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(Continued from Page Five.)
simply halippens that we are oiipsed to the people that yi.
represent. Tlhat is all there is to it.
GO(VElIIN(H STEWART: Aid you lproceed to li]umbast us?
MR. iU\NN: To use exacely lthe snie talties as the olp"i
sitlion uses in fighting us.
iO )VERN STIEW;\VAlIIT: Y,,in wrote the he editorial that tl
In lked uts?
MIR. I)UNN: Yes.
G(OVE:INOR STIEW\.\RIT: Yo didn't understand at flinat
tiie, that the )order of thle State uConnil oI liefense was - made
in nter to carry out te pnl'1aOes iof thie War Jidustries lHmoad?
. IR. )'\NN: I hail li, direct kiwledge lthat any such ordler
hadl been madle. I had readl the siaeinents in the other daily
tmpapers. and ieing sinievait tamiliar wi ill the situation here
ill Moltaii . I thal ;Ii i ,dea that probably ,,nletlhiig tiloing thait
litle ihal heein lone. luat we lal recein ved ti i notifieatini . I
have niever yet leeiai lli.ially iotifeil o ili' al li n ih order.
GOVEI-HIN I ST I.\\\I'AlI': Yn dlidit ll tl hall telegram ltil
was ret'i redi l lv by \i. Smitli?
MR. It)LN\ : The W\estern tnllin .ieol.le intl'irni ed mie thnt
,ieiti tele. iiran had lnever been r Ieeiveil inll liie. At our re
lifiest they sent and got a dupliiite.
(iV\I.IN(Hl ST'I\ARTI'T: Th'ley got this dupllicate?
MR. l)t'NN: I gil thatli yes ilerdax oniii g from t le offtice.
(-it\ l:eRNR\] STWi,\AVRI T:- Tlhtl amie I,, them at your re
MR. I)DUNNX: Yes. sir.
GItVEIHNOIH STEIAAIIT: .l id they miakle any expilanation
as Ito whalt cnudiil I e hleeroine of thle ,rigitmnl?
MIR. IJINN: iThey d(idn'l. I .ln' thliink they had any ex
lanation to ma ke. They liil nt, kinwledge of' ever having
received it.
((OVIERN(iOR STI'W.ARtIT: I, any .uiembers desire to ask lMr.
)l- on1 i ln l any f uest i \ls?
MIR. L.)(-AN\: MAi. liunn. in aniswer-tlihe language of yotil
statiement there a uiii lt( ig. you n -aid. we are liopposedl to
the peiople you represenlt. i rl erring Iu thlie Coicil.
MI. DUNN: Yes.
MR. LO(iAN : Was lthalt iaieuledl substantiallv to ie a re
iteration of the sentimetnelts expressedI here ill this editorial?
MR. It NN: My sentiiients are pirelty well kinowni, AMr.
Logani, I think by this time. the way I look at matllers.
MR. L GAXN: I wanit toI kinow if that was reiteirating-
MRt. II'NN: I will explain, s, yom i will knowi exactly wvlhat
t think when I get thrlioughl. The way I l.ok ailt it is this. tlhat
when gentlemene like Mir. Stelirt fiori inislauie-1 should say
(iGovernor Stewart-- is electiIedI by either the lieniocratic or
ileptuiblieaii lparty. when the machinierxy of that party is re
sponsible lfnt his ele-tioin, lie must reliresenit that party. Now,
the eamlpign ftuuil .if' Ilth ltie )emoceratic and. Republiican
Iparty is largely niale 1til of large moiitribit ions lfronm corpora
.ins. I don'tl thinik alinybodi y will (dislpute that. So I say that
Mir. Stewart mrust nec(essiarily pally lmlre lattention to the inter
ests of corporlations in the sltiate di' Mionilaam lhan lie timld pos
sibly to the interests ol'the iranik aml file: andi the Sate (Coin
it of liefeimse having lieen opplloiniitedl by (Goverllnor Sltewart tiI
mIy miind at least vwoiil inlic te lie woiutl necessarily have
to he soiiewhat in syimpatlhy with l tha line of Iirmcedmtrie.
