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Vo I,. IV.—No. 77
!>-• ‘ I lie roxsTiTi-TiojfAi. >» mo is published twice il
week, (Wednesdays rtiul Saturdays.) at live dollais per
annum, payable in advai.ee.
lLi~* I’revious in a discontinuance of the paper, all ar
rearages must lie pai.l up. A ml those who may wish to
discontinue, will notify the Editors to that effect, at least
thirty days before the period expires fur which they sub
'3--*' I ,lr •* Iverti'irt;—. i rents a square (or lest") for the
fiis’ insertion, and .<0 cents lor each continuance,—Tlti
uymoer oi insertions mt*»t he imted <m the INI';, otherwise
wid he ronti.nicd ami c!aniy*.l accordingly,
d.j .*ru le.ters to the L.liluts must be post-paid, or they
will receive no attention.
11 r A* tiles of chartered specie pay in- Bank* of any of
t n • tates \. :il |)C received in payment for subscription to
t.o. . ...g, though v ir-inta or l.’. States l’ank Notes would
pre.erred; atnl roulttaiices can be made through the
J ost Otliue at the risk of the Editors.
1 0“-i- SHKETJ*\(J, ('"idtli without n scatn,) just
received by WILLIAM NEALE & t O.
r». 13. A Is a, .I-! heavy Ku,oia Diaper, fur table lines.
Uol 1U—Is
.Mississippi L>anus for Sale.
A PLANTATION situated about fifteen miles a
7Sl bove Union fhmge, on the loll bank of Ibc AIissis
consisting of
Oric Tituiucttul and Arpcnts;
mid plantation lias a front of I 2 Arpcnts on the river &
is adjoining -the principal landing of Ibo settlement,
from which Cotton is sluppvd. On tins tract lltore arc
one hundred or more act us of cleared Land — trite
large Dwelling House, with six looms—Colton (Jin,
If I ill. Tan ward, Negro Cabins v-e. (easily repaired.)—
'J’iio titles to (bp above lands are indisputable, and a
warranty deed tv ill be given if requited.
Ai.jo—O:le 'I'houn tad A rpen is',
situated on 'Thompson’s Creek in the parish of Felici
ana, one and r half miles iVom the river .M i.sissinpi, so
veu miles from the town of St. Francisvsi’e. part of
this trad consists of low bottoms, probably -jotj acres:
on said tract tbore arc about fifty acres, cleared same
J cars since, Imjgroivnup: — Hither the whole oi ono half
of ibis tiacl will he sold at the option of the • urchaser.
Cor further paitieulais apply to Ibis udiee or to
?»ew-Orleans, Out. 0. ‘ if
]N pursuance of two deed", of trust, executed to the
. iatu Mr. John Richard aiid rnyself, the one by iic,
berl Cordon and Jannetta his wile, an 1 the other* bv
Robert Cordon and Jannetta bis wife and Andrew
Jamieson, both dated on the d-llli of September, Ibid,
and recorded in iiie cilice of the County Court of Hen
rico, for t!iu benefit ot the Uanli of the (. ailed States; 1
as surviving«tr usteo, shall sell at public auction tor ready
money, to tire highest bidder, on the priniiscs, on Tliur.s
iTiv the loth day of November m xt, all ttie properly I
conveyed bv iho above mentioned two deeds of Umf, or
m» much thereof as m-v be necessary to pav t’ae debts
which it was conveyed toxemic. The property convey
ed by the first named died u folio iv.-:~All that
piece or parcel of land, in ti..* City of Richmond, on
which is erected a lunibcr hoc- e occupied by said Hu
bert Gordon, and situate on U.h street, between I) and
1< Streets; ene undivided moiety of (wo brick In.o
men Is, on H rDtroot, one of (hem occupied, at the date
of thj conveyance, *>y iMi'hn I Wcrckiniester, and the
oilier bv George i.tynai! as Co. and uotv occupied hv 1
Jo3iah iJ. Abbott ia Co. and-Cooker \; three
brick tenements, in the. rear of the Inst mentioned pro
party, occupied at the date ot die coi’vwunro, !>v
French «iy Mann, am! nmv, by French & Jordon, front- i
icg about 80 feet on IJtli Street. All that part of a
I it or parcel of land in the City of Richmond, situate '
in the rear of tho Banks, fionting sixty two feet cn
Cary or 1) Street, extending back, one hundred and
-U-ct, hound on the one side by 1! (h Street.
