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The Iola register. (Iola, Kan.) 1875-1902, August 22, 1902, Image 8

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5j!!rifil' i ""BliiiiWHfiB33T?
"Tri 'TIiJfo"'' HWwiivwf
Ry Asliloy Towno 6
CopyriBht, 1001, by X
CllMlOa B. Ethni-lnf-fnn. i
Homo distance from tho tent where
tho previous mooting Imtl taken place
thoy -wore mot by u statr officer attend
ed by liHlf a dozen chisy Cossack
troop, is. Imrroll looked nt those snv
ti"' "ml thought upon tho taking of
The staff ofllccr ndvnnccd ntid ex
chnn,.'d tho customary salutations
with -r-nnt courtesy.
"'i a. nil Clctflilkofr," said ho, "de
sire s m.- to say that unless you lmvo
come with a proposal for surrender
without conditions u conference will ho
ucdli- ."
"Thli Pec-ins unusunl," responded'
Pin-) an. "Wo had been given twenty
four h mrs to consider certain tonus."
"'n,i,s.- terms mo now Impossible,"
rrpl i il the Russian curtly. "Wo shall
iisuiw t , tlvi- operations at noon."
It will leadlly bo understood what
"notti operations" would mean to tho
force- In Crcdskov, deserted by Its mo it
Important military leader and u dozen
other officers of high rani:. Durban's
fae had a grayish, pallor, but his voice
wn Dnfwt'y calm ns ho said:
uo lmvo not como to propose un
coi'ciitiiinal surrender, but to contlnuo
lu," i !. 'ii. ins or great lmportnneo to
bith vMi-s"
"I i inct to sny," responded tho offi
cer, "that all possibility of negotiations
ha cuwd and that our ntmck begins
nt ill ii."
'"there remaln-i, then, nothing to bo
done," .lid Durban, "except to trans
mit tliii communication to General
GVtcl 1' ,T."
lie (.-mo the officer a sealed note
wrltti u 1 y Iinrvll, and at n signal ono
of ti.e t'o'.vicUs en mo forward and
"d'lUs i. jo ir uwmnl," Uic mtlil.
took It, galloping back to tho ttusi Ian
lli.i i. There was n delay of pcrliap-t
a quarter of an hour, nud then Gt'iicral
Gi ti'IiikulT appealed, ntteuded only by
thn i mi'iubeis of his staff. Ho rode
to the tent of conference and, ills
inc uiiilng, stepped within. Tho others
remained utitiddc. Then tho Cossack
who had entrlod tho note returned
wlih his it-port
"(ii ueral Getchlkoff condescends to
hear what Colonel Darrell has to eoni
inuuimte," mid tho ofllccr.
A mlnule later Dairell and Gotchl
ko!T wi'iv face to face hytho tout alone,
and the real battle of (Iredskov opened
wlih an i-xihnugu of keen aud bcareh
lug glances.
the nnAr. iiatti.e oi' oucnsKOv.
hind a tnblo on which
lay a revolver ready
to his hand.
"I did not under
stand your communi
cation," wild Gotchl
kolf, "but If you lmvo
tiny nleu to make"
"If you had not understood what I
w.ote." replied Darrell, Interrupting,
"I Mmuld not bo here. I told you that
til.' American consul In Stavropol was
full i ii funned as to tho circumstances
of my tii'il In that city and my pros-i-iKo
hcie and that If you wero anx
ious to avoid an International compli
cation which would make matters ox
en dln,;ly hot for you It would be well
for j oil to hear what I had to say. I
lU'Utluiud also that I had a pilvato
piopn-lllon to make regarding tho sur
render of Motnrnn Khan."
"I am not prepared to treat for tho
Colliery of that prince Into my hands
today," answered Gutchlkoff.
"Ileeauso you feol suio of taking
GetchlkofC nodded.
"You may not bo nwnro," on Id Dar
rell, "that there Is n secret path from
Clrodskuv to tho mountains"
Tin UiiHshiii Interrupted him, smiling.
