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Baxter Springs news. [volume] (Baxter Springs, Kan.) 1882-1919, May 17, 1890, Image 5

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rss & m vt. tun zt, kajsas city, ho.
, The rn'.y Sicial'tt in the City arto It a Regular
Ciauuj.t iu Kfllclut, Oetr J3 years' Practice,
12 ytart In Wcago.
the clcestim ace, aro lohcest locited.
nthorlaed tjr tha Matt to treat
' I'll i onic, Nervous and "Hpeclal DIs
' ewe." tamlnal Weakness iMiiit
imciVSoiukI Uitillltvioafofsexiinl
' lnerr), Nervous Debility, Poisoned
moon.i. iccrsHnuBweiiuiirMoievery
' kliul.-l rinary Dlsense. mid In (act
all trouble or disease In either
inula r li-mnle llirM cuaranteed
r nunifV refunded. Courses low. Thousanilsot
fnnertirel. Experience in linpoiir.nl. All iued-f.iu-H
tin irunriuite.'il to be pure and efilenelou.
i.i'inu ciiiiiiui'J'uIhiJ III my perfectly apiiolnuil
I ihonttor,-. bih! lire furnished ready fur line.
N" nwiultr t rirug store to have uncertuln
lci'Tr:iui'H tilled. No mercury or Injurious
iikmI,. iii"i uitfd. Ko OVtoiitlon from business,
l'utloics :ti ndlnt.int' treated hv letter and ex-jin-M..
mrilirlnr wilt everywhere I roe from
.." i r is-ciikin.'1. Mule your euso unit send
nr l.-.ir. .. Ciumtlttitloii tree aud confidential,
iierw'intillv r " letter.
A iMist'.t TJA'YR' i'p sent
illiiKirati-d JOJVJX neuled In i.liiln envolone
(r ik Ii MnuipH. Kvrry main, from the age of
j-i to 4i. Mimild rend this book.
a rosiTivR crura for hiiku-
".! ATIS.M. MM for any case this
treat iu-nt full" to cure or help.
ire-:ei discovery in nnnnlH of
luedleiiio. tine done irlvea relief :
it lew ('.i.koh remove fever nndj
iinlu In lnliilM. 'tire completed In
i lu 7 ilnvn. rifinl mnti-meul f '
rase wltii Mump tor Circulars. Call, or address
to publishing a most valuable aeries of Tariff
documents. These are prepared with a view
to state the facts and argument for Protec
tion, whether in the interest of formers,
laborers, merchant or professional mon.
Each Issuo of the aeries appeals to those en
gaged in separate industries, and presents in
disputable tacts comparisons of wapes, cost
of living, and other arguments showing the
benefits of Protection.
Any rinjrle one will be sent on receipt Of f
ceW iu stumps except " W ages, Living and
Tariff." which will be sent for 4 cento.
The whole list will be sent for 30 cents or
any twtlvo for 20 cents, or any five for 10
cents, postage paid. Carder by number.
No. Paoh.
i- Wsrm, tiring and Tariff." E. A. HAirra-
lloK . . . -lo
$ "The Advnutue of a Protective Tariff to
the tabor aud Industrie of the Cultcd
mates." first lTUe hMy, 1887. Ciuw-
VuKD D. ne.VM.NU 83
I "Boniel'nHltk-tbiu Indispensable to a Sup
ply, at Low l'l li e, of the Manufactured
CVnimodltlvt tequlred lor the i'eoiilo of
the liulteU Htui. s, ond Adequate Home
l'rodui.'tion of tui-se conmiodltUi Inipoe
alble without a rrotuvtlve Tariff." Hint
Vrtie Emmy, CD. Tone 83
4" Vhut un- Ha w Materials ? W ould Free Raw
3!atefial be AduutUb-eous to the Labor
aud luiiumrlea of the I'ulted States."
