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The White Terror in Finland
'Ir. Reinhart Torgeirson, a well
known Norwegialn writer, has inate
a' study of the iconditions in Finlandhl
under the 1hite guard governlilCnt
: which was establlished with a very,
exten-sive c and tive aid oif tl- (Ge'
-ma1n itroops then directed by junkers.
lie iiI-pres.als his findings andl ci
c lusions ill the "Socialdentikrmal,'n"
iorf ('hristiania. Norway, as follow
I 4 li n`Laturity i l, Culturle (of a so
cial class is - best '. vn 1in i i 'eat
n"lu41t i"of its vtinqtl isiihe-d 1 i'ý'll !:.
True . tlliure tempers it. il,'s! l'"
witlh noblelnint ledness anld 7rlt'taicn1<'
These, however, r7 ' Iilltii .s not
pi ossessed by tlh l pper lI;n of P1in
land. After defeating !ll ''d. \ill.
(jer ian aid. they cr'id: i11- !i s
defeated! and 1he whitr h151:11s bh
gan their free reign. W. it, h 1!e atlnimls
of the bloodhtlnd t.i , ;;a, lied
their defeated adver..; b,<. indulging
in a Imost friglitf'l orgy f" !1 v'Ing'e.
Of collrse, sousieinilc shll.:k l 'their
ilhead:; in doubt fori til o ithi i . l reports
abolut criueltie- . of1 Ilts (V1i5ii gull'[ri
'group.l There' i< / n ili1t1( In anlld ox
alggerltion ill them. th1, halve
ver'red. tit wthen ill mii ,ents are
librought into dat ligllt, e .i:1ll ;me
that these reports are not o'y 11-n
nc texaggera ted butl s ;ll the "i't. te -
look evenl liti-k r than 111 11 'li . .
Upon gettinllg controll ' it !'i laniiii
+witll the'i dlitory. A b)loiie i- ' vengel '
was . i e wreaked i upon t11111 It (1opp111
lnelltlls- -as bloody as ]potsihle. t First.
they 1uiridered peoplll w l lm ale. I
lawfully and withoot triahl. .\len
Ihers of tihe llupper c-ti iii I--i' '"'
parishes and communiTii hastenedI
to take advantage (iof itl' --imi -'lOilm
in or'der ito get rid of their ii liiiit l so
e.ali1ts. Persons lpr (llllo l('Ill illn 1f l
1 ibo1' movelmlenlt were lirreT -it' -Il
mlanytl i thel twer'e sihot. .Even t1uo\1 i
not directly affected by tIhe l'' i l
lion coulld not escape tllh' I1.s- h:rimlinl,
visitation. A gl'ai'nr iltlllel fe i ill
nocent people thus became victims of
the revenge mania. TtvIy w'l're gu ilt(
of being socialists andh llJ vig si'rt'i-il
1the labor t iioi i nenllll. lt guilt} i I'
nothinlg else.
It is esti. lated that bl y ithe .'di i !:I
June last 10,011111 lpe(,:so. .s hald b,,,.:l
ilso murdn ered. E]iar!y in Ai 1illl. .t'il~
eial tribunals Were bl'rought tilt l'
Stid(n and thieset, ltoo, handed dill nIi
limerOuS death I ii Sell S Slowly -t,
hOWOeveT, lrelSolln one' mli e' t i]iall il
DI'eo .I i I 111l11d 1' lO tii' Iii · I'iit 5 i','a ii'
tabroad andl thise simvem ,d ti ii 'lolui-o
Slll 1]lt i.. 15.
I haveo i 'i;alreadly intii maltied lthat 1ih
so-called Hourgelll s iinit.lIi;,lc n hi
proved Ilte lmost revengefuil ofl' all.
Lawyers and newaspapeimr' w rll-l til'{
frothy in their thirst fior blood. A'i
attorney wrote in till ''h1 fvud fud
bladet" that ithe um hi'ls 'h-ould ltimk'
ftill advantago of tihe slatuion11 I(1
sulln iariily tlilnilni iit h " Iwholle '
filock. Employers geinleral'ally silwi'd
1more clemency. They l nlh tc"(ltd thi,
govern w llllt willh ptitih; ld pr)l 'ol -
sitions that their 1'ourmt. t1,n l],', . h+
returned so that they llmightl ii h 1 iSl
in industry instead i I ttiitg tiltli
starv.e' in1 prison cdamps. 'Qnt oI ie
biggest estate (oiiW-ners, Iin 'er. as I l
ready replorted, pi licly p l ,tested
against the hnamlsiere carried, out by,
the whites.
