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Men Charged With Killing
Sylvester Prenatt Are
Given One Week to En
gage Counsel.
Two Greeks, l=ust Andros and The
odore Chronos (Chronopolos), ap
T.ared in the district court this
morning charged with the murder
cf Sylvester J. Prenatt at 1717 1
street, Dec. 9, while attempting tI(
rob the Prenatt home of a sdock of
liquor which was thought to be'
stored there.
Andros and Chronos both thought
they had made arrangements to have
Attorney Mathew Canning represent
A few treatments of CHIROPRAC
TIC will relieve you. At any rate
give it a trial. Quit drugs. Avoid
the operation. See Flora W. Emery,
Room 9, Silver Bow block.
Goodrich "Highpress" rubber foot
wear. All rubber goods repaired
and vulcanized. 5 N. Montana st.
WANTED)-Ambitious men to pre
pare for promotion. Apply In
ternational Correspondence School,
basement, No. 1 West Broadway.
WANT]ED--5 brigbt, capable ladies
to travel, demonstrate and sell
dealers; $25 to $50 per week; rail
road fare paid; write at. once. Good
rich Drug Co., Omaha, Neb.
ment by calling at 601 Daly Bank
building. Phone 347. Mary E.
O'Neill, manager.
DESIRABLE outside rooms, all mod
ern conveniences. Rates reason
able. Miners and students solicited.
421 W. Galena.
FINE PAINT ROOM for rent; four
cars to be painted if taken at once.
1;xcelsior Garage, 836 West Calena.
STEAM-lII ATED, furnished rooms.
hot water: $10 per month and
up. 8 W. Copper.
room; rent reasonable. 316 N.
MODERN, quiet rooms. PIhonix
heat. The Christie. 22 N. lMain
ROOMING house for rent, 8 rooms.
furnished, 747 Utah. Phone
ONE STEAM HEATED, well lighted
room. 150 W. Granite.
EASEL and swing frames, oval
frames with convex glass. land
scapes and religious pictures. A
beautiful line of holiday china in
tea sets, Cups and saucers, cake
plates and tea plates. Also cut glass
and table glassware. See our prices
before buying. Butte Picture Fram
ing company, 321 E. Park street.
Thos. F. Casey, Mgr.
wanted to buy $5 worth of stock
In The Bulletin Publishing Co.
THE CANTEEN, No. 11 S. Montana
street, soft drinks of all kinds
cigars and tobacco.
shop-Cleaning, press ng .
pair. Work guarantee-.d. .
(ier new management. 425 Ye East
Park st.
CLEANING. pressing and repairing
expert alteration. 843 Utah.
AMERICAN Dyeing & Cleaning Wks
1341 Harrison ave. Phone 131.
made like new. Ladies' and gents'
s;hoes repaired, dyed and shined
Ouick service. 118 North Main st
O. K. SHOE SHOP. First class re
pairing done at reasonable prices
Open evenings until 9. 125 Covert
THAT old hat-Make It look like
new at the Nifty Hat Shop. 8684
East Park St.
them. but Canning was not presen
in court to appear for his client,
Canning's partner, Mr. Geieor
stoutly maintained that neither Can
llllg 110or any menmler or 1h." fi.
had been engaged to appear to
either of the Grecks.
After some little confusion tb,
perfectly apparent sincerity of the
Grecks in claiming Mr. Canning to
their legal representative was ex
plained by the admission of Attot
Tney Geagon that the wife of one c
the defendants had interviewed th
firm of Canning & Geagon and ha,
been assured by the firm that thb
said firm would gladly become the
representatives of the aforemention
ed Greeks, provided certain condi
Lions were complied with.
Such conditions, declared Mr. Gea
gon. had not been met; consequent
ly Mr. Canning. notwithstanding th
statements of the two Greeks, wa:
not their attorney.
Satisfied with this explanation
I Judge Lynch allowed the Greelk
another week in which to secur,
counsel and to plead.
Steve Byrne. another of the fou
men charged with the murder ol
Prenatt, upon stating that he ha;
the mteans to employ an attorney but
desired nmore iml in whiich to do so,
was also granted another week.
Delivery Co. Storage, packin;
and shipping. Phone 5937. 538 S
Main st.
IU? TE Taxi and Transfer, 28,1/ E
Broadway, phone 100. Taxicab:
and baggage trucks. Baggage chek
cd and stordd. Day and night serv
Table board, day, week or month,
$9 per week; holme cooking; union
chef of 20 years' experience. Spe
cial Sunday dinners. Mirs. A. P.