on the o.’ber by the ground of Jann -s Currie. Ton:
lialf acre lot of land in • ?*e roar t>f the file Dr. Cur
rie’; residence, number V.and bounded on tro ride;
"by I and RHli Streets; one undivided inoiety of a par
cel of land, of six ball acre lots in Contis’; addit ion to
the City of Richmond, situate opposite to Jackson's '
Garden, and known by llie number twelve.
The property conveyri by tin; deed from K Gordon j
auvl wife and Andrew Jamieson, is as follows, vi/,, a eer I
tain lot or pared of land situate in the City of Rich, i
mend, on a Street leading from DStrrct between Kith
an-’ l-!th Street®, to the liver, with a lumber house (
thereon, being the same lot or pared of land which was :
*T>nveyed try Robert Gordon execu'.oi of James Smith, 1
to William .Muir, and by 'he said Muir conveyed in
the said Gordon and Andrew Jamieson by indenture !
bearing dote the 1-iih August. lfilO.
Surviving Trustee.
Richmond, Oct. 0. If!27. tOf
Three Hundred Hollars Reward !
▼yiDD be given for the apprehension and detivery'to '
me, at the Jail of flenrieo County, of J VUES \V.
rOACIl and WH.LI WI W. ANDREWS, who es
caped from the said jail on the night of (he I• • It oi
September last, or;ona hundred and Jiji'j dollars fur
iif'cr of lhurt.
roach i; about ”1 rear; of »gv, 5 feet 0 inclie
bsgh, red hair and blue eyes; has on his rigid arm,
marked *.nib India ink, the initials of In; name, the
lepresenlation of a tomb, with a man m the attitude
i f weeping, over which is a willow, and under which
is the date of hi; birth, KID; and on bis left arm, the
representation of an altar and two hearts united, over
which two d ives m pending a wreath of love, and
above the elbow the American fl ig. Mad on linen
pantaloons, eutton shirt, a half worn fur hat, and strip
ed coat and vest. 1
Andrews is about T7 years of ago. light hair. ha/.Jc
ryes, swarthy complexion, ;> feet 10 inches high. has
mulct'd witii India ink, on his right arm, W. V»r. A.
over which is tins Vneric—. flag ml Eagle; on his
left anu :»•> altai, over which is an alt.ir and two hearts
united, with twu d.r/r; • n-pending a wr. eh oi k.ve.
1 lad on 1 p i;.} blue <1 meslie coat and p ir.laloons, v. ifli
a h.it about i* «lf worn from the best information !
huvo been aide to obtain, I am induced !o heiierc the;
arc together at work on the Dismal Swain > Canal,
A IK THORN ro\. !>. M.
I'cr J dal }'(.;/■</;;i, r. f),
O.-.t >l,er ft'h, 1CJ7. if
liooks and Stali-juarv.
f! M. Sc T. N \•• 1! Invc recoivt >! < xtrnstvr? p ’ 'i
• lional supplies of f.an\ Mr- he .?. Ti » ra|
11i'-(.>ric:.1- — bit ft k, Lvii;, Krem h, .Sj.aiiisli, rjcrir an.
I * iilr.iit an.I Knqiisb !io>i ; tne-eihc.-with a vari
ety of nt'-.v and init Njvol-;. liottiinr v
:.;ilppr lioyal, r.i\val, Medium. j ?,•*•}*• ni .l Fooi-far*
Wii!«r.g J’apeis <« quality ami eh :. ;>
Vil'Onnd Qua: to f n iter P.mrr
Medium nn.l Demy Putting i’.v-.’r
1 ronmongera and Cap Wrapping Paper.
'I’n-rcDiicr with a variefy <;i Sfatiunaiy am] l’ancv
Good*. all of which mill hi; snM chrap.
.1. U ti T. Nash are agents far must every Pcriodi
tel Work of m«i it.
