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SBusiness Office EI TODAY'S PEI
Editorial Rooms .....98A 1425
S\')LUME --O. 171. I:TTINI'AN. MONI).\ .\ 17. ). PRICE FIVE CENTS
In Germany, in April, Is News Contained in the First Uncensored Dispatch
Received From Berlin Since Uprising of the Spartacans---Ebert Weakens
(Note: In the first uncensored dispatch received from
Berlin since the Spartacan uprising started, Correspondent
Taylor shows that not only has the government failed to
crush the Spartacans' rebellion, but that the radical ele
ments are combining to take advantage of the government's
exhaustion, proclaiming a soviet republic in April.
United Press.)
(Copyright, Wright, by United Press.)
IBerliii, March '13.--erman ra(licals are Ihearteined by the
failiure of the government to stamp out complletely thle Startn
cani uprising. The Spartacans are planning to proclaim a
soviet, ielublic next molUth. While the cabinet ccolLtinues to
struiggle with the Spartacuals and tries to untangle the alilpar
ently hopeless food. in dustrial and political problems. all ratd
ical elements are uniting in perfecting their revol utionary pro
\even governmelnt ofliicials mte Ibeginning to admit the ml
:~~~~~~..I.. ...~.-.:..... ..:...1,
lie.t s poSlltIoH IS sei'OllsIy
threatened, despite optimistic
reports fronm the official press
Although the government by no
means has suffered military defeat its
troops haven't succeeded in sur
rounding the Spartacans, who es
caped various nets into the suburbs,
where they are resisting desperately
and cleverly.
Germany' is rapidly becoming con
verted to sovietism as a result of
radical propaganda and agitation.
The government so far, has been
unable to muster enough troops to
capture the Spartacans and simultan
eously guard a large Berlin area.
New? tapert are filled with advertise
ments calling for volunteers to fill
the ranks of republican regiments,
but responses are negligible. It is
evident that a large number of Spart
acans who escaped from Berlin are
stirring up further trouble in outly
ing districts. Their hatred has been
fanned by Noskes' order to execute
all resisting the government. They
regard this as a sign of weakness of
final desperation on the part of the
It is now proposed the bundesrat
(upper legislative house) be abolish
ed and a new soviet congress estab
lished in its place, representing all
working groups. Tllis would pro
vide representation for people ac
cording to their social status, while
the reischtag would re'3resent them
according to localities. Supporters
of such an organization are growing
rapidly and the government may pro
vide for it in the constitution, hop
ing thus to avoid an April revolu
Radicals believe it is necessary for
the workers to exercise direct control
over all industries, otherwise they
feel that industries may remain idle,
since capital is not eager to reopen
factories in view of their pending so
Mrs. H. N. Kennedy Talks
on Living Costs. Repudi
ates Efforts of Cutts to
Pose as Friend of Labor.
A crowd that filled the commodi
ous hall at 101 South Idaho strett
heard the candidates endorsed by the
Nonpartisan club deal with the cam
paign issues.
Most of the candidates were pres
ent, and after a short talk by W. F.
Dunn, speeches were made by Jame:?
McCarthy, endorsed by the club fo:
Rochester, N. IT., March 17.-
Branding the proposed league of
nat'ons as "a combination for the
purpose of maintaining the British
empire," Senator William E. Bor.
ah, speaking here last night, re
iterated his determination not to
vote for adoption of the league as
"I do not propose to attach my
signature to any document which
would place small nations and
governed peoplms in a stra:ght
jac et and rivret them there b
mill Pir power,' he said
In Favor of Self-Determina
tion for Ireland. Will In
vestigate the High Cost
of Living.
The Army and Navy association
yesterday at their weekly meeting
voted to parade as a body in the St.
Patrick's day parade today.
Yesterday's meeting was one of the
most important held and a number of
vital questions of the day were taken
up and thoroughly discussed. One of
the most important matters passed
upon was a resolution calling upon
the president of the United State.
and the congress to insist that Ire
land be granted the right of self-de
termination at the peace conference.
It was adopted unanimously.
Text of Resolution.
The text of the resolution follows.
"Whereas, This association, con
sisting of discharged soldiers, sailors
and marines of the military forces of
our government, who were engaged
in the struggle against Germany and
her allies, is of the belief that the
principle of liberty and freedom for
which we fought is a God-given right
and heritage of human kind and
should be enjoyed by all people of
the earth; and,
"Whereas, We indorse and are in
emphatic accord with the 14 points
made by our president in his state
ment of the principles and the pur
poses for which our country entered
the world conflict and particularly
that which gives to all nations the
right of self-government; and,
"Whereas, We believe that the
Irish nation, of all of the smaller na
tions of the world, is entitled to its
freedom; and,
"Whereas, We believe that wam
cannot be ended and a just, perma
nent and enduring peace cannot be
had unless the doctrine of self-deter
mination be applied to Ireland and
the people of that country be permit.
ted to decide for themselves the form
of government under which they
shall live; now, therefore, be it
"Resolved, That we are emphati
cally, in favor of Irish freedom and
in the name of humanity and right
and justice, we call upon the presi
dent and the other representatives ot
our government at the peace confer
ence and upon the congress of the
United States to insist that the peace
conference in Paris applies to Ireland
the doctrine of national self-determ.
nation and to accord to the peoples
of Ireland the right to select for
themselves, without interference, the
form of government under which
they shall live; and.
