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Daxtcr Springs New&
CH1S, L. SMITH, Editor ft Owner.
The latest divorce case originated la
a game of cards. Solitaire T
Moreover, the airman aroldi the
anuh on the elevated loop platform.
' Why should not dogfish be good eat
ing, as the scientists declare? Catfish
We hate to reopen a controversy,
bat how do you play poker In Esper
anto? There Is an opening for a popular
eong about the aeroplane with a bro
ken wing.
An appeal is to be made to reason
m dress. Reason In dress just at
present Is hobbled.
More twins were born this year In
Chicago than ever before. Can thla
be charged to the comet?
A New Jersey Judge rules that only
sober men can get marriage licenses.
It's getting harder and harder.
Under the new rules of football we
believe there will still be work for the
doctor and the ambulance drivers.
The chill felt In the air Is due partly
to the advanced season, and partly to
the Inevitable autumn coal bills.
Football at women's colleges would
be grand preparation for the stern
business of bargain-counter rushing.
A California girl of 7 years speaks
nine languages, says an exchange, and
we presume she corrects her parents
In all of them.
That Paris professor who recom
mends devilfish as household pets,
does not say whether they will bark
at the family canary-
According to the health department
the fly wants to give the human race
several bites that It will remember be
fore succumbing to the frost
Prince Tsal Hsun wanted a daytime
nap and showed his familiarity with
American customs by taking It In Phil
adelphia. Paris hats three feet wide have Just
arrived in the east Evidently Paris
has overlooked the fact that pay-enter
cars are being used here now.
A German burgomaster complains
of the scandal-mongerlng of the wom
en who have nothing to do at home.
Dont they 'play bridge whist in his
Eating sand for the benefit of ono'a
health should be viewed by the public
with an open mind until Dr. Woods
Hutchinson has expressed his opinion
of the practise.
About the only creature capable of
Indulging in hobble skirts, aviation
and football without danger of frac
turing something Is the Justly famous
boneless codfish.
Skeletons of warriors with horns
have been found in California. What
port they must have had in the prize
fights of those days when the cham
pions locked them!
That cool wave, predicted by the
'Weather bureau, seems to have lln
cered overmuch on Its way. Still It Is
a pretty good forecast to stick to at
this time of the year.
They are telling of a romance which
tcgan in an aeroplane. Still, that la
s poor a place for tender glances and
jot tie pressures of hands as a canoe,
which is no place at alL
The astronomers have now formed
atar trust This is no doubt a re
sult of the ruinous competition at tho
time of the visit of the late Mr. Hal
ley's ghostlike luminosity.
They are trying to Induce society
women to refrain from smuggling by
telling them it is wicked. But possi
bly the fact of Its wickedness will
mslj add sest to the game.
The men who are safely married
Should be thankful they have had
their travail and are through with It
fashion decrees that hereafter a man
tsnst propose on his knees.
According to the' available statistics
emly 80 persons have ever died from
snake bite In this country. But these
figure win not compel the snakebite-cure
industry to languish.
If the humble Janitor, whom flat
dwellers would regulate with law and
wrder. ever asserts his prerogative
some cold winter morning, the flat
tfweller may be beseeching Instead of
Uemandlng. '
There la a preacher in Boston who
ears that the hobble skirt is an evi
fence of sanity. . Has he ever had his
lead examined? i
"When is a hen not a bird?" sounds
; is a prize puzzle or a funny game,
'at it 1 a serious question with which
t ne of the Washington courts will be
rolled on to solve. Of course, the law
always a dignified institution, but
, gee its learned exponents strog
- r'.h tie aviation limitations of
r - t American hen is sometilrg
'"),'?:' cf tht trtlca. j
n i
Fowls are obliged to throw off
much of the waste of the body through
the lungs. They do not sweat, but In
stead breathe several times faster
than sweating animals when heated
To keep in good health, a hen re
quires nearly seven times the amount
of fresh air in proportion ot its size
as does a horse. This Is a fact well
to keep In mind when planning the
winter housing of the flock.
