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The Annual Col l ration of Colored l'eo
filo Ht Baxter Spring Proves a
Grand Suoeeaa.
A very largo assemblage of the col
ored . people of southeastern Kansas
mot at Baxter Springs on Friday, Au
gust lot, to cole bra to the anniversary
ot llio liberation of l he slaves of the
"West India Islands and also the aboli
tion of slavery wit hiu tho United
StKtcs. The day was hot and dusty,
us usual, lntMliU (act did not seem to
uiitiirato ut all against tlio fullest en-
joyiiicnt of tlwt occasion by everyone
present. A goodly number came in
the midnight iruiua of the previous
night and the country people rolled in
in their wagons early, giving to our
i'My mi unusually busy appearance
l it ii tt tin? morning. At 10 o'clock a
liirgn delegation from the east arrived
(U'.coinpaniud by tho Jopliu baud in
line uniforms. Shortly afterward the
special excursion train from Ft. S::oil
uaiue rolling in with several hundred
people ari.i tl.u Ft. Scolt baud, on
boartl. Tlieso were met bv tho people
here including the Sabbath schools of
the city. The throng ftvas then ar
ranged in column on Sheridan u venue,
with the F(. Si'ott band leading, and
the liirg;) procession moved through
our principal gt reels to lieunion Park.
After 11 few moments spent in cor
dial greetings at the park I ho regular
published program was begun and
carried out almost to the letter. The
first tiling was music by the hands,
then a son? by the A. M. E. Sunday
school, pruyer by l!ev. J. W. Smith, a
song by the Baptist Sabbath school
and a brief address of welcome by
J lev. A. M. Ward. Anolliur song by
the A. M. E. Sunday school and more
music by tho bands brings us to the
grand basket dinner, which was at
tended to in that hilarious yet inno
cent manner so characteristic of the
colored race, and WU9 indeed grand.
After dinner there was music by tho
bands, a song by Johu li. Lynch ly
ocum, reading of tho emancipation
proclamation by Miss M. C. Burnett,
a song by tho Baptist Sunday school,
n, splendid and instructive address. by
lie v. B. II. Guy, another song by the
Jyccum and a line address by Mr. B.
Buler. After music by the band Mr.
J. Davi gave a recitation aud tho
Baptist S-'.lbalh school sang.
For some reason Prof. A. J. Lee did
not speak as announced, but the bal
ance of the program wa9 fully com
pleted, there being a fine recitation by
Miss M. Sueuiate, a song by tho min
ers' quartette, a splendid recitation by
Miss C. M. Toy ntcr, another song by
the qiurrctle, a recitation by Miss M.
L. Mc La more, music by band, a paper
read by II. II. Curtis and a song by
the A. M. E. and Baptist Sunday
lie v. It. J. Downing was present
mid on bring invited to speak inado a
very acceptable and interesting im
promptu speech which was highly ap
preciated. Every part of the progrnm was giv
en in a pleasing and instructive man
lier and received with due apprecia
tion. The park was filled with refresh
ment stand0, swings, a dance platform
und other forms of amusement even
down to an ''original package" estab
lishment, which, wo regret to say.
dealt out whiskey and beer at a rapid
rate all day iu defiance of the prohibi
tory law of Kansas. Notwithstanding
this, however, no trouble of a serious
nature resulted therefrom and uot an
arrest was made at the celebration.
In the. evening several festivals were
in lull blast and by the time (ho trains
pulled out at midnight doubtless near
ly all appreciated tne tact mat iney
bad had enough fun for one day. It
was one of the most successful cele
brations of tho kind ever held here.
Failing to get our report ready for
last week's paper wc will at this time
take tho opportunity to thank ail the
people for their ready response iu
helping with the festival held at the
park for tho benefit of the library.
AVo would also apologize for and ex
plain tho reason why some of the ice
cream served tliat evening was sour.
