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Issued Every Evening, Except Sunday, by THE BULLETIN PUBLISHING CO.
nt'ere. as Second-Class Matter, December 18, 1917. at the Postofflee at Butte, ontsana
nuder Act of March 8, 1879.
PHONES: Business Office, 52; Editorial Rooms, 292
One Montk ..................... .75 Six Months .............. ...... 8.75
Three Menths ..................$2.t)J By the Year....................7.00
The Daily Bulletin is on salse every day at the following places in Butte.
Jaeeqaes Drug Co., Harrison and Cobban iepot Drug Store, 828 East Frent St.
George A. Ames, Jr., 816 1-2 N. Main St. ' O. News Stand, West Park St.
International News Stand, S Arizona St.
Palace of Sweets, Mercury and Main Sts. f'arkins Grocery, 1028 Talbot Ave.
Everybody's News Stand. 215 S. Montana Relena Confectionery, 785 East Park St.
STHURSDAY. AUG. 28, 1919.
Come down to the Bulletin office and sign
a monthly pledge :-: :-: ::
Crnsiderable harirab has been raised teret tly by the lotar'y
(Ilub. the ehaTbhetb f ero mnlerce and allied origa.nizations over
the p-ropsa.l to bond the taxpayers ofd Silver jBow . unty for
?3(I0.i00 to bie expi.ilded ,slensibly ill the 'co strucltiont ofi
higllways t In his c".linty. M.I.uch has been said about the .u'lI
that if the county laxitier's ut uip $25,.0.(i the United Stalest
governmeni t also will puilt t1ip $L.1tW.(L ii malkig the sunt avail.
able a half million dollars.
Now. the Hulletiin wunld like all rotads to be smooth atdl
.easy riding," 'for o easionally simte ftrieuid a hit more favored
in worldly giods thia the ediltorial staTff of t' his papier takes
somie imemtietr of the staf Ifot' af a to atide: bitt the question in
o!.r inds is. "'\\will the half million dollars he actually spent iin
the constrluutiai n of roads. or will it just furniish another exctise
for graft for our' state ail ('co.nty oTffieial, ?
\e will admhit that we have none too imuch cofltidece in the
prese nt board o1f '(,ec nity clniitt issio,.erI s Silver .,ntw eoiun1ly.
and even less in the state atlini istratia,,. inc.lnditg the state
highway crommissionter and their ,'1,giieers,. and mtrtult fear.
especially f'rom p1ast s l.,i'l'.rml'ntii'es of o.1i' board of citl tlllllvy com
Iniesiorers, that. but very little d' the half tillit dollars will
eventtually find its way into the roads.
In connection with the publ)icity in favo,,r t' the I.nd issue.
it ma.y be ioled by any observig\-i pIerson that the loudest boost
ers for the pro.jet are the cor('mlllistsioners tllheselves, who will
hIve a handl in determiningj where such t(it.ey as they may per
trail to go into the roads shall be spent, and whvlo. quite iatliraly.
are desirous ,at' haviing a half' million dollars to play with; the
representatives of the various rand machinery manufiacturers.
who will benefit through the sales of st'h ºnitehinery at [email protected]
usual exorbitan.at prices. alnd such getlementet as "'Admiral"' Car
roll of '.')irly W\ater Hlarotr: ex-Mayo CIha 'les Larne. Blut.te
representative of the' _s Aneria [l'i ldge cfr apany-, who may hei
expected to get cotlraclts for' I.rltueralts steel bridges along the
lmpolsed roads: Jack Rouche f' lhe M tilnta 1,Power co(mipatny.
I). J. Charles lof the Miners' hatk, artd o(,hers o' that ilk. who
oither may expect It benefit fl'i'itnceially thr,.ough the applro'val
of the bond issue. or who own large pleastlre ears and who ob
jel ,to the slightest btml.tis w'hile entjoyiig tlhemselves.
