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Soap floats. Everybody who uses it values this
quality next to Ivory's mildness and purity.
In the bathtub it means not only convenience
but freedom from possible injury to have the soap
always at hand and in sight instead of at the
bottom of the tub where it may pe stepped on.
And in toilet or laundry use the floating cake is
a crreat economy because it reminds one
i to tike it from the water instead of
fl sinking out of sipht and mind
to waste
Baxter Springs Branch
Conducted by
Ruth Barnes, Pianist
Teacher of Piano and Harmony
Get tbe Habit.
Pdy for what you get
Cat what you pay for.
Going East
or to the
If you're planning a trip East or
Northeast, go by way of St Louis
and enjoy Frisco Lines' service
and the scenic ride over the Ozarks.
Frisco trains are up-to-the-min-nte
in equipment and Fred Har
vey serves superfine meals in the
Frisco dining cars. Youll find
Frisco tracks in splendid condition.
.For full particulars of Frisco
Passenger Traffic Manager
St Louis, Mo.
Office over Michener's store.
Off. phone 96. Res. 28.
Office over Oppennan's.
Off. phone 172. Res. 14.
and insurance
PHONE 271.
' City Dray Line .
ED. COVEY, Proprietor
Freight, Household Goods and ar
ticks ot aU kinds hauled at reas
onable rites
rT is not alone die youngsters
who arc triad tnat Ivorv
Political Advertising.
I am a capdidata for the Democratic
nomination for abertff, and I reapectliill)
solicit your support at the primariea.
I am a candidate for tbe Republican
nomination for abet iff, subject to tbe de
cision of tbe Rtpablican at the priirary
to be held August ith. Theo. Hatton.
Clint Barrick of Sberidan township de
sires to annopnee his candidacy for tbe
nomination for sheriff subject to tbe Re
publican vote at the August primary.
For District Clerk.
I am a candidate for the nomination for
district clerk, subject to the action of the
Republicans at tbe August priirary.
Fred Simkin.
For Commissioner.
I am a candidate for the office of county
commissioner from the Third district,
subject to the action of tbe Republicans
at the August primaries
O. C. Rummel.
We are authorized to announce the
name of W, F. Penm c' of Lyon township,
as a candidate for commissioner of the
Third District of Cherokee County, sub
ject to tbe will of tbe Democratic voters
at tbe primaries Aug. i, 1916.
I am a candidate for commissioner for
the Third district, subject to the action oi
the Democrats at the August primary.
John W. Alsenz, Neutral, Kas.
I hereby announce my candidacy for
second term for commissioner from the
3rd district. J. G. Livingston.
Register of Deeds.
I hereby announce my candidacy for re
nomination for ResiMer of Deeds, subject
to the primaries. Minnie B. Murray.
J. C. Boyes of Lowell township desires
ns to announce bis candidacy for commis
sioner from tbe Third district, subject to
the action of the Democrats at the August
J. N. Dodson of Weir City desires ns to
announce that be is a candidate for county
treasurer, subject to the decision of tbe
Republicans at the August primary.
I am a candidate for tbe nomination for
county attorney subject to the decision of
the Democrats at the August primary.
Dkztbr Sapp.
Yielding to tbe solicitation of many
Democrats in vsrious parts of the county,
I hereby announce myself a candidate for
the office of County Attorney subject to
tbe will of the Democracy of Cherokee
County the August primary.
R. E. Roseustein.
For Commissioner.
I am a candidate for the office of conn-
1 eammiasioner from tne 1 mra uisirm,
subject to tbe action of the Republicans
at tbe Anguat primaries, Ira l., f eraina.
For Representative
I hereby announce that I am a candidate
for representative from the 23rd District
subject to the Republicans.
win "EKW
We Have It.
After so long a tim-,. we have
been able to get colored card
hoard, and hte it in stock.
Thi News ia only a dollar per
lear ill orth it too.
a y.
Baxter .Springs News.
Published Every Thnrsday by
' , News Publishing Company.
Entered at tbe postofflce at Bar
r Spring, as Hecond clam mail
As the Editor Sees It.