Ylnt r'rue Ksuy, IIoukb B. Dmux 83
6-HFallai.'ii'S of rree-lruile." E. f. ilnxEK... 84
"boniL- Views ou iho Tariff by an Old llunl-
tiesr Jinn." Oeo. LlurfcH. 88
? "The l'ru-ctlve Turlff : lut AdTantages for
the south." C. L. r.DWAUDii S3
8 "The Wool Interest." Jadite W'M. Lawrbc M
h-"iTottctlun vs. I"re?-lraile." A Historical
Kuvtow. II. i. lUnidM.K 0
10 "Tie Farmer und the I aria" CoL Thomas
H. Dl'OUtf 10
II " Proteetlon ae a I'ublie HiUcy." Ueoeub S.
MofTWKLL .. 10
12' P.tply to thelTehhknt'sX'rce-Trada Hei-
nge. K.P. ToUItB
is" Woritlaenu'n and the '1 orlil." 8
14 "The VUul question: BUaUAmericau Indus
tries IX' ALauuoiKM uau iuuericau auw
kcts surrendereU i
15 Samb in tierniou, with Addition......
10" The FroKiew of ote liuttUrad iears."
KODBBT 1'. PoiiTK.a .:"
IT" Proteetlon for American (shipping.'.
18 "The Tariff Not a Tax." Homkb M. UmMX..
19 " wtiy Irlibinea Shoull I e Protectionist.
20 "Protect iou." F-. H. Aaut)OWK
81" What la a Tart ft ? " Answers to a Working.
man's uucstion a
83- "The Amerlcaa Wool Industry E.H.AM-
28-"WatreaandCostotLivuut." J.D.WBEKS. 4
84 "Southern Farnilnit Industries." 4
86" A Short Talk to v orklugmen."
MS-" Protection and the Farmer." Senator 8. Jt
Cvixoa. 18
The AneaicA!t Economist, a weekly Journal de
voted to the discussion of all phases of the Tariff
question, (i.uo per annum. Sample copies free.
Address Hiioit M. Horr, Gen. Becr, American
ProtocUve Tariff League, 88 W. 83d it-, New York,
I. uM .pr s-alo ni4 CimntT la the I' n torn
BdUto-day WITJIOt T X H1VAL. o anWer.
ally Is thUlactrceoRBlzed that aameraus bulla.
tloai hT kcea lujule, leiaimmsta do
4fJusi&s Good asfhe Frazsr'
onadealorsaffcrcttcn? taT, becaaae there Is
wn maaey ia It t thcau 1 not be Imposed upoa,
at lal on hullo
It save year horse Ubor, and yon too. It reeelTe4
tratBMdat at the CenteDalal and Pari xpsl
tlons. Bold everywhere.
All rar goo J are marked with the
One ofth
te w rtt. Our hrUiiiai
i.AMirAlr4. sntl to lutnwUKT of
0M I MK-'iH in Mr luc!lr,
atburr. ULlrtbawwbowrlM
! sarnaa " at
s w r') , 'r
tfat clulttCV. All ToaMWI9num
imrib t lu akuw tmr tmAt to
km who mil four rtchhn
and t srwnid yfc Tk -
atrniar ,k aoMtuvaml
Ifrrn. tt ireall and f fr !!.
naps. Tat hllewlnc est rr
itar atuftraa i u
. ... l .. - rfnnhl. X Ul-
ot' a x
Inlal ll.U
Iwatcli tu lb worM. Vwttott
UaMkarprr WarnwWl aaay,
WortU SlVa.v.
WUU OOLD tnatiaaT I
IMh ladtM aadnat
Viaal TahM. Onsriaaoabi
Wa taeaiar mtm aaa
fVoa. an taa iraik raa
mA Ww .tain mm t " ru'T'r.
Si aaat awhMnaaa twtm o , .
a w MM mmtm Saraa. whte ao. ajr y m ZTZT.
mm4 IM w mr, naxt pny U ataeaa. fHyal. aa.
aa kmmm .11. WTaaar-aHduaaVaaa. r c. "-T?
1 . - ... m .a a aud naaiiti Adar
V T r,.I.TTT!l(l II BIT AT Til
lilt ZZLLi Civoc 8 E aim UTj
f ' I Weakaaa of Body aad Kiaa, LUtcta
11 -T I rromoT jCMrnsa in omor iraa
l " . . .... ...iii.int.i.i lu.or.
