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Id. H. GARDNER, Editoi and PublUher.
Entered at the posr-offlea at Baxter Spring.
Kanaaa, as second class matter.
The first quarterly mooting of the
Kaiisan state dairy association will bo
lield In Abilene April 3 and 4.
AVa would like to be iniormod why
it la that the Farmers Alliance 6tores
have failed atsovoral points in Kansas
with losses of trom $5,000 to f 10,000.
Congress hus flxod upon April 30,
1893, as the date for tho opening of the
world'e fair at Chicago. The exhibi
tion will close October 20th of tho
same year. t
Tho best investment of tho kiud the
government ever made was the pur
chase of Alaska for $7,200,000. Its
seal product has already paid for it
twice over, and the recent contract for
the taking of seals in its waters will
yield the government about $1,000,000
annually for tho next twenty years.
Globe Democrat : Free trade would
not kill trusts as a whole, forEnglaud,
which has free trade, ha9 three or four
times as many trusts as the United
States has. However, the trusts don't
deserve any protection, and the people
of the country, especially the republi
can part of them, demand that duties
be heavily cut on trust products.
- rrcsident Harrison has refused to
give the Indians now traveling with
divers and sundry "Wild west shows"
permission to continue iu that line of
' business for another year. There will
be a great industry opened next year j
for gentlemen with black hair who
will paint themselves red and avoid
painting the town the same color.
Notwithstanding tho fact that peti
tions signed by thousands of old sol
diers are being sent in daily to mem
bers of congress asking for a service
pension bill the Kansas City Globe
correspondent ?ives it out cold and
Hat that tho "veterans" may as well
. make up their minds now that no ser
vice pension bill will bo passed this
session of congress.
The Emporia Republican says it
would not be a butterfly when autumn
winds grow chill, nor would it be a
little bird for naughty hoys to kill; it
-fchould not waut to be a hare always
on the run nor dnck, nor quail, nor
auything iu danger from a gun. But
most of all it would hate to be in this
terrestrial scene, a yellow-legged chick
en where the Methodists convene.
Globe-Democrat: The republicans
intend to attack tho trusts in two places,
at the custom house and in the courts.
They will reduce duties on articles
which directly contribute toward
ttrengthening the trusts and will frame,
as they are trying to do in the Sherman
bill, laws which will deal with them
as agencies to prevent competition and
as conspiracies against the public well
fare. .
Speaker Reed says tho McKinlcy
tariff bill is perfectly satisfactory to
him aud ho believes it will be perfect
ly satisfactory generally to the
people. The Interests of the farmers
have been carefully considered in
every particular. Adequate protec
' tion is furnished for butter, eg?s, hay
and every other farm product which
has to compete with tho products of
foreign conntrics. The tariff on sugar,
which is a necessity aud not a luxury,
will be materially reduced.'
Columbus Advocate : It is not gener
ally known fh'iiaucw secret society,
called tht) "sovereign citizens" cxisis
mid lias been in operation some time.
We have it from a reliable source that
the place used by the oociely are the
. two rear rooms in the Beers block, up
fctair. The membership consists of
many of our prominent citizens aud
business men. The object of the socie
ty is to supply members with a place
to congregate and engage iu games, ex
' ercises, etc., at the same place drinks
are dispensed by waiters with white
aprons. A member ran gain admission
to the rooms at any lime, day or night,
hy giving the orrovt raps and pass
woid. A candidate in becoming a
member goe through an iiiUialion,
the. nature of which we have not
learned. W are informed that there
exists a lodgof this kind in nearly
every town of any prominence in the
f.late. Galena ha one with a mem1er-
rhip of 130. An investigation is beii:g
made of this society. As we are in
formed it is fothiug mors nor less
than a well eMaWlished saloon.
Old papers C re cents per dozen.
rursuant to call of the G. A. R.
Service Tension Committee a large
and enthusiastic meeting was held Iu
the city hall at Baxter Springs Satur
day afternoon at 2 o'clock. Delega
tions of comrades and their wives
tvoi-o nn liaml from flarthace. Jonlin.
Galena, Crestline, Melrose, Columbus,
Hallowell. tho territory aud nearly all
points in the county.
