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Kate of 6nbcription.
One oopjr. one year tl 88
One copy, nix months
One cop v, three months .
All subscriptions payable In advance end all
not paid in advance will be charged lor at the
raicoi ei. wiper car. ouiwwimn "
a favor by reporting to us promptly any taliare
All kinds of JOB PRIXTIKO carefully and
promptly attended to. Call and see 'P0""'"';
KantMCity, Fort 8oott Memphis Railroad.
Knnni RoDND. I Arrive.
Hall and passenger... I 10.08 a. m.
Local freight 1 10 08 a. m.
10.03 a. m
11.45 a.m.
OUUTU UIIUHB. ... . 1 ii.
Mall and passenger... I 4.48 p. m. 4.48 p.
Local freiht I H-80 m- I
south wound.
Mail and passenger trains ran daily: (rfllghl
dally except 6midy. Mall close at postrOllloe
CO minutes before train time.
Baxter and Chttope Mall ami Hack Line.
Tiiesduy , Thursday and Saturday. leaves Bas
terlp. n. Keelvllle8.80; Melrose 4; and'
arrives ut Clietopa at8o'clock p nt.
BAXTER j No. 71
A. F. ft A. M., Neosho street.
Meets the Brat and third Mon
dav evenings of each month at
7:i. Visiting brethren frater
nally Invited.
lit A C. Pfhkixs, W. M.
S. H . rrn. Sen.
A. M. PEAKE & CO.,
The finest lino in the city on which
we defy competition in prices.
J. J. OunoRV.
15 lbs. of brown sugar for $1 at the
Cash Giojcry of J. U. Humphrey &
Son. All other sugars and every kind
of gooda equally cheap for cash at
J. H.'lIuMniKEY & Sox's.
If von want a good job of horse
shoeing go to M. S. Highley at E. E.
Edwards's shop.
Best com, 3 cans for 25c, at J. J. Os
born'8. Fob Salf.. A line singer mocking
bird. Inquire at this office.
To Ocit Customeks :
We will meet any prices made on
goods in our lino in any of the neigh
boring tOWIlS. J. J. OiiBOEX,
The Grocor.
Secure your rubbers and arctics
while Ihcv are going at a bargain at
B. F. IIkown's.
$700 worth of hoots and shoes,
rubber goods consoling of imitation
sandals, buckle arctics and Alaskas at
B. F. Brown's at cost and below.
Notick. All persons knowing them
selves indebted to me will please call
and scttlo their bills as 1 need the
monev. Resp'y yours,
Mrt8. W. Stakk.
A few good horses to trade for In
vestment Co. stock. Inquire at this
Fcnton repairs boots and shoes.
Fob Sale. A good team of horses
weighing 1030 each. Inquire at Fred
Eisert's i miles southwest of Baxter.
For a nice nubia to
A. M. Peake & Co's.
Seven bars No. 1 full size soap for
25 cents at W. E. Tyner's.
Fresh bread, cakes, pies, etc every
day. Lunch, cigars, tobacco, nuts
and fruits in bps son.
12 pounds of light brown sugar for
1 at W. E. Tynjck's.
A largo and elegant line of table and
pocket cultery, spoons, etc., just re
ceived for the holiday trade. Call and
see it. McElhixey & Fbibley.
Seven bars of Woman's Friend soap
for 25 ocnts at Cooper's.
If you need a cooking or heating
stove uow is the time to buy before
we are obliged to purchase new stock
nt advanced prices. We arc offering
stoves very cheap. Come in, see for
yourselves. McEluinev & Fbiblet.
Go to Cooper's for loaded sheila.
Remember, I bay my goods for
0 SPOT CASH and will sell yon har
dness of every description cheaper than
you cau buy elsewhere, at the old reli
able Pioneer Harness Shop of Chero
kee county. J. B. OrrxniiA. 1
Joseph McAlerney of this city has
been granted a pension.
The ice has been thick enough for
skating this week on the small ponds.
The fellow who stole W. E. Tyner's
thermometer had better return it at
La Grippe is spreading in oorclty.
