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The Nevada Senator Ultras Hla Views oa the)
Kemonetlsatlon of rJIleer-rollcy or Um
Treasury Crltlclaed.
Washington, May 14. In continua
tion of his remarks in the Senate yes
terday on the Silver bill, Senator
Jones, of Nevada, opposed the idea
ox redeeming treasury notes in dui
llon on the ground that when they were
so redeemed the monetary circulation
would be contracted and the putting1 of
bullion on the market would not make
up to the country for the loss of money
from circulation. He expressed en
tire confidence in the honesty
of purpose and conscientiousness of
motive of the present Secretary of the
Treasury, but said that as none of the
Hecretarios, for twelve years past, had
coined a dollar of silver more than com
pelled by law to do, future Secretaries
might conscientiously deem it their
duty to keep in circulation the least
possible amount of the proposed treas
ury notes, and thus the United States
Treasury might, in effect, become a
purchasing agent for the East India
company or for syndicates of English
merchants wanting bullion cheap in
order to make their payments to In
dia. Oold, by reason of its greater
value, notwithstanding all the legis
lation in Its favor, could never bo
come the common money medium of the
world. A gold coin that would represent
an average day's labor would be too
small for convenient handling. Silver
vad the money metal best suited to the
mass of the people and to the variety
and character of transactions constitut
ing the interchange of dally life. If
there were any conceivable necessity
for the demonetization of either metal,
why, he asked, demonetize that which
promised the greater and more steady
yield? If for any reason society should
decide that one of them should be dis
carded, should it not rather be that one
which promised the smaller future yield
than that which promised tho larger?
It was absolutely vital to the welfare of
society that both silver and gold should
be in full and unlimitod use as money
and equally invested with the power of
legal tender.
In conclusion. Mr. Jones said: "I pre
dict, Mr. President, that the restoration
of silver to its birthright will mark an
poch in the history of this Republic. It
will place in circulation an amount of
money commensurate with our increas
ing population. It will give assurance
to our languishing industries that the
volume of our circulating medium is
not to continue shrinking and that the
tendency of prices shall no longer be
downward. It will increase the wages
of labor and the prices of the products
of labor; it will reduce the price of
bonds and other forms of money futures;
it will lighten, but not inequitably, the
burden of mortgages; it will increase
largely, though not unjustly, the debt
paying and tax paying power of the
people. It will loosen the grasp of the
creditor from the neck of the debtor.
Ity the remonetization of silver, money
will cease to be the object 01 commerce
and will again become its beneficent in
strument Activity will replace stagna
tion; movement will supplant inertia;
courage will banish fear; confidence
will dispel doubt; hope will supersede
despair. The lifting up of silver
to its rightful place by the side
of gold will sot in motion all the
latent energies of tho people. It will
banish involuntary idleness by putting
every willing man to work. It will re
vive business and reanimate the heart
and hope of the masses. Capital, no
longer fearing a fall in prices, will turn
into nroductivo avenues. The hoards of
money lying idle in the money vaults
will come out to bless ana enricn aiive
their owners and the community at
large; while the millions of dollars now
invested at low interest in gmeagea
securities will seek more profitable in
vestment in the busy field of industry
where they will be utilized in the pay
ment of wages and the consequent dis
semination of comfort and happiness
among the people.
"And this it will accomplish, not for
the United States alone, but for civili
zation, for it is not too much to say, Mr.
President, that upon the decision of this
question depend consequences more
momentous than that of any other ques
tion of public policy within the memory
of this generation. In a broader sense
than any other question attracting the
general attention of mankind it is a
question of civilization. It embodies
the hopes and aspirations of our race.
The act of Congress which shall happily
solve it will constitute a decree of
emancipation as veritable as any
that ever freed serf from thraldom,
but more universal in its application.
It will proclaim the freedom of
the white race the world over; it will
lift the bowed head of labor; it will
hush the threnody of toil; it will inau
gurate the true renaissance a renais
sance of prosperity without which In
dustry, learning, science, literature and
art are but apples of Sodom."
In answer to questions Mr. Jones said
that if there was a free coinage of silver
lie believed that in three days the ailvei
not used for coinage would be worth
Lt9 an ounce and that there it would
; j remain.
