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i-fUtloal Report of tka Department of
.ArLultnr A Great Quantity of Cora la
farmer' Hud-TlM Wheat Supply.
Washington, Msrcb. 1L The lUtlf
Coal report of the Department of Ajrl-
culture (or March relates to the distri
Latloa and consumption of corn and
wheat. It makes the proportion of the
ooraropin the hands of growers 45.9
txiroent., or 070,000,000 bushels, and of
"-9 wheat crop 8L9per oenfc, 150,000,000
The stock of corn on hand Is the
. largest ever reported in March, of the
largest crop, after the mildest winter.
The average of eight annual returns
is 677,000,000 bushels; that of last
year 787,000,000 bushels. The average
onsumption to March 1, is 1,143,000,000
tatshels, a figure only exceeded last year
and In 1880. The proportion of mer
chantable crop of 1889 is 85.7 per cent,
xoeeded in recent years only by those
-ef 1884 and 1880. The average value of
.all corn on the 1st of December was 28.80
-per bushel. The average for the 1st of
Xfarch was 27.9o for merchantable and
19.2o for unmerchantable, making an
4aggregate value of $35,000,000 less than
the December estimate.
The wheat crop of 1889 was exceeded
j the crops of 1SS0, 1883 and 1884. The
average remainder in the hands of grow
lers on March 1 for ten years past has
wen 130,000,000 bushels. The average
crop during this period was 450,000,000
bushels. Only in years having a product
snuch below this average has the March
remainder fallen below 130,000,000
bushels, with the sole exception of 1886,
-when a crop of 450,000,000 bushels fol
lowed one of 357,000,000.
Most of the wheat in farmers' hands
la in States which have no surplus over
onsuption. or in those in which much
the larger portion is consumed at home.
The six spring wheat States have only
4&000.000 bushels. 18.000.000 of which
will be rerttircd for spring seed and the
remainder is scarcely more than four
months' consumption of their popula
tion. Ohio, Michigan, Indiana, Illi
nois, Missouri and Kansas, the only
wheat States east of the Rocky
Mountains contributing to commercial
distribution, have only 00,000,000 bu
. ahela half of which will be needed at
' &ome and a part of the remainder is
commercially unavailable at present
prices. It is seen, therefore, that the
available supply for exportation and for
nome distribution to July is small. The
depleted farm reserves have been meas
urably filled, except in a few States, but
it will require the pressure of high prices
-to squeeze any considerable proportion
of them into commercial distribution.
Traveler' Insurance Company M dieted
In a Large Sum.
Dekyer, CoL, March 11. The mas
ters' report in the celebrated case of T.
CL Henry against the Travelers' Insur
ance Company of Hartford was filed
yesterday. It finds a cash balance due
Uenry of $02,510.10 and that there should
be returned to him collaterals aggregate
fng over a million dollars and orders the
cancellation of Henry's obligation.
The master finds that these obliga
tions have been paid to the Travelers'
m , a a a
insurance company oy receipt oi oonas
f various irrigation companies of Col
orado, with which Henry was connected.
All claims made by the Travelers' In
. anrance Company for misappropriation
ef money by Henry in Kansas and Col
orado are rejected by the master.
This result affects the most important
agricultural districts and changes the
legal status of more than half of the
large irrigating canals of Colorado.
An action was begun by nenry yester
day in the United States Circuit Court
against the Travelers' Insurance Com
pany for $500,000 damages for illegal
seizure of property. More suits for dam
ages will follow.
Tirt TJnfortunate Trainmen Killed la a
Freight Wreck.
LnrcoLJT, Neb., March 11. There was
a serious wreck on the main line of the
Burlington road near Harvard, Neb.,
about four a. m. yesterday morning.
Two extra freights were westbound.
The one in the lead broke in two and
Ainu fnllnnrlnrr TlA1lirl tint, ninYllnrr
snore than twelve miles an hour, ran
Into the caboose. It was a very foggy
aaorning and the lights could be
distinguished only a few feet away.