The custard was made all right, but
owing to the man not coming, as be
had promised, to freeze the cream, it
tood too long before auother person
could be found to do the work. The
:ousc(ucnre was the custard must
have soared. We, however, were not
aware of it until complaints were
wade and can only say we are very
sorry that anyone was discomforted
by it. The disappointment was severe
to the library workers as we feel a
clear $10 was'lost to the library. Had
all lecu as expected we would have
made more and felt letter. We thauk
the baud for their excellent music and
extend to them a hearty invitation to
visii the reading room often.
The attendance for the month of
June was, a reported, 186; that of
J My has been 322, nearly double. All
who are interested in this work can
not but feel encouraged. The average
attendance for last week waa 27; this
wek it i
Contributions of books received last
week and this from Mrs. H. JL Crow
ell and Mrs. Dr. McClellau.
Remember the News priuting office
when you want tale bille or posters.
"We hare a lot of new type ordered es
pecially for this purpose and cau get
ip a "daudyjob in tMsliue at lowest
tiring rates, j
Bill Kya GIvm Iulutra on Funeral and
Other Etiquette. -Copyright
by Edgar W. Nye.
, A recent work on how to conduct
oiio's self in good ' society has escaped
from the press within the past mouth,
aud is now temporarily engaged in ly
inir before me. Everv little while sotno
self made man gets a new fountain pen
aud writes a book on how to coruscate
in good form. No one can light up the
gloom of social ignorance like the ar
chitect who has carved out his own
fortune, aud spattered the gloom and
gravy thereof all along down tho cor
ridors of time. Give me the self pois
ed and self appointed 6tudcutickct who
has won his way unaided from the
counting room of the livery stable to
the proud aud dizzy height of "caller
off" at acatcb-as-catch-can and Grruco
Koman hop for incontrovertible aud
seek-iio-fnrther ad vice on how to be
have, lie h the man who generally
thinks that a good writer is a man who
has won his fame iu that direction by
Lis good penmanship. He seems to
tliink that good writing implies a fe
verish and delirious display of orna
mental 6waus and bad spelling, and
that powerful writing is produced by
bearing on a little harder than is one's
In short, ho is, as a general thing
and by general concession, the ass dc
luxe of the century he disfigures, the
artificial, veneered gentleman who.
living, lectures Ids betters, and dying
lie and his whiskers together if ocs to
his reward just as the odor of scorch
ing woolen and hot air dye is waited
to us across l lie bourne of that country
where round trip tickets are unknown
aud perpetual stop-over privileges are
accorded. Iu his lite he distracts at
tention from his own glaring short
ages by lecturing others, and iu death
he wears a very toothsome, artificial
smile and a costumo which does not
extend below the plate glass peep hole
of bis narrow house. Iu his home pa
per on the next week appears the fol
lowing: CARD.
I desire to thank the friends and
neighbors most heartily in this man
ner for their united aid and co-operation
during the illness and death of my
recent husband, who escaped from me
by the hand of death on Friday last
while we were eating breakfast. To
the friends, both one aud all, who
thus coniributed 60 willingly toward
making the last moments and funeral
of my husband a howling success, I
desire to bo remembered most kindly,
hoping that theso few lines, may find
them enjoying the same blessing. I
bow to the cruel stroke. I also have
a good milch cow and roan gelding
horse rising of eight years old which I
will sell cheap on the premises. God
moves in a mysterious way his won
ders to perform. He plauts his foot
steps in the sea and rides upon the
6torm. Also a black and white shote
very low. Yours truly,
wit Haxxah Roseola Peett.
Much space is given in this book to
the question whether or not it is good
form to leave the teaspoon in the cup
whilst encompassing its contents or
when passing it back to get it replen
ished. It is the belief among the old
Presbyterians and Whigs, I think,
that the spoon should remaiu in an up
right position in the cup, whilst the
modern or McKco dynasty holds that
tho spoon should be laid in the saucer
, . . . . i ii...
or concealed aooui me persou wiiw&i
sipping the coffee. To this the Cal-
. . - . a i a 9 4
vinistio gentlemen wno sun acme re io
to the flv front pants aud infant dam
nation reply that according to good
usage the laying down of the spoon
Implies dissatistactiou wuu tue nana
and a call for a new deal. However
this may be, tho manual above refer
red to does not straighten the matter
ud at all. but savs that the author
himself adheres to the custom of leav
ing the snoou in the cup. This, I
think, will have a meat deal to do
with breaking up tho practice.