May was by far the imoslt blorii.n.''I
month of the white i''rror. I shall
mention a faew tncidoitls that t1ook
place then.
Onel ('olon t l . !ili, il
of t1w whites. :a , 'l in I'!. ; f
.'ibor'g. lie- hut 5., ,: !1t, p -.- mn'ln (
shot. \Vm(--; i dl'h . i Mill ,,'.:1 I "
hilm. p1Ia(linýl for ! 1nr~utlt;,
illod l Kaligmll a i1, w're -d I:Ii
slhall repent tl ,' 1m -1 ,1; - i' i im ,
failure' to sho t ;!ll ,i' ;
ers that Were umb'l Ii- ,1.
alllOng lhlmm- . it''; I ' it
"liven (ine gill. .Iluo,i; e., 1y I
executed eInli' i . 1:'1' ! ,
son," Wis lli, - ' .l'.
It WesN eOl' i'-ll lm mll1 ! ii '';1 r Ile
whites tboi s; f 'h ' t
rio'us n il i - l i I -lm: . I l11' 0
the white' h .- -i . ;
before ia oi rt l l ;i, i I ,
m i ttin g . n mlm l'n t ' i l oi i t ;',
shooting of t1vo .o it ll ", :
"expiated" 1 y 1 111h i";: ;: ., .
wild were the .\]l in 1I r .1';.
paign of murder dihal th,'y 1h,< 1 I'
time to inves-tigate wiliii~ n .1
they had appre-menml- d tle ,
they wanted. Thlls is tol11pi 1
executed merel'y lbec'la-e ' of id, -
tity of nalnes.
The Itreatllmenl t act orditl ti,, '
oners in the Plrison cam'mllm ps; ct1 iii
rible. It is estin:ated thAu al !''
1,200 died lit htiung- 'r. T1 2 " at
totaled as mimaniy as ii dailyi
Little inloir'm tliot Im l is mmOliii fl'oml
liews will be Wthn ii 1(o11s.
T'I'l 1ll'istllol's We'o ' rowdI d inl li k
cattle. Their limmidt -mm:m'mi-t--d i-i -m
sultled soultip. if ti-l imimk ai d iii ut !
gestubim . Al lim atl tillmi' 1 hi' lpli-i lI,
had to ]lie lip. 11nd 11 i tim,--illy iii' ,' '
Al'ounihd lite u'IhlltIl ]it-tim ,
able st-cen s W -ri' -i mi-'d. l
garbage w1ls 1thirowil omii. tihe lpiis,'
ers darted ftr it like hulnigi'y :xlig'-.
They had io sle-Ip ' i' t hard (.ii ts -i. ill
it was quite cOmmiini i ti fiii d th1 t
sonie had starved to death i1uritiii it lie
Now and . lien solme ] isollers fwel ,re
sent for to be executted. Of ilH. esa
cutions many a horrible incidentlt
could be recountted. 1 sall lntllion
a couple of themn just for il!us ration.
An old workingman was sentenced
to death, 1e was sick and (exretleid
t0o .lie a natural way. ie thlerel,.i
. plnlored to be shot. I shall not live
-.Il y days even if you ::.lare i., hIi
,.af. But no! The sick uant wia
l:ied on stretcher and carried to Il;
'lace of execution. Being lunable to
stand, he was bound to a tIree ant
then executed.
Most prisoners were glad to he-r
their turn comoe. They distributed
their small wares among other pris
oners asking these to remember thi'It
to their friends and relatives. They
often sang the "Internationale"
while conducted to execution.
An instance of griml httumior has
been related. A member .of tihe red
guard was about to be shot, but just
before the fatal volley lie exclaimed:
"-Lord, forgive: I shall meet you
(aefpre yg invited. " e!
folded by masks saturated with thli
blood of earlier victiml..
iln I'i sp' riation ti rotds wer'
iubitj.'l ed to dr. adt ful lsfferings. tFor
S n. .1'i! d i\ tl~lthey got no thing Ii
.lt. ()1'1( u1 they triod to :ipp(eas,
I hhir ht1111i'r by eating )barllk 1nd
I'r'c'i i· ," eo-very w-or 'king c!aIss
fmlln y 1 :;i-; h-:lot."bnie or more of its
muIb'::'h'-: :th:'icujg tilhe whiiit guard
f'riglltht. ini .- . T"il lis l ie:' lc l. "Sn iý
lm -n ý ,< li,! eni u 1.]¢ 1> 11i."' ( lo ;li
lp te s v ( i,:iIi n tic'. I itI, I
father'. 1' l at brother, a snll, a is
ter hia )',1 / l tho' victim .