A good many more cases than last
The connty commissioners have ap
pointed Joseph Wallace county sur
Mrs. G. W. Richmond left last
Monday to visit relatives at Galesburg,
The weather moderated some on
Thursday and it became more like
"sunny southern."
The county commissioners were in
session Monday and Tuesday, closed
up their business and adjourned.
The heaviest rain for several months
fell hereabout Saturday night and
Sunday, and was followed by a genu
ine blizzard.
Comrades of the G. A. R. herea
bouts will be pleased to learn that Jo
seph Lucas has been made postmaster
at Cherokee.
The mayor says he will not sign the
ordinance parsed by the council Tues
day evening lo authorize the payment
of $1000 for switch right of way.
W. W. Scott left again for the south
Mouday with two car loads of mules.
He seems to be doing a land office
business in this line as this is the third
trip of the kind he has made since
The Order of Select Friends will
hold a meeting at the lodge room
Monday evening, Jan. 20, when the
officers for the coming term will be in
stalled. All members will find it to
their interest to be present.
The river reached its highest stage
for several months on Mouday, being
a foot or more over the top of the
large pier at the east end of the water
wheel machinery. The mills were
Bhut down three days in consequcuce.
The Alleu Bros, planing mill has
just turned out a very elegant and
costly counter for the Webb City
Bank in walnut and antique oak. It
will compare favorably in quality and
finish with the finest work done any
where. A good many Baxter people have
been up to see Judge McCue iu the
district court this week on various
cases and some were disappoiuted in
not being called upon to tell what
they knew, as the cases were continued
or dismissed.
Merkick-McQcisto.v. In the par
lors of the Springs hotel, Baxter
Springs. Kansas, Jan. 16, 1890, by
Rev. M. E. Bramhall, Mr. Walter
Merrick of Pleasantview, Cherokee
county, Kan., and Mrs. S. II. McQuis
ton of Smithfield, Mo , were united In
The Joplin school board last week
sold $29,000 in bonds for $30,974 91, or
at a premium of $1,974 91. The last
bonds of this city sold at 93 cents on
the dollar, or a net loss of $700 from
face value on the $10,000 issued. We
give this simply to show the difference
between tbo quality of the credit of
the two town.
The city council on Tuesday evening,
to use a slangy expression, "fired" the
city attorney ont of office. It is ru
mored abont town that the council
batteries will next bo turned upon the
city clerk and the mayor. In some re
spects it resembles the bnzz saw, and
everyone knows how dangerous it is
to "monkey" with one of them.
Another engine for use at the Spring
Branch prospect was brought in from
Galena last Saturday and attached to
the machinery. Several difficulties
have arisen since which have kept the
workmen from getting into the ground
or rather caused a failure to keep the
water out sufficiently, though almost
constant efforts have been made to do
so. Tbey bad the water almost down
to a working level yesterday.
The cases Commons and Stone &
Gove v the city of Baxter Springs
with reference to the damages done
the plaintiffs by reason of the building
of tho dam here were aealii continued
in the district court on Wednesday
until the April term. Why these
cases are continually being continued
from time to time without apparently
coming any nearer to a settlement than
before is doubtless somewhat of a
mystery to many as it is to us. We
should 'think an adjustment of the
points at issue at the earliest possible
moment would be mucn more desira
ble to all parties concerned than to let
the thing run along in the court as It
has for rears with more costs accumu
lating at every term. ,
Mixed pickles 40o per gallon at
J. M. Coopee'b.
15 pounds of sugar for $1 at
J. M. Cooper's.
Fine rye bread at Ohlen's.
Five pounds of mixed tea for $1 at
.1. M. Coopee's.
L. C. Goodner will pav tho highest
market price for butcher's stock. In
quire at Drovers and Farmers bank.
Raisins, prunes and citron, all new
and fresh at Coopeb's.
At the popular grocery of B. F. Brown.
Be6t tea in the city for 20c a pound
at B. F. Brown's.
this evening in any style can or dish.
No. 1 mackerel at
Lunch or moala at Ohlen's.
White clover honey at Cooper's.
Baking Powder 1 lb. 15c ; lb.