As fur the avelage working ta.I --. tlie 'es ll not oiwnV eveli a.
seco.nd-hand flivver, probably bIeing too btusy at home figuritng
Sways and mtea, uof making lhi s.mall income cover both Ihe
cost tof living and the ex.riittanrt taxes hlie already must pay in
utrder to keep his little homne intact----ainl is nol particularly
anxious to bIonl liimseIl' to pay even\ higher laxes for many
years to come. iin rdler lto pentmil the bridge andI machinery
manuflacturers to sell more supplies. or (it permit hisr employers
Ito ride in g-teater comort. or to I give the alleged financiers on
out' board of commissioners aolulher hall' itilliuro dollars to
throw to the winds.
.Exlr'avagance is alreudy the w'atlchwortiid in the cot.:. ission
Exlravagan.ue is alrcualy the w'atchwo.lrd in the ,comm issio -ll
er's' office at. the coi th t'l use. anld \\e hesitate to even think , I'
the satuuuliu oft' spemldi g thai w\\olld ensue w\elr . oue wortlly
incompetents on the board given all adlitional halt' million.
True. it nma be said that the 'arming dlitiictels .t' Silver Foaw.
such as thelre are. wouild be benlefited by tihu esnlmstructia t,' ad
ditio.iiat guod roads. Hut the amount of agriculture that is
ptracticed in Silver Byv cialuty is negligible. and t'rt' all the
stut'T that is hatled into alle I' 'rm the tfarmts by wagon or auttto.
the presenlt roadways. it' the cim inll issiolers properly expended
the -uinis alread.y at their disposal fart' mailttennce. are certain
ly sufficientl. So far. to.. we have vet to Ihiear' ot' the larmler-
w\e bar such alleged f ratmer's as lieutenantl (i;(ov-ernr McDowell
- who hasuvoiced himsell' il l'aavi'r of tlie bind issue.
The tuaxpayetrs of' Silver Hol,\ ,t1111ty are alt ready v,\er
burdened with taxation, minallyv through extravagance. int'ol -
Ielic ce and \wor'e. i the pl ,ati1' ourll ,itard c' ullty eollllllis
siloners. and we feel sure thllal when the ltspecial elect itm of
Sept. 2 occur's anid the \oles are couiiited. tlhli pll at the coni
inissionters aind the road mtachinery aid bridge cUutt'racto.rs w\ill
be found to have been ove\-erhelmingly defeatedl. lPei'ral,s. it'
the profiteering merchantill-- all of' hi.-,111 appare ntly are inl
tfavotr of the road bonls- -wer. torced to lower Iheir' prices It,
a lair level.: if the teiltbet's f ,1 tIe 1Emplo.,yesl' associatlion ---all
of whom. too. apparenltly aire ill favor of the bond issue ------w.\.uld
iuise the measly wages paid t+t their emqployes. tlhen. let'haps.
the worlking peoplie of the county. who make up the great bulk
of the taxpayers, might see their' way cleat'r to mdertake tll ad
ditio.ual burden of paying interest and principal on the -."u.
00l) bond issue. But as conditilns are now. we predict thle
idefeat of the bol issue by a vote whichi will include the ball os
of every wo'rkin.g manltt. 'working womanlllI and taforlmet' in the
WVith all the talk of the ctutrol ',I food protducts by the pack
ci's. there are not many peirsons who realize the full extent t"f
that contrul. The report of the feileral trade commission has
not been given the publicity it deserves. in view.of the startling
facts the report discloses.
Not only doues the packer.' combine dominate the domiestic:
miarket, but, according to the federal trade commission. foreign
ti;ade is also rapidly coming under their control. li this con
rtactiou the report says:
An.. approaching packer domination of all important
foods ini this country and anll internationall- cont1rol of1' nrtent
products wiit foreign Umpnllniies seenms a certainlv.. fair
consideration of the course the five packers hav.e fllowed
and the position they n.ave already reached ntust lend t,
the (oncl(llsionlll thal they thlreaten the f'reedlonm if tihe
market of the country's food industries.
