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$ed Cross War Fund Coming Up
Another campaign which is prob
ably more popular than any other is
the Red Cross War Fund Campaign.
As usual the chairman is the ever
faithful Lucian Kahn. If you are ask
ed to work, do it—and even if you
should not be asked, volunteer—and
also if you should not be contacted,
be sure to give.
Fuel Advisory Committee ... A
fuel advisory committee has been
created in this area which consists
of Butler, Clinton, and Warren Coun
ties. Marshall Barker, The Beckett
Paper Company, is chairman. Its pur
pose is to advise in all possible ways
methods of conservation of all kinds
of fuels, particularly in industries.
This committee is sponsored by the
Bureau of Mines.
Deputy State Fire Marshall
Henry Riley, long a member of the
Hamilton Fire Department and very
active in Fire Prevention, has been
appointed Deputy State Fire Marshall.
Butler County comes under his juris
diction, and the Chamber of Commerce
wishes him every success in his new
Hiram Marcum, 217 south Front
street, furniture.
Freda Hosack, 16 south Poplar
beauty parlor and gifts.
Katherine E. Lail, RR5, Oxford
road, hearing apparatus.
Walter Turner, 911 Central avenue
she repairing.
C. Miller and J. P. Link, 1790 Grand
Bulevard, dry goods and notions.
L. 0. Grimes, 26 west High street,
Oxford, pool and soft drinks.
Clark Bates, 61 south Main street,
curtains and draperies.
Grover Byrd and Troy Alverson
2024 Yankee Road, restaurant.
Ernest Streifthau, Sru, 208 Charles
Carl Egleston, 717 Yankee Road
Leland Dean, mgr. 301 Webster
Middletown, Ohio.—Robert Lukens
Lieutenant in the Middletown Fire
Department, received the highest
grade among 15 members of the de
partment who took a Civil Service
examination for the rating of Cap
tain last Friday night, it was an
nounced by C. R. Greathouse, Com
mission Chairman. Lukens will be cer
tified for probationary appointment
as Captain unless an appeal is filed
within 10 days, he said.
Transfer, Francis M. Blagg, dba
The Club, 515 Main street, Hamilton
to Arthur Reiff, D-l, D-3.
Application, Fred Slezak, dba Gold
en Elk Cafe, 2000 Yankee Road, Mid
dletown, D-3.-
Cancellations, effective January 19,
1945, Clara E. Nusky, RR5, Millville
pike, D-l.
Voters in the rural areas of Butler
County will be required to register
for future elections in the same man
ner as those in the cities and other
districts where registration has been
in force, according to plans announced
by the Board of Elections.
February 25th, Arthur H. Vanden
berg, "Lifting Government Controls"
at 1:15 over NBC. Other speakers will
be Phil Pearl, AFL. Emerson P.
Schmidt, U. S. Chamber of Commerce
Albert S. Goss, National Grange.
Sbon't Mat
Keep 7011 from getting all
the Vitamins A and you
You can ba sort that each
member of your family gets
enough of these essential vita
joins by seeing to it that thay
Fifteenth Army Air Force in Italy.
—Corporal Richard J. Senger, 30, son
of Mr. and Mrs. Frank Senger, 45'7
North "E" St., Hamilton, Ohio, was
recently awarded the Good Conduct
Medal for having honorably served
more than one year with his present
organization with a character and ef
ficiency rating never below excellent.
San Marcos Army Air Field, Texas
(Spl).—1st Lt. Donald P. Garrett,
son of Mr. and Mrs. Harry P. Gar
ett, 724 Chase Avenue, has been as
signed *to the San Marcos Army Air
Field, a navigation school in the AAF
Training Command.
J. T. D.'s IDEAS
Some reasons why I enjoy The
Butler County Press:
1. They are friend of Labor and
the Common Man.
2. I get more "common sense" read
ing in their four pages than some
papers ten times the size—with long
drawn out articles to fill space.
3. The hue to the line and the
chips fall as they may.
4. Their articles are condensed and
to the point, like "off again, gone
again, Flanigan." and—
5. If I had the Fame of the Roose
velt Dog.
Some one is constantly demanding a
law to restrict the other fellow.
Ecery new law enforced, takes just
that much more freedom from the
We should stop making new laws,
and demand repeal of thousands now
on the statutes books and remove the
cause for unnecessary Dictation.