f1111 i - ':. m a be' dispio.'d to largue
(hil i;i, in ,,.agg( ration. To thou I
--i ": \Vhal llentil th.]1o \i'[ le t('lr'l' l' ill
lI nl;,kd is d1 -t', intd i h[i ntory. Tl" l,
v- i . ::il lilt.' ii 'l .111 Ih.
i ' wontii' '. then, if tlhei
\'>o"Ie r iAa. "i i ll ;inb ull, :1 fter fill e1s; '
ii' t al it ii- 'I ' - 'lii lt f ilt i til l
- i,. 1Ell i l: 110 0l, , .1 \ FIMll D .I o('( lif 'llflillI':>
II l y Ii t I''llll I II. 11i '" l ('(1' l 1 ,i
TII ,I|(1 u p,\ ' 1 :1~ ! %f'.1 . to, 1 .il (
:1 ti' n tii,' l : T e g'ir ' IH
, 11(,n ld it;i l.' iH i l: l ill .- <1 . I a)l ,, llit ,:,
·'; lt. i lt] i U: '.. i ,lpl f di~lll(| . th e ]¢ ,'
1 it ui' ' 1 .1" ', - ,]l iv t i ii - ;
i ': ('l~ll l1 l'- -" , w , ti t lll I1 i llro
:! " `, 11''. " i !il,' .ift l ¢,1 i'iii lheiai t]'-i l(ii (t l
lijtit iMts l
L i li i ii f anlit
- cl i '' lilui 'A'l', it i: ti
1,')l 'd i1 il' it a I'r t lll ill- l ti lui
, I!, , .,i,.l -:l lar'y " polic ' aidju
ý,.ii \\n!s p1ll", -.11' t Ind ofI ell i1 e(r'
, ' ",\i;] i lti' proceedinigs.
't t 1i1 'i . di tl che is it i: i l
11 iltl knitw iiih Iat Pil i tht t nti
,. ni i-n to, ni . t t ll . { ilt ' ]pi.e r 1l(ii !
,1 ii,'' , h in ll 1 ' i-t t 'ti n OtitNlinlg
nIt il i ii' i ll i ' i i'r iii of
1 n Te (I r m ll iid of ; i' i ss Ill lelan
Sit with in il. 1 th'" (:i,'. It is dioui -,
il, tillt ii i.!i , ii I' , ]WitS 1col 11 i "li'd
il111'i ,ii'ltilt is t owi li. ' first Cl.ai
if i ' ('. co ntl r . Iii' l i. is the rotil of,
bt .g ilg filh ii fhi'" tli the l. ii's. 'fliT
trriii l )ft iII Iir 't w ihe 't Plant cargo
i Ii- ill 'i h ii' ll t Wi i Sll u~t s' c c11''. s ill
e lli. of c rse, didu not fell to apital
i t I'. l'ti itn any Ciase he h nlii l ' l htver'
i ', f ihi eil'i ofl workers.. T'he
i l thi ' 'will iev er forget (I b it ihe
1. ni' w 1!'lilal of tile butchers.
S upper l' illa ' ]in t iland l a
a'. its last it'runip. Wtorilt events
,t i h" it 'l'iitni'S llrt. d1 rlull ltill.. i'lThl,
, i ! r w 1 r( dl' lare t f i
,;i-. tt', !i",,'ii, ,_ i3 1 t'lhe ii lert'h.ii u fo
Iit1\, 1. i 'ni ii ll'' h t pilt it 'i'isOl i
h ir u. i..ip tion. p , nitet t n tliit i-ii in
tIr f', ,I t in i I a is i 1"t . And
s i1,,i t it ' I ,t ,il i -i i a tl ii' tl'icall
j1a- ih,'.
"I l'!li it' til p ] ir. n.
\Vu i l lht''. \lr': I .I --Thi firtst i
l l)li !I ll',. , : 1 1 .\ill' l tll ii 'll t llt
'l I.i 1 bi ;ihi hilt o t on-i nce
lI" i 0 . l, ! i ,ll , 1'd.lC;.tlit to \ st nlh ish
well;' p l ' il'.t hlle e it 'hlui , on f
" .--. ------01--O
Trials cf a Peacemak
er in Two Chapters.
