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SU T .=CAP . .Y s E - m...,........ ...s.. .S4 z
O'OOAT .......... S:sALE SH T ....
Leather VEST. .. LE SOX ... ............ SALE
See Windows See Windows
MEN!, we want to call your attention to
the fact that we didn't carry overalls and
jumpers for niore than a year as the man
ufacturers wanted too much money for.
them, but today we have three hundred
-dozen of the.best two-twenty blue denim
UNION-MADE, Thribble stitched in high
back, low back waists and jumpers, today's
price $2.50. my price special at
Murphy's Money Back Store
65. E. PARK ST.
(Paid Advcrtiscment.)
Chicago Shoe Store Manag
er Comments on Success
From Making Bargains
Known Through Bulletin.
"Bulletiin advertisin- g pay . de
claied Manager Ed Lipson of the
Chicago Shoe store, 43 East Park t
street, this morning in conment-ing
upon the success of a shoe saleo:
which began at his establishmeltt a
Saturda,y and at which all records a
for sales at such events was broken.
"From the time the doors were
opened at our sale," said Mr. Lip
son, until the last customer was
shown out 'it closing time, the store ,
was crowded with eager buyers,
many of whom took advantage of the
low prices to, equip every member of
their families w:th shoes. What
convinced lme, of the desirability of
the Butte Bulletin as an advertising
mediumu, was the fact that many of
the customers in the store had clip
pings of our advertisement from The
Bulletin in their hands, and others
mentioned that they had read of the
sale in The Bulletin. Bulletin ad
vertising pays. as I have found out,"
declared Mr. Lipson.
Big crowds attended the Chicago
store sale today. indicating that the
record of Saturday's sales may bel
co0Uns sF !
*(Coitinlied from 'Pag' S
lidtiti.uy and police of.iials `llo lpad
.bec. active in reprisal raids, forces
of thie "black and tuns" yesterday
afternoon descended without waº'n
ing on" a vast crowd at a' hockey
tinatclh at; Croke park and openell fire
on theeoaeowd with machine guns and
riftlci;::..rci'en .i anii. prWCe lhot dead
and two.:others were kiiled in the
stamupede 'tht tinsued as the crowd
fled bl.fobte the rain of :bullet.
°\ oatuRileri;'zi atsr a t co 1.t u e d
throughout tiieT 'ight thlo sreets
.clohog to f. slades- of ,shots as the
(igldJil mIsu ty al podUce encoun
rearowl si+ttunce from isolpited groups
of Lan-Felners. A number were re
;i t.h. desultory E aring
hs te resuilt of the disturbantees
ýN'shIcb 4 when. the excut Won of
"N W.d
yesterday ijmorniung, DUlbliu and con- -
virons today" assuslu d the aplpear- u
antice of a Freuch village on the west- t
era' front during a Gerlani. offen
sive. All roads were blocked by i
heavy patrols of sold'e'rs and poll'e,
backed by lorries bristling with bay.
onelts and liachllce gunls. IaIlltroads
onerated. no trains today.
Strollg: forces of police aund sol
diers systematically raided supposed
Sitn Feidn gatherinlg llaces yest..erday
and during the n1ight., earching 'for
the Sinn Fll ein leaders. The raids
continued today.
The nuinber killed in yesterday
morning's raidsraids n British military
and police officers remained at, 14,
wtth 1"2 victims of theo.reprisal raid
made by crown forces on the crowd
at the hockiey"m natch, .listed.
Thre hospitals are reported filled
,with wounded, but officihL reports
said only 80 had been lirithued initlihe
fighting yesterday and last nigtlt.
The Irish office authoiitfes. declared
a nimuber of "important Sinn Fein
doctunents had been securel in the
raid on Croke park.