10c ; lb. 5c at J. J. Osborn's.
New whitcfish G cents a pound at
li. f . UROWK'S.
i Eleven pounds of granulated sugar
for $1; twelve pounds of light brown
siiernr for XI at Cnnprn'fl.
January 14, 1890.
Council met in regular session May
or Harvey presiding and all council
men present
Minutes of meetings held Dec. 24
and 27 and Jan. 4 and 6 read and ap
proved. A petition asking that Sam'l II.
Smith be retained in the office of city
attorney signed by 67 citizens ; also a
petition remonstrating against Sam'l
II. Smith as city attorney signed by 30
citizens, were read aud on motion laid
on the table.
A petition a eking an additional ap
propriation of $200 for the Spring
Branch Mining Co., signed by CI citi
zens, was presented.
Mr. Meserve moved that council
agree to pay to the Spring Branch
Mining Co. $4 per foot for each foot
sunk in their shaft from tbe present
depth not exceeding 25 feet. The mo
tion carried by unanimous vote.
Finance committee reported having
adjusted the cost of repairing water
wheel machinery to the best of their
ability, having ordered warrants
drawn to J. W. Morrison for $14.00 for
labor and $10.98 to L. W. Price for
freight on w heels. Tbe report was ou
motion accepted.
An ordinance entitled "An ordi
nance relating to the appropriation of
one thousand dollars (f i,UUU) to secure
a switch track for the encouragement
of manufactories and brick-making in
the city of Baxter Springs," was pre
sented" by Mr. Meserve and read by
the clerk.
Ou motion the rules were suspended
and tbe ordinance placed on its final
passage and passed by unanimous
The bill of J. M. English for police
iudjrc costs was referred.
The bills of O. Null for 1 perch of
stone $1.12, and W. D. Pinnick for
coal $4.8S were allowed.
The deferred resolution declaring
the office of city attorney vacant was
taken up and passed. The mayor
ruled the motion out of order, but on
appeal from his decision the resolution
passed by the following vote : Yeas
Fribley, Meserve, Pointer. Nay
Gregg. Pittsburg Smelter: Harry Tripp,
well known hero from his monthly
visits to the cltyS has been promoted
to a better position than one en the
road. He is now manager of the tea
and cigar department of the wholesale
house of the Nave-McCord Mercantile
Company, and has supervision over
all the salesmen In that department.
His son, young Mr. Tripp, has taken
the road in his father's stead and will
bo patronized for that father's sake
until he has proved himself.
A blizzard one of tho regular mod-
cm sivie. nownng kidu swoopca
down upon us Sunday and the mercu
ry ran down to 18 degrees above zero.
Monday was pretfv cool, but Tuesday
the south wind wanned things up
considerably. Early Wednesday morn
ing another cold blast from tbe north
began and continued all day with a '
sprinkle of suow.f Thursday morning
the mercury was reported from 4 to 9
above zero, the coldest of the winter.
The river was ud last Fridav and
Sundav evening and owing to an ob
struction getting into tbe water
wheels the electric lights Had to be
shut off sevcral nights because the
wheels ran too fast and could not be
controlled. Soch occurrences are very
annoying to the patrons or tbe electric
light company, hot probably not more
so than to the company itself, and we
believe everything possible Is done to
prevent them. " ;
boat Sana J one.
The attention of the readers of the
News 1b invited to the followiug from
tbe pen of Rev. L W. Joyce, D. D.
concerning Sam Jones. He was pas
lor of Trinity M. E. church in Cincin
nati at the time Mr. Jones held his
meeting! there, and is now one of the
bishops of the M. E. church. Readers
will please contrast the attack or Mr.
Weldy and the Sarcoxie Vindicator
which attack, however, Mr. Jones is
likely to survive) with the words of
ISisbop Jovce.
