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nzx I.V9. Cci-'
tral will pla yon'ia
at any time. Girc
os the news, and we
will make the News
newsy. See?
CI. a jcirh iJ-.
Ti-ce.' 0! course, if
you are a borrower, it
costs you less.
If yon know some
sews, tell it to us.
) ' ' 1
i t 'A, VAC
Why stand
stove when
in comfort
are cooking
fionarch Qil Stove
See ns for everything in hardware, building material, etc,
Baxter Springs, Kansas.
Specials This Week
We will make a special on fruits, berries and vegetables this
week. We handle the best in town. Come to our store and in
vestigate. Everybody knows we have the best store in town. We
handle the biggest and best line of feed and flour, come in and see.
Everything in canned goods. Good meats from 12 to 25c per
. J j f -f -r nf- l i ! 1
pouna. a aanay line oi coaee. ne nave a sweci price on cauuy
and sweet cookies. We have the best assortment in town. Come
in and look around whether you buy or not.
Bring us your butter and eggs. We pay more.
The Pearl Grocery
Baxter Springs, Kansas.
To the man, woman, boy or girl
who submits a slogan for Baxter
Springs, Kansas, that will be adopt
ed by the Commercial Club Slogan
mnct he ohnrt nnrt tn thA nmnt
Address all communications to
Secretary Commercial Club, Baxter
Springs, Kansas.
All Slogans must be in the
hands of the Secretary by July 5th.
Bees Wanted.
If you bave any not in hives I
will buy them. E. H. Schloeman.
Geo. Trammel has bought the
McClung property on Main street
where he is now living;.
D. Goff has bought from Win.
Pennock of'Keelville the Tom
Smith property in the south part
of town.
Little Misses Marian Evans and
Katherine Bernheisel are here
visiting their aunt, Mrs. Edw. G.
V. R. Lane of Route 5, Cheto
pa, Fred Montgomery and J. O.
Treece bought new Fords from
Jaqueth & Gilman last week.
Mrs. J. M. Nicholas left the
latter part of last week for De
troit, Mich., where she will spend
the summer with her daughter,
Mrs. L. C. Wearer.
Bull's Eye Bargains
Ladies fine ribbed, perfect bleach
Vest, V neck front, high square
back, lace and tape neck and arm
holes, regular and extrs sizes,
each IOC
Ladies' fine gauze lisle hose, high
)j mercerized, white only J 5c
Ladies' fall taped fine ribbed, high
1 mercerized union suits ea 25C
Hen's mixed gray and brown auto
matic full seamless half hose,
3 pairs 25C
Cc 10c a 25c STORE
Tlrrtrr Springs, Karma.
over a hot
you can cook
when you
on a
Gold Free
Fresh fish at our market every
Thursday, Friday and Saturday.
Everything in cold meats.
R. F. Hartley & Son.
Walter G. Frisbie
Leases, Mines and Mining
Properties. Expert Examina
tions Made. All Business Strict
ly Confidential. All Business
Entrusted to Me Promptly
Looked After.
For Sale. Rubber tires. Shafts
and tongue can be changed quick
ly from one to the other. A fine
rig. Inquire at this office, or call
phone 93 Baxter.
For Sale Good platform scales.
Guaranteed in first class condi
tion. , Can on Chas. L. Smith.
I am again in control of the
Star Cafe and will in the future
give better service than ever be
fore. Mrs. Marf Wolfinbarger.
Pete Johnson, a former Baxter-
ite, now living at Kankakee, 111.,
is here visiting friends and rela
tives. Mrs. Johnson is here with
Mrs. C. M. Stark and daugh
ter, Georgia, of Joplia and Jun
ior Smith of Kansas City are
guests of Mr. and Mrs. A. V.
What has become of the "City
Beautiful Club?" I subscribed to
a fund to clean up Library Park,
yet the park is a jungle.