The S nn Fein attack was launched
at 9 a. om. yesterday when an estl.
mated force of 200 cOlidueted simul
taneous raids on quaritets f l ritish
officers. A major, six captaills and
five lieutenants were amont-g the vice
tinfs.: The lrlsh office acted iliunedi
ittely. Orders closing all roads were
issued and strong forces sent to
wi· ok park where i.t.,iv.s hoped sonme
raiders ,Would be apprehended. The
govermliCent version was that Sine
Feiiiets obu the outskirts of the crowd
fired oil the advancig a.trps and
pollee before the machine glms were
turned on the crowd of SIn t'ittors.:it
the gamie. The raid is believed ,o
haie been' conducted for tho-.putrpouk
of regl .ing soime official- British
docu..nents that had been seizic4 by
the Siiu Feiners and to dilscorage
d uither activities by, the Srii l:eain
Accordinig to the stories of eye
nwitinesses, the blacks and 'itnw, aind
the military quietly sulltomlded the
pllark, someo of the, troops taking a
position along a rail lne which over
looked the park enclosure. Somne of
the troops theno entered the gate.,
i ith levelled bayonets while machine
mgul squaids sprinkled the crowd Wt:tlh
i (Special United Press Wiire.)
di t)ubliln Nov. 22.--The bodles of
- several additiewmd victims of fighting
1 b.tween Shin Feiners add British
forcer acere found in :theu streets of
1d Dublin today. The confusion throlugh
Lta out tlWe city is-so great'it is Impossi.
-e ble to tell how they were- killed- of
- Iliatn.
s f .e biggest roundup of Sian i-Fein.
l- ors in thoe history of the rebellion it
g now in f ult swhig. Scores e leade-
Shere and i Q(ueunstsown have beeoo
t ,arrested.
oft 'Inic. reigns in DubUlin and mar.
of Dublin appealed for protection and it
a ,;,tquad of "black-anld-tans" was sent 9
to guard hlu,t' 0
l1eiumnption of the guerilla fight. u
ilug is believed immiicent. ti
(Continued From.nsag O be )
difference aspeCt since the jury n
found Webb guilty of murder in .the
first degree last Thursday, by the t
confession of James "Red" Willam
that ho and not Webb or the Steele r
woman doped McAlo6e.
James Williams was ono of thet
witness.es for the state in the prose
cutioai of Webb. Attorneys . Harry ,
Meyer and Murphy of the county a.- 1
torney's office are prosecuting the
Steele ease,; apparently- in total dis
regard of the now developments
brou*ht Out by Williams' confession.
Judge. Lynch appointed Attorney
Joseph McCaffrey.to asafat Victor
Berry in conducting the defenso of
the Steele, woman. i
At noon the jury box :was filled,
but neither the state nor the defensCI .
exhausted any of their ebitllenges.
It wias thotight that the entire
afternoon will be occupiD. l i. the se
lection of ai jury.
What is characterizod .t..li.,court
liouse as an cxamiple of the utter d$li
I regard for the law by the element'..
r wh.ch conducted the re.(.';diaminpaign
folr the republican tick.'.r.s agiati
brought to light today- when at ý'
o'clock it was ascertauled the repubt
lican campaign 'conmminL.t. had failed
ulr to that time to fli'e' i--tateoment
c of its campaign expendi'tures.
The laWs required that such re
turns must be made withi. 15 days
'f after election. The penalty for9iti
ure to obey the law is pot loss ihlau
one year in jail and at fine of $5, (
II as a maximum, it was stated.
. (Speclaj United PIress i~re.
i Aboard the Steamer Piaraiai, Noy.
22.-Halrding's cabinet will not .be
n. a coalition cabinet, according to per
i sois close, to Harding. The repirt
rs that Senator Chamberlain, democrat
,n. would:i :te named seprtry otf s
declared 'to be unfouindedathog
SChanmie lain is a - oo8 trieun of
H H dfzin, _
PROr ii U iI
. oater e Pa 'f
Lea Wor *a
in ions.
lChicagod 1'.2... --To h.ilp apee4 I
ip th; r Iat 1 iand struetural,
d e-"vlop '' the trade u.,lionil
movoment, t iet in hastening Iti (
natural ovdl from a craft to at If
iidustrial thi is the'task sot c
foir itself ,bjar orgintzatios just
launched . i U " -;;go, called the
Trade Untdia i'd aue' t leagueu' t
Its naotonal~Cideitary in Willlir Zi .
:Foster, foremnt l secrcetary-treaoiter
of thu nntiUonauf eolumitteo for or
ganizing. iron- i.d eracl wokeors, the
comleanittee otc, . cu.,ducted the re
cent great, o ng cam;npaijibtl epd
strike in the lStqtl idlustry.
