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We have arranged with
to furnish the coffee
for all public entertainments.
For particulars ask
First Published October to, 1907.)
Publication Notice.
Id tbe District Court of Cherokee county,
State of Kansas, sitting at Galena.
Orley Gregory, plaintiff, vs. Mammie
Gregory, defendant.
Tbe State of Kansas to Mammie Greg
ory, defendant above named, greeting.
Yon are hereby notified that you as de
fendant have been sued by the above
named plaintiff, in the above named court,
whose petition is on file in the office of the
Clerk of the Distrtct Court, of Cherokee
County, State of Kansas, si ' it at Galena
and that you must answer said petition on
or before the 22nd of November, 1907, or
Mid petition will be taken as true and
judgment will be rendered against you
granting to said plaintiff a divorce from
yon on the grounds of gross neglect of
duty and extreae cruelty, and for costs of
.Witness my band and the seal of said
Court at my office in tbe city of Galena,
this 8th day of October, 1007.
IsealJ C. H. McNAY,
. Clerk of tbe District Court of Cherokee
County, State of Kansas, sitting at Galena
E. H. Culmson, Attorney for Plaintiff.
List ! Utters
. Bemalnlngin the poatoffice at
Baxter Springs, Kansas, for tbe
week ending with Oct 20, 1907
which if not called for within two
weeks will be aent to the dead
letter office at Washington, D. C:
Mr Frank Vanbontan II Barnes
Hiss Bessie Brown Mrs Helen Brown
Mrs Brune Alford
Mr Jessie C Dodson
rs John S Evans
Mr J J Myers
Pnn Tackitt
Mr Mance Woll
Persona calling for any of the
abore letters will pleaaesaj"AdTer
fieed," firing date list
JANES S. Pbicb.P.M.
Mrs Tohn K Dodd 2
Mrs Rose Dodd 1
J L Freediran
R H Holliday
Burch & Hosteller
Mrs C W Kellar
Kindling Wood.
.' Good pine kindling wood $1 a
load deliver. Gregory Trad
jng vgmyaajr. .
WORK SHOES at Pierce V
! For Sale Base burner heater,
pood a new. See T. J. Morrow.
Buford Price has accepted
position with 0.0. Roberts La
pe Up-Tq-Date barber shop. .y
St. Mark' Eplsoopal Chunk
Ladies Guild Thursday at ?;30
at Kev, i'ooiey 8.
Friday, 7:30 p. m., choir re
hearsal. '
Sunday, 10 a. m., Sunday
school; 8 p. m., evensong and
All are welcome at any of these
R. K. Poolkv,
Tickets for the lecture course
will be on sale at Grantham's Oc
tober 2f, commenting at 9 o'clock.
Go early and get a good seat.
Dr. English. Phone 168.
Clauds Jones, Photographer.
Spring river is now lower than
at any time since the big drouth
River street will be one of the
best in the city as soon as the
gravel gets packed down.
Work on the sidewalks will be-
gin sometime next weeK. ine
contractor will rush things, once
he gets started.
Mrs. Chas. L. Smith, who is at
Raton. New Mexico, for her
health, writes that she is feeling
better than for a long time.
Don't fail to get your tickets
for Mann's famous show, "The
Cow Puncher," which will appear
at Library Theatre next Tuesday
night. Get reserved seats at
Wheat, while sowed late, is
coming up nicely, and if it can
get a good rain within the next
two or three weeks, will take root
and grow enough to get through
the winter in nice shape.
T. J. Morrow went to Kansas
City last Sunday night to look
after some business matters. Mr.
Morrow is in the lumber manu
facturing business down near Sal
isaw, and is haviug trouble in
getting his product shipped to
Kansas City, and his trip up
there was to see if he can not get
better service.
"Ouincy Adams Sawyer" will
be played at Sapp's Theatre in
Galena Thursday night, Dec. 12.
This is one of the very best plays
on the road today, and will be
greeted with a packed house as
it always is. If you have never
read the story do so, then you
will want to see the play. Don't
forget the date.
Some mighty good road work
has been done on the road lead
ing directly east from this city.
East of the Star school house
there are three hollows, with
high hills on either side, but the
hills have been cut down until
the road is now in very good con
dition. Some of the water ways,
however, are higher than the
center of the roadway. In time
the roadway is bound to be ruin
ed by water.
Joplin, Mo., Oct. 22. The la
dies of the Misouri-Kansas lead
and zinc district have formed an
organization for the purpose of
providing entertainment for the
ladies in attendance at the Amer
ican Congress meeting in Joplin
the week of November 11. Many
of the visiting ladies will be in
vited to spend the week at pri
vate homes, and everything pos
sible will be done to make their
visit here an enjoyable one. An
automobile sight-seeing trip has
been planned. The ladies will be
taken to an "open air" mine four
miles west of Joplin, where,
standing on the edge of a pin78
feet deep and 300 feet across
either way, they may see the
miners at work below. A stair
way is to be built leading to the
bottom of this pit, so that the
ladies who care to may enter the
mine with perfect safety. There
are only two of these "open air"
mines in the entire district. The
bodies also have planned a grand
ball for the visitors. The event
cia be held the Elks Clab.