Stanley Vexad.
Lotoox, May 14. Mr. Henry M.
Stanley, in an interview regarding the
German movements in Africa, said that
he was wearied by England's apathy and
-pliancy in regard to the operations be
ing carried on by the Germans. If
England continued to rema n inactive
the Germans would secure paramount
influence in Africa, following advioe
jlvcn by himself.
A Good Story Told Hy Prof. Elehberc of Ona
of His Pnplla.
Giving advice is one thing, and feel
ing the effects of having it followed is
quite another thing. Prof. Julius Elch
berg, the well-known violinist, says that
he onoe had as a pupil a promising little
fellow of some eight years, who would
not study. As the boy was about to set
out with his family for the country,
where they were to pass the summer,
Mr. Eichberg asked him what ho should
do there.
"Oh," said the boy, "I shall play and
pick flowers and have a good time."
"Yes, but suppose you made up your
mind to get up an hour earlier every
morning to practice? You would still
have time for sport, and in the fall you
would be able to play those sonatas you
The result of the conversation was
ihat Otto flung himself upon the neck
of his teacher, of whom he was very
fond, and promised to do what was
asked of him.
A few weeks later, as Mr. Eichberg
was driving through the mountains with
his family, he was one day delayed, so
that the hotel where they were to pass
the night was reached at a late hour of
the evening.
The accommodations were poor, and
the night was warm, and it was near
morning before the travelers fairly got
to sleeti. and it seemed to Mr. Eichberg
that he had scarcely dosed his eyes be
fore he was aroused by the doleful
sound of a violin in a room overhead,
where some one was at work upon an
exercise with which the listener was
only too familiar.
For an interminable hour he tossed
about, hoping that the noise would cease;
then he rose and dressed, and hastened
to the office of the hotel to protest.
"Yes it is something of a nuisance,"
the clerk answered, coolly, "but we are
used to it here. The boy has played
every morning this summer, and it was
in the bargain when they took the rooms
that he should be allowed to do it"
It was evidently of no use to complain
to the clerK, and Mr. Eichberg relieved
his mind by declaring that he should at
least like to see the player of the violin.
"Oh, you can see him if you want to,"
the clerk said. "He has just come
down-stairs. You will find him outside
Away hurried the guest the more ir
ritated by the way in which his remon
strance had been received, and before
the door on the lawn stood a trim little
lad with his face turned away.
"Are you the boy," demanded Mr.
Eichberg, sternly, "that has been mak
ing such a noise on the violin for an
The boy turned and looked at him, at
first with an expression of fright; .then,
with a cry of joyous recognition, little
Otto flung himself impulsively into his
teacher's arms.
"Oh, my dear Mr. Eichberg!" he cried,
"I am so glad to see you! I have got up
and played every morning just as I
promised!" Youth's Companion.
It is very important in this age of vast
material progress that a remedy be pleas
ing to the taste and to the eye, easily
taken, acceptable to the stomach and
healthy in iU nature and efTects. Possess
ing these qualities, Syrup of Figs is the one
perfect laxative and most gentle diuretic
Tnr. man witb a big family is a flut fail
ure, from the landlord's point of view.
BiLiorsxESs, dizziness, nat'sea. headache,
are relieved by small dose of Carter' s Lit
tle Liver Pills.
A title often sells a book as easily as it
buys an heiress.
Best, easiest to use and cheapest Mso'fc
Remedy for Catarrh. By druggists. 25c
Moxet talks, but occasionally the sales
lady cries "Cash !" Pittsburgh Chronicle.
CATTLE fhlpplng steers ...I 8 25
Butohera' steers... 8 00
Native cowa 2 60
rtOGS Good to choloe heavy 8 50
4 6ft.
4 15
8 N
1 45
WHEAT No. 2 red
No. 2 hard
CORN No. 2
OATS No. 2
RYE No. 2
FLOUR Patent!, per aack..
HAY Baled
KUTTKK Choice creamery.
CHKKs-K Full cream
KCJGS Choice.
BACON llama
CATTLE Shipping steers...
Butcbera' ateers..
