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The Iola register. (Iola, Kan.) 1875-1902, August 22, 1902, Image 2

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City Council Monday Matlo tlioClty
Levy TlioTotul Assessment Is
65.25 on tlio Hundred.
All tho officials who havo tlio honor
to flguro out tho amount of taxes tho
citizens or this city Bhall pay havo
' now finished their work and tho un-
fortunntos who uro burdoncd with
property will bo roljovcd to learn that
.thousscssraent this year will be but
$5.25 on each of their taxable hundred
Hero is tho way tho tax is divided
Tho stato board made its lovy as
follows: General purposes 4.3 mills
county put it thus: County general 0
mills; county bonds 1.5 mills; court
houso 2.5 mills; total 14.8 mills.
lola township, which voted railroad
and brldgo bonds whllo lola city was
a part of It, thus sticking tho city for
Ht share in tho Interost, lovled as fol
lows: Railroad . bonds 1.5 mills;
bridge bonds 1.2 mills; total 2.7 mills.
Tho city school board made Its lovy
of nineteen mills, divided Into 15
mills for gcnoral purposes and 4 mills
for bondH and Interost.
Tho city council lovlod as follows:
Oonoral revenue 10 mills
Int, refund bonds 1 "
Int. water and light 3.8 "
Street and alloy , 1.5 "
Total 10 "
Tho total lovy In tho city, therefore,
Is tho sum of all those, amounting to
live dollars and twenty-llvo cents tax
on oach $100 of assessed valuation.
Last year tho tax was $3.57 on $100,
.so tho burden Is lighter this year than
last. In 1001 tho tax was scattered as
follows among tho various needy de
partments: Stato $ .45; county $.00;county bond
$.12; courthouse $.25; lola township
$.30; city general $.75; railroad bond
$.20; street and ulloy $.25; school S2. ;
water and light, Interest $.00; total
city $3.85; total of all $5 57.
Tnlkcd ou Socialism.
As tho result of a liberal distribu
tion of hand bills by an lola man who
Is a chile vender by practico but a
communist in theory, some fifty peo
plo got torother in tho park last night
whon Mr. Frank P, iO'Hara, tho edi
tor socialist, explained that belief.
Tho talk of tho Socialist Is both
amusing and irritating. Ho asks his
audienco if thoy want more money,
moro lelsuro, more luxuries and less
work. Seldom does he fall to find
willing listeners. That is all their
argument: If you want what tho other
follow has got by thrift or acuteness
of unceasing toll and want It without
working for It, fall In behind mo and
as soon as enough of us get together
wo will take what we want.
O'Hara hns a good nasal whtno
when ho talks. Ono ought to whlno
.continually who has as poor an opin
ion of men as ho has. Ho bolioves
that tho rich aro all thieves; the poor
all deserving, opprossed angels.
So ho laid down this proposition:
Tho laws aro no longer mado to pro
tect society or prevent crime. Thoy
aro mado to enable tho rich to rob tho
poor. I saw a man arnggcu imo
court for stealing throo potatoes. Ho
told tho court that his baby was starv.
ing and his Iwlfo 111. After trying In
vain to find work and mado dospcrato
by tho sulferlng of his starving fam
ily, he stolo tho potatoos. Tho judgo
sont him to the work houso for six
months, and nobody intorceded. On
the othor hand John D. Hockofollor
stolo millions from tho peoplo nnd ho
was mado head of tho Bapilst church.
Ho asked tho audlonco If they didn't
want moro clothes, moro silk dresses,
moro cigars, moro carriages. If so
join tho socialists. If you want a rich
living without tho trouble to work or
think, get Into tho grab Ipnrty. Tho
only Illustration of how tho great
chango in society Is to coino was tho
story of how pike roads wore once
owned privately. JTo did not state
that they pi' mighty good roads,
made goo I b sum' man's money. He
simply felt horror that people
should be asked to keop off tho roads
or pay toll for enjoying tholr oxcol-
lonco. What ho aid. :approvo,pi was
when a mob toro dqjvn tho tpll gates
and soized tho roads. 'I hat was tho
only thing ho said whloh gave a cluo
to tho way tho Socialist mlllcnlum
1 was to bo accomplished.