53rr ..- t.airaAif-kW-.. as a a..
iaanl" aoa, a
i i 1 iii T
. ' ja
May 14, 185)0.
Tho Vinaerl mpf aa nnr arliournniOIlt
Prcnident Bramltall in the chair and
Morrison and Gardner present.
. m ., I I) 4 ..tl 1
Alinuies oi inecuns ueiu apiu
and 8 read and approval.
The louowinjr uins wcro aiiuwiu ;
C. G. Hornor, attorney fes 23.00
W. D. Plnnick, coal '
E. 0. Noble, anul's salari , etc 8 W
Ueleo Short, teaching M W
DsllcDramlon, leaching "J w
Nettle Doty, teaching 83.00
Lizzie Sutton, teaching "5 00
Kay W. rircwuter, tcaciilng "
J W ll,irl linrlilnff 4'I.OU
tin. J. r. Hart, teaoning.
V. W. Clark, luuitor
.... 83.U0
. .. 20.00
M. U.Uardner, clerk's fees, etc
. . . . . ...
Tlio old board having complied H
bntiincss the now meinbniv, Meer.
Koontzand Smilh were then sworn in
and took tliuir seats aa inciuliora of the
board, Mr. Biainliall retiring.
Mr. Morrison was then chosen pres
ident. Mr. Smith vice picideiit and
M. II. Gardner clerk.
A lenjfthy discussion was tlien in
ilnlirprl hi rotrartliiitf the iiidelitednt'sa
of ilie district and the udvUuhilliy of
nuttinjr a new roof and oilier repairs
. . . t i : .1. .
on the scnool ouiiuiiig which ii-uu
in deferring definite aJtioii until a In
line meeting. The Ictgih of lenu for
the next school year was also a mailer
of considerable discussion. iw mem
bers favoring a three or four nioiilliH
lerui and ihe other two six nionllis.
Applications for superintendent Inl
ine coining year were then taken up
..iwl of'tni. u frnn i1!m(MISS!i)II of I lie 11181-
U ll.a ca a a a xw "
terProf. Chas. Iiowuian was elected
ou the proposition that lie is to receive
a talarv of $85 per month if the neliool
term be six months, and if tluin
t.ix months he is to receive $100 per
Tlie board then adjourned to meet
ruirlv at 2 o'clock Ht l ho XliWS
office, at which time the lenath of
term will likely be determined upon
aud teachers employe J lor the scvt-ral
J. G. Tolster returned to the city
this week.
Tnlin Jones and family relumed
Sunday from Ft. Smith, Ark.
W. II. ltilev departed Wednesday
for his homo in'EI Iteno, Okla.
-Run. W. Ritfhani and Mr. Lemley
of the Melrose district wero welcome
callers at the News office Wednesday.
Mrs.OverhoUcrof Columbus who
was visiting her dauciiicr airs.
Haskett in this city last week, returned
home Monday.
Major N. J. Van Ariiam returned
last Fridav from an eastern visit of
several months duration. He appears
to le hale aud hearty. ,
C. S. McFadden is in tlie city this
week. He will leave lo-morrow lor
Topeka to attend llielvnigbts of Pyth
ias grand lodge meeting.
Mrs. J. B. Opperman and Miss
Nettie Dotv went lo Kansas Cily
Tliursdav, the former to visit friends
n few weeks and Iho latter intending
lo remain during the summer.
Bucklen'8 Arnica Salvo.
The best 6alve iu the world for
Cuts, Bruises, Sores, Ulcers, Salt
Rheum, Fever Sorcs.Tetter, Chap
ped Hands.Chilblains , Corns, aud all
Skin Eruptious, aud positively cures
Piles, or uo pay required. It is guar
anteed to give pcrlec-l satisfaction,
or money refunded. Price 25 ceuts
per box at all Drugstores.
For the Grand National Drill and Milita
ry Encampment
To bo held at Kansas City June 2 lo 9,
the Memphis Jioute, Kansas City. Fort
Scott & Memphis 11 It. Co., will sell
round trip tickets from Spriuatlcld
and all station on it line west thereof
at rate of one fare. These ticki'lo will
be on sale June 2 lo 9 inclusive and
o-yod to return June 12, 1890.