A gentleman making a formal call
in the morning should retain his hat
in his baud. He may safely leave his
overcoat or dog in the hall, but he
must retain his hat, as it means that
the call Is a formal one. and not with
a view to matrimouv. The naiuo of
the maker on the inside of the hat also
furnishes good reading matter when
one has said all one has to say, and is
just recovering from the debilitating
effects ot a great tnougnu r amines iu
deep mourning should use black fire
crackers on the Fourth of July as far
south as Bleeckcr street.
When calling on any oue at a hotel,
send up your card and wait for a re
ply. If the servant returns with the
reply that thegeutleman is not iu, do
not lose your temper, or throw a rub
ber cuspidore through the mirror, or
say bitter things, but go on about your
business, If you have any, and if not,
advertise and get some at once.
Senator Jones of Nevada, who once
in a great while goes over to San Fran
cisco to buy his groceries for the year,
stops at the Palace hotel while there,
and has a pleasing device for obtain
ing rest and soothfal calm, unbroken
by the uncalled for calls of people who
wish to drop in and expectorate from
his window. He registers, and a room
is assigned to him by the handsomo
clerk at the Palace. The numb Is
placed opposite his name in the book.
People ronie iu, ttke a fresh toothpick,
steal a Tew matches, scratch the calf of
one limb with the shin of the other,
look aleaj down the pa e deliberately,.
so as to keen nayinjr guests from reg
Uterine, and say : "Hello 1 Jones is
hero. I will send my card up to bim
and see how be is behaving himself."
The card is taken up and shoved under
the door, for Senator Jones is not in
that room. That room is kept to store
cards in. But he is not in it. Some
times he sets almost a room full of
cards, ho says, if he stays there long
enough. Ho has a better room, wiiicii
ho occupies. Sometimes a real friend
or constituent calls, and foolishly sends
np his card to this lay figure room of
Jones , and alter ward wncn me scna
lor meets him it affords him a great
deal of pleasure to rogret his absence
at tho time of the call.
In attending a funeral, and while
viewing the remains, do not lay the
back of vour baud on the face of de
ceased to satisfy yourself that life is
extinct, unless he has called upon you
during life.
Do not call upon persons in reauc-
cd circumstances wearing a great dis
play of wealth aud ornamentation.
rossibly, on second tnougui, u
would bo' better not to call upon them
at all. They might shock you by
openly indulging themselves in habits
ol industry.
Do not make a display of consulting
vour watcii. specially it making a
first call ou one of tho nobility, do uot
ostentatiously open the rear of of your
watch to show the name ot the factory
or tho glitter of the works, and do not,
while visiting among titled people,
and while the family are at prayers in
the morning, blow a kernel of wheat
out of your key and wind your watch
with a deafening report, i here is no
thing that will tempt a God fearing
duke to come down from the front
steps of the throne of grace and brain
his visitor with a frozen cucumber
quicker than this. Let us at all times
try to be respectful to others, especial
ly if there is money in it.
If you are a hostess, and engaged in
entertaining the nobility ot Uue Hun
dred and Fifty-eighth street, do not
jump up hurriedly and run to the
barn the moment you hear a hen cack
le. It is rude to your visitor and is an
implied insult to tho veracity of the
If you are a guest at the house of a
neighbor who has borrowed some of
your pie plates for the occasion, do not,
iu a lit of rage or despondency over
your failure to converse fluently with
the pastor, call attention to tho fact
that these are your pic plates. It is
about the detro'ppist thing you could
well do.
