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(Continued From Page One.
' The proceedings of the cunveil:ion
in passing upon the ,'onstitul.ion at
w.ell as adopted ^,,nstitution are giv
on below:
M & S. That clause (I) be ac
cepted as folluws: The name of tlo
organization shall be One Big !'nior s
of the Wage Workers.•
M '& S. Clause I ::) he adopted
read: Mlembership of the U. B. U.
shall be opened to all wage workers
SM & S. That cilaose (:) be adopt.
ed as anended: 'hliat the lillximinun.
initiation fee to ibe tLarged l y luca
units for new uetmnbers shall be iwoe
dollars and a hulf.
IM & S. Clause (4) be :Ido!,ted a1
read: 'Union shop ca cas slihl be -
sued to those' local units dlesirinhg
same for display ill :".ch places t.'
employment where all the enpllo:
are members of the O. 13. C.
AM & S. Clause (5 ) be, adptlc, , .t
.read: Certificates shall be is: ued Io
central labor counrl:- :and !ist' icl'
boards and isolated u.ilt.; said cer
tificates shall designate the jurisd, -
lion of the orga.ni:. ion to which
they are issued.
1 & S. Clause (6) bho adopt,'D aw
read: A general executiv 1bc;ird shall!
be elected consisting or 1 chlailrmanl
secretary and represenltatives of ',ii
various industries (inun1b1 r to be s-:
by the next. conventitn.)
Ml & S. Clause (7) he adoptadl an
read: The general e outive i' anrd
shall be elected for a period at six
months by and fro1l ll, duly accred. (
ited delegates attendilug conventions
The executive board shall 1.nlain ill
office until their su:' . ssors are elet
ed. The wages of the officers of the l
generall execultive boar10d -!-all lie $,i' '
iper week. Expenses of orgailnizers
away fro home110111 shall be $4 per da:y.
Officers will not ho1.I office more t
than two consecutive. ;lrms.
Mi & S. Clause (:i bIe adopted as
read: Thile mellbers of thIe gefl r'l
executive board shall act i:s get'era1.l I
organizers; they shall at all e tfines
be in active touchl, n!lid 'onver:lant
with, the industry w'hicll t11y repro- c
sent, and shall be at all 1in1e1 und1.r '
the general di:"ecti,"n of tile chair
AM & S. Clause (9) be adopted :i
read: It shall be tne duty of t!!:'
clhairnlal to preside at all meetings
of the general executive h,orsd. -lh.
shall have chary,,e of. and bt. relspon-l
sible for, the general a lministratiutn
of the organization.
31 & S. (';.ause (10) be adopted
as read: It shall be the duty of the
general secretary to keep a true - t
count of all lon:L'es receive!d, and alt
monies lpaid out; lie shall dep1osit aill
monies of checks rcceived. by him inl
such bank or itlanls 1as may be 1et~. if
by the executivte board; he s:.all b1e at
all times ill i 1position to ren'll: to
tile execultive board an acc'o:'illI of I
the financi,1 colndi:: )n of I, organ-It
ization; he shall keep the minultes of r
all ileeting.. ofit the , tntral ,xecutive 1
board in a book provided for that
plurpose; he shall pay all bills \vl.o:n
satisfied of their correcti'n s. , il,
shall sign all c(hcks: he ,; :
bonded ill a respnsibloll -ul~
pany for the smint o ;i. . ..in
dollars ($5.000) ail the: ;)o; hall
be approved of a.i ')aidl ftoi ,1y t(It
general executive tIo...l.
AM & S. ('lai,':> (11) be ,idopltd
as read: A ilni l" holding oIf'ic ite i
the general executiive 1a: 11111mut al
all tilmes nmai. 1in his 1 cr- l( ni i.
both fronm his own I ral i' a .. t (e
tral council of distc;,'t ,nc i1, 14anti
from hils central cotuncil or (tisih let
board to the convention. '' 1.i loyal
unit withdrawing the celdentials of
an executive hboarl 11111nb • fr till lo
cal central cc:;lncil mc' d"'etri1:L iourd
shall provide statei. 11 i'. rIleason
for so doing. anid central counllcil orI
district bor;n l sl,,ll ilnln,,liat.ly
make full investiga::ti,n h,':.,d the
recall, as institulted by lort .i unit t,,'
warranted, the e clir l count l ('.1 or hds
triet board shall thul. i'e.e cre dtI
tial as held by executive hloard l 111 .i
ber, and request exciutive' boaor
immediately fill the va ul(y.
