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Attempt of WeU to Make Law So
Drastic as to Be Unconstitu
tional, Fail
House Defeat! Motion to Strike Out
Provision for Storage in Ilome
for Penonal Uae 107
to i
Washington, July 22. A motion to
strike from the Prohibition Enforce
ment Bill the provision permitting
storage in the home for persona! use
.was defeated in the House 107 to 8.
':, rtU '' motion, by Kepresentative
Baker, Democrat, California, was op
posed by Chairman Volstead of Ae
Judiciary committee. Voting for it
Baker. Blanton of Texas and
Upshaw, all Democrats. The House,
previously had defeated overwneun
ingly an amendment to limit home
possession to $50 worth of liquor.
As approved after three minor
amendments, the section of the con
stitutional enforcement measure re
lating to possession of liquor follows.
.Section 2. That on February 1,
192S, the possession of liquors by any
person not legally permitted under
this title to possess liquor shall be
prima facie evidence that the liquor is
kept for the purpose of being sold,
bartered, exchanged, given away, fur
nished or otherwise disposed of in
violation of the provisions of this title.
Every person legally permitted under
this title to have liquor shall report to
the commissioner of internal revenue
within ten days after January 16,
1920, the kind ond amount of intoxl
catingMiquors in hisfpossession. But
it shall be lawful to possess liquors in
one's private dwelling while the same
is occupied and used by him as his
dwelling and such liquor need not be
reported. But such liquor must be
used for the personal consumption of
the owner thereof and his family re
siding in such dwelling and bona fide
guests when entertained by him. Pro
vided, the burden of proof shall be up
on the possessor to prove that the li
quor was lawfully acquired and pos
sessed." e-
unuvflo V mxnRESS
Washington, July 22. The "dry"
members of Congress suddenly got
cold feet when an amendment was of
fered in connection with the prohibi
tion bill putting a ban on cider; and
the amendment was defeated by a vote
of 76 to 16 notwithstanding the fact
that it had been demonstrated pre
viously during the day, by statistics
from the Department of Agriculture,
that fermented cider contains from 8
to 10 per cent of alcohol and is there
fore unquestionably intoxicating. Ap
parently the introduction of the cider
amendment was merely a trick of the
"wets," but the incident Berves to
point out the fact that, while there is
an unquestionable-desire in Congress
to promote prohibition, there is much
delicacy about interfering with this
pet beverage of the farmer.
Captain William Levin, of Camp
runston, is to be in Baxter Springs
this week to arrange for the coming
of the Motor Train of the Seventh
Division the latter part of August
This train consisting of 16 Arm
Trucks, a Search Light truck, rolling
kitchen, and 5 touring cars, manned
by 20 officers and 34 men, including a
twenty piece band, will leave Camp
' taa BnainnonS
150 h. p. High Pressure Boilers both
new and second hand in stock for .
Corliss Engines and Air . Compressors
Landreth Machinery Co.
Take (Ua of Elts hefcre fcrt&Sut
If jour Sack hurts at Ea&ltr
istrcullkjTffi' -
No man or ipma who ssU laeai ge
larly eaa make a mistake Vy tuahlng. Ue
kidneys oeeaeioaally, oajs a"wB-aaowu:
authority, ileal forma uris aeli 'wnlok
excites the kidneys, they become orer
worked from the Strain, frt tlu-jlak and,
fail to filter the waste and poUoos treat
the blood, then we get alek. Nearly all
rheumatism, aesdeehoe, Hw rtreuUe,
Mrrousaete, dlrsinsea, aleepl annul and
urinary disorders com from alnfjUa
The moment yon feel a dull tons m the
kidneys or your baek harts or if the
urine Is cloudy, offenaiTV full of, sedi
ment, Irregular of passage or aUeaded by
a tenaatioa of scaling,. atop eating meal
and get about four ' uaoes -I Ja4
Baits from any pharmacy take a
tebleepoonful la a glass, cf .water before
breakfast and la a Jew days your kidneys
will act fine. This famous salts is made
iioni ue acid of grapes and lemon juiea.
combined with lltkla, and baa been need
for fenerations to flush aadstlnralafce
the kidneys, also to neutralise the aside
fat urine so it no longer eaaeea irritation,
thus ending bladder weakness.