When roqie4q d for a detailied
statement of the.P.lrposes of ttdliew
organization,.'M roster said:: .
"Uinquestionl 1" the suptemne n.ed
of labor at.-; t i ctue , l.a' greater
solidarity atsp its fighting fotrcs.
Faced by mased anld aggressiv:plor
ganizatona o..-heplhytrs. thoe onl
way the workes' ctun avo'd crushain
defeat is by t a.gi:., about a .similat
consolidatioti &`'ad militancy tIn ¢tie4r
own ranks, , Tito scattered coinpan
ics and rogt .,ts of thie trade
union movoemfnlb muest bc. united t.i.t
powerful d:iflt.'s and armies. The
days of useftt;lnds for pure and sitt
ple craft unflouiir are gono forcvei;
the era of itni'nine upon an indus
trial basis is now at hand.
"I say.a.'i,.cdly that the period
of pure ai s.,imple craft, 'unionism
is gone forever.., And I say it not
because of thei·eed, of the situation,
or because ot:the Ihooerizing of intel
lectuals that the tinme is overripe for
a broader typ .Of unionism: but he
cause of t.he. toiiiusand-times-m or-in i
portent fact itht virtually the whole
trade union moveuneat, yiclding to
the' irresi~talyf' force of circutm
stances, has ':''ow deflnitely aban -
doucd thei histoirc craft union poitcty.'
Of each organiitation for itself.: T'his
is evident, noubfo lutch in theory adn
in practice.' 1he trade' unions as: a
whole,. those U;ittt are affiltttoed to
the A. F. of :Ll and theose that ':re
niot, ure ~ gadu lly rcsol-ing- them
solves into ia;.number .o0 indiuist tal
units, one::fhft ll of ith abasic' in
dust.ries itt.w*h .3 organization: of the
workeors extt "
"The unl.i~i, rcupondl ug, to cc0
nomic prediet]'ere coing to .bl.ter I
understand'it ir coumiijit. "relation
ship. and th i.r .,need of a-'common
fighting froit (Gtraiduallyt _they .iie
developing o sigle Orgasnitatiohis as.
wide as .their;. pecti.e. tdustr-tea.
This ..tey a -'omplishi by at
whole seloes Of':gctrtogeother -gvices,
such, as a.inu.aiatio ns, fode'rations.
federations, departimonts; ; local .:id
national councils, jointt-agrbomunt',
joint organizsi crm'paigns .'.aidl
strikes, .extetisl of jdrlBdic(tiUonS. t
takd6 into ithe unitns, the u'.nsl tilled
women and, ne'roes. PU eljy iii
dividual action Vofa single craft in
these industries. f: s rictically a
thing of the past.
"Tht' signfficatnce .of'this evolution
is at once manifest when it is noted
that in the industrial divisions re
forrod to there are about 100 larg4e
international un.ios, containing fully
90 per cent of the entire membershipj
of the tra.de uniogi; affiliated :.aud
unaffiliated, It idtans that pra.c
tically the whole labor imovement ia
gradually and un:caJ.igly c.hasiging
from a craft. to an indUstrial bi.sis:
More speed upon our ipatrt "is.. Vitally
es olitial, however. .
"Right here is whei.' the Trade
Union' Educational league..hopeas to
be of service. It. ascribes'.our lobw
nues of progr.ss to the lack' of r.
ganizato!n and plkin on the "part of
those element:; ,in, 'the .morement
lhich must realize the necedsity for
progress. , Among them .there" has
bcoel entirely too much pcstinsln.m,t
too much of the 'it cau.t-be-dou e'
spirit, too mnuch chausiag of rainbosi
in trying to reorganize the whole
labot movement .'ccording to the
dream of Doe Lon; and entirely too
14ttle of dcterminidQ and systemoatle.i
effort in bringing ,the groups of
workers' toge-ther.. The new body,
which 'is purely educational in char
acter, will k ' to' 'correct this.
Working in ha.rmueny 'with the uas
tural evolution of the trade unions,
it will strive to niake, this .rolution
broader, deeper, swiftor and more
olear-sight.ed. It 'wil pro'viite nlili
Lant union meun 'Withl the .odianiza
tion necessary to formulate and ap
ply the ,practical -Vaegrams-aQ 'sadly
neededl to create 1sal- .Olidarity
amontg the toiloir ..thi lustrice.
i witl ,.ake clole )dlitla a live
tioUiedi.tcvcry uuienf i the country.
