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(An ILNS Feature)
Rumors of war profiteering on a
gigantic scale, the Garsson scandal
and the peculiar circumstances sur
"fdunding their rags-to-riches empire
—it all goes to make exciting reading.
But the pictures of expendable con
gressmen, generals and lesser fry en
joying themselves at elaborate war
contractors' parties, of s\vaying conga
lines and all-night carousing at pub
lic expense are hardly germane to the
What is the issue Despite the hula
baloo and governmental indignation—
most of it synthetic—this department
refuses to be steered away from the
pandora box of public scandal that is
brewing right in the heart of the cap
ital. Only a tiny little corner has been
lifted so far. Neither does this column
believe that the ends of justice will
be served by concentrating exclusive
ly on a handful of grade pikers while
the big fish are getting away.
Corruption and profiteering are in
evitable by-products of war. Anyone
with a modicum of common sense
knew that with a nation willing, nay
eager, to spend untold billions for the
sinews of warfare, flocks of grave
yard birds would gather for the pick
ings. It has always been thus. It will
always be so. But the issues of public
inorals and corruption go deeper than
investigation of the Garsson fortunes
and the peccadillos of certain mem
bers cf Congress. So far, only the bare
surface of the evils that have turned
Washington into a hotbed of scandal
and money-grabbing, a mire of con
spiracy and double-dealings, has been
If this column is not mistaken, we
ain't heard nothin' yet. The pace of
things to come was set by U. S. Con
troller General Lindsey Warren when
he told the Senate Investigating Com
mittee that "from where I sit, it look
ed as if everybody and his brother
was out to get the Government." Mr.
Warren forgets that a great many
everybodies and their brothers were
engaged elsewhere on Government
orders. They did not "get the Gov
ernment." Government got them and
stuck them into pest holes and steam
ing jungles across the seas, with per
fect liberty to rot there.
Nevertheless, the Controller Gen
eral, barred from looking too close
into the foul play of war contracting,
knews what he is talking about. More
over, his strictures against the War
Shipping Administration and its war
expenditures of $21 billion, of which
nearly one-third is under suspicion,
sketch the outline of a scandal which
makes the Garsson affair with its
May-Dickstein-Sabbath long-distance
pinochle games look like child play.
There has been talk for years of
the unsavory business affairs of the
WSA and its ingenious methods of
squandering the taxpayers' money.
Charges that many deals will not bear
close inspection were repeatedly made
in Congress. A short while ago, W. L.
Slattery, WSA construction finance
director, admitted before a House com
mitte that $900,000,000 of WSA com
mission purchases could not be ac
counted for and that the correspond
ing records have been lost.
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At aN
Public memory is notoriously lax,
but not so lax as to have forgotten
that more than 8 years ago the Sen
ate appointed a committee for the
purpose of "investigating the general
condition of the merchant marine"
and filing a report "as soon as prac
tical." The committee spent close to
$18,000. No report was filed. Critics
of the present and pre-war national
administrations have justifiedly point
ed out that Uncle Sam would have
saved himself billions of dollars if
that investigation had been conducted
as it should have been conducted and
the facts correctly reported.
Pasttl Portrait Drawing Popular with Army Regular
Why this investigation died pre
maturely is another story. Perhaps it
will be told some day. Meanwhile, the
American people are wondering wheth
er the present move is merely another
maneuver on the part of the political
powers that be to get public attention
away from the facts that really count.
If that is the plan it won't work. The
ghosts of political, financial and moral
corruption will walk with Congress
until it gives the kind of accounting
to which the people under our form
of government are entitled.
Chamber of Commerce
Fair Preliminary plans have
been started for holding of the But
ler County Fair during the week of
September 22. You are urged to mark
this on your calendar, a widely-known
event which annually brings thousands
of visitors to Hamilton.
In New Caledonia, this Arnty Regular finds an interesting subject
in a Javanese native. The Regular Army offers exceptional educational
Opportunities to qualified civilians.
The Window The Chamber of
Commerce has been aptly described
as "the window of a city." Big enter
prises, home-seekers, capitalists, the
general public, know most cities and
towns only by the kind of a Chamber
of Commerce they keep. And many
a town has been ignored and is un
known because it does not have a good
civic workshop and a prominent sign.
