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m. Ht Gardner, publisher.
Drnnmary of tho Daily News.
TBI entire day In tba Oenalo on th 28th
wm devoted to consideration of the Tariff
bill.. ..The Home paiaed the Lard bill br a
'viuo ra 11, i quorum Doing counted.
Many members then had lometblng toaay
u fhuui explanation or trie riotoua pro
ceeaing 01 toe day before and the bill
oonitltutlng eight hours a day's work In the
wnwDmoni aerrioe was passed. No other
Dosiness ol puhlle Importance was trans
acted and the House adjourned.
U the Pen ate on the 2Jth Senator Blair
presented a memorial of the Women's Na
tional Industrial League for the suppres
sion and punishment of the "armed assas
sins, known as the rinkerton detectlTes."
which was referred. Senator Edmunds of
f red a concurrent resolution, which went
orer, for an adjournment from September
IS to November ia The Tariff bill was then
considered until adjournment.. ..The day In
the House was occupied In Committee of
the Whole on private claims. Among the
bills passed was that known as the Omnibus
Bouinern war Claims bill. The bill carries
appropriations of S3M.000. At the evening
Mai Ion pension bills wire considered.
Whin the Senate met on the SQth Mr. Mor
gan presented resolutions of a colored mas
meeting In Birmingham, Ala., against the
passnge of the federal Election bill. Tho
Tariff bill was then taken up anJ debated
nntll adjournment....'! he House, after some
debate, passed the bill for the adjustment of
the accounts of laborers, workmen and nm.
chan les arising under the tlbt-Hour law
also the bill amending the Alien Contract
taw; also the bill prohibiting the cmnlnv
ment of convict labor on public w rks, and
the bill to prevent the purchase of supplies
by the United States that are the prrduct of
tootici jaoor. ine conference report on
the bill to prevent collisions at sea wus
agreed to and the House adjourned.
Whih the Senate met on September 1 Mr.
noar suggested that the day might be ud
propriuicly obcrvcd by considering lubor
uiu ana Mr. isiatr suggested an aJl turn
ment Mr. Aldrloh objected to any "furthi r
ouncomoe speeches." and as such bill cmiii
not be passed without discussion, the Tariff
oui was taken up and debated until
adjournment.. ..The House pasted the LI. I
providing fur Government In pertion of
coai mines in the Territories, and Mr. Cooper.
woo maue cuurges airalnut Tension Com wis
sioner Kuum, objected to Mr. fniyser, one of
lUTesugaung committee, because ho
was a stockholder In Mr. Itauiu's rcfrlgcr
tor company. At Mr. tSmyser's request he
w permmea to resign from tho commit
see. eevcrai private bills passed and the
nome adjourned.
Ik the tenate on tho 2J Mr. Kvorts pre-
ntcd ronolutlona from tho Buffalo Mer
chants' Exchange favorinir reciprocity.
After minor business the Tariff I ill van
taken up and dt bate continued until ad
journment. .. .After passing several l;c il
bills the Houne took up the Clayton Breck
inridge election cue and after severul
speeches it went .ver. The t-pcukur un
nouneed the appointment of Sip. Fiiik
uowaj as a member of tliu Euum lnvetl
gating committee in place of Mr. buiysor,
uu hue xiuuso uujourneu.
. n A .
uaiius i. amsdex has been nom.
lnatsd lor Governor of New Hampshire
oy we jjemocrata.
If it stated In Wall street that Steen
strand, the Liverpool bankrupt cotton
merchant. Is estimated to be worth
9750,000 to $1, 000,000, and carried lino
of 100,000 to 125,000 bales of near op
Tiie New York State Board of Arbi
tration commenced an inauirr into the
.now loric central strike on the 2d.
The annual convention of the United
Typothetoo commenced In Chickering
Hall, Boston, on the 2d.
C . T"k . . .
oL.aAiun iAvif nas introduced an
amendment to the Tariff bill providinrr
At lf II
mat, umamg iwme manufactures In
whole or in part from thistle or Tampico
fiber, jute, jute butts, manilla, sisal
grass or sunn, shall be admitted froo of
The abandonment of the Hot Springs,
atk., military reservation has been
The President has approved the Sun
arywivu Appropriation bill providing
jot aaamonai iorce to carry into effect
the Dependent Pension bill.
ihe President has signed the Meat
inspection bill.
The Secretary of the Treasury has
made a call for 820,000,000 of bonds for
the month of September.
It la not thought likely Congress can
adjourn before October.
The public debt statement showed a
decrease during the month of August of
The President has approved the joint
resolution making appropriation for tho
relief of the destitute In Oklahoma.
