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VOL. XXVII. No. 29
Ambulance Service
Phone 35
'w~ -v «-*,**••
By International Labor News Service.
Los Angeles, Cal.—President Wil
liam* Green ancf the entire executive
council rode a high wave of confidence
and popularity to unopposed re-elec
tion by the American Federation of
Labor convention in what would have
been the concluding session had not
arguments on jurisdictional contests
consumed more time than had been
Fraternal delegates elected are: To
Great Britain, Michael F. Greene, of
the United Hatters, and W. B. Fitz
gerald, of the Amalgamated Associa
tion of Street and Electric Railway
Employes to Canada, Joseph W. Mor
ton, of the Stationary Firemen and
Oilers. The next convention city is
New Orleans.
Secession Is Condemned
The convention bitterly condemned
secession in general and it condemned
specifically the secession movement
among structural iron workers on the
Pacific coast, in adopting a resolution
introduced by the iron workers.
Fascism was condemned in adopt
ing the resolve of a resolution by the
tailors' delegation, the convention,
however, and committee recommenda
tion, confining its denunciation to
Fascism in America. President Green
and others, supporting the committee
report, went further and assailed
Mussolini. The Mussolini rule was
termed a "reprehensible dictatorship"
by President Green. He named Fasc
ism and Communism as twin evils and
said Mussolini "has taken from Italy
every vestige of liberty."
Freedom of Philippines Urged
Immediate freedom for the Philip
pines was advocated, this being the
ftrst time the convention has gone that
far. The Asiatic exclusion policy also
was voted continued.
Continued support of the Interna
tional Ladies' Garment Workers was
voted following warm praise from
President Green for the valiant battle
of the Jewish needle trades of New
York against communism.
Avoiding what might have been a
long debate, the resolutions committee
recommended that the entire Boulder
Canyon Dam proposition be referred
Green and Executive Council
Re-Elected by Unanimous Vote
At A. F. of L. Convention
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to the executive council with power to
Mooney-Billings Case
In the Mooney-Billings case, the
committee recommended that the best
results can be had by allowing the
executive*council to use its judgment
as to the steps to be taken and urged
pointedly that all subordinate bodies
be guided by the council and by that
body only in acting upon requests for
support from other sources.
A uniform insignia to be used by
all labor organizations on Labor Day
will be created by the council, as the
result of a resolution adopted by the
London, England.—A large section
of the British press is backing em
ployers in A campaign for lower
wages. Trade unionists are asking
how business can improve if the work
ers' purchasing power is reduced.
"These employers openly admit they
can not sell their present output, but
have the insolence to say, 'Give us
more output and then we will be able
to sell it, but they fail to tell us
where or "to whom they will sell,"
says Man and Metal, journal of the
Iron and Steel Trades Confederation.
"We can understand the view of an
individual employer who thinks if he
can get cheap labor he will have an
advantage over competitors, but it is
amazing that the employing class
itself can not see that a universal de
mand for reduced wages will reduce
consumption and make it less possible
to sell.
"Yet these employers think that re
duced costs at the expense of low
wages and reduced purchasing power
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(Copyright. W. N. U.
Staff Correspondent, International
Labor News Service
Chicago.—That propaganda is meat
and drink to the communists, and that
they will sacrifice all other interests
in order to obtain means and instru
mentalities to spreacf their doctrines,
is well illustrated by the establish
ment in the Ukraine of one of the two
most powerful radio broadcasting sta
tions in the world, for which tlje Rus
sian soviet government is alleged to
have paid in the neighborhood of
According to the story exclusively
revealed to International Labor News
Service and of which the daily news
papers of the world apparently know
nothing, an agent of the Russian so
viet government, who pretended that
he was representing private interests,
succeeded in purchasing a 100,000
watt radio broadcasting apparatus
from the General Electric Company.
Only one other radio station in the
world carries that much power, it is
said. The other station is WGY, own
ed by the General Electric Company,
and located at Schenectady, N. Y.