Conductor Grant Norton and Brake
csaa Kenney Miller, of the head train,
veto asleep in their caboose and did not
. aocm to have known the train had
V- stopped, and no danger signals were dis
- played. Both were almost instantly
. tilled, and the wreck took fire at onoe.
lUorton's body was burned to a crisp.
Mlight or ten cars of merchandise were
damaged and burned. The blame seems
iu be attached to the crew of the for
ward freight
Oas naadred aad Fifty Urea Lort By An
other Calamity la Wales.
TXcrrnox, March 11. A terrific- explo
sion occurred yesterday in the Morsa
colliery, in Glamorganshire, Wales,
tvbich it is feared will be attended with
sa ach If s of life. Three h undred miners
r entombed and communication with
' is impossible for the present
T t-r advices from the Morsa colliery
... ceo miners were entombed, but
. . . t many have been rescued, from the
. lings nearest the main shaft Most
cl those taken out are unhurt, but sev
eral received fatal lnjurios. Heavy falls
at rock prevented the explorers from
reaching the more remote workings.
The latent estimate is that 150 lives
" "to been Ijit
laaportaat Deelaloa By the Coaasnlasloaer
or the General Laad-Offleo Weoaera'
Knocked Oat.
Washington. March 9-An Important de
cision la noting the right of entrymen la
Oklahoma has been rendered by Assistant
OommlMloner Stone of the General Land
office. By Its terms three ' sooners," who
have been contesting for a quarter sect Ion ot
land In the Territory, are all knocked oat,
the Assistant Commissioner deciding that
they bare clearly violated the law and are
not entitled to make entry In Oklahoma.
The ease Is entitled Carley J. It! enchant va
Kwers White and Yertal B. Cook, contest
tor homestead entrv No. 6, Oklahoma, Indi
an Territory, Involving the southwest quar
tern! section 27, township 13 north, range
west, Gutnrle land district the traot thus
described adjoining the town site of Okla
homa Cty. It Is the first contest ease that
has come before the General Land-offloe
from that section of the Territory opened to
settlement on the 23d of April. 18s9, and la
eapeclully significant. Indicating as it does
tbt none of the "soomrs" of any kind
whatever, are entitled to land In the Terri
tory, no mutter whether they were there as
deputy marshals, railroad employes, Gov
ernment teatnutors or "boomers" who suc
cessfully dodged the author It lea
The plaintiff. Bianchard, In his appeal
cited what he believed to be errors in the
local decision, and among other things al
leged that the executive part of the Govern
ment in using the military to prevent oltl
sens from entering Oklahoma after the
Indian title had been extinguished, and be
fore noon of April 21, had placed a strained
and unwarranted construction) upon the act
of Congress, and had tbu vl latod rights
guaranteed by the Constitution and laws
of the United States. The defendant White
alleges in hi appeal that for two years
prior to his entry ho had been a deputy
L'u'ted States marshal for the d 1st -let of
Kannus, but that wltuout any solicitation or
previous Intention on his part be was or
dered Into tho Territory by Marshal Jones.
While there nn duty, maintaining law and
order, und after twelve o'clock noon, April
22, he entered upon that land and made set
tlement In duo compliance with law, and he
sets forth that his entry was prior In point
of tlmo to tho settlement of either of the
other pnrtles to the context. IIo charges
that Ulunehtird was also In tho Territory j
before noon, April 2-', ms an employe of the
Southern Kansas railway, although he did
not locate upon tho land until utter White .
himxelf had made settlement The defend
ant Cook, who also appealed, al eges in bis I
affidavit that he did not enter prior to j
twe vc o'clock, April 22, and that his settle
ment wus the only one made in due compli
ance with law.
blto's entry and denies the application
of the others.
Order Isaued By the Commissioner of In
dian Attain Forbidding the Leasing; of
Indian Land to Cattlemen.
Arkansas City, Kan., March 10. Im
mediately after tho Issuance of the
President's proclamation ordering the
cattlemen to remove their cattle from
the Cherokee Strip they began to nego
tiate for leases on the several Indian
reservations in the Territory. Some
consummated their leases and paid large
sums of money to the Indians. Now
comes the following order from Commis
sioner Morgan:
Sir: You are advised that the President
of the United States by proclamation dated
February 17, 1890. has dlrectod tue removal
of cattle and other live-sock from the Cher
okee Outl-t lands, said removal to take
place not later than Ootobor 1 next, and so
mach sooner as said lands or any of them
may be or become lawfully open to settle
ment by citizens of the United Mutes.