An inuteratilill imonoply of food products! Andu, yet. the
dmninisin.trationr speaks serioutsi y of lowering living cs ss by
th)rowing on the intmarket the $1t, 26,0,0001 w,'ort Ih .' food
stuffs iln lie ha riIs of the wtar departmentt! A dolluars worthli
per capita.
The delail. of plite pckers control ar'e'intereseling: Ithey deal
i)N 775 differeri coluntidities and own :..,r contrlol (i2" sub
siliati. c'oanilnies. Ibis i coltroll being obtaiined Ibx. .ýxl.Jri-legat.
mietlhods iln ioal)t inlstannces.
The Big Five in 1!1) 0 handled 82.2 per cent of all lie cattle
con)suined: 7(;.(i per cent of all calves anid 80. t per ce(:t of all
In their c:old storage planits they held about. 70 per -eal of the
nation's visible supply of u' meats, divided as folIws: I'Frozen
Ieel'. 95 per cent of the sup)ly: hamI and bacon. 1 per ce.nt;
salt pork. 69.8 pier cent: pickled pork, 70.5 per cenit.
It is easily seen that in meat products tihe Big Vive have\- u
absolute monnºvlop) oly: their control of other food prI.)(II.ls is al
most as elffective.
They own 90 per cent of all. refrigerator cars in tie couun
try andt halndle n)mre thin hiat o the butter, eggs riiniI cheese
sold it the Nliteled States. fIt '1916 they sold 1,U()0.rr000 pounds
of pou llty, l ,rr)0.05)0 0 pounds of butter. 735,000,00(.0 ,,mpounds of
cheese anld over 135.6.' 0.(001(. dozens ft' eggs.
Readers will reinemIber the flood of articles ii the publiic
press at the inte whenI the price of mciat hegan to rise. riirging
Ithe c('onsumiter' to use less in eat: Ithe public was tolid to eat more
cheese ai ld like aiiiides.. , diel: tt.iimany substitutes were liitedl
as iu ndlerstlidys fr mealt, ibt prices c(rntined tI rise for' the
very good reason thalit, they were atlso controlled by the sa me
group!) that owned all of the metret. The packers care lille \\-what
tine food o.f the Amnierican people consists of. They coinl)ol it
A. list of con itnmodities lutl- Ithe packers ciitnherl ui\\ ciii l'ol
or' are n'rapidly gaininig cdntrol of consists of the 'ollowing ar'
lic les i' duill usrie.: Breakfa'i Isl,. foods. chickeni feed. slock feed.
fruit. (ainnted vegetables. coatl. fence pInosts, builers' hardware,
bindiing twine. lunmbier, cemenit. lime. pi.aster'. nrmick sanrd. grav
el roiof'ing, soda-f'ountaini suplplies and rice.
The lig Five ar'e closely assoicialted with uotlincr pouwe'r('ll fi
n(iliciital interests thlrough itanking cornnections and interlock
ing dii'etuorates. These inn terests dnminatle |alimst. every llhe
ii' e(ldea-vo'. The report of the trade co.lmmnissjii says:
lThe big porIkers have s.ecured a l''iliatiions thtnuahl: stuck
,owner'ship representatiion un dir'eclora"l',tes. and in other'
I \a,'is, \w\'ilth l' numerous tlanksllii .l( l sl (')lr nlpuir's. Mr.
ArI)ourl , llr. Swift. Mr. M (orris a l Mir. \.ilsl nee acdi
rector's int blanks affiliated closely withr those wtho nre
ltrol)ng t1[ the ,ouli'(.es of credit iin tile Unit.ed Slat.es. Being
Ithus allied w\ith the tps\wereu't'|il interest at the soruir' es ,'of
cr.iedit. Ithe pnacker's po\wer is gri'( , not only" for flilna'ring
their owns nt.ionat l a.d I ii teruna.tiinal oliern'tions. but for
arlfo(cting, forli gir(.Od ior lfor ill. lihe credit o cattlle ltlproduceri '
iand of cotipeitoirs o' c(ustomers in any. line.
