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A. H. LA. Day.
An Immense Crowd, Immense
Time, Immense Fun.
Tocf Qattirdar was Anti day
in Baxter Springs, and the peo-
pie came trom an airecuonn.
They came early, and stayed
late, ana wouia nave aiajcu
longer, but the pigs had to be
slopped and the cows milked.
The day was an ideal one, and
the program was very interest
ing and was carried out to the
letter .
The lodges from the different
localities were well represented,
and every member present did
his very best to make the affair
the huge success it was. Every
body was happy, and everybody
was satisfied.
. The races, broncho busting,
bank robbery, parade, and all the
rest of the program was pulled
off according to schedule.
The Antis are a fine lot of fel
lows, and good citizens, and the
people of Baxter Springs are
proud of the fact that they had
a chance to entertain them.
Southeast, Stowell, Blue Mound
and Willow Creek lodges were
out in full force, and many mem
bers came from long distances.
A. E. Wenzel, as marshall of the
day, had his hands full, but with
.the helpof Col. Hocker, and the
others he got thru in fine shape.
The speeches by Frank Brady
and Phil Campbell were espec
ially good, and were well re
ceived. They spoke from the
band stand in the center of the
main street, which was a good
It was a great day for the canv
didatescf the different parties,
and they were out in full force.
The list of prizes with the
winners, follows:
$3.00 for best appear
?" TngTW rider iff parade
Mrs J H Boswell.
2.00 for second best.
Mra.A E Wenzel.
1.00 for third.
Ruth Wills. , " I
$3.00 for best bucking
x broncho.
J E Roper.
$2.00 for 2d best
J E Fage.
$3 to best broncho rider
P T Blancbard.
2.00 for second best.
Pete Brown, j.
$5 to winning team in
tug of war between Blue
Mound and Stowell lodges.
Both won.
Boys' sack race $1.00
Russell Parsons.
Second prize, 50c.
Arthur Youse.
Kid 3-legged race $1
Russell Earl
Ladies Foot Race $2
Anua Hefley.
Second $1 Miss Brngger.
Office in State Bauk Building
Baxter Springs, Kansas.
Successor to Dr. Thompson.
for good and wholesome food.
- Prompt attention.
0 nick delivery.
-Phone 251 for Groceries, hour,
Feed and Other Good Things.
Dr. N. A. Bily. Osteopathic
Silk flag to best horse
back drill.
Southeast lodge.
Silk flag to lodge com
Intr lonsrest distance.
Ingraham lodge near Columbus
Hood & Sons. Diningcoom
heatind stove.$6.50.for anti's
wife wifh youngest baby.
A W Sells Krd 2.
Wonder Washing mach
ine. $8. to lightest wife of
anti accomp d by husband
Mrs Culler, (Jalena, bi ids.
Pair leather halters, $3.70
for heaviest draft team.
Conrad Eratz.
E. M. Michener, pocket
knife to oldest anti in line.
J Mitchelson, 72 years.
Cooner Gro 48 lbs. flour to
anti bringing largest family.
Wm Starkweather y
Pound candy to anti's wife
bringing youngest twins.
Wo Dorns 5 mo.
Bar soap biggest bull-
moose. John Banning.
Jack knife to the tallest
democrat. Jim Amos.
Cob "Tripe to the smallest
socialist Billy Shearer.
Dr. J. J. Helm, box candy
to largest family girls.
W H Brugger 6 girls.
Grav's Millinery, fancy
hat pin, lady coming farthest
Mrs E. Bucnan, Canada.
Briar dIdo to oldest anti
D A Marvin. Galena, 71 years.
Polster Bros., pair blankets
for family coming greatest
distance. Mrs Ida Rboades.
Leather lined hand bag,
family next farthest
H Starkweather, 10 miles.
Jne KHev: box of horse
tonic, third shortest anti in
parade. J D Gregory.
Wm. Cherrey, package
coffee for lightest anti
Del Brown, 11U lbs.
Glass nitcher. oldest anti in
membership. Wm Starkweathr
Republican, year's sub. to
most recent married anti
D d Brarkweather.
Same to 2d most recent.
B F Banning,
News. 3 subscriptions.
1 largest ear corn.
1 2d largest
1 3d largest
Frank Wade. Fred Wise, W
B Davis.
Buford Price. 251.50 worth
work to best dressed anti
Love Grocery. package cof
fee to heaviest anti MInman
A: C. Stewart 24 lbs. H.L:
J. Flour, youngest married
couple. E G Starkweather.
Raster Mill & EL 100 lbs
flour to one 'bringing us larg
est load corn. F S Messenger
Sack flour to largest wife of
anti. Mrs John Pazson.
.farmings & Armstrong. 50c
in barber work longest haired
anti'' John Gandy.