Ho sneered at tho' Intelligence of his
hearcra. Ho told thorn thoy workod
for loss monoy now than yoars ago,
while tho price of a baro oxlstonco had
increased. Ho s,ad tho boof packors
cot together,! decided tho poor woro
oatlng too rauoh. moat, raisedtho prlo
on that account, stealing millions
'from tho poor and ,ut tho samo tlra0
making tho farraor sell oattlo to them
Jor olght cents which it cost nlno to
rVnd this rooming O'Hara, tho man
who wants everybody to get alibis
work is worth, who bolioves in big
' ,i little work for everybody,
ft-il r,r.aHn of unsolflsnoss,
all over town with a job of prlntlng'to
Ollara as ho carried tho job out of
two olllces. " '
And right thcro Is thosorpont In his
Eden. Human naturo Is much alike
oren in Socialist reformers and com
mon peoplo. It Is pleasant to think
of getting for nothing what tho 6thor
fellow has and wo havo npt: It Is a
different thing to pay sovonty-flvo
cents for a plcco of work, nlthough
that Is n reasonable price, when wo
can get It dono for fifty'.
Hero's bottlngO'iluro wouldn't havo
to dlvldo with anybody If his scheme
were carried out.
Something About raving.
lola has decided to pavo her streets
and so those figures which Chanuto
has secured, showing tho C09t ot tho
kind of paving wo want, aro Interest
ing horo. Tho Tribune says:
Tho council awarded tho Main
street paving contract last night after
considering tho bids In oxccutlvo ses
sion, to Stephen Schuttlo & Co., a Ft.
Madison, la., firm, whose bid for pav
ing completo was $1.57 per sq. yd.
Six othor bids were considered and
woro ns follows:
W. II. Stuckoy, CofTcyvlllo, 81.(12.
Rnmsoy & Ramsey, Topcka, $1.80.
15. S. Gllflllnn, Ft. Scott, $1.85.
W. M. Edwards, K. C. Mo., $1.87.
John Ritchie, Lawrence, $1.88.
Chopson & Groover, Leavenworth,
Bids on curbing alono were submit
ted by tho Ft. Scott Flagstono Co.,
and Henry A. Usher. Tho firm bid
491 per lineal foot now curbing 14o
for changing old, whllo tho latter bid
00j for tho now and 15o for tho old.
Tho contract must bo completed by
tho cud of the year so It Is not to bo
very long until Chanuto will havo ono
of tho finest streets In tho stato.
Tho contract calls for tho best kind
of paving. A baso of asphaltum then
a layer of sand, then a layer of Cha
nuto brlcklald on sldo, a layer of sand
on this, lastly pavers laid on edgo.
Tho city attorney was instructed to
propnro ten year improvement bonds.
This will glvo property owners on
Main street ten years to pay tholr
paving assossment, If thoy doslro It,
ono-tenth being paid each year by
tax lovy. All who deslro of courso
can pay cash now beforo bonds aro
issued, which it is thought most of tho
property ownors will do.
Surprised Mrs. Rnrtclts
A very pleasant social function oc
curred (it tho resldonco of Mr. and
Mrs. T. M. llartols on North Wash
ington last Tuesday.
Lt was perpetrated by Salem Chap
ter No. 4 O. E. S.. who deftly and
quietly tookposscsslonof thospaclous
parlors, completely surprising their
Tho grounds wcro soon lighted with
Japanoso lanterns and a nmndolln
company put In an nppcaranoo who
discoursed sweet music whllo merry
voices whlled away tho hours in song
and laughter.
Mrs. Bartols is an invalid and a
much loved sister of tho order, and
tho surprise was as gratoful as lt was
unexpected. Tho gift of a largo and
beautiful bouquet of roses and astors
presented by tho worthy matron, Mrs.
Shoenarts, In a fow well-chosen and
touching words, was a pleasant
featuro of tho evening.
Rafreshmcnts, dainty and palatablo,
were served, and about fifty guests
Tho moonlight, tho music, tho foast
ing, the lovo and cheer mado an event
that will bo long remembered by Mrs.
Bartols and her happy friends.
