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Mayor's Proclamation.
Ib pursuance with the law, and
in conformity with the proclama
tion issued bj the sheriff, I, C
M. Jones, Mayor of Baxter
. Springs, Kansas, hereby an
nounced and oroclaim that an
election will be held in this city
in its various wards, on Tuesday,
November, 5, 1912, for the pur
pose of electing a national, state,
congressional and county ticket;
also for the purpose of electing
constables and justices for the
city of Baxter Springs, Kansas.
The following persons are
named for judges and clerks of
said election and polling places
are hereby designated:
Judges A. G. Hanback, G. E.
Lundgren, John Jennings. Clerks
C. A. Diveley, J. T, Ryon.
Polling place, Perkins build
ing, block 6, 0. P.
Judges B. E. Devillers, R. S.
Weaver, J. M. Newbouse. Clerks
A. 0. Rossmann, G. W. Skin
ner. Polling place, City building.
Judges M. A. Patton, S. J.
Armstrong, J. A. Dennis. Clerks
T. T. McAboy, Ed. Johnson.
Polling place, Preston Button's
residence, on East street.
In testimony whereof, I have
hereunto set my hand and seal,
and caused the same to be at
tested by the city clerk, with his
seal, this 21st day of October,
A. D. 1912.
Cbas. M. Jones, Mayor.
Attest: B. W. Patton,
(Seal) City Clerk.
Cbas. Nichols of Independence
Visited relatives here Sunday
and Monday.
Mr. and Mrs. Will Pye of Jop
lin visited Dr. and Mrs. R. C.
Wear Sunday. ' ?i
Mr. and Mrs. L. Murray Per
kins are visiting Mr. and Mrs. T.
J. Morrow in Kansas City.
Wheat is surely looking nice in
this country. It has come up nicely
and is making a good growth.
-The Kansas City Star has
turned against Capper and is
boosting Hodges. Why. is this
J. J. Pribley is making exten
sive improvements in his busi
ness rooms, which were formerly
occupied by the Hood Implement
The "Girl and the Outlaw" at
the opera house December 6.
Don't forget the day and date.
The sb.iw is a good one and should
draw a" full house.
The Baxter Springs Electric
and Water Co. has an adv. in
this paper. This is the company
which is now operating . the
water and light plant.
County Attorney Strother is
seriously ill at his home in Col
umbus. He has not been able to
transact the business of his office
for more than two months.
Columbus is getting ready to
do some street pavin g. The street
leading ' to the square from the
Frisco depot is to be paved, and
of course other work will follow.
Mr. and Mrs. J. E. Simmons
of Lac du Flambeau, Wisconsin,
are here visiting relatives and
V friends. They are employed in
the Indian service and have been
for years.
Elsewhere in this paper will be
found the orofessional card of
Dr. M. L. Grazier, who has
opened an office in the Daniles
DUliaiDKi turner imiuat; . u
South streets. 1 -
W.A TTilW. Democratic can
didate for county treasurer, is
.. . 1 J A1
- feeling particularly kwu mcsc
days. - He, tells us he will be
S elected by a majority of about
r ndrA- Well. it is all
right that he should. If there
ever was an accommodating
. county treasurer, Fred Hiller is
one. Ana nis neip ia mc uw
is built along the same lines.
" And thii ii not an adv. either.
Through an oversight last
week the account of A. H. T. A.
day omitted to report the pres
ence or a deleeation of "Equal
Suffrage" ladies, who addressed
a large audience of men and wo
men in front of the banks, from
a motor car in which they had
arrived. Their arguments were
most convincing and were highly
appreciated. At the National
election on Nov. 5, the men of
Kansas will decide whether wo
men shall in the future, have a
voice in state 'and national af
fairs. As so many states already
have given the ballot to women,
and others are just on the point
of doing so, it is to be hoped that
Kansas will keep up her reputa
tion of being in the forefront of
every good cause.
Notice is hereby given that
parties taking tailings, gravel or
rock from the Abrams or I. and
O. Co's. errounds will be prose
cuted unless arrangements have
been made. A. W. Abrams. ,
Mr. and Mrs. R. C. Burcham
returned Saturday from a visit
with relatives and friends in
Indiana and Illinois. w
Joe Binns. at one time a resi
dent of this city, but now living
at Tisdale, Sask., Canada, suffer
ed a stroke of paralysis, a couple
of years ago, and is in a serious
condition. Joe Binns is a brother
of Samuel Binns of this city.
Mrs. John I. Cooper was host
ess to the Carnation Card Club
Tuesdav afternoon. Halloween
decorations and souvenirs were
used. A delicious luncheon was
served. The prie, a point lace
handkerchief, was won by Mrs.
A. L. Harvey.
Jim Orr is going to have an
easier time in his race for regis
ter of deeds than he did before.
Jim has made an excellent offi
cial, has been courteous -and
obliging to everybody, his office
is a model of neatness and clean
liness, and the people are for
him. This was written by the
editor, and is not a paid adv. '
At this time it is apparent to
all parties, except, of course, fel
lows who are so party prejudiced
that they cannot see otherwise,
that the Democrats are fitting
to "take home the bacon" all
along the line this year. The
Republicans are badly split up
with stand patism, progressiveism
and damphoolism, and a lot of
other isms, and they just can't
get together. It is only a ques
tion of maioritv in every pre
cinct and road district in the
United States. It would perhaps
be mst as well if it was not so
one-sided, but this does not alter
the fact that it is. We believe,
as does almost everybody else,
that the Democrats will elect
to everv county office, and will
not be one bit surprised if they
win practically every office in the
United States. One thing is
sure they have a clean bunch
of candidates.