M & S. Clause (4i2 ). Any offi til'
of the O. B. U. may li recall d 1.,y a I
majority vote if 1 Il, district IIboardll
or central labor' couni cil '\i iclh Irent
said officer to the .'iventioll.
MI & S. Clause 13) bIe adopltcd
as read: The general ex'culi1ve. )lltrd I
shall fill vacancies occurrinlr on0 said
board by choosinlg a relpiesentattiv
froml the same ilduslrial divI' ion
N & S. C'lause (141 be adopt,:
as read: Meetings . deterlt'lllilnI ,,
recall of ally officer. whletlher oif l.
cal unit. central c ,n~ cil, d,-l.rict
board, or general exe,'utivv bu:oird.
mnust be speeially t luinmloned, all
memnbers being notii'ii'i.
M & S. Clause (15) L1t. ,dolitedt.
as read: Local unitt . lhose dlelegates
on central council or district loaird
have been elected to 14m:11berslitlp ;n
the general executive oailtrl. shall
fill vacancy oli central collncil orl
district board by elt. lilg an aIltr
nate delegate.
M & S. Clause ( .) be adonlted
as read: This organihation shall . .·et
ill conlvention every six Iolliths, 11ie
colivention call to hIe is'.ied l b\i tlhe
general executive botrd.
21 & S. Clause (171 l'o adoptedl
as read: The con~ventit.o, 1h1ll cion
sist of delegates fr1:n local uniits.
The Bulletin job printing
department is now equipped +*
turn out your Job printing.
Prices right, quality right,
service right. If you exp-ct
our thou,-ands of readers to
know who yo.' are, A here
you are, when you have your
picnics, etc. See that . cur job
printing come: to our plant
and we will see that iA'e pu.lic
is infonmed about ;Ju o d
your events.
:entral councils, and district boards
im the follu. ing basis of representa
;ion: Each local unit shall be en
itled to one representative for the
.irst one hundred or fraction thereof
nOnt one additional delegate for each
(111hiion11 l 1el 'thousand or fraction
: he reof.
1! .o S. Clause (19) adopted as
ScId: All o co:(ntio'c o; the O0. 13. [.
h, 11 pool Iraisportation of the del
gates. Tlransportation to mIeanu
tilw\a: or stealnshsp fare only.
5I & S. Clause (20) adopted as
cad: -Eachl convention shaill fix the
late inl locality for the succeeding
O11Vtll tin ll.
t f l. Clause (21 be adopted
is ainllcn'! , d: Thle central executive
1a).(1 ·: .11 ('1lI1 i special convention
S'lil O d .S U 11)0 ti ''ilt Of a dti
., II , 1 . i r I (hr I or more district
.a.; ld= ? ta or cotlcils colllprtising
,: , ,':'5s..:)l of not less than 6,0100.
r'[ aeo iason .011 slch --:nlventioll must
he,,st<t,, e illn the demanil d and incor
plrnaed in Ill(, convention call.
'1 & S. Ctlluse (22) be adopted as
read: Per calpita tax to the central
x 'nt(live btoard of lie 1). B. t. Shaill
' , 1) i nt's per) niol;nt which shall
I paid through 111i central labor
,1 !lcils anld dlistrict boards where
.. exit.:
I\I S. t:.luse (23) be adopted as
Any organizatiol nlot within
. ri, ,-lic tion of l i central lallot
0Ollttil or district board meay be af
';tinted with and pay per capita di
rect tothe get -lar l executive boardl.
1I & S. (Cltuse (24) lhe adolpted
as read: All supplies to be delivered
to central ilbor councils an distric:t
Ioarld|s whelre stilae exist, said couln
:1ils and ha)rds shall be responsible
to the genlleral executive board.