President Haiuhrox and General
Sherman have accepted invitations to
be present at the twenty-first annual re
union of the Society of the Army of the
-umoeriana, to be held at Toledo, Q
September 17 and 18.
Three cable cars collided In the Wash
ington street tunnel in Chicago early
tho other morning and all were badly
wrecked. Frank Metzger, an express
aeent oi St. Paul, was killed.
Tint leading . horticulturists of the
United States, at a meeting In Chicago,
took steps toward appropriate repre
sentation at the World's Fair.
Governor Mellette, of South Da
kota, has been renominated by the Re
publican convention.
Claude Matthews was chosen bv
ndiana Democrats for Secretary of
MiciiioAx Republicans have nomi
nated James M. Turner, of Lansincr. for
While a special freight train on tho
Detroit, brand Haven fc Milwaukee
road, No. 205, was nearing Detroit, a
door fell off one of the cars upon tho
track and caused considerable damage.
A Ino empty cars were badly wrecked
and traffic was delayed about ten hours.
Various reports having been sent to
Chicago from New York that the finan
cial condition of the Rock Island road
was weak, a meeting of the directors of
the company was held, at which a show
ing was made. The figures utterly dis
proved tho stories and showed that tho
company was In better financial condi
tion than ever.
Marv Elizabeth Cooley, wifo of
Judge T. M. Cooleys of tho Inter-State
Commerce Commisaion, died at Ann Ar
bor, Mich., recently.
Ax attempt was made to burn Senator i
Stanford's stables at tho Palo Alto
ranch, near Menlo Turk, CaL, recently.
The Chinese watchmen frustrated the
SrKAKER Da.mkls, of the Oklahoma
Legislature, was prostrated bv heat at
Guthrie on the 80th. Governor Steele's
message spoke of the effect of tho
traded drought in addition to tho
ventional subjects.
Simox MrKixzin, near Taradise. U.
T., started out to shoot coyotes. His
gun was accidentally discharged and
the. ball killed his little boy and badlv
. . . . -
wounuea nis wire.
Printers employed on tho Guthrie,
(Ok.) Capital have struck.
Three persons were burned to death
In a fire at the Wofford House, Como,
Col., recently.
A PAssExiiER train on the Northern
I aclttc was wrecked near Eaglo gorge,
sixty nines. Irom lacoma. Several per
sons uero injured.
The business section and many resi
uences in Oxford, Iowa, were destroyed
oy an incendiary Are. Loss. 40,000,
The Liegan & Susanvillo stago was
stopped by a lone highwayman near
Millford, five miles from Susanvillo.
iiu mcus, x argo a: ca s box was
taken. The value was unknown.
ihe sloop Petrel capsized near San
Diego, CaL, recently. The six persons
on ooaru were drowned.
The accident on the Northern Pacific
at Eagle gorge, Washington, caused the
death of two persons and the serious
injury of twelve.
CLEABixo house returns for the week
ended August 30 showed an average in
vreaBo oi o. compared with the corre
sponding woek of last year. In New
York the increase was 0.2.
Gexeual Jolbert, tho noted Boer
leader, declares tho natives of Africa
are being ruined by liquor.
The Labor Congress met at Liverpool,
England, on the 1st
serious riots growlnir out of labor
strikes, are reported at Valnaralsa
ChllL Several persons wero killed by
tho military and police.
The burning at sea of the atnamnhln
Egypt is attributed by exoerta in En-
gland to the American way of packing
The Figaro says that England has
made a proposition to the Powers that
they agree upon a federation of the
Balkan States, including Koumania.
Bulgaria, Servia, Montenegro and a part
of Albania.
It is reported In London that Henry
M. Stanley will donate the proceeds of
his biography sale to the abolition of
slavery In Africa.
A traix was thrown from the track
at Arrcnes, France. Seventeen car
riages were wrecked and several per
sons wero kH'ed or injured.
Ax expl n has occurred in a mino
atBorislav, ..i Silesia. Thirty miners
were sunocated.
Mrs. Woodworth, the well known
evangelist, is accused by physicians of
being insane. Tbo manifestations of
Thomas O. Boyle, of Allotrhenv Cit.tr.
Pa., was drowned in the surf at Atlantic
Uty, K. J., recently. He was a proml
sent business man. hfs father being
, prcBiaeni oi ine national Insurance
Company of Allegheny.
