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All aaWiptlODS payable In alvstiea and all
not paid la advance will b charged lor at lbs
rate of 11.80 per year. Subscriber wUl nonfrr
a toor by nportlnr to ns promptly any lalturs
to receive lbs Naws. , ' i
All kinds of 40B PEINTWO VlA
promptly attondtd to . Call and tt specimens.
Kansas City, Fort Sootl Memphis Ballroad.
NohthBoijiid. I ArrlTs. I Depart.
Hall and panfsr... 2
Local freight M a.U.a.m.
800TB Bouxd. , -
Hall and passenger... I 4 M p. m. 1 4. P. .
t I li.io a. m. lli.saa m.
NW.I l..lHli ........ . - -
,,,,,1- It P. Mcureeor, u. a. ucinaaen,
A'SSSJSSilw. E. Price, CI.rU Scve.,., beside.
10 minutes oeiore umiu . . .
Baxter and Chetopa Hall land Hsck Line.
Taesday . Tbnrsdsy and Saturdsr. T8"
Mlp m. KelllUI.; Melnssf
arrlTas at Chetopa at o'clock pm.
No. 71
A. F. A A. M.. Neosho street
Huct the nrst ana intra
ilur evenlnas of eaoh montn at
7:1H1. Vialting brethren mier
nslly Invited.
ISA . faiuuiis, W. M.
ft. H. fcifirn. See.
New ginghams at J. B. Tucker's.
Go to Tucker's for new ginghams.
Six pounds of tea for a dollar at
W-E- Ttnek's.
Fob Sale. Three Black Warrior
jacks, one 3 and one 2 years old, one
7 mouths old. For further informa
tion call on or address
IL A. Hibbabd. Lowell, Ksn.
New spring goods at Tucker's.
New millinery aud dress goods in
prreat variety are arriving daily at Mrs.
Stark's direct from the manufactory.
Jlemcinber, sho does accordlou plait
fng to order. L . 8 .
Fob Sale. Undivided half of the
Ttarjr Dalrv conaistinff Of complete
outfit. Good reasons for wanting to
sell. B.e. Taylqb.
New ginghams at J. R. Tucker's.
Fresh at W.E. Ttnib's.
New spring goods at Tucker's.
Fob Sale. A good young milk
cow. Inquire of Dr. Duncan.
' Fob Sale ob Exchange; A good
stallion. Will exchansa for horses,
mules or .a 10-horse power engine.
Address box Wl, uaiena, Kansas.
Go to Tucker's for uew ginghams.
I have opeu aud for sale a large
- stock or garden seeds in bulk. These
seeds are all new and northern grown
and will give first class satisfaction.
.T.J. Fbiblet.
A full line of Warner's corsets at '
J. R. Tuckeb's.
FIGS 15c a potiud at Brewster
Bros. Cash Grocery.
Tf von aro wantlnff a irood snrlnff or
summer suit of clothine call aud ex-
amine the Lamm samples at
. A.M. PCAKE & CO'8.
Ladies, patrouize. Tucker for your
corsets. - ', 1
' TINWARE AT COST,t Brewster
uros. uasn grocery. " - '
Weiiandfethe best '12 shoe fn the
World. A.M. rKAKE AS U.
Buy tho misses' corset waists at
. Tuckeb's.
Anotherirne of ans pants at" "
, A. M. Pkake & Co's.
New eprlnsr Koods uow arriving at
j. it. mcKers.
For a good 2 shoe go to the Green
Front Store. a. m. i cake s uo.
Sheet blueiug
Cash Grocery.
at Brewster Bros.
HcElhiuey in the hardware, store and
. . . at rfll
tin business ana wiu oonunae iaei' v, - J, m, w. t
business in Baxter Springs, ' I propose rtwenty.ulno 7'' lwhs southwest.
to sell the people good reiuble goods
at very close prices, i expect 10
cure the services of a good tinner in
nnar fiifnr and will alwavs be
ready to make estimates on all kinds
of work done by first cuss unsmitus.
Lunch or meals at OhJen'.
YMterdav morninjr was about as
cold as any of this winter;
niasa in needlework will Open at
Mrs. Noble's Tuesday, Feb. 25.
CaDt Ilutrh Erwin
office a pleasant and
last Monday.
gavtf the News
substantial call
A laree number of tine walnut logs
have been cut In thia vicinity and
shipped east recently.