(I y s 'nits d ii h , si . t)
\Val.;hi l 'iin. .\atlrh 1-. The iipug
I of the ' Will h it ' of tiEuropell
i e Stio l t wich have litone into
ling or" h ld ih 1 :s i o(f llfreedom al
aIl . o. lli tl"i l '.e ;ur is tle mlaiin o -
It, le in l Ithe it o.i Pl'r sid(lent W il
-(n11"s fir ct Pit. I ' sa it i st olp ll dipl(
i i l isetl t h" I ( If'lo ling t twet'n tlhe
TI'zch e(-sfl\ ; i s da hng e [t alians; s ithe
'e el if allnd 'ohler I: Iut~s and (ier
unl s, 1) l ,, and ]u.t: ,ian holsheziki,
l .Wvit u thin til o ilhe nlit'Il tglions
labut whicnh liess is iniow itlnd d still
l(s can he wr)itten at this time, the
i'robl ill of opl en cen(w, ns openly iar
t ved alt preisents its ithazardis.
The chief danger is discussionl in
l lt l open ofl territorial rl adjustllnents.
Wilih mlanv of these small nations
now ".eineg reld." it is Ipointed out
I Itit olin warfatre alight spring iup
inl le heart of Europe l again if the
peace conference were to deliberate
olt thei readjlustnents publioly.
P're-ident Wilson hims,,If indicated
the siluatiion when the allied press in
Paris were fighting for open sessions
Of thle ,otferenee, It was his view;
-'Il re .d by the other allied states
i: nIii. t ihat it would be impossible
, I o the world piece-nmeal
hl (i-, '-.itons of iboundaries. They
hall thiI all botunidaries must be
coiii 1i ,- sttled blefore atny could
e .()1.,sitn-.I because, in re-estab
ishiing ibtuindar ies. ntost of Europe
is invilviid in disputesl over which,
iat `i'e lo ts int the interior, actual
fightinii is nowl going en. Only by
waiting tutil; the whole program is
worked outl, it is claimed, can it be
shown that, where one nation is
forced to give tip a disputed territory,
. i 'le.wi pa"d lthe pttye
& WIvWWe iwa
I 0- .......................
Old Fads and
New Wrinkles.
W\\ritten for the Bulletin by I). N. It
i1 any people cling to OL1) fads
I:t thecNEW wrinkles
.\re Ibecoming more POPULAR.
Just lb'cause our dads
u (,); fourr-bIts -h day
It is NOT right to say
That we must do the same.
Life i. a 1)IFFEItENT gamei'
Thlan what it used to blie.
Around IEIRE , for' inslanet.
You see labor FAIL
lIeeatlse it slicks
With the OLI) customs,
1'nllonsl ill eia' ea eraft
fighting all for I'I'ST EL' "
In NOT IlNG, II I"1T a (ilt.\'1"'
ViE C'Ol 'Ll) asily nail
The A. C. Al. Tand its ")It'KS"
To the cross 11, \VI' ; would
lint STICK tlogeit liher.
The A. ('. M.'s AlETAl, dlopartment
The A. C. l's LI:'IllIElt department,
The, A. ('. le' s tUNAM EN delipart iment,
the A. '. Al.'s KEIT ' liPRESS dlepart
And All of TlI-Ellt other
Follow tile AlUiO)l itN wrinkle
A\lnd clean IIl) on I'S right
Ioc'iust' W\'x 'AN T tfiglih
With our little, I)1NKI Y,
Split-up ('IMA IT ASS-sociation.
The A. P . is a itACK number,
.\nd, while we slumber
Isn its fon ld I obr c tc,
\Ve (CONTINI,. to nove liACKWAltil),
While CAi'.'IAI's ONE 10IG INION
hlands us a large-sizeld l.1on.
\WHIERE are YOU1R eyes?
Don't YOU ln(ire that
Al of the A. C. A. slimy sheets
Pat the A. F. of L. on the back?
Isn't it about tlime to attack
A:id its clmtitni Ilts fadle away?
If xxE areQ to WIN the fray,
WA E AllST at least keep abreast
With thli NEWu-fashioned wrinkle,
If WE mtirely SI'I('K together
As do ALVN thee A. f. M. branches
There is absohltlly nio excutse
For 'US ace asting their ABUSE
With tmohen -it Wrigkre
Thun capital's whole bnLEh
If it WILL but hunch
Itli'olf in tlhe RIGHIT diiretion
And WmISeARey the toge fad
. Ad ADOPT the NEWxx wrinkle,
o - --. -
), i!it JO nesri . a mental drone.
