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ph. the jay of a glorious team!
Seating all the powers f team, ,
A crack of the whip and off they fo,
Ybroufh the rain and through the enow.
Oood Serviceable Affair Can Be Con
structed by Sinking Common
Dry Goods Box In Ground.
good serviceable rabbit trap can
fct made by sinking a common dry
roods iox,ln the ground to within C
Jn. of Its top. A bole 6 or 7 fn. square
la cut In each end lever with' the
earth's surface and boxes 18 in. long,
that will just fit are set In, bung on
pivots, with the longest end outside,
o they will lie horizontal. A rabbit
may now look through the two tubes,
ays the American Thresherman. The
"bait Is hung on a string from the top
of the large box so that it may be seen
and. smelled from the outside. The
rabbit naturally goes into the holes
and In this trip there is nothing to
Rabbit In the Trap.
waken his suspicion. He smells the
bait, squeezes along past the center
of the tube, when it tilts down and
the game is is shot into the pit, the
tube righting Itself at once for an
other catch. The top and sides of
the large box may be covered with
leaves, snow or anything to hide it
A door placed in the top will enable
the trapper to take out the animals. By
placing a little hay or other food in
the bottom of tbe box the trap need
not be visited of tener than -once a
week. -. . ".. '
Large, Ugly Insect Is Easily Deceived
By Tuning Fork Placed on One
cof the Tiny Threads. V
A gentleman In Ohio -.was watch
tag some spiders, when It occurred to
blm to try- what effect the sound of
a tuning fork would have upon them.
He suspected that they would take It
for the buzzing of a fly.
He selected a large, ugly spider that
Iiaa neen leasung on uics ..xur mu
months. The spider was at one edge
of Its web. Sounding the fork, the
man touched a thread at the other
side and watched the result Mr. Spi
der had the buzzing sound conveyed
to him over his telephone wires, but
tow was he to know on which partic
ular wire it was traveling?
He ran to the center of the web
very quickly and felt all around un
til he touched the thread against the
other end of which the fork, was
nnndinr: then, taking another thread
long, Just as a man would take an
extra piece of rope, he ran out to the
fork and anranr unon it.
Then he retreated a little way and
4inlrail at fha fork. He was DUZZled.
He had expected to find a buzzing fly.
He got on the fork again and danced
with delight. Evidently the sound was
-music to him. . v.
tirrni r- ri naTlt.tr fWI MfHTCO
v - . - .
Simplest Way Is to Lay Tiny Piece of.
, Steel 'civ Tissue Paper Latter
V " Will 8oon Sink.
' There are several ways of making
a needle float on the surface of the
sc-icr. i Tfca .simplest way la to place
a piece of tissue paper on the water
end lay tha needle on It; the paper
eotin. becomes soaked with water and
sinks to the. bottom, while the needle
is left floating cm the top: . .
Another. lufthod Is to hang 'the
needle In two tllngs made of threads,"
wLich must be carefully drawn away
' ma soon es ti needle floats.
; j-ou EEznetiae a sewing needle by
r 2 it on a fairly streng magnet.
V- 1 f.Df t it on the water. It will make
i , c""ajely sensitive compass, and
--u v'acg two needles on the water
. tv a fid time yoo win see them
' w a IT approach each other until they
f-:t siJe by side; that la, If they do
i t strike together so heavily as to
cR-jpe tlem to sink. .
A Plain Eaby. -
- -.!-.' teacher, "1 hear you
' r up tt your fc
r a r'rlf
r "ii IrH I
Mies Arm tha Dunn eat eat la the mm
- And faded her pretty pink fcowa.
Vimmi aoolded well. (Until the tears feO
In - torrents that threatened to drewn.
Tour drees Is a eight, I declare It la
But wear It rou certainly must!
Tie a poor recompense, that a child of
your sense,
Za too much of a baby to trust'
Mtaa Agatha Dunn eat out In the sun.
In a sown that had one time been pink.
"If only I could bring It back-on, I
She cried, and proceeded to think.
Borne raspberry Ice, ao cooling and nice.
In thefreeser stood waiting for tea.
Bold Miss Dunn: "Oh. I guess. If X dip
In my dress,
A beautiful pink It will be."
Miss Agatha Dunn rose out of the sun.
And sUpped off the gown In a trice.
