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Hnt.cs of Subscription.
One emir . oneVeur (1 C
"ne ivo.y, mix months G
me ropy, three mouth
All miliHoriiition payable in o Wniiee nd all
not paid hi udvunce will bo charged lor at the
n.ie or ti.an per year, sanscritier win com'
h luvnr by ri'i(itin(f to ua promptly uny lullc.i
to len.-iv flic Kvvcm
All kind r JOB PRINT! V ciircftitly imd
urniujuly attended lo. Cull and ee specimen
RtiiiKim City. Fort Scott ft Memphis Rullroud
Noiitii Hor.vD. I Arrive.
Vail mihI m.tni-r... 1 10. IS a. m.
I'u-iiK r.i 1 11 liv a. ni.
I.ooil irclfcht I 3 00 p. m.
SofTM Bound.
Mall iin'l p:ivngr.. I 4.4A . m.
I'ikwiik'T I IS 1ft a. m,
l...ul lijht I 111 m.
1(1.12 u. m
12 J.1. in
1'.' I t u. in
U. 1.1 u m
Mull and nuMi-iiirvr train run -tally: lreijfiu
Jsillv except Stinditv. Mail cliwsait poit-oiUc
ttu iiituiitcH before tiulu time.
lliivlur unit r.heiona Mail and Hark Line.
Tueadnv. TliuiKilikV and Saturday. J-uVrii Hax
n r 1 . to. j Keclvillc8.80; Melrose 4; and
urrives alClietnpa at 6 o'clock p m.
BAXTER j No. 7
A. V. A A.M., .Ni'oMio street
Meets the At ami third Mon
ilav eveuinirs of each month ut
7:80. Visiting brethren toiler
nally Invited.
1UA C. I'anKixs, W. M
R. H. hMiTii. Sec.
We have just received a lino stock
of new goods consisting of Knives
Mini Forks. Pocket Knives the best
Tinware in Baxter Springs and many
other very uselul thing.
JrT Receiveii. A large stock of
Oticensware and Glassware and am
urenared to fit out fuil sets of both
plain and decorated dishes, and intend
to make the lowest prices inane any
where in the western markets.
J. II. Humphrey.
If voti need anything in the bard
ware line call on J. J. Fribley where
yon yet lowest prices and best goods,
The most durable $2 shoe at
A. M. Peake & Cos'.
New supply of prize baking powder
at Cooper oc Hodgkins .
Look at our boots and 6hoes before
buying. A. M. Peake & Co.
12.50 buys a fine kid shoe at Cooper'
worth $3.00 in any market.
The place for bargains is at
A. M. Peake & Co's.
Headquarters for watermelons is at
Bbewsteb Bros.' G koceby.
Straw bata at cost.
A. M. Pfake& Co.
See our $2.50 glazed kid shoe before
you buy elsewhere. It is the best bar
gain ever offered in a shoe in this mar
ket. All sizes and 6tyles, Common
Sense, Castillion and Opera Heel and
Toe. J. M. Cooper's.
We have the bc6t lino of mew's,
women's, misses' and children's shoes
in the west. A. M. Peake & Co.
Still yon get 13 fcs. granulated, 14
1bs best light brown and 15 lbs of ex
tra dark brown sugar for $1 at
Cooper & Hougkins'.
For bargains in jeans pants, overalls
ami jumpers call at
A. M. Peak e & Co's.
Entirely new styles in corsets just
received at J. M. Cooper's.
A nice line of trunks
A. M. Peake & Co's.
and valises at
. A few nice stylish suits at cost at
J. R. Tucker'a for a few days.
For a good, warranted 2 shoe call
on A. M. Peake & Co.
Bargains in ladies' and gents' un
derwear, to close out.
J. M. CoorEB.
At Cost to Close. A few nice
summer suits at J. R. Tucker's.
White dress goods. Swiss and Ham
burg embroideries vow offered at re
duced prices. J. M. Cooper.
The popular 12 shoe at Tucker's
still leads.
500 Etyles of suspenders at very low
prices. J. M. Cooper.
The "Lightning" fruit jar U the boss,
ry them at McElbJney'a new store.
Prof. C 8. Bowman
school census.
is taking the
Unless a man has a character that
won't chow dirt, ho had better stay
out of politic.
It la said Col. Weldy Is considering
llio matter of reviving the Daily Re
publican at Galena.
Another heavy rain fell Wednesday
n Hit which insures a fair crop of
corn for this vicinity.
A blcvele rider at Webb C'ty took
a header'' a few davs ago and dislo
cated both of his arms.
There are Boveial more, engaged
couples in theso parts thai are nearly
riMj enough to lie pulled.
Everybody will be a lad to know
that the Baxter Springs fruit evupora
tor is to be put in operation.
The weather Is remarkably cool
thi work in comparison to the heated
term of the few week? previous.