"We Know all about tho secret road,"
ho said. "It Is fully guarded."
"That I' what I wanted to know,"
rcjoim d Darrell. "I was fairly Hiiro of
It, hut It Is u plonsuro to hear you say
,, Tho wcrot was put Into your
handi lust ovonlng by u nian nanied
Geti hlkort started.
"Did you arrango this?" ho cried.
I did not," responded Darrell. "I
may base wished to do so, but ns
Prince Kilzlar was In a cortaln sense
my companion In arms I refr.il.ied. It
was tho private hatred of bolnslgnlU
ennt a creaturo as an 'cx-turnhoy In a
prison that overthrew all tho shrewd
schemes of Kll.iur and doubtless has
cost Him IHb llfo-wlth tho Ciralskov
treasure, which io values almost
f Wi ' Li.
h 'r - , " ' )
equally. ion captured tho wholo
pjti'ty, I suppose?"
"Wo have tlieni all," answered Get
chlkolf, "and the treasure."
"Since tho Incident ban occurred,"
said Darrell, "I Intend to uso It for
my own purposes."
"I don't know what uso you can
make of It," returned Getchlkorr. "It
is truo that these men fell into our
hands In tho manner you mention, but
how that can help j-ou or tho force la
Uredskov Is more than I can see."
"General," Interrupted Darrell, "you
wcio prepared yesterday to make
terms. You had, as I believe, the di
rect nuthorlsMllou of the Ilusslan rov
eminent to show mercy, even to prom
ise a general amnesty under conditions
very favorable to the Circassians. All
you required was tho sin render of cer
tain persons ami, of course, tho usual
laying down cf arms, upon which tho
Circassian soldiers woro to re turn In
safety to their bonus. Uy a singular
trlclc of fate all tho persons named by
you, with ono exception tho khan
have fallen into your power. You have
decided, therefore, to enhance your
own military glory by securing an un
conditional sin render of this city. It
would bo an achievement for so young
a general, especially because It would
have been done In spite of the weather,
to which, by thu way, you owe much
personally, since It has laid all your
superiors flat on their backs hi the de
lirium of fever and hns left you at tho
head of all'alrs. Yes, you owe much to
the rain, mid I bless It with equal fer
vor." "Why, may I nsk'i" inquired Gotchl
koff, not without a tremor of apprehen
sion. "llecnueo It enables mo to deal with
you," said Darrell.
"What authority have you to deal
with anybody'" demanded Gotchlkoff.
"Heboid the signet of tho khan," re
joined Darrell, displaying tho ring
which ho hnd put upon the little flngci
of his right hand.
"Taking your word that It la a valid
warrant," said Gctchlkoff, "what
"I propose tho terms mentioned yes
terday," said Darrell.
"You are mad," retorted Getchlkoff.
"I will tako this city without condi
tions." "After which glorious deed," respond
ed Darrell, "you will return to Stavro
pol and later to Paris, where you will
marry a beautiful widow worth many
"Dven ns you say," answered Get
chlkoff. "Let us seo about that," retorted
Darrell. "In tho llrst place, what will
happen when you get to Stavropol?
You will face tho wrath of your fa
ther for your conduct In putting mo out
of the way. Oh, I am well Informed
nbout It. You worked your 'pull,' as
we say III America, with tho chief of
the secret police, and then you organ
ized a fako court which condemned
me and loft no record of Its proceed
ings. When wo get back to Stavropol,
your father will not thank you for the
International complications that will
result from your crimes against me."
"We," said Getchlkoff, "will never
get back to Stavropol. Only ouo of us
Is going. You will remain."
And ho pointed down to tho ground.
"Von may kill me and bury me," an
swered Darrell, "hut the American con
sul lu Stavropol is another proposi
tion." "My dear sir." retorted Getchlkoff,
"I don't believe ho knows anything
about II or will ever learn anything."
"My excellent friend," said Darrell,
"ho has already learned everything.