During very cold weather it is ab
solutely necessary that the eggs be
gathered several times a day; for If
they are left In the nests they are apt
to be frozen. The evil habit of egg'
eating Is very often formed by hens
getting their first taste of eggs from
eating a cracked one which has frozen
In the nest
Give the working team a dally
grooming when you work them. Give
the shoulders an especially good rub
bing, and If there are any signs of
swelling or sores, bathe them with
water and carefully wash the skin
clear of all dirt and dust
Small fruit on the farm Is. a source
of Joy and satisfaction. You often
hear people say they can buy the
fruit cheaper than they can raise It
but they don't and what's more it
never tastes so good as the home
In the winter time, after the hens
have gone to roost, arrange the litter
(change It if necessary) and scatter
the grain into this, so when the hens
come off the roost in the morning
they can go to work for their break
fast There is no gold mine nor get rich
quick scheme In the poultry yard, but
If you will practice these four words:
cleanliness, punctuality, perseverance
and care you will receive a good prof
It from the poultry.
The western man knows that when
his lambs go to market, a carload
from a well-bred, thoroughbred sire
will go for a dollar per bead more than
for a scrub. They have proved It
many a time.
In buying a brooder the chief points
to be observed are: A good lamp, a
heating device giving off the heat
from a central drum, and an arrange
ment which facilitates easy cleaning.
Science says Impure food fed to
poultry is the cause of many diseases
In man. Then as poultrymen wo
should be careful what we feed our
poultry and the care we give It
There Is little need of buying expen
sive grains for swine, when main
tained on farms, or of feeding much
grain, except to nursing mothers or
In fitting for market
A few sunflower seeds planted
around the henhouse and yards will
not only add to the appearance of
the place, but will furnish good fcod
later In the season.
Brooder-lamps are often exposed to
the wind, and, if cheaply constructed
or poorly enclosed, the result will bo a
chilled brood of chicks, or perbapa a
Not every one may hope to own
prize-winning herds, but lot us do the
best we can by breeding up. There is
no wisdom in keeping poor cows.
We have our choice of the breads
and msy be enthusiastic about them.
The breed you like is the breed with
which you will succeed.
There la much leas danger of over
watering a hard working horse if he
Is watered often than if allowed to be
come very. thlrsLy.
Feed is too high to allow unprofita
ble animals to consume It when pay
ing cows can be obtained for the same
amount ot money.
A live-gallon can is the most favored
package for shipping extracted honey.
For packing honey in email tin pack
ages, the writer knows ot nothing bet
ter than the 6 and 10-pound triction
top cans and palls.
There Is room on every farm for
at least one or two brood sows and
their young.
Never attempt to fatten birds which,
in successive weighing, show a loss
of weight
To prevent the air from reaching
the silage all silos mnst have air
tight walla -
. The large, tp-toate fcenkcase is
net only unnecessary but cf douttfal
Never plow furrows np and flows
the face of a hill If they can as well
be run across its face. In such places
there Is no fear of water lying so as
to do damage, but there Is great
chance of a - drought lessening the
yield. This Is especially the case it
furrows up and down the bill provide
facilities for a quick run-off in case
of a downpour of rain. Where there
are no such furrows for the escape ot
the water, it will be much more likely
to soak in.
Corn is in ideal condition for the
silo w hen It is in Ideal condition to be
cut for fodder, 1. e., when the kernels
are well glazed and just before the
foliage begins to brown. Corn at this
stage Introduced into a well-constructed
silo and carefully spread and well
tramped has never failed in our ex
perience to produce ideal silage.
Hogs make their most profitable
growth In summer, when they are
young, but this will not be true un
less they have something to eat.
Plenty of pasture and milk with
some grain will help them along at
a time when tbey are best able to'
respond and when pork Is made most
After the pigs are two weeks old
they may be turned Into a lot to
gether, where they may be fed with
out being disturbed by the sows. The
feeding lot of the pigs should be con
nected with the sow's pen by a small
opening through which they may pas
back and forth at will.
Alfalfa Is moklng good In the east,
and farmers are realizing that it U
comparatively easy to get a stand, by
the use of lime and plenty of stable
manure. This is Ideal pasture for
swine and no harm will be done the
crop if pastured lightly.