The ninth annual convention
of the Third District W. R. C,
Department of Kansas, was held
in Baxter Wednesday, "Oct. 16tb.
About 100 members were pres
ent. Mrs. Kate C. Killmer, de
partment president, with a num
ber of her official staff, and all
the district officers were in at
tendance. Business sessions
were held in the morning and
afternoon. During the conven
tion Mrs. Killmer gave a splen
did report of the National Con
vention, held at Los Angeles in
September. ' The Baxter Corps
exemplified the ritual, , and was
hip-hlv oraised for its rendition
of the work. Dinner and supper
were served in thenaskett build
ing. A camp fire was held in
the evening. The convention
was a success in every way, and
the Visitors expressed themselves
aa well leased with .their visit
to Baxter. The next meeting
will be beld.mCherryvale.;Press
Correspondent. -
Antis Hake Catch.
Last Saturday night while at
tending church at Blue Mound,
Valley Stoskopf of Blue Monnd
Lodge, and Herb Paxson of Stow-
ell Lodge, had some property
stolen. Valley lost a lap robe
and Herb a horse blanket Ser
eral members of the Antis from
both the Stowell and Blue Mound
lodges were present at church,
and they at once took the trail,
the net result was that Carl
Gammon, a boy living half a
mile south of Keelville, and
Arthur Evans of Keelville, were
arrested. The Gammon boy con
fessed to taking the property,
and the Evans boy says he helped.
The boys were taken before Jus
tice W. D. Jarrett of Melrose,
who assessed a fine of $10 and.
costs against each of them. The
fines were paid; and the boys
have had a lesson which we hope
will be for their good.
Once more is the Antis found
to be a good bunch for law and
order. ' '
Registration Notice.
Notice is hereby given that the
books for the registration of
voters, which are now open at
my office in the News building,
will be closed on Friday evening,
October 25, 1912, at 10 o'clock
p. m.
If you have not kept your reg
istration alive yon should re-reg-
tsterj if you have moved since
you voted last you must re-register
in order to be entitled to vote.
B. W. Patton,' City Clerk.
Mrs. Chas. Nichols and son of
Independence, Kas., are here vis
iting relatives.
Miss Rebah Tuthill will leave
this week for Los Angeles to
make her home.
Mrs. Wm. Winters of Savon-
burer. Kas.. is "here visiting; her
brother,- Fred Browning.
Mrs. Blanche Armstrong of
Knoxville, Tenn., is here visit
ing her annt, Mrs. J. A. Dent.
Mr. and Mrs. Biz Mackey of
N. Y. City are visiting Mrs.
Mackey1! parents, Mr. and Mrs.
Mr. and Mrs. Chas. Smith of
Chanute are here visiting Mr.'
and Mrs. Fred Browning. Mrs.
Smith is a sister of Mr. Browning.
Mrs. C. P. King has gone to
Kansas City to join her husband,
who has lately accepted a ' posi
tion with the Tri-State Lumber
A ramor was in circulation
last Saturday evening that a
woman had shot and killed Jack
Johnson. It seemed too good to
be true, and unfortunately it was
not true.
The new hotel is setting a
mighty good table according to
the verdict of the traveling; men.
If yon are not boosting for the
hotel you are not doing youi
town right;
T. W. Kitchen returned Fri
day, from Arkansas City, where
he attendedrthe state meeting ot
the A. H.- T. A. Mr. Kitchen
reports 568 delegates in atten
dance, and savs the meeting.
Lwhich lasted two days, was- very
Joe . Darnell has made some
good road on the thoroughfare
leading west from this city to
ward Chetopa, and he tells us he
is going to keep- the ror'd drag
ged. If he does the road will be
good, but dragging seems to
be the only way to keep a Toad
in good condition, where it is
not possible to gravel it.
What used to be one of the
worst pieces of dirt road in Cher
okee county is now the best. We
refer to a piece of road about two
miles long leading south from
the southwest corner of Colum
bus.. The road has been graded
in a nice manner, and it is kept
dragged. Driving over that road
is much like driving on' a paved
street. We wish everybody in
terested in good roads could see
thit puticalir piece of work.
$J The season for kodaking is now here.
z ;
P We have a full and complete stock of everything Q
t made by the Eastman Kodak Co. A
j Come in and let us show you how easy it is to
V take and make pictures.
V . V
V We will sell you an outfit on very easy payments.
s Pianos, Organs, Kodaks, Phonographs. A
The Baxter
National Bank
w; , TIME DEPOSITS. . .".
(M A
I 4 r
Every old man is tho ripened fruit of his
younger days A man doen hot grow old over
night. Age creeps upon us, and if extravagance
is stealing away our money, age is stealing atvay
our cupuolty for work and preparing us for a
desolate old age. If you wish to be comfortable,
-. you must begin putting away, your money now,
tlien when old age comes you can fall back upon
the money you 1SA.XKED when you were younger
Do YOUR banking with US.
The Baxter State Sank.
Sick headache is caused by a
disordered stomach. Take Cham
berlain's Tablets and correct that
and the headaches will disappear.
For sale by All Dealers.
tin fA& vfe
This office for sale bills. We
deliver the goods. -
Don't forget that Hoods carry
the most complete line of gas
and coil ftoves in the country.

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