MIt. LilIOGAN: Thei. in sihort, Mri'. I)uini. you imeani to cln
vey thle idlea that youii were oppIlosed to the people lthat wxe repl
reseint, uieatiiig therebly thait xxwe reprlieseint the iiterels thalilt
you say we represent iii this editorial?
MR. DUNN: Yes. sir.
MR. LIEASE: I ' nlild like to ask this. I' you are elecled
this fall as a member of the legislatulre, will yuti feel that you
are elected to serve all iof the ipeople. or just the lipeoplte wll4i
halippen to vote Io'' ,.lt?
MR. l'DNN: The inachinery---if I rami elected the luacehin
ery of the lienteralic parly \ 'n'l Ihe responsible I',r ny elee
MR. LEA.\SEI: It' Yom are elecled, do you f'eel that von ire
there 1l serve the enl tire ipeople of' Il, state. or d1 \oll f'eel
that you tre thlere to se'rve the peiople wh(o v'otle I'or '.li?
Miit. I)L'NN: Thie ' iilv people that I feel I w\ttll have ally
llegill.nce to iie' lie woikimig people of' the state. whfll I should
iidlge are 11 a (o1itit i per 'ell of thl e i pop ltat itii.
Mit. 1.( .1AN: I1' the tig interests shoild co tribilte large
slims tii the Itli'n(,lliItic party otver' there--
M11. itIIV N : T'here is iii da ger of ity i tlii.lai' beuig biei
etiled by it. .
M R. ILlº .iA : \ 'lt llt l Vi rei i ' t' e to1r m tI 111 tl hl licti ket, ior
if elected, w\oubl V(nil r't l vallia i n , i rel ha repre seitingi llte
deliim e .\a " (Il' Silver I1ow connii v?
Ml1. Ill'NN: '1 lell Voi. if' there will be large s ims con
tl'iillIuted, il IS l l lioii t iiere will ibe. I woui li have t to c i e(' Ito
miiV mt\\li it(nl it s. I w mhld tllinik Ihey were Irying io ieal
nre. t'o else I wouit Ili lh tk l thl ey til he is'a t'covered stdlis e \\eilak
itss halit I .i i't ktitw, ailthiilg aittut miysell'.
M11R. LfI(i.\N: \'eriell'I ' m iidtut ili Kelly in c ho ls ill Ihe
MR. Ill)N : I have hoead that statiie t Iaulde.
MR. I(AtiAN: [i site pit latces Vyoni ild Kelly were the oiitl'
onles voled ft'or?
MIt. I)t'NN: I saw l tie il' thotse Iallots nimyselft'. I ttdler
sta.rid there hliave beeii several illpliiiates ii 1tino. I believe they.
are beitig eiriculatled itiow.
MR. CAMPiELL: I ihave always got it ask orIe orip t'woi
qtiestiois or I w tllil't 'etalinll iy jiob. There's a iaragrlph
that interests miic a w\\hole lt. It realds like tlhis:
''"Foirtuiately, they (lthe State Cotuitcil) have tit
legal status r auth rity. The (cail f'lllllliltin te to
their heart's cotliteiit againist aitythilug alid ever''
tliiig ihat nlien tces lithei' master's iinterest s, bIuit---itt
one leed pily a l) atteltioli t them.''
Yill wrolcte that?
MR. I)U;NN: ,lulst go aInhead alid 'real the i ost of that.
MIi. CAMII BELL: I ilt aiskinIg yto iiai t li t Iis one laia
MR. l)LUNN: Yes.
.. (AMPlIELL: In othier wo. rs, l imeani to siay thatil
nobody in the state of Moitania teed pay ally alleitioii to the
Slate Council iof ltel'eseo?
MR. 1)1 N: I teai to say that ill tmy oplinion lie Stlile
Council of liel'eltse has rio legal statuits.