.Sune 'of Swift & Co.'s subsidiaries are gLiow\ing tIro'ipi
,a Innits in liHiwaii. i subsidiary of \Vilsoa & Con. [li.)
has reached inti the salmon flisheries of ,.\1.ska .indl ii
Morris nl coincelnitul sh'irnulSs taken in the w\\atenrs of I1he
º (a n tl' o _' M e x ic o . '"
Thie )pac('kers' nttiin-wide nnetu'w'rk lof tn ra nl houses
mini] "'peddler can' systenis." buill up in cnneliltitO with
their inenttl iusiness. "'assures lheim atltiost c(:t'ain su
plrenin .y iin atv line of fotli handling whih they nmay wish
to it enter.' "In eratuin lines they nave Ieoiine factoirs of
gre" a.t I ninti tt..
e A\mnnour's drive into lithe rice market in a single year' is
tiperhaps the most striking instantice of their' potentialities
in this directiont. Early~ int 10917 Artroui.r & Co. Ifirst un
dertook the htandling of rice anrd in that one year' sotI
Inure thI v 16.00t 0,000 p) ounds n il ' rit e, thus becl. litnlg.
Sin a siitgle nmove. an e Ite statrement or the nice presidenl
of the ,utompanny. the greatest rine mier.haItul in the world.
During this iperiod the -wholelenle iricne of r ice increased
85 per cent..
lhlie . I g-den Arouir tnelo huled abo.ve j s I l e of I lie power
liul grTilp of imperialists Ihat iu .-tui eralde uitder the title of '
hle rAmeric'at lt ternational corporaltion. arn or'gai.izaitil f of
the Morga Blns. Rockefellers. Hyans nt! liother finanliers forn)meIl
to cartry- with the help ul' a huge unv" and a gigantic ar1y -..
their produlicts to the foul corners of Ithe earth.
The Amlterticait I ternatioat coup, rlttiion owns ships and
shipbuilding plants: it lpracticailly col,,tols the exptort and ini
tort tlbusiness iln tlhe United States and has subsidiary tcorpora
tii.s ill all lines of induslly in every ioulliry ont the globe;
sugar plaIntUtions itn C.libi. cattle 'ratlies in lArgeiitine and
_rug:-ay. coffee pla tations in Brazil. lea ilmporltinlg companies I
inl the 1niiiled Slates. copper mines in Chile, oil i l Mexico.
railways in China.
`These 1p)we l i'i t.oCee compel p mili on to exist in p,.,erl.y
that Ihle golden strealnm ut profit that Iflows into their treasuries
lmi- n,)ot dimitnish: they make war oi d(hlilre petcet as btest suits
their I.nrp'lses: they cuontrol governmC,)ts a ilmake ,or break
law- a. they please. They are the real rulers of this nation.
It is on the workers that lilt bhii'hle bears most heavily: Ilupon
the workers also rests the respon)nsibility of wresting tihe p(,w'er
Over thle lives it the masses froit these insatiiable vuliu-es.
Iitldstiy must be socialized antd proi.duction carried onl lI'or
the purpos, e ut satisfying the tlned- of sociely. instead ,tt' i'r the
tprofil of it minoritily suo smIall that thi claims shouldt be ig
are supposed to cturte iand the rapidly itncreasing power of the
iitJuslrial autocrats makes delay dangerous.
The tluestioii t.of whether or not ii is already tIoo late for a
so.,lulionlt I peaceful means is . u bitl. )ilt for serious eottsiler-
The news that spats will be more it style this winter ihan in
llhe pa.-l. as brought to Butte by Ihe buyer I'r a local shioe lde
ptarttrent. should be eieoturaging tlo uttte workers. Al, o(lt
pair fit' sthoes. even low Ones. tcan be cuou11t'laged with ta pair oft
ap al t loo k stylish at least, evetn thotugh the stles are out.
