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Common Htn'a Egg M to Com to
Lift and Revolvs Around
Llko Boy's Top.
Hero Is a trick which requires some
' skill and practice, but which causes
more than enough wonder to pay for
the trouble. You take a hard-boiled
egg. placo It on a plate or 'platter,
give the plate a horizontal revolving
movement, Increasing 'the motion
gradually, and soon the egg will com
to life, raise Itself till It stands on
end, and then go revolving like a
top and moving all round the plate.
Life Into Egg.
Naturally you have to make a few
attempts before you can succeed "in
getting the egg to obey Instructions,
but keep at it and you will succeed,
and the effect Is Impressive. It la
beat in boiling the egg toehold It In
an upright position with a spoon so
that the air Inside will all collect
round the central axis of the. egg and
keep It from being unbalanced.
Figure Shown in Illustration May Be
Drawn Without Taking Pencil
Away From Paper.
Here's a puzzle which Is solvable
without any trick. You can actually
Pencil Puzzle.
draw this figure without taking your
pencil from the paper, crossing a line
or going back over a line already
Ages of Fish.
Fishes and animals that live In the
water In many Instances attain to a
great ago.
The carp has been known to Hyw
200 years.
Common river trout have been con
fined in a well for 50 years and were
.Btlll frisky when taken from the
The age of the whale is ascertained
by the size and number of whalebones
in Its mouth. Records show that this
sea animal has retained life for 400
In 1497 an enormous pike was
caught in a lake near Halllerum, In
Suabla, with a braBS ring attached to
It, engraved on which was a state
ment that the Ash was put In the lake
In the year 1230, thus indicating that
It must have lived at least 267 yars.
Too Many Places.
"What's the matter!" asked the po
liceman, "haven't yon any place to
got" "Any place to go?" repeated
Tired Timothy, with supreme con
tempt. "You chump, I've got the
whole United States an' a big part o'
Canady before me. I've got ao many
places to go dat It's worryin' me rjlzxy
to make up my mind which way to
start. Lemme alone a couple weeks
till I kin git -a line on what, it's best
to do." .
. i
Lola Was Skeptical.
' 1 saw the Catskill mountains' last
summer," said small Sadie, who was
iodised to boast of her travels. "Did
you ever see them?"
"No." replied little Lola, "and I
don't believe they can. either. But
re seen cats kill mice."
Something Lacking.
Alma, aged lour, had often observed
her mamma, when taking sasty medi
cine, shiver and say. "Ugh!" after
swallowing It One day she did not
make the usual exclamation and Alma
said. "Mamma, yon forgot to make a
face out loud." '
Ny Goo
Papa was cot
Oted Alice
'-hence 1tt.'$ "wJ
for Vedlly Hfioi,
newt -
IVft HcaV4 I
l ft i a-. . jl a 1 19 X V ' I
instrument Used on Isle of Wight to
Measure Duration of Sun Obscured
by Flocks of Crows.
The United Kingdom enjoys so com
paratively few sunny days that every
hour of sunshine during the year Is
cherished. A sunshine recorder Is
maintained on 'the Isle of. Wight.
To Keep Crows Away.
which is one of the sunniest places in
the British isles, but it appears that
the crows have been interfering with
it, says the Pathfinder. They gather
about it In such flocks and use it for
a perch so much that they shade the
sensitive Instruments and thus make
them register cloudy weather when It
is really sunshiny. So a scarecrow
has been erected to keep them away,
and It Is reported to be a success.
The cat that rests on the .dressing
table is the cat-a comb.
The cat that one finds in the woods
la the cat a log.
The oat that makes your mother
ran la the cat-a-ma-ran.
The cat that rides horseback is the
The cat that suffers great pain is
the cat-a-ract
The cat that wins a1 prize Is . the
cat-as-trophe. )
The cat that can fly Is the cat-bird.
The cat that has been in a fight
Is the cat-a-gory.
The cat that is under the porch Is
the cat-er-plllar.
The cat that is better than a fence
is the cat-er-wauL
The cat that is related to everybody
Is the cat kin.
The cat that is good to eat is the
The cat that Is never behind is the
The cat that ladles like to carry Is
the cats-eye.
The cat with a bad cold is a cat
arrh. -
The cat with horns is cat tle.
Cats Radiate Character.
Cata are of a high strung and sen
sltlve nature, easily Influenced by
their surroundings, declares Dumb
Animals. It yon wish a fine tempered,
nice little home loving cat you must
posses some of these attributes your
self. .. ...
, Yon cannot expect to have a very
amiable animal If you are cranky all
the thne. Give the animal credit for
being a good Imitator. If you are vile
tempered and given to striking the
kitten, find no fault If the cat has a
like manner and strikes people and
smaller animals.
V . Hatching Teeth. .
-Ob, dearr sighed little Mabel
Tin having an awful time with my
dollie." ..
