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K. H. GAKDNEK, Publisher. '
Cummary of tho Dally News.
Tbb Senate n the 7th passed ablll forth
erection and location of a bronse statue of
Columbus and the removal of th naval
monument to a flew tit. ' It appropriate
$75,000. lb bill to declare trust unlawful
was then considered until the 8inate went
Into execatlt" session and adjourned .'...The
Ilouiie concluded (he contested election ce
of Atkinson vs. rendteton, from the rirtt
Wat Virginia 1 latrlnt-hv MStlntf the Con-
teetant by a strict party vote. The Demo
crats refralneil from voting to niuk a tort
question, but theSpeakeroeclnrod a quorum
present and Atkinson was sworn in. The
Unrency Dcflcency bill was then conildcreJ
until adjournment
IX tbe Senate on the 24th Senator In trolls
was obosen President pro torn and took his
at a presiding- officer. Senator Blair bad
more complaints to make. against the press
for not publishing mre of his speech on the
Educational bill. Tension matters then re'
celTed some attention but no Acini action,
and tbe llouso bill for the appointment of
two persons torepresentthe United States In
tbe Madrid International con ercnee pussel.
Adjourned until Monday.. The House fur
ther considered the General Dedviency Mil,
which was named. It appropriates $.'a,3i,
000, the largest Item being an appropriation
of I'l.eno.'KW for the payment of pension r
of the war of 1813 and Wex can war. J'rirate
bills were tliun considered until adjourn-,
Thb Sennte was not in session on March 2,
and the IIouss spent the entire session in
debate upon the cont sted election cane of
Featherntone vs. Cute from the First Arkan
sas district..
Is tho Sonata on tbo 8d Mr.Toorbeos offered
a resolution looking to an Inquiry into the
late lease to tbe North American Cotnpuny
of the privilege of fur sealing In Alaska,
which was referred. A biU passed tUlhp
the salaries of United States. tMstrlct Judges
at $3,0 0. The Educational bill was tlinn
debated until adJournment....ln the House
a petition was presented . from ."tbe
Seventh Iay Adrentlsts, containing .7M,
MO names, protesting against the passage
Of any bill In regard to tbe oiiservance of the
Sabbath. A joint resolution authorizing the
appointment of thirty additional medical
examiners for the Pension Bureau passed.
Tbe attempt by Mr. Perkins to tahve the
rules suspended In order to pssi tbe Okla
homa bill failed and tbe Arkansas contested
election cssh then occupied tbe attention of
tbe House until adjournment
Tub business transacted In the Senate on
the 4th Was unimportant Several -bridge
bills were rcpnrtod and tbe bill appropriat
ing $H,i00 for a monument to commemorate
the battle of Trenton was pissed. Tho Sen
ate occupied nvo hours In exucutlTP session
debuting the reso ution in regard to tho
manner In which proceedings in secret ses
sion leaked out and were published in full
every da.. The look appears not to have
been discovered.. ..The entire session of the
ilouso was takon up In debating the Arkan
sas contested e.ection cas.
Ex-CojrcitJtsRsrAJr Taulbee, of Ken
tucky, was shot in the bead in the Cap
itol building at Washington on the 2StL
by Charles Kincaid, correspondent of
the Louisville Times. He was seriously
wounded. Tbe cause grew out of a scan
dal published while Tauibee was in
Congress, the latter (who was a largo
man) taking every opportunity to pull
Kincaid's nose and otherwise insult him
lor tho exposure.
The Alaska seal fishery lease has
been awarded to the North American
Commercial Company, of New York and
San Francisco. The Government will
obtain about SI, 000.000 a year under the
new conditions, the old lease giving
President IIaiuhsos has referred tho
cases of tho throe condemned Navasaa
island murderers to tho Attorney-General.
The bearing in the lard investigation
ended at Washington on the 28th.
The public debt showed a decrease
during the month of February of 80,159,
480. The Senate has confirmed cx-Gov-ernor
Warmoulh to bo collector of tho
port of New Orleans.
Is a bond suit (Haus vs. the State of
Louisiana) the United States Mipreme
Court holds that a citizen can not sue a
State without its consent
The Scnato has confirmed Henry G
Caldwell to be Judge of the United States
Circuit Court for the Eighth Judicial
The defalcations ot George P. Brown,
head of the big wool firm of Boston,
who absconded last summer, are placed
at f 1, 700,840. What became of tho Lugo
sum no ono knows.