Glance at this note lrom hlin to me. 1
replied fully by courier, but Consul
Llugard will not proceed upon the In
formation until my return."
Getchlkoff road the consul's note, and
ho snapped his jaws together llko an
angry boar.
"I will tako my chances," he said at
"Pcihnps you do not fully compre
hend," said Darrell gently. "Your trou
bles will also Include a charge of for
gery." Gctchlkoff. laid his hand upon the
hilt of his sword.
"lio enlm," said Darrell. "Lot us
reason upon tho matter and see exactly
how you htnud. Your private affairs
ore at tliis moment of far more conse
quence than tho strength of these con
tending armies. I have had consider
able time shico wo parted to meditate
upon your case, for one has much lei
auro in prison. I have decided that
you are ji thoroughly selllsh man; that
your chief terror Is your father; that
your chief deslie Is to quit tho army,
(Stavropol, everything of your old life,
nud live In wealth and luxury In Paris.
Your marriage will make that posalble.
Am I right in thebo mutters?"
"I uhnll do tho tMugi you name," an
swered GetciiikolT, "and n dead mail
burled In tlio Caucasus mountains will
not pi event me."
"You aro what wo call in America n
bluffer," said Danell. "At this pres
ent moment you aro shaking lu your
boots, and tho cause Is that one word
'forgery.' Oh, I have leasoned this
tiling all out. Who tore up the docu
ment found beMdo tho body of Ladls
lov in Paris? I.adlslov himself; tho
thing Is certain. Why did ho attempt
to destroy It? My fileiul Gordon an
hwers tho question from Paris. Here
Is n copy of the telegram."
And he gave It to Getchlkoff, whoso
brow dripped as ho read.
"That was a warrant for tho Prin
cess A'era Shevaloff," continued Dar
rell. "It was tho sort of document that
is sometimes funiMicd In blank to cer
tain oliliinhi, Including tho governor
generals of provinces. It boro tho czar's
name and was apparently countersign
ed by your father. Of course such doc
uments possess no validity as war
rants ouisldo of Ilussluu dominions,
but ciiatures llko Ladlslov, tho spy,
occasionally have to ehlhlt the:vi when
making kidnaping arrcHts that aro
winked at by tho police of continental
cnies, ami in any case the warrants
have to ho shown when tho prisoners
reach the Ilusslan frontier.
"My friend Gordon telegraphs that
the document Is n forgery. He means
that your fnth"r's countersign as gov
ernor general of Stavropol, the prov
ince to which the prisoner was to bo
taken, was forged. The sign manual
of the czar was undoubtedly geilulue.
You observe that my friend says so.
Who, then, idled In this document
fraudulently and signed your father's
naim ?"
"I don't know!" exclaimed Gotchl
koff, with a dry throat. "You cannot
prove that I did It."
"My dear general, you were kpph to do
It," answered Darrell. "You filled that
document out In tho I'rencli cafe tho
day I refused to lend you my prn.
Gordon knows It and lias his witness
es," ho continued, making his story tho
stronger us he saw tho other's terror
Incrense. "Let us be just to you. You
wore drunk when you did It carefully
Intoxicated to the light point by your
good friend, Captain LadWlov. We will
consider Ladlslov for a moment. IIo
was In the pny of the Gorskl family,
who aro Stavropol people, and they
desired revenge upon tho Prhicos Vera
for tho death of their relative. In
eoino way they contrived to lane this
blank warrant abstracted from your
father's papers and sent to Ladlshn.
There Is no other possible method of
accounting for his possession and uso
of It. Your father, believing that tho
Gelcliikoll's had Injured Vcra's family
enough, had refused to aid In her cap
ture" "You enn't know all these things!"
exclaimed Getchlkoff.
