business and will at
all times grant accommodations con
sistent with safe banking
Tho Hygiene of Old Ago
Wo look upon the aged with good
reason as having a slender hold upon
life, ono that may bo loosened by a
slight shock of Injury or dlseaso
which, In tho young or Imlddlo-nged,
would serve only as a stimulus to tho
reparative vital powers. This is a.
conservative bollof, but it warns us to
shiold our loved ones, who havo
fought tha. fight, from all lnlluonces
which might shorten thoir stay with
us. But we must not go too far in our
solitude, for Injury may bo inflicted
and lifo shortened by coddling tho
young. Tho vital processes in tho
aged aro slow, but thoy aro still exist
ent, and thoy may bo kopt active by
gcntlo opposition and stimulation,
just as thoy may bo Increasod In child
hood and youth by rough mothods.
Dr. Caldwell's Syrup Popsln and
Herb Laxative Compound Is a boon
to tho agod and infirm and probably
no medicine has accomplished so
much, or received as high or as many
Indorsements from men and women
whoso extreme Ago gives them a seem
ingly slonder hold upon life. Dr.
Caldwell's Syrup Popsln makes per
fect digestion and acts gently upon
the bowels In an easy and tpleasant
manner. Tones up tno entlro systom
and prolongs lifo. SOc and $1 bottles.
At C. B, Spencers, Iola; Kino & Son,
Moran; W. J. Waters fc Co., La
Harpo. Buckoye Churn at Coutant's.
- ' "
30 PrcmIins thnt may be sccurcd'.l
T i p"' l
ujBavinR mc wrappers, lur-miuccri
a postal card, and wo will mall vou I
UCpT., lilt UUUAHT V C0(
' u t? a m 5
Transacts a General
Banking Business.
Exchange on Kansas City,
Chicago and New York.
Makes Collection In All
Parts of tho United States.
Correspondenco Solicited.
I" f Bill
Mary e. Northrup,
F. A. Northrup,
D. P. Northrup,
2nd VIco-Pros.
J. H. Vannuys,
L. L. Northrup,
OscarFoust& Son,
Word camo from Olatho tho other
day that Mr. W. G. Allison wns qulto
ill and that thoro was danger that ho
might not live. Mrs. Allison wont up
Thursday night and word was tolo
graphod to thoir son Merl, who is in
Indianapolis. Mr. Allison had been
feeling poorly for sorao tlmo and grad
ually grow so weak ho could not ho
about and tho doctors gavo up all
hopo and tolcgraphed to his relatives.
Mr. Allison's numerous friends hero
will rojolco to know that since then ho
has ralllod and Is very much im
proved. Of what doos a bad tasto In your
mouth remind you? It Indlcatos that
your stomach is in a bad condition
and will remind you that thero Is
nothing as good for such a disorder
as Chamborlaln's Stomach & Liver
Tablets after having used them. They
cloanso and Invigorate tho Btomach
and regulato tho bowels. For salo at
25 cents per hox by W. L. Crabb &"
Co., Campbell & Burroll.
Heal Eatnto Transfers '
Bolow aro given tho doals in dirt
recorded at tho court bouse slnco
tho last roport:
Kor K 50 Rosa II, Ford et al sold to Anna E.
l.aney lot 5, Wool; 47, Iola.
For $1222 Wm. Davis & w sold to J. W. Dun
bar I-oM 6 and 6, blk 6, Gas city wd.
For 375 yta(..ri(Tof 1 Allen co. hold; to Q, W
Stowell Part et no H ico?7-2M8 wd.
A blndor manufacturing concern
had a special salo day at Oswego and
disposed of forty-six machines.
i r
r'iVml;f.fi m Ii ii-Kii 1
Ei iiw " hi m

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