"J.usjt as quickly g$~i ctlcable the
edu~ation.al workl..l.O be ailalized
according to indusi.y: th'bt is to
ssai; wholn EJtfiC lnt. ýn"4pl0 of live
wire unionists are earol.lih fromi the
nifons in any of the e .bove-nietioned
aittjl]trial divis:o i tbvi will draw
uppa ' special 'orgiitlital'tiiio .among
thenmselves and m.p_ ouit the pro
gram for their industry.
O"""or exaisple, i nth.sch. ,u e'duca
.tiontal orgajiu.atioli, -egistiig :in thei'
.railroad section, we would find the
Smilitants in the score of i'lois ('in
tlitoead of d inoriplibd4 'arid plhanless
as now) all thinking '.the same
thoughts tand workindg 'n the sanme
s practical mniaouro~, . .er leading on
Ward from the present notwork "Tff
federations to tits. finailand inevitable
general union for the- whole iuditH
try. That substanttal headway. can
be made through auth methods, can
not be doubted by "those familiar
with their use in valious countried.
"In the near fututFe we will issue"
iur official jourata: It will follow
jtosely the structural and :other de
.plopments of trsaUs tinions all over
the world, andl w~i carr!y the mes
1we At Aluercau~ .olonits. Just
now the Trade ~tion: Educational
v. league is seeking to get i.f touch with
ti ilte union meu..and iwomen so that
r local branche'l may ibe .set tip in the
i_ va-irous localitied' and Industries.
t, Tbe headquarters ate at 166 West
kr cashingtou street, .Chicago, Ill."
f When in doht." look _p-the
·' #utto 3i1!¥ 1 a .... ,'
"qqTiose f~n.hdil of lthie . la;e Jacob
i'airtbac.:waei hold tfitl ioriiting frorm
.keo'fanmily .isidehee 3a Plum sttroeet,
it .':0'ciocj , roXee iifg, under mili-'
Lary dicoidt, rti t HUdly .Savior church
wihore high imats '.as 3 Clolbratled at
9:3.0 ,o'clockl., Interment was in Holy
Cross cei.etery. t The' funeraul was
hiitd sider. the auspiccs of the Armeri
.uin Logion.
Big clo;/k 'and su t -sailoat the Ilt
toruatioital store. For Tuesday anu.d
\Vodieiday only, one-quarter off.
Sedeo'b irgaint In lad.es' ituit and
coats, pluthoes and cloth coats.--Adv. I
Thelo funr.l of Mrs. 'ranuces, Cun
niiughitm .ha held this morning at I
1) lo'ck. frOntm the familty houle, 1
Ridgeloy avtinuce, proceodiag to St,
Lawrhneu'hs church, "where high mast
was celebrated.: Int.erment i -'ai s inl
iHoly Cross cciitecry. -
Great salo of< ladies' cloaks and
suits-oin-fourith off regular pricts
at Intternatlonal store, Tuesday and
W~Rdnesda.y, :I I( imast Iark.---Adv.
$100 reward will be paid to anhy
one .-rovilfg :we do not put in the
bhot math a.j'ing for $ t, Mafer, 87
North Mal:h itreet.-Adv.
F'apit. Alike O'Doutnll of the pol'lee
departnment is confined to his room
with a severe cold.
Got the Inlerntatlunhal store re
ducod prices before you buy corsets,
cloaks, suits, . ll.tllnery. children's
slhooeS. Less thuan w-holesalo priccs.
Judge Lamb' s in iozemau today,
lihariig cases in the place of Judge
latw of that. place.1 who is hero eit
ting i`'the dleCtion contest case.
.Willa.t Pascoe, G2, a former.resi
rdpt ,of ilutte, died at Seattle Sun
day:. The bddy will .be forwarded to
this city. The decoased is survived
byh two brothers. Jalmn;i and George
Pascoe; and cousin, .Mrs. Ed Tippett,
!all o' utto. Pascoe was a atinlbcer
of lMitto lodgo, No.: 22, A. F. & A. M.
li anlk "HIazelbaker, state penator
olect, from' B13berheiad count!.y, ..r
rit:d. if. Iuttto list might on a'busi
li.oss.' trill.