This season's epitaphs will be brief
er than usual, aud ruu more into plain
or Gothic extended letter. The hand
with forefinger extended upward will
not. be used so much this summer, as
in several instances this style of stone
has heretofore been upended, or turn
ed cud foijend rather, by mischievous
people, thus conveying a different im
pression ou the public mind from the
one intended as to the general direc
tion taken by the deceased.
It is still de rigger to say
Sacred to the Memory of :
and not
SitcreU to the Memory of j
i PELEG SCHWAUTZ, Esquire. :
At least this is the custom west of
Avenue A, and especially of Seventh
If in making your first call yon do so
on a bicycle do not bring the instru
ment into the hall with you or hold it
iu vour lan whilst calling. Yoa might
drop it and break it.
Do not caress your watch chain or
charms whilst making a party call.
You will be apt to wear the gold off
and expose vour poverty, which is
vulsrar. True politeness consists in
deftly concealing your poverty aud
natural born vulgarity so far as possi
Do not pick up the wine at table
and carefully scrutinize the label as if
you were aconnessurr, when you are
really a common curr. iou may fool
the company during two or thro
courses with the idea that you aro used
to wiue at home, but before the pio is
reached you will manage, no doubt, to
advertise the fact that yoa are accus
tomed to thick milk from a gourd, and
not much of that.
Do not waste yoar hair oil on the
wall paper. Hairoil costs money, and
we connot lubricate the future with
the hairoil that is past.
Do not gawp and listen like a lump
ou a log while some one is playing at
the piano. People will think you came
from the country.
If you are a gentleman, and should
the small tag at the base of vour shirt
bosom become detached and protrude
between the waistcoat and pantaloons,
do not lose heart or become needlessly
profane, but either excuse yourself
and retire behind the piauo, or hold
the large family album in your lap,
and while ostensibly searching the
very soul of some meaty aud scared rel
ative's portrait you can rearrange
yourself, meantime keeping up a per
foct gob of persiflage.
The term Messrs. is getting too com.
mon, I think, as a substitute for gentle
man. It ought to go. It doseu't mean
anything, and ought to endear Itself to
every one by placing itself on file In
some thrifty oblivion estaoiisnmeni.
Detropis ncniauie for Iu 1 Do we say
in makinsr a speech at a dinner, Mr.
President sai -Messrs., I MtU thought, j
P5 -
Gives Lowest Prices 011 Barb and Baling Wire ami all
(Masses ol
Lumber, Lath, Shingles,
Iiimc, Cement,
Anything : in : the : Building s Line
Lons-Bell Lumber da
as they are always ready to give you
a square deal. They are prepared to
furnish on short notice anything in
their line as cheap as any, as they
buy in large quantities.
Wc are hay balers and shippers and would like to buy your bay, or sell for
you on commission. Wo can always place good Lay at good figures.
We want put up on shares. Come early if you want a contract
Hay Presses for Sale!
ISoth old and new. Call and
etc." Of course not. Do we expect
to see the sign in (he laduV cabin
"Messrs. unaccompanied by Mesdamos
if found in this cabin will be shot?"
I hope and trust not. There are many
other things regarding social customs,
funeral etiquette, etc., which this book
suggests, aud of which I hope iu the
future to treat, provided I am not
snatched away during the watermelon
scasou. Bill Nte.
A Safe Investment.
Is one which is guaranteed to bring
you satisfactory results, or in case of
failure a return of purchase price.
Ou this safe plan you can buy from
our advertised druggist a bottle of
Dr. King's Hew discovery lor Con
sumption. It is guaranteed to briug
relief in every cose, when used for any
affection of Lungs, or chest, such as
Consumption, Inflammation etc. II is
pleasant and agreeable to taste, per
fectly sate, and can always be de
pended upon
Trial bottles, 10c, at all Drug
Stores. 1
Natural Enough.
Fond Mother (gazing at the baby)
He look? Just like Ihh la
ther, docsn i her
Careful Xurse
excel the heard
- its in,
and eye
glasses. M u msey's Weekly.
Merit Wins.