Tno comrades procceueu to organize
hv nh.piinir the Hun. Chus. W. Daniels
of this city chairman aud Capt. R. P.
Mcuregor secrctnry.
Attrr a rousing address by Chairman
Daniels the following committees were
appointed : On permanent county or
ganization, comrades RichaiiUon,
Lauitvrback aud Hartley ; on resolu
tions, comrades Daniels, Brown, Bon
ucr, McGregor nnd Phelps.
Comrade Col. Warner of Connecti
cut then stated his views on bills now
pending in a manner that brought the
bovs to their feet in cheers.
Short addresses directly to the point
were then given by comrades Noble,
Richardson, McGregor and others.
The committee on permanent organ
ization reported as follows : We, the
committee on permanent organization,
beg leave to report that this organiza
tion now become permanent and be
known as the Cherokee County Ser
vice Pension Association uutil this
matter of service pensions is accom
plished and the lut soldier or soldier's
widow is placed ou the pension rolls,
not as a matter of gratuity, but as a
rk'ht and iustice to l.ho survivors of
Infrt war nnd their widows. Fort
permanent officers we recommend for
president comrade Chas. W. Daniels
of Baxter Spriugs; for vice president,
T.. C. Weldv of Galena: for
secretary, comrade C. L. McCIuug of
Columbus; for permanent executive
committee, comrade R. P. McGregor,
chairman, and comrades Geo. S. Rich
ardson of Columbus, W. U. D. Brown
of Galena and comrades Hicks and
Throop of Columbus; and we further
that the first meeting of
the county organization be held in the
citv of Columbus on Saturday, April
12,' ISM, at 11 a. in. in tho opera house.
All of which is snommen.
The report was adopted as above.
The committee on resolutions re
ported as follows:
Whereis, The capitalists who furnUhod the
money to prosecute the war of therebi llion have
beon amply paid nnd the national ueoi la no
longer a burden, and
Whereas. The soldier acquiesced in the bond
holder nnd the money-loaner receiving their pay
Urst and submitted quietly to taxation for tiiat
purpose, nnd
Whereas. We hove been for a quarter of a
century pnyiug that debt ani increasing thera-
souicesof the aovernment. and
Whereas, The men who furnished the brawn
and muscle that went to the field and who inter
posed their persons between treason and ton nn
Mnn's life, have been most crudgiaglr
with and their claims lor compensation delayed
year after yetiT until the survivors are now in the
decline of life, soon t-.i paai beyond the pota
bility of ruaterlul aid, und
Whereas, The average Hge of the old soldier is
now about titty years, and if we waita few years
longer we will cease to be a power in the Und;
therefore, by the ex-soldier ol Uieroicet couu
ty in convention assembled, be it
Hesolrcd. That In the belief of this assembly
of veterans it is Mme that our government should
take the necessary steps to make the depreciated
pay of ex-soldiers aud sailors worth one hundred
cents on Ihc dollar, the same as was done wnn
the bond-holder's Investment
Resolved. That the nroniUes made at the
tliou.-iouilH of recruiting oilloes all over the land
trom isci lo 1SC5. that all who responded to the
government's app-ul lor volunieerj would be
well eared for in their declining years, should
now be redeemed.
Ttpxolved. That we are opposed to delaying
justice to the defenders of the republic until all
have answered the last roll call una are ul resi
in their tenia beneath the green sward.
Ki'solveil. That wa have for the lust twenty-
five years listened to the honeyed words In the
platforms of both the great political purttea ana
that now the time has come when we demund
not word but action, und action we must have,
nnd that augers that will not br will be sum
marily exchanged for augers that will.
Uesolved, That we do now demand f the
government of the United States substantial
r.,.,.(rnitinn of onr services in the country' time
of need, und to this end demand of the nftj-flr-t
coiib'rMS the passage o( n service pension bill us
tbeflrstliii-iness before it. And Amber, that
we dcnui.d of our senators and representatives
that they strenuously oppose any reduction or
the revenues ot the government until this debt
la paid.
nesolred. That we wilt not Tote tor any can
didate for eonirress who will' not first unquali
fiedly pledge hiraacll to work and vote for a
service pension bill of ut least ti per month for
every nnion soldier.
