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Volunteer Fire Department Plan For
' Hi Biggest Community Event la
Years on New Yean Eve,
Festive costumes, dunces by some of
' the old boys of the town, the best
muaie that can be bought, begged or
stolen, eats and the jolliest old t'me
' it promised everybody who appears at
the door of the Goodcagle hall at 8 p.
m.t New Years eve.
' Enoch Wright, Jim Barnes, George
Backer, 'and a let of the older boy
will put on little "stunts" of their
own, that promise no end of fun and
Jollification. It's going to be a fare
' well to a victory year and a "wislv'ng
' in" 'celebration of the most glorious
- Virginia Reel and a bunch of the old
ime -dances intermingled with some
( of the "new fangled" dances, and a
caller that h: had 30 years experien
I ' ce- far expected to lend to the festive
i air of the whole performance. The
I . policeman will have on a real uniform,
txaary a six shooter and a big club,
i ' The floor manager will also be uni
t forrfed and the decorations will lend
r much in appearance to the idea of a
i good jolly, old time community ball.
IXVou dont know your next door
neighbor in Baxter Springs, you
should, and here is the chance to get
: -'acquainted with your neighbor's wife
and family.
The eats are going to be "scrump
tious" and appetizing to a wonderfully
1 high degree. The famous "Fireman's
Punch" of which Jim Hunter is tne
inventor will be a ??reat stimulant to
the "inner man."
As the program develops from time
to time until th? date the Daily Citi
xera will chronicle th additional al
luring prospecta of a grand good time
at 'the old time community ball or
fircmens festival. Everyone is asked
"to -co-operate and the firemen will
greatly appreciate any suggestions
"from the townspeopplc.
Irvtn Hocker la home and ha hi
looking fine. George Miller is home
and he la looking fine. Walter Hart
ley la home and he it looking flae.
Uncle Sam makea 'em look Ana.' Jr
vin came in a couple of daya ago from
Camp Joseph E. Johnson, Florida.' Ir
vin says it la warm down there and
ho to had put on aome heavy clothea
when he came home. ' Irvin never got
to go "over there" but he feela good
that he got well started "over there."
George Miller ia in "tip top" physi
cal condition, "fit as a fiddle," he says.
He ha been at Camp Dodge, Iowa.
toys we will both look and
lean, sweet and freeh
and avoid llmeeo.
Sanitary eclence has of lata made
rapid strides with results that are of.
untold blessing to humanity. The lat
est application of Its untiring reeearaa
Is the recommendation that It la as
necessary to attend to internal sanita
tion of the drainage system of the hu
man body as It Is to the drains of the
Those of ua who ar accustomed to
feel dull and heavy 'when we arise,
splitting headache, stuffy from a cold,
foul tongue, nasty breath, acid stom
ach, can, Instead, feel as fresh aa a
daisy by opening the sluices of the sys
tem each morning and flushing out the
whole of the Internal poisonous stag
nant matter.
Everyone, whether ailing, oleic or
well, should, each morning before
breakfast, drink -a glass of real hot
water with a teaspoonful of limestone
phosphate In It to wash from the stom
ach, liver and bowels the previous
day's Indigestible waste, aour bile and
poisonous toxins: thus cleansing,
aweetenlng and purifying the entire
alimentary canal before putting more
food Into the stomach. The action of
hot water and limestone phosphate on
an empty stomach Is wonderfully In
vigorating. It cleans out all the sour
fermentations, gases, waste and acidity
and gives one a splendid appetite for
breakfast While you are enjoying
i your breakfast the phosphated hot
water la quietry extracting a urge vol
ume of water from the blood and get
ting ready for a thorough flushing of
all the Inside organs.