We desire to say to our citizens,
that lor vears we have been selling
Dr. Kiujr's New Discoverv for Con
sumption, Dr. Kiug's New Life Tills,
li tickle, u 'a Aruica oaive and jiieciric
Bitlers, and have irver hautlli'd
remedies thitt sell ns well, or that
have givcu such universal satisfac
tion. Wc do uot hesitate to guaran
tee ihein every time, and wo ftaud
ready to refund ih purchase price,
if satisfactory results do not lollow
their use. I'hcse remedies have won
their great popularity purely ou their
merits. For sale at all Drug
The Xkwb U 11 a year. Subscrilie.
acmi and I 1jai II fj
Tora-fffTii lam CdtTmfy
tn a u Wfc-afc.
ktaMT tj ' 9 lia S 1 a. A
hU4 1 r-ai11r P ,fcta Bfj a fM-
Mined Paints
get prices and terms.
ealo. Also Bale tics.
We have
109 & HI I'. M.ua if., AAHSAS an, MO.
Tl:t ir.ly Specialist In V:e City u'm Is a . cu!ar
Graduate in Xrdlcine. Our 23 yours' fra.ttcc,
12 yean in Qixugo.
Anthorirw! Ivy tho Mate to tmil
Chronic, Nervous find "Special DM
hism," Sominnl WraknvM iwiii
)'iuie)jBfX mil 1 'obliity Uiu 11 ',tu
piwcr). Nervous l'eoiMy. INiIhoiibiI
Itlixxl ,1'lPBrs and .sw?lilnnof vcry
kind. Urinary .Jecii, and la fact
nil troubles or llwaHea In Wilier
niulo or fiuinle, Cur iruaniniwil
or money refunded. I'linrin tuw. Thonximdsof
cnp ffiirvd. Experience in Important. All nied
riiieftareBuuruiueed to lie pure ond cfilcaclouit,
tieliiir. rumpouiidiM) ill my perfectly npi'iinttl
1'iliorMor.T, und nre furnished ready tor lit.
No running to drug mores to have unrertuin
prccrti(tons tilicl. No mercury or Injurious
mi"! if! nn lined. No detention from tuaincs.
l'mlenM nt a distance lreniel by letter und ex-pn-Hs,
medicine lent everywiiere free from
cie or trenkHt?e. Mate y?ur ease and m-iid
fur terms, t'onniiltntion free and conlideuilul,
pertitnuily or ly letter.
iiluMruted vvfa, i
a w irnne Tinrixr r imiu win, win.
seu.ed In ulain envelope
for 6c. in stamp.
Every mulo, from the age of
li to i"), should read Ibis book.
MA i in.M. Mil inr any case nurtur
treatment fuiis to enre or help. V
i;rena dincoverr In nnnkU of
nicll(-liii. till" dime irlves relief:
a few removes fever nnrt W
1scii In Joints : l ure completed In
i to 7 iluvs. Pend Miitentent (
ease with stamp lor Circulars, full, or address
Dr.K?N5ERS0N,l09W.tth6t.,KanuCitv,Mo. Is hU la every Stale aad Caaaty la taa Talaar
aaakiuvaay Vt ITUOLT A KIT Ala aalvar.
aally la Ula fart rs.icatat that aasassaaa larfta
tlaaa kavaaaaa laaa, all alalailagf a
4J::ins G::J csiho Frczcr"
Isai Jsalsrs afftr aaaaa wtmt, tseaasa taara t
ursai-a sy la II ta taasa.PaBaiaaliiandaa"
at facial M aavtas;
It aavaa raar haraa takar. mat yaa taa. It I ssitisa
xtawaal at taa Oaataaalal aaa Part Trail
laaa. Ma erarywaara.
Ailannsi araaiarfcaaa-ttalaa
1 Ciua aoia InMlaa; sk
1 IjMik Isato n Miu,
' imVk wariw sad
d mSm. Obi raaaos S
I, mm a. .-
m iw ail. r w- kiiaaa .
siilaiaaauCaZa aaia.l-t-.a-I. a,-.
k "'V
I !t l I Wma hssn.

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