Powerful Apparatus at Work
Sending Programs to Japan
From Point in the Ukraine
Island Kingdom Receiving First Taste of What is in Store
For Rest of World, International Labor News Service
Is Told.
Russians Get Duplicate of WGY
The Russian agent, so the story
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Under Doer's
Communists Ready to Use Great
Radio Station to Flood All
Nations With Red Propaganda
Protest Lodged With Government
It is said that the Japanese gov
ernment lodged a formal complaint
with the United States government
protesting against the sale of the ra
dio station equipment to the soviet
government by an American firm, on
the ground that the station was being
used to interfere with the domestic
tranquility of a friendly nation. The
character of the reply of the United
States authorities is not known here.
The exact location of the station
in the Ukraine is being carefully
guarded as a secret by the Russian
government, it is said, but the United
States navy department, which keeps
a careful watch of such matters, is
supposed to have knowledge of the
spot where the gigantic pirate of the
air is located.
Big Station Pirate of Air
The big Russian station is an out
law, inasmuch as it is not restricted
by international radio law, and can
invade and will invade all countries
at will, disregarding all wave-length
regulations. It was only recently that
Russia was barred from representa
tion at the international radio confer
erenee at Washington, where new
regulations pertaining to the air
rights of the various nations were
formulated and wave lengths and call
letters allocated.
Being an outlaw and a pirate of the
air, the big bolshevik station can lay
down its propaganda on any nation
of the world by simply broadcasting
a program in the language and on the
wave length of any country under
fire. Japan is under fire now. Eng
land is said to be the next, with Italy,
France, the United States and Latin
America to follow.
American Stations May Be Drowned
Radio engineers here say that it
would be practical and feasible for
the Red station to drown out all
American stations except one during
the cold weather of the coming winter.
All the bolsheviki need to do is to put
on an English program and come in
on an American wave length and the
tfick is done.
goes, wanted to purchase a station
of 500.000 watts power, but the Gen
eral Electric Company could not or
would not undertake a job of such
magnitude. A compromise was reach
ed whex-eby the company built the
Russian communists a duplicate of
Station WGY, for which spot cash
was paid.
The station is now in operation
somewhere in the Ukraine, it is al
leged, and is daily laying down a fine
Japanese program throughout the
Japanese Empire. All Japanese sta
tions are drowned out when the Red
station is on the air, and the Japa
nese government is frantically and
futilely searching for a means of com
batting this barrage of communist
The only station in this country
that could compete with the Red
pirate station would be WGY of
Schenectady, sister station of the one
located in the Ukraine. Should the
Russian Reds decide to invade Amer
ica in this manner, there would be a
duel of the air between these two
giant sister stations, with all other
stations standing by helplessly.
Reds Possess Big Advantage
Some idea of the advantage that
the Reds have gained in their pur
chase of this equipment from the Gen*
eral Electric Company may be had
when it is pointed out that the most
powerful American radio stations
with the exception of WGY, carry less
than one-third as much power as does
the Russian Red station. In this
class are WJZ of Bound Brook, N. J.,
owned by the Radio Corporation of
America KDKA of Pittsburgh and
KYW of Chicago, both owned by the
Westinghouse Electric Company.
These three stations are equipped for
30,000 watts, but seldom use that
much power. WCFL, owned by the
Chicago Federation of Labor, is oper
ating with 1,500 watts of power, but
a superpower plant of 50,000 watts
for this station is in prospect.
The only way to prevent the Rus
sian communist station from laying
down its barrage of propaganda in
any country of the world chosen for
attack would be to silence it by blow
ing it up with high explosives from
the ground or by bombing it from the
air, it was pointed out by a well
known radio engineer. It is said that
the Russian soviet government is
maintaining a heavy guard at its
Ukranian l'adio station to prevent just
such an eventuality.
Los Angeles.—Organized labor will
intensify its campaign for the federal
child labor amendment and every
effort will be made to arouse the con
science of America against the evil
of child slavery.