A. D. C. Harvey, picture to
anti married longest time.
M Shanks.
D. S. Chubb, package of I.
N. Stock Food, shortest anti
in parade. Geo. Hefley.
Homer Michener. a Docket
rule, 2nd shortest anti in pa
rade. J Livingston.
J. B. Opperman, whip to
youngest anti Geo Neprsch.
Hflrtlev Bros.. 4-lb roast to
anti couple married longest
time. - Joe Straddling.
J. A.' McCrea, six bowls
chili to hungriest antL
DM Weiss.
J W. Grantham, box can
dy to fattest girl under 14.
EvaPaxson. -
T. J.Lee, same next fattest
under 14. Hilda Brugger.
Buy your fertilizer of the Bax
ter Mill and Elevator. v .
G. W. Earnshaw left last night
for a business trip to Washing
ton and New York.
Mr. and Mrs. Ed. Hendrix re
turned to their home at Maroa,
111., Sunday night.
W. T. Hartley has sold his in
terest in Hartley Bros, meat
market to his brother, Frank.
Geo. Stoskopf is building a
large new barn on the site of the
one burned a few months ago.
Candidates were; thick as fleas
in Baxter Springs last Saturday.
All the parties had their candi
dates bere '' .
Are vou'doincr tour full duty
toward the new hotel? Do you
take your guests 1 there, and do
you eat Sunday dinner there?
Notice to farmers having wheat
tn caII. This is to notifv you.
that we can nbt receive wheat at
Baxter, testing under 57 pounds
until further notice.
Willard Bros.
The Democratic county candi
dates are working every day and
war into every night. They are
holding meetings in all parts of
the county every night, ana are
drawing big crowds.
T. W. Kitchen, representing
Willow Creek lodge of the Antis,
Orin Callis from the Blue Mound
lodge, and Al. Boyes from South
east lodge, left Monday night
for Arkansas City to attend the
state meeting of the Antis.
One of the best assets of a
town is a good hotel Baxter
has one in the Smith, and the
business men of the town should
see to it that the "traveling men
they patronize stop at the hotel.
Business men do that way in
other towns.
Wm. Southworth of Vinita
was arrested last Saturday night
just across the Oklahoma line by
Sheriff Garman and Deputy M.
Allen. Southworth had with
him a couole of cases of bootleg
whiskey, and the officers broke
the most of it against the fence
posts. Some of it was kept for
evidence. Southworth was turned
over to the Federal authorities.
We are proud of having had
the pleasure of attending onr
second annual Anti day at Bax
ter. We want to extend our
thanks to the good people of
Baxter Springs for "said occasion.
Also to the ladies who furnished
so sumptuous a dinner. We also
want to toss a bunch of flowers
to the ladies who took part in
the program and helped make
the day a success. Yours for the
cause, A. E. Wenzel, Grand
Marshal. -
Frank Brady, who was here
A. H. T. A. day. and made a
speech to'the Antis, tells us he
is going to be 'elected Deyona
question. He says he win get
every bit ot tne uemocraiic,yoie,
and besides that be is goiLg to
get the Progressive Republican
vote. He says he is having big
meetings everywhere he speaks.
The writer has known Frank
Brady for a great many years,
and assures the people they will
not be disappointed in him. lie
is a perfect gentleman, a fine fel
low in every way. and would
represent the district with credit
. ... If' ... 1 I
not only to nimseii, dui iu ma
constituents. -
TJo to this time the Democrats
have all the best of the political
scrap,- not only m Cherokee
county, but all over the state,
also the nation The Democrats
are using a little sense in their
campaign this year, and .we do
not see how it is going to be pos
sible for them to lose. The op
position is all split up, all -thru
the efforts of Stubbs and Capper,
both of whom .are marked for
slaughter on November 5th. .
Dr. Eaglith. Phonsl93,
The season for kodaking is now here.
We have a full and complete stock of everything
made by the Eastman Kodak Co.
Come in and let us show yon how easy it is to
take and make pictures.
' We will sell you an outfit on very easy payments.
Pianos, Organs, Kodaks, Phonographs.
. The Baxter
National. Bank
; JJi lift? &JtWM
Have you ever maid to yourself t "It I only had
Business chances are opening up and ottering
themselves to any of us and all of u very fre
iuetitlvt and the mun who gets the chance is THIS
MAN WHO HAS THB MONEY to take it. Start
a bank account with us now. J3e prepared for a
chance -
v Do YOUR banking with US
: The Oaxter State Dank.
Sick headache is caused by a
disordered stomach. Take Cham
berlain's Tablets and correct that
and the headaches will disappear.
For sale by All Dealers.
Think it over
This office for sale bills. We
deliver the goods. ' ;
Don't forget that Hoods-carry
the most complete line. of gat
and coal stoves ia the country.

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