Bill Wood rum concludes that It is
strange that a fire large euoogh U
burn out a store should start in m bar
rel of pickles.
ITnrr-h will tiecessarilv be off
liiin t ik. uui-nfniM Tnr ahnrt tlmA
U.IJ W UV.I-VH.V. " -'
occasioned by bis unfortunate experi
ence at tne Pre. .
JL P. McGregor, C. 8. McFadden,
We will meet auy price in our line
In hn rnnnlr. A. M- PcAKE & Co.
-'-J I I DO PrOIJCriY WBB uuiviwrea
those directly interested, did good
.work at the fire.
-riaa Mauri Hnkfl and Miss Sadie
Talbot received certificates of tht third
grade at the recent teachers' examina
tion in Columbus.
-nr.itor Ynn w)fl boueht fortv
acres off the llibbard farm near Low'
11 from the Baxter SDfinzs Invest-
neat Co. last Saturday.
Thn atat nvaiifreliat for the Chris
tian church, Elder Pettet, will preach
in tha citv hall the first Sunday in
March, morning and evening.
Those who on Monday and Tuesday
vtitmnlatir1 nlantinir COtatOeS rifflll
away were willing to wait awhile up
on reeling lnurtaays oreezes.
f!hna. PanUo succeeded in hookinff
several fine catfish at the dam the first
of the week. They were the first flsb
caught there with hook and line this
L. D. Brewster will be ready to b
r!t vrnrb in tli a finrinff Branch shaft
next Tuesday or Wednesday with two
engines and two pumps, itau ior
Brewster I
The pupils of the colored high
aohnnl will rftlflhratA LoncfcllOW 'S
vasws o
l.trthrlsv at tha citv hall Thursday
nrenlng, Feb; 27. Everybody Invited.
Admission free.
We acknowledge receipt of an invi
tation to attend a grand mask ball to
be given at Harland's Opera house,
i . l V-Jlr "i 'ty j At
tJOluminiB, narca ou uouk. ua.atus
pices of the Columbus band.
T. P. Daniels has removed his tele
trr nh cohnnl tn thAnlrl Investment Co.
building four or five doors north of
Polsters drug store, wnere n occupies
commodious quarters on me grouna
Wm. D. Erwin. son of Cspt Hugh
Erwin of Eeelville, this county, has
recently gone to Bedford, Ind., to ac
cept a deputy ship under., his uncle,
Wm. Erwin, who was not long since
made postmaster for that city.
The wiud whisked round to the
north Wednesday evening bringltg a
cold wave which made Thursday near
ly aa cold as any day of the winter.
I half an tnnh thick was to be found
ou still water Thursday morning.
The subject tor the young people's
meeting at the Presbyterian church
Suuday evening will be "Helpers not
Uinderers;" Rom. 15:1-13. As this
will be an important meeting it is
hoped all members will be present
Joplin Herald: Phil. J. Pfenning
of Baxter'Springs has bought of Col.
D. A. Preston tho residence property
at the corner of Fourth and Moflett av
enue and will bring his family to Jop
lin and occupy the property at once.
We are reliably informed us that
the prospectors .whoV wrt recently
digging for ore on Warren's Branch
took out about 40CL pounds of tine ore
from the side Of a bill without put
ting in a shot. But having uo right
to work there they had to quit.
TbeJadies or the Presbyterian
chnrch, nnited'wifh the- Young Peo
ple's Society of Christian Endeavor;
will have a social at the home of Mrs.
J. R. Tucker next Tuesday evening,
Feb. 25. All members aud friends
cordially invited to attend.
Secbet A BV.
The Long-Bell Lumber Company
has purchased the woolen mill prop
erty on South Main street, Joplin, Ma
The property was purcnasea ir mo
by it In a short time with a big stock
lumber. ' xue company couuvu
Mr. and, Mrs. West, who were sleep
ing over tbe botcner suop next to
the Humphrey store building, were
nearly suffocated by the dense smoke
In their rooms on awakening yester
day morning and were forced to go
outside to dress. A few moments
more would have smothered them. -
1.1 lha. nr Granulated Sosrar for $1.00:
14 lbs. Best Extra C Sugar for $1.00 ;
ID ids, JNewurieans ongar ior ii.w,
16 lbs. Light Brown Sugar fdr $1.00;
9 cans or oianaara uoru ior at cis. :
3 cans Standard Blackberries for 25c ;
. . sa - aa a
5 lbs. or Uuctwneat wur ior zu cis. ;
91 lha. stanrlarrl flora Ifeal.' lfictS. 1
i boxes of Matches for cts. ;
2 packages or best Boga ror 10 cis. ;
S lbs. Dried Gfanes for 5 cts. :
12 lbs. Hominy for 25 cis. ;
More to follow next wees.
