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The Iola register. (Iola, Kan.) 1875-1902, August 22, 1902, Image 3

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The Worst Tempest That
Ever Visited tola Swept
the Town Wednesday
Old Nicholson Smoltor and Aurora
Foundry Ilair Lestroycd Many
Narrow hscnpes.
A wind storm that was a torapost, a
rain that was a cloud burst, a hall
storm that was florco and continuous,
swept over lola about 7 o'clock last
ovcnlng, breaking trees, riddling
shrubbery, Hooding buildings and do
ing thousands of dollars of damago
to!tho old Nicholson smoltor and tho
Aurora Foundry, Incidentally tying
up tho street car lino and upsetting
two Katy cars. Old timers say that
novor In tholr oxperloneo did thoy seo
a raoro furious assaultof tho olements.
In tho afternoon a greenish cloud
that looked dangerous came up In tho
north-west, but It veered to tho cast
and did not touch the town. Just bo
foro darkness foil in tho ovoning a
black cloud appeared from tho samo
quarter, but nobody looked for what
happened. A stiff breeze proceeded
the storm and about thetlmo overyono
thought tho rain would begin falling
and tho wind drop, tho fury of tho
tompost was but doveloping.
Tho wind increased to a terrible
force, bonding trees to tho ground,
dashing the rain and hall against
buildings with a power that scorned to
threaten to tear down tho walls. In a
mlnuto tho gutters woro running full
from tho rain, which seemed a cloud
burst. Tho hail was not larger than
bullets but It fell for several minutes
and was swept into winrows busido
buildings. Every door aud window
on tho north sido of houses was
searched out by tho storm and water
llowod Indoors. Tho storm lasted fif
teen or twenty mlnutos, but it seemed
to tho anxious peoplo as if it was an
. hour.
When tho uproar somowhat ceased,
the hall no longer falling and tho
wind abating, peoplo crept out of
doora and found their shrubbery beat-
on Into shreds, flowor plants ruined,
vinos whipped nudo of leaves, shado
trees split and branches lopped off, a
wrock of leaves scattered over tholr
lawns. A fusillade of bullets would
not more couiploteltyhavc strlppod tho
Ovor this scono of wreck and devas
tation, as darkness began to settlo,
tho wind carried tho long distress
whtstlo from tho factories cast of town.
A locomotive in tho samo neighbor
hood took up tho alarm and tho dolo
ful duot made pcopio's llesh creep
ovor tho unknown havoc which the
alarm unnounced to have" beon wrought
oast of town.
Men drosscd for mud and wator and
hurried to Kast lola. All tho way tho
walks were Hooded and tho trees were
broken. On Kast Madison avonuo a
milk wagon, caught on its rounds by
tho storm, was turned upside down.
Tho team had run away when tho
downpour of hail began.
Tin: wkecic in kast iola.
Tho vory center of all tho wreckago,
howover, was at tho crossing of tho
Missouri Pacific and streot railway.
Allying roof from tho Aurora Foundry
had como down tlioro, boarlog to tho
street tho trolloy wire, tho surportlng
wlros and tho poles, together with a
string of tolophono wires. This mass
of electrified wire completely filled tho
street, blocking tho east bound even
ing Missouri Pacific passenger train
for half an hour. The wl.4s wero cut
and tho train slowly maJo Its way out
of tho wreck and to tho oast.
A ploco of tho same roof which wont
a little faitlier, dashed in tho sldo o
nit- uiiiew anu sncti oi narry Tiiomas's
lumber yard. The shed was wrecked
for forty feet
Of tho four buildings of tho Aurora
Foundry, two woro nearly dostroyed.
Tho north-oast building, a new one,
occupied as a pattern room, was total
ly wrecked, tho brick walls being torn
down and tho roof carried away. Tho
wost wall and part of tho north wall
of tho machlno shop, tho largo new
building at tho west of tho plant, wero
also torn down. Several mon woro at
work in tho shop when the crash came.
D. C. Wlllman was tho only ono who
was Injured. Ho was hiton tho should
er by falling brick and his shoulder
fractured. lie was carried to the hotel
no'arby and Drs.Drosbach and Willey
At tho tola Brick plant tho frame
roofs over tho kilns wero all carrlod
away, but no othor damago dono.
