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Fair Peace is winning her way into
the hearta of the world powers slow
ly but surely, so that the probability
of Grim War breaking forth in one
of his wild tantrums is growing less
and less likely, and yet there is al
ways the possibility that the giant will
awake and it is the part of wisdom,
so the nations feel, to learn the war
game during the reign of the afore
said fair Peace. This is particularly
true of the European powers, but
while the military establishment of the
United States is insignificant as com
pared with those of her neighbors across
the Atlantic, there is the same pur
pose and ambition to practice the arts
of war and to work out the prob
lems which would be met with in the
case of actual conflict
This strife for military and naval
efficiency has developed an elaborate
scheme of summer campaigning bo
that the army of the cast and the
army of the west, together with the
coast defenses and the navy, are kept
busy In field operations, and naval
maneuvers as tbey are at no other
time of the year.
Interest in this war game centers in
the east, because there not only the
soldiers, but the navy and the coast
defenses enter into the spectacular
diBplay, which will continue through
June and well into July. Hostile fleets
will sail through the lower bay at
New York. Troops will go tramping
through the streets or across the fields
to defend the fortifications. Real
shells ranging from 6 to 12 inches,
driven by full charges of powder, just
as If war were In full progress and
New York were being assailed by a
great fleet of battleships, will screech
through the aff and plow the waters
of the harbor.
There are doubtless persons who
will wonder why shells of such gigan
tic proportions should be distributed
over the waters of the lower bay, the
gateway of half of the foreign com
merce of a nation of 80,000,000 people.
"Can't this practice at shooting be
done where there is less danger of
doing damager perhaps the thought
less will ask. An army officer, if he
thought himself privileged to talk,
would reply that New York would be
one of the choice pickings of war and
that It Is essential to have practice in
the manipulation or tbe engines ior
protecting the city if it la to be pro
tected properly.
.la the coast defense work In
the fortifications there will be not
only firing t targets and practice in
detecting at night the approach of an
enemy " Personated by a few
government tugs, but the solving of
nch problems aa this: .
-The enemy has landed a force of
Sr -
50,000 men at Long Branch with the
intention of approaching the romnca
tlons of New York In the rear and
cutting them off."
This will set the officers in com
mnnd to studvlne methods of protect
ing the fortifications. They will issue
orders, and the troopB win iane i
positions they would occupy in rem
t ! a hiixv time with the depart
ment nf the east, for the burning of
powder at Forts Wadsworth anu nam-
ilton will ba a rooaesi pan ui u
like operations which will be carried
on under the direction of MaJ. Gen.
Grant, commander of the department
There will be similar operations at the
..tiflnotinna about Baltimore, at both
ends of Long Island sound, along the
shores of Narragansett nay ana buoui
rhnr. There will also be a
camp of instruction at Pine Plains, a
level stretch or iana ooraermg uu iv
,...in,r rPBPhea of the Black river at
r-w. ifiiia nhnut nine miles from
reus ")
a'.iorinvn N. Y.. including the so-
lutlon of problems which the popular
mind, untrammelea wuu lecnuit..
tles of a military or any other nature.
jllha in ntvlfl Bhflm battlCB.
Altogether there will be about 20.000
men engaged, or tnese aooui x.
,viii Hinvpr the taste of the dust of
Pine Plains, while the remainder will
be learning how to protect weir ear
dm, in the fortifications. A large
ninn nt thosA trooDS will be
mimin from the states of Maryland,
New Jersey, Pennsylvania, New York,
Connecticut, Rhode Island, Massachu
setts, New Hampshire and Vermont,
there being less than 3,000 regulars at
Dtna Plnlrm
Gen. Grant, who is to command the
tmnna nt the camo of instruction ID
person, when aBked what he hoped to
learn from the work, said:
"i am thA teacher, so you could
hardly expect that I would learn any
thing from the problems themselves
I hope to get better acquainted wltli
hntn th regulars and the state troops
the personnel and the personal equa
tlon. I expect to learn wnai me on
forpnt officers can do best. The val
ue of this is that in case of need 1
would know bow to assign the officers
and trooDS."
tu atatA militia aa a whole is
more effective now than four years
a. The Improvement has been great
er in some states than In others. This
is due to the greater Interest mani
fested In some states. There is an u
creasing Interest In all the states ano a
venr treat interest In many or tneia
There Is more hard work being done
from a military point of view.
As long as there are typewriters, e
long shall man dictate to woman.
It en Sixth Floor and Costs Him Some
$13,000 Per Annum.
London. Alfred O. Vanderbllt,
whom the Enfrilsh press delight In
calling "the richest young man In the
world." has taken one of the most
"swagger" flats In London. For the
privilege of living on the sixth floor
nvAHnnkinr Piccadilly, the famous
London thoroughfare, the American
millionaire la paying lio.ooo a year.
