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Constitutional Whig. [volume] (Richmond, Va.) 1824-1832, February 27, 1827, Image 4

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t* • -fS~ -- “ “ -i.
"I: ■*" <0* C* 4 O
Fro::i the .‘illatitic tio'zv :iir.
the r.A'ii.i:.
* bread and sweeping win ’
Tl v h ‘Hi* Is' 1'-li i.i heaven,
Uiii'ic wiili1 tin1 forms iln-ii 1 ■uni’r ftirgj
A: I tin1 trim e ; * Inuils nro rlrivt n.
Thy iltrone i.< in the mountain too;
Thy it- 1 i- hnninlless ait;
Ao ilmif, j'-.i!,-. that pic;..“y • r- n
j'no skies—thy divelliiio^ are.
Thou >■'.! t.-st, li’ >■ n ’l.i.i.; uf light,
An oil ili” nnortHe h!;./,*;:
The miHw ty sun i ; ch ni .uni In'. • , - -
It I' lilin.t dim thy
Thy jt'miu.ir, to the teshtu® hi .-t
O'er the bn;stiti-billow spread.
Where the vessel plunges. Inn
I'ilts *tn angel o* the
rimu art perched a left > u ;'-.r hect'ii.jj c:- •,
Amt the tv .me aij tviiire hehnv.
Anti mi, with <i lia-fe tint: caimut lag,
Tlmy i}#3ii in .in eirl’css How.
/(■-.in, thou hast plained thy win® lor it a tit
’i’o lan;i- beyend t!ie sea,
.• li.I away. I.Ue a spirit v teat lied iti I
* hem lutr»:oat wiki ami tree,
> hem liurritv-: over thv injTrid w trees,
.’.in! thou loavost mall h.- ;;n.?;
t toil sweepcst that place ot’ unknown raves
: 'net «s the tempest win.!.
■Wlieii the night-storm gathers dim and dark,
V. ill* a shriil nml a boding >cn ,u ,
4 ;»(‘u lushest hy tile fottn iciijw
Qulck as si p«tsaiii£ liitJiii*
i.orit of i!ie boundless maim of a':.',
to lily itnpi*iin 1 name,
•t’lie hearts uf the bold ami ardent da,
daugeious path of fill.in.
y.encnih me shade c;l thy goiden win- s
’■* i'.e Homan legions bore,
) ("iii the river of Egypt’s cloudy tpiji .
'Ilair pride, to the polar shore.
I'or iliee they fought, for th * they f. if,
.'.i I their oath ivas cm thee laid;
i 1 J‘ier the clarions raised their swe;!,
•And the dying warrior prayed.
Vami .vert, through nu age of death and k-a
Vhe image of pride and power,
i ill iha gailieteil rag.* uf ; thousand vtars
I.ui i forth in one aw :u! ...i.r.
A ; ; then* n d.-luge of vi.rb ,t emu- ,
A’:,‘ the ntithnc; shoo!; with dread;
And it swept Hits c six til, till its fields wore ilu.
And piled wit it tie.* mingled dead,
iymer were lolled hi the wasteful Hood,
W idi the low and crouc hing slave;
Atul t- lion lay, in a shroud of tfl. •
a .ts coward and die brave.
And where v r.sjhen thy fearless flight;
,;''ci the dncl; mysteiintis sea,
i > tint I.uiiis that e.inglit tiie sccin« id h
'1 he cradle of Liberty.
There, nil the. silent and lone.’" j>: .
1' H ages, 1 watched alone,
A uj the wot Id, i:i its darkiiess, a;A*d .
licit* the ;ioricus hied h.ui iio*.. (l
I‘ it then came a bold and !,.;r(’v f,
And they breasted the nivij • ;
i caug.it afar tue wanderi: ■ tier.;
A-i-i 1 knew they were liighaiul b;’..
i wheeled around tin- welcome* ha*,
ri •• it sought the desolate sin.re;
And up M>. iie.iveil, like a joyous ;...
I\iy quivering pinions bore.
And now tb.a' hold nnd hardy few,
Am a nation wide and st.o:.’,
And danger and doubt I have led them three..
*\n>i they wors:i;;» nit? in so 11^5
And over tl.fii bii ,Sn and glancin'* arm.-,
(’a laid ami lake and sc a, “
V, ith an eye timt .'ires, and a spell tliat < harm*
1 guide ihoiu to vicicny.’’
ysfcUtTucoti.^ 53C43aviuttnt<
; here i*: not a sweeter, fairer, mare EJen-li.ho --o0
i.-i all the exjiansivones? of this wi-k*, wide world, fha,
.ii..i v* hicli ib sjio'tcn oi throughout the exlri ;u> t L« - ’n
o: a::! I Scotia as an earthly paradise, under the well
. r.-.wi, appellation of SpringJalc. Oh, it i, a heavcnl
p.r.ce, untie J turn is fmever building up bowc-s o'
\'™py M;c-ac "0.1 10 :os. sweet briar an 1 evlnn.it
It reposes at lit.- foot ot a inaj.!,t,n |Mlj whose one biov
eml-'v r 'c ' ’,P'''n tU which oV
ii? T V rasre aS;,iiM it, ai,d whose other ca-ts a
delightful shade m ,r the vally at noontide, when tin
tun beams m enyy iyi,}, io £Corcl, l!ie i;iI!OCe,„
a:i . roh ilietn oi tieir rainbow dye . W illow grove:
and cluster > ot hies wiing and budding fmit lice; or
Moment the green uelJsof Spring laic*, whilst .dry huh
wilhdi.,-,jlr»g dew upon their glossy , i;,ic.,)3,
<• ;cs, roimis, and ...any fairy creatures with throat
nl ot mu tc wheel through (he clear ethci in i.-t un.
stivity. 1
v ..s in »-■;*» i <e that Roy noeitTe ■> was hor.»
ose lather was a simple shepherd ami did whilst iio;
v s )n t a tim i ;*:> •, ; ml pjst ;i3 j,e k'arn; I to L-o in’
n mo in broltui Jan-uage. It mint have been a m.iT
f:ml lor Roy’s gentle mother, for her white bto-.v l.9,
• on bound with the bridal wri ;1, ,-a two sunti.«n
ere she became a widow, nnd
r*,r:.l roses i r ti e pale lily am! cvpiev*. The joint"
ar-d dicoping widow h.-.d many oi-jv-.f,.* thr,- i<*h tin
I..,.1 paths ot this world, but her patience an I for'iitidt
overcame them all, ami in prog,.! , „f fI:iir fh . !in-.
r'fCW »P *« nblr wight, ;.r„l took ins father’
place as pastor ol {he fold.
