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BILL iJ»6—%X.
BodorMd by the Trade* and Labor
Council of Hamilton, Ohio.
Endorsed by the Middletown Trades
and Labor Council of Middleiown O.
Endorsed by the Labor Legislative
League of Butler, Preble and Mont
gomery Counties.
Endorsed by Metal Trades Council
of Hamilton Ohio.
Endorsed by the United Trades and
Labor Council, Dayton, Ohio.
FROST doesn't nip ca*ned vegc
CANNED green peas and yellow
peaches help fight the blues.
SBB that your garden produces
dry beans, cabbage, potatoes and
root crops that can be kept without
THE Peerless foundry molders
finally realized that tbey must be
come union men to get more pay.
Now Peter, tell the truth just
oace. Really who did close up the
aill indefinetely, you or the men
on strike
WB'LL starve them out in a few
days say the manufacturers. Best
proof on earth that the strikers
were net getting enough wages.
I«BT the government take charge
of all the plants that oppose better
conditions for labor. L,abor then
will get shorter hoars and better
Wa are told that $15 per day is
the price paid to strike breakers.
Metal and Patent Colt, leather and grey cloth top, worth $3.00
f? $3 75 Vonr choice
Honest union men don't get one
third this amount yet they are re
fused a small increase is wages.
FOR the faithful services render
ed the Black & Clawson Company
during the strike of two years ago,
Roy Sucks, superintendent receiv
ed his rewaid last Saturday night.
DON'T blame the poor down trod
den colored man for cosing noith
and making mistakes, they're fool
ing him now the same way they
have been fooling the northern
white man for years, It's time to
call a halt
Knfrtd mt tk* Poitojffice at Hamilton, Okto, at
Stcend Clan Mail Matter.
THE Niles Tool Works attempted
to have the government compel the
molders to go"back to work, because
it was government contracts. Gov
eminent contracts should be on the
eight hour basis by law and the
Niles Company had not abided by
it. Hence the molders have ot
returned to work and cannot be
compelled to work on government
contracts more than eight hours
per day.
WITH the building of a million
dollar residence and the giving of
$25,000 to this and $10,000 to that
cause the buying of automobiles,
motor boats, private yachts and
goodness only kno*s what else,
how can you men, who are on
strike, expect a man to pay you
living wages. Shame on you, the
next thing, you will be expecting
to make enough money to buv
meat for yourself and family.
By what right do you ask this,
you'll be wanting to pin the boys
down to wheie all they will have
for breakfast, along about the time
the snow is a foot deep and the
temperature about twenty below
Zero, will be porter house steak,
u s o o s s a w e i e s a n
creaui Why think of it, old Peter
G. came in here 25 years ago with
nothing and now he is only rated
at nearly ten millions. Give him
a chance. Shame on yon.
IT WA3 with much interest we
read this week, and no doubt will
be by all the Champion employes
that the entire Peter G. Thomson
family ia
comfortably settled
for the summer in their respective
cottages, at Charlevoix, Mich
We note in the article that Peter
Jr. went over to Charlevoix from
Toledo ir. his high ever motor
boat. We also note that Logan
had a new 225 horse power motor
boat built at Milwaukee. This
boat is to be the highest powered
on the northern lakes.
Of course these things are mere
toys for the amusemet of the boys
No doubt papa will buy Alex the
finest yacht on the iakes to play
with. The boys must have some
amusement after their hard work
of two and three hours a day for
several months durirg the long
winter and you can expect them
to play with automobiles all the
time it gets monotonous hence
the change to mo'or boats and
private yachts.
It was with much relief that the
M.AU. U t'A.'lL.U Y U k 5 1 V V O O
strikers learned that the family is
now comfortably settled along the
lakes as it was feared that they
might have to put up all summer
in that little old stuffy uncomfor
table million dollar shack at Col
lege Hill, which, according to the
Cincinnati gas department only
burns about $194 worth of gas per
mouth fur cooking and heating
Prices on Ladies' Slippers, sizes 2%, 3, 3#, 4, 4Tan, Gun t| f) ft Another lot of bronze kid pumps, patent vamp, white calf top,
v i L« w grey top and black cloth top, worth $4.00 to $5.00. Take your
water for the bath. You notice
we don't accuse them of using gas
for lighting, no, no, they are wil
ling to put up with electricity foi
this purpose.
Now that it is certain that the
family is comfortably settled for
the summer and not to be worried
about, many of the strikers and
their families will wend their way
to the various summer resorts here
a-bouts. Many of them going to
Lagoon Matthias on the banks et
the beautiful Miami and from there
to the beautiful resort De Oiilinger
via Four Mile in their high pow
ered fiat boats.
These boats have been equipped
with such powerful engines as the
S .Fish, James Worsham and Dave
Scott for propelling power.
"WE will never deal with, nor
recognize unionism.'* That's what
several foundry and mill owners of
this city are credited with saying.
That's what the Dayton Street
Railway official said but after a
strike of the employes of that com
pany, lasting two weeks, the com
pany was only too glad to receive a
committee representing the union
Within twenty-four hours an £gree
ment was reached wherein the com
pany granted everything the men
asked for.