In my writing I presume you "gen
tlefolk know" my education is some
what as that of the young lady who
on applying to the School Board of
position as Teacher, being asked as
to her qualification, said, "I'm not
much of a Rithmaticker but a splendid
—J. T. D.
Final Fox Hunt Saturday
Hamilton, Ohio. Residents of
Princeton and vicinity will conduct
their final fox hunt of the season
Saturday. The hunt will start at 1
p. m. at the Murray Urmston farm
and hunters will be permitted to use
shotguns. The previous hunts resulted
in the bagging of a total of 11 foxes.
Middletown, Ohio.—Fox hunters
have donated $62 to the United Ser
vice Organizations fund, it was an
nounced today.
Voluntary Cooperation
(From American Federationist)
This is in a very special sense la
bor's war—the existence of free unions
is at stake. We have earned the right
to share in responsibility and help
work out problems. We can get crit
ical workers as needed through our
unions and our families. We are proud
to have a responsibile share in the
operations of the War Manpower
Commission. We have helped woi-k out
the l-egulations of voluntary manpow
er control by which woi-kers are di
rected to jobs that need them most.
The result has been a volume of
production that is the greatest in all
history. Free workers outproduce
slave workers. Cooperation is more of
fective than regimentation.
Federal Investigation Aske
Of Florida Mass Arrests
Washington, D. C. (ILNS).—Tnves
tigation of "unwarranted and illegal
arrests of 25 Negro workers in High
lands County, Fla., is urged in a let
ter sent to Assistant Attorney General
Tom C. Clark by the Workers Defense
Sheriff Doyle Schumacher made the
arrests on charges of vagrancy. The
sheriff, alleging that most of his vie
tims were found loitering around "juke
joints" and places of suspected gamb
ling activities, has threatened to "con
tinue the haul until the manpower
shortage is over."
"There is good reason to suspect
that these Negroes were arrested on
false charges, as were the Ft. Lauder
dale workers in February and March
1944, and that this is a further at
tempt to coerce and intimidate Flor
ida Negroes," DWL national secretary
Morris Milgram told Clark.
"We understand that the sheriff
excuse for the arrests are that he
isn't tolerating idleness among those
able to work during war time," the
WDL letter said.
The following correction appeared in
4-small town paper:
'Our paper carried the notice last
week that Mr. John Doe is a defective
in the police force. This was a typo
graphical error. Mr. Doe is really
detective in the police farce."
West Chester, O
Symbolic Red Cross Emblem
WASHINGTON, D. C.—Once again,
next month, the scarlet emblem of the
American Red Cross will appear in the
windows of American homes, symboliz
ing the financial support of the nation
in supporting the manifold services of
that organization to American fighting
men overseas.
In every nation of the world, this red
cross has long been the symbol of uni
versal humanitarianiam, both in peace
and in time of war. Today it is worn
by medical corpsmen of all armies and
navies serving the wounded. It pro
tects hospital tents, ships, planes and
trains. Painted on each of the Inter
national Red Cross ships bearing food
parcels to prisoners of war and ex
changed prisoners homeward, it is a
guarantee of safety from acts of war.
To the giver doing bis part to fulfill
the $200,000,000 goal of the American
Red Cross in 1945, it represents his per
sonal part in supplying the material
things which add to the morale of the
American serviceman whether hospi
talized or able-bodied.
The window sticker means more
than dollars contributed to the Red
Cross," Chairman Basil O'Connor de
clared. "It means service clubs, can
teens, recreation rooms and clubmo
biles for the men in war theaters."
To the American Red Cross, each
window sticker is a family's request to
the Red Cross to continue its responsi
bilities on behalf of the son in Italy,
the neighbor's boy half a turn around
the globe in the Philippines, and the
brother fighting on Ihe Western Front.
It is the expression of faith of the
American people that Red Cross will
maintain the supplies of surgical dress­
AFL Union Triumphs
In NLRB Vote Contest
Blue Island, 111.—AFL Federal La
bor Union No. 23733 won a smashing
NLRB election victory at the plant of
the Cardox FU'e Extinguisher Co
here. The vote of the workers was
269 to 45.