Garses, 500 N. Main st.
meals, $8.00. Sunday chicken
dinner. 65c. Give us a trial. Gran
ite and Wyoming streets. Miss Eli
zabeth Murphy, proprietor.
IIIGIIEST price paid for used furni
ture and stoves. Union Furniture
Exchange, 248 E. Park; phout
ranges. City Furniture Exchange
206 E. Park street. Phone 6469-W
XMAS GIFTS--Save from 25 to 50
per cent on your Xmnas gilfts. Sat
isfaciojll or ino rile. Peo!pls L.o:::
office. 28 i/ E. Park st.
JEWELRY and second-hand cloth.
ing for sale at Uncle Sam's Loan
Office. 11 S. Wyoming street. Phone
IF YOU WVANT to sell or ,xchangc
youi'r prope'rty write Il(.. lohln .1.
' ck, 1,o t.1 .na St., Chippewa 1'u:·
THREE' pool tables in first-class
condition. Inquire 301 N. Slain.
GET YOUR MONEY at ii per cent or
diamonds, watcetes, jewelry, Lib
erty bonds. Muse Linz, Upstair
Jeweler. Two entrances--Mats an,
MONEY LOANED on diamonds
watches, jewelry and Liberty bondr
at a reasonable rate of interest. The
Old Reliable. I Simon, 21 N. Mail
WE IIAVE money to loan in large
and small amounts on real esta.t
and chattels. No delay. Von Fal
kenstein & Co.. 310 Phoenix blk.
ANY ONE vwi-hing card of instrue
tionts on how to avoid loss of life
and property when b)uilding fire.e
in stoves in frigid weather mn:iv have
one free by calling at 10 S. Montana.I
MADAME GUY, spiritualist, meets !
every Sunday, Tuesday, Friday at
219 W. Galena st.. apartment 46.
A. O. JACOBSEN-Jobbing, cabinet
office work. Shop rear 150 West
Granite street. Shop phone 1385.
PERRY & PATON, 1037 Maryland
avenue. Phone 4075-W.
soldier trying to make his living!
in the smallest place in town. Patro
nize him. 3 West Park.
WANTED - Men's and women's
clothes to be cleaned and pressed.
Montana Tailors, 425 North Main.
Phone 757.
Bulletin Want Ads Bring
Results. Phone 52
According to Manager Legare, all
vendors on the city market have com
?lete stocks on hand and are pre
tared to handle the big crowds which
.hey expect will take advantage of
,he wholesome and appetizing food
"tuffs during the few remaining
Jays before Chris.tmas.
The market will bh open evenings
ieginning Mtonday and there will be
music in the IBucsko building to help
'naugurate a real old-fashioned
Christmas spirit.
The outlook for a large supply of
turkeys is not prolmisinllg, states lMr
Legate, and the prices will no doubt
range higher than they were for
The bread from the Eddy Bakery
:ompany of Helena which has been
told on the Tuntt. city curb market
ty Geoffrey ('oughlin ever since thel
market started has been reduced int
price from 11 -h cents per loaf to 10
cents. Ten cents was the price
b!arged at, first. when sales amount.
ing to from 1.2n0 to 1.800 loaves in
I day were of frequent occurrence.
Afteorwards. however, the price was
boosted to 11? cents. As aresull
ales droptped to onlly a few hundred
oves per' day. Now they are going
back to the old system of small mar
lins and big sales.
(Continued Front Page One.)
anion. wlhotre discharges caused lthe
trike,. have beon reillstated in theoi
oirmer positions and colllpensaited
;ur the time lost.
"However, persons in search of
ntiploytient should not come to
B..oarereek unltil the strikes now in
,:ogult at ot her mines are settled.
'No. 4.157, U. Mi. W. of A."
Accompanying the official corn
imunication from the I3earcreekl coli
miners' local was the original of ihe
following letter written by a i!utte
man to the "fuel administrator" at
Senare'reek :
"tuttte, Mont., Dec. 12, 1910.
'Fuel Admllnillstr'a;or,
3cearcreek. Molut.
"Gcntlemilen: 1)0o ou want any'
niore miners? I am ready to conie
ait once providing you guarantee e:
pclses both -waysx hollould the striki,
he settlled and - 1 r' prevenllted fronl
wc;orking. lHave worked as a cinl
t. ti. miinor here ill Tultte since July,
"I had to move iny famlily to a
botel to keep themt warmn. Kindly
advise mle a:s to the above arnd
"Yours truly.