Bex llrn.EB' famous drooping eye
lid has been removed by a surgical
operation. -
Bev. Fatheb Febox, of Baltimore,
(led in Philadelphia recently. Ho bad
. vldenUy been severely beaten and was
' 1 - JJ .1 l tl,. nlUn .IntlAII utlitlfl tin.
Ex-Goveictob Esoltsh, the well
known Democratic leader of Connecti
cut, died at New Haven on tho 2d: He
was seventy-eight years of age and left
between ,000,000 and $3,000,000.
Two rescued seamen of the ill-fated
schooner Belle Uiggins were asphyxi
ated in their room at New York, having
tlown out the gas for a candle.
Ajuied fact ons were disputing tho
possession of the Greek Church build
ing at Shenandoah, Pa., on the 2d. A
riot was prevented by the police.
A beggar named Keith, while intoxi
cated at Boston recently, demanded soup
of a Mrs,,. Griffin. On being refused bo
inocVeiher down and kicked bor. She
was seriously hurt
The journeymen plasterers of New
York City won tbelr Cghlj for an eight-l.c-:r
day from May L ' -
It has transpired tha.ajrs. William
Astor sailed for Eiirj a .few' fours
after tbe' death of bor brother-in-law,
Jobn Jacob Astor, not knowing that he
was dead. ' This tends to confirm hints
of an Astor family feud. $
Judoe Daniels, of Buffalo, N. Y-, has
refused -Per. Dr. Hall a new trial of his
libel au.lt agajnst the Kew.York Even
ing Pos
,Sevex imo wore .imprisoned by ail
explosion ot gas in the Jiouin w uices
barre (Pa.) shaft on the 8d. -But little-
bona existed of their rescue.
A PuiLADKLi'iiiA magistrate has held
the vivisection of an etherized dog to be
surgically justifiable. '
The murder of BenweH. an English
man, by his companion at Niagara Falls
has features resembling the Preller
murder at St Louis.
The big dry goods firm of M. & C.
Mayer and Basch & Eaton, 893 Broad
way, New York, were burned out re
ccutly. Loss, SMO.OOO.
' A Bro Font passenger train crashed
into a freight train near Indianapolis in
a fog the other night ' Only one person
was hurt and bo not seriously. ,
W a nit a sts havo been sworn out
against the owners of tho huge glucose
works at Marshalltown, lowa. lor main
taining a nuisance hi polluting the lowa
Kexeoape Apaches arc reported mak
ing themselves troublesome along the
Mexican border of Now Mexico.
The Toledo (0.) Typographical Union
has resolved to demand an incrcaso of
5 cents per 1,000 ems. ,
' The trial of Captain llealy, of the
revenue cutter Hour, for cruelty to sea
men, commenced at San Francisco on
the 3d.
The Socialists of Chicago have in
dorsed the .call for an intcrnationaT la
bor congress In that city during the
World's Fair in 1892.
The Fidelity National Bank of Cin
cinnati .'will have to honor Defaulter
Harper's drafts'lorf S40),000 if the re
ceiver has funds to u so, according to a
decision of the . United States Supreme
The election at Dos Moines on the Sd
went in favor of the Democrat. Other
towns in Iowa also' 'favored the ime
party. - J..'-
A decisiox of the Unltea Mates su
premo Court releases Colorado inurderers
on the ground of e'xcesslvr'punlihment'
TimEE men were killed by a 'freight
week at Lakevllle, 0 .recently. Their
bodies were cremated in the doticls, which
took fire. ' " v'
Half a dozen small buildings were
wrecked by an explosion of dynamite at
Duluth, Minn., recently.
Ax- act incorporating a lottery com
pany was smuggled through the Choctaw
Legislature about two months ago and
kept exceedingly srerot afterward.
Tire Farmer's Review, of Chicago,
says recent cold weather has damaged
winter wheat ,
William B. Allisox has been re
elected by the Iowa General Assembly
to the United States fcenato lor the
term of six years. Thcro was not a dis
senting Republican vote.
The withdrawal of tho Rock Island
leaves tbe East Bound Passenger Associ
ation of Kansas City on its last legs.
Ex-Shekiff Flack and his son are
likely to escape easily for the perversion
of justice by which Flack obtained a di
vorce, Mrs. Flack relenting and wanting
to stop the prosecution.