BOGS Packing
8HKKP Fair to choice
WHEAT No. 2 red
CORN No. 2
OATS-No. 2
KTE No. 2
BUTTER Creamery
1 85
1 40
8 60
85 m
840 a
4 00
8 60
13 00
4 20
4 00
6 90
4 86
18 25
CATTLE Shipping ateere 8 90
BOO Packing and eblpplnf 8 M
fHEEP Fair to choice 4W
FLOUR Winter wheat. 4 40
WHK T No. 2 red 9J
4 15
8 90
4 60
CORN No. 2 84
OATS No. 8.
BTK No. 2. .
27Vk TO
61 63
IS 0 23
13 87Vft 13 9)
BLTTE a Creamery
CATTLE Common to prime.
HOGS Good to choice
FLOUR Good to choice
WHEAT No. 2 red
CORN No. 2
4 60 0
111 0
6 20
4 65
6 10
i om
14 2
4 40 0
82 0
13 0
13 80 0
O T Western mixed.
BUTTER Creamery
t?) RJ
Decay, tho ttalvoraal Law.
Let anything in nature become lifeless
and inactive and decay follows as a usual
sequonoe. Decay is the universal law. Can
you wonder when a person fouls constantly
worn out and more than half dead, that de
cay of the lungs or kidneys sets in. They
say that docay of the lungs (consumption)
and decay of the kidneys (ttrigbt's disease)
Is incurable. Who says sol Only those
experimental doctors who have Tailed.
Don't despair. While there's life, there's
hope! In checking decay of the lungs or
kidneys, in preventing further ulceration,
it is essential that all blood impurities
should be removed, and an alterative influ
ence exerted upon the whole system. The
appetite and digestion must both be im
proved. The nervous system soothed, and
sleep, nature's sweet restorer, invited and
encouraged. Energy muat be aroused and
mental depression banished. In this mo
mentous rallying effort Dr. John Bull's
Barsaparilla is au essential ally to nature.
Use this remedy. It has restored many to
health and strength, even alter doctors had
given up all hope.
Occasionally you see a girl with five
dollar gold pieces for bangles on her brace
let and n lonely nickel in her pocket-book.
Atchison Globe.
Oar Hannah Jane.
Our Hannah Jana we thin and wank,
And ahy while her lip and eiaek.
We of tan thouabt-and thought with pain,
" W noon muni ioM our Hannah Jana."
With clianre of doctor, elianwa of air,
8b sought for beating everywhere.
And, wbun our hopes were, almost past
" fount Preaoripilun ' triad at last.
It cava us loy.lt e ns hops,
Hhee-axed to pine, he ceased to mope,
(Pierre's rem (idles are sura and true
Now Hannah Jana Is ood as new.
Dr. Pierce's Favorite Prescription is the
only medicine for women, sold by druggists,
under a poniUve guarantee from the manufact
urers, that it will give satisfaction in every
case, or mouey will be refunded. This
guarantee has been printed on the bottle
wrapper, ??id faithfully carried out for
many years. .
DR. Pi erce's Pellets cleanse and regulate
the stomach, bowels and system generally.
One a dose; purely vegetable.
Pox't be a clam: If you've got to be any
thing of the kiud be a mud turtle. Then you
may nave some snap to you. Blngbamton
State or Ohio, City or Toledo, 1
Lucas Cocstt,
Frank J. Cheney makes oath that he is the
senior partner of the firm of F. J. Cheney
& Co., doing business in the City of Toledo.
County and Bute aforesaid, and that said
firm will pay the sum of oxs hcsdked dol
lars for each and every case of Catarrh
that can not be cured by the use of Hall's
Catarrh Cure. Fhane J. Chisel
Bworn to before me and subscribed in my
iresence,this6th day of December, A.D. 1&6.
seal A. W. Oleason, Notary Public.
Hall's Catarrh Cure is taken internally
and acts directly upon the blood and mucous
surfaces of tbe system Bend for testi
monials, free. F. J. Cheset &Co.,Toledo,Q.
Bold by Druggists, 75o.
A tea-kettle can sing when it is merely
filled with water. But man, proud man, is
no tea-kettle. Torre Haute Express.
