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Baxter Springs news. [volume] (Baxter Springs, Kan.) 1882-1919, October 28, 1909, Image 8

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Genuine Imported English Semi-Porcelain
Cre.ra White, Urfit Welcht, ttlchlr EmWjl, Hishe.tGr.de, Strictly Selected FIRSTS. Gr-
anteeu never to craze. tc pay a wnwun : , ; . . q c-j
and still sell it at $S.C3 for 100 pieces. It's a splendid set, and very low in price at
Victoria Pattern
MADE IN ENGLAND. Order Number B 94
The 100 pieces we offer you at $8.63 are just as
pictured, and consist of the following assortment:
13 Individual Butter Plates 18auceBoat nwAmMA
1 12-inch Platter Covered Sugar Bowl (3 pieces)
1 1 l.fnrh Platter 1 Pickle Dlsb,
1 Oval 0 pen .Vegetable Dish 1 Covered Butter Dish (3 pieces)
Bowl. 1 Cream Pitcher
1 Round Open Vegetable Dish
1 Covered Vegetable Dish (2 pieces)
121 'Inner Plater.
12 Tt-a Cups
12 Tea S:iuct-r3
12 Tea Plijtes
12 Pic Plates
12 Sauce Dishes
etrvlr nattern. and vou can replace breakage or add new pieces at pleasure.
ment out of this new, jingusn, viciona piwj bci.
dishes, for 13.63 per set of 100 pieces.
Send lor Our New No. 78 Catalogue Just Ofl foe Fren
"We will send you a free copy if you write us for it It
shows many patterns and colors in dinnerwarc, all at rea
sonable prices. We guarantee safe leflvery ani satlsfseUoB.
"Your money returned if you are not perfectly satlsOed,
Is our guara itee on anything you buy of us, and we nave
lived up to it for 88 years.
Write us ft postal card and say, "Please send me prepaid
a copy of ycur new largo catalogue No. 78," and we will
see mat you are Biippiica.
We Have an Abandonee ol Cuter Patterns ia Dlnnerwire
We have 100.piwo sets for $3.10, irulsoon up to $01.25.
the latter bcins genuine Iiaviland China. We are bound
to suit you, both in pattern a:ulin price. Free Sample. If
you witth to sec this Victoria Pattern ware, ask us to send
you a sample of it, mid we will mail you an individual
butter plate, which will sutllcc for you to tell how beauti
ful and rich tho entire set will look on your homo table.
Surprise Yorr V.l'e with a New Dinner Set
Tou cat three times a day, and you have company on
Thanksgiving, Cliristmas, Birthdays and Sundays and
some otuer nines in uciweeu. i ou can gut wi u cujujr
Montgomery Ward & Co., gs Kansas City
Tr- si
Paid for Poultry,
Butter, Eggs, Furs
and Hides.
We have large orders to fill and will pay the very highest cash
market prices.
Baxter Produce Company
Half block west of Cooper's Store.
Phone 1)2.
Pay the highest cash prices for
Poultry, Eggs Hides and Furs,
Honest weights and a square deal is our motto.
Respectfully, JellOSS & PhHHpS,
The Fall of Lucifar II
The God "Roosevelt the Right
eous," beheld from his gilded
throne, at his miHtaflt residence,
Executive Mansion, Washington
D. C, what he mistook for fraud
and treachery being perpetrated
on the "Chosen People of the
United States Government U.b.
A., the beloved of his kingdom,
'the Quapaw Indians." Swift
as a bolt of lightning, this Right
eous God demanded the attend
ance Of his most trusted Arch
angel, the avenging spirit who
says he led to the path of right
eousness and virtue the great
lumber interests and railroad cor
porations in his own realm of
Minnehaha, in the great com
monwealth 3f Minnesota. Amidst
roaring volumes of mighty smoke
and fire, out of which came the
explosions conveying -the com
mands of the mighty God to hi
most virtuous Archangel to go
forthwith to the land of his most
-wished subiects. in the" coun-l
try of the Quapaws. and to as
semble the chiefs and" the war
riors of that famous tnbe. to in
struct them to prepare their im
plements of war, to don-their
war paint and feathers, that an
swittla 11 Till should be made on the
nnrtinc them for th6 tast five
years and spending millions of
monev on their lands to the end
that the chosen people might
ride in their carriages and have
fino homes and olentr to eat and
wear a condition which they
had never hoped to attain and
never would if left to the be-
nitrhtrA rare and effort of the
mistaken God or his most benin-
rnt Tndian Deoartment of his
That He. the Miehty Personal
l?nresentative of the All Pow
erf ul God, "Roosevelt the Right
eous," would lead the mignty
rniiimn nf the braves ana war
riors of the Quapaws, and would
h th mtchtv oower oi toe
whole Dominion of his com
mander crush the pale face as he
advanced. With flaming swora
ia hand, and having a strnog
raphernearby he would adver
tise to the world His great mis
cinn. to make the Indians repudi
ate their contracts, violate their
obligations, which is pro
them their livelihood, and
ruin the men who have in good
faith, and honestly put their
money into the developing of th?