She rolled It up tight-there was no one
In slght-
And she soaked It In raspberry tee.
It came out quite pink, but what do
you think!
When the news of It reached mamma's
She ecolded much more than she scolded
Now, don't you think mothers are
Magpies and Cats Possess Unusual In
tellect Interesting Tale of
Kitten and Tom Cat
Magpies are as clever as they ara
noisy. One was offered an extinguish
ed cigar stump which it began to tear
apart' But apparently changing its
mind, the bird proceeded to rub the
tump, held in its beak, over every
part of Its body, including the wings.
In a most careful and methodical man
ner. Tbe experiment was subsequent
ly repeated many times, always with
the same result The magpie Is so
fond of tobacco that It repeatedly has
Btfatched a lighted cigar from a man'
hand against bis will. It also picks
up fallen cigar ashes and Btrews them
over its feathers.
It Is thought that these action!
have a purpose, tbe destruction of par
asites, and are determined by atavism,
or inherited Instinct In the wild
state some unidentified plant must
have been used as an Insecticide In
stead of tobacco. The magpie's action,
furthermore, seems to be an unques
tionable instance of tne use of tools
,by a lower animal.
Cats, too, are famously clever, a
kitten about six months old was taken
to a house a few miles from Its birth
place, confined In a room, and tender
ly cared for during a week, and then
set at liberty. It wns supposed to
have become accustomed to its new
surroundings, but it returned to its
old home on the day of its release.
The senBe of locality and direction
was exhibited still more strikingly by
an old tool cat which was stolen and
carried a distance of 20 miles, con
fined in a bag. The cat was imprison
ed, but made Its escape, and in a few
days reappeared in a pitiable state
at the home of Its former master,
which was separated from that of the
thief by a high wooded cliff.
Machines, Propelled by Steam, Wert
Seen on English Highways Over
Century Ago.
Although aeroplanes may be said to
be a completely new invention, the
same cannot be said of the automo
bile. That illustrated below" is con
siderably over a century old. The
power employed was steam, and it
was to be seen on tbe highways of
The First Automobile.
England so far back as 1784. It was
at that time regarded as the wonder of
the world. In appearance It was cum
bersome, even when compared with
that nerve-racking production of the
present day, the motor-bus, but it an
swered Its purpose very welL
Filipino Nativea Have Decidedly In
teresting Method of Capturing
. Lazy Little Animals.
In the Philippine islands the na
tives catch monkeys In a curious
The monkeys are fond of the meat
of cocoanuta, which grow as plenti
fully there. as apples do In our coun
try. " Tbey are lazy, though, about
gnawing through the outer bark, and
will only do so when exceedingly hun
gry. The natives take advantage of
their greed and Indolence by cutting
a small opening through the shell, just
large enough :for Mr. Monkey's long,
thin band to penetrate.
When he once, gets inside, he gets
bla hands full , of delicious, dainty
meat and bis band Is naturally wi
der In this act than when it entered.
Finding his band win not com out
tbe monkey chatters and scolds, plain
ly showing his Indignation at the way
be has been trapped, but never thinks
of loosening bis hold on the cocoa
nut and withdrawing bis hands as eas
1 liy as be put it In. -There be stands,
an angry monkey. Until the man who
cornea aad txJtei
' i!
tlm captive. -
After the Concert
fe It r"! be Cds to sing on the
j- -.:t r-;,vt ta t Cae or l
A Corner
Witherspoon Family.
Copyright by
Cosmos Innes, the eminent authority
on Scottish .. surnames, believes that
Witherspoon is .a name derived from
a locality In Scotland. Variations of
the name, found In records, are Wod
deropoon, Wotherspoon, Weltherspoon,
and Wldderson seems to be a name
rather closely related.
If one go back to the old Gothic
word vldus, perhaps we get at the
origin of the name. From vldus comes
the old German wltu, and tbe Anglo
Saxon wudu all these vidua, wltu,
wudu, mean a grove. "With" Is the
Danlsh.for grove, or forest and With
er or Wyther was a tenant whose
name Is recorded In DomeBday book.
One who lived In or near a grove
would be designated as Wyther or
Wither, or using the word wood for
forest, wooder or wodder.
Then again, in trying to find an
origin for the first syllable of tbe
name Witherspoon wither is old Ger
man for army; or wit is a word mean
ing knowledge, from which we may
have wither. As to the last part of
the name spoon It may come from
an old Roman word sponsus, meaning
promised, or a bond.