"Enmpire hotel, B!ute, Mont."
Bulletin readers patronize Bulle
tin advertisers.
Reliable Undertaker and Embalmer
822 North Main Street
Phone 770.
Undertakers and Embalmers
125 East Par~k St., Butte. Phone 388.
Residence Phone 4317-W.
Auto Equipment.
11'11 'IT :I, EI((.; , I'POUIL'RY.
Chic,'go, lice. 2 . --Buttller, lowte'r.
Cramery. 56:1 605 ...
Eggs lower. ereipls, 1,712
enay Firsts, 71 e; ordinlary 'firi.s,
55a 65Ue; at miiarl;, cases in!cli!dcd.
68(0 70c.
1'ou!try--Alive. tncihalfged.
Chicago, Dec. 21).- -Hogs -- -
eipts . .35 .0, ,: mnalket iuosilo v lae
higher lthan l yesterday's; a\e'rag
I~ulk, $13.900a 14.10: top. $11.1:1
hitavy. $1 3.90(, 14.15: mi ed i m,
$11.951 14.15: light, $ 3.75, . 1 4.15;
light light, $1 13.50t 1 .0; heavy
packing sows, smlooth, $ 13.25t.
1.75; packing sows, rough. $12.7
. 13.25:; pigs, $12.75 , 13.75.
Caltie-- -Receipts, 8,00'0. lar,'1:et
ate-ady. Beel steers, medium and
hl'a y weight, choice ae:l prime,
$1 8.4t'o ( 21; Imeditin and good,,
$10.75(0, 18.40); common, $8.35o
10.75: light weight, good and choice,
$1.3.25'" 1.25: common and me-1
dium, $7.50(1 , 13; butcher cattle,
teifers, $(0.25(, 14.25; cows, $6(1,
i; clnners :and cutters. ..,:6; teal
clves, $15.25,.16; fee:der .t-er s,
$6.75 ' 12; stocker steers, $6l; 10.25.
Sh1ee--R-eceiIpts. 7.001. .Market
firm. Lambs, $150(17.10; culls andi
common, $111.- 14.75; ewes. moediuim
a od good, $7.75,~ 1.0; culht and com
ion. s-'4.50(, :.. 1 1.
Omatha Dtc. 20. -- Hog- - He
ceipts, 8,50:; iaarket 0e int 2i1
higher. Top. $13.80: bulk. $13.5o
1;.70: heavy weight, $13.40(' 13.05;
Iedium:' weight. $13.5061 1 1.40;
lIght weight. $13.2.. 13.75: light
light, $13 ,13.25; heavy packing
w.we; smooth, :1,.2 0( 13.4!; packi-.
ing sows. rough, $1.', 13.20; pigs.
S10.75r, 12.50.
Cattle -- Receipts, 2..00. Beef
,teevs, good and choice butcher
s c: 15e to 25e higher; other elas
ses steady. Beef steers, medium and
heavy weight, choice and prime,
1 .75,1 S; medium and good,
10.750 15.75: common, $9;a 10.75;
1 ght weight. good and choice, $15.50
(,0-1.25; common and medium. $8.50
1 ,115.50; butcher cattle, heifers,
s 650o 13.25; cows. $6.25!- 12.50;
cauter: and cutters, $4.75,6.25;
American Legion Chief and
City Judge at Internation
al Falls Excoriate Gover
nor for Action.
Titernatioiial a'11 11 . lilon.. )Dec.
20.-Sharp telegi i n.i of protest
agaihnst Governor :11rnqu(llit's action
in sending the ational guard here 1(to
protect property iecause of the striket
of a scorO of loh;al rilroad enlmployes
were wired' to the gl1overnor last night
by I)r. E. Al. WV'ithorow- conumander
of the local A \II ian lll egion post,
and by Miunici pal .iudge Frank Pal
11 (1'.
D}'. WVitherow v's telegramill was iln
reply to a stat[nile,:1t by the gover
nor assailing iii1 local legioiiaires
for their opposill ition to the unnellllces
sary presence Iof thI:p ls her. Aftcl
declaring hii t hlcf that the national
guard should be 1anintained as a "de
.eone against th, ellctuies of the
'ountry," \Vilther lov's telegrlaml co
tinued :
"Ilad you seen salrvie, at the front
I am sure you w.ould hIa\ve hesitlated
befolre needloesst.:y takill an action
which mlight iiae 1the nalltlional
1guardll ul]npopularl as lan1 rgllllizaltioll.
