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Kits ntiUrictl Coolaty-
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i !
It's Time to Plant
If you' expect pretty flowers and
choice vegetables this season. If
you have not decided on what to
plant we would be pleased to show
you our assortment of
Fiower and Garden Seed.
We no doubt can assist you in
making a selection. The garden
or flower bed depends for its sue
cess on the quality of the seed
used. Our stock is fresh each
season, and each variety is gath
rA frnm nlant of established
4 WU f
merit. Every kind of seed will
be found in our assortment.
There's a Reason ,
Why our business has doubled
' trebled quadrupled and you do
not have to be a college graduate
to figure it out.
We simply "make good."
Dent's Cash Grocery
Phone No. 5.
Bring that watch to me for re
pairs. See my line of Jewelry.
Reddy's Drug Store.
Plumb Dinsmore
Married, in Baxter Springs on
June 1st, at 5 o'clockin the after
noon, at the residence of Rev.
and Mrs. J. C. Plumb, Elizabeth
Hayes Plumb, daughter of the
officiating clergyman and John
Hamilton Dinsmore of Owaton
na. Rev. C. A. Harris, pastor of
the Presbyterian church, assist
ing in the ceremany.
The wedding was attended only
by the near relatives and a few
intimate friends of the bride and
1738 Butters.
On Friday eveningof last week
there passed through this city en
route to Kansas City from a point
ncarQuanah, Texas, eleven car
jroats. Truly it
was a bie lot of butters. They
averaged 153 to the car.
Important Notice
Those knowing themselves in
vuKtd in the State Line Stock
Farm for colts are asked to settle
on or before July 1, 1911.
W. A. Douthit, Prop'r.
Corn For Sale, 50c
At Abrams' ranch, just west of
Snnn-side. About 2.000 bushels
mt nr bu. at crib. Good scales.
" 1 r. Tnm TTarVwood left Mon
MltB vtt "
3 r, fnr Wnf worth.
Gay ujuiuiuk -
Mo., to join her husband, who is
interested in the mining business
The pews at St. Mark's church,
Paiter Springs, have been rear-
.a Tcfad nf two &isle the
pews have been so placed as to
make but one aisle-in the center
i .t. ,,rU more churchlv.
Vultu to
Other improvements are contem
plated. ' Since the first of the
rear over $100 has been spent in
A' D" C' Dead"
Baxter Springs Loses a Good
A. D. C. Harvey, a. citizen of
Baxter Springs since 18S3, died
at his home on Murray street at
6 o'clock Tuesday morning, fol
lowing a long illness.
Deceased was born in Scot
land in 1835, and when only one
year old came with his parents
to this country. They settled in
Ohio, but afterward moved to
Indiana, where Mr. Harvey grew
to Tnanhood, married and ac
quired a competence. He came
to Baxter Springs in 1883 and
engaged in the furniture busi
ness. In a few years he retired
from the active management of
the business, putting his son, A.
L., in charge. Mr. Harvey was
by profession a civil engineer,
and for many years served the
city engineer. He has also
served the city on the council
and as mayor.
Hp 1pvps a wife and three
children to mourn his death.
Thev are A. L. and W. S. Har
vey of this city and Mrs. Ella
Jackson of Cabool, Mo. All of
them were present when the end
came, lie also had tnree oroin-
ers. Mr. Harvey had just com
pleted a fine home on Murray
street, and only a Jew days be
fore his death was moved to it.
TTp was a fine man. a erood
husband and an indulgent par
ent. All in all, he was a( good
Fiinpral services will be held
at the home today (Thursday)
. . a . t
after winch interment win De
mad in the Baxter cemeterv.
The city officials will attend in a
Flag Day June 14.
The American Flag Associa
tion has issued the following ap
peal for a general observance of
Fag Day on June 14:
"We respectfully appeal to the
President of the United States of
America, to the governors of all
the states of our land, and to the
mavors of each American city, to
herald the coming and celebra
tion of Flag Day, June 14, 1911
hv nroclamation: we call upon
every public officer, every teach
er of the youth of our country,
the editors of all newspapers, the
daily instructors of the youth of
our land, to call public attention,
to arouse enthusiasm, and to pro
vide for oubhc exercises and gen
eral celebration of the day. We
earnestly exhort our citizens to
inin in making Flair Day an
event, and its celebration in 1911,
a ceneral event. Let us, lrom
one end of our land to the other,
fling the stars and stripes to the
breeze on June 14, 1911. May it
irreet the risiner and salute the
setting sun, and float all day
long from every church edifice,
school and building, public and
nrivate and however humble,
through the entire land."