"Why, man, you told mo thnt your
self," rejoined Darrell. "You men
tioned your father's sentiments to me
wiille we were riding down from Paris
to Stavropol while you wero plotting
to have me suppressed on my arrival -nud
It was the only sincere thing you
said to me. Ho was away from the
city during these events, which made
matters easier, ltut let us leturn to
Ladlslov. You wero tho man who
could forge your father's hand. If you
should do It, Ladlslov figured thnt your
father, should it he Imposslblo to keep
Vera's arrest from his knowledge,
would not daro to punish those con
cerned In it because you were the chief
dinner. It Is no small thing, my friend,
to tamper with a document healing tho
czar's signature. It bars you, for yuur
life's sake, from Stavropol. You lmvo
nald that only one of us can return.
You are not the one!"
Getchlkoff reached out his hand for
a pitcher of waiter that stood on tho
table and lu clasping It broke off tho
handle and upset tho vessel upon the
door. t fi
"He crilin," raid Darrell. "Itcmemlier
that thdfo, fiic(sii'ro known to Gordon
hi Paris. and ifliTSt of them to our con
sul In Stavropol. I alone can suppress
them. Well, we have now barred you
from your mitlvo laud. How about
Paris? Gordon says Ladlslov helped
you with your miitiimonliil venture.
Of com so he did; he bad to win you.
He had thu usual wide knowledge pos
sessed by foreign spies. It was com
paratively eay to llnd a ilch woman
who would marry so presentable a
limn as yourself, and ho knew that a
ilch wife was what you wanted-ii
rich Parisian.
"Now, what became of Lndlslov? IIo
was killed. l!y whom? P.y the owner
of a revolver wMch I sent from a sta
tion lu Franco to Gordon In Paris, a
rovolMT which 1 abstracted from your
traveling bag, Gotchlkoff. 1 was play
lug detective and playing the game
hard. Did you miss the weapon?"
"I did," answered Getchlkoff, with
rafjp, "but I did not suspect you wore a
"In tho matter of suspicion I seem to
have hnd an advantage," said Darrell,
"for I did suspect that you wero a mtir
deier." "I am not!" exclaimed Getchlkoff,
with sudden enruestueS3 and sincerity.
Darrell stepped close up to him and
bpoke In a low tone.
"I am perfectly well nwnro of It,"
ho said. "You wero lu thnt cab with
Infamous trick. When i tnrow Ltull
lov down from the box, you Juiupi d
out of the djor. You slipped and fell.
Lying on tho sidewalk, you drew n re
t elver and Hied at me. Ladlslov sprang
up at that moment, and the bullet
struck him lu tho back, but he was too
much exulted to suspect that ho hnd
sustained a serious Injury. You both
pursued thecal), but became sopaiatod.
Ladlslov fell dying from Internal bleed
ing and In his last conscious moments
attempted to destroy that forged war
rant." "You do mo only justice," said Gut
chlkolf hoarsely. "Tho thing was an
necldeiit. " I did not even lire at you.
Tho weapon went off In my hands a I
drew It for protection."
"1 am a just man," said Darrell, "but
I can't answer for my friend Gordon.
It lies lu my mind that ho is not so Just
as I nnij that in case any harm comes
to mo ho will publish you In Paris and
before tho world as n cold bloodpd mur
derer. Why.'fhe case is clear. Ladls
lov bad aded your matrimonial
schemes; you 'had paid him with tills
forgery. Ho had you In his power.
What more j natural than that you
should wish Ijlm dead? It Is tho com
mon inotlve.Aud now answer me.
Can you return to Paris? Can yon re
turn to Stavropol? Not without my
permission, General Getchlkoff,"
There wasa long pause.
"I understand," said Gotchlkoff sud
denly, "that you aro able to deliver up
tho khan lu addition to the pilstincrs I
now hold. It could ho represented that
the strategy by which the others wero
caught was a pait of the terms of sin
render. Darrell, I will sign those terms,
and every person In that town shall bo
guaranteed safety, every soldier hi tho
army shall bo paroled If you Ull give
mosntlsfactory pledges that neither you
nor your friend will do mo nn Injury.
Hut I must havo Motmnn Khan."
1)11. tfl!.NN).,n,U Hheuriatl'iitJ
T7" V "h "Vi Ti i "FIT T AljMk"c! ,1
i.AJUll JCl JL on gwjMJ;
All Dl.idilor and riTTBT?