MR. CAMPlIIEL: Ill other words, yoi aidvise ev\eryboldy
in this state of M(0itana, so tar as outi or yur paper reach that
they don:t need to paly aill" attentioni to the State Council olf
lfe ftense?
MR. DUENN: Will Vyon read the rest of the editorial?
MRI. CAMPBELL: This is the oly thing I inl concerned ill.
They cini fualniiiiate to tlheir heiart's clntent against anything
anld everything, but ino one need pay any attention to theni.
As fl.r as you (c111 reach the Iteople of Montana, yoil mean to
tell the Ipeople of Montain thalt they didn't need to pay any
attentiti 1o the State Council itf' I)ef'ense; isn't that a fact?
MR. DUNN: Mr. Campbell. yio can't segregate
MR. tCAMPBELL: No, 1 want onl ly that one lthling. I watll
yon to say. it' yoi mean what I read in this paper.
MR. J)UtNN : Well, now, Mr. Canmpbell
MR. CAMPIELL: Did you mean what you said in there,
when you said thiat no one need pay any attentioni to them?
Did you uiean that w'hen you wrote it?
MR. I)UNN: I am not going to answer
MR. CAMPBELL: Did you mean that?
(To be contiinued tomorrow.)
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(By ANISE in Seattle Union Record.)
When they organized
The CRAFT delegates met
And said in'turn: "We know
From hard experience
NO CRAFT can stand alone.
We've each been organized
At various times
Add been DISRUPTED later.
How shall we act TOGETHER?"
Up spoke one moan: "We need
ONE big industrial union.
Raise a row
Let them THROW I'S Ol('T
We'll go it ALONE."
Then a few cheereIl
But most drew away
Fearing a split.
And another said:
"Let each craft work
Of its own free will
Only let us try
Then a few more cheered
But it seemed to most
A bit Utopian
For a lot of crafts
To ACT in concert
Without being HIOOKED
Then Foster spoke: "We ne.ed
SOLIDARITY in aclion.
It doesn't matter H1OW
We get it.
* **
But solidarity includes
As well as the workers' groups
in the packing houses.
These fellows who talk
of Solidarity
And start it with a SPLIT,
Just make me TIRED,
And so do folks that think
That crafts can act together
If 'one big' word offends
Our conservative brothers,
We've a good word of our own
" * *
Yes, that's the Foster
* * *
Who is now in Pittsburg
The whole steel industry
In one big "Federation."
And the Internationals let down
Their initiation fees
* 5 .*
And sort of overlooked
Their constitution,
And so they are sailing ahead
EXCEPT the bosses.
Because they are learning
(Just as WE are)
Is not an EASY word
To be lightly YELLED,
• * S
For it takes patience
And thought and planning,
And HARD concessions,
But when you GET IT
You've got THE EARTH.
(BD United Press.)
Juneau, Alaska, Feb. 22.-(By
llail.)-Tlhree more bodies were re
covered from the Princess Sophia
wreck today-those of Mr. and Mrs.
W. J. O'Brien of Dawson and an un
identified woman.
The remains of Mrs. O'Brien were
identified by a wedding ring in
scribed "\W. J. O'B. to S. K., June
30, 1903.'
The body of her husband was lost
after being brought to the, surface
of the water. The line fouled and
the body was carried away by the
strong current.
It is believed that nothing more
can be done in the way of recover
ing bodies until the weather condi
tions improve.
- - ,,tlmii-- •- - - •- i ll . ... ......... .. ...
SY )r (f 11heC fanuily. If' vl S( 1] ill ])pia l'Ollto g ( I.ll Wo0ikerls, make
sure of first getting their good-will by advertising in their paper--tlie
iii ld ' lf p(rll It ie r il i1lt, Ilif ii is p1ii li"sl,(l ill lie( it l(1r tSi f, Yo - 0111 (yl ll eI( 'i'S.