Tho acid works escaped Injury, al
though tho long, high buildings
scomod to Invito destruction from tho
tempest. vSovoral panos of glass woro
broken intho ofilco building and that
was all.
smeltcr nearly nmNisn.
Tho old Nicholson araeftsr, now
pwnod by tho Now Jersey Hino Com
pany, suffered worst of all. Threo of
tb6 flvo furnaco blocks werodostroyed.
Lrii?'fyrniionp sWkln..ii'"Wiol--i
Wo uso nono but tho
BEST Ingredients In all
our prescription work.
Every proscription Is
compounded exactly as
directed by tho phys
ician. Thoroughness, ex
actness, promptness
tneso afo the cardinal
points at our prescript
ion counter. When
your doctor writes a
prescription for you
bring it to us to fill.
- Campbell SBurrellV
north sldo of tho plant and wero num
bered from tho west. In tho west
building ( Nos. 1 and 2) nothing was
left but tho Iron and brick of tho fur
nace itsolf, noarly all of tho franio
building ovor it having been torn
away and tho double chimnoy knocked
down on top of tho furnaco. Nos. .'1
and !, shut down for icpairs, were
untouched. Tno one unhurt, live
block was 5 and 0, which is still In
operation. Tho next two blocks to the
cast woro unroofed, and tho north
sides of tho building knocked down.
Tbo blow plpos woro all wrecked and
with tho blast shut off, thoro was some
thing uncanny about the multi-colored
llames tssuiug from tho retorts whllo
tho rain poured down upon them. It
was this rain which alone provontcd
tho plants destruction by fire, for tho
llames caught In tho wreckago of ono
of tho blocks.
Somo idea oftho forco of tho wind
may bo had from ono trick It played
at this plant. On a siding wero four
freight cars, with their ond to tho
storm. Throo wero empty and tho
fourth was loaded with 40,000 pounds
of spelter. Tho wind pushed this string
of cars up a decided grade for fifty
feet or moro.
Just oast of tho Nicholson plant
stands tho old A. J. McCarloy house.
A pleco of flying roof from ono of tho
smoltor furnaces was dashed against
tho sldo ot the house, caving It In.
Tho old barn, just north-oast of tho
house also went down boforo 'ho wind
and part of it was dashed against tho
house, wrecking tho kitchen. Threo
families, ton people in all, occupied
the house, but all escaped injury.
A wugon load of wreck from tho
barn blow out on tho street car track,
falling with a crash about fifty feet in
front of a streot car which wus ap
proaching from tho oast. Tho car was
stopped without injury, but is still
thoro, tho power being shut oil soon
aftorward. .
Tho poles of tho olectrlo lino woro
pulled out of plumb by tho storm and
considerable work willhavoto bo dono
along tho lino before tralllc can bo re
sumed. Ono of tho tricks of tho storm, which
brings homo most forcibly tho florco-
ness of tho galo, was tho overturning
of two passongor coaches attached to
tho roar of a Katy freight train pass
ing north of tho Nicholson smelter.
Tho train was on tho main lino and
tho two long, heavy coaches wero
turned on their side on tho siding to
tho south. Soveral pooplo aro said to
havo been In tho cars but nono wero
soriously hurt. Strangely enough tho
string of empty box cars was not up
set. Tin: nAMAnE down town.
Tho storm intho business district
lid little dutmiL'o other than lioathn'
Into the stores on tho south side.
Hooding tho Moors and collars. The
wind was blocked by tho row of build
ings and whipped back and forth.
Kmpty drygoods boxes wero rolled
back and forth along tho streot.
Steyor's grocery sprung a leak In the
roof and a Hood of wator dosconded
Into tho store, doing considerable
damage to tho stock. Tho now Steven
son building is not equipped with a
finished roof and the damago dono to
tho Landls millinery stock was con
siderable It Booms Incrcdiblo that
ovory pano of glasB was not broken
but nono, savo hero and thoro a small
pane, was hurt. A Hood of wator fill
ed tho streets and flowed soveral
Inches deop over tho crossings.
Coon Crook loft Its banks and ho-
camo In fifteen minutes a rushing tor
rent of water that could shamo many
rivers. Aside from washing out somo
sidewalk and flooding sovoral houses
it did no damago.