J ad SalU is Inexpensive and cannot
injure makes a delightful earraeasnt
lithia-water drink which , CTiryeM
should take now naoVthea to keen- Us
kidneys clean and active and the blood
pure, thereby avoiding serious kidney
funston on July 81 for the purpose of
interesting the young men of this sec
tion and their parents barmy life.'
Included in the eouinment of the
Train will be several machine guns,
automatic rifles, a 37mm and Irene
75mm guns and other weapons used In
the recent war. As a special feature,
a Curtis Scout Plane will accompany
the Train.
"Baxter has seen very little of
Army life in the past," said Colonel
Williams, "and the Truck Train will
oe of great interest to people in this
section. In addition, Baxter roues wui
have a chance to see what, the money
they subscribed to liberty Loans has
been used in purchasing."
With the Train will be Lieutenant
Colonel James T. Pestroea, of Bella,
of the 353rd Infantry of the 83th Di
vision, and Leint Colonel' Fred r.
Lemon, of the 140th Inf 86th Division.
Both these officers 'are well known in
thjs part of the State. Both have the
Distinguished : Service Cross, .. and
Colonel Peatross has the Medal of the
Legion of Honor, and the French War
a i i
The French Cabinet has adopted the
following four methods to reduce liv
ing costs in France: - -
1. "Clemenceau" or "Vflgrain"
food selling booths In Paris, to be
doubled in number and more to be es
tablished in other centers of popula
tion. 2. Cheap rstaurants to supply meals
at fixed prices will be started in Paris
and in the provinces under the con
trol of the Ministry of Supplies.
3. All war stocks of foodstuffs will
be sold to the public, chiefly through
the co-operative societies.
4. A special service already or
ganized in the Ministry of Supplies
will seek to curb illicit speculation in
These measures are Intended to de
crease the discontent among the
French workers due to the prohil Itive
costs of food.
Mr. and Mrs. W. B. Douthit and
children who have been visiting with
relatives In Baxter Springs, returned
to their home in Pleasanton, Kansas,
Sundav nisrht Mr. and Mrs. W. B.
Douthit are accompanied by their
mother, Mrs. W. . Douthit of Oswego,
Kansas, who is going to spend a few
days in their home.
If the President starts to' play
horse with Senator Colt he may have
trouble In stopping him.
Pitcher ,
Mama CaAner informs us that' In
order io give the. Baxter fans a real
nmi nf ball next Sunday, he has can
celled the gam with Hockerville and
aiTanged fwa gamv.vithGJrard. He
waa afraid, the game with Hockerville
mJfht, prove to be thi same calibre of
the xame wiut.ua Jopun jigcrs.
Cooper says 'that ha would rather give
the Jane a gWjgame and ' get heat
than a poor game and win.
' . ThejQirard team has the reputation
of being one of ,the .best amateur
teams in Southern Xansas, and Mana
ror Comer is to be congratulated on
securing such talent to go up against
. - - a . J
the local boys. It wui oe a goon
game." '
.The. Baxter boys have secured
Payne of the All jStar Joplin .team,
and .who pitched for Lakeside last
Sunday, to, pitch for Baxter the bal
ance of the season. fWhen a pitcher
only allows such hitters as Baxter has
fonr hits in nine Innings, as Payne did
last Sunday, he is a whirlwind.
Pmnialn XL D. Atkins, captain, of
Pa if. stArA Infantry was the week
end guest of Mr. and .Mrs. Frank
RMmfr nf this dtv. Cantata Atkins
has a very interesting war record. He
is the veteran of three wars, ne was
a .member of Colonel Roosevelt's
Rough Riders and was wounded in the
charge up San Juan Hill At the
close of hostilities in Cuba he took
part in' the .PhUUplne campaign. At
the outbreak of the world war Cap
tain Atkins was assigned to the 853rd
Infantry, 89th .division, made up of
all Kansas troops, called the Sunflow
er regiment- Captain Atkins was In
command of this regiment throughout
the' war, brought it home and was
with it until the last man was dis
charged a few weeks ago. Captain
Atkins was wounded in the St Mihlel
drive, but continued to lead his troops
until struck down a second time. For
this action helwas awarded the Dis
tinguished Serrie Cross by the war
Jpartment and. was decorated per
.JToit tv Kin Albert of Belgium
mm ceiaj . , , aw .
with the Cross of Leopold with rank
. .vMiii tf tiut Arder. one of the
fifteen euch honors conferred upon
American soldiers during v war.