A Wonderful Phenomenon I
n n.t,n atimild nuaa thmllffh life
without experiencing a twinge of indiges
tion Ullgni BUY ue regurucu u u nuum
v. Wm 4miVi. if aiw.h a. nrivll-
cged mortal has ever existed. If so, we have
never seen mm. cut inousunua are kuuwu
to be daily relieved of dy-pepsla by Hostct-
for that national complaint as well as for
. i i ii:. . .I..Im. . mi -
lever ana ague, aeoiuiy, cuuaupauuu, iwu
mutism ana kidney trouble.
An exasperating coincidence that coal
snouid always como down at tne same time
the stovepipe does. Burlington Free Press.
T rainru a nlnln truth it is not neces-
sary to paint it to the eye by comic wood
cuts or sensational pictures of any kind
Ordinary type is better, if it secures your
confldonce. To Illustrate: If you are the
victim of Malaria, and wish to be free from
It immediately, one bottle of Bhallenbergcr's
Antidote will a1 b'w do tbe work. It may
pav you to believe this and get tho medicine
withnuT. Hfilav. Dr. A. T. Bhallenberger,
Rochester, Pa., w.ll Bend It by mall for one
When a broker loses all his money he's
ueaa Droice; uutwneu ne dies ne s a dead
In- another Dlace In this naner will be seen
an advertisement of the Hartnian Manu
facturing Company, of Beaver r ails, ra.
Thev ara an entnrorisinir. reliable firm, and
have a great deal of testimony to show that
the Hartman Bteel Picket Fence is the best
thing of the kiad on the market You can
find out all about it by writing for particu
It frequently turns out that the queen of
diamonds is a knave of hearts. Ashland
Mt son is affected with weak lungs and
has tried various treatments, but Bull's Bar
saparilla has done more good than all other
medicine. 1 cheerfully make this state
ment lor the benefit of the afflicted. John
B. McUee, Horse Cave, Ky.
The fisherman considers it a part of bis
business to scale tho heights of fiction.
Yonkers Gazette.
Mfst not be confounded with common cath
artic or purgative pills. Carter's Little Liv
er Pills are entirely unlike them in every re
spect One trial will prove their superiority.
Rrssux students still sing "God Preserve
tho Czar," but they don't say in what Baa
Francisco Alia.
Sx Novell Free, will be sent by Cragln &
Co., Philada, Pa, to any one in the U. B. or
Canada, postage paid, upon receipt of 23
Dobbins' JElectric Boap wrappers. Bee list
of novels on circulars around each bar.
Oberitt Induces to inactivity. That's
' probably why tbe fat office never seeks the
man. Blngbamton Loader.
Paketts, you do yourselves and your chil
dren great injustice if you fail to give your
children Dr. Bull's Worm Destroyers. Many
little lives are sacrificed by such neglect.
There is usually something on foot when
a man takes his way to the chiropodist
Boston Courier.
Tbe Grip of Pneumonia may be warded off
with Hale's Honey of Horchound and Tar.
Pike's Toothache Drops Cure in one minute.
Maxt a maiden lady's age is marked
down at a low flpuro that she may be dis
posed of at a bargain. Rome Sentinel.
Rim ! fragrant I fine! are the expressions of
those who smoke XansilTa Punch" 5o Cigar
Shad roes Jy any other name would
doubtless toato about tho same. Berkshire
Tit "trie guet who is refused permission
to run up a bill who runs down a house,
f WW -
They tell a good story of a man who has
a fondness for fast hones. A year or two
ago he had one that was said to be a "flyer,"
and marvelous stories were told of what she
bad done, and was capable of doing. But
an intimate friend noticed that the owner
of the wonderful horse never staked any
money on her. . , ,
"Why dont you back her for a good,
round sum, if she can do what you claim
she can I n be asked. "That would prove
that yon had confidence in her, but as it
it is."