B. F. Brqw.
LadleN try a pair 'of the "Common
Sense" $2 shoes at. ' ? Tcckkb's.
PrMh MMunnti anil Wine-aan BDDles
at Brewster Bros. Cash Grocery......
Another large arrival of tne popular
$2 shoes at V Tuckeb's.
Secure ' vonr rnbbera.-iand arctics
while they are going eta bargain at
To Ocn Custohebs r
We will meet any prices made on
good4 In our line in this city br In any
of the neighboring towns.
N J. J. 0"BOBirtTbo Grocer.
Fine line of fancy candies just in at
iirewsier uros. uasn urocery.
The finest line in the-city on which
we defy competition. pnees.
y . uasvsii)
Posts to trade for corn or cssh at
, W.'E:-Tteb's.
Best corn, S caul for 25c, at J. J. Os
horn's. :. '"
Full line of children's shoes at J. R.
Tucker's. '
We have a full stock of queensware
. w a a .
cheap j " usBOBs.
Fine rye bread at Ohlen's.
Corn, brahyoats and other feed at
Brewster Bros. Cash Grocery;
We .carry a full stock of W. A.
Mount b Go's, best a4iea. -.. . ;
.. vj. J. OSBORM.
9 big bars of soap for 2So at Brews
ter Bros. Uasb grocery.
$7XK wortlv-jBt ' boots and shoes,
robber goods consisting of imitation
sandals, buckle arctics and Alaskan at
B. F. Brown's at. cost and below.
rAPrrrvs city BAKERY.
'Fresh bread, cakes, pies, eta, every
day. Lunch, cigars, tobacco, nuts
ana fruits In season.
Baking Powdeb lib, 15c; lb.
10c ; M lb. Scat J.J. Osbobw's.
Remember. ' I bnv mv goods for
SPOT CASH and will sell you har
ness of every description cheaper tnan
you can buy elsewhere, at the old reli
able Pioneer Harness' Shop of Chero
kee county. ' J. B. Oppebham;
V. O nnniiararlH mv the hlfrhpsl
V. W W..V. -n. W w
market price fof batchers stock. In
quire at uroyers anq irarinerg oans.
A Galena correspondeutof the Jop
lin Herald says i: The most wonder
ful strike eyer known in this or any
of the surrounding camps is the one
recently made ou the Moll tract in tbe
shaft owned by Anderson, Boice, Moll,
Weber and others. Good and paving
quantities of lead and tine have been
produced for some time, but they have
now run. into f large body of pure
white substance bearing every indica
tion of white ' lead as taken from the
works In Jopliit Intermingled with
this substancerars nnggets of blue
lead ore from tne sizi of a hazelnut to
that of a qnarttitjN A qaantlty of
the new find has-been sent to the as
sayer of the Jbpllu white lead works
for analysis; and Jf found or value the
company have unlimited supply
already in sight. ,
At a meotiiig of the First Baptist
church of Baxter Spriugs, held last
Saturday charges were preferred
against Rey.-R. J. Owning, late pas
tor of said churcK y W. J I. Mead as
follow: . First,' being intoxicated
on "the streets "of '.t' city; second, for
untruthfulness sna false represents-
tlnuB The flnit charire wna dulv
proven and sustained by the church,
whereupon lata Kwning was exclud
ed from membership In tbe church
and the right &4ud of fellowship
withdrawn. I It was ordered that these
facts be published in the denomina
tional papers. l . -
Vol. 1 No. 9 of the Evening Star,
the new Galena; daily paper, reached
ua Thursday. It ahowi a good adver
tising patrons but ratber poor edi
torial ana locti wore, uowererwe
4. B. Hamphrey A Son's: Grocery Stock
Entirely Coasnned Teste rday Horning. ,
Ahont 4 o'eladk vesterdav morning
people living in the vicinity of Milita
ry and Sheridan street were siaruca
and aroused from slumber by tbe cry
of fire. i Dense volumes of smoke were
issuing from the one-story brick build
ing or w. u. uornor on me west siae,
occupied by J. H. Humphrey & Son's
grocery. August Rehm, CD. Me-
serve, John west, Uol jiarcn ana j.