—Moberly, Missouri, Chamber of Com
Races Widespi'ead interest is
already being evidenced in the coming
session of running races, to be held at
the Butler County Fairgrounds from
August 12 to September 2. This an
nual event, staged by the Ohio Sports
Enterprises, focuses attention on
Hamilton from many miles around and
from many neighboring states. Al
ready, hotel reservations are com
pletely filled for that period and let
ters of inquiry about the races are
coming in to The Hamilton Chamber
of Commerce. To the Ohio Sports En
terprises and its officials, we say,
"Welcome back to Hamilton and best
wishes for another successful racing
season here."
Diplomatic Defense
Judge: The idea of a man of your
size beating a poor, weak woman like
'Prisoner: But, Your Hon*$, she
keeps irritating me all the time.
Judge: How does she irritate you?
Prisoner: Why, she keeps saying,
"Hit me! Beat me! Just hit me once!
And I'll have you hauled up before
that baldheaded old reprobate of a
judge and see what he'll do with you."
Judge, Discharged.
Justice In Lynching Asked
Washington, D. C. (ILNS).—In a
wire to President Truman, Charles
G. Bolte, national chairman of the
American Veterans Committee, asked
that immediate steps be taken to bring
the Monroe, Ga., lynchers to justice
and to assure against any pd&sible
repetition of this crime "so that our
children, in a kind of a world they
deserve to inherit, may some day be
able to think of the shame of Monroe
only as a tragic milestone on the path
toward progress."
Washington, D. C. (ILNS).—It is
"extremely doubtful" if housing con
struction can reach its greatest volume
before next year, President Green of
the American Federation of Labor has
told the Veterans of Foreign Wars
President Green said at least 443,
000 additional workers must be trans
ferred or recruited for the housing
program and a greater volume of ma
terial is needed to achieve the goal.
Program Fails, Vets Charge
Green's view, outlined in a letter,
were made public by Joseph N. Stack,
commander in chief of the Veterans
of Foreign Wars. The VFW had in
quired about the steps the AFL is
taking to meet the housing emer
The VFW complained that the gov
ernment's housing program "has bog
ged down and failed utterly in its ob
jective to produce homes for veterans."
Green told the VFW that the AFL
increased building trade apprentices
from 30,830 to 42,393 in May and that
there now are more than 60,000 at
work learning to build homes.
He said in June more than 500,000
housing workers were employed but
estimated 943,000 will be needed when
the work reaches a peak, which origi
nally was expected to occur in Oc
If limitations are retained on non
residential construction, Green said
200,000 workers can be shifted to
home building and perhaps another
100,000 could be transferred from con
struction work other than building.
Green Sees Worker Shortage
He expected another 100,000 work
ers to be recruited from among dis
charged servicemen and former war
workers with building experience
This leaves a worker shortage of from
48,000 to 75,000, he calculated.
But "in view of the delay, in get
ting the program under way and fail
ure of Congress to continue the vital
OPA price controls for one year" it
is doubtful the peak of wot'k will be
reached until next year, he said.
Raymond Keck & Elbridge Nicholas,
1105 Ludlow, Plumbing.
Saul Leshner, 434 S. 2nd., Used
Provie Hargraves, 1665 See, Gro
eery & Meats.
Rob't Siegle & Jos* Beeper, Millville,
Repair Garage.
Mary Weaver, R. R. 2, Spirella Gar
Arthur Weber, Ross, Genl Repairs
Rob't Woods, 511 Sycamore, Fuel.
Clarence & Earl Guyler & Don Leif
heit, 13th & Maple, Cement Block.
Tory Cecil, 260 Howman, Body Shop.
David Rawlins, 206^ S, 3rd, Cloth
Harold Clark, 855 N. 3rd, Restau
Chas. Rivers, 1600 Garfield, Res
Ruth Kyle, 1249 Central, Retail
C. W. Howard, 1525-27 Central,
Used Cars.
Ludlow Cole, Jr., 814 S. Main, Used
H. C. Barker, Woodlawn, Service
AFL On Air#in Kentucky
Frankford, Ky.—A 15-minute week
ly radio program at 9 p. m. each Wed
nesday is being sponsored by the Ken
tucky State Federation of Labor to
give information of value to AFL
Campaign Is Begun
By Butler Democrats
The Democrats officially launched
the 1946 election campaign in Butler
County last Saturday with a meeting
of candidates and committeemen at
the Democratic Headquarters in Ham
Henderson Estes, Chairman of the
Executive Committee, said plans were
made for the pre-election swing around
the county, and campaign issues were
agreed upon. Estes said he would name
a formal campaign committee within
che next few days.