Roy was a careless shepherd, and rather fc
ramble away to the clear take, with hi* .vbin - jt* »
ro mot llio stc-y p clitT* in search of birds’ tiesl;, or' te
svaten liom the rnmnut of the mountain f„r
f peek upon ti-c dnrii bluesc.i, than to restrain (ho van
ton gambol > of his floeli. in llicse rambling excursion
was *::Motn alone, however. Amy W.Tiis, a SWcei
o t.heplit *!e-s of an adjneent v !!t*v. fr- .i the gm-r,
i ',s ul Ibc.h lt and plain with l.ini. am! ihey f,cln.!;
•!*•' the heather and under the ! • . |, | f*,i
‘.he h> ;o aide, a, mirthfully a* the gold-fumed sen
1 gliding IhrmuAi if- chryataline lymph. — -'! |,rV wc-k
win larnbs to each oilier, repiic ing and u ecrii-'
sympathetically even in * hildhood, before ow'-lndt
had o’c-roloudcd tUr.Irv.j sheen of life’s hnddio- flow
ms. i here was one s:, |vV. h-.iml « here they often .o
j uirnrd .«»r hours together, and iiinoc«>f)ll> talUc -l o
eliivalry and kmgl.H.ood of fun,,rr a"-,... :t^
.1 fonneit some of |hr,r m-.r.;, .R.,n. )TJ the fI ;
'yT i ;r,**i f.j i»! iIff#«#* roral liotnca.
•••'• ,v'-’ * f • no;.- .J i,:jc ,rr,
‘‘!«* Pwnm.uoff ')/». r",, sUxm. J. ,ir. ,
1 • 1 ' • ■ »•• "5 }'.*••! ii, •. of jujr- > - - •
■ -lu. - in i foi (ii. nr.f) :,f, mpinr>i'> v/x-i i
•rovmij nf . .It !- wii.' li'rmi (lirough Itr-r l:j <.j
r- I in a hn:vrr ■
jl..C i11s 11<11 t ;l i:;‘;!i|iujjnlp oSifnr p/TcSif
'V ‘ rrur.rifijrr-! Jloy r ;..
1 ; vr'' *Un '»« •»*« „i i„
»“«■ ;V 1'7 narnf, !,f- ,• .i? J tM»»
, _ , , ' - ... . V -M'l nil. i::p. Tin :
t ;i Hiwu.iii'; m .i<. i,., . ,,
r .. , i !!<• i" c\lliti <.» j,;j,
• * : »t was an mu ,,r,li;,l fountain rtr It- '
.irin;>i fountain
ftosniJio ir.nv ( irr-f . r-7 of t:S- mmi!, ;u,«I imparl I
. nit rii i < ! ! ICf \ to jnv ;< . If
i « tlmr n»m- si.omhI #a- '« ottior, i',p> would
1 ' r l< ;-Mlu r in llu: • i i»• <•# ;», .» -.Sii-di.r. 5 !:!! I ■ ..
1 ~H »• imp »,ut Morn 1! «■ 11 ••:>*!t, :v- an.j
fur A-”? >m. si. 11.u [iun.Ii'. ; (van < . r>, d>c hCr..,.„,
*»!•■ •! in Klip 1,
f.nV (•> It, :■ V'li V'r ir": 0*:i!l rl»l';!^.Of‘ilj j.J| Mvtnn
t ''will tf‘■nr.'.liir iinl lo.fv f'O; cs win Si slionc
d v ri fi'v • p.i! 1.hi in. • an ( ivas i < ;1' 1 -J tliroiijrli
A • V I-' - •; :■ «•!! ;i:P Hi of II.it f fl.dltiS, ill tliOiP
<: ’ f mv.f! a.,.: :: .«•. j ,»,
i ti' i ! •>•»'<! 1 f : v If.i.i. Iir/riti^r (Jir>y cnnfij
I ;n f •• io Ii - ir t .!! »:,f »if,i..,| J,‘ for fb«
■ • <• ” : ' - :t;' fu! r/' r” f;rL' v'n»?
: the bleak mountains i :.c\ loved the ram
i bow, because they had been fold it was a symbol th .t
' »**c Mighly (Ami wlm l,ad made the > • r, • '
| the .weet smelling Ameers with all that was !,','••• *• a. 'j
! r°,K,j I,1“,!u'd »P •'•■» '!> and was pleas.<„ n.m
luyed the suu'btnc, beet us. it rmnpellod them to ;! .
m.o the shades together, and they loved the sick*
because they sheltered them, Pm above, and br». 1
laU SU,bluVary “"‘’S'*, it ',;tvc tire,., f, licitv to h ■
i in each odicr’s smile*, and u blend tbeir gentle vmoo
togetherm aitless matuc
Ltit a cioud came over the sunshine cf their oaradi e,
ndarK nti'l desolating cloud.
A burning fever came ;.y.! breathed its hot breath
among their fiegrn»l nejdivt , and both Ami parents
' iekened and died!
The delicate girl wore the fairy lleant „f twelve
Mimmcts only, at this time, and (or nranv days aftertl.e
calamity her tender brain »« as disordered, in that wit
dennentofher buddfng i .>as.:;i, she lYcgueiitfv besought
!"‘p atleiidants not to take ht r dear brother away.—
“Oh, no! for poor Arny?s sake not to t:»ko him!”
hen she ioc"''.'! red a nicski.*tig< r was its attendance
< *° company l.or to England, for notv that both parents
t. ero dead she had no limbed rave one uncle, who had
• c!t his native laud i:s youth and had heroine a Homlnti
mi i r. >ant. 1 hitlier in despite of all her lamentations
i " 3S lho >‘ns:,» crp!nn tab ns, and tiiiiher wandered the
: I'M mis bearing of the Sgringdalc shcpheid. I.one't
. m.u desolate liny tracked :!;e tnonn.'ai.i paths and trod
don bye paths through the glen.;; the dewy sheen of the
: rose was unheeded, and the rainbow looked down from
. Use sky nngazed up m. Tl.o birds sang as sweeth
j a,"“nS ,l'° l,0,K\' "chip, and the butterfly's wings v. ese
i - 1 Sr'‘gcotrs, hot tue Itr.-.t was now discord, remindin''
tom .it sweeter music, and :!.e last (lotteied by un
< uc;h|; for Amy uaa iu>i tin r*. (o enfranchise them.—
j 1 tie sea now appeared a Inmid waste ofgloomy waters,
,il. ! 'h bint shone above and note inirtored and
multiplied in it, seemed each whispering to : ou.4 llov,
•-Mas, thou art alone!’’