SLeesons in n.btlish. .41 ll. Broad
Way, '9 h. m. toe 9 p. m.---Ad.,
SI 2o8uaifleld of Ileoria,. nas in the
ctty yestefdy., attcndlpig to business
Buy 'at: Internatiunal - stores' big
tuni3.daing s'al6. All goods iat .etft
prices. S.ave! Saxe! ' tro!---Adv..
i The ftuneral of the : .lat .Luorotta
M iclaloy .ywdas hold tlls mrnirslung. from
thu. famillyirt:stiuce, 92'2 Souitlh WVy
O i.rg str'oot at !.O'ao'loclt. itoceedisi
to S . Josoph's .'church whero Angel's
tma.s wua s'ng. '1Intormenit was ill
tHioly Cirosy .cem6tory.
(CoqutJntpr from page on.)
ithe ballot., boxes from. preinet No.
SbborderQd inito court, and Ddpidty
Clark. :Burih w.as t .,orn and. in
i~tru.tced to bring in the boxes. After
tstil)~lony to: le ofrifct 7that. the
byxes w.ro' kept ..iat a iault in:dthe
courtl.ounc, e icept when brought .to
the' county commissioners' aff ice dur
ing thio official 'canvass was given.,
'fank Dlit., one. of .the judges in the
procinct, was called and identified
tlio sigia.tures of the judges on the
'eal r t'vr. the inclosuro whore , the
I ballots aro droppod littu " the box.
':1 refused to ideitify the sealed
paper over the back a: the. oueo af
fixed by the Sclotioij jldgdas. Altor
ney Meyer thcn asked tho judge to
order the ballot box openeod. 4ttor
ncy Baldwin, of cou.arl for Duggar,
offered a lengthy argumenl: in oppo
sition to Mtyor's requent. .Juedge
Law then stated thaut.' it ib hl iim
pression that ballot 'boxys should
not bo opened unless some proof of
irregularltics or wrong-doing is first
submitted as ovidonce, although, ho
stated, he was not at all certain and
Wrs willing to allow counsel to 'sub
mit authorities to the contrary. At
torneys for OUrlson statod that they
were opposed to .the views of the
judge in the matter and asked for a
abort recess to examine authorities,
which was granted.
Whou court recon.viilbd at 11
o'clock Attortuy. Poore:, tubmitted
numerous legal decisions In a pptyrt
6f hJs claim, oCcupying all of 'the
time to the noon adjournment. Hoe
stated that it would ridquird at least
an hour this afternoon to conclude
his: arguments. Court adjourned
until 1:10. Attornofh appeariiag for
Dugga.n in the case are Nolan &
Donovaan d an Bourqiri, Wheeler &
r.lald win, Ed Fitzpatrick and Leslie
Sulgrove. ..
(By the Federated Press.)
SNeow, York, Nov.. 22.--Posing as
the most reliable and up-to-date
incews)iaper in New York city, if not
Sin. the country, the New York Times
'in i i ssue of Nov. 15 Dublishle the
t~ xt of .the 21 terms laid down by
r the Moscow International, ' two
I- months later than they appeared in
tt papers subscribing to th4 .Federated'
il Press service., On the first page of
I the same Iisue apears a 'revelaton"
t of a monarchist plot in; Hungary.
Sbhaled as a very startlint-and fresh
a piece of news. The Vienna corre
tt spouide(t of tho Lo.ido;i:Daly Herald
and the Federated 'Press, 'Frederick
Kuh, has been writing very full
te Otries about the inmotreiLst plot in
Hun(rry for at !gito§ 1 o. itJsti
Bullein ant AdsX
I CE NT A' . -:- .M 15 CENTS
WANTI- 1)-- astructor in Spanifli
teverns l evenings each week; sat C
rates. XYZ., Bulletil.
WANTED--Ambitious men to **
pare for promotion. Apply In
ternatioial Correspondence School,
basement, No. ' West Broadway.
RUBBER footwear resoled and re
paired by the vulcanizing process.
Wite for price list. The Rubber
Shop, 224 B. 'Park street.