Dead birds have been picked up all
ovor town. In the court house yard
it Is said soveral hundred dead Eng
lish sparrows woro found. Thoy had
their homes In Uiq walls of tho old
court houso for which thoy wero
drlvon by tho rain only to bo boatop
to death v tlm hull.
i.7- -n Vf"i'.i
1 IT rill-Mil Vll In I 1i III n.n'-"r.i in ..ii . iillt, - J
and broken and tho streets wero
strowed with leaves and branches.
The storm was unablo to do any
damago to tho steel buildings of tho
cement plant, but tho flood of water
unod tho quarry and the rain was
drlvon Jlnto the buidlngs at sovoral
places. Tho quarries will bo ldlo for
several Jdays and it Is estimated that
tho damago dono ln ono way or an
other will amount to S10,000. Water
roachod tho olovator pits and tho bolt
convoyors, and these will havo to bo
cleaned out beforo work can proceed
Work will bo suspendod for soveral
days and it will bo sovoral weeks bo
foro tho plant Is again running at full
Tho Lanyon Zinc ICompany's plant
was not Injured. Tho roof was blown
off the water tank near tho railroad
crossing, but that doos not amount to
At Gas City tho storm was sovero
but less so than In lola. Tho two now
furnaco blocks bolug orected at tho
smelter south of tho railroad, owned
by tho New Jersey Zinc Company,
weio blown down. Tho loss lslohicfly
tho framo shods. Upln town it is said
ono dwelling was blown over. The
homo of William Jameson, on north
McHao street, was struck by lightning
and tho roof torn up. The family was
away Ifrom homo and tho lightning
luckily did not set firo to tho houso.
Out at La Harpo tho storm did no
damago. No hall fell thero and tho
wind only blew down tho bowling al
ley tent.
A traveling man roports that tho
storm did considerable damago at
Colony and followed the railroad
south to lola,; tho sweep of the des
tructive center being about a milo
wldo. Corn is laid flat on tho ground
and tho loaves aro completely whip
ped off. Hast of Iola this sldo of La
Harpo most of tho corn is .standing,
tho wind having been lighter and no
hall falling.
A resldcneo in Kast Iola, south of
tho acid works was blown off Its
foundations. It was a two story
frame building, but tho owners uaino
could not bo loarncd. Numerous out
buildings were upset.
i iFilf hi
Han owing Exporienco uiul Wonder
ful Escape of tho Eight Passengers
In the Overturned Cur.
Tho wreck on tho Katy north of tho
Nicholson smoltor Wodnesday. baro
ly mlssod boing a fatal affair for tho
eight passengers in tho coach. Tho
train was tho regular evening mixed
train which runs to Morun. In Kast
Iola tho train stopped and tho engine
went on east to pick up somo cais
off tho cement switch. In this way
tho passcngor and oxpross coachos
wero loft alono on tho prairie. And
thero tho storm caught ihem.
Fred Mullens was tho only trainman
in tho overturned cars, and ho was at
IiIh work In tho oxprcss car. In tho
passenger coach woro Mr. and Mrs.
O. M. Morgan, of Savonburg; Mrs.
Doran, an nged lady; Mrs. Salllbury
and daughter, of Emporia; J. II.
Woodln and wlfo of Loroy and their
grand-daughter, Lola Sharbraw, of
Leroy. Tho only ono seriously hurt
was Mr. Morgan who Is 8(1 yoars old.
Whon tho coach upset ho fell against
a hat rack and sustained a sovoro
brulso on his sldo and shoulderbladc.
Noarly everyone In tho coach was
bruised, but nono of tho hurts was at
all serious.
A Kecjisteii roporter found tho
Morgans at tho Nichols hotol this
morning and loarnod tho facts. As
stated, tho oar was standing on tho
pralrlo whon tho storm carao. It was
right in tho tract of tho severosl wind.
Tho rain beat into tho coach and
rocked It hack ami forth. There was
no gust or twist hut tho galo Increased
and slowly but llrinly picked the coach
up aim iiirncu ii units siuo. Every
body slid across to tho bottom.
This happoned about 7 o'clock and
there tho passengers remained. Impris
oned in tho dark, water contluually
dripping Into tho car, until 11 o'clock
and hurried to town for hoi n. It was
noarly midnight wjion a train crow ar
rivod and a cab for tho passongors.
Thoy wore takon out, and brought to
town. All but tho Motgans continued
on tholr journey this motning.