A year glided aivay and saw him tin:; unhappy.
I,e s,n,l,i from all fellowship; and wandered to secret
s;to!(es to brood in rju/ct over his faded blisses, and to
meditate sorrowfully. fie loved to have visions of his
Amy. and sed loin closed his eyes in sleep but she an
! i'cared before Inin ;n all her pure and giilidi luatrv
.uie a habitant of some celestial realm singing the
nudoday of angels.
Hitt at length another cloud obscured tlie star beams ;
ot Toy's destiny. His beloved mother who was daily ’
withering away to the tomb since her child’., heart was
wrapped in grief, suddenly became fearful:*.* ill, and in
• css than a forte:;;Id expired in hisattus.
G " ‘ |niss ov er t hat season of lamentation, because?
• t u as very sonowtul, and the pi n is a feeble thing to '
depict such woe ns emanates from thu bosom of a child
when its dearest parental stay is hewn down bv the i
sharpscy the of death.
T e n ill also cuickly pos« over the succeeding three !
years ot Hoy’s evontful life. ° i
biio:tly after I he death of his motherland when be
nad began t.» think more deeply, a voting cohJrrnan
•.came to behold the beauties of Springdale, and admire
',a:nrc m bor most elegant attire. The simple tale of
i Roy’s early love, and unfortunate separation from \my
' " ' him. He c irted 1ac
1 'i (!an::a. and in a ,i. w i:.*o ■> v, nn neon the youth
v lits lu’ahiii v . manners, 'J. tt be engaged him as a
»:«^e curing {;:> travels, Roy s. ! I t is t>iteepfohl and
■ totirmoanud m hie new capacity, with the voun<*
loMrrtnu f.r Italy. They had been but tl.ieo* day®
"r.?m the ocean, uimn a dreadful storm arose, and con
i:r «na«»y days and nights, after the
• ■aOj-ts nad all been foiled, the sails torn to fragments
and Ihedismaulted baric tossed to and fro upon the
v. hiU; capped billons totally unmanageable, the n imJs
gradually subsided, and the waves were becalm
ed. i amine then rapidly approached, and as the dregs
of provisions were sharing for the last time, a sail was
discerned afar ol] in a dim horizon. A siormd of dis
tress was instantly made, and as the stranger vessel
noivly Lore down upon them, hope frightened the sha
.toivrt from every countenance and placed a gleam of
joy mingled with gratitude in their stead.
This aspect of anticipation was soon changed, how
ever—the vessel proved to ho a Turkish coTsair. and
i every unfortun ito wretch who became their prisoner
I way.:,1.1 into slavery. Roy Heckles; and the ymmg
nobleman werepureba by dist nctma lers.wl >< m
; cilia, them to separate with l.eavy hearts, each for a
=ei arate journey over tin* desert.
Oppression end bondage are ga.’i'ir ->• to the pride of a
ireelwrn spirit, and t!.o soul of Hoy boiled with indi-'
nation and despair for many weary months, ere he cl's
covered a pathway to cm.oicij ition.
Trom his first purchaser he had boon (ran*feire Ifln
ano.iicr ol extensive power an 1 possessions, whose sum
iner ri'Miionca was adjacr-nt t > the sea coast. Aii 1 la
• <c was a lenient tyrant, and his daughter (ho o'ent’e
;s,leb' w™* creat,*fo of otienfa! beauty, whose "hear!
was inouldr i alter a so !,*r :. ,ture than thoso of her
" ern <:o!,R,rymen. It s/as a pailion of Hods task
m water the lioivor-gnrdcu, an 1 upon such occasions, it
do .. dewy eyes of .Simla look- ;
the youth, it.soon became!
’■i pitied him. and would, did 1
.lately tree liitn from Ii is state
•oped this truth, ari l one
frequently happened the
o i upon tii« ttioveineul
nppr.rrxit to Hoy, that St
she possess means, imm<
ox bond >:o. Time short!
morning rtter fuela had attentively observed, tin
j outh s countenance for some moments, she inquire
oiimn hi: ago. “Sevenf. on summers,»• ho replied.
“Ana have you no parents in you.- native laud/” du
contutui d.
“.None lady : both have long since been food for Hu
votm-v no answered as a S:gl, burst from ids bosom, an.
a tear re.: d down his checks.
“1 live you no sisters nor brothers to mourn for thr
a >-' ate . ! one so young and-y’she hesitate 1 a nU
incut, an I casting her o)e»to the ground, as if ! • ,
slmmed of her freedom: yet wishing to inspire coru^
added ns a trembling tone, “sointeresting.” u
I’ov hiilf starting, raised tip hi. hind and ~azed i".
tensely upon the timid creature before him,"as he re
; bed: “no lend lady, Roy has neither sister nor broth
cr to weep for he; lo,~, in the land of bn r divi-- |„
lies rv;!in
Aid l
hut with th
whom Roy h
•:indred spirit i.ii another sh_.
m none beyoml the a ide Liu
iu of di
'(> \ c.«, I.
one whom Roy loves ?.« hi
.ovc.i ins own son!; there is o.,o nhinir g on the wa.ti
,n?:,,0,y ! ir l!,<! star bur sting through a sc;
(,f »>»; -•; one whom Uib every thought rev Ives—.one u hi
iou*.;iu 1 the fti-.i and fondest chord m h:s bosom, an,
. io».»l with emotions ere ha knew H eir in. an
:: M l, prr«:I.cr fair fin-r rs WiUy uj «n Ur -cm- :
| .'«■». ami a Irr a long- Mleiiut; MuJ.Uniy < ,.ftii
I *,,iCi *‘**1 ,,|,c I)cjIovo(1 bcii; r, return Iloy* I
! 3 ' i
‘-.-hr <?:<!, ^r,lie 11 ly , l:o dll, and l-.ora is a nalnr*
«i•-* I r%r;!ir>( rh-.jf.^r/1
. 'iii'vj-. fho ,f,tk c.ycil !ntn > 1 rr.nfn !Iitt|i(
r.• J f• ir j«ir»c minutes; I lien «va!l;r.J a few j:rp«» from him.