.1 & S. Clause (25) he adopted
as read: All sulpplies to be furnished
Ihe inlelberlsllip at cost.
21 & S. Clause I 211i be adopted as
read: General executive to issue a
special 11 'mllbershllilp card for imein
bers sick.. llnemplllloyed or ont strike.
Local tinions to be emplowered atc
cordil,. to their owni needs antd cir
culistl.:nlces to release menlbers from
paylllentt of dues dlurinig sickness,
si .ikes andl ullenpl]loymelnt.
01 & S. ('lause (27) be adolted
a:s road: 1Each organization affiliated
with the O. B. U. must use the offi
I(i;i l nill)ershli) receipt unless ex
enmpt by the general executive board.
'! ,1 S. ('lause (2S) be adollted
as re.d: The general executive bohard
slh.l issue official nielmbership rce
e''i)lt lbookhs ill triplicate to the cien
tral labor councils andt district Ioaird
who s1,1ll distribute to their affiliat
tdl Ol 'e i tlllzations; the oIiginal re
ceilp ' . ;! be litaced in the illemberl's
Iold)i and all the duplicate receipts
shall h< sent to tlih secr.etary of the
cent 'al labor council or dlis rict
1board logtller v.i.e v a ltiontlily re
mittal:,-e of per caplita tax; the dlup
licate receipllts shall reimaiin in the
posse51: ion of the local orlgniztioll.
0i & S. Clause (29) lie adopted as
'eild: The fol owing is Ireomlnltleitlld(
is ia hi,~s fo reprellsentationli of al
'I ilted rg lnizae i 1s to te cl .ntral
;).r councilsl . On(e it etlollg te f'or l
first 51 mlemllters, or less. and one
iditiona! it legal` for oneil l suteeed
'1 - 11)00 1ll1 E. er o r' O l 1 j1t8 ' fratlioln
,1 ;. Clause (30) Ibe adopted
, r:ed: A,1 delegate snial he sealed
i ll I '1(h it 1 i''11 councltllil who is 11not
it he l ft' \ 1. ea 'i ner and a paid
uip i' 'ibelr of the O It. 1'.
'1 ,l S. .uanse ( .1) be adt opted
a, Il0ll: Ill !minll towns andll in iso
lIatd plaes wheltre few wolt.rkIers arel
etilplo'. , they1 shiill organlize in onei
uni!, including alll Ibralnlhes. Ment
eorss of those branches sllll lie c(,ln
. frolle l( by coi1 ral organization of
Sthe indlustry to which they belong.
'1 ,: 0. Clause (32) he adopted
as rcats: A\ll funds Inamlnined by 1o
h il t'. shall l the property of lthe
ellill)o,' c lllllO sinll said lo:cal ulnits.
'1 & . ('lunse (33) be adopted
;Books Which Deal
1WVith the New Realities
SChtar'.es ward Russell
Author o "WLhy I Am a Socialist," etc.
rI' hsln elv of ,.th'i's \!Itl itulhh' to(wal' d til e
. . ld I rohlemllv l of totly, mutl it is
" ot 'he. cl.an'-visioned riviet, of
11. ises ..ling t tote 1 I. c ar Net , for$1.50
the hg tuciitio (ise Brynt
lh, g' l it'es Ill tit 'l'ol-it ng o1
of t lly .lo , sie well-wisher of thle
(of ll1 t I Irolet:tri; 1 . r . It Ius ll does lnot
i. t i'0l; )i1of . lssiI-- hIlle t: it Ia ll. oll f
. 1 olUt 1 1nt."---1 '(-B'I llre ,iol. Net, $1.00
Louise Bryant
She lived in -Revolutionnry Iltussia is one
of the people; she knew K~ere ns.. L.elsnine.