.uk Atvtna'wna wounded azain in
the capture of the city of Thiacourt
He has been assignee w
district for recruiting duty.
Operttors Stand Pat and Refuse
I55.C0 and
; f $5.00
m, Wm f tnek. nine blende, went
- cce mnA iMut a gfiS at the end of
the week ending Saturday, July 19.
This wal allow pracucaiiy every nunc
thm oklsAoma-Kansas field to oper
ate at a profit and practically every
operator in . tne neia is maaing tow
4a atart.
tv rT nart of the stuff Sold
I 9 - r - mg M
earlier ta the ween went as eoAov w
Jack and SOZo zor leau wn xew "
!tii:. A ull Fridav. the day set
for price-making for the week saw
the price unimproved so ue operators
.ia Mt anH nfuaed to selL Satur-
day the buyers loosened up and put
the price up to aw ana
ui.h mm utem to think time has
mm, the field all that it was
svvsaaw ww
before tita slump. Drills are running
all over the field, anarts are news
m.ir mffli overhauled and a general
Cut faelinsf Bre vails. Some of the
pperators are paying better wage and
others have set a owe w w -
v fv. uali will be raised.
The turn in for. the, week, wl
vl .M.f.ii mil af tt, went for a
figuremncK .leia, .than; the present
price, tuv - -
fltM fox leau.
tm eeat Cataert ttat eaaaet be
iceebV JlaTTe Crr.Uaae.-.
iTta-rcitTU slicla. kae bf
. m - a a. & m WaMena Si aval Irsfc
CaaarrU Mee aU
t MaeeM apta Tr.r ,P
ffM tl j:e4 a4 aaf
1 r cTa Chlo.
Baxter Coal & llatcrhl Co.
ItolmU mi CetaU Coal
Best .'grade- of Hurculina .Smithing,
- .Coal always, on hand ' "
Best quality-of Domestic and Steam
Coal always on hand.
Frisco Bailroad Track ..Phona 1101
Not Cheap but Reasonable
Quality Counts
A Few of fhe Latest Books by. .
Harold BeUWri-ht
and other interesting authors
Coming In
Also a fine line of fancy Chocolates
of Johnston ft lluellers Keller at
The Baxter National Rani
The Oldest Bank in the City
Founded la 1801
Respectfully solicits your business
We are a member of thi Federal
Reserve Bank.
Quality First
Stauffer-Cammack Grab Co.
On Frisco Tracks
lour Grocer Has Them
Baxter WUI & Elevator Ca
Phone 149
.Let Us
We Enow
Plumbing and Heating Co
Gas Fitting, Bepalrbg
and Plumbing Supplies
' phone m
Storage Auto Accessories and Expert
All Work Guaranteed
Phone 192
New Joe Dandy
Laundry Stoves
at $60
Exclusive Agent for
Golden Gate Coffee
Golden Gate Tea
Golden Gate Spice
(IaMm fltm Prtrart
There is economy in Quality Thtft
Why we sea uie vest
. Quality in Plain Sight
in our new line
Barnes Mercantile Co.
A. V. Smith. Sr.
TUVflfeW lMMmf TTaXilfYl UfeV Aat
tomobUe, Fire, Lightning and Tor
nado Insurance. 1 make a spedalt)
of Farm Insurance, Farm Loans ana
Farm Lianas, rarucuiar amauss
riven to Abstracts, Legal Papers anc"
Notary Work. Phone 262.
For Dependable
" 1122 Militanr Ave.