’ <• a n:om*’iil more. ». ,! ..fcJy iciurising, a
*.vill» a ■•ff:£rr;?u, t <fj,\iirt . •
“YV(>*i; } fluy bo
“•ifl r «»: I hr!y , i( u !,j.. i jr, ;’i
V t*■ ir i.Mist tiirojjcrJi flic riven la:.iirs < f Slid .i\ (■•.■■■ 1
...•I v/'r:Jii:!ion fin! in an in-.f.-inf or,*i Ini i
ll y -..ire. (.1 , reive;! VT0 |„.r |,.Rff j
• V -il fall «>-. or !ier fe.unit-, and .lie . i ! in a l,m
ti • I f'-nr,
Jel fool step frer.-i !! (. |.;,|Mv,,v
v'r- ■ r O m * °ri ;%-SO‘?C; J*‘ ,v,iI <• ’ tiicio, an i
/ “ ’" "* ,h:*» If:.I j el il - poni!ir«r voice l»a*I j
: :l • j,: T:v ''inn ;, f If the bum n;ii :wrn *»f i >1
,J ’ ;'I- • t-«I, .uni v. (ten I; . furnril Jo tbi.sjj. I,; <■ s! ■
wr.arroi»o. ’ :
II »ri|..;r. 1 »,n| lifflf. : riain'imro fhc lirnotV
:r,Vfl #!'Tr',,rV:r:, /,: 'lf ’> :-■ > roiMucf, and !
i,;’ !\°>"f,r \^u-nn,?
■ , r'a,,y .-. I, . airli. in any T-i?r.suro in
I 37 b f,i,
*!"' '-,T' 'f> ,,f •' an] ]>ofi(ioi,C(] t r '
of on a to , mr.Sv vi, •, .. flrr> f | " ;
| row, an ! I .al le.-r s;»j:if rr» • it I»n < !it1| ( ! in -» • <l
| ,m,-’““'j
d:«H- l.anrri..»/•
arivu iiuun.u ; uiuv. u ij c .uue usiy * . te\\a ,u j
sumti cr house. i J•• hr! nrc«!y arrive i Ihv.ie, ere tin 1
! j,rhl t rm oi * ■:t• J . enveloped m the folds ui :i I
c.ipar:. «. > Mic muon was shilling, and as its 1
'•cam .. . ..ally fell i:;h>ii l or Featores, it discos eml !
i ‘on ,.n:ri’ pale and f.sli i>l sadne.". She paused '
'•' '*i the (It t.-<. Ini id i>( l lie* ! Clock, liiiv v back hoi man-*
it*, and ph.ciug a casket in the hn..Js of ih»y thus ad
; dressed Inn :
j ‘“iftumgei, were ?»<*ti deter :*■ ! i*i aiding the c-capc
. of a Christian from W«>nd:i<re, llio m i led ict ions « : her
i country :nt n ;n,J kindled weal,I piusuc her, and tin.*
I c ui;is of 'lie prophet would ha invoked upon her head.
. Hut there was a voice in Simla’s bosom which called
•?[ on her to pi • s tliee. at: J tv hen sli** pitied liiri*, there
1 'vas still a kmiitcr voice, whi, h-—Lot thou woulJst be
. tree your.; stranger, and hhicla has nerved her soul to
i k*-’ thy 1 liberator.1' She hesitated a !t:w moment*. tvi
I ped the dew from her hiotv, an I proceeded. “When
I 11,0,1 e.v. a v from Suela. with thy genilo love ie
i posing upon thy ho&or.i, n ill thou net let one. thought
j dwell kinuly on her memory? Oh, Hoy, whenahe wide
tva.cis will roll bet wean us—hut I am very foolish, ve*
ty luic ;> irhiid.and she weptuonvnlsivaly.
I he bosom > 'i Huy swelled and heaved tumultuous!r
■ tts lie listened to the fair crentuit*’s winds, and had net
( his soul been ardently and immutably f'xed ou the
, {fiotrir.jj vision of his boyish day's, thu terv tenderness
ir.d generosity of .-ujela rrmsf hare contpicrcd nil other
cun^iJcialiens as it was he felt upon his knees before
her, an 1 v. '•list he pressed her smell hand upon his
, he.ii t, ad *.i:iu»i!. •• ■( (. ' »/ j,, i.’t/.if thy name
should ever cease io mii.gie with Hoy’s orisons, or if
the lemcmhiauee o! thy angel goodness shsil ever fade
from hUmcinoiy, may the htjhtnicg* of (ho tied he.
worships sear that memory with :l.une, and | ; hy that
pray iter long ue lorcn'er.*’
S'iei.i trenihh:;! and sobbed, but summonin'*- a]! th«
j pride of woinau’a nature to her assistance, she gavu him
! 11,3 S’** ^0 hruJo. informed him where a ves
: *;cl was moored in the neighborhood, entreated his ac
ceptance of the casket she brought with her, faltered
forth a wild farewell, and hutiL-d back to the soliludu
iifhcr chamber.
i . Ko.v immediately left the dunams of Ali Hrdec, and
j implicitly following Suehcs direction-;, arrived at a
j small liny where a vessel lay at anchorage. Oil an.
' Proaeliiiig* i!ic water, he discerned a boat coining tu
'1r.3r.t;s :!‘u s,10ie* »> a few moments hcaid his name
i-.iiriclly pronounced by one of the boatmen, lie
answered I ho voice, whon t!:e boatmen immediately
. . mw tnqoiicd if he was not the young slrangct
;ur wnorn t!:e L.:,dy Suela engaged a pitfeage. On rc
plymg m the atlirmative, Hoy stepped into the bout,
and was rowed ever to the vessel at anchor.
! •lic 'V;\H a sharp bowed haik calculated for
, sailing swiftly, and her crew w as composed entirely of
I Greeks. The captain invited Hoy into the cabin, and
j informed him he was under immense obligations to his
i fair liberator, and besiJes he was generouslr recorn
| pensod for transporting him to another shoie be the
* ime ministering angel. The nnclior was quickly !
hoisted, and the w hite wings of Mu* vessel soon* kissed I
the fresh brreue out upon the main. Tim silver movn !
1 1 3*’ Ca;'*1'1- °> -tars shunudown np«;j t!»<• waves :
[n ; beauty, vvhil t the vcsml to -cd the white1
.’jam aJ-ovc her prow, and “walked upon the waters !
like a thing ,}f intci'e: t.”