Tou are advised that the proclamation
above referred to confers no authority upon
any one holding cattle upon the said Outlet
to drive said cattlo upon any other lands,
and you are therefore directed to use neces
sary precaution to prevent cattle moving
under the said proclamation from being
driven upon lands under your jurisdiction,
and If such cattta shall be driven there you
will turn them back and drive them from the
reservation with the aid of your Indian po
lice. In the event of your inability to pre
vent the Invasion of the reservation by such
Intruding cattlemen, you will promptly ad
vise this department by wire.
Tou will also see that no-attempt be made
by uny cattlemen or others tonegotlate with
any of the Indians under your charge for
the privilege of grazing cattle on any reser
vation or part of reservation under the juris
diction of your agency.
Tou will keep a close watch upon any cat
tle which may be moving toward the Indian
lands under your charge and promptly re
port by wire the presence of any intruding
stock there.
Ton will also use due vigilance to prevent
the Invasion of the reservation by any cat
tle Infected with contagious disease, and If
such cattlo are driven upon the reservation
you will have them herded and corraled in
an Isolated place and ak this office by wire
tor Instructions. Vry respectfully,
T J Mohoan. Commissioner.
Bishop Fink Withdraws His Objection to
the Farmers' Alliance.
LxATOavoBTir, Kan., March 10. In
order that the letter addressed to a del
egation of the Farmers' Alliance in this
State may not be misunderstood Bishop
Fink has prepared a clxoular letter to
the clergy of the faithful of the diocese
for publication in the official paper, the
Catholic The circular is as follows:
To the Bovcrend Clergy of the Faithful of
the Diocese, Greeting.
Since the State delegates of the Farmers'
Alliance has authorised a coram ttee to wait
on me to learn the objections which the
Holy Church hsd In regard to the said Alli
ance, which I pointed out, and since the
committee, authorized by a lett-r of the
above named gentlemen, give me the assur
ance that every feature objectionable to
Cat hoi let as such, and which Is contrary to
the rules of the Holy Church shall be done
away wltn.
Kow, therefore, under the forementloned
condition, I withdraw my objections to said
alliance In regard to those lodges or sub
lodges In wbkh the above assurance Is being
carried out honestly and honorably, till at
the national convention next summer the
proper changes will be adopted by that
body. I further permit those of the faithful
who hare heretofore joined the alliance In
good la th to continue tbeir membership la
Ihe above mentioned lodges or aoblodgs.
I take this opportunity to tbank those of
ficers of the alliance who bare worked so
earnestly to bring about ao happy a result
I congratulate ur faithful Catboll'-s for
their wanly stand tn having their religions
objections recognised by their fellow cit
izen. Now, since the Karmers' Alliance is
strict it to adhere to Its avowed purposes
and alms, and since Its piat.orm is made
broad enong-n for all farmers to stand on,
and In whatever l.Kices it l made sa, I wish
It 'God siuied" la Us honest situ.
terrible experience of a Chicago Wocaaa
- With aa Eaeaped Laaatlc
CmcA eo, March 8. Last evening Mrs.
Mary retcrson, weary from her day's
work, sat by the kitchen fire to await
the coming of her husband, when the
frontdoor opened. Supposing it to be
her husband, she . got np to greet him,
but before she reached the hall door It
was thrown violently open and a strange
man with a ferocious glare in bis eyes
confronted her.
For a moment the two stood facing
each other, the woman almost paralysed
from fear and the madman gloating over
his intended victim with glittering eyes.
Then tho maniac drew a revolver and
leveling it at the woman's head, fired.