A. IL Todd.
Mrs. J. B. Opperman's class of
theM. E Sunday School motored
to Rock Creek Park in South
west Missouri last Friday and en
joyed a jolly picnic
Miss Elisabeth Wade of Tope
ks, daughter of Mr. James Wade
of Mayetta, became the bride of
Mr. Merton Goodeagle of Baxter
Springs on Tuesday, June 13, at
high noon. The ceremony was
performed in Topeka at the
Church of The Assumption by
Rev. Father Mclnery. Only the
immediate families were present
The bride was becomingly attired
in a champagne taffeta suit with
hat and boots to match. Mr. and
Mrs. Goodeagle left for Kansas
City immediately after the cere
mony arriving in Baxter Wednes
day morning, business calling
Mr. Goodeagle home. Mrs. Good
eagle is a very pretty and charm
ing young woman and is a trained
nurse. Mr. Goodeagle is a son
of Frances Goodeagle and is jun
ior member of the firm of Good
eagle & Goodeagle, representing
Indian claims. The young con-
pie will be at home after July
first at their new home on South
Main street
Realty Transfers.
Merton Goodeagle has bought
from D. M. Shipman a residence
on South Main Street, at present
occupied by W. F. Nichols.
Frances Goodeagle has bought
from Harry Hartley the latter's
residence on South Main Street
Walter Michener has bought
from W. S. Norton three lots at
the corner of Sherman and East
Walter Michener has sold his
home, corner of Neosho and Grant
streets, to Bert Shields.
D. Goff has sold his Sherman
street residence to a Mr. Greford
from California.
Mrs. Prattler Dead.
Mrs. Millie Prather, wife of P.
P. Prather, died yesterday morn
ing very suddenly.
She had not been ill, and re-
ired Tasjiiy night, feeliag as
well as usual. Mr. Prather got
up early yesterday morning, and
called her, but not receiving an
answer he went to her bedside to
awaken her, and found she had
passed away.
Mrs. Prather was a very fine
old lady, and had a host of
friends. She was one of those
good old souls who are always
doing something for their friends
and others who needed help. She
is going to be sadly missed.
No funeral arrangements have
as yet been made.
At The Majestic.
Thursday "The Nature Man."
Saturday Afternoon and night.
Matinee for farmers and families
Furnished rooms for light
house keeping. News office.
Fred Bartlett returned Tues
day from Chicago.
Mrs. A. B. Willard is visiting
relatives in Nebraska.
J. 0. Treece bought a new Bu
ick at Hood's last week.
Will open tax books in State
Bank, Saturday, June 10.
B. W. Batton.
Board and room wanted In pri
vate family by man and wife.
Address News office.
Dr. and Mrs. Cbumbley and
sons, Ralph and Roy, spent Sun
day with Dr. Smith at Fairland.
The mails were all out of kel-
ter the fore part of the week as a
result of the flood last Sunday
It is claimed by some of his
political opponents that Wilson
has made errors. Well, he would
not be human if he had not. But
if he has made any errors he has
bivU Cacm oa tea sal si&e.
Killing in Baxter
Two Negroee Quarrel Over Pork
Chops One Stabs the Other
to Death.
Last Friday evening two ne
groes connected with a minstrel
show which was showing
here with the Carnival Com
pany, got into an altercation at
the mess table of their show tent,
and as a result one of the neg
roes, called "Big Boy," is dead,
being killed almost instantly by
a knife in the hands of Jolly Jack
It seems that four negroes sat
down to their evening meal, and
that there were only three pork
chops. "Big Boy" and Johnson
got into an altercation over who
would have to go without, and
"Big Boy," it is alleged by those
who saw the trouble, reached for
a hatchet, and struck at Johnson.
Johnson grabbed a big butcher
knife and prepared to defend him
self, which he did very ably, as
he stuck the knife directly into
the other fellows heart
The knife was taken away
from Johnson, and he ran, mak
ing his getaway for the time be
ing, as it was about six o'clock
when the trouble occurred. He
was captured next day, however,
by Marshal Horton, who found
him hiding in a box car on the
M. 0. & G.
The coroner was notified and
came down Friday night and held
an inquest.
The coroner's jury which was
sworn in the night of the killing
viewed the body, and adjourned
until Monday afternoon. After
hearing the testimony of the wit
nesses the jury decided the killing
was in self defense, and the coun
ty attorney dismissed the case. "
Don't Wait on City.