The original package houses closed
but their stocks last Friday and Satur
day and have quit the business.
The democratic primaries will bo
held on Saturday, September oth.
Baxter Springs is pat down for live
Owing to the absenco of Mr. Connor
and the illness or Mr. Scott, the coun
cil met at the latter s residence Tues
day evening.
Rev. II. W. Marshall of Galena, will
preach at the Presbyterian church to
morrow at 11 a. in. All are cordially
nvitcd to attend.
J. II. Magee & Co. will start up the
Baxter Springs fruit evaporating
works Monday, If a sufliclent amount
of apples can bu procured.
t - a
It is expected that the street com
missioner will have a small army out
next Monday for the improvement of
some of our thoroughfares.
Mr. A. W. McDowell, who has been
employed in the News office for sever
al weeks past, left Tuesday to accept
a position with the Galena Times.
Wednesday night's experience dem
onstrates the fact that you can't
alwavs sometimes tell where light
ning will strike at least not until it
ta.s etruck.
Jesse Hodsoti, living near Lowell
Station, lias bills out announcing
salo of horses, cattle, hogr, farming
implements, etc., to occur on Saturday
the 23d lust.
The city levy this vear is 22 mills
and the school levy 21 mills, making
total of 43 mills, in i s is ouiy one
mill higher than it was last year on a
much reduced valuation.
Subscribers, remember we need a
ittle money occasionally. If you owe
us and nave an extra uouar or two
uot come and leave it with us. ' We
will appreciate the favor.
When a mau persists in carrying an
open umbrella on the shady side of the
street the bystauders all stop talking
bout the weather and begin loosing
around for something to throw.
The largest, best and most welcome
rain of the season came bunaay. ai
though about two weeks too late to do
the most good for crops there is a large
amount of corn that nas been greatly
benefited by it,
f!vrn W. nirvev will have a grand
auction sale of slock, farm machinery,
household goods, etc., at his farm four
miles north or Baxter borings on
Thursday. Aug. 21sL See large bills
for particulars
Cherokee county, Kansas, and Jas
per county, Missouri, will hold a joint
picnic at tfeorgia uny, near tvaco,
Missouri, on Saturday, August 23d.
The sub-alliances of both counties are
expected to take part.
Wm. Roe showed us a curiosity in
the shape of a cluster of seven ears of
cornallgrown together on one stalk.
He says he will take it to Oklahoma 1
for seed and endeavor to prodnce a
new kind of mammoth yeilding corn.
Short Creek Republican : The farm
ers' alliance convention resolved "that
we will withdraw our patronage from
all papers that attempt to infuse their
poison into our rants, xioo-ooo-uoo.
There's a big ugly bear coming, boys ;
cork up your pizen bottle quiet.
A very pleasant party of young peo
ple was neia ai me residence oi r. tv.
Taylor three miles east of Columbus
on Wednesday evening of last week.
About 16 couples were present Be-
freshments were served it the proper
time and a general good time W8 re-1
ported by all present
'IBEX SOAP the test 5c soap on the
market at W. E. Tyner's.
Buy flour and feed at Baldwin's.
Inquire of G. E. Davis Ss Son. Bax
tcr Springs.
Nothlutr better, if as good, as the
popular shoe for $2 at J. It Tucker's.
Large supply of new tinware just
arrived at Cooper & Hodgklns'.
$2.50 buvs the best women's shoe
ever sold in the state for the price ; the
best fittinz and most durable and
every pair warranted, at Cooper'a.
Milk Shake, Lemonade and Soda
Water at Brewster's.
Our 12.00 ahoo
has the lead.
Every pair warranted.
M. Coopeb.
Decorated Queenswabe! Tbelat
est ft vie and lowest prices new stock
just received at .1. J. Osborn's.
Fresh lemons at Tyner's.
Mrs. W. W. Smith is closing out the
last of Her summer millinery at cost.
Highest market prices in cash paid
by J. M. English: & Co.
New line of men's and boy's hats at
J. It. Tucker's.
Jeans and overalls at Baldwin's.
Fine jelly glasses as cheap as the
cheapest at W. E. Tyner's. '
See Tucker's new line of men's and
boy's hats before buying.
L. P. Goodner will nav the hifrhest
market price for butchers stock. In-
- a .
quire at Drovers and Farmers bank.
Buy your queensware at Baldwin's.
T. B. McElhlncy invites the public
to call and see his new stock of cook
stoves, hardware and tinware.
To Our Customers:
We will meet any prices made on
goods in our line in this city or in any
of the neighboring towns.
J. J. Usbobk, The urocer.
Buy your groceries at Baldwin's.
Fresh lemons at Brewster's grocery.
Good fresh butter on ice at J. H.