The millions of people who are both
ered with constipation, bilious spells,
stomach trouble, rheumatic stiffness;
others who have sallow skins, blood
disorders and sickly complexions are i
urged to get a quarter pound of lime-1 now expect the 'glad hand given penl
stone phosphate from the drug atore. I tent school boys. A people that has
This will cost very little, but Is suffl- 'committed indiscriminate murder, en
clent to make anyone a pronounced . , , , . . - .
crank on the subject of Internal sea-' in wholesale robbery of food
Ration, jfrom women and children and that
Goodeagle Hall, Baxter Springs, Kansas
trp i
1 UudUtay
Given By the Baxter Fire Department
"Dew" TeWseUef WWtAd ;
; ai IraeaBtafied Ua. ,
Count flftrl Your eoU'iafli! or
eeUfrtTdleeppeare, " Tour-fXtfwr nos
trils win t, the air passages of jour
bead will clear and yof eaa breathe
freely. No store saaf&mg. hawking,
mucous discharge, dryness or headache;
ao struggling for breath "at night
Get a small bottle of Elv'a Cma
Balm from your druggist sad apply a
little of thl fragrant antlseptle cream
in your nostrils. It penetrates throagh
ertrr air passage of the head, aoothbag
and healing the swollen or mfamed
mueous membrese, giving yovMastaat
relief. Bead eolds and catarrh yield
like magic. Dont sUy tUittt&Mf l&A
miserable. Belief Is sure. ,
and likes the soldier life fine, buf says
he ia tickled to death to get home.
Walter Hartley hails from Camp!
Pike, Arkansas, and looks every inch
a soldier. Open air and exercise hate;
improved hia appearance about 900
per cent and Walter was a nice loot
ing fellow to start out with. These
boys are just the advance guard of
about 500 of the Baxter boys anfltneir
who will be in during the next six
months from the navy, the army and
various" lines of war work.
It has been reported to us that
there was a peculiar, bluish' meteoric
reflection cast over this section of the
earth about midnight Tuesday night
One man says he thought his time had
come sure as he was coming home
from' work.
Chicago, Illinois. Under the cap
tion, "Retributive Justice for Ger
many," the Masonic Chronicler of this
city says editorially: "Some Masons
are urging that, now the war has
ended, the fraternal mantle of charity
and brotherly love should be thrown
over all of Germany's sins against
God and humanity. Sentimentalists
view the situation only from a human
itarian standpoint, but war's penalties
lead the way to contrition and reform.
The worst war on record was brought
about by men whose thirst for power
led them to deeds too revolting and
terrible to detail, and they should not
if MUed ' with " Sulphur
DarVdna kt Naturally
Nobody can TelL
'TbVeldUime rnlsW at Sage Tea
and Vatpaur for. 'jtarkwttns; gray,
otreafcea fcaf fated ,hlr -m grand
meiaersr recipe, and folks art again
aatag If U kM their hair a good,
rea color, which ia quite sensible, as
we are living la aa are when a youth
ful nppearaaoe la of the greatest ad-vairtaga.-
'-Nowadays, though, we dont, have
the trtbotne task of gathering the
are Sad the in user mixing at homo.
All Ob store sell the readr-to-use
M-aduct Imnrovad bv the addition of
tther tncredlenta, called "Wrath's Sage
aai Bulf hur Compound." It Is very
popular-.because nobody can discover
It has v bee a applied. Simply moisten
year bomb or a soft brush with It and
draw this through your hair, taking
one small strand at a time; by morning
the gray hair disappears, but what de
light the ladles with Wrath's Bags
and Sulphur Compound, la that, be
idee beautifully darkening the hair
after 4' few applications, It alio pro
duces Jhat soft lustre and appearance
ef abundance which Is so attractive.
TnlS ready-to-use preparation Is a de
lightful: toilet requisite for those who
desire) a more youthful appearance, ft
la not Intended for the cure, mitiga
tion or prevention of dl
has passed down misery upon mil
lions cannot now hope for any great
wave of universal sympathy. Ger
many has expressed no sorrow for the
war she 'caused. She is sorry only
thst she did not win and that her
people are now suffering the conse
quences of Ignoble defeat. It Is the
whine of the unrepentant bully. But
her sympathy offensive will fail."
Teachers Who Jump Contracts
Lose Certificstea
Because of a number of teachers re.
signing after making contracts, a
shortage of teachers has developed in
Kansas. Some have resigned simply
to better themselves in a financial
way.. The state superintendent an
nounced recently that any teacher re
signing without good and sufficient
reason and without the consent of at
least two members of the school board
would be liable to lose their certifi
cates to teach.