Some time ago the city or
dered a lot of sidewalk in the
west and northwest part of town.
The time limit has not yet ex
pired, when property owners may
build their own walks, but Joe
Shearer, Harry Stein, E. A.
Haines, Leu" Newman, George
Van Dusen and 0. N. Baldwin
have commenced work on their
walks. The walk from the west
gravel road to the Spring blanch
on Council street is about finished,
as is also the walk from Martin
Shanks' corner north three blocks
to Kelsey's. A walk is to be built
from the Kelsey corner west to
the Frisco right of way, and from
the latter point the Frisco will
build a walk to the Frisco station.
Other walks will also be built
in the west part of town.
Another big strike out on the
Hocker land is making things
look up out in that part of the
Jim Barnes tells us -that he
will have eight more drill rigs at
work on his leases west of town
in a few days.
During the electrical storm last
Sunday morning lightning struck
a barn at Will Black's place north
east of town.
Miss Lela Congdon of Sunny
Hill Farm is home from a three
weeks' visit with friends and rel
atives in Joplin.
The city is liable to have some
damage suits on its hands soon
as a result of the bad condition
of some of the foot culverts on
East Cedar street
That electrical storm last Sun
day morning was a dinger. The
lightning was about the keenest
ever seen in this part of the coun
try. And the rain which fol
lowed the electrical storm was
heavy. At several places north
on the Frisco there were bad
washouts. Spring river got up
bank full and Neosho got out over
Our Scila Fountain
is now open andj'running full
blast. We have added some
new equipment this year which
will help us to improve our ser
vice, and we are still claiming
the best service in Cherokee
Hear the New Edison Diamond Disc
The element within us whichjmakes us
yearn always for greater things has taught us
many new and better methods of achieve
mentmany more practical ways of getting
It was the demand caused by Ambition
that perfected the present Bank Account Plan
for protecting earnings and accumulating
money the one safe, convenient and practical
plan suited to all grades and degrees of income.
If you are not thoroughly posted on the
"reason why" this plan helps and develops the
financial interests of those who use it come in
and let us fully explain it to you.
BaxterNational Bank
It's So Easy
It costs nothing to keep your money in the
don't charge you anything for taking care of it
We even give you a nice check book to be used when
you wish to draw any money. It is sure easy and conven
ient to have a bank account You never lose your money.
You always know where it comes from and where it goes.
you have a receipt for every dollar you pay out You al
ways bave the exact change to pay your bills and you win
certainly save money. Try it.
Baxter State Bank
BornTo Mr. and Mrs. J. 0.
Chnbb of Route 5, on Tuesday.
Jnne 13, a daughter.
Mrs. Blanch Naylor and daugh
ter, Zilla, of San Antonio, Texas,
are here visiting relatives.
Spring riverwas oat of banks
again the fore part of the week.
Lou Winters, living on the Wil
lard farm, just across the rirer,
has lost his corn from the over
Win. Grimes arrived Sunday
night from Oregon. He will stay
here now, being interested in the
Iowa and Oklahoma lands south
of town, and on which some big
mineral development is being
There is practically only one
man running for the Democratic
nomination for sheriff. That is
big-hearted Bob Fraxier of Neo
sho township, who is going to
via the Democratic nomination
Lxj Cswa.
bank. We
We have everything for yonr
luncheon, cold meats of all kinds.
cheese, pickles, etc.
McAboy & Co.
Cot yonr weeds.
Patronixe the paper that boosts
your town.,
Mrs. F. A. Browning of Miami
is the guest of Mrs. C C Sparlia.
The News is for Baxter
Springs it always has been and
always will be.
Mrs. Jim Goodwin spent the
fore part of the week in Clare
more, Okla.
Two new cement bosintaa
houses are being built oat at
Treece, Kansas.
The News Job department uses
only the best of paper and ink.
No ink used that costs less than
$2.00 per pound. This inanres
our patrons a fine job of work.
Give your work to the paper
&ai fceestsxtaatxa8S ta-a

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