On the Day Ho Died Sum O'llaru Was
Allowed u Pension of $72 1'er
Notice was received In lola Monduy
from Mr. K. F. Ware, pension com
missioner ;lt Washington. ,as follows:
"1 havo the honor to inform you
that tho claim of Saiuuol O'Hara,
Moran, Allen county,' Kansas, for .in
creased pension has been allowed at
$72 per month from May, 1002."
And that Is a sad, sad story. Tho
letter Is dated'at Wathlngton on the
10 of August, tho very day on which
O'Hara died, . Beforo ho wont to war
O'Hara was, a stout young man.
Broken by tho war he carao homo and
sometime later was allowod a pension
of $8 a mouth. His health was so
poor that application for total dis
ability ponslon was mado at oneo and
urged by Kansas Congrossmen.
It is one of tho ironies of this sad
old world .that tho -pension which
might havo permitted tho soldior to
scok hoalth In a climate moro balmy
than this was allowed on tho day of
his death.
Ncodosha Register: Tho Lauyon
brothois of tho Spelter Company havo
bought two beautiful half blocks of
ground on tho corner of 8th and Lin
coln streets north and will soon build
for their own occupahoy five or six of
tho handsomest houses in Neodosha.
Largo Crowd Enjoyed tlio Enlridiln
iilcnt Tuesday Sonic Excel
lent Speakers Hilled.
Tuesday was tho first day of tho Gas
Holt Reunion but that evening thcro
was a largo crowd In attendance. The
camp is a beautiful and Inviting placo
and looked most attraetlvo Tuesday.
Tho Crickets, tho family of singers,
woll-rcniembcred horo by reason of
pleasant former visits, render some
amusing songs. Tlio Neosho Falls
drum corps stirred tho blood with
tholr war tlmo music. An old soldier,
unfortunately minus ono arm, per
formed tho surprising trick of playing
four drums and a triangle at ono
tlmo, and making a goodly amount of
nolso. Then thcro woro talks by old
soldiers and tho ovening camp lire,
tho plensantest part of the reunion.
Thcro It Is that tho "old boys" sit
about In comfort and tell tho tales
which moved tho world to admiration
In tho days of '01.
On tho sldo and Incidental to tho re
union is tho mid way. It Is not a
tough, obscono row of Indecencies, but
booths whero refreshments and elm-
cracks aro sold. Tho cane rack, steam
piano, merry-go -round, "nlgger
baby" stand, rubber return balls
thoy aro alt thcro, and u lot more.
JDIed From Heart Failure
Ed Dutton, a lamo man who for sov
cral years was located in lola, being
oporator at tho Santa Fo depot, was
found do.id In his bed at his room in
Chanuto Sunday morning. Ho had
been out hunting Friday, becamo
over-heated and complained of bolng
111 afterwards. When a boy went to
wake him Sunduy morning it was
found that ho. had died during tho
night. Ho was a IC. P., Workman
nnd a railroad man and carried $2,000
lifo insuranco In tho Workmen. Tho
funeral was hold Monday afternoon
and Mrs. Gray and Mrs. Ellis, of
lola, attended. Whon Dutton lived
hero ho roomed at tho Grays'.
Whllo swimming In tho Neosho noar
Chanuto Sunday, E. A. Audrows, a
blacksmith was drowned.
Prof. Uushong returned to his homo
In Olatho after spending Sunday with
his sister, Mrs. J. Hartung.
Born, Monday, August 18, to Mi
ami Mrs. Honry Shea, of north .Teller
sou avenue, an cloven and a half
pound sonj,
$05 spring wagon for $50; $75 top
buggy for $00; 570 top buggy for $55;
$05 top buggy for $50; Farmer's sur
roy 05. A. W. Beck.
Miss Clara Klaumann loft for Lako
Genovafohoro sho will spend a few
weeks visiting relatives. Her brother
accompanied her as far as Chicago.
Tho contract for tho now Chanuto
Santa Fo depot', eating house, otc,
which Is to be prncltid at a cost of
J.'iCOO has been let to Mr. Career, or
Mrs. .1. A. Jones roturncd to her
homo in Colony after a visit with ho1
daughtor, Mrs. J. lt. Jackson. Mrs
Jackson returned humo with her and
visit there a fow days.