Evtrvbody expects the editor
o ne wiry thing that occurs and
o ri'P'Tt it a Dr ' it. Cut
'tow many of vou like to have? us
ee things that do not fxini? How
many of you like to nave us re-,
p rt those things tnat snouia oe
but are not?
We would like, for instance, to
tee that spirit ot unity ana oro-
therly love among our business
men that we speak of but seldom
see. We would like to tell tbe good
work they are doing for tbe com-
munity as a whole, ot bow they
are all pulling together with a
common end in view, of how their
united labors are producing the
most gratifying results in tbe ad
vancement of tbe commercial in
terests of our community. We
would like to, and we hope in
time we may. for our business
men are honorable, intelligent,
energetic and persistent in their
personal affairs, and only need a
leader to make them equally so in
tbe affairs of the municipality.
We have hopes.
Then sgain, we would be over
joyed to see every man in thin
whole community consider seri
iously tbe8ubiectof better streets
and improved country roads. We
are a long ways from perfection or
even from desirable conditions in
either, and so long as we n
main passive in our attitude and
dumb with our words we will con
tinue just as we are, certainly do
better and in time possibly worse.
Every intelligent man, and espec
ially the farmers, knows the in
estimable value of improved road
conditions and what it means to
our commercial success. We
would Tike to see a great move
ment on foot in which we might
all j nn heart and soul. We would
ike to see it, but we don't.
Yes, we would even like to see
more healthy respect for and
observance of the Sabbath day in
this town. We would like to see
everv oerson. unrisuan ana sin
ner, elbow to elbow, crowdiug in
to our churches for tbe weekly
mm 4
services, we wouia nice 10 see
the farmer, and his wife, and bis
sons and daughters, and his hired
men driving into town every Sun-
. .
day to the services. We would like
to see this, but sgain, alas, we
We even would welcome the
sight of our regiment of young
ads working in the gardens, and
mowing tbe yards, and keeping
things neat and clean around the
premises in their idle hours. We
would like to see more of them
devising honorable schemes for
earning a few pennies and start
ing that tiny bank account. We
would like to see them exhibit a
Hpirit of thrift and energy and
perseverance that would be even
more than a credit to their par
ents. True,-" we see these com
mendable traits in many of our
ads, but it is quite too often the
case that we don't.
We would like to see some kind
of general entertainment provided
or our people during the summer
months. It might be a concert.
or a debate, or almost any kind
of a public gathering where tbe
people can come together and
visit and chat for an hour or two
each week and get better ac
quainted. We would like, but
again we don't
We would like to see every
. ... - - M. .
borne in mis community a iuir
scriber to this paper, where every
person can read of the vital in
terests of the community and its
Slip a few Prince Albert
smokes into
smoke your till
it proves out every hour of the day.
Prince Albert has always been sold
without coupons
prefer to give quality I
There's sport smoking a pipe or rolling:
your own, but you know that you've got
to have the right tobacco 1 We tell you
Prince Albert will bang the doors wide
open for you to come in on a good time
firing up every little so often, without a
regret! YouH
w i ia nun Liufn i tiTTi 1 1 1 1 i l 1 1 1 iii i ii 'jwn fi ' a .hiiikiiv u-wi' i at
II II 1 I . iVAnrr.uC.Tvif:eiUVI.Vl
people. We would like to see
every important item of news
promptly phoned or mailed or told
tou, that we may pass it along.
We see much of this, it is true,
but there N yet much that we
should see and have, but do not.
Restored to Good Health.
"I was sick for four years with
stomach trouble," writes Mrs
Otto Gan, Zioesville, Ohio. "I
lost weight and felt so weak that
I almost gave up hope of being
cured. A friend told me about
Chamberlain's Tablets and since
using two bottles of them I hsve
been a well woman." Obtainable
Shake Up
Shake up your brains, brother,
shake them up lively. Somewhere
in the dark recesses of your cra
nium is an idea that would be of
great value, to your home com
munity. Let the idea out and pass it
along fo,r examination and dissec
tion and for possible use for the
betterment of our people. Any
man of normal intelligence is full
of good ideas, but few people care
to exploit them before tbe public.
And yet Jbe exploitation of
ideas is just what we need for the
improvement of local conditions.
Step forward and tell us what
you know and what you think.