Still again, if we may theorize fur
ther, regarding the origin of tbe name
or tbe last syllable, In one of tbe
stories of the day, "The Post Qirl,"
Cowner Is an old spelling of Cooper.
Both the poet Cowper and Earl
Cowper sprang from the Sussex fam
ily, who, In 1495, wrote themselves
Cooper is a word derived from
coop, something to keep, or bold
things, whether wine in a cask, or a
hen in her prison. A cooper, then, is
one who makes coops. Coop, in turn.
Is derived from the Anglo-Saxon word
cepan or kepan.
Variations of the surname cooper
are Coupare, Le Coupere, Cowper and
Cuparlus. The plain and unassuming
name of John Cooper Is quite "swell"
in appearance when in Its Italian
masquerade Giovanni Coperarlo.
Who would not prefer being Coper
arlo to Cooper?
The Coopers have been seated in
Great Britain almost since the begin
ning of that nation. Probably there
never was a time when you couldn't
lay band on a Cooper. They flourish
In Berkshire, Gloucester, Dorset Wilt
shire. Surrey and Oxford. Of the land
ed gentry of Suffolk, the principal fam
ily seat is Wortllngton House. Of the
Oxford family, one Thomas Cooper
was a colonel in Cromwell's army.
Markree Castle, Ireland, is another
stronghold of the Coopers. Apropos to
this franch of the family. It Is just re
cently that tbe society columns of
English newspapers have chronicled
the wedding of a daughter of MaJ.
Francis Cooper, R.' F. A., of Markree
Castle, to Mr. Frederlch Wynn of
Coed-y-Maen. Wales.
We find a pilgrim In the person of
Thomas Cooper, In Boston, 1675. .He
waa only about 15 years old, and Is
said to have come from Somerset or
Gloucester, and to nave been born
in London. Three years later he was
a passenger on board the "Pink .Bless
ing." to New York. Thomas was born
with a roving disposition, for in 1692
he bought property on Casco bay.
Maine, paying 100 for a mile of land.
Probably all this while Boston was
his home, for January 10, 1698, Mr. and
Mrs. John Coleman gave tbe land for
the Brattle street church, of which
he was one of tbe principal origina
tors This Is the church called by
Mather tbe Manifesto 'church. Thomas
Cooper was a large land owner.
One branch of tbe Coopers came
from Holland, settling In New Tork,
and the descendants In New Jersey.
They spelled the , name Kupos and
Kuyper, but soon changed to- Cooper.
' The author, James Fennlmore Coop
er, descended from James Cooper, of
Rfratford-on-Avon. who .came to
America, 16T9. and made a home la
Penr.Ej-l7Jtn!a, and tTtnrwards la Kcw
Jersey. Tbe Coc?ers of rcr-tsrSvatla
tzl i.:arr'.r.rl r.:-r r :-.-y wrtf-3
t:i if.' i ' " - - r--7 '
, t " ! ! ' ' ' f ' -
KeClnre Syndleatet
we find tbe word spawer, meaning one
who goes to the. country, or to a sum
mer resort It seems 'that this i$ a
word in use In tome parts, of Eng
land, particularly Yorkshire. It comes
from the word Spa or Spaa, a town 1$
Belgium, noted for Its mineral springs,
one of the oldebl in Europe, and men
tioned by Pliny. A spa then became
a place of springs, and la thus used In
some verses by Beaumont and Fletch
er. We have Imported tbe word, for
we often see "Ballston Spa," or "Sar
atoga Spa." Spaw Is an old spelling.
Is It not possible that what it now
"spoon" was once spa, or spaw, and
Witherspoon was originally wuduspa,
or wltherspa "a spring In a grove."
One who lived near such a locality
was designed accordingly, and well,
enough said, tbe writer merely sug
gets that this is her theory.
One immigrant ancestor, John With
erspoon, born in Scotland, came to
South Carolina In 1.734 on the ship
Good Intent
Dr. John Witherspoon, "signer,"
was a lineal descendant of John Knox,
and through this line the lineage is
traced to Robert the Bruce.