The settlers on tho old Sioux reserva
tion in South Dakota havo formed vigi
lanco committees . to prevent claim
iii mni riff.
EuwinCowi.es, editor or tuo Cleveland
(O.) Leader, died on the 4 th, aged sixty
five. Ho was a well-known Republican
A landslide on tho Chesapeake &
Ohio, 100 miles cast of Charleston. W.
Va., caused tho wreck of a freight train
of eighteen cars recently. Nobody was
The United States Government has
begun suit at Montgomery, Ala., against
tbe Mobile & Girard and other railroads
to recover 5,000 acres of land covered
with yellow pine timber. It is alleged
the road did not fulfill tbe conditions of
tho grant
Frost In Mississippi has played bavoo
with early vegetation. .
Ex-ThRARvr.F.K Const ax, of Newport,
Ky., has offered to compromise h'is 25,
000 defalcation for SO, 000.
JtKiui'.i) II. Hawks, the murderer of
Ma u if nnfl tun children, wis banned
at Birmingham,. Ala., on tbe 25th. .He
made a con f esslon. 1 1 was at an attem pled
lynching of Hawes in uecemner, icsa,
that ten persons wero killed and many
wounut-d. theshtrin ordering bis uepu
ties to fire on tho mob.
RtPOKTS from Northern Texas say
that hundreds of range cattlo were
frown to death during the recent cold
Tite Supreme Court of Mississippi has
decided that Jake Kllrain must serve
his term in tho county jail at Purvis and
pay his fine of S200.
Kol-i: children of nenrv Greenlee, a
negro, wero burned recently at Gtttn
ville. Miss., while tho partnts were at
William M. Pope, toller of tbo City
National Bank, of Louisville, Ky., isa
defaulter to the amount or too.uoo.
At Claflin College, Charleston, &.C,
Prof. W. J. Dt.Tievillo, white, cowhlded
J. N. Carnoza, the colored chaplain. The
cr-iii- t-uuKPi cTcat excitement and
threatened to dovelon into a race riot
The National League of Republican
Clubs met at Nashville, Tenn., on tho
4;h. with President Thuriton, of Ne
braska, in tbe chai
RrvriiK snowstorms were renorted In
J-Bngland and various farts of Europe.
Among trie rcsuons so tisimju aru xvume
andtbeRlva. ' ' -
The long overduo missionary steamer
Glad Tidings has arrived at Port Simp
son, KG . . .
' Traix hands disguised as bandits re
cently robliod' 'a. train near Palermo,
uuuuti m. irum near i unuuiu,
The "robbery' was a little too
Sicily; The t
theatrical and ended, in tbe masque-
crs Ing lodgtfdJn JalL
o o
Both Lieutenant Steele, of the army,
and Commander McCalla, of tho navy,
are likely to be tried for cmelty--'the
first for striking Private Wild and the
latter for cutting down a sailor with a
Ri'uder goods' are likely to be still
further marked up.
M. Constans has retired from tho
French Cabinet
A dispatch from Brisbane, Queens
land, says the steamship Quetta, which
recently foundered at sea on her voyage
from Cooktown, Queensland, for Lon
don, had on board SfO' persons. Of these
112 wero saved, including tbe captain
andaoveral other. officers of tho ship.
The French Government has decided
to prosecute the paper L'Egalito for ad
vising tbe German Socialists to shoot
Emperor William.
Cleaiuxo bouso returns for the week
ended March 1 showed an average
increase of lft.T compared with tho cor
responding week of last year. In New
York tho increase was l'J.1.
Canadian seal gatherers are reported
to bo preparing for an unusually active
season in Behring's sea, In defiance of
the proclamation of tho United States.
Tiieue was a Socialist riot at Dort
mund, Germany, on tho 3d, suppressed
by tbo police with drawn swords.
Tiikke was another riot, in Portugal
on tbe 3d. The military restored order,
killing two persons and wounding
It is anticipated as a result of the
conference between Emperor William
and Prince Bismarck that the Govern
ment will submit an Anti-Anarchist bill
to take the place of the Anti-Socialist
bill which was repealed by the last
The Olcott reorganization committee
has received about all of tho M., K. & T.
The London Standard says that Arch
bishoD Walsh discovered the key to the
cipher telegrams which were read by
Timothy Harrington in tne uouso oi
Commons and announced his discovery
to that gentleman. The telegrams im
plicated tho Salisbury Government with
tho London Timss in tho Parnell fiasco.