Mem.lbers of thi loca:l American le
gionl post have plroved their worlth
It the front alld stf111d redildy to assist
in pl'eserving laiw iland order l ,1ut re'
fuse to roll over alld 1ark every time
'big business' snaps its fingers. We
are not against thle miliia. We wel
come them and they are enjoyillng
the privileges of oulr clubroomls."
In his telegraml Io the governor
Judge Palmer chanllenges lurnqruist
to name a tribunal to investigate the
realson for the 1cpresence of the troops
ald if it be found they arel' not re
qluil'red to resign his office and retire
from public life.
"I challenge Iloe governor to ap
poiut a tribunal to investigate the
sending of troops lhere," said Juldge
Palmer in his tloegramn. "It it i.
founllld that the u.tion is warralntled
Swill resign 1iit| llever again seek
political office. Itf it is not war
ranted, the governorf will re0sign anlld
anl1d nlever again be a can1lldidtlate fol
public office."
(:pecial United Press Wire.)
\Vashingt0.1, 1)c. 211.- TI he ..lnalt
forcign relati(ons co11inittse by :
vote of 7 to :I, ordered a fia\tlrobhl
report on t111e Knox refso0llution declar
ing peace bh'etween t lhe United Stater
an1d (Gernlany. The vote was striel
ly on part y lines. Senator LodgeI
immlnledliately took the report to the
(Special I'iited Pres \VWir.)
Portlanid, re., DIce. 211.--- Frail sii,
J,-lii(lo , sun of ''. S. .]ackson, pub
lifhet' of llthe Portland IJournal, was
aboerd the -!Il:. Ir ancelolor, o
ported wrfeikvle d at C-ape 13lanco
Younlg ;(Jackson relieved the seconlli
atsislat nl o gine!!' for tihs: Ono tlri
just for tIlhe experie ince. 'There i nC
repolrt. that he slri.vived.i
veal calves, lighlt and handy weight.,
$1:. : 14.50); feeder steers, $7 13;
stock-1;] slee(''r, $6.50)(, 11.
h('ep---leceipts. 4,000. ler v:el
S.t laly. ]iIIl)am s, 84 I)oullnds dow!
•$15(" 1 ; .25; culls and minwi on
$11.50 14..)); yeartlinlg wvelhers
$ 1 2.5e, II : ewe's, noedinum and
choicer . $S.2?,).8 9.5); culls and col l
1r1on, $5! 8.25.
SlMinooipolis, Dee. 20.---Wheat--
ie(eilpts 297 (ars', compl)ared \vitli
317 7 cars a ylear ago. Cash, No. 1
northerni, $ .100~ 3.70.
(orn-- No. : yellow. $1.50(1 1.52.
Oat.; No. .: white, 82 i, io s:F:$,c.
Flax $5m 5.10).
[Floir' --... 'nchanged. Shipientsl
110,697 barrels.
l Iarle(y $1.401( 1.62.
lt':' No. 2. $1.72%, 1.,7237.
lrin n -y t:1.
New York, Dec. 20.M-,lecant ij,
plaper inchu:il ed.
: 'legrl: I i-)lnandl, 3711 . ; ( bls,
F'ranc:. Dmand, 11.05; cables,
1i. .
Guill! r. Demand, :36i; cables.
Lire lmiueind, 13.20; cables
Mar,ý I) 1)land, 21)4; cables, 20(.
Ti ,i).. I1;lit ,-strong n(ld uncl ha)ngedl.
Call ioiIey easy; higlh, 8 per centl
tow ..!d rul1rig rate. 6 per ent:)
e!osinlg tit. 7 per cent; off0-ered at
ahd li:., Ir a il, 8 per cent.
New .'rlk. Dec. 20).-Prices of
ia1beri i,v d, 1 2:55 p. mn. ypSner
lday \w : :.. s, $:81 .!S; first 4s
$: .2: ',econld 4s. $9 l.:1S: firs'
4 is, ." : srconl 4,i s, $S9r1 ; :
third ' . ;u,).6o:0; fourth .4 ! s.
$91.5-; V itiry, ::8,s. $i99.92; \i\
tory . .: , 1.<s. (2.