A statue of John Witherspoon
stands on Landsdowne drive, Fair
mount park. Philadelphia, and there
Is a handsome, modern building bear
ing his name in the city. His grave
is with those of the other presidents
of Princeton, in Princeton cemetery.
Witherspoon hall at the university, is
named in his honor.
Heitman's "Officers of tbe American
Revolution" gives the name of MaJ.
James Witherspoon. son of Rev. John
of Princeton. He was killed at Ger
mantown, October 4, 1777. Another
James Capt James of South Caro
lina received his commission from
Gen. Marlon, April 4, 1782.
Strongholds of the Witherspoons in
South Carolina have been Willams
burg, KIngstree, Abbeville, Sumter
vllle, and in North Carolina, Newbern,
among other places. The family have
been pioneers in Virginia, Kentucky,
Tennessee and Florida.
The coat-of-arms Illustrated is bla
zoned: or, on 'a cross engrailed, be
tween four crescents, gules, a mascle,
A hand holding a laurel wreath,
proper (in natural coloring).
Motto: Deo Juvante God helping,
or assisting.
Tbe cross and crescents of the arms
point to Crusader ancestry: "en
grailed" denotes possession of land.
In Loudoun county, Virginia, lived
Apollos Cooper, who was a lieutenant
In tbe continental army, and killed at
Brandywlne. He had three children,
and they were founders of the Ten
nessee branch of the family. Among
marriage connections were the Patter
sons and Lewises of Virginia and
South Carolina.
William Cooper, born 1720, and
called the patriot was for 49 years
town clerk of Boston. His brother
Samuel, from the time of the stamp
act wrote the principal and tbe best
political articles which treated of the
subject '
The first American-built railway lo
comotive, the Tom Thumb," was the
work of Peter Cooper, born 1791. In
Philadelphia. The locomotive con
structed from bis own designs, la 1830.
ran IS-mile In 57 minutes oa Its
trial trip.
' The first actor to ""star" la Amer
ica was Thomaa Abthorpe Cooper, bora
In England, 1776.
Tbe coat-of-arms illustrated Is .Ma
soned argent chevron ermine, eo
tlsed gules,' between three lesjres vert
Crest cubit' arm, erect proper,
holding np a chaplet vert" No -motto
Is given with this coat-armor, but the
Coopers have mottoes, and one Is Nil
MagTium Nisi Bonum.' another is
Tuum Est One coat-of-arms granted
i: i, und borne ty the V,'tacf':?r
Co '-'Ts. is: Tr-rea ?:?, brtwe
Rarty Tickets Had Changed Somewhat
Since the Old Gentleman
Handed Out Advice.
Everybody who had known old
Henry admired him for the charity of
his tongue when be spoke of his
neighbors. It was bis most marked,
characteristic except the Independ
ence which be manifested In his po
litical affiliations. It made a young
man who was visiting in the neighbor
hood curious, and one day he man
aged to lead up to the subject and
ask the old man wbat had taught blm
to keep such a good watch on bla
"It was my father," replied the old
man, quietly. " A splendid man, as I
remember him. He always disliked
to hear folks gossiping unkindly
about each other. I've seen him, when
they began It get on bis feet Just like
a cow grazing and gradually working
toward a hole In the fence, and be
fore any one krfew It. he'd be out of
the room, so's be couldn't bear 'em.
"He talked to me about It 'Henry,'
he'd say, "when you're of age never
say anything about a man if you can't
say good of blm, and always vote the
straight party ticket "
"But you dont vote that way."
"Well, sir," said Henry, "you see
my father said the straight party tick
et; and when I came along to vote,
the pesky thing bad got so crooked
that I don't believe he'd have recog
nized It"
What They Old With Them.
An American who spends much of
his time In England tells of a cockney
who went to a dealer In dogs and thus
described what be wanted. "HI wants
a kind of dog about so 'lgh an' so long.
Hit's a kind of gr'y'ound, an' yet It
ain't a gr'y'ound, because 'Is tyle Is
hotter nor any o' those 'ere gr'y'ounds,
an' Is nose Is shorter, an' 'e ain't so
slim round tbe body. But still 'e's
a kind o gr'y'ound. Do you keep such
dogsr "We do not" "aid tbo dog
man. "We drown 'em."
Only One Cobb.
The morning after Judge Andrew
Cobb, a one time justice of the su
preme court of Georgia, tendered bis
resignation, an Atlanta lawyer and a
shoe drummer sat In the same seat in
an outgoing train.