"God is converting tbe world by tbe
preaching of the gospel, and at differ
ent periods In tbe nistory or uis churcn
he raises up men specially gifted iu
proclaiming the message of salvation
to sinful men. Such a man is the
Rev. Sara P. Jones. He is the product
of a noble ancestry, aud iu his devo
tion to God and his eminent usefulness
in the cause of Christ, he honors the
name of those whose blood flows In
his veius. It is believed he is daily
preaching to more people than any
other minister in the united states
"Mr. Jones' preaching is always in
language which cau be readily under
stood by all. It is pointed, plain, di
rect and effective. In his hand tho
gospel has a new attraction, and the
bible becomes a wondrous power, pos
scssing charms heretofore unknown.
And the service of Jesus Christ is in
vested with a glory that commands
the admiration, the love and tbe obedi
ent life of men. Mr. Jones is thor
oughly consecrated to the one work of
saving men from sin. He studies hu
man nature; he knows man. He has
a kind heart, a gentle disposition. He
loves the race of maukind for Christ's
sake. He wants to do everybody
good. Amid all his success and no
man has ever had more he is modest,
aiid humble and faithful; to use his
own words, 'it only makes me love my
Saviour the more, who has been so
good to me, and who has done so much
for me.' It is believed that during his
stay in Cincinnati two h una red thou
sand people heard him preach the
gorpcl of Christ, and the results have
been greater than can be estimated.
All the church denominations in the
city joined harmoniously and heartily
in the work and each shared in the
gathering into their commuuion souls
that had been brought to Christ dur
ing the great revival." R.
Lyon Township Sunday School Association
W ill hold its next quarterly conven
tion at Stowcll School House, on
Sunday, Feb. 16, at 10 o clock a. m
10 0. Devotional exercises, led by
the president.
10 :20. Address of welcome by Miss
Jessie Stowell.
10:40. Song by Tar Creek Union
Sunday School.
10 :55. Response bv J. A. Ellis.
11:15. Song by Frontier Sabbath
11 :30. Secret a ry'a report.
11 :40. Closing song No. 101 Gospel
Basket dinner, one and a half hours.
1 :30. Song service.
1:45. Reports of Sabbath School
2KX). Exercises by Mount Pisgah
Sabbath School.
2 :15. Relation of Church and Sun
day School, A. Shearer and others.
2 :45. Exercises by Union Sabbath
3 KX). What can the Sunday School
do to counteract the influence of the
trashv literature, C. F. Cool and others.
3 :30. Exercises by Tar Valley Sun
day School.
3 :45. Miscellaneous business.
All are cordially invited.
Bring Gospel Hymns.
The marriage of Mr. L. P. Gage of
Painesville, Ohio, to Miss M. J. Hen
derson of this city was solemnized on
Mondav evening last at 7 o'clock in
the beautiful home of the bride's par
ents jutit outside our city oh the south
west, the Kev. M. . lirauiliall officiat
ing. The affair was very quiet, only
members of the family, Miss Anna L.
Gage, daughter of the groom, aud a
limited number of iuvitcd guests be
ing present.
Alter tho ceremony a bountiful and
delicious repast was indulged in and
tbe evening was spent most pleasantly.
On Weduesdav Mr. aud Mrs. Gage
and Miss Anna L. Gage departed for
an extended trip through the south.
Mr. James Brewster this week be
came proprietor of the Baxter Gro
cery formerly managed by D. M.
Wright, iu the Daniels building oppo
site Baxter Bauk. Mr. Brewster is
an energetic- and straightforward
young man, having been employed by
Humphrey & Son for some time and
will endeavor 'to meet the wants of
tbe public In the grocery line. His
brother William will be associated
with bim in the store and we bespeak
(or the new firm a ah are of the public
patronage, knowing that satisfaction
will be gjren in all cases if possible.
Of the Condition of the Baxter Spring-
Inrestuent Company on Jan nary
10, 1890.
Real estate 823,785.48
Contracts SOS .08
Bills reeelrable 1.001.06
Joshua Cox and others 800.00
furniture and flxtnres lfil.M
Expense 1SS9 487.48
Cash . 40
Total 828,947.08
Capital stock 820.985.00
Bills payable 4,M.Wi
Sundry aomnnts ti.ei
Profit and loss 1,919.41
Totol 828,947.03
I hereby certify that the abeve account is cor
rect. . U. &. CUO WELL, President.