"Further, Be It Resolved. That a
copy of these resolutions be forward
ed to the foreign affairs committee
of the house of representatives and to
our representatives in Congress."
Take Up Living Costs.
A committee was appointed to in
terview the mayor and members of
the city council and restaurant and.
store keepers with a view of deter
mining justification for high prices.
Members of the association, wh'
have been stationed in many other
parts of the country expressed the
opinion that prices here on clothing
(Coatinued on Page t.bL
'PIamphle ýiý"1 t of Lies Diply Yelo Strea
!t t I(:! " I { 'ý " · I
Ia'nId{l `1'(I" , + Delie to Deat Wit . F.I Dunn
II·!·Ir I; i rliii I Ii;,Ii ý I '; i 1 I III:
a i I "ý,` . 'Ij
.Wi a u s I y s l iný a, yo1 ,
did e wht a
ý' 1 I I v
t l , ' ý"r'
"·'''·i! :b'I! J
a ind Dclenge to D ebate Wth . oF Diunan
statfements contained in your pamphlet, "On GuardJ" at the, Broadway or some other theater.
You evade the issue and attempti
to cover your inability to substan
tiate on the public platform the lies
circulated in your pamphlet.
You conmlain of the lack of pub
licity given you in the A. C. M. press i
when, you, ,a d the public as well, I
know .thlat XWI ,are being boosted
editorially by1 every A. C. M. daily
in .the state.
You confess cowardice and ac
knowledge your manifest lark of
popular support when you express a
fear that W. F. Dunn will pack the
theater. It is not his fault, but yours
if you have not following enough to
fill the theater. As for its being I
jammed with the mythical army of
gunmen supposed to be at the conm
mand of W. F. Dunn, you know and
the public knows that such a pre
posterous thing only exists in the
diseased imaginations of yourself
and your friends.
You know, further, and the public
also knows by long and bitter ex
perience, that the niMy guiraei in
this community at *:i 'the e.iploy
of the Aluaconda plg company,
and thIat thley h~ -t "I been placed
at your sMer"ti)e nt il thie election is
Yto)I know tha11t1 yo dare not Imet
W. F. Dunn in W'en debate and you
beg the question I' suggesting that
(lp .etial l it,.,! ii e Is W irAne.)
( 'pc tit t u.1. Mith 17.--Gen
e•d tan .•rn • former co-m.and
cr of German armies in FIladers,
Ia h tlubbed to death by in intfuri
attled mob of pf)t.U-I1tts ill Aseh, Bo
henmian t sptatchtIs report. His
exectt.ion ft'llh lo'd his firing of
shot, at PIas,:l:t who trespasse(i
on Iis i roun tl. The peasants
afterw1ard pill;tIted the goenral's
the dielate be conducted through the
(columnls of the Daily Bulletin. Here,
Ihen, is i. !)ro!positioln, Mr. ('utts:
It is offered you as a rewalrd for
yourl c'ollnlalllte .aill alll because It
is realized Ihaut extra ilntuucetlents
suffl'icient to over'c'oile their fear
must ailual.s he offered th'e tinid.
Acceptl the challenige tt' ddeate 'the
issues of thle cllllmpaign and aittenipt
to pl'ove the lies contained in your
pamlphlet at any of the theaters in
the city, and l te lBulletin will give
yo011 free of clhrgle, a colhnumn of
space on the front page front blow
until primlary election day. In thisl
space you anll say anything fou
please and c('i go as far as you like.
tt will he dilcdl by yourself.
The public desire this debate, they
want to final uI if you are the able
individual you claim to be.
They want in hear:.you talk so they
can lind outl if iou write youtr own
stuff or halwe it written for you.
They wish ito know if 'you have the
courage to face W. F. Dunan on 4se
public platform alnd prove yTQiM state
(Continued on Page Three.)
Disagrees With French Foreign Minister on Its Inclu
sion in Peace Pact. Practically. Complete Peace
Terms Have Been Agreed Upon and Will Be Ratified
in 40 to 60 Days, It Is Estimated.
Slt'ecial : iiled Pres.s \W ire.)
I n ri sl. March 17. -I oeignI Ministler icho1)eis claim that the
league o inatiois will i.mt be included in preliminary peace
liroaty is e.nlphatically dIenied in Americani oflicial circles.