Fbajtk Kimball, who absconded from
Worcester. Mass., two years ago with
43,ww and a French -Canadian woman,
waa arrested recently on his landing at
.new xork "om Europe. The woman
was seen and followed to the steamer
ana was arrested with her lover.
at toe Monmouth Park races, New
lor If. Nalvatnr mula i
sue in j:aof.
un. juzbbhx uates has accepted
imo preaiuency oi ABJherst Collega
Dnuxo the parade of the Bakers'
Union Labor day In Allegheny City,
a., a party ox American mechanics
.mm.m auu wru UU wn
German Bag. The bakers defended the
rag, out they were overpowered and the
Hag trailed in the dust The incident
created great excitement and consider
ate bad blood. . .
IIetbt Ceoboe arrived at New York
from Europe on the 1st
A bixeet meetlngwas held at Buffalo,
N. Y by New York Central strikers and
the strike declared off.
Vebmoxt voted for State officers on
the Si. Eeturns Indicated defeat of
Prohibition EepubUcans and tome Dem
ocratic gains.
A desperate duel between Marsh
Turner and Seve Wannick at Middles
borough, Ky., resulted in the death of
Wannick and the fatal wounding of
Turner. The ' two men foucrht like
demons for fifteen minutes. Turner
using a revolver and Wannick a howln
A letter from Hazard. Kv.. savs that
B F. French and young Joe Eversole,
the leaders of the factions in the
Fronch-Eversoie feud, with their fol
lowers to tho number of twentv-six. are
in jail, uniy four who wore ever en
gaged in the quarrel are now at large.
Mifiu vakousa liepuoiicans nom
1 a. J ir ... . ...
inaica uon. manes iTice, present
initea fctates district attorney, for
Chief Justice.
Exports from Texas show a great in
ill Jones, another notorious Ken'
tucky mountain outlaw, has been capt
ured at j enow creek.
Partial returns indicate the re-elec
tion of Governor Eagle in Arkansas bv
i .. . ..
inureasea jjomocratic majorities. Thero
was a killing at Conway and some ex
citement at AlcAlmont
The scaffolding of a new bulldlnrr In
" wuixr oi mow urieans cave wav.
One man was killed and two fatally and
two oauiy injured.
aue express train robberv on th
Louisville & Nashville, in Alabama.
was accomplished by a solitarv bandit
evmenwy an oia hand.
"power." it is stated, are due to hvnnnt.
Kixo Charles, of Portugal, is suffer
ing from an attack of typhoid fever, the
result of drinking polluted water. The
attack is not severe.
Thirteen' lives havo been lost in an
accident at Lelpsic, Germany. While
workmen were completing the roof of a
new ice storehouse for the Ulrich brew
ery tho structure collopsed and the men
wero burled in the debris. In addition
to the thirteen killed manv were seri
ously hurt
A Nihilist recently attempted tho
Ifo of Governor-General Baranoff at
Ni.nl Novgorod, Russia, recentlv. The
bullet went wide of its mark.
By the flood in tho river Neva at St
T,. 1.. ,
i cwreuurjf several persons wero
drowned and 400 houses inundated.
The Turkish soldiers at Jerusalem
havo expelled the Franciscan
from the city. Tho French Consul pro
tested against their expulsion, but with
out avail.
A report is current that a Spanish
line of steamers is to be established by
the Compania Transatlantic Espanola
to compete with the American steamers
' vciium American traao. The new
steamers will run to points at which tho
American vessels do not touch.
A dauhhter of General Barrundia,
who was shot on an American vessel. !
recently attempted the life of tho
American Minister, Mr. Mizner, at tho
City of Guatemala. The Minister saved
his life by interposing a thick book be
tween himself and the bullet as the girl
fired. Sbo bitterly reproached him for
the death of her father.
Not Bad Showing.
In answer to inquiries addressed to
county clerks as to the number of
farm mortgages foreclosed in Kansas
during the first six months of the
year ISflO,' statements havo been re
ceived at Topoka from forty-three
counties, giving tho number of fore
closures on farm proporty as follows:
Brown, 13; Meade, 82: Clay, 22; Lane,
05; Decatur. 25; Montgomery, 81; Nor
ton, 85; Coffey, 20; Nemaha, 5; Dickln
son. 23; Chautauqua, 70: Woodson. 10:
Jj'ord, 44; Butler, 80; Morris. 80: Wichita.
50; Riley, 6; MitohelL 87; Marlon, 85;
Rooks, 48; Anderson, 15; Wabaunsee. 27:
Lyon, 12; Saline, 21; Wallace. 1; Barton.
21; Rush, 18; Scott, 40; Wilson, 18; Leav
enworth, 6; Jackson, 8; Miami. 8; Osacro,
21; Phillips, 44; Cheyenne, 21; Neosho,
lft; Uarfleld, 80; Sheridan, 12; Pottawa
tomie, 11; Republic, 10; Shawnee, 2.