"How's that?" queried her mother
"She's so cross I can't do 'a thing
wlth her," answered Mabel. "I gnesi
she most be batching her teeth,"
7 VV -
Preparation ef Corn That Requires
Long Coaling and Watering, but
! Well Worth It
This is a preparation of corn mhlcb
requires lone slow cooking. Select
very white and cvouly-cricied samp,
Wash it. thoroughly and put !tto scak
overnight in lukewarm water. N.ext
day throw that water off and cover.
with fresh cold water; brine gradually
to a boll and boll for fire hours. As
the water becomes absorbed add fresB
boiling water from thne to time. Wben
certain the grains are tender through
out drain off any water tnat remains.
Salt should be added with the lat
water poured on so that It may per
meate the samp: allow on tablespoon'
ful to one cupful ct samp measured
uncooked. Put the samp in a farina
kettle with milk to more than cover.
t it cook gently, with tho cover off.
for one hour or until the L-llc Is ab
sorbed am the samp creamy. Add for
the quantity given one tablespoonful
of butter. Serve when It melts.
. This is an old-fashioned southern
dish easily prepared over a low Lre. It
can not swell properly during the
cooking unless it Is kept covered with
holllng water.
When any is leP. over it may be
formed into thin cakes, or sliced thin.
cut in regular pieces, dipped in egg
and fine cracker crumbs and baked
brown in the oven. It will be found
Delloacy Not a Difficult Matter to
Make, and It Is Usually Apprecl
. ated by. All,
It Is not a difficult matter to make
this delicacy, which is always appre
ciated by young and old. The quant
ity of milk needed may seem exces
sive; for a pound of the cream one and
one-half gallons of good milk is re
quired, but the leftover milk may be
put to many useB, and,, after all, the
ordinary family would be satisfied with
much less.
To make this cream strain new milk
Into a large shallow pan until it Is four
or five inches deep. Leave In a cool
for twelve hours in the summer, for
twenty-four hours in the winter. Do
not disturb it in any way.- Next care
fully carry the pan to the stove and
place over a pot of hot water. The
heating should tako at least one-half
hour and the temperature should rise
to 180 degrees to develop the proper
flavor. It is done when the cream
forms a ring around the pan and is
wrinkled on the top. Let it stand
twelve hours before skimming.
Sweet Green Pepper Stuffed.
Peel and cut fine enough mild onions
Bermuda or Spanish to measure
one cupful. Steam until very tender,
then mix with them one cupful of
fine stale bread crumbs, one-quarter of
a teaspoonful of lemon Juice, one-half
of a half teaspoonful of salt, one ta
blespoon of mushroom catsup, two ta-
blespoonfuls of finely chopped parsley
and three tablespoonfuls of butter.
Wipe six medium-sized sweet , green
peppers, remove the stem end of each,
also the seeds and white veins. Drop
in boiling water and boil for three min
utes, then drain and dry them. Fill
with the mixture, put close together
in a shallow pan, dot with bits of but
ter and bake in a sharp oven until well
browned. Serve on hot toast
Peach Mound.
Pare and our.rter or cut in eighths
six ripe, soft peaches; soak half a 'box
of gelatin in one plat or milk over me
fire, and when it bolls add one cupful
of soger and the well-beaten yolks of
four eggs; stir thoroughly until It be
gins to thicken, then remove from the
fire: add one pint of cream whipped
very light and flavor with lemon.
While yet a little warm, put the fruit
and cream alternately In d wet mold,
having a layer of cream at both the
top and bottom. Set on Ice or In a
cold place from four to six hours end
serve with sweetened whipped cream.
Russian Salad.
Mix one cud each cold cooked car
rot cubes and potato cubes, one cup
cold cooked peas, , and one cup cold
cooked beans, and marinate witn
French dressing.' Arrange on lettuce
leaves in four sections and cover each
section with mayonnaise dressing
Garnish two sections with small pieces
of smoked salmon, one section with
finely chopped whites of hard-boiled
eggs and one section with yolks or
hard boiled errs forced through a
strainer. Put small sprigs of parsley
in lines dividing section.
To Renew Chiffon.
Bnread a wet cloth over a very hot
Iron and hold the chiffon over the'
steam until it 1 free from wrinkles -Renew
both cloth and iron as soon as
the steam flows feebly. Allow the
chiffon, to dry quickly. Ladles' Home
' Salmon Croquettes.
Pick bones and skin from on large'
an red salmon, add one raw egg. mix
with cracker crumbs in small cakes,
roll 1a cracker crumbs and Cry in bat-
Ur. C. X. L.
Little Comfort for Candidate In Rea
son Assigned by Wlf for Har
Being Confidant
Mr. Williams, on of five candidates
for the office of sheriff In one of the
northern counties of Wisconsin, was
making a house-to-house canvass of
rural district soliciting votes. Com
ing to the house of Farmer Tompson.
he was met at the door by the good
housewife, and the following dialogue
"Is Mr. Tompson at homer
"No; ho has gone to town."
"I am Tery aorry, as I would have
liked to talk to him."
"Is then anything I can tell him
for youT"
-"My name is Williams, candidate for
sheriff, and I wanted to exact a prom
ise from him to vote for me at the
coming election."