The company agrees that the
men may maintain their union it
will deal with the employes through
their executive committee. The
sliding scale remains effective, with
a maximum of 32 cents per hour
The men will receive price and a
half for overtime.
And why shouldn't the union or
the organization of the employee
be recognized as well as that of the
employer. What is the manufac
turers' association, but an immense
uniou. An immense union with
brains and money behind it as
against brains and brawn back of
the union of the workingman.
And while we know ttiat mouey
and load? of it, is back of that
powerful union, the manufacturers
association, and are willing to ad
mit that money will buy most any
thing, including scabs and strike
breakers, yet there is one thing
that it can not buy, a thing held
most dear and above everything
else by all true members of organ
ized labor, and that is PRINCI­
And when these men who are
around here trying to buy up some
of the men who are connected with
the strikes, which are now in our
city, get through, they will be wil
ling to admit that the money of the
association can't hold a candle to
the power of PRINCIPLE.
W K are going to run within
the next week or ten days no mat
pick for.
RUPP'S Protect Their Customers
by selling them U. S. Government Inspected Meats
No danger of eating meats from diseased animals if it comes from RUPP'S STOKES
Be SAFE and buy Meats from the ONLY INSPECTED PACKING HOUSE in Butler County
THe Geo. Rupp P&cKing Co.
122 High Street Sycamore and Monument Ave. Third and Central Ave.
ter how much blood is shed." The
foregoing remark is credited to one
of the foreman in the Niles Foun
dry and was made in the presence
of emplyes of the company.
The PRESS had knowledge of this
remark having been made, two
weeks ago, but refrained from pub
lishing it simply to avoid any fur
ther sentiment of bitternes against
the company that the knowledge
of buch remark having been made
by a representative of the company
might create. But new that events
prove that this man evidently knew
what e was talking about, the
PRESS believes it is only fair to the
men to make known to the public
to just what extent the company
^tends going to gain their point.
They will stop j».t uothiog. Whose
blood do they intend shedding
Not the company officials! Not
the bosses or foremen, that you can
bet on. Whose blood then do they
intend shedding Do they intend
shedding the blood of these men
who have toiled for years and years
in the foundry of this corporation
and given up the best days of their
ives, and from whosa earnings the
company has been able to build up
this immense institution and the
officials thereof enjoy all the com­
forts and luxuries of the world, in
the meantime paying the men a
oare existing wage Or do they
intend shedding the blood of these
poor simps they brought in here
Sunday and herded in the Atlas
Hotel. These thugs and gunmeu,
thieves and crooks and scum of the
earth gathered from all corners of
the world whom they hired to come
in here and take the jobs of honest
and decent clean citizens.
We ask the public and the citi
zens of Hamilton: What do you
think of a firm or corporation who
will import into your city a lot of
men, the lowest type ei men in the
world, whose reputation is such
that during their stay in your city
your mother, your wife, your
daughter or your sister don't dare
to walk the streets unaccompanied
and during whose stay in the city
you don't dare to go to sleep at
night. Men who bring riot and
disorder with them wherever they
This is the caliber of men, Mr
Citizen, that the Niles Tool Works
Company brought in last Sunday
and installed them as their guests
at the Hotel Atlas.
THE same old cry of "the troops
are coming" was again heard in
every nook and corner uf the city
Monday. This cry is always flount
ed in the faces of the people in time
of a strike, where men are out of
employment for better wages and
working conditions. This is the
old stereotyped slogan of the soft
heads that oppose organized labor
wherever and whenever possible
Since the local molders have ac­
cepted the challenge of the unfair
employers of labor in Hamilton and
have blocked their game of import
ing strike breakers into the city,
an appeal has gone forth from some
source to Governor Cox to send
421 S. Second St
troops here. The Information re
ceived by Governor Cox through
this source must have been to the
effect "that the union molders and
the citizens of Hamilton were
wrecking the town, burning the
buildings, and killing the people."
At least the Governor sent a
carefully worded telegram to Mayor
John Holzberger and which was
printed in the Evening Journal Of
Tuesday night, headed, "The al
most total lack of effort to preserve
order in Hamilton Monday caused
Gov. Cox to send a sharp telegram
to Mayor Holzberger, and the m4s
sage reads as follows:
"We have advices that your com­
munity is in the midst of disorder
and that the police department,
which is under your control, is not
making the proper effort to restrain
unlawful elements. 1 shall have
to insist upon you and every au
thority subordinate to your office
exercising the fullest power to re
store peace and good order. If you
do your full duty and fail to accom
plish what is requested, then it is
my suggestion and direction that
you acquaint the county sheriff
with the situation and ask him to
swear in deputy sheriffs. The full
strength of your law-abiding citi­
zenship should be availed of. I am
convinced that the character and
resources of Hamilton are sufficient
to meet this emergency, but the
leadership is upon you. I would
be lacking in candor not to advise
you now that I shall expect you to
do your duty promptly and effi­
"James M. Cox."
Who advised the Governor that
disorder was in our midst that he
should have sent the Mayor of
Hamilton a telegram of this nature.