- MeLitughblin-The fu.ral of tbo
la.tlu Mrs. Mai'r F'rancis McLaughlin
Aiged G9 years, will lake place tomnior
row' (Tuesday) ittoinulag at 9:'0
o'clock at the fiaiuly rushlenue, 2740
Stato strtot, proceeding to the St.
Joseph's church, where mass will be
celebrated at 10 o'clock. F'ather
Ioschtnerofflii.tlng. 'Inlterment in
the Catholic cemetery. -
Releable ,.dertaker and Rmbelmer
Sli North mai street,
Phone flO.
155 Bast.l'Pi 8t4, Butte. Phone 888
Vadetiakers: and Etbalmere.
K dideede Phone 5404.
Autoe tul.tmnet.
',oil t"'ROVING W1IAL,, ETC.
,In; the District Court of the Second
Judicial District of the State of
''tlontgna, County of Silver Bow.
Iii the matter of the Estate of Eliza
.bdth Ann Broew," eceased.
P ursullint to an orlderof said dis
trict court. 1made on the 16th day
Qf.t November. 1920. notice is hereby
glient that Saturday, thee 27th day of
Noveimber, 1920, at 10 o'clock, a. mus..
of said day, at the courtroom of said
eo6urti at. thei city of Butte, in the
sitid county-of Silver Bow, has been
appointed as the'timen and place for
proving the will of said Elizabeth
An Breow, d ceansed, and for hoaring
the application of Maibele h leseic
llrew and G(alcu D. l'uo for the is.
iuance to them of ltt'ers testauietn
tIary when and where any person in
toricted mnay appear land con t.ut th.
Dated Nov. 13, 192'11,
OTIS LEE, Clark.
(S.l.ld ' ' Deputy Clerk
1V. N. W',utl h, LeslIe B. Sulgrove.
Attorneyas for PotitIoners.
1'Ut'I'I (1' M11 .II Ai'I'tINTII)
1'T(1: 1 'IOVING lW'llNi, ET:fC.
in' thit Di)istlct Court of the Second
:liJdicial District of the State of
Mout Ina, County of Sil\vr flow.
In the matter, of the Esial d of Wil
I'.am Iiowdou, Decescld.:
Putsihti.ut to an order of said .dia;
trict court, made un tbo :1 Gtih day
of NoveOnber, 1920, notite IH, hero
by g:vin that Satiurday. tlhe 27tih
d'iny of November, I92", a;t Io o'clock,
ai. Il.. of soll lday, alt. ith(.e courtroomi
of ahli courl, iu. Ithe city of BIutte,
in Ieo sa.;l uillty of Silver fiow,
•has .ben alppointd :1s tlo ill itll l
phtCO for proving Iho ,will of said
W illhiiim Dwdite":. dulo.,as- d, and fur
hearing tho lap.ld :ul.i.e of W. Ii.
uiWdilii for tiew ista ncn lo hint of
lettera' IteLtaiintury n hle an anld where
any per;son intierested naly aplpeLar
and totIle, tlb mano.s .
)Dated Nov. 16ts, 192I .
OTIS 0 ,LEE, fIlrk.
Ily M A I tGl) II '' T ,I '3 1,
I SHoal) I ipulty Clerk.
,YV; N. Waurh, l.,,!:;lic II. Suit;r' c,
. Attorneys for I'utiuutior
(Continued from~Page One.)Y.....
stop moveement," said a meumber orf
th bomeat cut.fers' union. Applause
from. 'the 300 unulonists preset
greeooted the statement' and Mayor
Short ..labor'S elected candidate, waS
puzleod. Ul ploaded tbat they had
eleeted him and that he had planned
this celebration and that they must
,not turn him'down that way. A few
conservativeas were for parading wiith
a 30-minute interval between. their
division and the main, paradei but
this was: finally withdrawn by, the
maker ..of the motion.
" Heretofore, Mayor Short has been
;wbole-heartedly supporteod by labor
organizat:ons but his attitudeuduring
the recont political campaign ias
alienated a crtlain group. T'his
group Intends to fight the non-union
or open shop plan in. Sioux City and
thut mayor is not' supportilng thicll.