Apple tract, lorty acres 81 ,395 35
McAbor tract, eighty-three acres 8,5)9.11
Milne tract, sixty acres 8,047. so
Warwick Place lota 1.104.7U
Warwick Place park, ten acres &W.U0
One cottage on Warwick Place 450.85
On lot on Military street 800.00
Stevens larra at Lowell, two hundred
and twent) acres 8,494 15
nibbaru format Lowell, forty acres ... S.1U2 05
Total 823.765.4it
H. C. Townsend 8400. M
Joshua Cox JSt 50
W.p. Sharp iw.oo
Moore Arthur.... 267 ''
ti.Vf. Parker 60.00
Total 81.OT1.C5
Mortjrope on Mterens arm, fire years at
7 Dercent 82.800.00
Mortgage on Hibbard farm, Are years at
7 per cent 1,500.00
Note discounted at the Baxter Bank 12
per cent, ninety days sjo.io
Total .84,000.(0
This account is for one-half of tbe mort
gage on the H'.bbard farm assumed
bv th.m. It is included in our
bills payable 8CCO.00
Vtl4 la k .makif orlvAM thai rha ad tj-nn mI
t.iM At U. AtAitlrkthluM Af ftia. TlilVlur
Springs Investment Company for the purpose or
i . : , I .1. . .mm-
electing iwuru ui nirtiui. .nu iui im h.h-
saction of imy other bitumens I hut may come be-
lore li, win ue neiu m ine uiuuc ut mr TuiniMii;
in Baxter Springs, Kansas, on the 11th day of
February, ltW. H. B. CUO WE LI,,
Noticx. Owners of stock ro the Baxter
Springs Investment Company who desire to
trade lor lots at a fair price can dt so by calling
on the undersigned. H. H. CltOWELL.
Sharpers Still Swindling Farmers.
Sharpers are abroad in tbe land
again who are scheming to skin tho
farmers. They have successfully
robbed several "farmers of Sedgwick
county and it is more than likely that
they are working some of the farmer
of this county. Their plan of proceed
ure is about as follows : They ap
proach a farmer and want to make a
contract for his 6nrplus corn, agreeing
lo pay him from two to live cents per
bushel more than his home or nearest
grain merchant can or will give. Th
grain is to bo delivered a little later
on at a designated place. The farmer,
always anxious to obtain the best
prices possible, and ils right that he
hhould, seldom hesitates about selling
his corn, and signs the contract, which,
iu a short time, turns up as a note in
the hands of "innocent parties,' and
nothing is left for tho tanner but to
pay the same. Thero is still another
trick, but he who gets picked op on it
is not to be pitied by honest people, as
he purchases something, experience,
with which be can swindle others. lr
is this : A man approaches the farmer
aud offers to sell hi'n a receipt to makt
bis wheat weigh double its natural
weight and bring full market price,
taking an agreement to accept a pro
portion of the trains made out of th
scheme. Thia agreement also tnrns
op as a note.
Where Language Fall.
Laneuaire is hardly strong enough
to exuress my admiration of the mer
its of Chamberlain's Cough Remedy.
It is the best remedy for croup and
whoopinir coujfh I have ever used.
During the past eighteen years I havo
tried nearly all the prominent cough
medicines on the market, but say, aud
with pleasure, too, that Chamberlain'-
Cough ltemedy is the lest of all.
Thomas Rhodes,
Ttakenifield, California.
For sale at Craiir'a Dra? Store.
Frank IL McGregor has opened a
branch paint and wall paper store at
Weir City.
Card of Thanh.
I desire to publicly express my
thanks to the friends who havn so kind
ly aided mo in obtaining my pension
and especially to Hon. B. W. lVt kim
and Pension Attorney Will T. Walker
of Wellington, Kan. Sincerely,
Sawckl Mitchell.
stbtp wosk8 fob sale.
I will sell at a bargain the Baxter.
Springs Syrup Works cither In wht!
or in part as purchaser may desire.
Terms mado suitable. For particular
Inquire of J. Slcsskb & Son,
Baxter Springs. Kan.
Tore mtple syrup at Cooper's.

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