The "Golden Gem" cook stove at
McElhiney'sistbebest and cheapest
in the market. Fire back warranted
for live yearsj
G. G. Gregg can supply the trade
with machine oils of the best quality ;
also a complete stock of drngs, medi
cines, white lead and linseed oil, mix
ed paints, glass and putty, druggists1
sundries, etc., all at fair prices. n.very
thing guaranteed. Prescriptions made
a specialty.
Fine glass coal oil cans for 35c each
at w. j& 'atner s.
Fine rye bread at Ohlen's.
Tucker still leads them all with the
popular $2 shoe.
If you want the finest white
claret or pure cider vinegar call at
Bbewsteb Bros, cash Ubocery.
Ice Cream and Milk Shake at Oh
len's every day.
Good package coffee 28c a lb. or 2
lbs. for 55c at Tyner's.
A new supply of
teas at Cooper &
Go to Ohlen's restaurant and get a
dish or quart of delicious Ice cream.
Trv Mekaeka Baking Powder at J.
M. Brewster's Cash Grocery and get
chance to draw a fine diamond ring.
Milk shake every day at Ohlen'a.
2'?, m.Xrii
will pay you the highest market price.
Call at Brewster's grocery and get a
pound of the Japanese Basket Tea,
aud a handsome Japanese segment
Best gasoline and. coal oil at McEl
We carry a full stock of W. A
Mount tc Co'a. beat candies.
The celebrated Selz shoe at Cooper's
has so equal in style and price. Try
them aud yon will bay no other.
Every pair warranted.
TTTO wmrrrrrn . n. r
L.nAi fmlt. finer crackers, pre-
The couuty democratlo central com
mittee met in Columbus last Satur
day and decided to hold the conven
tion on the 6th of September. As
to putting out a couuty ticket or
not, there was a free expression of sen
timent, says the Star Courier, but as
the committee had no authority to
take any action in the matter, it was
left to bo decided, as it should be, by
the convention. If the convention,
when it meets, shall decide not to pnt
out a ticket, It will amount, practically
to an lndrosement or the people s ticK
et. But if the convention shall uomi
nate a ticket, or a part of one, it will
ha led to do so from the consideration
that the party lias nothing to surren
der, and from the additional consider
ation that the people's convention did
not pnt out an all-round strong one
This is what may be gathered from
the proceedings. We cannot advise
further than to say that all people fa
voring good government and feeling
the importance of united action, may
do will to lay aside minor objections,
at times, and work together against
oppression and misrule.
The stockholders of the Galena,
Guthrie and Western railroad corapa
uy held their annual meeting for the
election of a board of directors in this
city Wednesday evening, August 13
Charles P. Huntington of New York,
Alexander Warner or Connecticut,
Wm. B. Stone, Daniel C. Finn, Samuel
H. Smith, A. D. C. Harvey. O. J.
Nichols, W. H. Cogshall, E. C. Scam
mon and J. r. Campbell of Kansas,
and D. AI. Ross of Oklahoma were
elected directors for the ensuing year.
The board of directors organized by
the flection of Col. Alexander Warn
er president, Daniel C. Finn vice pres
ident, u. J. Nichols secretary and col.
W. B. Stone treasurer. The road will
be built in the near future.
On Tuesday evening the remaining
members of the onco proud order of
Rangatoo Guards met at their usual
trysting place and conveyed the re
mains of their once proud chieftain,
the Oriental High Priest Mclchisedec,
to the tomb. In doing so they passed by
the Springs hotel where a very appro-
plate farewell serenade to County At
torney Ashley was given, led by the
stentorian voice of C. W. Daniels with
bass drum and tiu horn accompanl
ments. It was an eccentric affair in
deed a funeral at night, with 56
large tears containing a quart each
and numerous ones or a less size.
On Wednesday last a very large
piece of rich jack or zinc ore was
broken loose in the drift of the M. W.
Smith shaft at Peoria. It was est!
mated that the piece as loosened would
weigh 1,500 pounds. It was entirely
too large to be taken out whole and
a pop snot was put into it to break it
up small enough for handling. This
shaft now presents a face of rich jack
about three feet deep and fourteen feet
wide, which is growing larger as it
gets farther under the hill. Other pros
pects are looking better and better,
aud the town is going ahead.
Reuben Turner requests us to
state that on or about last Saturday
H. H. Curtis and J. W. Smith, two
reputable citizens of this town, held
him up on the high way in broad day
light and feloniously robbed him of
a genuine original package containing
a hair pint, more or less. To save fur
ther trouble said robbers had better
return said package to said innocent
purchaser immediately.
Farmers should plow their wheat
and oats stubble ground at the earliest
possible moment after the grain is
stacked and then the soil will be in
condition for seeding at the proper
time. This is an important feature of
the Mennouites' plan of raising wheat
and they never fall, eveu in Jiansas.