Judgo Smith Monday ovening united
in marriage- Edward M. Green and
Iriuu WloNult, both of Welda,
Andcrson'uounty, at tho homo of Mr.
Young,'23Camnboll street, in this
city: I .
Tho W,. O. W. of this city expect to
havo a big picnic In Crouch's Park
August .'tlbt and 'an excursion will bo
run from Kansas City touching intor
modlato points. Mr. Edgar agent ut
tho Santa Fo rcedlvcd word yesterday
that UiqI train would consist of ten
coaches; j
Neosho' 1'Jalla'Post: Miss Eva Jack
son liaVhad a (-pry tempting oiler to
conduct an orchestra at Chanuto tho
coming fall and winter, Sho alsohas
a good oiler to play for tho Kllto
OuDcing Club atfilurlington, and sho
already, has enough pupils to Insure
her a class at Iojji. Miss Jackson is
a talented artist! and Neosho Falls
peoplo will rejoli"b at her success.
After a wcok Tjf distressingly hot
weather, which seemed to reach a cli
max Tuesday afternoon, in a calm,
sweaty sunbath,a cloud blew up In tho
heavens, swung (around to tho oast,
and last night deluged tho dry earth
with a magnificent downpour. Tlio
dust was cleared from tlio air, tho faco
of tho earth washed oft and tho boat
ing rain did not leave much mud. It
was a most grateful chango for lola
and will not fall to bo of great benlfit
In the county.
Tho rocordlng of oil loasos in tho
south part of tho county continues.
Ono bunch, ran&o to J. L. Walker,
grants a rental qf $1 per aero por an
num, and speelllos that drilling must
bo commonceu "within ninety days.
740 acres wero loasod to him vby P. J.
Dlraond, Henry Schurfold. O. W.
Hall, W. C. Lassman and Simon
Ratzbaoh. Tho lands.llo In township
20j range in,, jnojtly, which mouns
onirnn ft m trill. ' in 11 no anntVianof. of
Mrs. D, II. Manloy of Lallar po
passed through lola on her way to
Twenty 'of tho Twentieth Kansas
poldlers now holdjqlllccs in tho regu
lar army.
Mrs. Mary E. Faddls lias bcon
granted a widow's pension at tho rato
of $12 por month.
Messrs. T. W. and W. 15. Wootcn,
of Frcdonla, arrived to visit a sister,
Mrs. Emmn Franshler.
Miss TheodoroAldrlch arrived from
Chicago for a week's visit with her
sister Mrs. O. R. Suchor.
Judgo Smith started olT Wednesday
by uniting In mnrrlago John W. Head
and Fay Brown, both of Elsmoro.
Tlio prohato judgo last Tuosdny
united In marriago Richard Qrothcr
and Edna Brlnegar, both of Gas City.
Mr. E. I). Shields, tho clothing
merchant, returned this morning from
Chicago whore ho went to buv goods.
Miss Lulu Harris returned from
Boulder, Colo., wheru she has been
for a month in hopes of benefitting
her health.
Mrs Jim Ewnrt camo up from Mo
Cuno, Kans., Tuesday for a visit with
Mr. and Mrs. Carl , Williamson and
tholr relatives, o
Tho tramp found nearly dead near
tho Santa Fo stock yards some tlmo
ago Is rapidly recovering. Ho Is well
educated nion and for years was In
tho government necfot service.
Tho editor of tlio Rkiiistku returned
homo Wednesday from Colorado
whero ho litis been for throb weeks for
rost and work. His family will ro
main thcro until the middle of Septem
ber. A RwilSTr.lt reporter heard a man
making a peculiar complaint yester
day. Ho was a banker and had sent
for several thousand dollars of gold
ten dollar pieces butreeolvcd twenties.
Think of kicking on a big stock of
twenty dollar gold pieces!
Thcro will bo a meeting of tho Allen
County Republican Central Commlt
tco in'tho court room In lola, Tuesday
August 2(1, at 2:00 p. m,, for tho pur
pose of planning tho work of tho cam
paign, and transacting such other
business as may como beforo lt. A
full attendance of tho commlttco Is
Important. M. P. Jacoiiv, Chair
man. Mr. and Mrs. C. S. Rlttor havo re
turned from their trip to Colorado.