Urinary Diseases. Uj aj JLVaLWl
III J'niiWIM, wc. i.
f Ii . eneiT
''tiermid linn, fiii Darrell.
"You!" exclaimed Gctchlkoff.
"Myself," answered Darrell.
GptchlkofT put his hand to his foro
bend. "-Then It is true," ho nld slowly, "ns
homo of our pplen have reported, that
tho Princes Vera lias played this mas
querade. There Is no ono elpo for
whom yon would thus risk your life.
Hut It can't be (lone; It pusltlvely can
not he done. I dare not take you back
to Stavropol as Mntmnn Khan."
"Geli-hlUorf."wi!d Darrell, with dead
ly Intensity, "lake your choice. Your
"3rniir (i7iiccr" he t trilled ivtpnttcntly.
refusal makes utter ruin of your life
nml of your love, for niMin my word I
believe you love that woman In Paris!"
A sudden spasm of pain swept across
the Uussian's face. From that Instant
Darrell felt secure.
"When ymi wished my niiino to bo
Serglus Hllowskl, Itllowskl It was," ho
continued. "It is my turn now to pick
an nllas for myself."
"Itather than carry you back to Stav
ropol under thnt name," whispered
Gctchlkoff, leaning across the table,
his face livid, "I will give you a chance
to break out of Uredskov and escape
you ami the princess nud a part of tho
force. I will so weaken our Hues In u
place which you shall know of that you
cannot fall to plcrco them. Ouly give
mo pledges"
Danell checked him with a gesture.
Tor a slnglo Instant Ids brain swain
with IsioiM. Ho knew In what light
ho would appear to Vera after such a
feat what fair toward sho had offeied
Kllzlar it ho would savu the army of
"The Princess Vera" Getchlkoff be
gan, as If ho hnd lead the other's mind.
"I will nor ride to my deslro," said
Dairell, "upon the back of u spurious
military glory nor over tho bodies of
some hundreds of tho troops of belli
armlet. Your Infamous plan means
murder, and I will not hear It. I wnut
to see this foolish lighting cud. Your
nnswir!" he added Impatiently, sulk
ing the tnblo with his list,, "Vour an
swer!" Getehlkoff's throat was so parched
with excitement that ho could icaicely
"You win!" ho said, and, crossing nn
fiteadlly to the door, ho called out the
"Invito the Circassian general and
his staff to advance."
To bo Continued
Tho Kopublioans of Wyandotte
county aro running tho sportlnir odl
tor of the Kansas City Star for corn
nor. From a continuous round of
snort to a continuous funeral proces
sion will bo a sharp change
Mr. II. A. AlslmxiL. of Austin. Lonoke
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mit, o mv Iiu'ImiuI nrniil i nc to try Dr.
VlirCl-'B lllt.lllt.lllf.ll lll li I lllil, wll'l
wuiuli'ruil ri .illli. 1 inn loinplcti'lycuKil.
I look four IkiIIIi i nf Or I'it iie'n Fnvotile
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Favorite V
I Prescription tit
IIo Addresses Mountain J,ako Turk
Mountain Lnko Park, Md., Aug. 1(1.
- -Sovcral thousand persons greeted
Samuol Gompers, president of tho
American Federation of Labor, who
delivered an address boforo tho Chau
tauqua assembly oh ".abor and Cap
ital -The Workman's Sldo of tho
Mr. Gompors profaoed his remarks
by saying that tho average mind looks
contrary on lahors's sldo of tho ques
tion. "Tho Nowspapoi'S, without any
attempt on my part to charge them
with unfairness, usually present the
labor question from the standpoint cf
the employer. Thoy either tfdt tliolr
Information from employers or their
representatives. It its tho audio old
story, tho man and women, tho repre
sentatives of labor who sulTor from
tho saino old wrong. Thero Is no
short cut to emancipation."