1 wo long months elapsed v iiliont any extruoidinarv
circumstance occurring to mar tiro uir...iwg ot J’nvV
i journal to England. At the dose of that period, nmi
ti;o:i a voluptuous twilight early in September, lie
, alighted f«*»n a stage in the splendid and populous t in
; «<f I^onJon: « hat his feelings were upon tliut occasion
(may be more easily conceived than described, yet t!m
natural wonder cf the peasant on beholding1 s.uch in
munciable, and to him, striking scenes, was overba
lanced hy the intensity of (hose anticipations which
placed Amy H’illis in the prospective.
A thousand changing visions were floating in his
imagination —at one moment he beheld her bursting
from her fifteenth summer in ail the elegant drapery of
vot.r.g aiul perfect IuvcIjro-s, the alt:acting mafiiel of
many willing souls; at another, the thought suddcnlv
dait, d act o-is his brain, that her feelings ho
changed that the Eondun Amv might not be the »->rrc
innocent being that had. woven I. re-knots and fl ,wer
gm lands in Springdale. And then three years of sc
par at ton! it was a long, long rg« for hearts to he diri
■h d. hat might not such an absence hare performed*
Amy might h ve dr-mic-l him dea l, wept for him, and
considered it ncce-sary : r her own rpsift to estrange
ever y though! of hurt from her memorj ; and the - p..si- '
lion was terrible, but it did intrude, ••atu.thc’s bosom!
may now be her pillow, and she the bride of another’*
Starting from his scat and pre.-ing ! is hands uildlv
j on his brow ;,l the idea, Hoy exclaimed, “Oh Ood! j
| •he, tny v.II of heaven in this dark world of bli'-htin-^
j hope-?, is faithless, let this night prove tr.y last, tl7..t niv
c-.Tut : I' wretchedness to me remain r.rirevcaled.” * ]
; I t.i ,1 1, o \. that ingot to thee was one i.-i horrid '’re a ins 1
) ■) trc-acl crons slumber pressed thine e\ .Jabs, and when
■ thou awekest in the morning thy ,pi: it was weary and !
unrefreshed. ;
At an early hour of the dry- ho sallied forth in oi:<-st !
1 of the residence of Amy’s uncle, and as the latter was
an eminent and well known merchant of fho metro ‘
I poll.-, he had littlo diiilcitltV io discovering it. It wa->
';i Inr,.v am' magniticenl building, and as |?ov gazed on |
its tdwesing summit and expansive front,' 1 is hern'
| almost f.ided within him at the probable result nf his)
vi.;t. It was frrre, poverty could be no barrier to ’ iJ
hopes, tor (lie casW tgucd.i had presented him w.. .
stiur.'i with jewels of immense value, treasures tl.T
couid overcome (he objections of the uncle, if but the'
orcr.o, his own sweet mountain companion, knew no
change! • j
bnminonmg all h:s fortim !o. he rapped at the door,
was imm. diMcly opened in a m until; Roy in
quired if \!i,s Willis resided throe, r.sid hiring answer
ci! in the edirmative, requested to see her. The sr r
vr,r>'- appeared a lil.Ie surprised, scruliiii/.i-d ihe person
iif itov rather uncourleously :';r .1 moment, rr<t,*d
hi3_inme, then desire! liii.i ... walk in and bo'seated
whilst he infonned Miss Wi'dis.
„ 'td.cro v. as a deep and awful pr.u.-e in the rm .-on of
I!-y Uecklrss during tin sc moments «Im h prt ceded
t'm appear amm of (he voting hidv: iiis brain seem: -.!
stnigltiiiiqr with a cloud that h-v-.t d over and cud a
dark cord shade upon it, and Ins perceptions were i<> !
in that v. ilderment of emotion which rushed on hi.
'•ml as foul recollection pictured to him the image
of hi, Jon-r p,,t Arny. Put, ala?, how soon was the
sp'-U of these wild forebodings broken! Uoy had ,icr.
ve-t himself to (!ic task, and was gradual!'- her■emirn'
‘ mi •!, in tint calcine*': there: wan tritogled th.il
H»dofnr..Me (A' uncertainty which attends hope
and fear, and in: heart heat audibly r s the sound of
hent foil' c:dined upon I113 cor:; if In e;.mn more and
t.'K.re distiorf, ■ id as thedonr slm-.lv moved on its !,in
rr*-=, he. %: .1.01 appeared confused with lovely irm»-cs
Another second elapsed, and a female form stood "be
•'xr- glanced intensely on her fr ,hires
for an m-tairt, but it was only for nit instant—ti.ev
r.-H-f not the glance of her they sought; a chdl came
< \cr hi-. Mo->-1, who !| almost slopped its circulation.
•-i oil rc'ji.r t t- '<• lap, ! believe, fj-.r-i
?'''S v : the young laiR Ay
« - .vr. I ini Mis, V. ilhs.’’
j llov -too ! astounded and nfusi !; pacing !.|v lnnd
over hi- ln> ng-im Stoked upon her lea lures; there
; ’ 1,1 *' 1 !d >< ' 13 • he whispered iris
• • ' lhat ho had not in
,’.i.. i for ..In;-, Amy V» tills, hi, respirations became
| U err, ns hr observed,
1 1 l ' !\,!'rry "tu-t f>" s,,rnc mistake; Miss
j Arm- \\ i.h'-, of • ;-tm-'-hde, was the young lady I nlhir
; drrl to in my inquiry.”
“Mv s-.v-f-: cousin Amy.* responded the maiden.
1 whilst her voice u -u ned a tone of heartfelt mournful
; nfss, and a ;e;n fiom the founts of Borrow hung on her
j shining eve fringe:; “A!.**, young geullnman, r7ty dear
: < ?'■ ( nt rft , :u p-| beau > has long since, mingled with
i nr,i ,,Cf arid‘l *p»rif wir-ed its flight to pr.ra
( on'd -1 I» ( f thunder have been hurled upon the
; ' * ' y Hrcklr s« at that instant, if could oot havo
| 1 ro'.fm'. ! him more suddenly to the earth. I,do for
ja -m» tune senned lol.i'ly extinguished, arid when its
a.*. ; 'esc: ''.idle,' through his *rsir.'’, convulsion
succeeucu cuuvylMvSi !,.> blooming form was was- ,
tc I away (o a skeleton. Long and ghastly was ilie
struggle between life and death, and many nights that 1
youth closed his eyes in agony, wishing, if heaven so I
willed i», no earthly morn should dawn again to him; i
but it was not thus to In-; and when he had been two
months as it nete on the very verge of eternity, his!
strength gradually returned, :»t.J he finally recovered!