J. E. Lock wool),
General Passenger Ajfent,
Kansas Utiy, Jio
Tha Iadln Ventra Newsnanor,
The Kana City Time bas earned tlie above
title by always being lu the foremost rank ol
the metropolitan western newspapers In ad
vocating the Interest of the West, In the east,
era money centers the Tmu Is looked upon
M Ibe lest reflector of tla condition of the
West, and this puts It In the position or being tha
best advocate the West ran have. 11 h&a not
let IU opportunities r. M on yerT aslon
Las done all In lis power toward Ibe upbuilding
of this great Western country. Among the prin
cipal thing It has advocated, some of wblea
bare been successful, are:
Opening ot Oklahoma;
Vpenlug ot the Cherokee Strip;
Irrigation tor the arid regions;
Cheap transportation for Kaasaa.
In this good work the Kan$a$ CUy Stone
oUcUitnesiipportoI every Western man. Ita
DaBj Is the brtgbest and best edited la tha
Wert, and Us Weekly, with lu twelve larg
raos,rftnxjwlta anjweekly twwipapef la tha
Tha avanso Ctt$ Ttmrn was also the first to
tnangnrato systeoi of fast trains oot of
Finras CBy earrylng tbe regular edllloo of tbo
BmOatTtnm and duttrltmOng ttomKanam
two bunditd &Qos west by elgtito'elocka. nu
three hours before to rtgular train kavwita
auc&y. .
(First published April 12, ISM )
Aclmhiistriitor'a Notice.
Hotlee Is hereby given lht the nndrwlgned
was uion tne etn aay ot nirn. 1 . . -r
i. '1 i.u .1.. ..,l..i artnrt nl Char..ke COUU-
iy, anU iiuuisiauwiui v. - -
M. UyUad. deeeaeL hr,lk county,
Kaosa. All ieron indebted to and all jxTaoo
having claim again! said eatai are rr.
riven notice that prompt etilement I dealreU
is provided by law. U. C. H.N,
1 ' ' A.iUtiUiUtraUi . l.q. ,
(Published May 17, 1890 )
An or.lln.noe tto&"
ana nenj. it. nsrnrrsim - ;v".v,.
and assigns the privilege oMf lng
alley aud nublio grounds of be city or Hax
ter Springs, Kansa, to lay and toniainialn
mains, wrvioe le. hydraui;, talve and oth
er flxiurea for Ihe purpose of "PP,r".WBr
to thoiuselves aud fo aald city and its lubahll-
Be it ordalnd by the mayor and councllmco ol
the city of Uaxier nprings : .
flee 1. That Alexander Warner andllenj. 8.
... , . i ! .i i... ...ivn. ha
itarnerano iiieiruiiiiin,..a.. an'.
and are hereby granted for the period ol lwinty-
oi using me iiuuiiu irofia i.uu .v "
ground of the city of Baxter npringa, In Cher
okee county, Knia. to lay, place and maintain
pine, hydrants, valve and other device ana
UXIIire lortne puriHiseoi aiiHI"'" "--: --
with water and alo to supply auld city
iiibabiianu with water II the grantee ao deaire.
hec. 2. Such excavation in the streets, alleys
i i.i, . , . . ....1.1 .in, ,i. ahull lit nan
nnu limine Rruiiim. ui iu
esary lo the placing and maliilalning or pipes,
. . . ..,1.... ri iliitser.
nyiirunis, vuiven iinu "'v - , T. .1
viceol water shall be mule and shall ibe II led
up and be put a nearly a possible in their lor
nier condition with as mnnh leed aud a llUte
inconvenience a practicable; and said grantees
ahull hold and keep ald city lieeand haralea
from and foranyond nil damage arising or re
sulting from any ne tligi nce or mismanagemenl
ot said granteis, their agents or employs In
the promises. , , . ,
8eo. 8. Said city reserves tlia right and power
to grant to any other iiernon or tierson. or com
pany or corporation the f.aichie or privilege of
occupying and using any or all ot i iesireew,
alley and public ground of aald city for li e
same use or puriioae for which this privilege is
granted to said grantee, or for any oilier use or
purpose, ao a not 10 injure. Ilu pipe or other
ilxtures of said grantees
Sec 4. Said city shall not 'be liable to sa d
grantees for any damage resulting from saw
city' establishing or changing Ihe grade or any
1 the streets or alley of nld city.