Trotky, antid tit women of the B3attatlion
of I te:lh: she ,ttol elln t the inlln r councils
of the Soviet. m1 her:: is :t vivid n . -oers
Prslthdeti pree Amntertioan f ederation a. La
Revoluti,n. She presents its case t'clearly
l drani'ly--7'he Dial. Net, $2.00
Samuel Gorrmers
President of the American Federation MLabor
"'"I'hs exposition is of the nature of agos
'el tof 110'',or in its hearing upon.ocil tsoh Ialtl
.no, i 1: re, djusrtn11n1t." --- 11W11 aslllilgtn
talt i, 1ia speeches n ,l iabor i oliciall w1aV I
ord', e i :helU ing ll the Vitl , r I s
irs : a resolutions ottf the lederttion.
Net, $1.57
ORIENT Ellen N. La Mot1ei
" e io kf e s;ilt' of ch outer oll t ea.11' .
ai n. 1 11.1n0:I rel sttioh ters oAit latS i11t1
Xe1,f ti!t< lporlitia g fl ailn sO ia in the Fnast
an rmiter o" inoner lowi . vt ll an ntca lineg
in h ' :illh fashwiotn likely to ionlle u'hti
ictlRu : ian several u tio- lie( Tciviliked T illo -
trs feel UlT s forta ble."-he rCun.
Net, $1.5C
in liANNERS Babette Dutshsh lif
cOllid ' . tlailldar sld tritios willnto
fie ta klnght ,d ulleOtin)l. This ce.rt t
isiii)s n hlt lle ) luett he\ s olume of i lnllth er a '
thi te c ol *'1 Written irhe fl,.tion N I t hiet
Net, $12.=
ch! o ',11,lhe chll this self-relh an nnspar-tio
vant i lt l i ' lt It ile tt e (Vllt e of t h Iael
lin :a l', - tI ,.D e t osuearchers for ai t oelil.
these C Net, $1.70r
". nt ookrders for these books w illhat th
be tk n sr t irl. the Bultletin of fice.
be taken of the Bulletin office.
Some time ago Willinm Ilohenzol
lern, then kaiser of Germany, lihad
placed at the entrance of the cathedral
iof Metz this extraordinary statue of
himself. Since his abdication some
one has hung upon it the placard
with the Latin inscription, "Sic Tran
sit Gloria Mundt."
is read: Whenever any dispute ex
i-ts which the local unit affected
^annot settle through its grievance
comiittee, the dispute shall be refer
red in writing to their central labor
council or district Hoard.
3t & S. Clause (34) be adopted
as read: A central labor council or
district board to whom a dispute
has been referred shall, through the
grievance cotmmittee, endeavor to
effect a settlement; failing a settle
o ent, thle central labor council or
districtt board, if they consider the
dispute is of sufficinet importance to
the workers, shall refer the saute in
writ ing to 1t11 general executive
hoail rd.
Al & S. Clause (35) be adopted as
I id: If any central labor council
r district hoad r efluses to refer such
di:;lte to the genleral executive
,rl l.d , the loi ald unit affiected shall
have the right ito refer the dispute
to tlhe gleneral executllive hoard.
AI &- S. Clause (36) be adopted
reacl: Should the general execu
It, i board consider a diispute of suf
'fi itlnt imnportnllce, they shall refer
noe iin writing to the ceontral labor
ouz it anid district boiuards. Shiould
: Iiin jority of the centra;l tlabor coun
i:; and di:tlrict I oartc vote in favor,
the gteneralt ixeclltive ht eard shall be
t'xpoweredt to call a strike of all
afiiliated It odis.
1I & S. C(lause (37) be adopted
as retld: Notlhing i the 1previous
clauslles shall prevent any central
Slabor cotulcil or district ioard from
'uiling a .trike in their own district
ior industry, prtovided, however, that
: any cioulncil or board, ctalling a strike
withliout thle consent of thle general
execut'live board, ltdoes so on its own
re,;ponsibilit y.
Ai & S. Clause (3S) be adopted
as read: \ihentever a strike ill any
district or induslry takes place, no
Snimnlber of the One [jig Union shall
. haindle directly or indirectly any pro
duct t of tisle industry on strike.