Mr. and Mrs. Morgan havo lived at
Savonburg about four years. IIo is
an old soldier and thoy attonded tho
rounlon hero yestorday, leaving for
home on account of tho dampnoss.
Mrs. Doran Is an old lady who has
boon visiting them for soveral months.
Mrs. Salisbury and daughtor woro on
route from Emporia to Moran whero
tho daughtor expected to soeuro a
pluoo in tho schools. Mr. and Mrs.
Woodon of Loroy wero going to La
Harpo to visit a son.
Dr. Fulton roports tho old gcntlo
men iujured In thoICaty wreck to be
in u vory serious condition,
That several were not soriously hurt
seems almost mlraouloun.
Picked up After ;tho Storm.
It is cprtalnly hard luck for tho
streotear line. Woro tho lino in opera
tion two-thirds of Iola would havo
takon tho trip to view tho wreck Thurs
On of tho passongors on tho east
bound Pacific train WoJnesdaywas tho
president of tho Aurora Foundry com
pany. When tho train was stopped
by tho wreck of the roof of ono of his
buildings ho got off and remained in
town. IIo says ho has bcon burned
out four or five tlmo and now tho wind
has started in on him.
A pano of glass .10 by -JO was blown
In tho front of tho Yeagoar grocery in
East Iola. It full on a show caso,
smashing It. A iclerk standing near
throw up his trembling hands and was
hoard to moan; "Tho houso ,1s going!
Tho houso Is going.
Somobody drovo a horse and buggy
into tho tanglo of wlro and tin roofing
near tho Iola crossing last night. In
tho darknoss tho horso becamo en
tangled in tho wires, tho buggy rum
bled ovor tho tin and tho driver
walked, untied the wires knots and
In Wednesday's Register ap
peared tills ad: "Tho old framo houso
just cast of Nicholson's smolter must
bo moved at onco. For particulars
Inquire at Northrups Bank." Tho
houso was moved. It was tho old
McCarloy houso. Now people aro
asking what kind of an advertising
medium tho Heoistkii is.
Tho storm Is cortaln to havo dono
considerable damage to crops, Tho
small grain is out of tho way, but corn
must havo been blown down, tho stalk
beaten and riddled by tho hall and
possibly tho ears wrenched off tho
One of the worst wrecks in town wero
tho two mammoth "elephants' ears"
which adorned the lawn of Miko
Miller and wero tho envy of the wholo
neighborhood. Only a .few brusicd
stalks wero left to .indicato whore tho
handsome 'plants stood. All over
town housowlves are mourning their
flowers and vinos.
Making tho Grand Hounds
Tho editor of tho KcaiSTr.il seldom
permits tho publication In theso col
umns of a compliment to himself, but
tho following from tho Osawatomio
Graphic is so far out of the usual lino
that ho fools sure tho leaders of
this paper will bo interested in it. Tho
Graphic says:
Tho Masonic lodgoat this place hold
a lodgo sorrow last fall In memory of
tho dead of that order, and ospoolally
commemorativo of their brother,
William McKlnley. Hon. Chas. F.
Scott delivered tho memorial address,
which was printed in full by tho
Graphic. Charles S. Dlxby senc
copies of tho paper to somo of his
Masonic correspondents, and has re
ceived a complimentary notice from
the editor of tho Indian Freomason
published in Calcutta. This was somo
months ago. Later, ho received a
letter from au olllcor of tho British
army stationed at Harrlsmlth, South
Africa, thanking lilm for tho papor
aud saying ho had read tho speech to
his comrades in alio camp and that
thoy all thought It. a great speech and
worthy of tho groat man in whoso
memory It was delivered. Last wcok
ho recclvod another letter from a cor
respondent In Now Zealand, who said
that ho had read tho speech beforo tho
lodco at that place, and ho also spoke
In very high terms of It. And next wo
expect he will hear from his corres
pondont at Bulawayo, Ilhodosta. or
at Mantle ay, or at Rangoon or Hong
Kong, for ho has them all around tho
World. And thov will nil kjiv nl.nnf.
tho samo thlngconeerning Mr. Scott's
speech. It was a great Bpceoh.
Cimlleo Has all Jlo Needs in Campaign
Against Jloros.
Manila, Aug. 10. Thero has been
no dovolopmonts -today In tho Moro
situation on tho island of Mindanao.