Mr. Gompors dculnrol that tho labor
of youuif and Innocent children is the
groat ovil that needs reformation.
"Many states particularly ; lu tho
South, have no law whatever to pro
vent tho praotteo. Mon got rich," ho
declared, "from the labor of children,
v.hoso bones aro ground into almighty
dollars. It Is a sad eoinmoiitary
Men walk tho streets lu idlonoss
In tho toxlllo districts, while tho mills
aro fi 1 1 oil with busy children. Instoad
of labor being crownod with honor
nud dignity, Its rightful horltngo, It is
a question of how much labor can ho
squeezed out of a laborer and how
Httlo wagos ho can bo forced to accent
In return."
Mr. Gompors discussed tho quostion
of shorter hours at length, declaring
tho countries of long hours wero do
oldedly backward, and denied tho
allegation that tho movement to
shorten hours would moan tho dceu
denen of Ihn Tnltol Stales ilh a great
power. Ho declined that thero was
no greater conservator or tlio poaco
than the labor organization.
"Ono hundred and fifty llious'inil
men lu thu anthracite Held have been
engaged In a silent struggle for three
months and thero has been loss vlo
lonco than is committed at a picnic of
ordinary people upon ordinary occti
slons. Tho men .struggling .today
had been reduced to a state of serf
dom, but lu tho past thrco months they
havo boon recast and tholr characters
romodolcd. Their manhood is aroused
and I believe, as God is my judge, tho
worst thu minors havo bud to confiout
Is past." ( Great applause. )
Mr. Gompors duo la rod that the law
yer was Incompetent to discuss tho
industrial question. "'Tlio lawyer
lives in and studies tho past," ho de
clared, "While bring faced physl
eally forward ho Is uientnll lu tho
dark ages." Tills observation was
brought out by tho alleged remark of
a Mr. I Joss, a legal rosproaoutatlvo of
tho Dolowaro, Lackawanna tc Western
railroad, rocontly, that thero can bo
no arbitration; that the miners must
first return to work and then tho com
panies will discuss tho matter with
them. "Wo domain! tho light to bo
hoard by counsel," declared tho
spbakor. ".lust imagine tho minor
being forced back to work with all the
giiovaccos ho may havo had squcexod
and htarvoil out of him."
?dr. Gompors declared ajjainst pro
posed govornui'Mit compulsory arbi
tration. Ho predicted tlio success of
the tiuthraclto striko.
Loudon Crowds Di&pluy Grout Knlliit
siasni for l'ornier Koch.
nv Pclltmii-Mi'lcue rrri" AnitciMuttub.
Loudon, Aug. 18 Tho enthusiasm
displayed by tho London crowds when
the Iloer generals appear Is undimin
ished. Despite thu rain hundreds
gathered at tho hotol this morning
whero tho gonorals aro stopping.
When General Dolaroy appearod at a
window tho crowd cheered vociferous
ly. Later Gononil llolha went driv
ing and was givou a grout ovation.
Unmoral Mitchell will ask his Help in
Ktiding Anthracite Strike.
Uy Scrlpiia-Mcllne l'leea As'ji.
Wllkosbarro, Aug. 18Accordlng
to ti rumor hero President Mitchell on
his return from tho West will 1iuton
to New York to seo Piorpont Morgan
and solicit his uld in ondlng the an
thracite stiikb.
At Unryoa no attempt was mado
this morning to resume work. No
move is oxpeuted ponding disposition
of tho casus against tho private po
lleo arrosted aftor last weok'si riot.
and Mrs. Fair Met Dentil in Auto
mobile. Accident in Paris.
Kvoroux, Franco, Aug. 11. Mr.
and Mrs. Cluuios Fair, Amoriunns,
brother and slstqr-in law of Mrs V,
IC. Vandorbllt, lr. ,(Mlss Virginia
Fair), wore returning to Paris from
Trouvlllo loduy when tholr tiutomobllo
swerved and crashed Into a tree (lftoon
mllos from hero. Ilolh woro killed
The chaulTour became Insane us a
consequeneo of tho shock,
;, m.ujuo.n
Buy and Sell
Real Estate
Mukr, J.Diitin on J'iitni I'mnil
And Vrilii I in nature. , .