U?>1 ivns he hup}*\?
| Oi the manner, the slow, withering, ag'inir.in"- man* ;
,lcr 'n u*' ' *' A«n” Willi died—how every hope of lu*r
! .'°ttng ai.d ptiiesoui faded into espnir, until its chords
were all wrung and snapped asunder—hosv calm nml
beautiful she smiled upon death as he nppiuacbcd. and !
i resigned her sweet breath unto him—< f these things
I've xv,1i ,u>t< dare not picMime t<» speak; Ob no, our
pen is ton fi el do to deset ibe a pure i irgin spirit 's eitnii
; eipation fiom dtjsl; too humble to atii inpt de?iutatinr>
j such a transput! 1 wii earth to heaven!
Unit* lo Jinn of fj nincss.— Superintend in person
. as tnHnIi ol yeur business as practicable, andobsoive
; 'v,,'J'a wn,cl,ful eyo the management of what is neces
sarily committed to flu agency of others,
j ^JNcrei lose sight ol the powcriul influence of exam
, pm, and be careful in (lie management of your concerns,
i recommend by your own personal practice, uniform
j habits of active, interested and persevering dili<vcucc
lo those iu your employ.
1-e prompt and explicit in your iustiuctions to vonr
.b‘l *t be audvts!ao«l by ilii-m (hat you ex
: peel they wdl execute the same ia strict coii/'oraiitv
I thereto.
Let uo t arr.inon ;.u'ii:srme:i?s interfere or mingle with
your busiues*; make them entirely distinct. cmnlov
tiicuts. ‘ . 1 •
: Despatch at once, if possible, whatever you take in
| .liiuJ; - it ititei rupted by unavoidable interference, ro
j sunie and iinish it as soon as the obstruction L reoio
Uawarc of sc.!:'indulgence, na bit iness can possibly
Uinve under the shade of its influence,
i 1>0 not os jii no to yortrseli more credit for what you
| no, t: an you are entitled to, lather be content with n j
I H.n >es:>; the pubim mind will always discover ivliere !
mei n is due. ,
1 amsliaiijte ynurroU with your hooks, keep them
accurately, and frequently investigate and adjust their
confcnls. 'i his is an important item,
j Cultivate domestic habits, for this your family, if!
you have one, has a strong and undeniable claim;' be- I
>■ ides* your customers will always b.c best pleased when i
t.icy »:nd you at home or at the place of your-business. \
L nder t he imlueuec of such hints as these, with a
suitable dependence on Providence for a blessing cn
the labour or your bands, you will have a good foun<>
lion to test your hope upon, for 6ucccss iu whatever
i business you may bu employed in.
| Never let huiry or confusion distract vour mind or
dispossess you of self-command_[otW. iitjiub.
! Manual I. he—A grp it proportion of (he wretch
oJru-ss wb,eh ,0 of: o .-mb,tiers manic! life, I am
I peisuiiih u has originated in iho negligence of trifles.
ofl,lirVri‘ *t,:,i;Pl,,s‘s ' of too l/iiu a-texture to
ihoM.,,sl.':. L:»,dled~ilfaa delicate flower which in
i', men: nee wnl dull auj .su-picion blast—it is a sonsi
. .ivo plant which will not even hear the loud, of tm
■ liiruii.css. It must he watered with tl.fc showers of ten
I Jrr J >vi,1‘ tl,c glow of attention, and
giiatdcd by ti.c impregnable barrier of unshaken con
| 1,103 Matured. it will bloom with fragrance in
i tivt7 scatiOM ,,f * eho.ve even the loneliness of
uccoiitng tears.—.'h e. .-/•ro-i/k Z-'amUy Lectures.
h'juries. To a man el an exalted mind, the for
giveness oi injuries is productive of more pleasure and
satisfaction than vengeance obtained. Louis the XII. i
of r ranee, in answer to those who advised him to re-!
venge himself on such as had been his enemies before ’
| his accession to the throne, nobly replied, “The King
I of France does not remember the injuries of the Duke !
o: =. iileans.5’
i A sentiment of equal magnanimity is recorded to have i
j been uttered by the Lmperor Aiijiiak, on seeing a i
pc-iion who or.u injured him in his former station—“You
are sale; 1 am Kmpcror.”
A soc.h ty has been formed in the North under the 1
name 01 the Arneiiean Society for the piomotion of!
iniiperane*. Ko.ven thou.nn:! dollars have been sob- I
scribed in Boston tor the object, w hich is specially “to I
i'rt xuatle the e >\ir part of the communitv to continue I
| sober by avoiding entirely the use ot intoxicating ii. J
j T'nrs Drunk arils, we presume, are deemed Trie
1 Claimable.
| *
j >•-•(// //ikor.rtT.'vx—I 10m social intercourse are do !
rived some of the highest enjoyments of life; where
tnei u is . free interchange of sentiments the rnind ;.c- j
c’:irrs new ideas, and by a frequent cxoi-me of its pmv-1
ers, the understanding gains fresh \ igour_Addisun. !
There are rnme who write, talk and think so much I
about, vice and virtue, that they have no limo to prar- !
','"6 en he; the one or tk» oilier. The great Howard, cn !
' , contrary, war an fully engaged in works of benev ■
ok lice, th.it unlike Baxter, whose knees w ere calcined !
by prayer, lie left hinnelf but little time to pray. Thou- i
sands w ere praying for him.
“F.inmnnco above our frdinws, say what the Philos
o; tiers « ..i/* remarked Napoleon, “ns it is the natural
..esire of a.I men. must he the natural place nfhappj
ne 7 “!• ar he it Iron me to contradict your majesty,"
vai < , the iniukini; “hut my conviction wnuld'bo
mm h reinforced hi hearing >f a ro/o >• -n h r t
Mont I’lanc."--"ihe D runnunhi,! ' *'
’.Vine men mingle innocent n.i-:h with tlivir cares, a ,
nn n< p either So forget (her* or overcome lliem; |„:{ j„
i-e V.tu tr.piraf: for the case of one’s mind is to cure mil
anoi.oJy with madness.—Charro 1.