General Chaffeo was expected to reach
Cobu on tho army transport Ingalls
this morning, but tho vossol's arrival
at thut port has not jot been reported,
t Is, possible that General Chaffeo has
decided to shorten his trip to tho
southern Islands and return toManlla
direct An order recohed from the
ar department at. Washington, leav
ing action in tho Moro situation to
Goneral Chaffee's discretion, haB been
transmitted to him In tho south, but
has probably not yet roachsd him.
It Is bollovcd hero that Goneral
Chaffeo will Increase tho American
lorcts In Mindanao and Issuo an ulti
matum to the hostfle Moros. Thoro
aro at present 127,000 American troops
in tho Phlllpplno Islands, a-goodly
portion of which could bo spared for
actlvo service.
Captain John J. Pershing, of tho
Flftoonth cavaly, who Is in command
of tho American column at Lanao,
Mindanao, has loported a flercoMoro
Intertribal fight near Camp Vickors,
Mindanao. Tho contending factions
mot at Wobdlug Thlrty-flvo men
woro killed outright, and many others
wero woundod. No Araoricans wero
Qjncorned In tho troublo.
Compotent cook and dining room
girl wantod at onco. Good wages,
Endicott Boarding Houso, 210 East
Stops the Cough
and. works oir the Cold,.
f xi r, . . - . u.
uasauTe uriso-umnino .,iby eur
! 't'j' TTfi ..i.
For Ladies and Gentlemen.
Selling with no regard
aim is to soil this stouk
Bavo the profits.
Out profit is in
Council Grants Franchise to Company
Which Struck Uas Kecentiy.
Kureka, Kas., Aug. 10. Tho city
council has granted tho Kureka Gas
and Mineral Company an absolute
franchise for a term of twenty years.
Tho franchise was granted only after
a hard fight, which has been in pro
gress sinco gas was found horo ten
days ago. A strong flow of gas has
been found hero at a depth of :J80 feet,
tho well cased and temporarily plug
ged, until tho gas from the present
well can bo used In tho drilling of a
second well which will bo sunk in a
few days.. It is probablo that four
wells will bo Liink this summer. Tho
town peoplo aro juMlant and tho gas
will bo piped Into town beforo winter.
At prosont this is tho only gas well In
Greenwood county. Tho business men
at Sovory and Madison, howover, are
interested In Kuroka's find nnd will
sink prospect holes.
Duchess of Marlborough, Consuolo
VcHdcrliilt, is Glad to See Us.
Now Vork, Aug. 20 Tho Duchess
of Marlborough, formerly Consuolo
Vanderbllt, who arrived In Now York
yesterday evening, said at tho pier:
"I am greatly delighted to bo again
in America. My thoughts havo been
hero at least one-half tho tlmo since I
left. Thero Is no placo llko America,
especially New York. Kngland Is my
homo and It is vory delightful, but I
havo been looking forward with long
ing to this visit for at least llvo
" Oh, it's perfectly grand to bo back
again," sho said to Mr. Vandorbllt
who stood at her sldo. "I am so
happy to get bade again." Tho big
buildings which havo bcon erected
since sho loft wero pointed oiu to her'
by Mr. Vanderbllt.
Mrs. Herman Oolrlcbs was tho first
to greet the Duchess on tho pier. Sho
had como down to meet hir sister,
Mrs. Vandorbllt. Tho Duchess wus
so anxious to land sho skipped light
ly down tho gang plank to tho pior
and throw her arms about Mrs. Ool
rlch's neck. Tho Duchess went to tho
WaldorlV whero sho wllljrcmalnifor a
fow days, going thenco to Nowport
and from thoro to Hempstead. Hccauso
of soolal engagements sho must bo
back'ln London by Ojtobor 1. Sho
was light-hearted and romped about
tho docks, besides bolng one of tho
loading spirits in organizing enter
tainments aboard.
After tho first day out she visited
tho stcorago passongors and Jlstrlbut-
cd a largo sum of monoy among them.
Chicago I'olico as Much in the Dark us
J'Jut lU'giinling Uarllioliii
Chicago, Aug. 20 After an investi
gation by tho Chicago poltco extend
ing over a fortnight, and a two days'
coroner's Inquest, the authorities aro
still In doubt whotbor tlui body of tho
murdered woman found in tho field at
Sqventy-fourth and Stato streets was
really that of Minnio Mitchell. Threo
men stand acousod of complicity in
hor doath and that of Mrs. Alico
Bartholin and aro held in heavy
bonds to tho grand jury.