Union men are coavinced that none
of the manufacturers informed the
Governor that disorder was in our
midst and that the police were not
doing their utmost to restrain un­
lawful elements.
Somebody has misinfermed the
Governor and the trades unionists
are of the opinion that some slick
and sly politician sent the infor
mation to Governor Cox for the
purpose of discrediting Mayor
Holzberger. That kind of a citi
zen would also use the Governor in
times of strike to further his politi
cal ends to bring about a condition
in Hamilton.
These kind of politicians are
among us and they are as much
against the laboring people as the
unfair manufacturer is who will uut
meet tehin face to face. The trade
unionists have expressed themselves
that whoever sent the word to Gov.
Cox misinformed him as to the
facts and for political purposes.
The only disorder here on Sun
day was the assault on two sHke
breakers who were imported here
to kill union men and to take their
jobs. Guns were found on some
of these strike breakers which veri
fies this statement. There was no
disorder outside of that and no
buildings were burned and no win­
dows or property was damaged.
There was no cause for such in
formation being sent to Goveinor
Cox and no such telegram should
have been sent. The Mayor
and the police did their duty
Sunday night and every one of the
gang of strikebreakers that were
housed in the Hotel Atlas were es
corted safely to the depot upon
their own request. Chief Strieker
requested that the molders agree
to allow the strike breakers to leave
the city which was accepted by the
molders and the 'men left Sunday
night at 9:40 for Cincinnati. After
that there has been no disorder and
there has never been a time when
our police force has not been equal
to the occasion.
As far as can be seen by all fair
minded people the police have done
their duty in the past week and
they should be commended for the
splendid work they did in getting
the strikebreakers to leave. The
strike breaxers themselves admitted
before loafing that conditions her-
Ladies' and Gent's
Dining Room
East Ave. cars pass door
Leave Cl.itvKi.ANt)
The Cleveland & Buffalo
Transit Company
Cleveland, Ohio
The Great
to Detroit
Peterson's Gafe
Sb'.p SFK.4NPHKF*'
the lartr«-^t and mo*t eostty
C. I'h 1I RSON, Frop.
818 Main St.
1* K YV K IS N
water# of the world.
I .'» O O
00- Fare on»
Buy only Bread
e a i n i s
Steamer Frank £. Kirby atop* at Kii®y'» LtUndaod Middle Be
1 he
following Bakris u»e the t'uiou
Baecker Bros.
John Bader
Louis Kerb
Jacob Volz
Frank Qeier
Write for Folder*
CifcO. C. TOLMAN. Gen. Aft. PaM«arer Dept.. Sandusky, Ohio
Ashley & Dustin Steamer Line
Try a case today
I E O N E 1 3 3
John Armbrust
tilite Baking Co.
Weik Bros.
Fred Sauerbeck
Oeorge Jansen
iune 1
was misrepresented to then also.
The molders should investigate
who is responsible for the werd be­
ing sent to Governor Cox.
Black & Clawson Molders
The molders at the Black and
Clawson Co., after laying off Mon
day decided Tuesday to go
strike and join the union. At the
meeting held Thursday morning,
after quite a number signed appli
cations for membership, the officials
announced that all the molders in
that foundry had signed up with
the exception of six, and that these
had expressed their intention of
doing so.
A committee was appointed to
draw up the grieraucea of the men.
Bell 720
Homo 674-M
Daily, May 1st to Nov. 15th BUFFALO
8:00 P. M. CENTRAL I Loave BTFFALO 8:00 P. M.
6 30 A.M. STANDARD TIM* Arrive CMYSUHD• 6:30 A. If.
Connect inn* at BntTalo for Nincnra Fal Is and all Eaoterti and Catindinti points. Railroad
tickets r'-odini: between Cleveland and Buffalo are (food (or transportation on our
gteauiers. Awk your ticket agent for tickets via C. & B. Line. Nrw Tourist Autoaoblla
lutr |i.nn Kounri Trip, with 2 duys return 1
imit. for ars not exceeding 127 in. wheel base.
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receipt, of five cents Also ask for our 34-page pictorial and descriptive booklet free.
Excursions Every Week Day
bias Wne« fttoamer, "Frank E. kirby,"
every week day at 7:3 a. m., Central Standard Time.
Arrival at Put-in-Bay 9 a. m.—Arrival at Dotroifc aft
1:3Q p. m.—Returning, iteamerg arrive in Sandusky from
Put-in-Bay and Detroit 1j00 p. m. and 9:S0 p.m..Central
Exouriloa Fare
Round Trip, •arae
day. to Put-in-Bay
Round Trip to
Datroit same
leaves .-.iadu«ky cn Monday, Wednaaday, Friday at 3:30
1:30 in
Big Steel Steamer "Put-in-BayM
a. m.—Tim
ar« out way
to Put-ln-Bay 60c.
Daylight Trip to CLEVE- 7$
LAND Yla Put-in-Bay A
Detroit, Michigan
Patronize Home Industry
For Music
Edison Dia
mond Disc
and Cylinder
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kinds of
u s i a I n
No. 10 S.3d St.
SUNDAY, "The American

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