11. Tlndall were among the first to
reach the scene, but the room was so
fnll nr irnnrn that ft waa niteriv im
possible to get into It to save auy of
inn block, uoi. juarcn msas an at
tempt to break open the front door by
kicking it and was severely cut by tbe
falling plate glass, Urge piece of
whicb struck mm across tne I'oni
bf tbi righf W'rfst'severing a number
of tendons and arteries and making a
serious and painful wound. Not with-
i r a a I VaT TJ1
standing mis ne ran to iue al. a.
church and with his left hand rang
the bell a few moments to arouse the
nennle to a sense of their danger.
Seeing that it was useless to attempt
to save the building or stock, every ef
fort was directed toward saving the
adjoining ouiidings, wnicu was ac
cnmnlislied after an hour or more of
very hard and careful work ou tbe part
of a few who worked at a great dis
advantage from the fact that water
waa verv aearce and no tools were to
be had to work with. The building
of West & Co. on the north and Henry
Ohlen's building on tbe south (both
brick; were on ore at aiuereui umes,
but were ssved with slight damage to
thn walla and fronts. Tha burned
building was completely gutted, the
only part left intact being the brick
front projecting cornice held op by
two iron columns, mis was consia-
ersbly warped by the Intense beatjnd
for safety should be torn down imme
diately. The wind, a gentle, breeze,
was from the north, which was ex
tremely fortunate. Had it been from
the south the West & Co. and August
Rehm two-storv buildings on the
north could not have been saved and
Eiobably the whole group of four
uildinra would have gone.
J. H. Humphrey & Son estimate
thalrlosa on stock, shelving and fix
tares at $2.500 : insurance $1,500. The
bnrned building was insured for
tl 9sX wh!ln. thn damarea - to all ad
joining buildings are fully covered by
As to the origin of the fire no one
seems to have a definite idea. Mr.
Humphrey says that when they left
tbe store about 9 o'clock the evening
before there was some fire in the stove
as they usually left it, with the door
wide open, tb keep until morning.
The very dense smoke iu the room
when tbe fire was first discovered is
evidence that it must have been smoul
dering several hours and made it ut
terly impossible to see jurt where tbe
fire was or bad begun to burn, but it
is supposed by many that In some way
the floor became ignited by fire from
thA a tnr a. Others hold tba ontnlon
that an incendiary did It, but there is
. .. . . iii
uo suostaniiai evidence eitner way,
consequently the matter remains a
A man named Joe Morgan of Weir
City was shot through the head and
killed Monday afternoon by one of the
French brothers, a party of traveling
horse racers. The affair occurred on
the race track between Scammou and
Weir and the difficulty arose over the
fact that Morgan, who bad been cho
sen stakeholder, refused to turn over
the money for the reason that the win
ner bad not been fully agreed upon.
The Frenches became very angry and
wbile attempting to take the money
from Morgan revolvers were drawn
and several shots exchanged. French
admitted that he killed Morgan. A
man named Stoker was also arrested
with the balance of the offending par
tie. It is said that while Morgan lay
dying the Frenches stood over him
with drawn pistols and took tbe money
from his body that had been put up
on the races.
Peraonsl feeling was wrought up to
a wonderful degree in Scamicon and
Weir over tbe killing and excitement
ran high for a while.
The coroner held an Inquest Monday
All namni L-nmrdirr thpmoAlva. In.
debted to McElhiuey & Fribley are re
quested to call aud settle. Tbe books
are in my possession and l will con
sider, it a great favor if parties who
owe as book accounts will call in
and pay us and save me the trouble
and expense of sending a collector to
call on tbem. Now come in and settle;
if vou' have no mooer and can't ret
any come In aud give me your note
extend It avhctrtv welcome and wish I and let me square up the books,
itsuccesi V 1 Eesp'y yours, . J. J. Fbiblet.