A Glahstoniax won the recent Par
liamentary election in St Pancras,
The Irish Land bill to be introduced
by the British Government contains
clauses to assist emigration and to abol
ish tho land courts and the land commis
sion. -
The irreat railroad bridtro across the
River Forth at Edinbunr. Scotland, was
opened on tho 4th by the lrince of
W ales with great ceremony. . .
Advices from the Transvaal state
that a serious riot has occurred at Jo
hannesburg. ' President Kruger at
tempted to deliver a speech, but was
prevented by tho crowd, who organized
a mass meeting, denounced the Trans
vaal Government and tore the flags from
the Government buildings.
The English Government has officially
admitted that the Sultan of Zanzibar'
had no right to ccdo to the English com
pany the islands of Manda and Patta. .
Thk Committee on Public Buildings
and Grounds has ordered a report to be
made on the Kansas City t'uDllc isuiia
lng bill, recommending an appropriation
of $1,200,000, cutting the amount down
from 82,500,000.
The President has btmroved tbe act
providing for an Assistant Secretary of
Ix trying to thaw out frozen dynamite
in Pittsburgh, Pa., tho other day, one
man was killed and another fatally in
jured. '
Leagues have been formed in liio ae
Janeiro and at Bahia, Para, Santos and
Pernambuco to boycott British in favor
of American goods.
Ynirso Abraham Lincoln, son of Min
ister Lincoln, died at London on tho 5th
from the effects of a malignant carbun
cle in his left side.
AxiuiEW Alexander's saloon at Wood
side, Ind., burned tho other night and
Alexander perished In the flames. The
flro was supposed to be oi incendiary
Chaklie Mitchell, the pugilist ana
Chesterfield Goode got into a fight in
London reoently and Oooae was seri
ously hurt
noNKRi.LT A Sons, winters of the
Chicago directory, have failed for S100,-
Pbesidext Joseph Staxiet, of the
Broadway & Newburg street railway,
Cleveland. O., has died from injuries re
ceived while jumping from one of his
own eloctr'c motors.
Tttw Kattnnal Reoublican League ad
journed sine die at Nashville, Tenn on
I the 6th, after adopting resolutions. Hon.
John M. Thurston, ot itebraska, was
re-elected resident and Cincinnati was
chosen for the next place cl. meeting.
After some trouble in obtaining a
auorum in the Senate on tbe 6th the
Blair Educational bill was taken up.
An Itnmpnan wtltlon. aimed by 808,877
presented deprecating any
enactment concerning religion or Sab-
batn obsrvance. lne uouw wa w
tv. tha mt.td election case
of Feathtrtone va Cate, which ended
in the outing of the Democrat, CatQ
by a party vote. ...
TnE grand lodge A. O. U. W., recently
in session at Wichita, elected the fol
lowing officers: Grand master work
man, R. M. Emery, Seneca; grand fore
man, D. 8. Sossoll, Belleville; grand
overseer, Dr. A. W. McKinnoy, Hutchln-
J . 1 V X IWa V.m.
BOu; gTBUU rvcurucr,
poria, (re-elected); grand receiver, T. O.
IJeCK, UpVM-, (uv -w
erts, Osage City; grand watchman, 8. D.
Hallowell, Wichita; grand trustee, E. P.
Young, Winflold; grand medical direc
tor, Frank Swallow, M. D., Valley Falls;
supremo representatives, Hon. A. P.
Riddle, of Minneapolis; J. E. Riggs, of
Lawrence, and Hon. J. M. Miller, ot
Council Grove.
lx the United States Court at Topeka
Judge Foster recently decided a case
which involves tho title to about 500 of
the most valuablo lots In Arkansas City.
Thirteen years ago these lots were given
away because they were about to be sold
for taxes, but. tbo property is now val
ued at over $300,000. Subsequently
suit was brought to recover the prop
erty. Judge foster holds that tbo Balo
was legal and must stand.
The report made to tho grand lodge
A. O. (J. W., recently In session at Wich
ita, showed that 2,5(18 applications had
been made for memlorship during the
past grand lodge year. Of this number
2M wero rejected by the grand medical
director. Nlnety-tbree deaths occurred
during tho year, necessitating the pay
ment of SIHO.OOi) from tbe beneficiary
fund of the order. The Kansas lodges
contributed S0.C18 to the fund for the
relief ot tho Johnstown sufferers. All
reports showed tho order to bo in a
healthy and growing condition.