Mr. Rlltr.' says that owing to tho ab
sence of snow from tho mountains tho
temporaturo in many of tho valloys Is
nearly as high as it is hero and tho
discomfort of bolng hot away from
homo Is so much greater than when at
homo that ho ended his trip.
If you wore a young man, says Ed
Howe, and had uchanco to tako up an
occupation, what is tho matter with
bricklaying, which pays 51 a day for
olght hours work? Still, owing to tho
fact that tho silly society girls do not
look with as groat favor on bricklay
ers, most young men profcr to bu dry
goods clerks at $4 a week which they
think is something "higher."
Clark Thomas, of tho Moran Her
ald, was in town Tuesday !on busi
ness. Mr. Thomas and his wifo aro
mournlirg tlio loss of a baby daugh
ter, tholr first Iioru, a bright little
cherub whoso brief lifo of but a few
days makos the home now ccm vacant.
Thoy certainly havo tho tendorest
sympathy of huir numerous iola
Tho othor night when It poured
down a torrent of rain threo lola men
got mighty wet. Thoy had been out
at Gas City, barely managed to catch
tho last car as It loft that town, run
ning to It through thu ruin, and then
discovered that It slopped at tho
powor house. Thoy had to walk tho
mtlo Into town through a regular
Tho Bowlus-Sapp wedding was
solclnnlzcd at 4 o'clock Saturday af
ternoon, In a quiet, unostentatious
way at tho residence of Rov. William
llunklns, who performed tho cere
mony. The groom wandered alono to
tho house, departing with Will
Hunklns, his best man; tho bride ar
riving from anothor direction nt a
dllVeront tlmo with tho groom's sister.
Why will peoplo try to fool a re
porter? Tho Rkoistku printed n story tlio
other day about tho mineral exhibit
to be mado ut Rutto, Montana, by
Kansas at tho International Mining
Conference. Govornor Stunloy has
appointed twenty delegates from this
stuto, and among them aro A. B.
Cockroll, of Gas City, J. P, Coppeap,
Goorgo A. Fry and L. L. Northrup,
of Iola, E.V. Lanyon of Neodcsha,
and Ollvor Garrison of Cherryvalo.to
ropresont tho smelting IntoroBts.
Sir Honry Irving deolaros that
onco, whan ho was playing "Othollo"
In a western city, his audlonco was
composed for thoinostpart, of minors.
"When wo camo to tho handkerchief
Bcono, whero Othollo demands tho
hanukorchlel of Dcsdcraona many
tlraos, ho says, "I noticd that tho
audlonco was becoming exceedingly
norvous, About tho third time the
demand for the handkorchlof was re
peated, a largo Irishman In tho roar
Took First From Ft. Scott and Came
Ntur Taking tlio Second Twelve J
Uiuncs at Home.
Ono of tho funniest games of tho sea
son was thu Saturday game at Ft.
Scott. Never beforo has lola bcon
ablo to beat thu Scoltlos and papers
confidently predicted an easy time. At
tho end of tho second Inning tho oven
ing papors went to press and thcro was
u chuckle, uudlblo for miles, among
tho fans whon thoy road the scoro at
that time: Ft. Scott 10 Iola 0. But
tho now lola toam knows not tho word
"dcspalt." Tho boys had mado er
rors galoro to help Ft. Scott get thoso
runs. Thoy grinned, cut out tho er
rors, began slugging tho ball and
when tho gnmo was over Jimmy Cra
vens sadly admitted that ho had "got
his drubblu's" and tho final scoro was
13 to 12 in favor of Iola. In tho ninth
tola wus two runr behind, needing
threo to lead. Sho got 'cmand blanked
Ft. Scott.
Hero Is tho gamo by Innings:
15. II. E.
Ft. Scott 82000200 0-12 12 2
Iola 0 0 3 0 2 0 0 5 3-13 20 4
Butteries Fort Scott, Cravens and
Hull'man; loin, Combs and Kuran.
Iola lost tho Sunday gamo at Ft.