Sec. 6. 1 hi ordinuncc shall lake effect trom
and alter l.s publication In the Baxter Spring
Approved May 800. nARVEyMayo.
Attest: M. H. Uaiidnbh,
City Clerk.
Kansas City, Ft. Scott & Memphis
Offers you Uie most pleasant and desirable route
to Kansas City and all point east, north aud
west 1 to Memphis and all points south.
At Kansas Cily connections are made at Un
ion Demit wlttt all through trains fur Chicago,
St. Louis and the east to St. I'util, let.vcr, Sun
IVanciscii, Portlnni und the west und norm-wi-st.
Via this line, entire train Willi Free Ue-
cllning Chair Car and Pullman Buffet Sleeping
Cur runs through to Memphis, lenn. inrougn
Itecllnlng Chnir Cur (seati lice) Kudkus city 10
Birmingham; through coach Kansas City to
Bristol, via Chattanooga and Kuoxvllle; full
man Buffet sleeping Car, Knii-us City to Xew
Orleans. There is no oilier direct r..nie lioin
the weil to Jacksonville, IVnuicola, Nashville,
Chattanooga nnd all southern cities.
This route, via Iloxie, is over olie hundred
miles th shortest to Mttle Kock and Hot
Spring' the short aud chcan route to Fayette
Viile, llenionville, Kureka springs, Foil Smith
mill nil noiiits in Alk.lllBlH.
Write Itr liirge mup and time tuhus, siidw ing
tht'Qi'gh coiinectiniH.
B. lore puivhuuing your ticket can upon a
ticket agel t of this company or write to the un
dersigned for rsiea. r-ptrial rales ami arrange
ments lor parties and their movables going
south 10 locale.
Semi for .11 copy oMbe Missouri and Kausas
Farmer, giving lull information relative lo
Ihe cheap laud of southwest M iourl . Mulled
iree. J. E. LOCKWOOD,
Cien'l Pas. & Ticket Agr.,
Kmitii city, Mo.
For Ihe puriMise of uffording opportunity for
investigating the many ailv.uitajit ouereo nome-
se kersnnd Investor by Ihe sluU-s aiissoiiii,
k rLnnuA und other stab's south nnd sotillieast.
The Memphis lioutc has arranged for a series of
half-rate excursion covering prominent poinis
in those alute. 'ilckils lor tnec eacuisiuii
will be on sale ut the company' coiion olUees
wet ot and Including !pr!ngtltdd, and at Kan
ris Cily on April 22, May 20, September 0 and
23, nd-OutolKirW, good thirty days lor return
For mill's, time-table folders, and all desired
Information relating lo lhee excursions, call
upon or address any of this company's agents or
.1. K. LOCK WO ill,
IVrlto for Circulars and Testimonial.
Silt -lielilley Buililing, Kaa Citv, Mo.
Practical Auctioneer
City of Baxter Sprinsa
jjraiul Chcrokcv. County.
Lchvc onli-ra at tlie Nkws ofRfp.
1. to olde and ""'"thuri'eai
ehanleal paper published and haj 1 the lree
0j8Sh3 wly. Sand tBZ
' H Edition of Sclentlflo American. W
A mat aneeeaa. Bach laraa eonUlns eolnrad
llthihVclirre. of country and
U or publlo buildlnaa., N a"ron fJJ2J"J3
Td fart plan and apl-oUow th. osol
40 yaar' xpertwica and bava ml oree
lunoHcatlo- for A-rl aadioe.
uro pawsma. "J?"" 1 .
Dondaao trlctlT eonfldaotiai. .
nt OBf apply ilaidbook.