President il \Vion and other Aimericai conmmissioners are
Such Is Purport of Masterly
Addresses by the Hon.
James E. Murray and
Judge Jeremiah J. Lynch.
Asserting that the great part Ire
land had )hlayed in the war from the
(lays when regiments of Irish lent
appreciable aid to the British and
French in throwing tie Gelrmans
back along the Marne on that fate
ful day in 1914 down to the very last
minute of the world war justified the
claims of Ireland for national self
determination, Hon. Jamles E. Murray
thrilled his hearers in an eloquent
speech in the auditorium of the high
school last night.
The meeting was set for 8 o'clock
and long before that hour the great
hall was crowded with friends of
Irish self-determination. Every avail
able inch of space In the auditorium
was occupied by people determined
to show the world how American
citizens stood on the question of Irish
Says British Evade Issue.
IMr. Murray was interrupted by
freqlent applause as lihe told how
England had time and again evaded
the issue of Irish independence. Every
American was back of Ireland, he de
clared, in Erin's claims for recogni
Judge Lynch recounted the list of
various small nations that were be
ing accorded independence by the
peace conference, and ended up with
"Algeria," said the Judge, "how
many of you ever heard of it? How
many know where it is? I'll tell you.
It is a country, the principal occupa
tion of the native of which is in
dulgence in piracy. Only a few short
years ago it was necessary for the
American government to seiid a war
ship there to maintain our rights, and
now England wants to frele that na
tion and leave Ireland in bondage.
Must Maintain Iights.
"Are we going to countenance
this? We are not. Ireland's rights
must be maintained at the peace table
and every man that. calls himself an
American is back of tus. We meet
ing here tonight are only a small part
of the Irish-Americans that are de
manding that Erin be granted the
right to self-determination.
"This afternoon the Army and
navy association went on record as
Iavoring the freedom of Ireland, and
their action is indicative of the opin
ion of every American. I think I am
safe in saying that there is no one an.
American soldier would rather fight
alongside of than an Irishman."
Orchestra Is Pleasing.
Thte St. Mary's school orchestra
played a number of Irish airs, and
another special feature was a chorus
of 50 voices in favorite songs of old
Other speakers were: Rev. Mich
ael McCormick, Judge Edwin M.
Lamb and Dr. P. J. McCarthy. The
meeting closed with Irish airs by the
school orchestra.
The followlg resolutious were
adopted by unanipkgu .: y4,- voce
(Continued on Page Eight.)
slatlditig Ipet otIt its inclusion
as slttle Iatl smid urprise is ex
Iressed that Iichnii should ex
)1(5ss 'onl I tra y views.
The president intends to make a
strong fight for inclusion of the
league of nations. He feels that
France and Great Britain need the
league more than America. Hence
Pichon's statement astounded and
somewhat piqued the Americans.
President Wilson desires an early
peace it. is stated, and he holds inclu
sion of the league in the peace pact
is vital before his return to America.
11t, is said to be especially surprised
at 'ichlon's action in view. of the fact
that the French, along with others,
signed the plenary resolution in Jaa
uary for the league's inclusion.
(Special United Press Wire.)
P'aris. March 17-While the forth
conling treaty with Germany as to
peace terms is preliminary, it is to
all intents and purposes final. It
lixes that country's military aid
naval status, defines its boundaries,
disposes of questions of reparation
and economic freedom. It will not
be really effective, however, until
ratitied by all or a fixed percentage
of signatory nations. The period far
ratilicalion by the allied nations may
bie at least 40 to 60 days. Th4s
gives an oportunity for calling a spe
cial session of the American con
gress, enabling the senate to act.
(Special United Press Wire.)
Berlin, March 17.-The first meet
ing cf the Prussian reichstag since
the establishment of a republic was
held Saturday afternoon. Every
member and spectator was searched
for weapons before entering the
Of Capitalist "Democracy"'
-Bayonets Will Be Used
to Prevent Workers Strik
ing for Living Wage.
Buenos Aires, March 17.-The Ar
gentine government issued a decree
today empowering the customs house
to load and unload ships and nation
alize the harbor.
This tollowed an effort by Sir Regi
nald Tower, British minister, to
(Continued on Page Thre6.)
ihulivostok, March 17.--T o
companies of Japanee tro.ops
were virtually wiped out by tLUc
bolsheviki in lighting near Stratn
skoc. Feb. 20,. Two. hundred apd
lifty men were. engaged. Major
Tasaka, corlmanding the Japan
ese, was killed.
In ;i second bAttle. Mirch 3, at
Pralovka, 30 sqi~rs to the aOeth,
the Japanese sikfered 00' edo
ties. In the twd~ agilge.habfii
bolsheviki left 6 OOW dead dtit
field. . . .... .. .... .. ,

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