The committee plans to conduct a
number of public meetings later in the
campaign and efforts will be made
to have Governor Lausche speak here
during his tour of the state. A picnic
also will be sponsored.
Beer-Liquor Permits
Rob't Allen, DBA, Ancher Rest.,
1300 Grand, Middletown, D-l.
Chas. Graff, Jr., 206-08 State St.,
Middletown, B-l.
Grace Hacker, 4 Gordon, Hamilton,
Geo. Lentz, DBA, Pleasant Cafe,
2273 Pleasant, Hamilton, D-l-2-3.
Jno. W. Casey, 41 Chestnut, Hamil
ton, D-l-2.
Chas. J. Helvey, R. R. No. 4, Ham
ilton, D-l.
Wilbur C. & Rob't Hibkel, DBA,
Lloyd's Tap Room, 681 Clinton, Hamil
ton, C-l-D-1.
Frank Poers, DBA, Barney's Bar,
2504 Benninghofen, Hamilton, D-3.
Lake Near Reily Assured
The 11-year campaign waged by
sportsmen in Butler County to induce
the State Conservation Department
to construct a lake near Reily met
with success today when state officials
announced plans to purchase a tract
of 350 acres in that locality as a state
site for the project.
Fred Stitsinger, Co-Chairman of the
Izaak Walton's Committee On Small
Lakes, said the lake would cover an
area of 185 acres. The lake will be
formed by construction of a dam 124
feet in length and 24 feet in height.
No estimate of the cost of the pro
ject was made public.
Nonpareil for Quality
Here is a Real
London (ILNS).—Announcing their
support of Moral Rearmament as vital
to the survival of civilization, 48
Labor Members of Parliament have
issued a statement vigorously dis
senting from a Recent attack upon
Frank Buchman and his associates by
a Member in the House of Commons.
"Civilization will be submerged in a
welter of selfish materialism," said
the Laborites, "unless the spirit of
Moral Rearmament and its great play
'The Forgotten Factor' is understood
and practiced in all walks of life."
The members endorsed the stand of
the government spokesman, Home
Secretary Chuter Ede, in rejecting
the attack of a lone parliamentarian
who, it was charged, abused the priv
ileges of the House while questioning
the grant of facilities for one hun
dred MRA workers to come from the
U. S. and Canada.
The statement read:
"As Members of the Parliamentary
Labor Party we desire to dissociate
ourselves from the attack in the
House of Commons recently by Dri
berg upon Frank Buchman and those
working with him for Moral Rearma
ment. Some of us were ready and
anxious to speak to answer his charg
es but had no opportunity of doing so.
Group' Deplore Attack
"Our present wish is to place on
record our belief in the principles for
which MRA stands and the sincerity
of the men and women of the group
with whom we have come in contact,
We endorse the Home Secretary's de
cision in giving them the necessary
facilities. We believe civilization will
be submerged in a welter of selfish
materialism unless the spirit of Moral
Rearmament and its great play 'The
Forgotten Factor' is understood and
practiced in all walks of life."
"Most of us have no official connec
tion with MRA, but we deplore the use
of a "priviledged' occasion for the kind
of attack Driberg indulged in."
Play Centers To Close
Oxford, Ohio.—Playground activity
here will end August 30, when both
the Stewart School and the North Side
Social Security Record
and Pay Envelope
for your records
necessary under the
'pHIS combination record and payroll
envelope eliminates the necessity of a
great number of bothersome and intricate
Simple and inexpensive, it embodies all
the records necessary under the Social Se
curity Act.
Why put yourself to needless expense and
waste of time when this simple, inexpensive,
combination record and payroll envelope does
the job.
For additional information and samples call
326 Market St. Phone 1296
Centers will close. Attendance this
year is higher than last summer, fig-"
ures released by the director, Mrg.
Nancy Honey, show. Aggregate atten
dance for the June-July period this
year was 2,400 compared to 2,100 for
the same months last year.
Employer Must Pa
Washington, D. C.—Where an em
ployer requires an employe to obtain
a medical certificate from the com
pany doctor before resuming work
after an absence of one or more days,
the employer must pay for time spent
by the worker during regular work
ing hours getting the certificate, the
Wage-Hour Division has ruled.
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