There are no secrets about good
dairying. The farm Journals tell all
there Is about It over and over, hut
the man who does not read and apply
modern methods remains In Ignor
ance, and possesses an empty pocket
book. The average dairy farmer takes It
as a matter of course that cows us
ually shrink during the fall and fall
away In their flesh condition, and
therefore he makes no plans to re
move the cause of the falling away.
A good brood sow of whatever
breed must have a big feeding capa
city in order to produce plenty of
milk. For this reason It la never wise
to buy a sow with a short, chunky
body set on too short legs.
In buying a farm one of the most
Important things to consider is the
matter of water for the stock. No
animal on the farm can be expected
to do Its best without free access to
good water.
Idle horses . need good, judicious
care. There are instances wnere val
uable animals have dropped dead
when being taken, from the stable
after a long period of confinement
Economy In saving, and the appli
cation of barnyard manure is needed
on most farms. Manure is one of Its
valuable products, yet it Is not fully
appreciated by most managers.
Maybe those old hens will go
through another winter all right but
you will not get much out of them. Let
them go. It Is the young hen that
does the business.
If one waits until husking time to
save the seed corn the task will al
ways be done more hurriedly and the
chances are that a poorer quality- will
b secured.
Benefits can be derived from even a
roughly kept register of the cow's
yield and other matters concerning
her which otherwise would be forgot
ten. In a day's time a chickadee has
been known to eat hundreds of insect
eggs and worms that are very harm
ful to our trees and vegetables.
Dipping every fowl la the surest and
safest wsy to get rid of the body lice
and all parasites such as feather
mites, scaly leg, scabies, etc,
If there is a furnace in the cellar,
beets and carrots keep much better if
packed in sand. Thla prevents them
from shrivelling so badly.
Oats is one of the most important
feeds we can feed to growing chicks.
as It is a muscle and bone builder
and makes fine feathers.
Where yon find filth yon find, ver
min. These two things cause a host
of diseases, and right here la where
the losses begin.
Encourage the hired man to be
kind to the horses.
A double wall concrete alio is most
nearly frost proof.
Every pleasant summer day the bees
are up and away at daybreak in search
ot nectar.
Don't forget that there are days
when your horse is out of sorts Just as
you are.
sbb i . ,
A little of! of pennyroyal or on ot
cloves win drive fleas awa? from the
A platform seels ca ths f&ra has
a bene'dent esect rrca i tows
S -- -
For Smoothing Uneven Places Plank
8moother Is Useful Buokscraper
Also Used.
' Where Irrigation Is practised it is
necessary to bring the surface to a
uniform grade. The appearance of
lawns is also improved by grading.
For simply smoothing uneven places
the plank smoother is very useful
says Farm ami Home. This Is made
eight to ten feet long and of heavy
Joist, shod with a piece of flat steel
on the lower edge. A plank is
Split-Log 8moother.
fastened at the middle for the driver
to stand on. His added weight will
aid materially In the work accom
plished. Either two or four horses
can be used on a drag of this sort
Where there is much grading to be
done the buckscraper is the best de
vice. A very useful one Is made four
feet along the, cutting edge, three feet
deep and one foot three inches high.
It will carry one-half cubic yara at a
land, and must be made of two-Inch
plant well braced with strap iron.
The cutting edge anouia oe oi sieei.
The Buckscraper
The drawbow works on pins fixed
near the middle of the sides. The
handle Is about seven feet long, and
by it the scoop is kept under control
for filling or tipping.
Two English Scientists Announce They
Have Found Mlcro-Organlsm
Which Destroys Bacteria.
Two English scientists, Drs. Russell
and Hutchinson, announce that they
have discovered the micro-organism
which destroys the bacteria essential
to the fertility of the soil Other sci
entists declare the discovery the most
important made in half a century,
Having found the culprit the next
thing for the scientists to do will be
to discover his "natural enemy" and
proceed to eliminate him from the cos
mic scheme. The discovery seems to
have come none too soon, since, ao
cording to estimates made by reliable
experts, the soil of the United States
has been robbed ot $1,000,000,000 worth
of fertility In the last 30 years. The
Loss in farm values has varied in the
different states from $1,000,000 to
$160,000,000, according to the figures
given out by the census bureau. The
question of "soil robbery" is not one
tor future generations to solve, but for
those of the present day. Rich as is
the United States, It cannot afford to
be robbed of a billion dollars in 80
years, with the prospect that it the
robber isn't stopped he will take two
billions or more in the next $0 years.