The A. F. of L. convention made
this declaration in the closing hours
of its annual convention in this city.
The committee exposed the hypoc
ri|^r of opponents of the federal
amendment who claim it violates
state's rights, and that the various
states can remedy the evil. Governors
and other public officials who make
this plea were shown to be just
as active in their opposition to any
s|ate legislation against child labor.
"Child labor has increased in 24 out
of 29 large industrial cities," it was
stated. "Eight out of 12 states re
ported increases.
"It is hardly conceivable that in
America, where we pride ourselves on
a sense of fair play and decency that
a campaign marked by misstatements
and vituperation could be conducted
successfully, even temporarily, by op
ponents of the federal child labor
amendment. In most cases these op
ponents masquerade as patriots. Yet
in spite of funds at their disposal, in
spite of their propaganda and elab
orate machinery for spreading mis
representation, they •will fail to keep
the nation's childhood in economic
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^...^, .^
By International Labor News Service.
Chicago.—Organized labor of Chi
cago feels strong resentment against
the sweeping injunction granted by
Federal Judge F. P. Shoonmaker to
the Pittsburgh Terminal Coal Cor
poration against its lo*ked-out em
ployes October 11. Granting of the
sweeping writ is regarded as a chal
lenge thrown at the entire American
labor movement, following as it did
a few days after President William
Green, of the American Federation of
Labor, had warned the Pennsylvania
politicians and big business interests
that they had better exercise more
caution in their attacks upon organ
ized labor.
That Judge Schoonmaker signed the
writ as prepared by the attorneys for
the coal corporation is regarded here
sts revealing the judge as a pliant tool
and lackey of the union-hating em
ployers of Pennsylvania. The part of
the writ providing for the eviction
of the coal miners' women and chil
dren from their homes at the begin
ning of winter is characterized by
many as monstrous. A judge who
would affix his signature to such a
document must be devoid of all hu
man feeling and be a cold-blooded
tyrant at heart, a prominent trade
union officer declared.
Fitzpatrick Hits Decision
John Fitzpatrick, president of the
Chicago Federation of Labor, epi
tomized the feeling of organized labor
of Chicago in reference to this ju
dicial outrage in the following state
ment prepared for International La
bor News Service:
"The decision of Judge Schoonmak
er against the United Mine Workers
in Western Pennsylvania can not be
regarded as a decision of an American
court. It can only be regarded as
more evidence of out corporation
owned and controlled courts. No free
man would countenance certain por
tions of such illegal and outlandish
"There is no ground upon which or
ganized labor could justify itself if it
sought to defend force and violence
or any other criminal or illegal act.
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*S r-'»'t A'
r* ,J
Strike Injunctions Designed
To Deny Workers Jury Trials,
Chicago Labor Head Declares
Organized labor never did and I hope
never will sanction force and violence
even against strikebreakers. Still
two-thirds of .all injunction writs are
in restraint of force and violence- and
other criminal acts.
Injunction's Real Purpose
"Then these privately owned judges
and courts must have some definite
purpose to serve when they deliber
ately devote two-thirds of every in
junction decision restraining labor
from committing acts which the work
ers naturally shrink from committing.
The real purpose, then, is to cover up
the crime which judges knowingly
commit when they issue such injunc
"The issuance of an injunction in a
labor dispute has only one purpose to
serve, and that is not to uphold law
or preserve the peace, but is to deny
the workers their constitutional guar
anty of the right of a trial by a jury
when charged with committing a
crime, and this illegal and criminal
use of the writ of injunction is the
only method by which a person
charged with a crime can be punished
without a trial by a jury.
Judge I|^All-Powerful
"Under the injunction proceedings
we are not punished for the crime we
are charged with, but we are punished
for being in contempt of court, and in
such proceedings no law stands be
tweeen the judge and his victim. The
judge has absolute power, because
he must uphold the dignity of his
"Just as soon as the American peo
ple understand this contemptible trick
in the use of injunctions they will
make short shrift of corporation
owned judges and courts."
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