N)ew Yor., 1Dec. 20.--- .iar silver,
$1.3; 3!,` rcan dollars, $1.01 .,
London. De.c. 20).----.ar silver un-I
changed: lmotley 2°.i per cent; dis
count rat' ull.Lthanged.
,:' ..11 MARlKE'T.
Noev Y or!:. Dec. 20.----Copper, iron
and anli:iin)y ulllnc-hanged.
l.etd, spot and Januarl'y, 7.3086
7.4 0e.
Zinc ,ady. Spot, 8.20L8.0c,.
Statement by Emma Goldman at the
Federal Hearing in Re Deportation
('We publish below the statement o
lmade by Etnta Goldman before the n
imuligration co'nimission considering p
the matter of her deportation. t
it offers a striking contrast to the
hysterical nmouthings of the kept d
press. It should bea remnenmbered that 0
E'lita Goldmoan is an American, citi- 'i
zen and that her deportation, if al- i
lowed, meains that the right to exile u
political opponents is conceded to
any administration that may comie to
power in this nation. --Ed. Note.) l
At the very outset of this hearing
I wish to register tily protest against p
hose star cha mber proceedings, I
whose very spirit is nothing less than
a revival of the ancient days of the
Spanish inquisition or the more re
'ently de funcllti third degree system ofi
czarist R{iussia.
This star cihamber' hearing is.
,'urthermore, ai denial of the insistent i
l:aii oni the part of the government it
.hat in this country we have free,
;pourch and a free press. anil that ev
n1y offender against the law --even t
-tie lowliest of mten is entitled to
tisl day in open courtl anid to Ibe
heard and judged by a jury of his ii
poet's. n
if the present proceedings are for
he purpose of proving some alleged
)ffense conmmiited by ihe, some evil
)' anti-social act. lioen I protest
tgainst ithe secrecy and third degree
methlods of this so-called "trial."
Intl if I unll lnet (har'ged with anly
lpecific offense or act. if' as I have y
'eansotn to believe--this is purely an -
nquiry into my social and political
)pinions. thou I iprotest still more
vigolrously against those prot'e/-'dings.
is utter'ly tyranntical and diameotri
•ally oppiiosed to the fundamental
gual'allnteies of a tri ile delllclac'y.
Every humait being is entitled
o hold any opiniion that appeals to
licr or hiii without making hIerself
:r himself liable to plersecution. Ever
;ill.e I have been, in this tcollttry-
tud I have lived here prinatetically all
ily life-it has been dinned into mly,
at's ithat uider the institutions of
his allegedl dmoerct'i'.y onie is emi
irely free ito think and feel is lie:
)leases. \Vihat becomes of this sa
'red gtuarantaeo of freedom of thought
ind conscienc'e when plersolns atre he
ing persecuted and dri'ven ouit for the h
ely lotinivos anld pi'rtposes for which
,he pioneers who built up this coulll
ry laid downi their lives? IN
And what is the object of this
star clhatmbter proceeding. that is ad-i
iulitledly based oni the so-called Anti-i
A.inarchist law? Is niot the only ptr-'
1use of this law. and of the delprti- t
lions On mtass'. to suppri'ess evoery
yinptoln of popular discontent now'
ianifesling itself I iroigh this (toill-I
try, ias well as in all th1 .iurolpean t
antds? It requires ino great propliel- !
c gift to foresee thati lthis new go'.- I
rninlenial policy of de l'ortat (ion is' =
but the first slop towards the intro-!1
l]ction into this conltIry of the 1 old i'
lRussian system of exii'' fot'r lihe high:]
relason of enterltininig inew ideas of I
racial life and induslrial reconstru(-'t
ion. Today so-called allens iare de-'
pooled, tomor'row native Americanlsl
wvill be banished. Alre'tady somtine pa- I
trioteers areo suggesting that native -
A\lnoei'ican sons to wihonti 1)eloiricyv
is not a shlnin but it sacred ideal ]
1houlhl be exiled. To he Sure, Almer-I
'a does not yet possess a suitableh1
place lilk, Siberia to which her ex- '
iled sons might be sent, but since she 1
!11ts .ugnll to anle lire colonial pos- "
sessions, iin contriaditions of the trin-t I
ipai.s she stood fior' over a centuriy, it
will not be difficult to find an Anmer
!can Siberia once th le iprcedent of I
banishllent is establithhed.