As the rent docs not Include rates
and taxes there Is an extra Item of
expense of about $3,000 per annum. To
the British public $250 a week looks
Alfred Vanderbllt Lives In These
like a tall price to pay Just to keep a
flat roof over one's head, but to the
scion of the Vanderbllts, with his ex
perience of $25,000 suites at the As
toria and one of $60,000 at the new
Plaza, it is a mere bagatelle.
So far as London is concerned the
flats in which young Vanderbllt now
Is settled are the last word in their
line. Nothing like them even has been
attempted in that part of the world,
and the American, with his trans-Atlantic
ideas of unlimited expenditure,
is the only person who as yet has had
the nerve to rent one. They are built
on the 6lte of the mansion of the late
duke of Cambridge and sttnd midway
between the high class club district
and Mayfalr, the home of England's
"four hundred." Next to them and
stretching up Piccadilly to Apsley
house, the town residence of the duke
of Wellington, which abuts Hyde park,
are the several residences occupied by
the famous Rothschild family, the
kings of finance.
The building in whlcn Vanderbllt
has taken up his quarters has a front
age on Piccadilly of almost 70 feet and
on Park lane of about 200 feet It Is
of gray granite, rather fantastically
and ostentatiously ornamented with
glazed green brick. There are six
flats (over there they have not yet
learned the nice distinction between
flat and apartment), each one of which
contains ten large bedrooms, three bath
rooms, a number of smoking, billiard
and drawing rooms, cloakroom". Wtch
en, halls, boudoirs and a great ball
room. A man without any family with
him ought to worry along on that
Friends of Congressman Foss Would
Send Him to 8nate.
Chicago. George Edmund Foss,
whose friends are urging him to
become a candidate for the Re.
publican Indorsement for United
States senator at the primaries
against Senator Albert J. Hopkins
and former Senator. William E.
Mason, has boon a member of the
lower house -f congress since 1895. He
represent- the Tenth district, extend
ing along the norm snore irum irTu
Park boulevard north to the Wisconsin
.t.t. iiM tr. Foes Is a lawyer and a
native of Berkshire, VL He was bom
in 1863, graduated from Harvard onl
rersity In 1885 and the Union College
of Law In 1889 and nas pracucea u
Chicago when not engaged with his
duties as congressman. or sererw
..tnna ti has been chairman of the
naval committee, a position of much
responsibility la u aouse.
PaodIa Talk About Good Thlnne.
Twelvs yean ago few people
each a preparation as a Powder for tht
f eet. io-ujr aiicr me ixuumo v
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year by grateful peraona, it is indiapen.
able to millions. It ie cleanly, whole-
tome, heaJinr ana anusepiie ana giva
net and comfort to tired achine feet,
i. .kiU nn walk. Ovar 90.000
testimonials. ImitaUona pay the dealer
a larger profit otherwise vou would never
he otlerea a auimiiuie ior aiicd i-wv-
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Allen's Foot-Ewe, and tee that you get it.
Women and the Suffrage,
The severest criticism of the stu
pidity and inefficiency of the parlia
ments of the world Is, In M. Marcel
Prevost'a opinion, the most universal
Indifference of women on the subject
of voting. "Neither the representa
tive nor the voter," saya this expert in
feminine psychology, "excites their
envy. They do not even think about
the vote, and If men offer it as a gift
they pay no attention, burst out laugh,
lng or refuse point blank."
Try Murine Eye Remedy
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up early, working hard and maintain
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soften up the hardest man.
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Some farmers are smaller potatoes
than they raise.
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Well-informed of the World; not of indi
viduals only, but of the many who have
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known component parts, an Ethical
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Genuine Must Bear
Fae-S!roile Signature
tmn si'miiTEs.
r I-...
" r l
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a ax .Mnla a a a vain
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Mrs. Sallie French, of Faucaunla,
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Don't healtate to write to Mrs.
pinkham If there Is anything
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Trpical Farai Soaa Saowia- Stock Ralaiac fca
Borne of the eholeeat land for rtaIii growlna,
took nlalng and mixed tmxmintt In the new dla.
trlota o( BaakAtchewAD and Alberta bare re
cently been Opened lor SetUameiit under the
Eevhcd Homestead Regulations
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ter, brother or alater of An Intendlna; home
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treat TAln-rrowlnp;, stock-raUing And mixed
iarmlng sections.
There yon will find healthful climate, good
aeiffhbora, churches for family worship, schools
for yonr children, (rood laws, splendid crops,
And railroads convenient to market.
Entry fee In each case Is 110.00. For pamph
let, Last Best West," particulars as to rates,
routes, beat time to go and where to locate,
Apply to
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W. N. U, Kansas City, No. 2, 190S.

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