Binding in all it a vara n branches, executed with
neatness and despatch iu ihcsr Blank Dnok Mnntifac
<ury. Ot(. y>—K
m*ION witi tit; presented to the next Pa-.ion ef the
l#ewislatur« ot * iruinia, praying that the Firemen with
. . ' , - V praying -
n the Mate tuny no exempted from the performance of Mi
*y, \ -j . ' - .‘urrectfsc.
t IIA VC receive.1 it beaut iful assortment of rich worked
( Swiss colLltjt rapes and priorities, of tire latest style
Lobbinet lace drosses, veils, li.ikfs. collars,caps, pderctnss
aiul capes
A large assortment of threatl an.) hlotid laces Sc ed'Civs
Kxfra superfine worsted herege, assorted colors
I'laid and plain Grns tie Naples sill.-;
Clack Italian lustrings and company satins
I Merino and berego shawls and litlkfs.
Sciulet, blue, leiuou and other Merino cloths
Ctigers’ patent Merino flannel, warranted not to shrink
I Ileal camels’ hair (water proof) camlet, of superior
quality, for cloak?, with many other dcJra
(mods, for sale at low prices.
Ort HI—ts_._ITAU, Mill.SON. I
INew aiui ijusirable Goods.
ALL iz MOORE have just received l>y (bo last
arrivals from New York and Philadelphia (heir
supply ofFALLami WINTER DRY GOODS—com
I'm,u£ almost every article adapted lo (be wholesale
or retail trade cf this city. Tliey have on hand ami
oi.or for sale the following articles, which constitute
comparatively a very small portion of their tire sect
stuck:— 1
Liitte, black, olive, brown, clarei, cadet ami steel mixed
Do heavy dial) for great coats,
RIuc, black, goIJ aud steel mixed, fawn and light drab
IMue, brown, fawn and other pelisse cloths,
Fca'rnaiighl, napped cutlmis,
Lc-e. point arid [itidilon, duJils blank«‘ts,
>'» assortment of superfine and low priftd saline tts,
Rogers’ patent (htnnel.
Also a general assortment of white, yellow, crimson,
scailct and green fl.muok,
Floor and booking baizes,
Bombazines, bomba/.; tts.
Striped and plaid Circassians,
Crimson, scarlet, otangc and blue merino cloths
I )o same colours cucassir ns for children's wear,
i .am, sti ij ed anJ fig. gios do Naples, comprising a!—
must every colour,
w.ack Italian, .uauiua, and double French Florences,
Rich, heavy satins i.»r ladies’dresses, pehsscs aud cloaks’, j
an rnlirely new and fashionable ai tide,
Silk and worsted hereges and battistos,
Rl.ick modes, Italian crapes,
A general assortment qf coloured satins and Florences
Superfine, dailc, London prints, u:ni ginghams
Cainbricks, jaconetts, mull, book, fcjwiss and India mus
lins, both plain and figuied,
Richly worked jnokonel robes,
Insorting and scollop trimmings and flotmec.--,
Apron and furniture checks,
lied—ticking, brow n and bleached domestic?,
Gannent, cainbrick and furniture dimities,
Colton friuges, »kc.
Merino and cashmere long shawls and Ldkfs
Thread gimp and bubhinet laces
A handsome assortment of bobbinet lace reils, caocs,
caps, pelerines and btlki's
•Slik and gauze hdkfs
Bonnet, sad> and h. It ribbons
.Silk, cotton and worsted hosiery
Bandanna, ll.tg and If.dian bdLi's
Iriih linens, lawns and sheetings
Linen cambncks and cambriok handlrerchiti’s
Unihicllus, lO'.IrllC g! l?s
White, scarlet, block and coloured darning worsted'
yarn, «.kc.
All of which having been selected with (he utmost !
cam, will be sold on acccunnibdatiug terms for cash. '
2S A'ES,‘GAPS, P5?as,
rrp'T> IIC subscriber informs 11is friends anil the public <;e
ern’.ly, that he is now receiving a laigo and vi:r.'
general assortment of ti t; above goods, as fallnn «, vi
Ceollenien's Heaver Wats ol'supeiior y
21 nntl 3.! quality do t!t>
Castors ami Imitation Beavers
10tl doz Ktnam Hals f.om SIC to 3f> per d< •
30‘J do/., lilac!., \\ lii'e and litoivn tira: Hats.