The Antli-\Anua'chist law ctonfuses;
Owe 111s5 varied social phihilosophitesi
aid in.ss in order to cover willi tle 1
;acne blanket, so to speak. every ele- I
Mnit of social protest, so Ihalt underl'
the guise of the single law, str'ikiiig
ieel workers, railroad tinn. or any'I
other class of workers, may ho cur-1'
'itllted wholiesale and illh inist anetive1il
t'f tlih strikl':ers llrriedl toill itf ihe'
''otlir1'y. iii order toi serve the inter'-i
-sts of our in(dustriail kinigs. I
Collective bairgaininig folr the
wor]kers is now an admlitted right, I
i'recognized by Ithe highest officials
of the land and ac(ep!ld by the most,
reactionari'y eleiments. Yet whenli the I
steel worikers of this country after'
ai quarteri of ita cenlitry of desper'ate I
struggle om' the right t,) t al'gain cal
lectively, have iiilsterid enough spii
it atid coliesion to fitter inito it struig- I
gle with the stel barons for that.
fundamental right, iie entire l illa
ohiinery ofl gove'rnmenti, state and fed- I
till. is lput ill loperationll to criusii ithat
plirit anld to illnderol'tiitie the chance I
of establishing hitilnalle conditions ill
ihO industry whiere conditiotin haven
'Itne workers iii the seotl industryit
ha it' expt'ct;sei-d nti itarti'utilar so hitlt
lihilolsophy. They uirel ulrtahnly not
oli vi'ike; to "'overllirow the g~ovel'n
miet t tI)' ii foi't-t oi' viol tict," yi t thi I
Ainti-Atiatn'rlhisl law is us(id as ti
useall to) Ir(.a(:l out fol" tihese simlll , IO
hird-drieliv and tlard-pressid ilittiai I
iteitigs, who have etldatlget'ed lifl atld
lihb toi blild up this devout'ilg inot- I
-t I----th sheel ttust. A teign of tr
ri'l' tilts bhiat established in the sitikei
regigti. Alite'ican iiosslaeks. klnowli I
85s the stta lit consltiiiillitr'y, ride over'
melt, i tot enti titid .hihlr t ;n dettittos I
of the dtleqartmtii'tt itf justice bhitak I
into thii si cikers' hotts. violtaing
the; b-a('r'd A Ingl(o-Saix n t ruditio)n I
that a mati S t oi i itt his castle utid
it ty inOt tie e:tl>'-red except by diei
ivatuiant ii liw; and to add the fin- I
ishiug toulch] to this Ipicture of Anmer
icel "free~doin," t h, ininlligrationi aii
I lih ies, lhe titin itt yoti del1ar1-1
'i t 'i , take tie sti'ikho's oft secretlI
and ordir tlhein hltioried by sucil I
oirovt"'dilngs its t aip tiniiug subtjectiedI
Itt loday, withoit havling cottntilil dt
iv'ivn t he slightest offense against!
"Armricani instititiouns, save tilt' t'lte
thai. is 1]11 groutt~est (in[ne today- ...the
right I'f the workers to life. liberty
and h, p1.1 rs1iit of hi a Ppitipst--a
tight1i lthal was itiade ini Atmerica, aidi
niot imiiltorted bIy these hlated aliets.
A i liltmtiSsiotI, aptpoililed by yoaut
]departmient, finds that SI per cent of
te wealth in this country is pro-it
dncttd by lheose aliets. In retluirn fitr
lilt's thiy are hotlnded atud pelsecnt
ed as criminals and enenies.
Under the mask of the saine Anti
Anarchist law every criticism of a
cot'runlt administration, every attacki
on gover0tinemIt abuse, every inpifbs
tailn of 01 pinathy with the struggle
of anlother country in the pangs of a
new bir h in short, every free ex
pression of untrammeled thought
may be sI.uppressed utterly, without
:ven thIe semblance of an unpreju
diced heSring or a fair trial. It is
or thles reasons, chiefly, that I
streluousIly protest against this des
lotic law enid its star chamber meth
ods of Iprocedure. I protest against
Ahe whole spirt underlying it----the
ipirit of an irresponsible hysteria,
ths result of the terrible war and of
the evil tendencies of bigotry and
perseculion and violence which are
the epilogue of five years of blood
I(Under these circumstances it be
Ioimees evidlent that the real purpose
.)f all of these repressive measures
chief anmong them the Anti-Anarch
ist law--- is to support the capitalist
status lquo in the United States. Vain
is the pretence that the safety of the
count1ry or the well-being of the
\lmerican peolple demands these dras
tic Prussian mnethods. Nay, indeed,
the people call only profit by a free
,liscussionl of the new ideas now ger
minating in the minds of thinking
men land women in society. The
oree expression of the hopes and as
pirations of a people is the greatest
tind only safety in a. sane society.