We would call the attention of the
citizens of Baxter 8prings and sur
rounding couutry to our new line of
stsple aud fancy groceries. We have
constantly at hand a fine line of dried
fruits, canned fruits, crackers, coffee,
teas, candies, spices, baking powder,
flour, mince meat, cheese, lard, butter,
eggs, oatflakes, navy and butter beans,
laundry and toilet soaps, granulated
sugar (13Bs for$l), fresh kraut, maple
augar, cocoanots, oranges, bananas,
seed potatoes from Iowa, Early Rose
and Early Ohio. . If yon need any
thing in the grocery line give ns a call
and . we will, -endeavor to please you
both in quality and price.
Bbewsttb Bbos. Cash Gbockbt.
An entertainment of whlch Major
IL H-HendBrabot, " the famous drum
mer boy of the Rappahannock, was
the center of attraction, was given un
der tbe auspices of tbe G. A. R. post
in the band hall at Melrose 8atnrday
evening. There was a good attend
ance ont and besides the excellent mn-
sic of Major Hendersbot and bis son
splendid selections were given ny ine
Four Mile orchestra, the Melrose Glee
Club and Mr. Dill's string, band of
Keelviile. Entertaining peeches were
made by Capt Hugh Erwin, Hon. J.
S. Gillespie and others and the: even
ing's enjoyments wound up with
"Marnhlnir Thrnmrh DeAre-ia" and
other popular old-time melodies sung
in me oia-ume siyie oy nesny.au
present. Of course the entertainment
was a successful snd an enjoyable one.
Tha connfv commissioners ' were in
session Monday. They msde an ex
amination or the countv jail ana de
cided to cover the outside with boiler
iron. Columbus Courier.
We suppose the Courier man means
to say in tbe above that the outside of
the jail is to be covered with bo tier
Iron, thoiifrh he miffht have meant tha
outside of tbe county. The statement
is ridiculous st least, xne lacws ine
commissioners have ordered the jail
building to be completely lined with
boiler Irou one-fourth inch thick.
When this is done prisoners will not
find it so easy to cut their way ont in
ten minutes with an old file or a knife
blade. Tbe commissioners have also
put in a water closet connected with
the water works which is a big; 1m
provemeBi. . . . . .:. .
Col. Weldy balances up matters be
tween his paper, tbe Republican, and
its new contemporary, the Star, in the
following neat manner : "Every issue,
of the Star has contained a witty (?)
dig at us, hence we are constrained to
say: Twinkle, twinkle, little star,
what a funny thiug you are; since
you've placed your hopes so high, how
sad 'twould be if you should die.
Friends will please rise while the
salvation army sings down went Mc
Tbe funeral services of Mrs. S. A.
Day were held at tbe cemetery Sunday
at 1 o'clock conducted by Rev. A. R.
Miller. A number of friends and
members of Galena lodge A. O. V. W.
accompanied the remains from Galena
to Baxter, where a large number of
friends of the deceased were gathered
to meet them and accompany them to
their last resting place. Mrs. Day is
survived by her husband, three sons
and a daughter.
We saw forty-one beer Keggs put
on the train the other day at ono sta
tion. They were "empties" going
back to Joplin. Yet some people ssy
"prohibition dont prohibit'' Prohi
bitionists says it does. Star Courier.
Great Scott, manl Why did you
stand around that station with your
hands in your pockets and allow those
forty-one "Keggs" go back to Joplin
to get full again?
The regular monthly meeting of the
Spring Branch Mining Company will
be held at the city hall next Tuesday
evening. Besides the other Important
business to be transacted new o23cern
are to be elected, and every member 1a
urgently requested to be present Tbe
shaft is going down and matters are
looking up. Turn out and keep tbe
ball rolling.
Next Friday, Feb. 23, 1890, at the old
Occidental hotel, Baxter Springs, be
ginning at 1 o'clock p. m, a lot of
housekeeping goods, oedsteada, bed
springs, mattresses, pillows, bed cloth
ing of all kinds, stoves, chairs, dishes
Jlassware, stands, tables aud a hun
red and one useful things too tedious
to mention.
Beflstratlon Books Opaaw
The poll books for the registration
of voters of this city are now open at'
my ofico. Every voter is required tc .
register at least once each year at least
ten days before election, If he dru.'re
to vote, Books will close FriitycjEr.
ins, March 23, 1800.
JL. H. Gabdxek, City Ckrk.
SfllT, n-rftii, ir-ri , CL35 Ecrmrcl i rvDUnrS CIr Sy:!:n Gr:::i7. :Cl:rC!::3
0 .

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