In order to be right in line
with the above. I. Chas. M.
Jones, mayor of Baxter Springs,
Kansas, respectfully ask that the
deas mentioned above be cameo
out in this city.
Cbas. M. Jones, Mayor.
St. Mark's Church.
June 11th will be Trinity Sun
day. The collect is: Almighty
and everlasting God, who hast
given unto us Thy servants grace
by the confession or a true iaitii
to acknowledge the glory of the
eternal Trinity and in the power
of the Divine Majesty to worship
the unitv: we beseech 1 hee that
Thou wouldst keep us steadfast
in this faith and evermore de
fend us from all adversities, who
livest and reigneth, one God,
world without end. Amen."
The portion of Holy Scripture
appointed for the Epistle is taken
from Revolation 4: "Thou art
worthy, O Lord, to receive glory
and honor and power;' for Thou
hast created all things and for
Thy pleasure they are and were
The Holy Gospel is from St.
John 3: "Jesus answered, 'veri
ly, verily, I say unto thee, except
a man be born of water and the
spirit, he cannot enter into the
kingdom of uod.
Services for the worhip of Al
min-htv God accordincr to the Bi
Me and the Book of Common
Prayer will be held in St. Mark's
church. Baxter Springs, on bun
Hit even in it at 8. Psalm 122: 1.
Dr. English. These 1S3.
A Big Store.
Polster Bros. New Store About
Ready for Occupancy A Big
Line of Goods Will be
In 1S67 John Polster opened up
a mercantile establishment in
this citv. It was a small store,
tn hp sure, as all stores were in
those davs. but it did business,
and made money. Mr. Polster
died in the seventies, and his
familv carried on the business.
It afterward was taken in charge
hr John T.. a son. and when his
brothers. E. G. and C. F. were
older they became associated with
him. The business from its
start bv the father was carried
on in a frame building, which is
remembered by a great many
people of this city and vicinity.
After awhile it was decided to
move the frame building and put
up a brick store building. This
was done, and the new building
was 25 feet wide. This soon be
came too small and a larger
building was put up. This was
a nice building, and the boys
were doing a nice business. But
on the morning of March 7, 1909,
fire broke out in the drug store
of Campbell Bros, to the south
of them, and not only burned the
drug store; but the Polster hotel,
and Polster Bros.' store were al
so destroyed. Not daunted in
the least the boys took their
goods, practically all of which
were saved from the flames, and
rented a couple of rooms and con
tinued business one of the rooms
being used for the men's store,
and the other for the ladies
store. They held their trade
and planned for the future.
In a few days, now, they will
move into the finest store room
in the county, built especially
fnr their lines. The new room
is 75x100 feet, and is fitted up in
La modern way, with modern fur
niture; it is well lighted, and
will contain all modern conven
iences not only for merchandis
ing, but for the patrons.
' The south side of the new store
will be used for the men's lines
of goods. Clothing, shoes, hats,
underwear, ties, in fact it will
be a ceneral haberdashery. All
the fixtures will be up-to-date.
The ladies' section, or rather
the middle part of the store, will
he used for drv goods, piece
goods, misses,' ladies' and child
ren's shoes, ribbons, and every
thing of a nature to interest the
An immense hosiery section
will occupy the front part of the
middle section.
In the middle section, where
will be kept the dry goods, the
shelving has been built along
late lines, l. e. it is not high,
like the old time shelving, but
the base shelf is only about
twelve inches from the floor, and
it is deep, so goods can be put in
endwise. The shoes will not be
kept on shelves, but will be in
Innhle cabinets, back to back.
In this way it is easier to take
care of stock, and the goods are
easier shown.
Over in the men s section the
hats will be kept in a long rod-
ded case, and not in boxes, as is
the old way.
: In the north part of the build
ing will be a variety section,
where will be kept everything
llv carried bv racket stores.
In this department will also be
found trunks, sewing machines,
washing machines, iron and
brass beds, springs, mattresses,
curtains, shades, wallpaper,
paints, carpets, rugs, garden
A nice line of millinery will
be put in, and a special place
will be set apart for it.
A candy department will be
in the building also; and also a
line of perfumes and toilet arti
cles, including rubber goods,
soaps, creams, powders, etc
There will be a men's dressing
room, with lavatory, for the use
of all people, whether they buy
goods or not, and the ladies will
have a rest room wittf lavatory.
In the rear of the room a bal
cony has been built for the
cashier, and a cash carrier sys
tem will be installed.