With a superhuman effort she sprang
to one side, and then, with a bound like
a tiger, clutched him by the throat
It was a fight for life, and even the
madman with his awfsl strength, could
not loosen the woman's grip. In vain
did he strike her with his revolver. He
tried to bring the muzzle in line with
her head that he might blow her brains
out, but she hugged him so closely that
he could not, and the weapon was again
discharged into the wall.
The woman clinched her hands the
tighter, and the man's eyes began to
start from their sockets, while his face
changed from red to a livid purple and
his tongue rolled out as he gasped for
breath. The veins of his forehead
swelled almost to bursting, but she held
on, knowing that her life depended on
her grip.
Hack and forth across the room they
struggled. Chairs were overturned and
the table, set for supper, was upset
The madman had ceased to strike her
and all his efforts were to break her
grasp on his throat IIo began to weak
en. At last tbo blood spurted from his
nostrils and the sight of this was more
than the poor woman could stand. She
relaxed her hold and fled from the bouse
to the nearest neighbor's and the police
were called.
As soon as he was freed from Mrs.
Peterson's grasp, tho madman slunk to
the attic of tho houso. In a short time
officers arrived and the maniac was
found in the attio. lie had lost his pis
tol 'in his struggle with Mrs. Peterson,
but after another contest he was finally
Nothing could be learned from the
man, however, further than that his
name was Albert Jenssen and that he
asylum. After closely examining him
he was taken to the detention hospital.
TheMlwioarl State Treasurer Suddenly Ten
ders His Resignation rending the Investi
gation of Ills Hooks.
Jeffebsox Citt, Mo., March 8. At
four o'clock yesterday .afternoon Mr. E.
T. Noland entered the Treasury Depart-1
ment Governor Francis was in the
private office, and walking up to him,
Mr. Noland handed him an envelope.
'Here is my resignation, Governor," he
said, and turning, walked out
To His Excellency, Davla B. Francis, Gov
ernor of Missouri:
Jeffeusok Citt, Mo., March 7. 1890. Sir:
I herewith hand you my resignation as State
Treasurer of the State of ailssourl. Vory re
spectfully, E. T. Nolajto.
What led Mr. Noland to tender his
resignation can only bo surmised as he
declines most positively to talk. He
would only Bay last night that he was
preparing a statement to give the press.
What the naturo of this statement will
be can not be foreshadowed at present
Mr. Noland was engaged last night
upon the statement he will make public- j
to-day. He counseled with friends and '
there is an undercurrent of anxiety ,
about the capital as to what disclosures
may bo forthcoming.
Governor Francis has not accepted the
resignation of Mr. Noland yet He will
move very cautiously in order to avoid
The Attorney-General is looking up
all the points bearing upon the case in
order to decide what disposition should
be made of the resignation. Some hold
that it is a constitutional right of a
Btate officer to resign at any time and
under any circumstances, while on tho
other hand others contend that while
under suspicion Mr. Noland's resigna
tion can not be accepted. It is believe
that the action will only serve to com
plicate matters and involve intricate
legal questions.
Identified Beyond a Ktaubt as Shannon Bob
Ison, of Homewood, Kin.
Mebidex, Kan., March 8. Great ex
citement has prevailed in this little city
ever since the killing last Sunday morn
ing of the Valley Falls bank robber.
The authorities have been keeping his
body from day to day, hoping that some
one would come and identify the body
and give it a burial. It has been almost
a daily occurrence for some one to ar
rive who thought they could identify it,
but np to yesterday no one had been
able to do so. 1
Yesterday afternoon A. JL Shaw, Isaac
Shaw and JL W. Lemon arrived from
Homewood, a small town near Ottawa,
Kan., and each identified the outlaw be
yond question, his name being Shannon
Bobison and his home at Homewood,
Kan., where he leaves an eighteen-year-old
wife and one child.
Bobison some two years ago married
a Miss Shaw, Ihen sixteen years of age.
and engaged in the mercantile business
and was also the village postmaster. It
is said he had always been considered
honest and honorableand was, np to
the time of his bank robbery, considered
a constant church member, belonging to
the Baptist denomination.'