This «vb,braird 1'rr-ar.hcr being asked, why he ncca
vru.n.ly made ur.e c.f images am! expressions nearly at- *
f;:d l<> llo* ikliculons and biirlnr.que, replied, “to -ain j
{lie <ifSrr.fi :>n of my herarers, when I hare time >Juu j's.ir
s’trc of them.”
Never aecsjnniyoum:;: to say upon any occasion
t .at yon h :vo lost any thing, but restored i». 1 f yf,iJ4
u ,f>J ory°"r child die, yon have returned th-oato their
orrner. If your estate lio taken from you, this too is
P , 1 ; ',,C 1U,t •vr'?J’il sa>’ »*Ov as a knave
that defrauded you of it A ins! what’s that to the , ,,r
pn.r. Or iio’.v (he,.: it concern you, by v.dial mean:,, or
vvl.at han I l.e that gave if rofumes it to himself? Tr’ou
ole not yourself therefore about these matters; but while
i.e permits the enjoyment, use it aa a thing that i< not
your own, hot another’*, and let your concern and nfTec
tern for it hr■ »neh as travellers have for an inn upon
the road —• '■i>u f(,.i,tr's x^l-jru!t.
•'•m,n7 n r’f almost equally imporJ.-rd events
r-vndrdin the!.;,c Isngh,!, Journals, wo are told that
mi ho.-.day, when the King again rioted the Duke,
i ff ti h‘* ; Jofik with liini some particular
SMin of „ mcl. Im recollected the. Duke to have formerly
aslcd wmI, plra-ore; the King, in his anxiety, personally
h in led vmne of it to his Ur., ;t| Mother, who appeared
" he m ii ■■ih<c of the attention, and slightly tasted <*f the
oner* fa , onto ,,, Let ti c omdmim s
“ V->ome|hing important is about to happen,
' !( W ’* ' * * C*in ^Crson“lV I,aMJso;jp to l»i? dying
r r i: unjust and miner,s tendency of' utmg nm
‘ 1intnrv.it i< Btri! ingly exemplified in cer'-in
"tiii'i rxn't iirn.icht before the Snpreme foart, in Alaba
’’ " a* appears by tlie following extract from the
ilaii’svn.c i> monat..-— iV/mr. Enq.
‘ m the thirlrrn equity caii*<-s alone, tins n-wre mf/* of
•■•e miji.,1 «h bis w.naboot fyO,000, upon which tin
f luJants dnrii.g an average period of about twen|V-,W
•Mri 551'* a* ,* or ”) P°r cenniin per month, CD. 1 ?'(>
‘ .) P'-r y* *r, ha I eitaro-d from the rnmpjninints. on Wren,
r.xt M*»wr <’-f fir.jjnn-l priuripaU I znt i *r'si and cn<l<
■ r;0 8 'y sttc Ih'iXj'inJ d'j!la:. '■
■ suUimc.'— Speechut the in. i. bari^U c
»s> IMr. MaUhcuVlinitatioen
“Gentlemen: i gaxo upon you as (lie children of r».
animated nature, bioaltnug (lie divine breezes of t!.e
odoriferous Heavens that surround tho cmnstcllatiunt.
You are not I Ue the cold blooded regicides that < vet
ran ivvolntionaiy and revolutioni/.ed Fiance with the
region like blast of tempestuous whirlwinds, not the die
engendered war brands that threw the cautvs of Hu*. ,i
1:1,0 n, *kan\ nod levelled Moscow in (he iinpercei whin
rum t. iat must amalgamate the stricken senses ot no.
mu tug nations, from Constantinople to the Peak of Ten
er.,.e. 1 cannot indule in high flown lucubrations, when
1 am speaking to men who know all the glorious reful
gences «f indescribable humanity in a more classical
Alede^'thcIV C",,aCi,*T 11,3,1 :,n-vU,M cvcr graced the
*• . } ciMans, tl,e Scandinavians or the Phceni
ciaus, t.mrefore I will, with modesty, confine mtseif m
I*'8 Z,or“Ju* consummation, that every natural -cnera.
won should live will,out aggravation, under cvcrT den *
vation, and never sutler themselves to bo anuihiiated bv
hc si.-rumaneons, obnoxious, detciioraling, and abon'.
triable coiubmaliou cf iuceudiai.es, who accumulate but
to separate and degenerate those ivhu should never bo
uianunate _(;>Vro)/_ Ar.d. niy counirvmen, hear „u“
and dont be blind. It I could mount the winged Imiso
egassus, I woidd fly over Mount Helicon, and travel
;l,e ani| ()[ to emancipate and elucidaie all that
i an reverberate to substantiate tho emaculatiou of all
•iat p its you it present in a concerna<jtm.»
J c,! IT.fi not of -ir.e q |* liot’,
. illy black, or nr.me blue,
Hn>.le, sob«»r, grey, or browr ;
li they're clouded by n tinwu,
/.ud vvilbout expression fraught,
t'r si^us of reason nud of thought,
They'll never plsatr.
II n tho’sparkling with delight,
Or with sorrow dmk as night;
The’ their iustie's diimn'd by wo,
Or t>y basldulncss cast low;
If often ge mul'd bv pity’s war,
I I.eyM trrr jilmse.
At a Superior Court «r Chancery, holden at 1ho
, Oapuoi in the City of Richmond, the IG.fi d;iv of June-,
| Joseph Huberts - 1'ltf.
: Ruben Jordan, and John Jordan, atlm’r. of Horn. Jor.
i dan, dec. l)f(s
Agreeably lo a Decree ofihe Court of Appends' ccr
tn.ed by the Clerk thereof in these words a\
pin.a : A} a1Cou' t of Appeals held at tlic Card
to! m Richmond, the 7tli.day of January 1813, Joacnh
Roberts, appelant; against Keubcn Jordan, and John
Jordan adm r. of Benjamin Jordan, dcc\l appellees
Jpon an appeal Iroin a Decree pronounced by the Sli*
penor Court of Chancery, held in Richmond, the Tth
Oc.olKT. 180G, thi, tiie ,,»r„eVhy
• hen Counsel, and the transcript o the record t.f the
Decree aforesaid, bavin# been maturely considered
the Court is of opinion, that the pendenev of the suit
m the County Court of Amherst, referred to in the an
M'.criu the appellee John Jordan, was no bar to the
rel.cf prayed for i„ Uie Court of Chancery, and that
t.iesakl Decree is erroneous in dismissing the bill, botit
necaiiiu. there was no notice given to the appellant, of
tunc and place oi taking the account, ami because
* a refi°rt :,<>t uxcePte<l lo» by the appd.