Uesolved. That we nre In favor of giving to
every soldier's widow a pension at the rata of
ai nor month from date of soldler'a deatn
without regard to Cause of aoldier'a death, and
be It further
Resolved. Tost wa endorse the aolion Of our
senators, John J. Ingallsand P. B. 1'lurob, aud
our congressman U. W. Perkins and Wa arge
them and the entire Kansas delegation to secure
the paaage of the bill Introduced by the Hon.
John J. lngalls, and known aa 8enute Bill No.
or Service Pension Bill.
Kosolvrd, That the secretary or the associa
tion be instructed to forward a copy ot thesa
resolutions to each senator and representative
from this state.
On motion the resolutions were read
by section and adopted.
Comrade Alvin P. Uovry's address
was then read, also letters from com
rades E. B. Tark, Wm. Higgins aud
others. The circular known as No. 1,
issued by comrade Ira T. Collins, com
mander of Kansas G. A. R., in regard
to meetings on Saturday afternoons so
as to build up posts and give to com
rades an opportunity to visit aud join
posts, who through old age or sickness
ml v ps
j. - - -
rannnt attonfl niirht mcetinsrs. was
heartilv endorsed and Baxter iost
placed "their post monthly meeting on
the 4tn saturaay oi cacn uwmu aim
will be followed by nearly every post
in the county.
As the meeting was one of the best
that has been held iu the state and
unanimous iu all Its proceedings being
in line with the feelings of the cx-sol-
diei-8 of the state, the greatest harmo
ny prevailed.
Comrade Bonner of Joplin gave no
tice that a service pension meeting
trnn M i Ik'1.1 in l lift onera house at
Joplin on Saturday, Mar. 29, at 1 p. m.
AH are invited.
Tho sfinratarv was instructed to se
cure rates on the Memphis road for
the meeting April 12.
On motion adjourned to meet at
Columbus April 12.
Five hundred names of soldiers
present and in tho city were signed to
tho foregoing resolutions anu unvalu
ed to Senator lngalls.
C. W. Daniels,
R. P. McGKEGon. Chairman.
The following timely remarks on
the present condition of Kansas and
Kansttrt. tatui8 ,ve lind in the South
Kansas Tribune:
Kansas is beginning to put on her
emerald robes, and in a fortnight no
statu in the uuion will bear cuinpari
n ns ft Her ne of beautv. In Cherokee
countv tho wheat has already dropped
. . t ... .1. . ..1
its searcn tuns ami hb iiiu ot gri-un
gladdens the heart of every one. With
warm spriMg days the tanners arc at
work as in "no other seel ion of this
hroud land to the north of us, aud the
acreage of oats and grass seed sown
iu the last two weeks is greater than
ever before, and plowing for corn is
the order of the day. Tho Kansas
farmers, especially in this county,
have advantages possessed by those in
no other ftatc. Willi a soil equal to
tho very best we have iu addition a
climate that permits the , growth
of a greater range of products than
grown iu other latitudes, gives the far
mers from two to three months more
time to work iu, with never less than
180 days without a killing frost, aud
consequently, with tamo grass pas
tures, a very short feeding season.
With the same kind of farming as
iu Illinois or Ohio, with clover, blue
grass and timothy pastures, good
oanis and good stock, a Cherokee
county farmer can produce horses,
beeves, pork or mutton at 33 per cent
less than in colder climates. With re
turning prosperous times and the open
ing of spring begin to invite your old
time friends to visit you. Low railroad
rates will be given. Have thera come
any time from now until the crops are
cribbed, let them see what our soil
will grow, iuvcstljrate closely, eat our
lusciout bevvies and traits aud melons.
We want them hero to share with us
in prosperity and to help ns develop
the natural advantages of our county.
Deafness Cant be Cared
By local applications as they cannot
reach the diseased portion of the ear.
There is only one way to cure deafness
nnd that, is by constitutional remedies.