Advertise la the News for results.
i mm i
WIimi ma have backache the liver
or kidneys are sure to be out of gear.
Trv Sannl. It does wonders for the
liver, kidneys and bladder. A trial
60c bottle will convince you. ict n
at the drug atore. For sale by Scott
Drue Co.
OF REAL ESTATE for a dollar is al
ways possible in this city. If you are
willing to sell your property at a right
price, classified advertising, carrying
frank statements of fact about it, will
enable you to find your purchaser.
We pay up to f 35.00 per set (broken
or not,) also hipnent prices ior
ntAMnwns. ni.n r;OLD. SILVER
and PLATINUM tend NOW BY par
cel post and receive CASH by return
mail, your goods returned n price is
Drpt X 2007 S 5th St.Philadclphia,Pa.
If your Back is aching or Bladder
bothers, drink loU of water
and eat leu meat
When your hi Jim1." hurl iiiii! your back
fwU eore, don't p cnn I nml proceed
to load your stoiiu'i with :i lot of drugs
that excite tl.e kil;rvs and iirUnte the
nt ire nrinnrv- tmi t. Keep your kidneys
clean like ym keep your bowels clean,
by fliirthinR them vith a mild, harmless
an Its which removes the body's urinous
'ate uiid stimulates them to tlieir nor
mil activity? 1 he function of the kid
neys in to filter tlio blood.' In 24 Lours
tliiy strain from it C00 grains of seid
and waste, ao we ciin readily understand
tlie vital importance of keeping the kid
neys active.
Drink lots of water you can't drink
too much; also pet from any pharmacist
about four ounce of Jad Salts; take
a tablenpoonful in a glass of water
before breakfast exh morning for a few
days and your kidneys will act fine.
This famous salts is made from the
acid of grapes and lemon juice, combined
with litliiu, and has been used for genera
tions to clean and stimulate clogged kid
neys; also to neutralize the acids in
urine so it no longer is a source of irri
tation, thus ending bladder weakness.
Jad Salts is inexpensive; cannot in-
Iure; makes a dcliphtful effervescent
ithia-water drink which everyone should
take now and then to keep their kid
neys clean and active. Try this, also
keep up the water drinking, and no
doubt you will wonder what became of
your kidney trouble und backache,
Baxter Clothing Merchant Says Be
Has Bought on Contracts Before
High Prices and Will Ue Mer
chandise for Trade Daya.
"I do not believe much in special
sales as the usual thing but I an
strong for any movement like this
Dollar Days idea." said Mr. Dick Low
ry of the Quality Store yesterday.
"I am sure there are other mer
chants that will do as I am doing on
my sale covering this period of the
town's co-operative movement I
have bought large stocks of merchan
dise on contracts that ante date the
present high wholesale cost and I
want to use some of this merchandise
as a medium of acquaintance between
my store and the people of the mining
district who have not been making
Baxter Springs their trading point
und to all the trade, which our store
has not been getting.
"I like the co-operative- idea. I
don't think we can do too much to
cultivate the outside trade and make
Baxter Springs the best trading point
in this district I myself will do any
thing at any time to help strengthen
the business relationship between tne
trade and the town."
The above are just a few extracts
from Mr. Lowrys conversation. Mr.
Lowry has been of very material help
in nutting over everything of a co
operative nature the town has done
since his residence here. Mr. Lowry
backs up his theories of business by
wholehearted practice and as a mer
chant is a very great asset to the
town of Baxter Springs. Since coiu
Imr to Baxter Snrings Mr. Lowry has
been a consistent advertiser and as
such has done more to maintain a
daily paper in the town than perhaps
any other individual. Mr. Lowrybe
lieves that advertising backed up with
the right kind of merchandise at the
right prices will build up any line of
business. Lowry is a mighty valuable
man to Boxtcr Springs.
Mrs. Dora Taylor and Mrs. Paul
White are the guests of Mrs. White's
mother, Mrs. H. H. Crozzell.

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