Hl:d no opinions: of his own:
it I.i'\\"t to nlllhllood lmeek and mild,
11~ h was Indecision's child.
I t ,s the so meail weal and woe:
i, w\\-snl't hre. or'"didn't know."
In ,::inl(s hetI would hesitate
To buy or (sell until too late;
So, " turali. ihe' ran in debt-
lhit h;sn't run ill ack out as yet.
\\'hen ask ,.l then he a debt woulId
lie "coullhh't just exactly say."
In romlance hie just couldn't tell
If he lovetd llanche or Isabel-
He marriedtt Jnelllt 11and. safe to say,.
"'Twas shel who kept the wolf at bay.
And with religion, mixed he got
When asked if orthodox or not.
In politics he'd weigh and weigh.
And then not vote on 'lection day.
And so he wavered till he died
And never did one thing decide.
Now . dqn't know, but it iai-aid.
It'e isn't ow qu(ite sure he's 1ead4
? af~r'.1Ieiue, id. s ye l "jtlth.
, OUR firm name ill this list will be seen and discussed by every mere
hbe of the family. If you seek the patronage of the workers, make
sure of first getting their good-will by advertising in their paper-thet
, . o~llly plaper in Bule that- is ulll)lishel ill the illcresis of yourlll' eistomers,'
Wage-Earners' Shopping Guide
SIIOI8S Lambro's Pool Hall,
Flora W. Emery Dollar Shirt Shop, 42 E. Park St.
Patterson & Currie, Room 9, Silver Bow Block. Rialto Theater Bldg.
Mercury and Montana. RESTAURANTS
Laccy Auto RIlepair and Service C(ARSE A
Spokane Care,
ho6 Ut. he J. . grp, Nickerson, The Hatter, 111 S. Main street.
Union Made. 112 W. Park street. , Leland Cafe,
Grand Avenue lipa:ilr Shop, 72 East Park street.
Corncr .tlrrison and WHARDWARE Moxom Care,
Srand. CEMENT: WORK 29 W. Broadway.
But r. ewell's Hardware, Crystal Cafe,
Butte Carraigo Works, CEMTERY COPewell21 East Park street. 69 East Park Street.
30 to 56 E. Silver St. Maurice I Kiley, Shiners, Furniture, Walkers (Branch) Cafe,
. - 1109 W. Woolman. 75 East Park Street. E. Park and Arizona.
- - -D I EIEC A P R107 S. Arizona.
Lewis & Walker. Ansayeru, LOPS, (ANDIES, Etc. 227 s. Main.
108 N. Wyomztug street. Bes Y.l. lutter Shop, NIandley's Cafe,
S322' S. Main St. 326 N. Wyoming.
A TO r Olympia Fruit Co.,
AUTOS ()U T nle Bird full.er Shop, 14 N. Dakota St.
AND 1SOLD 20!, W.' . Park St. REAL ESTATE
... _ . . rystal Creamery, JEWELERS
459 E. Park street.
E. H'.d:, :..·,.:" ,- Wulf Realty Co.,
2H i',lpit' = ,M-..z ti$ ' 1 Montana Jewelry Co., 106'W. Granite" St.
DRUGGISTS Opticians, Etc.,
AUTiOPi AITGING 73 East Park street. SHOES
Jacques Drug Co., People's Loan Office,
Butte Carriage Works, 1957 Harrison avenue. 281 2 East Park street. Chicago Shoe Store,
30 to, 56 E. Silver St. Fair Drug and Assay Co., 7 S. Main street.
.. NE. Park at Arizona. Brodle, the Jeweler,
_. I _ark at Arizona. 40 East Park street. Walkover Shoe Co.
BANKS S&S46 W. Park Street.
BANE TISTS S. & s. Jewelr, Co.,
ee Bros.DENTISTS 21 East Park Street.
Park and Dakota streets. Towle-Winterhalter-Hannifin SECOND-IAND FUR
C. A. Pankey, Dentist, Company, NITURE
11y W. Park street. 101 W. Park St.
J I Ils. Union Dentists, . Powell Jewelry Co., Charles Noland
Third Floor Rialto Bldg. 112 N. Main St. Charles Noland,
Steam Bathls, 105 West Galena St.
504 E. Broadway. I. Simon,
Dr. W. H. Haviland,
Schumacher Meat Co., Ted Ross, O'Brien, Ladies' Tailor, 71 West Park St.