Yet Patrolman Watson, who found
tho body, could not toll Its sex becauso
of it3 advancod stago of decomposi
tion. Coroner's Physician Stx'lngor
stated that tho body must havo lain
ton or twolvo weokB beforo tho brain
could havo beon absorbed, and that
had qutckllmo bcon used uy tho mur
derer, as conjoetured, maggots would
cot havo ontorod tho body, as was tho
caso. Even the coroner's jury, when
It, rendered a vordlct today recom
mending that Oscar Thompson, Ed
ward Counselmun and Jqhn Clafiy
bo held to explain tho doath, stat-cd
oo)V tnat, tuo body v?s Buun09d to
mj that Ibo body v?s BUjipos'
ir 'if "' wAT''" STar
'T MiMr
as to profits. Our only
of Summer Goods. "You
turning the stock.
dead body, howover, woro identified
by tho Mitchell family, and a week
ago tho body was buried as Minnie!
Mitchel by relatives of tho girl, who
has been missing since Julv 30. and
who was last seen In tho company of' I
her sweetheart, William J. Bartholln.il!
Two witnesses, Lieutenant Healy and
W. M. Allen, testified that Conusol-
man, tho Intimate friend of Bartholin, is
had told them tho fugitive wanteds? '
monoy with which to pay for a sur-
gleal operation on tho Mitchell girl at j
a North sido hospital.
With this conflicting testimony to
hinder them, tho pollco aro almost','
stalled in their search for William 'J
Bartholin, whom the coroner's jury!
recommended to bo apprehended. l
Craddock Promised to MrctHalleyat
Cuwker City, hut Didn't.
Cawker City, Kas., Aug. 20. W. H.
Craddock broke his dato to meet W.
J. Bailey hero and tho peoplo aro
gnashing their teeth. Balloy was hero
and spoko. Tho dobato was to havo
beon given undor tho auspices of tho
Cawker City Chautauqua. Tho man
agement had rccolvod assurances that
both Craddock and Bailey would bo
hero. In order to show his good faith
in advertising Craddock, tho president
took tho platfoim and to tho multltudo
assembled road letters from Craddock
and his political manager, Hugh
Farrolly, stating that Craddock would
bo here.
Topeka, Aug. 20. -It was known horo
sometlmo ago that Craddock would
not fill tho Cawker City dato and tho
fact was published in Tho Journal.
Craddock's pross agent says it has
beon determined at Democratic head- I
quartors that Craddock shall ovadeW
any joint debates with Bailey during
tho campaign.
Ho Says He is not ins I Sick us Has
Ilecu Itopurtcil.
Uy Scrltipn-MiUae Vrru A"n.
Now York, Aug. 21. Charles M.
Schwab sailed for Europo this morn
lug. Ho said ho could not say when ho
would return, adding that ho was not
as sick as reported. lis said ho did
not intend to form a European steel
trust. Schwab was unaccompanied,
wokFof cjioleka
Fortnightly Report Shows Tlilrty-flvo
Soldiers Havo Succumbed.
Uy Scrlpr,-Mcllae lTeo Anoclatlou.
Washington, Aug. 20. Asiatic
cholera continues to roup victims from
tho American army In tho Philippines.
A report from General ClmiTro tn.iuv
announces that between June 2."th and
July 10 thero were thirty-livo deaths
from tho disease among the enlisted
Former Secretary of War Will Try
to lie ScnutoivFronijMichigan.
Dotroit, Aug. 20. Gcnoral It. A.
Alger, formorly secretary of war, an
nounced himself today as a" candidate
for United States senator to succeed
ho lato Senator, James McMillan. Ho
is proparing a formal announcement
which will be given out later.
Strikers Gathered in Largo Numbers
but Did not interfere..
Oy ScrlppcMon Ptm juooltlon.
Dnry, Pa., Aug. 21. Tho washery
of tho Warnko brothers colliery re
suraod opor&tlons this morning.
Strikers gathered In large numbers
about tho placo but thero was no
troublo. Armed guards aro stationed
within wlro barricade.
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J Ji . '' U Wr - -
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WdM4JA &itU-tf

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