ToPTBIIIT for ookJ . -
to aalokly arocarad. aVodra
ML'SS ii CO- ratent Bolleltor
GPixiiaU. crncit 41 CsoUJ
Kentucky Stock Barn
Is now open to serve the public, with the following stock in tlie S tad
PI"? A T7 I" a bright bay amnion 17 hand
UllAlJ ih and will weiuh lU) Kiumls;
fouled Mav 6, ltvai. He will show belter than a
S 40 gait. 'Bred bv A . il.Uratz. Lexinglou, Ky.
Sind by Rulonl's liarkaway, with a record of
t:s;.; Ilrsltlaman American Clay mare. This
tine young stMllion trace live time tollamble
toniun, three limes to American Clay and three
lime to iuiKirt.il Tranhy. For lull Niligree
apulv to this olllcj or Kentucky Stock Farm.
lerms oi.'i t'i insure.
I J aB. 4AAlAaJaMAaVa. IU
T?T? YMT A IV ' a of Kentucky's best bred sons, a lieau ilti bay. Ml hi n. s h gh. and
t Jlii U h Ai will weigh UtW lb.' ; loaled .. line U. ISStt. ' ffliSut?
Ueoigc Wilkes' best grandson and out or a Morgan nure Bred by B. f. lo. ttw C0U0,J
Ky. For lull pedigreesee Wootlanl' catalogue or this olllce. 'lenns Jo to insure.
8. 187. He Is Jirnl to Irot fast. Sired by Kentucky, ana lie " ' ' Rr.d bv Caiit P. C
t :Wi. and 15 others in 3:80 and better, and Is out of an Abdallah roar. Brctl 0 capi. r. v.
Kidd, Lexinal.in, Ky. Term (1.1 to Insure.
TYT.T K V Mil VV ita .lark mahogany bay, 8 year old and foil W6 l'bi.
liMUAiN tillijl: iKh M'w lbs.; with big style, good 101 m, bone aud tuitiou. int
fine all-purpose horse will lie iei milted lo serve mare at iOlo insure. ,",
1VTTT7 WTT7 T Ana Kentucky Jack . is a Jet blaok Willi white points. '
WjUXJY tVlJliLlO, hund high and weighs lrtoo lbs.; 6 year old. Bred iu oeorgelown,
Kentucky. Terms $10 to insure. .
Money du- when colts stand up and suck or when maw Is to leave the neighborhood or to be
transferred. For full putticuUrs apply lo W. W. SCOTT,
Uaxter Springs, Kausaa.
J. J". OS
G-rooeries and Dry (foods,
Provisicns, Notions, Boots, Shoes, &c.
Having added to my already large stock of Groceries;
ami Provisions a full line of Dry Goods, Notions, Voot$r
Shoes, Etc., yon are requested
buying. We can and do sell goods as low as any otner
house in Baxter Springs or any of the surrounding towns.-
a tl '
Manufacture Tin and Coppenvare, Kooliing and Spouting..
V-ITTTT7XT rr aT a "NTT"
VV J 1 JL-iO-l -a- -w w ' - -
Lumber. Lath, BMngles,,
Lime. Cement, frlixcd Paints
A) I-' FACT -
AriTrfHirirr - in s the : Buildinc : Xiine;
as they are always ready to give you
a square deal. They are prepared to
furnish on short notice anything in
their line as cheap as any, as they
buy in large quantities.
Harness! ,7 Harness!
The Pioneer Harness Shop of Cherokee County.
And still In the front rauk of the trade, will be found at the old place la.
Baxter Springs ever ready to furnish to the publie aud at- tli
loweet cash prices tie finest Hue of
Saddles, Harness, Collars,. Sweat Padsr,.
Horse Blankets, Nets Whips, Halters;.
Everything Pertaining tc .the Harness Trade
Ecnciabcr I buy my goods for SPOT CASH and TTILL.
. K0T BE UNDEIiSOLD by anyone
Exst broi or SIuuTivBT. Steeit, Orrcsn Gxaafilavli-xi? Btceiv.
II It N 15 1111' " " . . .
to call and get prices before
l.CAi, CO .! . AAiVAi Ms s

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