Asiiku L. Coiix, one of tho oldest resi
dents of Douglas County, with, his wife
and daughter attended a reception at
Lawrence tho other evening, and he went
home In advance to make a fire. When
tho wife and daughter reached borne
they found hltn kneeling buforo the
slo'vn dead. He had gotten every thing
in readiness to start the fire, and tbo
kindling was Itcfore the stove. It is
Kiipposed that ho was solzod with a
st roke of apoplexy.
Srorr Coijntv has secured a judgment
for 55,800 against Johnson Bros. fc Ser
vice, ex-bankors, for county funds held
by them at tbn timo of their failure.
The barn of Henry Harover, who lives
near Andale, fifteen miles northwest of
Wichita, wuh burned the other morning
shortly before daylight Five thousand
five hundred bushels of wheat burned.
Total loss, SS.MMI. No insurance.
The Equal Suffrage Association of
Atchison .will ask the appointment of
three women as census enumerators in
that city and an equal number in tbe
county outside, of the city.
Acknth of tbo "1 iiter-Stato School
Book Publishing Company" are reported
to l at work among the farmers of the
State with a .new scheme. They tako
membership fees of $3 from tho heads
of families, agreeing to provide all
school books from nny publishing bouse
i'or 40 per cent discount. As some of
these books nrn furnished at wholesale
for but I ft to 20 por rent, discount there
seems to be Hotriethinir wronsr. .and it
might bo well for farmers and all othors
to examine the bait before biting.
Some months aco an old man by the
name of Thomas (Jarey, stopped at Port
Seolt and put up nt a hoarding noiiso.
Ho was about eighty years of age and
verv miserlv in bis habits, washing bis
own cloUies and subsisting on two meals
a day.. The other day be died, when in
bis room and upon bis person was found
$.8,000 in money and securities. One
citizen of tho city said ho knew deceased
in Washington County, Iowa, thirty
years ago, but knew little of his history
Ralph H. Eikiertox, a school teacher.
Is wanted at Scott City for forging tbe
name of a farmer to several notes. Ho
was only recently married.
At a recent meeting In Topeka of tho
hoard of directors of the Kansas Alliance
Exchange, which Is tho business branch
of Ibo Farmers' Alliance, arrangements
for hand ing live-stock were made with
tbo American Live-Stock Commission
Company, and Edwin Snyder, a member
of tbn Iniard, was elected to represent
tbe Exchange with said live-stock com
pany at the stock yards in Kansas City,
prepared to look after consignments of
stock from memltcrs of the Kansas Alii;
anco Exchange Company.
In the district rourt at Scott City the
other day tbo criminal rase of A. R.
Lasley, ex-county treasurer, who is a
defaulter to tho anionnt of fcJ.woo, was
finally quashed on account of technical
ities. .Lasloy was then held for embez
zlement on a complaint made- before a
justice of tho peace.
The Omaha, Superior A Southwestern
Railway Company filed its charter In
the ofllco of Uie Secretary of State the
other day. Its purpose is to construct
from tbo Nebraska line In Jewell County
through Jewell. Smith. Osborno, Mitch
ell, Russell. Kills, Rush, Pawnee, Ness,
Hodgeman and Ford Counties to a con
nection with a railroad through Ford
Connty. Tho estimated length is 200
The safe in tbe post-office at Dexter
was blown open the other night and SO
in money and stamps secured. Tbo
burglars also stoio a norw ana nugjrj.
Thk Equal Suffrage Association of the
First district met at Atchison on tbe
4th with fifty delegate In attendance.
Tint House Committee on I'ublic
Buildings has made a favorable report
npon the bill appropriating ?100,000 for
( r"
a public building at Atchison, also at
reancmg . .r.PPrv-.
uvm,..... ,
Ha Tells a Connected Story of
MoOolla'B Brutality.
The Captain's FtondUh Mailt In Cutting
Down a Chained Min-HU Can
nine to Mke Him De
sert. NewYomc, March A news loadw
in tbe World this morning gives the
sworn statement of Fireman John E.
Walker, of the Enterprise, relative to
alleged indignities inflicted by Com
mander McCalla. The story begins in
Tuly, 18S8, when tho Enterprise, repre-
sentlng tho navy of the United States, .
was in tho harbor of Christiana.