Th Chief of the, Raugatoo.
By order of the next grand officer
la command, the Captain of the
Rangatoo Guards has called upon all
worthy mombers to assemble at the
nsnal place, at the usual hoar, to take
part iu the ceremony of embalming
our Grand Oriental High Priest, of
tne Ancient Order of Melchisedec,
who is to be embalmed by Prof. Wm.
Woodrnm, late from the Hong Eong
Islands. Sahacradab,
Old Spanish
The Seneca Dispatch aays that Clark
& Sherer are re-opening the old Span
ish mines, where report says rich sil
ver was found years ago. The shaft
runs in benches, one every seven feet,
like steps. In cleaning ont this old
shaft a singular mining implement
like a poker with a chisel blade on the
lower end was fonnd at a depth of 12
feet a shovel at 13 feet and a mattock
at 14 feet These mines are on the
ridge one mile sooth of Warren's
branch, one and a half miles west of
the state line, one mile east of Peoria
and seven miles north of Seneca,
Probably tho most severe electrld
storm ever witnessed in this city pass
ed oyer a section of coantry several
miles in width on either side of Bait
ter Springs Wednesday night A boa J
5 o'clock a small unpretentious cloud
made its appearance in the northwest'
cm sky, and now and then a burst of
thunder could be heard. It was evU
dent that we would get a shower, but
some thought not. The cloud kepi
growing, however, and the thunder
and lightning became more severci
About 7 o'clock a heavy shower with
very sharp lightning and thunder
Eassed over during which the large
am of H. R. Crowell near his resi-
deuce on south Military street, was
struck by lightning and during the
heaviest of the rain burned to thfl
This storm then subsided for a time
bat was succeeded about 10 o'clock by
a much heavier one accompanied by a
M ron g wind aud fierce lighttiingi
During this part of the storm the resi
dence of Shelby Johnson was struck
by lightning and parts of it consider'
ably shattered. The members of the
family were all safely housed in the
cyclone cellar a few feet from the
house, and escaped any serious shock
from the stroke.
The M. E. church steeple waa also
struck, and the southeast corner of the
spire considerably splintered, but for
tunately the building escaped being ig
niiea, wnicn wonia nave been a terri
ble calamity. The electric sparks and
balls of fire could be seen dancing all
around in the vicinity of Neosho and
Military streets, and it so happened
that a load peal of thunder caused J.
M. Brewster to go into his store, when
be discovered it to be full of smoke
and a smouldering lire within. The
electric lamps had been burned out by
tne neavy charges of electricity carried
along the wires, but be soon found
that the fire was in a box of axle
grease which was removed from the
building, and a disastrous fire probj
ably thus averted.
A large tree by tho side of A. M.
Peake & Co's. store building was ta
ken a p by the roots and twisted about
in a very peculiar way. Many of the
electric lamps and apparatus were
ruined by the storm.
In the country Mr. G. H. Beau lost
four bead of cattle which came in con
tact with a barb wire during the
ttorm, and Mr. Wellman living in
Quaker valley lost a very fine horse by
a stroke of lightning. It wonld seem
that barb wire fences are not the safest
things to tie to In an electric storm, as
we learn from parties who came ur
the lane in the territory during the
storm that the wire fences presented
an almost continuous stream of fire
which ran back and forth along the
feuce on either side of the lane in a
most awe-inspiring manner.
Reunion Stand Privilege.
Notice is hereby given that privi
leges for refreshment stands and
booths of all kinds during the 'coming
reunion at Baxter Springs will be
sold in this city each Saturday 'after
noon until farther notice. For further
information call on or address,
J. F. Hartley,
Committee on grounds;
Attention, Comrades.
All members of Baxter post and all
other ex-soldiers or sailors who intend
going to the reunion at Southwest
City will meet at post hall on Tues
day, Aug. 2fi, at 8 a. vx. Comrades
who are going will leave their names
at the commander's paint store.
It r. McGregor, comdr.
J. W. Dukham, Adjt
Webster's Unabridged Dictionary
and Encyclopaedia given away at
Cooper's. Call and get a card and
procure one of these valuable books. .
Dried beef at Brewster Bros.
A beautiful piece of music given
- M
away wttn every aouara worta or
goods at Brewster Bros. Cash Grocery.
We have a full stock of queensware
cheap. JjJ. Osbobn.
We will have fresh vegetables from
now on at bottom prices.
Bbewsteb Bros. Cash Ubocebt.
Fresh bread, cakes, pies, etc every
dav. Lunch, cigars, tobacco, nuts
nd fruits in season.
Lunch or meals at Ohlen's.
Come and see our new stock of fan
cy candles.
Bbewsteb Bros. Cash GsoctKT.
The popular $2 shoe at J. R. Tuck
er's is stUl Has favorite against til cdi
' ' i '

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