Scott 5 to 4, principally because tho
nuw team work Is not yet pat with tho
players. Tho threo errors mado were
costly, but tho gamo was lost only by
ono 'run. Hull'man, tho Ft. Scott
catcher, did some dirty work In a late
Inning. Carpenter, of Iola, was
scoring from third ou a long lly. Tho
throw-in was perfect but Carpenter
reached homo nearly with tho ball.
HulTmau blocked tho lino and Carpen
ter collided with him, but, not heavily.
HulTmau snatched oil' his mask and
struck Carpenter a dirty blow In tho
Tho Scott team and tho fans wcr
tickled nearly to death when the game
was over and thoy realized that they
had won. That Saturday gamo made
them very anxious. Today tho two
teams play tho third (gamo and Gill
and Holnz will bo tho opposing
Tho Sunday game by innings was
Fort Scott 20 0020 10 S 9 1
Iola 0 102 1000 4 10 3
rxisT a douiiuo in: a nun.
Tho ball fans woro disappointed
when nows camo ,that lola had
lost both games at Ft. Scott. 'I'hey
Would havo wagered their heads that
wo would tako ono. Just how it hap
pened tho RlOTlS'iTK doos not know.
Tho first game was tho first of tho pres
ent scries; tho second, an old gamo,
postponed on account ot rain, Below
aro the details of tho two games from
this morning's Republican. Thoy
speak for thcmsolvcs of tho crippled
llno-up nnd tho lack ot hits, although
In ono gamo thlrtcon long files woro
pulled down by Ft, Scott'iin tho out
field. Hero aro tho details:
First gamo scoro:
Four Scott All R II PO A
MclJlll, 3b 4 1
Gill, p I
Drmnmy, cf 2
Thompson, Istb 3
Shannon, rf 3
Kbriuht, ss 4
Houston, H 3 0
Snookw. c 3 0
Urv. 2db 3 0
20 3 (i 27 13 (i
lOfiA All 15 II POA
Hartzoll, 3db 4 0
Drlscoll, 2db I 0
Mlllsap, lstb 4 0
Wilson, If 4 0
Carpenter, cf 3 0
MoLoar, li 3 0
Combs, ss 3 0
Kuran, c 3 0
Morgan, p 3 0
31 0
I 21
12 4
Tho scorn by innings:
Fort Scott I 0 0 0 0 2 (I 0 3
lola 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0-0
Summary Struck out, by GUI, 3:
by Morgan, 2. Bases on balls, otf
Morgan, 2. Stolen bases,' McDlll,
Kuran. Sacrlfico lilts, Drummy and
Thompson. Doublo plays, McDlll
(lly) McDlll to Thompson to Ury.
Tlmo of gamo 1:15. Umplro, Qulgg.
Socond gamo:
Four Scott AB R n PO A E
McDlll, 3db 5 1 1 1 3 1
GUI, p 5 4 5 0 10
Drummy, of.. .,,,. ...4 3 2 10 0
Thompson, 1st b 4 3 2 14 0 0
Shannon, o 4 0 0 5 3 0
Ebrlght.ss :..4 0 14 2 1
Houston, If i,,A 0 0 2 0 0
Ward, 2d b ...4 0 0 0 5 0
Ury, rf .,4 2 2 0 0 Q
38 13 IS 27 14 2
Hartzoll, 3d b 4 0 115 0
Drlscoll, 2d b 3 0 0 12 2
Mlllsap, p, o 4 0 0 1 4 1
Wilson, lstb 4 1 1 17 0 0
Carpenter, c, cf 4 0 1 0 0 0
McLoar, rf 4 1 0 0 0
Combs, ss 4 0 0 12 1
Holnz, If 3 0 12 0 0
Morgan, p, of 3 10 14 2
33 IT 6 24 17 "tf
Twolvc (iaines at lloiiiu Willi Nevada,
Fort Scott and Clianitte Lust
Chance to Leave tlio liottoiu
Tho Novada baso ball toam arrived
Wednesday Missouri forlts final threo
games with Iola. Fort Scott plays
threo at Chanuto nnd then comes hero
for her last three gomes with lola.
Iola was thon'sohedulod to'play threo
at Chanuto, but thoso games havo
been transferred hero (tho Chanuto
grounds bolng occupied) and after tho
threo transferred games lola plays
threo moro hero against Chanuto.