Duafness Is causpd by an inflamed
condition of the mucus lining of the
eustachian tube. When this tube gets
inflamed yon have a rambling sound
or imperfect hearing aud wheu Jt is
entirely closed deatness is the Tesult
and on less the inflammation can be
taken out and this tube restored to its
normal condition lieariug will . be de
stroyed forever; nine cases out of ten
are caused by catarrn, wuicu is Hom
ing but aU luSamed condition of the
mucus surfaces.
We will give one hundred dollars
for any case of .deafness (caused by
catarrh) that we cannot cure ly taking
Hall's Catarrh Cure. - Send for circu
lars free. ' '
F. J. Chiset & Co., propra
Toledo, O.
KSoUbT druggist, 75 cent per
bottle. v :
Ladies' Spring Wraps
West side of Square, Columbus, Kansa
Report of County Conventaon of W. C. T.
V. Held In Columbus eaturuny,
March S3, 1890.
Convention opened by tho president,
Miss Rose Haworih, at 11 o'clock.
Song, -Rock of Ages," followed by de
votional exercises led by MUs Ruth
Mitchell of Varcfc. Minutes of pre
vious meeting read and approved.
Address of welcome by Mrs. Hatfield
of Columbus. Song, "To tho Work."
President appointed as committee on
resolutions Mrs. Morgan of Varck,
Mrs. Smith of Lowell. Mrs. Snevclyof
Columbus Mrs. McElhaney of Weir
and Mrs. Stewart of Crestline; com
mittee on credentials, Mrs. Hoover of
Columbus, Mrs. Janney of Crestline
and Miss Ruth Mitchell of Varck.
The new constitution was taken up,
read and adopted. Rrports of uuions
were then read. Varck reported lo
members, Rose Haworth Pres., Luella
Haworth Cor. Sec: Lowell Y's 21
members, Mrs. G. M. Smith Pres.,
Fh.i-piie.fi Warrington Cor. Sec. : Crest
line C member?, Mrs. U. L. Davis
Pres., Mr. M. E. Janney tjor. sec. ;
Weir 9 members, Mrs. Pugh Pres.,
Mrs. Carrie Beatty Uor. sec. v arck
and Crestline reported Bands of Mer-
cv. jNoontuie nour oi jnajei u.-u v)
Mrs. Bennett. Adjourn lor dinner.
Tho ladies of Columbus had pre
pared dinner in tho church tor all
present a most bountiful dinner to
icliii-h nil .liil amnio iustice.
Afternoon session opened by 6inging
"Hold the Fort." Pcvolional exercises
led bv Mrs. French of Weir. Reports
of Supt. of departments. Weir re
imh'rl flmiri.-liinr Band of Hope.
Committee on credentials reported 10
delegates from Columbus, YarcK ,
Crestline 3. Lowell 3, Weir 6. The
following resolutions were adopted:
Kesnlve'l, That we remain loyal nnd true lo
our national union, praying that the time niny
he hastened when the pure principles or W hire
Ribhon Temperance inuy encircle the whole
That we are unalterably opposed to the resub
mission of the prohibitory amendment to onr
state constitution and we pledge ourselves to use
our influence for no person or measure that fu
rors tho resubmission or this question or op
poses the enforcement ut the present 1iws.
That we tint teachers throughout the county
loyally and concie.tiously to ohey our sclen
tuic temperance instruction l.iws.
That wo are In sympathy with the state su
perintendent ol work among coloied people in
her endeavor to found a home for the iijred and
orphans, nnd urge our members to organize
unions among the colored people In the county.
That we discountenance nil lottery schemes
Wherever found.
That we express our appreciation of the law
prohibiting tlie sale of tobacco to minors and
that we be mora tamest to help In its enforce
ment. That we encourage all law-abiding citizens to
stand by our county attorney in all houesttf.
foils to enforce the prohibitory law.
That we recognize the fact that the founda
tion of all onr own work lies in the acceptance
of the gospel of Christ, and we believe that
even greater efforts should be made by our mem
bership along all evangelistic lin.
Essay read by Mrs. Morgan of Low
ell. Moved Hint wc hold oar next
convention at Weir in August. Car
ried. Song, "Well Work Till Jesus
Conies." Adjournment.
Evening se6ioii opened by singing
"Wine Is a Mocker." Devotional ex
ereies led by Mrs. Hoovir of Colum
bus. Song, "Temperance Banner."