Whatever that microorganism dis
covered by Russell and Hutchinson
may look like, however small he may
be, he should be chased out ot tho
country and oft the earth, writes John
A. Howland in Chicago Tribune. A
step in this direction has already been
taken, even before the announcement
at the discovery. It was learned some
time ago that certain bacteria were
generated by the introduction ot ni
trates into the soil and that these bac
teria were the "fertility" ot the earth.
Certain plants, such as the legumes
were found to be peculiarly adapted to
the culture ot these "good bacteria."
That is why alfalfa is being heralded
as a good thing for the farmer to
But the process of raising the fertll
y making bacteria by natural process
Is rather alow, so man decided to help
nature along. ' These bacteria have the
faculty ot extracting the nitrogen from
the air and introducing It Into the
earth. A process has been invented
by which the nitrogen Is artificially ex
tracted from the air, formed Into a
powder,' and the powder need to fer
tilize the soil This eliminates a long
process ot natural fertilisation. How
ever, if some one can find a way to
prevent the fertility from being eaten
np byv the- micro-organism, he ' will
make artificial fertilization unnecessary-
Protect the Lawn.
If leaves have fallen on the laws,
let them remain there during the win
ten They will serve as a protection
to the sward. Ton may not think
that the ' award needs any protection,
but it yon do not think it receives a
benefit from such a covering as loaves
provide,' take observations, this sea
son. " .You will find next spring, that
the .grass where . ths leaves vert
tV.est is tvzt and stronger ts,B
t."tere. tr.J it v HI r'art Iz'.o f. -'J
f - r it "." rr - " .
Costs Very Little and Make Good,
serviceable Highways It Is the
Poor Men's Friend.
"We have more than once pointed
out" ny Southern Good Roads, "that
where a bond Issue or a heavy read
tax Is impossible owing to the
strength of the opposition or to pov
erty, there can be nevertheless per
fectly good earth roads built at very
small expense. The chief thing Is co
operation among the people of the
community. There la no excuse for
a bad road In any village or farming
section none whatever. For the
split-log drag Is the poor man's friend,
and with it any people, however poor,
however far from the day of macad
am, can make and enjoy good roads.
"Let us take, for example, a stretch
bf bad road in the country. Say it is
ten miles in length and that ten
farmers live at intervals along Its
course. It Is very bad in summer and
text to Impassable In winter. Those
ten farmers decide that they are not
going to put up with holes and ruts
and washouts any longer, and they
come together. They agree that they
will divide the road into ten sections
of one mile each, and every farmer la
to take charge of a mile. Tbey select
one of their number to act as fore
man of all They fall to work and
build split-log drags. These cost prac
tically nothing. The office of publio
roads, United States department of ag
riculture, will gladly furnish informa
tion as to the construction, and if pos
sible will doubtless send an expert to
give preliminary instructions.
"When the farmers have everything
ready, the foreman calls them out
after inch rain to drag their several
sections. This Is repeated until with
in an amazingly short time that miser
uble old road has been transformed
Into a splendid highway, smooth, well
drained, well-shaped, a thing of beauty
and a joy forever, without the expend
iture of enough money for the farmers
to miss It They receive Incalcula
ble benefit from the road, and it
serves as an object lesson to the rest
of their county, causing others to go
and do likewise, until in the course
of no great time the road situation
In tbo county has been revolutionized
bnd the way paved for the day when
permanent stone roads will be built
"Why not try it in your community?"
Few Hours' Work This Fall Will Ma
terially Add to Corn Crop Yield
Next Year.
The importance of selecting and
drying seed corn in the tall cannot be
too strongly urged. A good drying
rack is a great convenience and may
easily be made. The rack should be
li i iimjr
-' )PJl''illlifrlIliZj
- o Mi'itiii
8eed Corn Drying Rack.
placed in a dry room, but one that is
not too warm.
By the use of this rack it will be
easy to keep certain grades of corn
separate. A few hours' work this fall
may Increase the corn crop very ma
terially next year. .