"Sea here, my friend," said the other,
with a twinkle in bis eye, "dont von know
me well enough to know that I'm too modest
to bet on my own nag, especially when I feel
ure that she cant come out ahead fn
When a man knows he can accomplish
what be undertakes, be doesnt feel too mod
est to say so. When Dr. Pierce put bis
"Favorite Prescription" before the public
as a certain remedy for " female weakness,"
with " satisfaction guaranteed or money re
funded" on every bottle of it, it proved
that he had entire confidence in the prep
aration. He felt sure of its merits, and
to Take. One. Tiny, MtaMMM
sin Tfnv. ftaarar-eoaieel
JT (-hiMt Belief is immediate.
Cold in the Bead It has no equal.
It Is an Ointment, of which a small particle Is applied to the i
nostrils. Price, fiw. Hold by druggists or sent by mull. 1
Address, E. T. Hazki.ttx:, Warren, Pa. L. J
On reeelnt of price In postage stamps we will send
free by mail the loilowiug vsluable articles:
One Box of Pure Vaselire, .... 10 Cents.
One Box of VaselineCamphor Ice.10 Cts.
One Box of Vaseline Cold Cream. 15 Cts.
One Cake of Vaseline Soap 10 Cents.
One Bottle of Pomade Vaseline, 15 Cents.
ir yea have occasion to nee "Vs-ellne" la any
form be carefal to accept only Rennlae Roods pal
op by ns in original packages. A great toany
rinurclsts are trying to persuade buyers to take
Vaseline Preparations put np b them. Never yield
to such persuasion, aa the article la an imitation
without valne and will not do food nor give yen
tbe result yon expect. A two on nee bottle of bine
8e! Vaseline la sold by all druggists at ten cents.
Ctsctro:0 Ufc Constats St., R. Y.
k Bern Km Tan Beam i
. Aixsnas .
POSITIVELY Cl'BEV with VeejataeV K lie.
Have earad majiy tboaaand easM. CaiwpatiraUpro
Mouarvd kup.laa by tba bt asylul Prow Srat
do symptom rapidly dlutpar. ad Hi ta dr
Mat Iwo thlrdaaf M jr minora, an mmi BM
forFKEB ROOK of tmtlmoniai of aalramlnea ear,
T.s day traktnent funiuhvd Irrm ky aaalL IC y
order trial, rnd ! rvnta la atamp to pay aoatacs.
pk. ii. ii. en rum we, ailAatJL, ua,
ssraaas taia MMIm Mnaa
crun. KOT
but Permanently
rBKE to aar anoassa.
Ths Te!!2 Bna bind h,
fix Baa.
rrrraaLaai. fa.
WHAMS TTO SAPS mmw aarai
ASLIlia llAlllUf raoetaailns-aadliohsiitfallyls.
Tk fuHM PI mi . Hoater. Trader. Traimer ad Qm
raatmt Seontor tkurkla. The kaok tb boy ail
aaalaadoaahttoaa. A tnitrnil.ehauy aarratlTvor
M year' dTnrqrea.e)ruiUy IllttatraWd.aad anld aly
br aobarriptlon. Eitrm IMrwoaMau to arreta. Format
rholr and rirlnale Xrmittrf. addrvo. W. X. EIBBLX
kCO.. Publi.hm tSO Clark StraM, OUou, iniaaia.
srSAastais rarsaejr.yaioaaai
SJraaaaa VWf- awe (X rllflit HniTytl 8
es-aaMSTBSI pares mm, mm rmmm
Tow I .! la Vtowaef Tf en. Tne want a
HAS1UAS heel Wire Mat. Ahaoiuirlr lealble.
h.oduraed by r'hral'-tana and U. K. OoTeramrnt. nrnd
lurerirea. HAUTMAV Mm CO.. Beaver talA fa.
aaraAJU nua r trta mmm mm im mmm.
f p'"5 fTai Imrnrm TVIecraohr and TUIlpnai
! Ik4 rml'( Baim IxwjtiMMnira
nnd alieattona. - ' ptJ--fi h beilsna Ma
ssraAiu tais nmmmj
V N. Y. k J
hox Baa.
the testimony of thousands of women who
have been cured by it of "weakness," "ir
regularities," and all tbe peculiar diseases
from which their sex suffers so much,
proves that his faith was well founded.