Thus wo havo twolvo games at :homo,
with tho host team by far wo havo had
at any tlmo during tho season. It is
tho final tost and it dcoidos whether
Iola gets olT last placo. Incldontally
tho patronage decides whethor Iola
gets olT tho league hall earth. Now
Is tho accepted tlmo to attend, cheering -tho
toam to victory, encouraging tho
management to stay in.
Umplro limner, and whom no bet
ter has been found In this lcuguo by
lola this yenr, arrived this morning
to umplro tho 'game. That means a
fair field and no favors with which
Iola would havo been twenty games
hotter oil than sho now Is had abso
lute fairness been .shown in all thu
towns all tho time.
Tho fow . pooplo who braved tho
threatening storm and tho mud to tako
In tho gamo of ball Wednesday saw
ono of tho prettiest exhibitions of tho
season. Thcro was no wrangling,
only ono error and a bright prospect
of winning nt tlio; last moment.
Thu final scoro shows up liko this:
Nevada 011000000 2 71
lola 010 0000001 t) 0
Wouldn't that make you fight your
Heinz pitched for Iola and Tortio
for Novada. In tho second Inning
Heinz gavo a baso on balls and tho
lucky walker scored on a hit. In tho
third inning Novada got three hits
in succession and mado her second
run. Iola scored her ono run in tho
second on hits. Both teams did some
brilliant Holding and only ono error
was made, it costing nothing. A
vicious cloud blew up .In tho north
west and many loft tho grounds, but
tho storm did not como over. Tho
wind blow a terrific galo from tho
north, converting many a hit into a
a pop-up, Fair field hits wero
blown foul by twenty feet. Long drives
woro hold by tho wind.
Thus tho gamo proceeded, both
teams doing lino work. Tho last half
of tho ninth inning looked like victory
for Iola. Shaumyor was up first for
lola and got a safe hit. Kuran got a
walk. Holms hit, advancing Shaumyor
to third, but putting Kuran' out at
second, llelnz then stolo second uud
with onu out, a man on becond and
third, llartzell and Drlscoll at bat,
things certainly looked lovely and
tho fans wont wild. But thohlgh wind
was against Iola. Hartzoll hit a nlco
ono that would havo gouo to tho out
field, whero oven if caught Shuumycr
could havo scored, but tho wind
caught It and tho lullold nabbed thu
easy pop-up. Two outs and Drlscoll
at bat. Ho had tho samo luck as
Hartzoll and the'guiuo was over.
Tho gamo yesterday between Iola
and Novada rosultcd 4 to 1 In favor
of tola.
"(loodtiyo," I sulil to my Conscience
"(l(iiidbyi) for uyo und uyas"
And I put tier handmilT li;irMily,
And turned my faco away:
And Conscience, smitten sorely,
ltoturncd nut from that (lay,
Hut n tlmo uumti when my spirit
(Jrow wciiry of Its puce:
And I cried, "Come Intel!, my Conscience,
1 Iuiik losi'O lliy fuco;"
Hut Conscience cried, "I ennnot
Iinmor.10 hll In my place. "
l'uul Lawrence Dunbar.
And Still Scores of Iola Peo
ple Accept Them us
Tho published statement of somo
stranger, residing In a far-away place,
may bo true enough; but lt Is general
ly accopted as a doubtful rumor.
How can It bo verified? Tho testi
mony whloh follows Is convincing
proof beeauso it comes from a resi
dent of Iola.
Mrs. W.II. Williams, of No. 418
Cottonwood street, says: "Somothrco
months ago a very severe pain seated
Itself In tho small of tho back and for
threo or four weeks I somctlmos suf
fered ojeerulatlngly. I could scarcoly
attend to my household duties owing
to lt whon I went to C. B. Spencer &
Co.'s drug storo for Doan's Kidney
Pills. Thoy hoi ped mo from tho first.
A continuation brought greater relief
and whon I had completed tho treat
ment backache ceased. Doan's Kid
ney Pills canbo rolled upon,"
For salo by all dealers. Price CO
cents, Fostor-MUburn Co., Buffalo,
N, y., solo aganta.for thoU, 8.- : ,
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