Alt,I \\i lit shoest at preset I prfiteeritng trices. tand \wa ges at
the particularly low figure Ilhey are. it is more than likely tlhat
thouianals of pauir o tts "oliul shioes w\ill be worn it I.tlte this
ruler has given allother touching proof his love fo') democ
racy; in view of the existing f'acs. however', he would have
come nearer the tlutif hald he suid," To iU ysubjeCes.'
n Sum~mer ~Indoor Spr
\~~~.l ".'.. :.. '.'....'.'::. l·.:::·:::: .·''.: .":i.,.:'::' :;.":.'':5:'.": ·-'·;
::·1.:·;':::;1::::·:::·..::::~:; :-C:.;'·;·:·.-o-·... ·
i~jj j::-::~ ·~i-~:·~::::;::.·":·:~- :.I;...::,ll::::; ·.:1:.::· ?:;·'.'.I·~·`':/· ''··;··:·':I.::·. i":.'-.··
' . ';:;:·':::--:::;:- ·1.-.;.-.·;,. i~j:~ i:~~~.~i5:::····.···:: ;~ii~i3~
:,`,;~ ri~:.'~~~::~:.j.l :i1Ii::.:1:,~, :~iit:)i-j " i :: "?
:: .n~: j "i~':.::;·· .:;..;:; ·
. .... j::: I::... .......... ::~.. :~.::.::. '::: -7I :::~ ·: ..: . . .. . .. ... . . .. . .. . . . .. i . . -- . . . . . . . .:"'. -
I. you want to
know anything, ask
the Mucker. If you
don't know any
thing, a :us k t e
ý l_ uc ]k e r. If you!
know anything you
know the Mucker
don't know, tell it
to the public
through the Muck
er's column.
Dear Editor:---You will be sur
prised to get another letter from me
so soon. I really didn't intend to
write again, as I expected to leave in
a few days for Butte.
My letters, as a rule. are intended
to cause a smile, but you will have
to excus. mne this time, as this onIe
is more likely to arouse your synl
pathies. aucll have no doubt you will
i.?nted sever'al Ilandkerlchit'f4 to soak
tup the tears you can't help bur shed
when yotu read my wail of w.,e.
Late yesterday afternoon I rode
over to town with the boss to gt't
my mail and to send a. registered
letter to my brother-in-law up ill
Winnipeg, Canada. My sister huad
been sick and they have had solut
,---------------- ------mo
i Subscription Rates Are Going Up
For the purpose of helping to maintain The
Daily Bulletin;
For the purpose of helping to make The Daily 3
Bulletin independent of advertising;
For the purpose of having the subscribers bear 3
U ia portion of the deficit under which The Bulletin
unavoidably operates;
i For the purpose of continuing to fight for the
• people who toil;
For the purpose of increasing the effectiveness
Sof The Daily Bulletin.
Subsrijbers to The, I)ailv lBulletin on and
after (),I1. 1, 1919. will be asked to pay the
tfoilowiug rates:
One Month . . . . $1.00
 Three Months . . . . 2.75
Six Months . . . . . 5.00
One Year . . . . 9.50
Ti rit inaulgurationh of the above rate- on Oct. I will not ail'eet subseriptiolns
S whi c1l h1l(vele bell paid ill aitdvn-e beyond that date at the old rate.
I - '.s The D)aily Bulletin is eoi'.dueted for the sole purpose of serving the peo
ýsI ple. and not for the benefit of tllhoe who exploit the people. the itanagemelnt
-I feels sure that all the present supporters of this FREE PRESS will readily
ree.'nllize the necessity for the illerease il the subscriptiot i'ates and continue
Sg their support.