Wage-Earners' Shopping Guide
SHOPS LORING FOR MEN Dollar Shirt Shop, Laml,bro's Pool Hall,
Rialto Theater Bldg. 42 E. Park St.
Patterson & Currie, Hig 4 Tailor,
Mercury and Montana. 17 West Park Street. HATS FOR MEN RESTAURANTS
Murphy Garage, Allen & Darnell,
230 East Platinum. 907 East Psark
Su det Gara Nickerson, The Hatter, Spokane Cafe,
south Side Auto Garage, 112 W. Park street. 111 S. Main street.
2124 Cobban Street. CIIIROPRACTIC Leland Cafe,
Mcorew Sevice tah. Shopra . mery HARDWARE 72 East Park street.
Corner Second and [Utah. Nlora W. Emery Moxom Cafe,
Lacey Auto Repair and Service Room 9, Silver Bow Block. 29 W. Broadway.
Shop, Sewell's Hardware, Crystal Cawe,
1126 Utah. 221 East Park street. 9 East Park Street.
Gn AUeta ir CIGARS Shiners, Furniture, Walks (Branch) Caree
Grand Avenue Repair Shop, 76 East Park Street. (Branch) Cafe,
Corner Harrison and The J. A. Cigar, E. Park and Arizona.
Grand. Union Made. ICE CRI AM PABa- nk C:a ro,
Butte Carraige Works, 107 S. Arizona.
30 to 56 E. Silver St. CEMENT WORK LORS CAN IES, Etc. Coe st ae,
_CEMENT WORK 227 S. Main..
tHandley's Cafe,
ASSAYERS ce Olympia lFruit Co., 326 N. Wyoming.
Maurice F. Kiley, _
Lewlis & Walker, Assayers, 1109 W. Woolman.EAL ESTATE
108 N. Wyoming street. w JEWELERS REAL ESTATE
AUTOS BOUGHT DAIRIES Montana Jewelry Co., Wulf Realty Co.,
Opticians, Etc., 106 W. Granite St.
AND SOLD Best Yet Butter Shop, 73 East Park street.
322 S. Main St. People's Lo'an Office, SHOES
E. H. Rupert, Blue Bird futter Shop, 28/2 East Park street.
228 S. Arizona St. 2092 W. Park St. Brodie, the Jeweler, Chicago Shoe Store,
Crystal Creamery, 40 East Park street. 7 S. Main street.
AUTO PAINTING 459 E. Park street. Walkover Shoe Co.
S. & S. Jewelry Co., 46 W. Park Street.
Butte Carriage Works, DRUGGISTS 21 East Park Street.
30 to 56 E.'Silver St. Tolve-Winterlalter-Irannifin SECONDI)-I AND) FUR
Jacues Drug Co., Coany,
BANKS 1957 Harrison avenue. 101 W. Park St. NITURE
Powell Jewelry Co.,
regen Bros., Bankers, DENTISTS 112 N. Main St. Charles Noland,
Park and Dakota street_. I. Simon, 105 West Galena St.
BATII C. A. Pankey, Dentist, 21 North Main.
A A I1S. 11 w. Park street. SPECIALISTS
Steam -l s- Union Dentists, LADIES' TAILOR .
504 B. ltroas . Third Floor Rialto Bldg. Dr. W. It. ifaviland,
504 . Broaway O'Brien, Ladies' Tailor, 71 WVest Park St.
422 Phoenix bhRek.
Jchumacher Meat Co RODMAKING, ETC. 604 W. Park
18 E. Park St. LA E Ti To42 Shoe Shop,
Truscott's Corner, Ted Ross, .LARME S
E. Park and Grant. 73 V. Park Street. (GARMENTS
Western Meat Co., 10('()N I) I N )
121 E. Park St. Popular Ladies' Garment Store,
Independent Market, FURNITURE 63 East Park Street ' N (.,
203 South Main. --- ----- EW LII, ETC.
Liberty Market, Shiner's, Furniture, LAUNDRY
401 S. Main St. 75 E. Park street.
Main Sitreet Market, B. Kopald Co., Furniture, Independent Laundry, Incle Sam's Loan Office,
107 S. Main St. 68 West Broadway. 232 S. Main Street. . o
.--.----___._._-- ALOR
Manhattan Bakery, Columbia Floral, Orton Bros., Bernard Jacoby, Tailor,
205 W. Park. 47 West Broadway. 216-218 N. Main St 19½ S. Dakota street.
Dah's iakey Montana Tailors,
Dahl's .leiy. MEN'S OUTFITTERS 425 N. Main street.