mine on the Quapaws' lands.
T?a;e them from starvation and
wan t to comfort and affl'ince;
His stenographers worked over
time preparing suits to harass
the men who are devoting their
lives to the opening up and de-
veloping of the Indians lanas.
The papers are kept full of what
this mighty messenger is doing
for the "Chosen People; we
ereat amount of land he is pro
tecting for them; and the num
ber of suits he has started ana
the irreat manv he is going to
start, all to protect the Quapaws,
the heirs and orpnans irom
the grasping propensities of the
white man. Blackening the fair
name of this reservation, by at
tacking everything and every
body; driving the investors from
it, as no one wants to invest
money in a district, wnere tne
mie-htv hand of this government
is crushing the development by
its misguided policy. Not Jus
tice or right! itutJMignt:
Beheld! a year ago this spirit
descended on the Quapaws. He
spake thus to his chosen people:
I come to free you irom. your
enemies; I can stay but a short
time; make haste; all with whom
you have had any dealings are
. .... 1 L knU
rogues ana inieves, uut usuu
an honest and righteous man has
come amongst you; a square
dealer of the Roosevelt type, now
you will see things change."
Alas! things nave cnaneu,
the mighty has fallen; yes, fal
len helow the deoth of those he
Brt o-iihhlv . called thieves. The
real cause for this distorted vis
ion of the Righteous lod.has
heen made bare, and has shown
the cloven foot of the God and
his Archangel.
Sent to orotect the Quapaws,
the widows and the orphans, he
has proceeded to procure tneir
i,flio far helow the actual value
or even the selling price which
could be obtained tor sucn lanas,
a fair and clear, chance to
secure same ever given , the pub
lic Undercover, and witn ine
information of the Indian De
partment, which is kept from the
public, he bought by secret sale,
the allotment of Charles Blue
jacket, deceased, throqgh the of
ficials of the Department of the
Interior, he being an employee
of the Department of Justice,
and in this reservation -for the
purpose of protecting the Indians
and assisting , them to get the
best from their lands and leases,
and he, through the secret mfor
the Indian Department,
succeeded Id obtaining a deed for
the Charles Blur Jacket allot
ment of 200 acres for the sum of
$5000, a ridiculously low price,
when it is understood that the
land is mineralized and has one
prospect operating on it, being
the Lincolnville Mine, also manv
drill holes showing' emmense de
posits of rich zinc and lead ores;
Also the Eleventh Hour Mines
are opened on this land.
The owner of the Lincolnville
Mines, savs thev would be wil
ling to pay $100 per acre for his
land, which only goes to show
the depths to which this Arch
angel has fallen in so short a
time, while his Righteous God
is killing lions in Africa.
How much longer will this
Great Government of . the
Psople(?) stand for this kind of
malicious persecution, in order
to furnish private snaps for such
employees of the Governmental
Soldiers! Attention!
On next Thursday, Nov, 4 we
will have our regular quarterly
dinner at the G. A. R. Post hall
from 11:30 a. m. to 2 p. m.
You can have vour voucners
filled out for ten cents, and get a
good dinner for tea cents extra.
Fine weather for corn husking
and other farm work Mrs. R-
O. Thomas returned last wesd
fiom a month's visit to relatives
ir Ihdiana Doc Chubb and
John Thomas and familys spent
the day Saturday on JMeosno,
gitliering nuts A merry
crowd of boys went nutting and
camping last week: John and
Charley Paxton, Ward Darnell,
aid Will Stoskoof. The most
trouble they'report is getting
lrst in the woods. Prairie boys
do not know how to travel in the
woods Doc Chubb and Jim
Amos attended the big A. H. T.
A. doings at Pittsburg last Tues
day and Wednesday. Report a
big crowd and an interesting
time.... The A. H. T. A. orga
nized a lodge at Blue Mound
school house last Monday night,
started with 19 members.. ..Col.