Recitation -Pledge With Wine," by
Miss Rosa Atkinson of Columbus.
Solo, "Xo One Like Mother to me," by
Miss Bertha Scammon of Columbus.
Recitation, "Drink Did it All," by
Miss Maude E. Smith of Lowell.
Song by choir. Address by Rev. U.
W. llouton on resubmibsion. Address
by Itcv, Hatfield on evils of drink nnd
tubacco. A letter avs reid from Mrs.
Raslall, state president f W. C. T. U.
Song. "Uod be With us Till we Meet
Again." Benediction by Rev. Hat
field. Adjournment.
The kiiulirees and licopHaHtr of the
Columbus people could not be excelled
and we leave the labors and MirtreHtes
of thU convention with Him who sees
the end and press fot waid to greater
efforts in the future. M. E. S.
The Xj:wb Wjl a year. Subscribe.
Lianorsfor KaEsas!!
Established i8;5.
306 Main street,
THE Oldest and Largest house
in Southwest Missouri.
ALL Goods Warranted Strictly
Satisfaction guaranteed.
J. M. DCSCAS, M. n.
Tlie Baiter Ssricgs Medical aui Sarfl.
cal Mtate.
Baxtar Springs, - Kansas.
MT1.DtCA.I1 ST7VT"2f
J. M. nUNCAV, M. !., 6ur,;or7 and Dlseasci
of Wu'.nnn nun Clill'ireu.
CHAM. PALNKHi Al. 1 Orthopldlo Sargcr)
sod Chrnnln IMseai-n.
P. C. HAKtit, ai. !., Special Traveling Agent
The In.t Itut loa It centmllv 1o?el; nenr the pott
Office and turnout Medio! Biirlnm ami both bouts
eploaaant home for luvoll J wlicre pdccIhI treatuieal
Klven all form of Arruie antl Chronic Ulcaiea
e remove Cancer ftlnxwt without pain, with (
platter la from nix to rifin-a d iy. il a permanent
enrctiuarantofd. lufluminntory Ktieuma
tUm. unUeroiir Imp'ov o int'dli ntlo'i. I In- lulectro
J1! limnetic Vap.r liath. ami tlni Imlutnrcof tin
We-ilcal Srlint.. tlml'iiwt iihuilnainrMiea yteliL Th
;j-c nod K-r ncpar;niKiit I In chniTCof a Special
Si who h"d i-liri-Rfl ut tho AVanlilnjfton Eye ani!
Kr liiftn:iary . vn y -ra. CroK Kyea Straight
pur l, C'h turrit Kemovtt und K.rrora ot
Itefraotlou Crr.ct(l. Ilemnrrholda oi
1'tkea In nil ctet treated a Cure in puarunteed
The IJcpartitH'nt of Ilsf of Women la It
clmrR-eof K.xiKCiaycKD Oynu.'diloeUt wlioa mo
ron In tlie rmst l a RimrHiitHe for the futnre. Out
phvetrlnn.will vlitl pntlenia ft adlnaneo who may
not iM-oiiieor prrpiired to vUlt the Institute, 8ea
for oar illuatrated Circular.
To euro Biliousness, Sick IToadnrhc, Consti
pation, Miliaria, Liver Complaints, toko
the Bil9 and certain remedy,
Vm rie W AI.TI. Bin (40 little Ttnn to the-
(BnlCAltile 4 or nil Aaec.
Prtre of cither a lac. 21c per KotUe.
h 3 B t m Ul !iii tor tu. (tot
J.f.SKlTH&C0JUionori)asBm8,'ST.l0lllS MO.
i9tMrl and jitavifUBiiAiUiii ai
WeUmaiaor Bodyaaanma, iitoa
of Errenor Eieouet ta Cider Yovinf t
LI.wu(. im'kv Ktorr niiw. .irs rBTiiK fioa.
rjTlLVtr .(.!! l- HOI I TRI4TXhXT-ltotai- la
TV" rite for ClrenlAra and Testimonial.
.OEirrrs. waited.
t&l btlillry liiuiUinj, KaAa U, Mov
.PV M. ., 1 1 .1.

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