A Few of the
Many Things
You Can Buy at
Heinz's Goods.
Pickwick Brand Can Goods.
Calumet Baking Powder.
Laundry Soap. Toilet Soap.
Coal OiL Gasoline.
Fresh Baker's Bread.
N. B. C Cookies.
Navy, Lima and Chilli Beans.
Lard, Sweet Pickle Bacon, Salt
Pork and Morrell's Brands pf
Breakfast Bacon.
Also everything in the green
vegetable and fresh fruit line the
market furnishes.
Yours for more business,
Jim Harmon.
"The Pure Food Groceryman."
Baxter Springs, Kansas.
W. F. Mann's
Oct. 29.
Reserved Seats
on sale at ,
The committee upixiintcd. by
the Haxter Mining Kxchange last
spring, to represent Itaxter
Springs' mining interests at the
meeting of the entire southwest
ern district representatives, for
the purpose of entertaining the
American Mining Congress, to be
held in Joplin Nov. 11 to H, has
so well conducted its campaign
as to be able to report that it has
secured the consent of the Com
mittee of Fifty, which has the
whole matter in charge, to de
vote one day of the week to Bax
tor Springs and its mining camp.
In order to get this concession it
took hard and persistent work on
the part of the committee, as
many of the older camps were
equally alive to the great advan
tage to be gained by having such
men inspect their camps. The
best posted men in the mining
business the world over will be
in attendance at this congress;
men whose names stand at this
profession, and who are known
in all parts of the world as the
leading men in developing the
hidden treasures beneath the
earth's crust; men who have de-
oted their lives and fortunes in
research and practical mining-
such are the men we are to en
tertain for one day and show
them what we have in this camp.
Much will depend on the iiu-
a .a 1
pression we make on mem ana
the ideas they will carry away
with them. If the impressions
are good we will have done more
in that one day than has been
done in the oast three years. If
. .
on tne otner nana we mane a
poor impression on them we have
lost a irolden opportunity which
may never return.
Kach and everyone who is in
terested in Baxter Springs or the
camp should take a lively inter
est in doing what he or she can
to make this a Red Letter Day
for Baxter Springs. Tlu-re will
b some expense, anil this should
be cheerfully forthcoming with
out personal solicitation. All
hould report to some member of
the committee what they will or
can do, without further work on
the committee s part. 1 lie com
mittee is as follows: K. T. Mc
Carthy, K. F. Sweeney, J. .
Watson, II. J. Millar.
Before the Galena sports can
really expect to make a success
of base ball and foot ball, races,
etc., they will have to put up
some sort of a fence around tluir
park. Outside views are about
as giiod as inside views, and there
is really no good reason for pay
ing adm ssi jn to thi park when
one mar stand outside and see all
that is going on. And Galena
has a lot of people who will stand
outside, as was evidenced by the
game of foot ball at that place
last Sunday. One man suggested
that there are more "broke" peo
ple in Galena than any place he
ever saw.
. During the last few years there
has been a steady increasing de
mand amoncr theatre-goers for
the so-called Western plays, and
many new plays of the Western
type have been produced ' with
more or less success. Howe er,
it seems to have been left to W.
P. Mann, the producer of many
successes, to bring us a real nov
elty in this line entitled "The
Cow Puncher," which will appear
at Library Theatre, Tuesday
evening, Oct 29. '
!New Equipment- ,
Edison Phonographs
The Edison Phonograph Co. has put on the market a new equip
ment for their famous phonographs which greatly surpasses any
thing yet put out. We have just received a big stock of these
machines, and they should be seen and heard to be appreciated,
Wc also have every record made, in stock.'
Do not forget that we sell either the Edison Phonographs
or the Victor Talking Machines on easy payments, and guarantee
our prices to be the lowest in the United States. 1
We have a big stock of the very latest music, which we
are going to run until Nov. 1st at 15c per copy, 2 copies 25c
Remember, this is all the latest music, and listed at 50c and
75c per copy. Don't forget the dates, Oct. 23 to Nov. 1. .
J. W. Granthai
Representative of Ilia Unrivalled Krosger Pianos.
Wc will have in a car load
of Western Potatoes in the
very near future. If you
have not yet laid in your
winter potatoes, you should
get our prices.
They will be low. .
C. C. PRENTICE, Manager.
We have paid 20c in trade for eggs ever since reun
ion, and do yet. Bring us your eggs.
Business Community
We extend the accommodations of
a strong and well equipped bank
Baxter Springs,
Robbed !
of Cash and valuables. This occurred
several times in the past week in our dry.
Arc You Insured
against such?
If not, you should be. Call and deposit
your Money with us. We receive any
amount on deposit, from . One Dollar up.
Our Guarantee
to You:
Bonded Officers, Bank insured against
1 burglary and hold ups.
BaxtervState Bank
Baxtor Springs Kan.
C""n4 n'id"f """"'""'0
Staple and Fancy .Groceries
Flour, Feed, Vegetables: anil
Fruit. Buy Country Prcdu:
Next dacr south of. Eaxkr Stils tzzX,

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