Much of it may not be utilized,
but there may yet appear the
one great opportunity for which
this community is waiting. Do
it now and your action may spur
ryour neighbors to such an extent
that we may eventually get some
where and do something.
Bilious Attacks.
When you have a bilious attack
vour liver fails to perform its
functions. You become constip
ated. The food you eat ferments
in your stomach instead of digest'
ing. This inflames the stomscb
and causes nausea, vomiting and
a terrible headache. Take Cham
berlain's Tablets. They will tone
up your liver, clean out your
stomach and you will soon be as
ell as ever. Tbey only cost a
quarter. Obtainable cverywnere.
Young Man,
Who Are You?
Are youanowa by your own
vout system!
You've heard many an earful about the
patented process that cuts out bite and parch and lets you
without a comeback! Stake your bank roll that
or premiums. We
has been wasted and
back up for a fresh start
You swing on this say-so like it was a tip to a
thousand-dollar bill ! It's worth that in happi
ness and contentment
Our goods are the
very best money can buy
and we guarantee them
to give satisfaction.
Jaqueth & Gilman
Baxter Springs, Rural Phone 22.
name, or are you known merely
as your father's son?
Are you known by your own
good qualities and by your own
acts, or are you remembered sim
ply because you bear the name of
better people who conceived you
and brought you into this world?
Tbe young man who can look
his elder straight in the eye and
say "I am James Martin" already
has opportunity at his feet, but
tbe fellow who can say nothing
better than that "be is Robert
Martin's son" will still be groping
in tbe darkness of the future after
opportunity has vanished in the
distance. Be something, do some
thing:, create a personality of
your own, and the world will
know you and respect you for
what you are and not for what
your parents were before you.
But continue content as "an
other man's son" and you will be
accorded the repect and privilege s
only of 'another man's son," and
when death overtakes you your
home paper will speak charitably
of you as "another man's son."
Greatly Benefited by Cham
berlain Liniment.
"I have used Chamberlain's
Liniment for sprains, bruises and
rheumatic pains, and tbe great
benefit I have received justifies
my recommending it in the high
est terms," writes Mrs. Floreoce
S'.ife, Wabash, Ind "If you are
troubled with rheumatic pains
Prince Albert
national joy smoke
like your smoke past
win be sorry you cannot
to you, to every man
who knows what can be
out of a chummy
pipe or a makin's
cigarette with
Prince Albert for
. Albarttidr
rad tin. an la
fact, avarr Films
Albart packasa, has
raal numf-tr
aaltaravaraaatda. TmI
raad: "Pcocaaa P.laataa
July loth. 1907." That naas
that tha Unitad atalaOawa
mant ha f rantad a patant as tba
proc.i by which Prinea Albaft to
And br wlucn raiuaa M aaaT
fftraaf pare ara oaf amtl Bvarp.
wrhar tobacco taaald roan M
Prinea Albert awaltinfi T
in toppy raa oast, sa; nay
d una, las; hanainis
pound and haUpaand
tin humidors and la
that alaver errata,
f laaa bamldor. wrta
too. that ki
tobaeee ta
you will certainly be pleased with
tbe prompt relief which Chamber
lain's Liniment affords." Ob
tainable everywhere.
Cent a Word.
The cent a word advertising,
which you can get in the News,
is very effective. If yon have a
cow to sell, or a hog, or a horse,
or anything else, or if you want
to buy something; - just use a
short local in this paper. The
price is a cent a word. Can you
beat it? ...
Notice to Speeders.
Speeders are hereby notified
that if tbey drive faster than 12
miles an hour inside the city lim
its will be prosecuted to the ful
lest extent of tbe law.
Henry Horton, Marshal. 19
For Sale A 15-acre fifteen per
cent lease. Three shafts in good
ore, and the land has been drilled.
All tbe drill boles show good ore.
Call at this office.
Country Home For Sale.
10 acres, on State line, south of
Baxter, 7 rooms and pantry, five
rooms down stairs and two rood
upstairs, good barn, granary, gsr
ge, good drilled well, concrete
cellar, some fruit. This cSce.
We tre still cutting meat for
the poor same ss the rich at the
Sanitary Meat Market " Pri ces
the lowest, meats the best,
VL F. Powers.

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