Watch Inspector Frisco, M. O. ft G.
jk.pm funeral ieit Kaiiroans
Oldest Market in City
Lawest Prices
Honest Dealing
and.Lagest Market
Phone 178
For Your Fresh Cakes, Pies and
Made In Baxter Sold Through You
Phone 294
Blue Ribbon Bakery
Expert Shoe Repairing.
Busy, yes busy and there is a .maoa
We use tne very oesi msieruu u-u
can be obtained. All work guaranteed
Owl Electric Shoe She?
Bcrrian & Matlock
Oualitv and service is a
point we never ovcrlpok
Phor.5 217
laetsaoe.teea bt Caoe af Mall. Order
Mouses VYbJcsj Maka.Tkotr Ap .
aeal itfely an' Basis af
(Cettrtsat tllT, Wattwe, Kwefar Valea.)
M n . .
virtues but false economy Is no' avwe
vfrtiM thm ' anvthln timm that la
falaa. Ta' ba iUi to larnonmlKa wiaAr
Is one of the greatest blessings that
one can nave,, for u la the pterequxnta
to thrift and well-beinx. ' Too many
persons, however, who think they have
rouna tne, . secret ortrue, jecoQomy. are
practlclnia jtals eeooomy iffblch' Is
worse than wUful waste: ' . ' S
IYif Inafanp. tha man vha hwru a
atovo from a mail crder iause ror t8.
ymilH h ,miuu -m vima w
pay flO for one if be purchased It
from his home merchant, Is practicing
a false economy.: for . the. chances are
that he would savt more, than $1 la
ttia mil If tit ntintinaA Hia C1Q 'stove
from the local hardware ledder.
There are several reasons why this
Is false economy. The first one Is that
dollar, tot dollar, .the greater, part of
the merchandise sold by the mat or
der houses is of less value than that
sold by the 'retail merchants of the
smaller communities. . The mall order
business, as a . whole Is Ibutlt upon
cheannesa. In order to attract 'Cus
tomers the eataiogue houses must sell
goods cheaply and la order to oe taat
the must sell cheaa roods. ' Tfcilr
business Is built up on price, and put
ca quality, too retaif nam ware fieai
mr. Uke retail dealers in ether Haea.
probably can match the prices of the
snail order bouses, lie proMfiiy nas
a td stove .which be can sell to the
maa who wants to get stove, for P.
The trouble Is that the maq who buys
from the mall order house does aot
distinguish between price .and QuaOtr.
Thbike He U Ecentmiilni.
The man who bun' the t9 . store
from .the. maU prder Jbouse,. probably
would not uy a 9 stote from Ms
local merchant f of la the latter ease
be would see just what he was buying
and might realise that thi 49 stave
would aot meet his needs. JLU orders
a 9 stove, from the mall order house,
however. Just because the price Is f
and aot because he, has any assurance
that the store win meet us neocs. ue
thinks he Is saving a dollar or two by
buying this stove. Instead of paying
110 nr til to the home merchant fa-
one that be has seen and knows will
give him satisfaction. The chances
are that when the stove arrives and
be has used It for a abort time he
will realize that he has practiced false
Mnomv that it would have .been
more economical in the end for hla to
pay a dollar or. two more to his home
merchant and get an article that wal
guaranteed by the dealer.
The patron of the mall order house,
also, of tea falls to take the matter of
trananortatlan ehanes Into CODSldet
tlon when making his purchase. Be
sees only the price tne arocie as
listed la the mall order catalogue sad
does not think of the express or freight
charges,, which with the .cost, of a
money order and postage often .make
the total cost of the article greater
than the price at which the same thing
could have been purchased at the local
store. Another case of false economy.
Buying merchandise of poor quality
because the price Is low ta often false
economy when , the purchase is made
at the home stores "but It Is doubly so
when the merchandise Is bought from
a mall order housed When buying at
borne one can be reasonsbly sure that
the' article purchased' at a low price,
while there Is so such assurance whea
It Is bought by mall bo tha ."sight u
Idea Is Cxpleded,
The Idea that the mail-order houses
sell the same quality of goods at lower
prices than the homo merchants Is
quickly exploded when one learns of
the large profits that am . made by. the
majority of the maU order houses and
the large selling expense to which they
are subjected. The large mall order
houses spend hundred of thousands
of dollars annually for advertising and
the selling expenses of the ' smaUar
concerns are proportionately as large.