!.uuuhummum~niuuuuuhuummEae   Uaa mmmmu  uuuumauu mEEU ýuEIUU hUmU auEEUEEEUE~h
other trouble and decided a little
I got a letter from him in yester
day's mail. Hie told me a whole lot
of stuff about the Winnipeg strike.
and believe me, I was pleased to
hear from him. I never did under
stand why a bright intelligent girl
like my sister married a dub like
him. but I've got to hand it. to her-
she must have had an X-ray un
deriistanding of his mental worth.
Way clown underneath the outer
layers of petrified wood. where he
usulally wore a hlat----was a spark Of
intelligence. The Winnipeg strike
was all that was required io mcause
it to burin its wa;y through to the
surface. Sure thing he's discovered
he really is a workingman. He's
class-conscious anid you ought to
read what he had to --ay a~bout the
One Big Union.
Gee: I[ onte almost forgetting
t my pessimistic spell after all.
I A lfter I had transacted my busi
i'ess at tllhe postoffice. I got inter
ested in 'a buntch of Nonpartisan
leaguers, who we'e discussing the
hilgh cost of living and uther im
t portaut politica iq uestions. including
i hi weather. 1 got so interested
it when the bess decidled to go home, I
c told hili I would walk back to thi'
r ranch later in the evening. I had a
notion I would go up and see Hazel
Nutat. but just about the time i got
ready to lun over and visit with her,
I sa.w. her go by in a car with a pin
h:Iaded guy who works in the bank.
r- 1His name I learned is Will B. Rich.
te Now. I htaven't any strings on
o iHazel, butl you will understand I felt
in rather p)eeved the way thlings turtned
ciut, so after loafing aroun!id townit
la a while. I striuck out acroIss the fields
re to the ranich.
t Ii hadult traveled very far wcheL
L- it got dark on nme, anid ias there was
il no mtoon. I had quite a time trying to
ik ikeep on the trail. I finally re ached
Ad the top of the ridge and it was a
down hill h ull the balance of the
to way. I was traveling along at -a
It proa it.y good gait whent I stepped into
din badger hole, my ankle give a sick
in cning crack and down 1 went. and
td that wasn 't the worst of it. When '
me fell I plut out my hand to proectd
myself, and I felt a cold chill go up
ilmy back, my hair stood straight up
on end and ? smelled a smell, believes
me. I thought I had tumbled over the
A. C. Mi. press. The odor was fright
I had to have a pair of light can
vas shoes on with rubber soles anul
my foot was so badly wedged, I
worked for over an hour trying to
get out of my predicament. Luckily
I was less than a quarter of a mile
from the bunkhouse. so when 1 did
get loose I managed to hop and hob
ble along on one foot until 1 reached
Fortunately I am the only one us
ing the bunkhouse at the present
time, so I didn't annoy anyone by
my presence.
Now I hare beon reading somie
where, that W. A. Clark has been
quite successful in extracting an ex
tra cent from the people of Butte
for the privilege of riding on his
street cars. If he puts up another
holler, just send nme a line and I
will be pleased to mail him my old
duds. There is an extra scent about
them lie canl extract if he is so con
founded hard up.
Yours truly,
BecauRse of the fact. that Guorge
Grovich and Marko Mistle were four
blocks south of the city limits on
Harrison a-venue when the car inl
which they were driving crashed
into another ('or and seriously in
t jured Mrs. . . O. Magill and less seri
1 ously injured two others, ther case of
i the city against the meni was dis
missed for lack of jurisdiction. The
county's case against the men, which
is pending awaiting the outcomte of
Mrs. Magill's injuries, has not beti,
TC he following Butte people coni
:)owse a touring party who are elnjoy
ing beauties of tle national park:
Dan Sloan, Mrs. Sam Pattinson, Mr's.
N. Ferry. Mrs. Pete Rafferty and
X iiss Julia IRafferty.
mmmm mmmemmin WWWUEUUUFA

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