100 Sea Otter
|IH) Brow.i Seel Fur j
100 Coloured do do J-MIIN'S
y(«) Cl t k II :ir Seal l
2"0 Brown do do j
300 Boy’s Clark nn.l Brown I lair
ti (loz. Fur Seal Collets.
hatters» it ns.
flrand Fifer Felt Beaver
C.incttetl Iiussiu Hair I’ur
rlo ft.I
Scotch FTeir da ea
Muiiia Fur
Ctiney do
Canada Musl.ro’ *
lied Woo!
Camel's do
Spanish Wool Cuds
(lonr Sira Hack and Tip F
In Wr Strings •
iS’npjiing Ciin';.
If. IT
Figured Snttin for Tins
S.ittin Medallion for >
Fongee for d.>
Friuteil Satt.ln Tips
i*.mbossed (lotlt n do
lVlon-'.s .in I <»la zed C.'tti t
Clark & lira!) Bandiims, Ac Binding
Clack a no White .Metal Cockles
Fine Steel do
Clue Straw mi l C. f Skiver*.
I he nbov • goinl- I ha *• -elected p-Ti-on, and -.u: war
rant them of Hu; best ili.y — nny ct win. b i feel 'disposed
1 or ictaif, at <i small advance for rash or
r 1 s’. Clj >.CS.
_ To Sell or Rent.
r M:-r is fti |u-?d t.1 si;11 or irm his f.irm,
a r,Hif.iniii- between 7 nml »; i|) acres, in the couutv
'■* At'^ucta, i . _ nil sides ,,f tiv Mi.Idle Kivcr.-"- '
A !. •rhunl.rl nrre (ill rnn.l .1 ;f of v«*iiir!i i.; river!
hi • •III) ill"1 i.rrn eii'eruA, and are i;i 1 eooil sj:n;! .
f.T: v In, t I siiti.it,■ i i::' t it may lie j
'•nil . i*i ■•; "A. '■ I i.itu ('a 1 vi :*y vainibi,: furins; on j
• «' V.ii.x'. y rrirted .1 u.icrulile <;,nnt\ |)w«|. j
!Iir.i-r, ;i 1, rxrt ii.Mil Ram. and other necessary htiilil-j
T in, v, ill cell upon a erttlit, to ;.iiit ilic I
i:o»iv,-niurt* .*i the pnrrims’i; Imt th-i payments must lie i
••.'ll si*( p;ii; will hi: '.'11 rii: lai’il, ,11 in iis i.eijh- •
hnriinr'l, frmt tiu v; W.t to the 30ih November.
Of! :j - 'll s VMUHL M’Cf.UNO.
r|V) fa-wA J.,aiini'or of John Walthall, deeV, John |
Poland, for*..•.•fly rotator of «»i I (lee.,-den*, J’clcr \Y;,|
•bail. Henry Wa!thai], Hartley Walthall, William Wal
tiwiii, Win. f piith, Jn 'i heath, Alfr<.! Ttison and tlli/.a bell,
his » ih, |’. in Leath, Leatli, AI irtira f.-’ath, Henfy
IJmUh.ity and M.1 ry his wife, Thomas Marshall, John
1 Ira ns f,»r 1 and Kl:/.«neih his wile, ami Nancy Marshall—
TtV'i ni-tii r, that o'i tin- scertr.il day of November next, at
Till.- 'ii K. J.-Trs* T.ivcrn, in the county of Amelia, bn
t" i n the 1 ■: 1 s C'f ten o', h i h and j.insn, 1 sitall pro
ceed to • til-.' r! •p'>'t!i,>i:.i rf sundry tvilncsfps, to con
timi t from il.i • ‘n ,!ny until completed, to he irad as evi
'h nee in the .rit oo.v drjtcndins; in the'••ipcrior court of
chancory nt Richmond, in which l am plaintiff) and 3*011
are dr fe n't tr.tv. V.’II T-fAM MARSHAM
<? ... O’... 1IM« , ..
Fresh Fall Goods.