Their other expenses,: sack as rent,
raxes and labor, are also higher, than
those of the local retail awrchanta, la
proportion to the business which they
do. Ia spite of these aeavy expeuaea,
the mall order houses . Cttrtiute mil
lion of, dollars ta dividends, among
their stockholders.' Xa' one large. maU
order concern the profits of the stock
holders. In cash and stack ttvtdeuoa,
have aggregated as much as 180 Pr
cent oa the capital .Invested ta the
short period of alne years; This does
not Indicate that the man order houses
ro la buslaess for their heaUh aal
are giving away ,rrchanCe .to, Cselr
The mall order houses have Apt
tallscd'the desire to eooaotnlae &t Is
inherent ta almost every see, TypUe
lng price above duanty aad: knixlag
'dMtpnes the fundamenUl element la
their buslnTse tby have tnculcsied ta
the minds of their, parens Cia 4'aa
that they are ec:rlg rltx tltj
fcci GX$ goois SI clUJ ' .
Mcmiams; WCV2Sc Store
Chf tom that sells 's of etefy
Jls ua ft iolar prkts Is the safest
of all business; Wause it serres the
ptr See our windows for special
-. A.
Hood Wants To See Yea
Hardware, Furniture, t$maae$tJ,
, jPsideji eediC , JP oroa Tryctars.
The Liz Store with the Good lod
Trade with the hoys at Hoods. '
Thtrels Ko pbjfct
la buying Phonographs or Talking
Machines away from Baxter as they
are, the same pries the world oyer.
We, buy the highest quality of goods
that can be obtained and, sell forth
lowest possible price.
. Saves Yes Money
Cash and Carry
Roach's, Grocery & : lsrl;:t
. The home af good, things to .eat
.' . Prompt Deliveries '
Phone 210 .
Baxter Printing Company
Next to Poatoffiee
We are here with a modern Dry
Cleaning Plant Why .not take ad
vantage of it? All we ask U a trial.
We'kno you ,will . be surprised, at
wonderful change we can make In
your old clothing. . W. H. Donne, has
charsre of this department.'
Baxter.Lauadry and Dry Qeanlag Oa.
Phone SM
Phone 83
Building Material of All Kinds
Backed Up by Service and Quality
Make Our Yard Serve Yea
For 1-S of a Century aad St2i '
Famiahing You With
. Furniture aad Carpets
-Phone 150
Brown & Williams
Will Buy, Sell or Trade Cars
rWhat have you to trade ?
First Door South of
Hood Implement Co.
; New Spring Footwear
Oxfords, Pumps, Colonials, high and
low heels arriving daily
Peoples Shoe Store
The Only Exclusive Shoe Store in
" Baxter"
Showing beautiful lines of everything
new ra muunery. ouiis,. uixmmam mm.
asHtt f a - - - A -M
Coats.. Wonderful line of SHhv.Hos-.
M A . . - -
icrjr. inu . w . w.w. v..
buying.. . r '" ?- -!v. -4
While you can get one. They will
be scarce again
.. Jaqueth & Gihnan
. We do all kinds of fine shoe repair
lng neatly and quickly. Work guar
anteed. , We sen shoe laces, polish.
:1 1..1VM mnA ii!Iiim nnv anottA!
wil, muwi ww- -
Im 1 . A. X '.n MMMm
VK)uneous uwem vu jmnuj .
umiM 11 Tin n m riui iw
. . m 1 .1 It 4119"
:jiaitary avenue. ' ' ' '
Asa Kooeacrsna, rrop.
Jefferson Highway Grsia
Acetyleae Welding
AaU Parts
. Battery Statioa
Phone 1 : Baxter Springs.
m IL Vowel
For New aad SecOTd.Hsnd.Fcrn!t?rf
and Stoves r..i...-.
1624 South Military
Phone ED 7 s
O'CcnnsH SHcGdre:
If It Is Cood Te Est We S!T tl
ftcae $7 . Baxter

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