Organizer John Schrier reported to
AFL President Green that the com
pany was disposed to recognize the
union until the latter submitted a
proposed contract. The company then
showed fight and the election was
called. The union, having demon
strated its strength, will now resume
negotiations on the contract,
Dewey Asks Huge
Public Works Program
Albany, N. Y.—Addressing the
opening session of the State Legisla
ture, Governor Dewey outlined a huge
program of State public works, to be
undertaken in the post-war period at
a cost that might exceed $1,000,000,
000. He recommended an immediate
start toward expanding the State's
social welfare laws. The Governor
also advised a program of pay in
creases for State employes, including
members of the Legislature, that will
increase payrolls by about $6,500,000
a year.
OPA Gives Extra Gas
To Merchant Marine
Washington, D. C.—AFL members
of the OPA Advisory Committee suc
ceeded in bringing about an agency
ruling which will permit the purchase
of extra gasoline by members of the
merchant marine on shore leave be'
tween trips.
The ruling grants to the Merchant
Marine the same consideration which
is extended to members of the armed
forces who needs transportation on
leave or furlough for a period of
three days or more.
An elderly preacher was stationed
in a section of the deep South where
his parishioners didn't have much
money for his salary. They did help
his budget, though, by inviting him
out to dinner.
As his presence would make these
meals something of an occasion, there
would always be chicken on the table
—fried chicken, roast chicken, chick
en and dumplings, all kinds of chick
It so happened after years of these
chicken dinners, the old pastor went
fishing one day. He lost his balance
and dropped his false teenth in
creek. The clay-colored water quickly
covered them and they were lost to
his sight.
Studying the situation a moment,
the preacher reached into his lunch
box, took out a chicken bone and tied
it to his fishing line.
As the bone dropped below the
water level, the false teeth jumped
from the creek bottom and clamped
firmly on it. The preacher then tauled
them out with ease.
Sad Fate
"There! Broke my looking glass
Now I suppose- I shall have seven
years' bad luck," said Mrs. Jones
"Don't you believe it, Mrs. Jones!
said Mrs. Brown. "A friend of mine
broke hers, and she didn't have seven
years' bad luck. She was lulled, in an
explosion next dayP
ear In Windows Again
Once again this year, in March, the
world-known scarlet symbol of mercy
will appear in windows throughout the
nation, indicating that Mr. and Mrs.
America are solidly behind the 1945
American Red Cross War Fund cam
ings, blood plasma and whole blood,
kit bags and comfort articles to the
"battlefronts. It is a vote of gratitude for
the millions of food parcels reaching
American men in enemy prison camps.
Opening March 1, the third American
Red Cross War Fund campaign for
$200,000,000—the same as last year
will continue throughout the entire
month. More than 3,000,000 volunteers
will distribute the familiar window em
blems, conducting a house-to-house can
vass to fulfill the 1945 quota, Along
with the window emblem, each con
tributor will receive a lapel tab fash
ioned after the Red Cross flag—the
flag known to all as a sign of aid and
CIO To Work With AFL
On State Legislation
Washington, D. C. (ILNS).—The
Congress of Industrial Organizations
has called on the 44 state legislatures
meeting this year to enact legislation
for more liberal unemployment com
pensation payments stricter child la
bor regulation fair employment prac
tice committees and stronger employ
ment services.
The CIO said it would work with
AFL state federations of labor, which
also are backing broad labor and so
cial legislative programs, and with
minority groups,
An Englishman touring Canada was
staying in a wayside hotel. One night
it was very cold and the Englishman,
feeling it pretty badly, came down
stairs early next morning to get
At the same time a trapper, who
had been out looking for his traps,
came in at the door. Icicles were hang
ing from his mustache and with a
pitying expression, the Englishman
looked at him, and exclaimed:
"By jove, old man, what room did
you sleep in?"
&ivJ ,r
The story is going the rounds that
a playwright was sitting in a ganu
of bridge at the Whist Club in New
York with a partner who played stup
dly for several hands. Finally, the
playwright could stand it no longer.
"Tell me," he demanded, "when did
you learn to play bridge? Be specific
don't just say this afternoon. Say
what time this afternoon."
Subscribe fc»r The Press.