107 N. Montana Street. FRUIT AND VEGE- M NSO I ER E Z ai r
Royal Bakery, E. Zahl, Tailor,
20 South Main. TABLES Emporiumn Clothes Shop. 504 W. Park street.
Home llaking Co., 34 E. Park. Dundee Woolen Mills,
Olympia St. People's Fruit Co., Brennans, 62 West Park Street.
Barker System of Bakeries, 39 East Park. 15 N. Maini St. Butte Tailor Co.
12_ _ \\r. Park St. Fashion Tailor'ing, 116 5 Main St.
P47 XV. Park. 116 S. Main St.
BARBER SHOPS GROCERIES Palace Clothing & Shoe Store, W. Oertel,
6O53-55 E. Park St. 431½ S. Arizona St.
Con Lowney, Anger Grocery, Montana Clothing and Jewelry Big 4,
309 N. Main. Iarrison and Harvard. Company, 17 W. Park St.
stime arbrShop and Pool J. R. Becky. 103 S. Arizona. Scotch Woolen Mills,
Pastime Ilarher Shop and Pool 2701 Elni St. O. K. Store, 43 East Park St.
Room, Allen's Grocery, 24 E. Park St.
210 North Main St. 1204 E. Second street. B Ers
Park lIjaber Shop, Kermode, Groceries, B 2WcPers k
Pr ,. Park. Kr421 East Park street. 27 W. Park St. TEAS, COFFEES,
Fair I!tarber Shop, 329% So. Poynter's Cash Store, SPICES
A\ izona. 1854 IHarrison. PHOTOGRAPHY
Shannon Grocery, Ga U
609 South Main. Grand Union Tea Co.,
BUSINESS S. F. T. A. Cash Grocery, Thomson's Park Studio, 28 W. Broadway.
INSTITUTES 627rus East Galena Street. 217 East Park Street. -
. SIU. East c Park and Grant. POOL IALLS UNDERTA ERS
Butte College of Telegraphy, Ames Grocery, ---. .- -
Lcwisohn Bldg. 316% N. Main St. Eagle Pool Hall, Larry Duggan, Undertaker,
- _-. Hanson's Cash Grocery, 937 Talbot Avenue. * 422 North Main street.
TTERIE 605-7 S. Main St. Danlels & Bilboa, Undertakern,
6T. J. .lcCarthy, OPTICIANS 15 East Park street.
IECHIIARGED 64 E. Broadway.
McCarthy-Bryant & Co., Montana Jewelry Co., VUL NZIG
on.t . Iatter Station 317-313, East Park Street. Opticians. Etc., VULANIZING
Mt,, latery Station, Arizona Cash Market, 73 East Park St.
u a. Arizona. 429 S. Arizona St. Towle-Winterhaler-Hannican J. L. Mathiesen, ruIcanising,
Butt l:utery Co., Bishop Bros., Compnny, 40 East Galena.
11 s. Montana St. 180 ValnPit St. 101 W. Park St. W. J. Trudgeon,
APowell Jewelry (To., Gates' "Half-Sole" Tires,
CLOTi IES CLEANING GENTS' FIURNISH- 112 N. Main St. 45 East salana
Beruarid Jacoby Murphy Money Back Store, Francis J. Early, Vulcan Welding Works,
]39, S. Dakota Street. 65 E. Park St. 715-719 E. Front St. 116-118 S. Wyoming

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