I..LI... itr ... m
Arcuisun ana wyanaotte bounties re
port no foreclosures on farm property.
but a number on city lots, tho result of
tho boom three years ago. The total
foreclosures on farms In forty-three
counties amount to 1,117, an average of
twenty-six to each county. If the other
sixty-three counties mako the same av
erage exhibit the number of foreclos
ures in Kansas during the first six
months of the present year will amount
to about 2. 650. The county clerks state
that the number of mortgages paid off
and released amounts to ten times the
number of foreclosures.
, aJiBlxrcsx.
The carpenters' strike at Chicago.
which commenced with so much pre-ar-
lst, ended In a fizzle
Tiie London Stock Exchanire was act.
lve ana prices buoyant during the week
ended Anirust 80.' The Continnntui
bourses showed firmness.
The Patriarch of Armenia has with
drawn his resignation, the Saltan hav
ing promised redress.
Ay attempt is being made bv certain
members of the peerage to ourifv the
British aristocracy.
Three monks and a bor were killed
by bandits, supposed for monev. near
Narni, Italy, recently.
rangement on
on tho 3d.
Lymax U. Humphrey, has been
nominated for Governor of Kansas.
The reciprocityouestion in connection
with the Tariff bill was discussed in the
senate on the 3d. The Clartnn-ltii,
lnnage election caso occupied tho en
uro cay in tho House.
ntE at tho jute baccrintr fnnrv nt
T- . ' . J "
ieier loung, Urooklvn. N. Y da.
scroyed property worth 8200. 000.
Iue United States steamer Kearsnrtr
, , . . . ow
oeen oraored to AsDinwall to nra
tect American interests in the event of
trouble from the raiiroad strike on the
1. UAGAX s felt rooflnc- factorv and
the Rossmore bouquet cigar shop, New
i or wiy, wero destroyed bv fire and
I'aniei miiiam perished in the flames.
Presidkxt Carxot of France has
covered from his slight sickness.
ihe i'orto has authorized the found.
ing of a Russian school in Constantino
Ax international temperance congress
was opened at Christiana, Norway. The
delegates, who come from nearly all
parts of the world, numbered several
1LE boarding house and restaurant
keepers of the northwestern part of
Chicago nave organized a combine to
maintain prices.
William Fryer, of Batavla, Iowa,
was probably fatally shot while return
ing from a visit to his fiancee. Miss Mav
Alexander. A rival was susDocted.
TitEexperlmentof transmitting onera
music from tho opera house to the
Urania Theater by a telephone provod a
complete success.
The President of Venezuela has lust
Issued a decree punishing several edit
ors of newspapers who have been ad
judged as having libelled him and other
publio functionaries.
Ix consequence of the Potter-LoveH
failures some firms which they had been
carrying are in financial straits. Seary,
toster i& Jtowman, manufacturers of
sewing silk and machine twist Boston.
are said to be badly involved.
The President has nominated as Com
missioner of the District of ColumM
Postmaster John W. Ross, of Washinir-
ton, a Democrat
The President has transmitted to
Congress the recommendations of the
international American conference
touching international arbitration, to
gether with transmittal from Secre
tary Elaine,
The other day Dennis Carter, a negro
boy seventeen years old, viciously
assaulted his sister Belinda, three years
older, at Eoscdale, beating her with a
club until she was almost insensible
and then cutting her throat The girl
was not fatally injured. The boy was
jailed, but his sister refused to prose
cute or appear against him.
A bulletin issued from tho Census
Office at Washington has tho following
as to the county indebtedness of Kan
sas: Bonded debt of counties in 1SS0,'
S7.3C4.277; in 1890, $14,229,075, or 93 per
cent increase; floating debt in 1880,
8591,044; in 1S90. Sf.ss.lOS. a small de
crease; gross county indebtedness, in
1S.S0, 57,935,021; in 1S9J, $14,317. 780, or
60 per cent increase.
Thomas Kixo, a colored man fifty
three years of age, met death under pe
culiar circumstances at Argentine the
other evening. Ho was engaged in car
rying a school desk from one school
building to another, walking on a side
walk elevated about two feet when he
made a misstep and fell from the side
walk to the ground, striking on his
head and breaking his neck.
It Is stated that 0,003 head of cattlo
i . . . ...
ouiienng irora uiscasc are neid in quar
antine noar Newton. They were dying
on rapiuiy, out tho nature of tho dis
ease had not been determined.