All thrnun-h the fixtures are
sanitary, in that they ire off the
floor so that sweeping can be
done under them. A big lot of
fine floor casehave been bought
and will be used for the display
of such lines as are usually car
ried in show cases.
Other lines of goods to be car
ried will be a big stock of jtw-
elry, also aluminum ware of all
kinds. There will be a hard
ware department, too.
The firm is figuring on -putting
in a soda fountain, but as
the season is late already it will
not be put in at this time.
The room is the largest in
Cherokee county, as we said be
fore, and is certainly a credit to
the city.
The boys expect to be in the
new room by the next Booster
day. It is only a question of
catching up the odds and ends,
now, and carpenters are working
long hours to get things done as
soon as possible.
The room will be lighted with
12 big gas arcs, and will be as
light as day. Outside there will
be three gas arcs.
The store will be a regular de
partment store, and it is the in
tention of the proprietors to keep
it right up to the minute with
goods the people want.
We believe it is a safe asser
tion to make that it will be the
aicest store for a town the size
of Baxter Springs anywhere in
the state, or surrounding states.
Another Bad One.
Geo. Hope, From Texas, Steals
Watch, Knife and Other
Things From Geo.
A couole of weeks ago a young
fellow named Geo. Hope arrived
here from Texas, and having
nothing to do, some people busied
themselves and got him a job
out on Geo. Schmidts farm,
northwest of town. The boy,
(he says he is 18 years old; did
very well, and Mr. acumiui
rather liked him. However, a
few days afterward Mr. and Mrs.
Schmidt drove over to Galena,
leaving the boy at the place.
When they got home he was
gone, and upon investigation Mr.
Schmidt found that his watch
was gone, too, and a good knite,
some clothing and other articles.
He apprised the omcers ot tne
turn affairs had taken, and a
search was made for the boy. He
was found in Columbus, and was
arrested. Being brought to this
city he was arraigned before Jus
tice Jones, and committed to the
county jail.
The next kid who worjes ior
Geo. Schmidt will have to bring
lone string of recommenda
tions and references.
Will Build Distillery.
Joplin People to Build a
Distillery Just East of
Jasper county is to have an
other distillery. It is to be built
just east of Galena, just across
the state line and in Jasper
county, Mo. The distillery is to
be built by Joplin people, and
will, we understand, have quite
a large capacity. A contract
has been let for a-deep well, and
surveying has been done for the
' And thu will another means
of getting something to drink be
brought very near to the door of
Kansans. .
M. E. Church.
Sunday June 11, Childrens
Day Services 11 a. m. A splen
did program will be rendered.
The Sunday School at the usual
hour 9:45. , ,. ,
Miss Minnie Pike of Fisk
Training School, Kansas City
will spend a week visiting Rev.
r,A fru Phnades. Miss Pike is
a Deaconess, and is one of the
teachers in the school for Dea
conesses. She will speak Sun-
day evening, no conecuon.
The M. E. Sunday school win
unTA it. nimie at the Reunion
grounds Friday, June 16. Please
, . m Jl - ,
remember the aaic, ana arrange
to go. ,
Lavn Social.
The ladies-of St. Mark's Epis
copal church will give a lawn
social at the home of Mr. and
Mrs. John I. Cooper tm East
Sheridan street this (Thursday)
evening, and you are invited.. It
is a pleasant place to spend the
evening, and the ice cream is go
ing to be mighty good.
"Corn is looking remarkably
well, considering the weather
this section of the footstool has
teca rtccmnj lately.
This Hot Weather
of course turns you toward
Ice Cream and
Cold Drinks.
Don't forget that at our place of business you can
get these things, and they will be of the best.
. .
'For your edification, education, pleasure and comfort we
carry all the latest
Headquarters for things that please.
P. S. No matter what has happened to the other fellow,
you can get wholesome drinks at our fountain.
Te Baxter
SURPLUS, 5.000-00
J Per Cent Interest on Time Deposits,
The Baxter State Bank
Baxter Springs, Kansas.
CAPITAL 25.000.
Grocery Headquarters
is at Cooper's.
Everything in the way of eatables, and all first class. We
are after your business, and if the best of everything, sold
right, will get it, it's ours.
Everything is kept neat, clean, appetizing.
When we sell you anything, it must be just as represented. That's
fair enough, isn't it?
Fto5 your wants to 197. Jlhl HARMON, Hor-tr.
. M
national Bant
5.O0O.0O i
utifying the church."

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