The lawyer bought a newspaper and
looked over the headlines. Then he
turned to the drummer and said:
"Well, I see Cobb has resigned."
"Gee!" said the drummer. "What
will Detroit do now T" Philadelphia
Saturday Evening Post
On a Stygian Ferryboat
Charon was ferrying a passenger
across the Styx.
'Tine scenery for my toothpowder
ad," cried the shade.
Thus we see the ruling passion sur
vives. Far Red, Itchiest Eyelids. Cysts, Styes
Falling Eyelashes and All Eyes That
Need Care Try Murine Eye Salve. Asep
tic Tubes Trial Slie 25c. Ask Your Drug
gist or Write Murine Eye Remedy Co
Not Really Famous.
"Did be ever attain real eminence?"
"I don't think so. He was never
looked on as tbe 'hope of the white
race.' "Detroit Free Press.
Keep them white with Red Cross Ball Blue.
AU grocers eeu large a oa. peoaage, o wuu.
I have been to feasts of arguments
where the only result was a constipa
tion of real original Ideas.
CoBttlpstloB canaMsnd arsTates many wrlaas
SIMM 11 l tboroujthlr com! by Dr. Pleroe's
ftMMBlPsUeu. Tke fivuilu tamlly UzaUve.
Many a girl who refuses to stay
single also refuses to stay married.
AvrgetaUe Preparation Tor As
similating tbeFoodandRegula
ling foe S tomachs and Bowels of
Promotes Drrtion,Chcerful
ness and RestjContains neither
ODium.Morphine nor Mineral
Not Nauc otic.
Arp- sou BrSAViUJrrazx
Any tii's iSW s
a, fPfl"e,aef j
ine mmm faw. .
irt,r PnrwHv for Cons Roa-
lion. Sour Stomach,Diarrhof i,
nets and LOSS Of ElXCP.
TH Ccwtaur CoMflMra
- wnv Yonic.
r( ).,. -Jsir-TIW!j-' -aaSaeieeap-stea rflif isa e f 1 II
jV . . . "1 111") f V
k v :
TaeSimfc Signature of
Willie (aged live)! guess " they
think np in heaven tnat i m aeaa.
Mamma Why soT
Willie "Cos I ain't said my prayers.
1 had eczema "on my hands for ten
years. I had three good doctors but
none of them did any good. I then
used one box of Cutlcura Ointment
and three bottles of Cutlcura Resolvent
and was completely cured. My hands
were raw all over, Inside and out, and
the eczema was spreading all over my
body and limbs. Before I had used one
bottle, together with the Cutlcura
Ointment my sores were nearly
healed over, and by tbe time I had
used the third bottle, I was entirely
welL To any one who has any skin
or blood disease I would honestly ad
vise them to fool with nothing else,
but get Cutlcura and get welL My
hands have never given me the least
bit of trouble np to now.
"My daughter's hands this summer
became perfectly raw with eczema.
She could get nothing that would do
them any good until she tried Cutl
cura. She used Cutlcura Resolvent
and Cutlcura Ointment and In two
weeks they were entirely cured. I
have used Cutlcura for other members
of my family and It always proved suc
cessful. Mrs. M. E. Falln, Spears
Ferry. Va, Oct 19, 1909."
. Uncouth.
"He's so uncouth." '
"What's the matterr
"He actually eats the lettuce leaf
the salad rests on."
A wise author draws bis own con
clusions at the beginning.
you can expect to suffer
because the other organs
are also affected and the
whole system of diges
tion and assimilation is
blocked. You can eat
heartily and without fear
of distress if you will
hevin tout meals with a
dose of Hostetter's Stom
ach Bitters. It regulates
the Annetite. aids diges
tion and prevents Gas on
Stomach, Heartburn,
Belchincr. Indigestion,
Cramns. Diarrhoea and
Malaria, Fever and Ague.
Try it today.
Tbi Bell Srstea ft,: Senlce St:rd
for the World.
yner tdtwt. et-m boek ant
WleFKBSL Buabll.lMdUra
rilicMl i l.l.tm,lit
Fcf Infest raft CHl-irsa
Thd IfirJ Yea Ifeo
Bears tho
J -Hi
a v m
jfilriy Yoaro-l-
v u -nr

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