In truth. it is such free expression
and discussion alone that cain point
Ihe illost leneficial path for tlhuman
.rogress and developmnent. But the
object of deportations and of the An
Our Motto: "High Quality Food, Low Prices."
A trial will convince you.
SThe Centralia Workers Are CallingI
.\{ (;(,lln allin on No blll e I l th lo l i h[t ,fr Free As-
-m ..,nhinlgt. lli0 r'ighlt ,oI \w',rklini men i n'l I, rgan'ize a~ndl liro
" led' llteil' lnlc' ling. lplur( l'fr ml Inle\'ls.;lta('k. \\as tie
l+('llIt '(I I,!- l i 111'11. llInembers'' (r1' llf C \\t h 'kitng" (h'lila [
Th I'l,' ,I rml'(' t hlt' e Il i'g'hVIsI a,$'in.s+t alla.('lo s. w ho,
a- diie'teltd Iy hla'm' illulu,.lriatl ittlel s.'.+ wefte s.eeking# 1,o m
-" usv. Th'lal lh, 1. \ . \V. Imll was tl Ihe oneo utta(:ck d of
- lll;1t m11 lem ,I' s ,+' Ilf(L i. \V. \V. afr, tllo \i(.tims is n1Olt the, a
I u l. Neilhe't is it Iiiaiti''ial as it whit \Vei'e ,illed. Ii,
- tro, lels, Ilml Ilhe mlithers'v of the I. \V. \V. who +le'
- i rl t \ 'i il m rL eitl 'it' a < ,ll titC i ' lit a e t ot ii II .ijtii il I )e.a It '
th s Il,, h '\l, alln<.keI lithe h ll t'(,l. AL\ I+vetrelt it wxa. [
S \\tltirri- whi , " li 'ieil <lil itwL . y(ltlt ..tione tl' the o lher litle
RI+ II1IIv l'+.c,<l +il~. )( n ~lt'h l' (.h ,l' t. '. w1;(1~ Ili)lI~cr lt. sl'
U Irpj t'i'+t., Ile' o'('' t jail i.tw is .hetatiiie tliey thatetli ]
a l.l'efll (n, lill lil.inl r l il.ht . T h'I h'll(, ti'en s t atIl d( ir'e( .eC t
Ihe, +ilek.! fr,,m al saf' <li.slanie uilul whlo are( noi,+r thit'.d
:. ling' l, ' m or lt , 1 1 t he ll ,. Tl'he lim e ha.s at
I t, inlalrv . Ir llhe ,,\ortkers,. d1 notl ratlly 1,, tlti.s <el'enle Ihe~y i
a i ',i' ir ii sI, lhi,. aill itk ni It I . \VWi . i . Ii hI' w\ill o' e lnI ici
IU li l " t , l l h ile i l v e , -
m ·· pressed Mrpini~ct'cling an ed~ilorialt etll i\e tl~e. Cl~ont Shut; e
the case€'l't ul h 'l t n it+lus ,Loi sioinlli, w\hee fourli orl'itia~l. oI'f
Sm e ll(,+. I,. oI I,. wc, re sloI( ,lo\wn lb. guarllds: emplol yedl lby
i e Ml i nhe'l i Tru tl 111. Col nsidhler als+ 1lllo aid( s < l he Noni
pairtlisa ni Let,+gti+ flit' vi,,lnc(e inflli<'led~ u on 11s. Selethris.
a" <.c lh+lub e i,,41ealt iln lP<,ii iylvania. Trho.-e wh, areshoult
ini. nowx, lIMIl Ile I. \V. \W. nteo unl-Amnetientn will 1hoe
__ slhoulling fo l (1+v bl oo, I o, f , hI ll pr ol grelt:ssi\ve etlement iln the
m__ A-. I:. ,r L. hInter . , i f. i r oli.,ughl lle lt(,hurt y, ,of' the workt+
I ois llh,+y sur.(''od in a. hi. ngil+ unl tihe lives of' the ~entrai'adu+m
a Tlhl.,'e i.- no, dl<ublt ablout. Ilb itnnocence of tho.se
I 'lill'h(aLr \v.il Ie lIst theilives is
h llle tale'l~ll . N ii onllt I l erll(t l'S il lilg' thel silii+teri i fllr lellceo
( ol til' e ai t l.rii lll. d i lle lt eVe exilll alt tii lo ll' o f
I Iire. Thi( bll uite f',1 th i ell,' lolth. otte.. Hl~,ll~ow ve', r'est
( \vliw i itith 1l'>em er ofl llio 1. W\. W%. who ialre oblitrged willi a
ia Ilicii' th 'iilli" r ei it 'e + o t ho .e vho di 'ected t la t
I llel'nll( illli Ilic i'r ('ilian an ll t o the 1. \W . W,\. hall.