Mr stomach and dicrestlre organs werui
a chronic state of disorder and my liver
and bowels so torpid at times that I had to
resort to the most drastic cathartics, which
wouM always leave me in a aeucate condi
tion. I suffered from general dobillty and
my whole system became deranged. Bick
headaches and violent cramps in my stomach
were common, as also frequent akin erup
tions, and no woman suffered irom the
weaknesses of our sex as I did. I was under
treatment of several physicians and also
used a much advertised sarsaparuia with
out the leoatapparent relief, but instead my
health became worse. I reluctantly con
sented to try Bull's Barsaparllla. 1 ho first
dose convinced me it waa stronger than any
other and I felt a warmth through my whole
system. Before I bad finished tho first bot
tle I beiraa to Improve, i nave only taken
five bottlea, and now my appetite is splendid,
my bowels regular, and my digestion as
good as it ever was. aiy neauuvDo and
outer crouDies nave veasou ana i am oettcr
than I have been lor ton years. nn. L
Whkrb is the boasted liberty of the press
if a paper may not indulge in tho luxury of
grammatical errors without being hauled
over the coals for itt Binghamtou Leader.
A xax who has practiced medicine for 40
years, ought to know suit from Bugur ; read
wuune says:
Toledo, O., Jan 10, 188T.
Mrwn F. J. Cuenet & Co. Gentlemen;
I have been in the general practice of
medicine for most 40 years, and would
say that in all my practice and experience
bavo never seen a preparation tnat l could
prescribe with os much confidence of suc
cess as I can Hall's Catarrh Cure, manufact
ured by you. Have prescribed it a great
many times and its off cut is wonderful, und
would say in conclusion that I have yet to
nna a caseoi cutarrn mat it wouia not cure,
it tney wouia taico it according to a irecuons.
Yours Truly, L. L. Goksith, M. I.,
Office. 215 Summit St
We will give 1100 for any caso of Catarrh
that can not be cured with Hall's Catarrh
Cure. 1 aken Internally.
F. J. Ciicnet ci Co. , Props., Toledo, O.
Sold by Druggists, 75c
Tra nervous timidity of brides nnd
grooms can be easily explained, since it is
natural for contracting parties to have a
shrinking manner. liultimore American.
Consumption Rarely Cured.
TnTHK F.nirnn Plpnufi I n f ovm vour rnd.
ers that I have a nositivo remedy for the
above named disease. By its timely use
thousands of nopciess cases liuve been per
manently cured. 1 shall bo glad to send two
bottles of my remedy free to any of j our
readers wno nave consumption n tney win
send mo their express aud post-office ad
dress. Respectfully, T. A. Si.occm. M. C,
lsl Pearl street, New York.
Bctcbers are authority for the statement
that a large percentage of "good livers" are
"going to tho dogs" nowadays. Prison
No soap has crer been imitated as much as
Dobbins' Electric Soap. The market is full
of imitations. 13e careful that you nre not
deettvttt. "J. B. Dobbins, Philadelphia and
Kew York," is stumped on every bar.
What nonsense it Is to say a man is "In
clined to be bald." When a man is becom
ing bald it is quite against his inclination.
Boston Transcript
Thosb who wish to practice economy
should buy Carter's Little Liver Pills.
Forty pills in a vial; only one pill a dose,
WnEX a dramatist says that his play has
been produced "with varying success.''' you
may conclude that it has been unvaryingly
unsuccessful. Texas Sittings.
The best cough medicine Is PIso's Cure
for Consumption- Bold ovorvwhere, 23c.
April Eulay
Are the best month! In which to purify your blood.
During the long, cold winter, tbe blood becomes
thin and Impure, the body becomes weak and tired,
the appetite may bs lost, and Juit now ihe system
craves the aid of a reliable medicine. Hood's Sana
parllla is peculiarly adapted to purify and enrich
the blood, to create a good appotlit and to over
come that tired feeling. It increases in popularity
every year, for it It the Ideal s iring medicine.
"My health waa very poor Utt spring and seeing
an advertliement of Hood's Bartaparllla I thought
1 would try It. U has worked wonders for me as It
has built my system up, I have taken 1 our bottle
an I am on the Attn. 1 recommend It to ny ao
qualntanees." Johx Matthews, Oiwego.N. T.