"Oh, that will be all right I know
he will promise, for he has already
promised four other candidates the
same thing." Norman E. Mack'i Na
tional Monthly.
Explains the Undertaker's Grouch.
"Who is that fellow sitting humped
up and muttering to himself out there
on the horse block?"
"Aw, that's Ezra Toombs, the under
taker," replied- the landlord of the
Skeedee tavern. "He's feeling sore
over the way his business has been
going of late. You see, the doctor
gave Judge Feebles two weeks to live;
that was six weeks ago, and the Judge
Is up and around nowand figgeiin' on
marryih' again. Every time Ezra
meets the doctor he aaks him, How
about It hey?' and they have a row.
And now he's sittln' out there watch
ing a tramp painter gilding the weath
er vane of the church across the
street Ezra says, by Heck, he's about
ready to move away, things Is so dead
here." Kansas City Star. -
No 8uch Aspersion.
"Do you get a stipend for your
weekly work?"
"Nothln' like that I git regTar
Every time you tell your troubles
you are wasting: the other fellow's
time. '
I. .
ai rnwoi -.1 vrn rr wt
afvwssva aa w"-w
AVegetabte Preparation for As
similating thcFoodandReula
tmgihe Stomachs and Bowels of
Promotes Digestion,Cheerful
ness and Rest .Con tains neither
OpiumMorphine nor Mineral
Not Narcotic
Jlx Sum
W - A Jr --
nmu yiM mrwi w
k narttrX Pompdv fnrf onstloa-
nuuiwui"."..-; . I
Hnn . Snur Srttnadi.Diarrnoea.
Worms .Convulsions .Feverish-
ness and LOSS OF SLEEP
facsimile Signature of
The Centaur Company,
Guaranteed under the Foodaij
Exact fcopy of Wrapper.
3.G0 3.50 '4.00 4.C0 L'3 '5.00
Car mi MT. L. Dmgimm 2JlfJ,03.MO A $3.C3alMif
W .rwglma maVaa and MQamorw $3.00,$3.S0 & $400 aha
V. ke ne.raifaciiirr fan the) world.
Tit workmusahip wbkh baa roavda) W. L. DoofUs skews f uamu thm world
nof li iMinNirirrl fn rrrrj rrru
Aak roar dsk to ahowyo W.L Doaxlaa Utm faaUoee for fall and winter
boo porticoUrly dotirod by yotmf moo,
r, notice im anon vtunpM wbjcb
awo msflt W. U Doog Ia ahooa a fcooae&oia wora ororxwnaxo.
IIIIMII 1 11 11 a
sc 1 J i,L XU f IUlu Im.
for jwoU bow carefully W. L. Do-f laj ahoea ar. 1 tvede, roe woold tbea f
clentaiid wby tbeyero warranUd to fit better, look better, bold tbetr tbape aad
wear longer thee any otW vaake for tbe price. fast Oefcr fseJeta.
CXimOX-T nils rt yea eraet baferW aVaaa, W.LDwtW stamea Usaaaae es Vae
uTijati-ijI iiiti' - ' Ke ...Har wkere f le, IW ara yeTr.s.a.
Mean Hint
"Men are what their diet make
"You. must have been eating a great
deal of sheepshead fish latoly."
No doubt many a woman's happiness
would bubble over If she could only
get thin worrying about how fat sh
The People's
for relieving and overcoming;
such ills as
is the famous
Stomach Cillers
It invigorates tones
strengthens rebuilds
u ... M f linn In IT YftniV
Iareatigate tbe Fertile
Northwest United States
Excellent land in Minnesota, North Dakota. Mon
tana. Idaho, Washington, Oregon, aajaoent to North-
R-n Paclflo By. Ue beet dere loped sections of tna
ortbwest obtainable at low price. The land
nnder tbe "Ulan and Stripe" are aa productive aa
any on tue continent) as what your owb bom
country baa to oner. Bur near noma market
quick transportation: eloaa to rood neighbors ana
good so boo Is; no Isolated pioneering, tree U.B.O0T
erament homestead Unds: state landoneasy terms t
deeded land at low pricesandoncrop-peytnent plan.
Climate fine (or man. beast and crops. Ulg money
In Tegetablee. grains, alfalfa, fruits, oatlia, dairy
Snf, poultry, nogs, vnoioe twen
ties being opened by branch
lose now tmlldlng. Write quick
or free illustrated literature,
saying what sum moat Interns ta
yon and ask about low (all col
Aula and eomeeeekere' (are.
f J. Brisker.
General Immigration Agent,
13 Northern Paolflo Building,
Jk rflTft mak IS to tlO per day eelllng
Avsklw I O Germicide Uog disease remedy
to larmera. w rit a. . snutur,
For Infants and Children. .
Tho Kind You llavo
Always Dought
Bears the L v.
Signature AU
to im rew
Ako tb conservative stylti wbido
r - .
froiMM at Bfaddaa. Llaaa- and OM
m s w w
W For Over
Thirty Years
hlAM iliiLti
sws ssaraaa oeswawe. waw erre.

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