Trh(, ir. .e(.iili<) i+s in ikii ' s ltr i l O I o rstv {o
a I il. Irsie.e \xworl'k e' .. 1+. IIil l (oIn tllh FiIll fI JaI l r'. Tlhe| y It
(·un1 he organiiizedt. .\lso, thereI is a c~on~sp~iracy\ amonigY rst
a all'i, ll of fl.lic'icil.'<. ovCI em'' uenIiit'ii. slta ilt lle Iltiillimtil)al, to a
I't f isn el<,(, iii ,,rl'ic.., liii.vt, h oeenl ri ,chedl by tholn. M~ail sei'v
ic(e ill I ty(' , oiI\ f l' Seaitll e ttitll otl er towvi. of tlhe Norith- il
S \\·t!. i. dhniit,]l to tile dltfei.'e (:(rlilitutete w'ilthout roituIl I
o!ltihelr llil I t iha lhtpeqjudtl ice ,,1' lio n iirotw-niniidled olfic~ials.-+
lilt 1. W\. \\. lHld \vithltJU (ha.trge.s.---withouit eVeil a prto- .
UI lii' ' ii liiil, hic ll itJt like lead irtl a c~iue, t iiholy t a
el cl or cove'c'l'ilg , ill a I ng' eziii' attlo lslpher. i \\·illi t'h c fo dt Ln
il i I'. Iliit,. t llts oict ti s e chstl i alns ( ,i t j stic .f
ii 'W\\i hhl" " i I glilinnl e V I reY, t' ane Irietecl 'lik a ditl . i
- Ir r ill --i l, t iiled i iti o ij ig dat t l iebe a t erl ec leultin, U
'tii "\ hlti i .i " ilts I\iiil~ih I. txh~l i)f olt e l'lil \+ m
I: < o g'itiil~ ~ iiti, Iit.itui tl l'i'. taI. live tmcinilstt o Iliej'o.titli , c i-i
- ill lley'lhen sIt tle vn to o " theih iirt:mu h v\auttinlcl t [
-U .ltl icu·ett ll? 'e+. i hit \\iu ill. lilii Iie vult 'lrcs w lhoi. hii - U
iin- t.h'voi'iel o eli ii ii t oit' li sc k noilil her'. 'i heii iiexts vim,- a
lit i will iii eitt, e I- . \t e.Vt ti- , '. hoit., igioli aril eil the iss hi I
SliiV tilt' iilit ii 'ii oi canituI lnt [lit i.o\V vit. lunau .
I ii tV Ii tl' cii' I ', isli Il late itt'llu ie iT t .al l t t'nie aetleetiht i
S'iii ii iii.318 Nil. Wyoming St., Butte, Ilontana. llit I
[ letnitaill. ic,' u tu'l,.\\-'agi.lit bvhyh ' hem. Mil s - H
U itte it, lhit' t it iii'eatle anid doie'lt' towns tl' f [tiev, North-n , + il
i ~~, i- ii( alii ttni.tl 'tliw t'o iellehwll iebi.t
[] |hI inilnnlituulitist unuinuiedltb usiidat,_tt ji-ic
ti-Anarchist law, as of all similar re
pressive measures, is the very op
posite. It is to stifle the voice of the
people, to muzzle every aspiration of
labor. That is the real and terrible
menace of the star chamber proceed
ings and of the tendency of exiling
and banishing everyone who does not
fit into the scheme of things our in
dustrial lords are so eager to per
With all the power and intensity
of my being I protest against the
conspiracy of imperialist capitalism
against the life and the liberty of the
American people.
Two gentlemen were yesterday ar
rested by sheriff's officers and con
fined in the county jail, because, it
is alleged, they threatened to kill
their wives.
In both cases proceedings were in
stituted in a justice's court to conr
poll the aforementioned gentlemen
to put up a bond as a guarantee that
!hey will not lay violent hands upon
their better halves.

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