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The New Montgomery Ward & Co.
Building at A Kansas City
Entire! Constructed of Concrete,
Fire-proof Throughout
and Glass.
We have a large business and many friends fa the West and Southwest
We want more business.
We want more friends.
We want more business from old friends. m
This we have merited by establishing a branch house in Kansas City, which
saves you 460 miles of freight you formerly paid from Chicago, saves you both time
and money. This saving will mean much to you in the course of a year's business,
will mean more business for us, and, consequently, still lower prices in the future.
KANSAS CITY is the Gateway to the Southwest
Kansas City b one of the most favorably located commercial
centers of the country. With its twenty railroad radiating in
all direction, it U the natural diHtribnting point for a rich terri
tory thousand! of square miles in area. Customers living in ail
atatei west, northwest and southwest of Kansas City are now
able to buy their supplies direct from our Kansas City branch,
saving time, saving freight and money. Our onexoelled railroad
facilities enable ns to load and unload several freight cars under
eover at our owa platforms inside our new Kansas City building.
Henoe we can serve onr hundreds of thousands of customers
more quickly and cheaply now than ever before.
This b Our Thirty-Eighth Year
To those who have traded with us during our 87 years of
successful business, no word of introduction Is necessary. To
others, we wiah to say that the idea of doing business by means
of a catalogue originated with Mr. Ward in 1872. Today our
business extends over the entire world, and our Chicago WMIaj
is said to be the Urgent in the world, while our Kansas City
huiMinc is. ai von can iudire from the illustration above, one of
the finest, handiest and most substantial buildings in the south
west, and of ample size. We occupy the entire building and carry
here a very large stock of goods, ready to fill your orders.
Our goods are the actual quality claimed and are often better
qualities than are obtainable outside of the largest cities.
Our various machines, tools, implements, musical instrument,
porting goods, electrical goods, etc, are standard make and tha
name first quality goods that obtain higher prices in usual storea.
We Save You From 10 to 60
on everything yon buy of ns, and this on goods of standard qual
ity. If you have our latent large Catalogue, No. 77, take it down
and send us an order. We are ready to fill same promptly and
save yon considerable money on your purchase.
If you have not a copy of our large No. 77 Catalogue, we will send you one L ee and prepaid on request. m mx
Montgomery Ward & Co. Kansas City
'7 McABOY & CO.,
Meats of All Kinds,
Fish, oysters and lawful game in season.
We buy and ship all kinds of fat stock
and hides, and always pay every cent the market will afford.
Phone us, No. 173, Baxter Springs, and we will call on you.
Dr. Chas. M. Jones. . Dr. W. Sam Jones. Dr. F. L. McKinney
Drs. Jones, Jones & McKinney.
AH calls answered day or night Phones Nos. 1, 151, 66.
The following resolutions were
adopted by the Knights and La
dies of Security:
Whereas, it has pleased our
Heavenly Father to call from
this world our brother, .Thomas
G. Canaday, therefore, be it
Resolved, that we, the mem
bers of the Knights and. Ladies
of Security, recognize in his
death the loss of a faithful mem
ber of our order, an honored and
respected citizen, a business man
of integrity, a devoted christian,
and a useful member in the
church, be it
' Resolved, that we express our
most profound sympathy for the
bereaved wife, daughter and rel
atives, and we invoke the divine
blessing and com fort of Almighty
God to support them in their
grief. V , .
Resolved, that these resolutions
be entered upon the record of our
order; that they be published in
our city papers, and that a copy
be sent to the bereaved family.
r R. W. Sell,
J. D. Hog an,
J. C. Cox,
' The following resolutions were
adopted by the Baxter Brother
hood April 27:
Whereas, it has pleased our
Heavenly Father to call from this
world, Mr. Thomas G. Canaday,
therefore, be it
Resolved, that we, the members
of the Baxter Brotherhood, recog
nized in his death the loss of a
faithful members of the Brother
hooh, an honored and respeced
citizen of our city, a business
man of integrity, a christian
man and useful member in the
church; and be it .
Resolved, that we express our
heartfelt sympathy for the be
reaved wife and daughter, and
we invoke the blessings and com
fort of God to support them in
their grief. '
Resolved, that these resolu
tions be entered upon the min
utes of our meeting, that they be
published in the papers of our
city, and that a copy be sent to
the bereaved family.
C F. Johnson,
A. J. Thompson,
H. A. Mokiarty,
Goods Mast bo Weighed.
The new statute concerning
weights and measures goes into
effect this week and all people
will receive absolute fairness in
weights and measures. Every
merchant will be required to
weigh the goods as they go into
his store, as well as when they
go out.
Every print or package of but
ter must weigh sixteen ounces,
avoirdupois, or have a statement
of its net weight attached.
Berries and other small fruits,
whenever sold in boxes, shall con
tain one dry quart or pint, unless
the package is labeled with the
net contents.
All bread, with the exception
of that which contains a greater
part of rye or maize, shall be
sold in whole, half and quarter
loaves. Each whole loaf weigh
ing two pounds, upon request,
must be weighed in the presence
of the purchaser.
Specialists in the monument busi
ness and can furnish you a mon
ument in any design in granite or
marble that has all the desirable
qualities for a monument-beauty,
durability and color. We can
make you a good monument at a
reasonable price and respectfully
solicit a share of your business.