b ea, that the appellant was entitled to a credit for two
thousand, one hundred pounds of Tobacco 3 here
lore it is Decreed and Ordered, tliat the said Decree im
revised and annulled, and that the appellee who Is
adm r, out ot the estate oflds intestate, in his hands to
be administered, if so much thereof he hath, but if new
Jien out of his own estate, and the other appellee, ii»
hi., oun right, pay t;> the appellant his c<>sts !,\ liim
expended in the prosecution of his appeal aforesaid
th,' V’m’r- :l '? °f ef tI,:U tl«ecause he remanded to
the s.i.d Court of Chancery, with directions to that
Court to have an account taken between the parties
011 due notice ; ami if upon such account, it shall v>
pear that the representatives of Charles Irvinr decV
have no chum to the debt in c n .... v,-. sv, that the in'l
1'met 1 on be made perpetual as to all payments imuUi
dier to 1 cu.ien or benjamin Jo; -Ian, otherwise, on
ly as to such sum or sums as it shall appear, had been
l-am i<> tteuopn Jordan, before notice of assignment
or to I.r-ujurm Jordan after and which have not been
’ \'J11 r ',n . ' ,.* >■ "‘vh nave not been
civu.ied on the Don !; atul dissolve the injunctions for
b..lance; and m this latt er went also to Decree tiiat Keti
■ •cn -.an copay to the appellant, any sums received
ntCJ Tr 01 l!-j ••‘foment; SO soon U3 the
a[i>,nt . o.dl ha\c pa.d ilie amount of th« iud<>
ment at law, or such part thereof as he shah be awa?
L..V.! K ,,iCilm‘ Crc‘1 lo b° cortiCed to the said
i.j.cii .r Cou.t of Cbar.cerv, appclhiut’s costs in th
Court oi A ppeals, thirty-one Dollars and ten Cents, in
wh,. !i arc included sixteen Dollars and sixty.*-; Cent..
a l/awycr dec.— A Copy, Teste. Ji Dance, C. C
I Ins Court doth Adjudge, Order and Decree, tlmt
Cottv t,
;he L1s‘r',c b'8 Intestate in iiis hands to I*e adrnini ,!
te.ed, if so much thereof be hath, but if not then o.ft
• • V* i°uv’\’* °t»?: ”'f V °‘!ki' n<*<«n»!an!, in his otv
.. .1 ,pa> to t>ii: I binitif: toe costs by him in the Court
01 Appeals expended.-Cost of Cowl of Appeals —
m account ne taken by one of the Commissioners ot
ibn Court, agreeably lo the principles declared by ti e
Decree aforesaid, after due notice lo the parties, and
'.a. s. ‘ ^‘iromisstoner make a report thereof to ties
< mn». and tins Court doth further Adjudge Order
At Hjilcs ht.) Ten 11 riC Clerk** Office cHlie S,r>o.
Z"A'Tl ?, ;i,:i'5CtT-«kfor lI,c K«cli.nor.«l District,
■ lit- - l day of January, 132<>. *
> ■;. Roberts ami Alexander liol.em, cxcciilriv, nr l
e\i--;:tor of Joseph Robert*,dec’*!. . J?/ fs
against «'*'
Jmii J Di cl a a mln.V. of nenjamln Jordan, dcc'd. ard
r ul rn In- : n Z'A C!TU"fc' Jorrlan, executor* of
I :c fc.re taosas a-A-arded in this came 1iavitt2 been
esTCuted. ami there bci.»ff no cause sh?wn ,
■ ,e contrary of what folWeth ; O.dorcd, that tl ’
r aiM-str.,.d an., ho preceded in to a final decree ?»
lie names ot the. jne or.l pnrlic;. 1
( • .•[>:£Teste, WM. \v/ IIKXIXC, r. c.
f:‘.)HMISSjnx Kit’g Ornrr., }
/io ’inumd, Fibrunn/ 3d, 1&27. <
l. c pr.i-n-s h, will please take notice, that I
•V*c ii,c l >.li flay of Match m-xt, to romnirnc*
■ te account,],reeled i,. t|,n f.,e<-nini; n.der of r,lUft «•
'V"'1’ ']"? M.° °;c,ork- A. M. they an- retired ,o n,!.,-,|
t my O.l.rom »).,* City, with their papers and vouchers
’ j p.t'Untiiatiou and settlement.
_ H. i: \KKp, sT. . .
Ton Dollars Reward.
I £ A,N aw»y rrni» th* subscriber on Friday night, u,r •
*2*' ',n""fHrr,'‘,nrt;r0 I’ATTY, from 17 ’ ,
-o yrrars of «- •; her complexion between yellow and hb.cfc :
ih.M.l .. fed height; her bosom rather largo tba„
*« y**» i» ...itVK;
was Mopped up; her teeth arc small and toh-rablv wh-J
hut she rh.es not show them tnr.ch; her cars arc small ami
round; not a very Atll head of hair; her countenance flI
crnerally » tnttuH w.th sourness; she is inclined to
n. r rye =7,are a reddish cast. The fore ftm-er of her le t
ii&rfijj. li,°c *cuusp,, ^ *** -
S'nr harl on ulien (the left ndi.L- i* ' . ,
' c • , * "* n ''UK blue '-otimi tin-ha n>
,;rorK;a chc.K apron; green figured calico shawl, shoe?, ami
! ,.Vll Mf,r-K"'-p an<* curried off two pair oft,la. it
| othfr clothhtu. >,!° Ca",brlCk S<nV"’ ■"'* S"VBral °",crs: "i,,J
i hue was porrhaved by n Mr. Graham in the County r f
■ ■ onrertrr, a.mat IS month* nr,o, (in the neighbourhood , f
. I a to 1 limn,a* p. Pontes,) in which County her mother
rcitn- a, where it is highly probable she may make for. •j),,,
Carf‘’Tftl ric,|'Mint;ulcc;* in ,llc Cotiiitiea of Middlesex and
I will sivo the above Reward if taken out of illn r-„
lies of Iferniro or Hanover,or Five Dollars ir , i • ' 'V*
.her Oft;,, .0 Counties, and delivered to Cin ,hVr"c
... t. w" wirrTif. °
ttrdnv last it i • '■<’|Tn :n Richmond on Sa.
'■' *** 1 ’ ,,prt,sMo *f,c ™y »‘»H b- Ju.king about tfle

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