Walker states that ho had been put on :
in place of a man who was drunk and
who had been making a big rumpus bo--low.
Lieutenant Millen approached,
him and asked him who his mate was. .
Having learned it was a drunken sailor,,
the officer sajd he would make a charge
of "drunkenness against both the drunk--en
man, whoso name was Swoglosh,
and against Walker. Walker protested
that he was not drunk, whereupon Lieu
tenant Mlllch chargod'him with in
solence and had him double Ironed and
chained him to a gun. Meantime
Commander McCalla had come on board
from 'a ball ashore. There was much
excitement aboard and the Captain in
quired the cause.
Walker's statement as printed then
runs: "I was trying to explain all this
to Captain McCalla, but be paid no at
tention to what I said, but ordered the
officer of the watch to cut me down. His
order was not obeyed and Captain Mc
Calla sent his orderly for his sword. At
this time I was chained hand and foot
to a nine-inch gun in the starboard gang
way, near tbe starboard ladder.
'The irons were the latest pattern of
prison shackles, with spring locks, three
pairs of them being on me ono pair on
my legs, another on my hands and an
other chaining me to the gun. Captain.
McCalla shouted: .'Stand clear while I
cut him down.' He then walked behind
me. I was chained in such a position
that I could not turn to see what he was
doing. Ho dealt me a terrible blow on
the back of the head. My cap had fallen,
off and the blow cut deep into my head.
Blood instantly -began to flow in a tor
rent down the back of my neck. 'You-,
should be proud of this,' I said after he
had struck me; you are Bpllllng the
blood of a good Southerner.' As I said
'this, Captain McCalla ordered the ma
rines standing by to gag me and ono of
them put his bayonet in my mouth and
tied it behind with a piece of hemp. I
did not curse McCalla, but after I was
gagged he struck me a second and third
blow. As' be struck tho second time.
First Lieutenant Ingersoll called out
For God's sake, don't kill tho man,' and
turned his head away so as not to Bee.
As Captain McCalla struck again and
brought mo to my knees I heard some
of my mates forward shout 'Now you
have done it,' to the Captain. 'Yes,
sung out McCalla. Then he added,
speaking to tho watch, 'Got that man
and I'll do him the same way.' Tho of
ficer of tho watch ran forward to got the
man, but he bad got away. Before I be
came unconscious tbe Captain ordered
the master at arms to ball up salt water.
As the buckets wero drawn up and
placed on deck, Captain McCalla himself
took them and threw the water on mo
By the time he finished with this the
loss of blood and the shock of the oold
water had driven me entirely out of my
head. After that I remember nothing
until two days later. The men told me
that after I lost consciousness tho ship's
doctor was ordered to give me
something to quiet me. The men also
showed me the bloody tarpaulin, which
had been put under me after the Captain
had cut me down, and told me that the
ship's deck looked like a slaughter
house. After I became conscious the
first thing I remember, was the doctor
pumping beef tea into my stomach. I
was so weak from loss of blood and not
having been able to tke food that I had
hardly got to the top gallant forecastle
before I had a spasm and fainted. Then
Captain McCalla ot the first officer, I
don't know which, ordered a canvas
straight jacket for me and I was put la
it I was in this for thirty nights. Every
day I was released, and though I still had
fits I was forced to do my work. At ,
niirnt the laoket was nut on me and tied .
up so tight I could not sleep. About the-'
end of the thirteenth night when I was
going to work one Sunday morning I
was put to scrubbing the fronts of boil-
....J VsUi. nnr namlir 1a,i1 ffnltl lrvOO.
via mni w.ug .w.j -J w -
nf sleen. I crawled nn into the coal
bunker. I had been there about two
' hours, fast asleep, when I was dlscov
' ered, dragged out and brought on deck)
i Commander McCalla then caUed me a
dirty hog and told the master at arms
to take me out and scrub mo.
1 1, was put in irons from sixty to
seventy nights and was made to sleep-
under the top forecastle without any
thing to cover myself and during all
that time I was not permitted to rest in
. my hammock. I took nearly three
months to recover from the cutting
down. When I got straight the officers -were
all against mo. It looked to me
as if they had all been set upon and au
thorised to torture me so as to compel
me to leave the ship. I had such a close
(all to death once that I thought I had
better leave. But I finally made up my
mind to do the best I could to earn bet
ter treatment and st'ck to the ship.
They would not let me and I
. was finally forced to run away for
fear of being killed.

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