I & S. ('lause (39) be adopted
i. r iutd: . llclhe rlishp cards in all la
t lier organizations areit interchtange
ahi!: it th O. It . U.
i1 & S. ('hl' use (40i ) tli a doptte d
'I0eml llts Ie f telt-t O. cl;. U.t sthall llvot
lla(' their ' avlcs ort htndlll e tile pro
i ht siof ilt. sitlloyers against whomul
Sth tiy thre stliki llgi i'rsl ctivh of tiepos
ai ora izagliolt it gltll s being o filikat-s ud
Id with the it. 1i. I i.
itlg is l:tliui plac ' t e dthe iadopted is
of the toilers.
Strong opinions vwere expressed on
the floor wheti the question of tile
timlll necessary 'for tile referendulm
on the question of affiliation of the
different unions with the one big
Iuniol wa\s raised.
I1n no convention of the workers
either in tilhe state of Monlttana or in
ithe l'nited States with the possible
exclptitont of the Mooney convention
ill ('licagoi. iwatis at llmore thorough
grasp of the worlkitg class mtoveOment
shown bty the doelgates; six weeks
was finally set as tile date for re
Itrnrs otn the refe'rendum.tt, it being the
nlajority opinion tthat nothing was to
tbe gailined by delay.
An invitation was extended by the
Indtlustrial \Vorkl'ers or the World to
the delegates for a tleeting to be
held at their hall at 2 o'clock Tues
day, with the question of the One
lig Utnion versus the I. W. WV. will
be debated. It ii probable that the
convention will attenld if the busi
ietss of the gathering will not be
hallmpered tihreby.
The convention adjourned at 5:30
to re-convene at 9 a. nt.
The successful ones are buying
Thrift anid War Savings stamps.
0o- -o
fly ANISE, in Seattle tUnion-Record.
We have heird about
* * ,4
A JUST peace,
** *
And a VICTORIOUS peace,
* * *
A peace of VENGEANCE,
A peace WITHOUT victory
* * *
And a peace
We are growing accustomed
To the endless VARIETY
And now Senator Gore
Has sprung a new one,
* * *
Which will be declared
If the wrangle over terms
Develop a DEADLOCK.
You see it would never do
For US to be at war
With Germany
After England and France
Are at peace with her,
For our LATE allies
And FUTURE trade-rivals
Would GRAB the German trade
And thus the REAL
Advantages of war
Would be lost
To the people who count
* * *
In that UNIMPORTANT senate!
I don't know just what
This "legal peace" is;
But I suppose it's better
Than an ILLEGAL one.
Though I never could see
Were any less NASTY
Than ILLEGAL wars.
* * *
Or that legal ROBBERIES
Stole any less MONEY
* * *
Than the OTHER kind;
In fact they even seem
To get away with MIORE
But most any kind of peace
Looks good to me
If it is QUICK
And breaks the BLOCKADE
And gives the women and babies
A chance to EAT again,
Even if it leaves
The question of POLITICS
To be settled
Sometime next CENTURY
Whenever those politicians
GET AROUND to them.
* * *
And since
The senator says so clearly
That what we are AFTER
* * *
Is just to facilitate
* * *
SJust SIMPLE like that
SNever bothering
With comlplicatledl qlestions
Why can't we steal a march
And have tlhait legal peace
Right away!
It can't be any WORSE
Than SOME of ithe peaces
1 We Ihave seell
* * *
1 You won't bie disappointed in buy
Shing Thrift and War Savings stamps.
"Really, half the time Reggy
doesn't know which end he is stand
ing on."
"Oh, nonsense! His feet certainly
can't seem as light as his head."
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Result. Phone 52.
(Continued From Page Five )
and Trotsky knew they could be re
lied upon to continue to do so. Once
the fight within the fight was held
up temporarily to give the "partisan"
regiments a chance to regain a hard
battle against Generui Krasnoff, after!
eome conscripted troops had failed
to hold their line. In one instance
Trotsky went with a military force
to tame some "partisan" regiments
and arrest their commanders. The
commlnanders came to parley with
Trotsky, but field guns were pointed
at Trotsky's car during the parley.
By diplomacy and cautious shuff
ling of forces Trotsky got the men
with guns into his power.
Discipline in New Army.
They say there are moire than a
million in the new conscripted forces.
There is discipline. There is some
return to the old custom of saluting
though it is not yet universal.