Organic matter is very essential la
a solL
A fertile soli is the first thing sought
by the pioneer.
The roots should all be In the
trench by this time in the northern
Leave no piece of work half done.
Drive the hoops down good on every
Job yon do.
It will be much easier to husk corn
this month than during the few com
ing months.
Sometimes the ice crop comes early.
No matter when It comes, be ready
for It It may be your only chance.
Pulling and chopping out the nig
weeds in the garden and truck
patches will be 'in order nlntll frost
Invest in a gallon or two of paint
and go over the implements. Cover
the steel parts with raw linseed ofL
By covering tomato vines with
cloths or matting when frosts come
the yield may be prolonged, for aome
All binges on the barm doors and
gates will work easier if oiled occa
sionally. Get out the oil can it yon
have one.
A good use for weeds and old vines
from the garden is compost Every
body who maintains a garden should
also keep a compost neap, where
ertrrt-'r-g that win rot .and enrich
tLe soil ctn be tlown from tins te
1U .....VlT J, ilf
C:r Terriib Expsri
rerrca She:! J Csia Every
3 to Prevent C
Mrs. C. 8.
Sage rser,
1311 "Wood
land Ave,
City. Ma,
"I feel ltj
t duty to
you and to
others that
may be af
flicted like
myself, to
speak for
"My trou
ble 11 r s t
came after
la rr lppe
e I g h t or
nine years
ago, a gath
ering in my
head and
neuralgia. I
su S e r e d
most all the
1 1 m e. My
nose, ears
and e y e e
were badly
Mrs. C. 8. 8agtreit
affected for
the last two years. X think from your
description ot internal catarrh that 1
must have had that also. I suffered)
very severely.
"Nothing ever relieved tne like Pe
runa. It keeps me from taking cold.
"With the exception of some deaf
ness I am feeling perfectly cured. 1'
am forty-six years old.
1 feel that words are Inadequate to
express my praise for Peruna."
Catarrh In Bad Form.
Mrs. Jennie Darling, R. F. D. L.
Smyrna Mills, Maine, writes: "I was
unable to do my work for four years,
as I had catarrh in s bad form. I
coughed incessantly, and got so weak:
and was confined to my bed.
"Peruna came to my relief and by
faithfully using it X am able to do toy
work. Peruna la the best medicine that;
X ever took."
"What is the fastest run your auto
ever made?"
"It ran me $200 in debt the first
week I had it"
The Preface of Trade.
"I had a curious experience yester
day," said Farmer CornosseL"
"What was It?"
"A stranger came along and told me
a funny story and didn't try to sell
me anything."
The average man would not per
jure himself if he pleaded guilty to
the charge of amounting to but little.
There is no nelp for a man who is
too lazy to work his friends.
Taking Tonics, and Built Up on
Right Food.
The mistake is frequently made of
trying -to build np a worn-out nervous
system on so-called tonics drugs.
New material from which to rebuild
wasted nerve cells is what should be
supplied, and this can be obtained
only from proper food.
! "Two years ago I found myself oa
the verge of a complete nervous col
lapse, due to overwork and study, at I
to Illness In the family," writes a Wis
consin young mother.
"My friends became alarmed be
cause I grew pale and thin and could
not sleep nights. I took various tonics
prescribed by physicians, but their
effects wore oft shortly after X
stopped taking them.. My food did
not seem to nourish me and I gained
no flesh nor blood.
"Reading- of Grape-Nuts, I do
termlned to stop the tonics and see
what a change of diet would do. X
ate Grape-Nuts four times a day.
with cream and drank milk also, went
to bed early after eating a dish of
In about two weeks X was sleeping
soundly. In a short time gained 19
pounds In weight and felt like fe
different woman. My little daughter
whom I was obliged to keep out of
school last spring on account cf
chronic catarrh has changed from a
thin, pale, nervous child to a rcer, ,
healthy girl and has gone back to
school this fall.
"Grape-Nuts and fresh air were U.s
only agents used to accomplish C
happy results." t
Read "The Road to Well vine," 1;
ykrs. "There's a Reason."
rr i . t , -, tri, 4 t.x'l tt '.
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