N.A. J)e sure to get only
Bold by all drogsltti. II; six for IS. Prepared only
by C I. HOOD CO, Lowell, Mass.
IOO Doses One Dollar
Intelligent Seaden will notice that
are) mat "warranted to cure all eli
f diseases, bnt aaly such aa reeolt
from a disordered liver, wiat
Vertigo, Hsadachs, Dyspepsia,
Fevers, Costivensss, Bilious
Colic, Flatulence, etc
Tr thee tbey are not wamated !
fullibU, feat aiwaa Nearly aaae it lepas
alble la snake a remedy. Price, SOcta
wherever found,
That holds the Roll
on which Is wound
The Draid that Is known
the world around.
niTPIITft Invent mnthfn and
S SB B Bl B W B oi IHTIll'moill Fill
Invent ntnihin and make
Aadraas W.T. rTTZGEaALD, W ASHUlSToa.Xt. U,
mrm'rnmi wit I fr'
in taa nrmmi , .
C.J.BAltritH. Founh and Delaware Streets,
KnC ty. Mo. hmlf'r HltulraleulTtceLtel
Ms h
Both tbe method and results 'when
Syrup of Figais taken ; it is pleasant
and refreshing to tbe taste, and acta
pentlyyet promptly on tbe Kidneys,
Liver and Bowels, cleanses tbe sys
tem effectually, dispels colds, head
aches and fevers and cures habitnal
constipation. Syrup of Figs is the
only remedy of its kind ever pro
duced, pleasing to the taste and ac
ceptable to tbe stomach, prompt in
its action and truly beneficial in its
effects, prepared only from the most
healthy and agreeable substancos,
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mend it to all and have made it
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Stop XldtX
For If yon do not It may become con
sumptive. Tot CountmplioH, Scrofula.
General Debility and Hatting JUatatet,
there Is nothing- like
Of Pure Cod liver Oil and
Or Xtlmm and. SBocIm.
It Is at rang t as palatable as milk. Far
better iliuu other so-cullod Emulsions.
wonderful flesh producer.
Scott's Emulsion i
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Latest Styles
L'Art De La Mode.
loan vasiuusb.
OnUrltef nar Xnre-Jnhr w
tu'l 8ft enu a UuM.amlwr i
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Seal Vaseline iao)dbyalldraecitsattcneetits.
Ko VaMlln It geiralaa unltMOur aim. la ea tka label.
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arrival U..r.tni
1 Choic EwBloomlne Row, all labeled
a l noire t.veruiootnin Korm. all labclea.,
tle.ll,nr7Mninemarnt, iKlnul.lwteU Jbm
N 1 pkUMCh.I0varm.riu.rSeMl-8tr Collect JMt
St Choic. vara. VeireU Bwd, lor Family O.nlea 1
Writ, to-dar fnr cor enprrblv Itltutrmted XE.VT
BOOK IP flAtWZK rrw all, devrrllieetb.
.hnveentnpleie t and eoore. of others AdHrmTEZ
SnrOEB k COHABJ) CO., las Si. Wast Grave, FZ
aarSAMS this rAraaii.ja. i ..
JESD Oar Catatasraa ef
Hantlnf equipments. Baa
B.IU Ormnaaium and Ala
leuo Gooda and PpnrUnf
KovelUeaof all aloda to
Sporlina Goods Company,
f ' ttfHalaStrwt,
retmviLt crsu wit a ) sua
Bnt nml but Ulman. euM, Cm pal teeei
o.bpviI koflM t lb. bMI pknictuM. Froe. OrM
d't. .trip to ma ritdljr dtppft.r, .ad la IwiwiM
trumt two thim of .11 lymptum. ar. reea.r.4. ...a
for rkt.C boob! r te.tlmont.1. of jnlimevloaa euifc
fen ... tre.tia.-nt fnrninbea (re. br mall. If yoa
erttertrlal. ii'l lOm-nle In ltmM lo pay PO't
IrH. H. M. ;l FR Jb l. AIULVlA. taA.
asriaas nui rirwe aa.

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