Gregg of Joplin was in this com
munity on business last week and
took dinner with C. C. Sparlin ....
Alva Chubb, wife and. children
visited their parents Mr. and Mrs.
I .en RtnsVonf. over Sundav;...
Mesdames John and Leonard Sto
skopf were shoping in Columbus
last "Fridav Geo. Beale. who
has been visiting his parents, Mr.
and Mrs. G. H. Beale for a couple
of weeks, returned to his claim
on Monday near Plains, Kansas
Mr. and Mrs. ueorge oimp-
their Barents and sisters
were Columbus visitors on Sun
day, and Monday they were
visiting the . mines" near
Miami and Hattonville
Mr, Gill has been on the sick list
for a few davs....Mr: and Mrs.
L. A, Stoskopf and daughter
spent Sunday with Mrs. J. Lowe.
. .Miss Hall spent Saturday and
Sunday with home folks. .... The
Misses Rernice and Grace Thom
as and some Columbus friends
went to Neosho nutting and
ramoinir for a couole of days last
week.... Mrs. R. Pigg and
daughter have purchased a new
piano. ...Mr. Glines has purch
ased a piano for his daugnters . . . ,
Mr. and Mrs. Ed Swalley .are
getting their home ready to move
into soon.... Sunday School and
League were fairly well attended
Coughs of.
Faneciallv cicht COUChS. Nt
ture needs little help to quiet
the Irritation, control the in
flammation, check the progress
of the. diseased Our advice Is
give the children Avers
Cherry Pectortl. Ask your
doctor if this Is his advice also.
He knows b est. Do as he says.
W publish our formula
W brvnl.h loehel
J fro.n our msdiolnM
Vfm urga jrau M
onauit your
it vni, think einstioation is of trifling
consequence, just sk yoar doctor. He
will disabuse you of that notion in ehorj
order. Correct it, at once 1 " he will
say. Then ask him abojit Ayer's Pills,
A mild liver Dill, all vegetable.
Iff.hy tb( J. 3. Ajrar Co., Lowall, Mufc-J
(First published Oct. 28, 1909.)
Notice of Final Settlements .
The state of Kansas, county of Chero
kee, as:
In the probate court in and lor alia
In the matter nf the estate of Amanda
Garrett, deceased. .
Creditoraand all other persons inter- .
ested in the afor ssaid esate, are hereby
notified that at the regular term ot tnj
probate court, in and for said county,, tST
be begun and held at the probate court'
room, in Columbus, county of Cherokee,
state aforesaid, on the first Monday h the
mtnth nt TWm'vf-. A. D.. 1QOQ. 1 fchall.
on the 9th day" of December, apply to said
court for a full ana nnai settlement, oi
said estate Chas. L. Smith, '
Administrator of the estate of Amanda
Garrett, deceased, with copy of will.
Columbus, Kansas, Oct. 20, a. u 1909.
Sunday, but plenty of room for
more. Cant you come out.
Tuesday evening Mrs. R. A.
Ollis entertained a number of
rnu n 9 oeoole in honor of her
daughter, Jessie's, eleventh birth
day anniversary, uames were
played and refreshments served.
Mine Warning Notice. ;
Notice is hereby given .that
the Sweeney mine known as
the McAllister mine and &ituat
14 of s e 1-4 of 14 of
sec 30, twp 29, range 23 of the
OuaDaw Reserve, Ottawa.
county, State or UKianoma, iuua.
on the 19 day of August vyJW
Ieased to John Morton of
Memphis, Tennessee, and is
tori hv thfl Tennessee Met-
al Producing Company and I
hereby warn the public that
neither the said mine nor the
machinery nor buildings nor the
T1 Tj! O n n twill nrtt
owner i. r. owecuoj, -nm v
be responsible for any labor or
debts contracted on account of
of said work nor for any injuries
sustained by any, dne engaged
at work in. snid, mine or jnill.
That all" operatms. engagJn "
such services at their own risk
ana luai ui a.?r. cmim ui
debt h va!jd' ;, .uhst said mine
nor the otfi.; r the 2of. . ; ' .
ill- "J r ' "1 ' ' -'" '.'
.1 . .'. ... .. .... ,
1 r T
and $ki
in Baxter AlKt Week;
iW: f v to n inclusive.
1 ,
baud com
.VICT, D"1L y,
pale faces, who had been sup-

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