Over America
Americans are proud of their ar
chitecture. The fine old Southern
colonial, Dutch colonial and Cape
Cod houses across the land reveal
American ingenuity in producing in
dividualistic evolutions of Old World
conceptions. Portsmouth, N. H., not
ed for its three-story facades and
tall chimneys, takes particular pride
in the Langley-Boardman house
erected in 1805. Note the gracefully
rounded Ionic portico and Palladian
window. No less important are the
homes of Spanish and French colo
nial influences in the West, South
west and Southern seaboard gems of
Americana. These are all part of
the American tradition our men are
fighting to preserve. To equip, train
transport, and supply these men
buy more War Bonds.
U. S. Trtatmry Dtpartmtnt
Rationing At A Glance
Meats, Cheese, Butter, Fats, Canned
Fish, Canned Milk
Red stamps (Book 4) Q-5, R-5 and
-5 good through March 31 T-5, U-5,
-5, W-5, and X-5 good through April
28 Y-5, Z-5, A-2, B-2, C-2, and D-2
good through June 2.
Processed Foods
Blue stamps (Book 4) X-5, Y-5, Z-5,
A-2, and B-2 good through March 31
-2, D-2, E-2, F-2, and G-2 good
through April 28 H-2, J-2, K-2, L-2,
and M-2 good through June 2.
Sugar stamp 34 good through Feb
ruary 28 for five pounds stamp 35
good through June 2 for five pounds.
Numbers 1,2 and 3 airplane stamps
in Book 3 valid for 1 pair each until
further notice, thirty days in ad
vance. Merchants will positively not
accept loose stamps.
Stamp A-14 valid for 4 gallons
through March 21. B-5, B-6, C-5 and
C-6 valid for 5 gallons until further
notice. Write state and license num
ber on each coupon IMMEDIATELY
upon receipt of book. Mileage ration
ing records must be submitted with
supplemental gasoline applications to
the board.
Commercial vehicle tires must be
inspected every 6 months or every 5,
000 miles whichever is first. Passen
ger tire inspections are required only
when applying for tire replacements.
Fuel Oil
Last season Period 4 and 5 and new
season Period 1, 2 and 3 coupons now
good. Unit value 10 gallons. All
changemaking and reserve coupons
good throughout heating year. Con
sumption in Cincinnati area as of Feb
uary 1 should not have exceeded 61
per cent of season's ration. Period 4
and 5 valid February 5.
Certificates to purchase most heat
ing and cooking stoves that burn oil
or gas must be obtained from local
Price Information
Obtain price information from the
Price Clerk of your local War Price
and Rationing Board. Report any
At the meeting of the local council
there had been some discussion regard
ing the type of milk which should be
provided for the school children.
To conclude the debate, the chair
man rose portentously to his feet.
'Gentlemen," he declared, "what this
town needs is a supply of clean, fresh
milk, and the council should take the
bull by the horns and demand it."
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AFL Warning Recalled
Tool Firm Asks Return^
Of Skilled Employes
Kornhouser said that his list com
prised 30 grinders and lapping ma
chine operators, 17 lathe milling ma
chine and relieving machine operators,
a set-up man, a toolmaker and a tool
"It takes years, not months, to make
a competent workman for our import
ant operation," he asserted. "Even if
some of them were from the fighting
lines, it seems to me they could do a
far better thing for our cause if
their presently wasted special skills
were devoted to increasing promptly
the sum of materials of vital import
ance to the successful operations of
the Army and Navy."
HEN YOU suite from Add
\V Indigeition, Heartburn. Sour
Stomach, uaa in Stomach—
Don't wait until you have
Upset Stomach before you take
lief the next
Headache. Cold. Simple Neuralgia.
Seltzer Try it for Pain Re*
time you have a
In Armed Services
Cleveland, O. (ILNS).—Warning
of the American Federation of Labor
nearly two years ago that vital war
production would suffer if too many
skilled workers were taken by the
armed forces was recalled here by
union members when the National
Tool Co., announced it had offered to
guarantee a 25 percent jump in pro
duction if military authorities would
trade 50 skilled employes in uniform
for 50 other men from its shops.
The company is engaged in produc
tion of great importance to the mili
tary services.
"I have prepared a list of 50 key
men from our plant who were drafted
and inducted," said Samuel J. Korn
hauser, president, "and have submit
ted it to the heads of the War and
Navy Departments, Selective Service
and the War Production Board, with
the statement that if these men were
returned to their former duties in our
plant, we could increase our produc
tion by 25 percent."
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