Let us figure with you.
Columbus Marble Works,
Ed. A. Jones, D. M. Jones,
Salesman. Prop.
For evidence which will convict the
party or parties who have been
damaging the property of the Bax
ter Telephone Company, by break
log glaaa insulators or otherwise.
B. W. Dow. Manager.
Watch the windows of the Baxter
Paint and Wallpaper Co.
The water system at Reunion
park is being improved. During
one of the sudden freezes last
winter the pump down in the
pumping plant was broken and
damaged considerably, and it was
deemed advisable to overhaul the
entire plant and put it in good
shape before it will be needed.
The City Ccuncll.
April 27, 1909.
Council met in regular session,
with Mayor Jonei presiding and
all members of the council pres
ent. Minutes of the last meeting
were read and approved. .
The petition of Joe Kelley et.
al. for a lignt on South Military
street was referred to the light
Bills were allowed and ordered
paid as follows:
W. C. Dills, sidewalk stub,
Decker & Chapman, sidewalk
work, $32,44.
G. Nichols, street commission
er, pay roll, $5.
Joe Kelley, helping city en
gineer, $3.45.
E. H. Cullison, legal work,
Albert Watson, work, with
team, $9.
W. M. Jones, for railing and
work on sidewalk on North Mil
itary street, $38.05.
C. L. Opperman, postage for
the year 1908, while city treas
urer, $1.
Water Company, water for
sprinkling, $15.
C. M. Jones, transportation for
pauper $1.58.
The bill of E. B. Morgan, $50,
for services as counsel for the
city in some damage cases, was
referred to the committee on
claims and accounts.
The bid of Decker & Chapman,
38c per lineal foot, for the con
crete curb and gutter to be built
on Military street, was accepted.
There were two other bids, but
this bid was much the lower. A
bond was ordered filed in the sum
of $600, and the city attorney
was told to draw a contract to be
entered into by Decker & Chapman.
The mayor appointed his com
mittees as follows:
Ways and Means Connor,
w t
iiaruey, narvey.
Claims and Accounts Youse,
Harvey, McAboy.
Laws and Ordinances Hartley
Connor, Nichols.
Fire Harvey, Hartley, Mc
Streets and Alleys Harvey,
Connor, Hartley.
Police and License Nichols,
Youse, Harvey.
City Property McAboy, Youse
Cemetery Harvey, Connor,
Library McAboy, Connor,
Light and Water Connor,
Hartley, Nichols.
Council then adjourned to meet
Tuesday evening, May 4.
Cherokee County lands to
be sold to pay delln
quent taxes.
The county attorney has been
directed by the commissioners to
bring action to have all lands in
the county, against which the
county has a tax lien, sold to
satisfy taxes do. Persons whose
property has been sold for taxes
can save costs by redeeming their
lands within the next four weeks
and before this action is brought.
A. Shearer,
D. M. Boyce,
John Collins,
Some sections of the country
have suffered severe .damage
within the past ten days from
hail storms and winds,' but this
section has passed through un
scathed. For all of which we
are truly thankful.
An electric line project, backed
by local people, is on tap in this
city. It is very likely we will be
able to tell the whole story with
in a very short time. - The pro
ject is to build a line from this
city to Lincolnville, the line in
this city beginning at the Frisco
station. Considerable encourage
ment has been met with and it
may be that the project can be
financed all right.
Have you planned jour sum
mer trip? If not, let ns for
nish yoiT our literature that
may be of value in helping
you to decide; whether it be
Nearby Woods
SoodIo Golorado
California or
we can give you some infor
mation yon will appreciate.
Ask for full information.
C. C Carson, D. P. A.,
Joplin, Mo. . .
Excursion Rates
DEGGS' CHERRY. C0UGfflre2SoajaJe.iat?5-
SYRUP cores coasts tx4
Round trip fares $50 to Los
Angeles, San Diego and San
Francisco, Cal. Account conven
tion of the U. S. National Guard
Assn (Los Angeles) May 17-19,
Benevolent and Protective Or
der of Elks (Los Angeles) July
11-17, 1909.
National Encampment Grand'
Armey of the Republic (Salt
Lake. Utah. Auir. 9-14. 1909.
Dates of sale May 6 to 13 June
1 and 2, June 24 to July 10 in
clusive, July 27 to Aug. 6, 1909.
Final return limit Oct 31, 1909.
ing, D. C. Account National So
ciety Daughters of the American
Revolution April 17-24, 1909,
Date of sales April 14, 15, 1909.
Return limit April 28. 1909.
C. S. Roberts, Agent, .
Baxter Springs, Kas. ,
DtrJtRT A BE ATTIC, Prop to.
Good Rigs, Careful Drivers, Best
of Service, Reasonable Rates.
Hones and K'ulss Bought
and Sold.
Street's Old Stand, East of Baxter
National Bank, Baxter Springs, Ks.
phonk set.
ED. COVEY, Proprietor
Freight, Household Goods and ar
tides of all kinds hauled at reas
onable rates
Groceries, Flour, Feed.
Home Phone 88.
Mutual L
Oldest in the city. Established
30 years ago. Good service and

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