Taxes paid and runts collected fur
noii-resldetilH. Olllco: Koolil l,L'oU
taut building.
Kxamltiullmi nml IJIhriioMr ol ntmMito
I)lSAi;s mirt lNJtJKIi:n
iimiio wttii tiio hm oi x-rays, auo tcictno
whvrnruiilla troiinitiiil with X-HAY nuioliliiu
Mam ta( Tt'iuiit or
ami Dkai.i.ii in
Harness, Saddles.
Collars, Whips,
Everything Usually Found in a First
Class Harness Shop.
1 have just completed a lirst
class Packing nud Slaughter
House witli cold storage and all
modern Improvements at loiti.
Will pay tho highest market
price for fat stock of all kinds.
Lc 'Ttv'wa -45oovmv
Tne largest bum ever paid for a pro
seription, changed hands lu iian Fran
cisco, Aug. IW, 11WI. Tho transfer in
volved In coin and stock $112,0(10.(10
and was paid by u party of business
men for a bpocHie for iiright's Disease
and Diabetes, hitherto incurablo dis
eases. Thoy commenced tho serious investi
gation of the specific Nov. IS, 11)00.
Thoy interviewed hcorcs of tlio cured
and tried it out on its merits by putting
ovor three dozen cases onthetreatment,
and watching them. They also got phy
sicians to unmochrtiuic, iucurahlocnsos
and administered it with thopbysieians
for judges. Up to Aug. 2."i. eighty-sov-oii
per cent of the test cases wero either
well or ; rogressing favorably.
Thero being but thirteen per cent of
failures, the parties wero satisfied and
closed the transact ion. The proceed lugs
of tho Investigating committee and tho
clinical report of tho test cases woro
published and will bo mailed free o,
application. Address John .1. Fiji,
ton Company, -120 Montgomery St.
San Francisco, Cal.
Tho HurHngton Kotito renews tho
low one-way Hotilern' rate of $2,00
from Missouri Klvor to California,
Portland and tho Pugot Sound country
ovory day during September and Oc
tober, with correspondingly low rates
to tlio Spokane District and tho llutto
llolena District; also proportionate
rutos from interior Missouri, Kansas
and Southwest territory.
'The Burlington Northern Pacific
Express" Is tlio treat through train
leaving Kansas City dally, for tho
Northwest. Through ('ouches, Chair
Cars (seats free), Standard and Tour
Ifrt Slcopersto llutto, Helena, Spokano,
Tsrjomn, Seattle, Portland. Connect
ing train from Denver at night joining
this Northwest train at Alliance, Nob.
Homo visitors' excursions to points
In Ohio and Indiana; dates ot sale,
September 2d, plb, lfttli and 23d;
limit, lie davs.
Also excursion ratos to Ohio nml
Indiana during tlio flivt week of Oc
tober at tho time of tho big (Irani!
Army reunion In Washington, D. U.
TO C II I C A (1 0.-Tlie llurllngton's
famous "KIP' Is 'ho best known and
most popular train from Kansas City
and St Joseph to Chicago. ,
TO ST. LOUIS.- Two dally trains
0'irrying all classes of standard Dar
lington equipment.
On tho first and third Tuosdnys of
August, Sopinnibor and October, to
many sections of tho West and North
west. Consult noarost ticket agent or wrlto
tho undersigned for full information,
printed matter and tho loast cost of
jour proposed trip.
T.P A.,S33Muln St , Uimil'ii'.sY Auciit.
KANSAS OITV, Mil. HI'. Willis, MO
(Ii'iicr.il M.in;iir,'i,
ht i rih, nn.
lin rropiMU'il Ills otllro, over Mn Turner'
Mi '.cuury elote, 011 Ueet Mnilhon Avenue
- ,. . '!...'.'s.iJm!&,S&-' v?-K,.i

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