L. J. mkihi. Coimnander-in-Chlef of
the Sons of Vetcrais, has announced
the appointment of Colonel Clay D.
ilcrrod, of Erie, Kan., for Adjutant,
and Colonel Ilazleton, of Norton, Kan.,
lor tJuartermastor-GcnwaL
A. JI. Martix, brotner of tho late
Governor Martin, was st.-icken with ap
oplexy wni.e at tho suppor tablo at
his home in Atchison the other evening.
He was in a critical condition.
John Mxk, a farmer living eight
mnes north or hallna, recently attempt
ed'to kill his wifo end then shoot him-
seir. llo Hred two shots at her and
missed her, but she having fallen on
tho floor he thought she was killed,
when ho shot and killed himself. A
family quarrel was the cause.
The comp'.aint which was presented
to the Stato Board of Railroad Commis
sioners by tho farmers concerning grain
rates to Missouri river points has been
formulated and sent to the Inter-State
Commerce Commission.
Frank Fletcher, a colored boy thir
teen years old, while recently crossing
mo union racinc tracks at Lawrence,
was instantly killed by the cars. -
uovernoh Humphrey reviewed the
parade at Topeka on Labor Day.
ome ooys attempted to steal water
melons from R. Smirks' natch
Glrard tho other night when he saw
inem and, shotgun In hand, started
after them. W hen the boys attempted
to run he fired at them, hittinsr Georiro
It.l ... . "
uaines and putting about twenty-five
shot in his face and neck, one irointr
A, ... - O
tnrougn nis noso and another through
uis necK.
Axdy Bowex, ten years old. was re
cently killed by a freight train at Mer-
nam i'ark. Ills father worked at the
park and the little follow had boarded
a freight train at Kansas City, it was
presumed to go and see his father, and
in trying to get off fell under the train
and was killed.
ritED Haogart, an active member of
the Farmers' Alliance of Jewell County,
was lound dead on the road with his
neck broken the other morninir. He
had been attending an Alliance meeting
an aay ana tne greater part of the pre
vious night and when he got on his
horse to ride home he said be guessed
he would go to sleep and the horse
would see him sai'ely home. It was
thought that he went to sleep and fell
on tne animal.
Fire at Hiawatha on the night of the
Sd destroyed nearly three business
blocks "and caused a loss of $150,000.
The principal destruction was in the
First National Bank butlding, owned by
Congressman MorrilL There the vault,
in which were $50,000 in currency and
many valuable books and papers, gave
way before the intense heat and its con
tents were .entirely destroyed. A nnm.
bcr of fine horses perished.
Copyright, 1800.
All on one 8i'de-
tho offer that's made by tho pro
prietors of Dr. Sages Catarrh
Remcdv. It's 1500 reward for an
incurable case of Catarrh, no mat
ter how had, or of how long stand
ing, lliey mean what they sayr.
they'ro responsible, and the offer
has been made for years. It's all
on your side you lose your catarrh,.
or you're paid $500 for keeping it.
But it's safe for them, too they
inor you'll be cured.
Dr. Safe's Remedy produces per
fect and permanent cures of Chrofiia
Catarrh in the Head, as thousands-
can testily. "Uold in the Head''
is cured with a few applications
Catarrhal Headache is relieved and
cured as if by magic. It removes
offensive breath, loss or impairment-
of the sense of taste, smell or hcar-
ing, watering or weaic eyes, and
impaired memory, when caused by
tho violence of Catarrh, as they all
frequently are. Remedy sold by
druggists, 50 cents.
Here's he ltck
The one thin you'll alwart find in eviry cow
boy outfit when he goet on the iprinz round-up
ii a " Fkh Brand " Pommel Slicker. They mats
the only perfect saddle coat, and come either black
.r. yellow. They protect the whole front of the
rider I body, being made to lit round the ottsid of
the saddle eniire. When used as a walking coat,
the extension pieces neatly overlap each other,
making regular overcoat with a double storm-
Eroof front When ridiiij, the saddle is dry as a
one, from pommel to cantle, and the rider is en
tire y protected in every part of his body. These
ti ,cke" be,"J width, make fin
blankets tor cam p. Beware of worthless imitations,
f 17 V"1 stamped with " Fish Brand " Trad
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out extra cost.
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ive to tho system would but give it a trial
the health ol this country would be vastly
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sr. louzs, if a
T ultr hasiltl. ... .h..M
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bosire- Tho ewilsu twita.
phraJel, raBlUc from
NMUTaaS Mrians. p. s.
f this umaiM lMakl.TB. i i.IT
urn. . . . i ;
eUlelcd. ElwaaUyiicarttaisd.'
iMr it sin tai Unwr
au winsiss. m vw maw. Mm
vau nus (taj-Mot Cm
ooe riu.
m Uv, imiiim D. CL
wuaa Wf fATU swv saaiwwska,

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