As a powerful, invigorating tonic, " Fa
vorite Prescription " imparts strength to the
whole system, and to the womb and it
appendages in particular. For overworkedV
" worn-out," " run-down." debilitated tench
erg, milliners, dressmakers, sesiiuftreBsaftv
" shop-girls," housekeepers, nursing moth
ers, and feeble women generally, Dr.
Pierce's Favorite Prescription is tbe greatest
earthly boon, being nneqnaled as an ap
petizing cordial and restorative tonic, or
As a soothing and strengthening nerv
ine, "Favorite rrescription" is nnequakd
and is invaluable in allaying and subdu
ing nervous excitability, irritability, ex
haustion, prostration, hysteria, spasms and
other distressing, nervous symptoms, com
monly attendant upon functional and
organic disease. It induces refreshing sleep
and relieves mental anxiety and despond
Vegetable and Perfectly Harmless.
as a MTer Pill.
.Til.. WTAmaa rSaasaaal aaT KflelMal aVfhwS.
fV," ?,'i,,,,. iitnckal and ail
FOB CATAiUUL Best Easiest to use.
cure is certain, xor
OOLD KEDAL, MMfl, 1878.
It mbtolutetv 9f
it Im isLUa.
No Chemicals
an mm4 ia Ms ansanltea. ft ass
sot taaaj twa au ato mm$m ef ,
Cocoa nid vita Starrs, Anowraat
or Susv, sad I thrrHbr far saors
Rmonfc&l, tmUnt Um taoa ax
a cap. It to dfltcMM, aoanawas
timfthrnliic. KaSlLT XHeiSTlB,
tnd adaitiawr aaaptta tot lawasBi
aa wtU ss forarrrpnt la aestta
Bold br Grocer everrwherev
W.BAXEB & CXLLorclieiter. Hast,
Ou Penma Shnifttninf Elolr,
The 1mS TOXIC la EXISTENCE. rioaaassV
tolbeiaaie, but not a bera. Cures sslllaiai
m, SJeacral laekllltr. I aalaeetlem, l4ve
:Blalat. Fever mm Aanta. e-se. tW ASSL
Yol'K liiironiRTS rK IT. Manufactured bf
asrflAJii nil rarca mn asanasm.
TTi,. .f )owm aaaaaaaV
lira la I. , a. mmm
i Mr taniM BMc ra
aod Cfclldbewd kaaa
RrtK'.Pnd. St DnidM.
We want mod AGXXTS
take exelualve aala la eoanUoa
Of low , Mebraaka. tuna,
kiltinanta and th lMkn4& tmr
BKNBY M. STANI.KV 8 LATK:T B(K)K entlthrd)
"Ii PIRfFCT IFTfri l Publlabed by CkaHew
IK vAnftXvl AinltAf rWlbner rtona. New
York, Thl lathe only (,rKriNB Ptawlst Boo.
W. D. COWDrr aft CO.. 1)KS UoUiCS. luWA,
esrHAiu tsus paw i i m) imana
El e r j s i o r j -f
lSuewefuiir PROSCCUYia CLaiwa.
J Lata frtoolpadi Xxaminer U.a Peaaaon Bu
1 y r I a I aa ar. U adj adlrat lae etauaa, att jr
SSrwASJs TRTS Pares ay aaorMTaaa.
PI ITFIITft I laTentanmethlneand laalro
PATE To WFC3Ti::a rtt
Addreaa W.T. riTZGKHALU. WASaiOTO.ii. Ii.
apaaii Mir CALTneaally.ebMBly.byaatnc
liUawuil immm ktarvh'a boeuoml lMkonar. At
Irani, or mt, eipraaa seeaaid, for SI. by tW. P.
STLaKNS. Maaafartanr. Monroe. Wrs. CtnraJars bwa.
Traatad aad eared without tae kntfa
Boos on tmlmtni awnt rrot sn.ir
l PO I J. M . DA a rvrawJutae uj . k
t ft a Jay.aRnpi' worth t mi
."'JMIR. Uno hot - hnW f-l. V i.
V a sa stttTt ans tumi iv. auj,-(w
aaraaaa tSJS tin mi ayM.
A. N, K.-a
vmTH TTstrnxo to asvestiit- i
pleMS mtmta that weas aaw tmm Wl..
bbm la sale i

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