The officers are a mixture of three
elements. There is a great propor
tion from the old days of the Czar.
At the price of calling soldiers "com
rade," they can get back into the
military life with soldiers that obey
and won't shoot them. Then there is
a small mixture of the dare-devil
sort similar to the American I. W
W. agitators, who have just applied
their ingenuity to learning military
arts and then settle down into the
most official and un-I. W. W. type
of officer imaginable. Thirdly, there
is a big crop of young new officers
who are heralded as "sons of work
ing men and peasants, and guardians
of the rights of the proletariat." But
officers are officers.
Missoula, July 8.--Leo N. Schaefer
has accepted the position as instruct
or in accounting and elementary eco
nomics in the department of business
administration at the State Univer
sity of Montana. Mr. Schaefer re
ceived his B.A. degree from the Uni
versity of Wisconsin in 1917. He will
succeed George A. Denfeld who has
resigned his position.
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We Have
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scribers as they should be served, and be in a position to
take on more subscribers throughout the state, who are to
be had for the asking, we must have a new press--a press
with a capacity of 20,000 per hour. In order to do this
WE MUST HAVE $20,000.
Of the 50,000 shares of capital stock of The Bulletin Pub
lishing Company, about 40,000 remain unsold.
If you are interested in the fight THE BULLETIN is mak
ing for clean government in Butte and Montana, and wish
to see it become a paramount power for good all over the
state, you can help by purchasing as many shares of Bul
letin stock as your circumstances will permit.
If we are to be of full service to you and the independent
minded people of this city and state we must have a new
press. We have the start, we have the organization, and
we have the will, and if we can have a' new press we can
deliver the goods and restore the government of Butte and
Montana to you--the people.
Buy Stock
Par Value 1 f lPer Share
of Stock A. 000 NonAssessable
Candidates for Office
Montana Federation ofLab r
For President-Steve Ely, Sand Coulee, Mont.
For Vice President-J. C. Whiteley, Butte, Mont.
For Secretary-Treasurer-J. T. Taylor, Lehigh, Mont.
For Executive Board Member, Cascade District-Charles
Heximer, Great Falls, Mont.
Missoula, July 8.-"Flying report
er" is the name that George Putnam
Stone, a member of the class of 1912
at the State University of Montana,
has earned for himself on the re
portorial staff of the Chicago Even
ing Post. He is the first reporter ever
sent from a newspaper office to cover
a rush assignment by air. According
to the story in the Chicago Post, "the
flying reporter" rose from Grant
park at 11:35 a. m. in an O'Gara air
taxi. He expected to be set down in
front of the Joliet penitentiary within
a half hour-in order to be present
at the Rev. Elmer L. Williams hur
riedly arranged interview with Eu
gene Hartnett, concerning the Earl
Dear case. Dr. Williams left Chicago
suddenly by train and an aircraft of
fered the only means for getting a
reporter to Joliet in time for the in
Dr. Williams' job was to persuade
Hartnett to admit that it was he who
killed Rudolph Wolfe and not Earl
Dear, who was to hang at Chicago
for the murder, Friday, June 27, un
less at the eleventh hour his erst
while pal made a confession to justify
another stay.
In the Post for Thursday, a page
Missoula, July 8.-It has been defi
nitely decided that the pageant to be
staged under the direction of the
State University of Montana, will por
tray the coming of the Jesuit mis
sionaries. For the purpose of getting
into touch with the Flathead Indians,
to whom the Jesuits came, members
of the state university faculty and
student body went Saturday to St.
Ignatius to witness the Indian dances
The pageant will be staged July 30
on Montana field at the state univer
sity. The affair will be uder the di
rection of Mrs. Margaret Ganssle,
who is conducting a course in pag
eantry at the university this summer.
The pageant will consist of four epi
sodes, each depicting a phase of the
life of the Indian from the time be
fore white men came to this country
until the establishing of St. Mary's
mission at Stevensville in 1841. The
cast will number 200.
was devoted to pictures of Mr. Stone
on his way to the interview in the
airtaxi, and a signed story by him of
the interview between Dr. Williams
and Hartnett.

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