(Continued from Page One.)
tOrI were engaged to be married, but
that Paige's suit was met with the
violent opposition or the girl's par
ents. Accor'ding to the confession, of
Podfiettld, it was finallI decided that
the gi.l should elope from her honme
and go to Salt Lake City, where she
was to renain under the care of dled
field's daughter until Paige . found
it convenient to follow her.to Salt
Lake City for ii wedding ceremony.
Pa'ge, R.dlield and Rlodgers ar'
"all rolated by mairiage, it ia stated.
T The returu of the girl from. Sult
l.ake, CiLty is ibeing' a.watled it hi
I statedd before deuibfo is mioade as to
'the 'filug of chasigoai t:tlilitat tih
, m - . l: 0 a.,
chiLap; leaving city. 628 C ta2. Moiai:t.
tuni st.. ait. 9
WANTE .D TO 1 lDUY---ls ed urnl .
ture'; will pay the highlest prioes;
Union Furnre .i Nchango,' "248, kI.
Park t.. Plhone :27834.J.
WANTED--Five buodred '8f9aond
hand suits. Uncle Sam's See.od
hand atore is paying tite higheot
prices. 11 8. Wyoming. P.pael
4382-, Imorznings.
FURNISHED tUO Bi----..team heat;
hot and cold water in rooms; un d
tier new .managemerlet. Bulto Anit-;
ýrrex, 3 E..13roudiway.
FOL RENT, toorseat and other pla
cards 'att They"Bniloten office.
JOHN 1b. lON(i, doctor of chirolirec
tie. Remoteu the CAuse i ft do~(f(is(.
Office h-ours, 1 to 4 aftcrnuLo's, 7 to
8 evenings. 120 I'ennsyl\rania blk.,
Birtte. Mlont.
OLAIRVOYANT readings. 144 W.
Mercury St., phone. 5124-J.
' Cleaning and Repairing.
f. "38 E. Park St. Satisfaci1on guar.
ELEatRIo a8
1859 or 659-J.
ni bonds. diamonds, watches, Jewelry
r and other articles of value. Square
! deal. People's Loan Office, 28%
l East Park St.
SWE HAVE money to loan in large
. and small amouunts on real estate
. _end chattels. No delay, Voan Falkeu
Lo steq S ( o.. 310 Pihoetnxr 131k..
Painters and Paperhange~rs.
SUNION painters and paperhangers
furnlshed. Cnll phone 1659, between
hours of 8 to 9 a. m., 12 to 1 and
5 1to 6 p. in.
I FOR service try the Sunnyside cafe,
251 E. Park. 0' cents for hluch
- buckets.
T.iE LITTL PLACE--You don't
ItoRow good Dopeorn until yoU
re',ach the Little Place, No. 3 W,
Park St.
.INGEIRS fron .n.n.00 ur. Bird
seeds(l of all kindl: Hll(i y. rhhina
itidf gl;s..s.w~t. land ;lon -wi iti
tlll. fl'raln s. Vull linle f n E ldion.
Mazd, , cl .riii lio 1ih, t ; Ib,. iutto
Pintii I~tain' g Cl,., 1 i:;' i J t Park.
wanted to buy t$5 worth ot stolk
In h1lie tiIl.etin PinllRhitnii Co
PER.R & PATON, 1087 $.,.la .
3vYnIe. Phnn, 40511-W.,
stage. leave. Azirconda on arrival
Ofb. the5 o'clock traain from :Butw
and arriv4* In :Pbhilbdibrg 71:;10. in
the rAvnicnir WillisP1HD: Fllm Pmro
1EARlICAN Dyeing & Cleaninh Wka.
1841 Harrlson Ave. Phone 131.
Phonb6grah Records.,
cylinder records.'. Exchange for 5
ceints. 359E. Meroury.
f1e City Furniture Ezchana,
ANSONIA botel, undor new manageu -
ment; steam-heated rooms; mud
.rtL • , -----T-; ii
WOLFF'S TRANSFEiR and exit~ei
day and night service. 1112 8.:
W yoming St. Phone 3438-I.
JUST RECEIVELI a larIge shinht
of wsttind at.d pysing
Slowecst in theo st it8an to
and glasswai',c 3ih14
anti ht'rd iiecdy. Utllitto Pih oui
ins: Cu,·!!I-ti~r '1

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