18 E. Park St. 73 W. Park Street. 422 Phoenix blcek.
Truscott's Corner, E. Zahl, SHOE REPAIRING
E. Park and Grant. 504 W. Park
Western Meat Co., FURNITURE Mrcanus Shoe shop,
121 E. Park St. LADIES' 5 S. yoming.
Independent Market, Shiner's, Furniture,
203 South Main. 75 E. Park street. GARMENTS SECOND HAND
B. Kopald Co., Furniture,
BAKERIES 68 West Broadway. Popular Ladies' Garment Store, CLOTHING,
S Union Furniture Exchange. 63 East Park Street.
The International Store, JEWELRY, ETC.
Manhattan Bakery, 210 E. Park.
205 W. P'ark. FLORISTS Uncle Sam's Loan Ofice,
Dahl's Bakery, MUSIC HOUSES 11 s. Wyoming.
107 N. Montana Street. Columbia Floral,
Royal Bakery, 47 West Broadway. Orton Bros., TAILORS
20 South Main. 216-218 N. Main Rt.
HIomne Bakin Co., FRUIT AND VEGE- MEN'S OUTFITTERS Bernard Jacoby, Tailor,
Olyl__ia St. 19 9 S. Dakota street.
Barker System of Bakeries, TABLES Emporium Clothes Shop. Montana Tailors,
128 W. l'ark St. 34 E. Park. 425 N. Main street.
People's Fruit Co., Brennans, E. Zahl, Tailor,
BARBER SHOPS 39 East Park. 125 N. Main St. 604 W. Park street.
Fashion Tailoring, Dundee Woolen Mills,
47 W. Parlk. 62 West Park Street.
Con wLo~yan. GROCERIES Palace Clothing & Shoe Store, Butte Tailoring Co.
Pastime I na.r_,__r Shop and Pool 53-55 E. Park St. 116 S. Main St.
Pastime arlor Shop and Pool Anger Grocery, Montana Clothing and Jewely W 1 O M
2 oomn Harrison and IHarvard. ComPany, W.4 S. Arizona St.
210 Nrlh Main St. J. R. Beckly. 103 S. Arizona.
Park itarh.-r Shop, 2701 Elm St. O. K. Store. Big 4,
86 L:. lark. Allen's Grocery, 24 E. Park St. 17 W. Park St.
Fair hlrlbr Shop, 329'A So. 1204 E. Second street. Scotch Woolen Mill,
Kermode, Groceries, Bouchers, Scotch Woolen Mills,
Arizoa421 East Park street. 27 W. Park St. 43 East Park St.
E Poynter's Cash Store,
Shannon Grocery,
R 1( I ARGED 609 South Main. Thomson's Park Studio. SPI 8ES
-_ S. F. T. A. Cash Grocery, 217 East Park Street.
Montana ory Station, Tu627 East Galena Street. Grand Union Tea Co.,
.Montan:11: I:.l:.,tty Station, Truscott's,
2 ,iS Arizona. East Park and Grant. POOL HALLS s' W. Broadway.
Butte .toury Co., Ames Grocery,
11'i 8 Montana St. 316Hn N. Maian St. Eagle Pool Hall, UNERTAKERS
Hanson's Cash Grocery,f, .- -r 937 Talbot Avenue. .,
645-7 S. Main St. ' -- . _________________ _ -
CLOT I'S[ CLEANING T. J. McCartihy, OPTICIANS Larry Duggan, Undertaker,
AN I) ~rESSING 64 E. Broadway. 322 North Main street.
McCarthy-Bryant & Co., Montana Jewelry Co., Daniels & Bilbioan"'dertakers,
317-319 East Park Street. Opticians. Etc., l16 East'Par8 street.
Bernard .l:(cy,. Arizona Cash Market, 73 East Park St.
19 . D Iakota Street. 4isho29 . Arizona St. Towle-Winterhalter-Hannican VULCANIZIN
Bishop Bros., ' Company,
CLOTIING AND TAI- 1so80 Walnut St. 101 W. Park St.
Powell Jewelry Co., J. L. Mathiesen, Vulcanmin.g,
LOt1N.. FOR MEN GENTS' FURNISH- 112 N. Main st. 40 East Gale.na.
17 V est Park Street.
Allen & 1arnell, Murphy Money Back Store, Francis J. Early, Vulcan Welding Works.
207 East Park. 65 E. Park St. 715-719 E. Front St. 116-118 8. Wyoming
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