[/"E seize the
tonsi-rs. that
i'ul! Supply of
opportunity to appr:/.H our cus
u«w receiving and opening :>ur
■ ^xcevilin^ in (juaiitity and variety, any p.evinus stipplr v >
iiava ever received. They hive boon selected with the
greatest care, and under very favourable circumstance* in 1
the nin r!;ttt\ of .Vac lor/: fhilc.lt '.Ma, must id them i
tiom liiuirc and recent importations. So soon ns cireoni- j
stances will admit, a detail of the leading articles will be J
:4iveu in a future advertisement.
T. & X. JA MES & CO.
•Murtxt Urn/^c. '
N fj rS
Ill offer fin' uite, on our usual Inrun, abo'if
600 P^CKikOISS,
coxiiisri.vc ok in k kuu.iiuivo goods:
21 ciisps and bales broad chilli, comprising a choice as*
M'llment of almost every stride mu! quality ol blues,
blacks, olives, browr, steel and Oxford mixtures, forests
and bottle greens, clarets, corhcau, Sic. Sic.
bales double milled drab cloths
do ladies' habit, and pelisse do
cusps and bales cassimcrcs, consisting of bines, blacks,
drab, steel and Oxford mixtuies, bull* and white ami
other fancy colors
I.' trusses winter vestin';', say swansdowns, Valencies and
toilincts, of different qualities
1 case plain Si figured black & colored silk velvet vestings
J 1 b dc:. wise, point and duffle blankets
-’> do nupt cottons, well assorted
-} do red, white nut! yellow flannels
2 do green bai/es.tm! flannels
<!t’ domestic negro clot!is, from common to very best
cn<:!'s.' (Utiuls, of every variety of color and quality
1 bale moreens, crimson, scarlet and green
. do plain «A li.;nrr:l black i colored bombacells Si rattincts
•I do t,lit.in plaids mid camlil'its
1 do d o real (*crmun linscy wiiokcy
S> *1" line and sopcitiue carpetines
‘2 tlo hemp and worsted stair empaling
2 rlo Wilton iteartb tugs
2 do richly jointed < O'sinacie shawls
*- do bine, plain anti double milled drab kerseys
2 casos coinmnn and extra tine black bmnba/.iiies
I do crenel) merino clot its, for children, different ct.lors
1 do domestic do do
1. do drab and olive hangup and constitution cords
2 trusses iiten's kmiK-v. iml shirts and drawers
1 do woollen milled and doublet milled gloves
S cases very rh Is new style barege and batiste
i do plain worsted bareges-, tor ladies'' dresses, of a imest
!1 do figured A: satin stripe, blac k and rich plaid, watered
ami plain tiros do Naples, well assorted
1 do real Italian lustring
» do s:m:hews, saisnetts, levantincs ami plain and figured
Imlia satins
•1 do plain and figured black Mandarin crapes
•1 do plain Si figured black, white ,V colored Fienrh satins
2 do colored black florei.e. -, the black is very superior,
at: I intended for Indies* dresses *
I *X- uoncniy Ugcre.i »l«ck i: colored Mandarin crape dresses
I I (In plain ami figured Clinton crape-.
•** dobgincd Nankin me: Canton crapes, shawl.--and scarfs
> ih. bl'k Canton silk, Jovainim? Sc cravats Sc hdkfs.
•I da Italian ami (ani.-.ii sowing .siii.s
"• tin flag and ! ind.iinia h.:k;s.
I do India sii!. can.lilt t
l tries sup,r ! - In**, Idad. and assorted tui>t
0 hales spool 00:1011 sewings and cotton b.u.'s
1 tin patent tlirrarl
■j (;>(i |,( x,‘ ) fwrrri si,-;.. I, irege ai.d g.inz,- lu’.kis.
6 k* " •"»! colored Italian amJ incranes
I rlo hat crapes
.» boxes, cii.pi is,ii:* a choice nstnitinenr of Knelhdi u,„|
French tlircad A: Ibiglish hobbiiie:, gimp ^
d do tidily worked and plain h.ihbiiuMls At hubbiuett veils i
1 do lieli insetting and other ti imutiugs
w (:..-••%• (v»nO bu.v.:.; i.mmmusi, consisting ot eve>y kind ,
and qualify ’ , (
do mini and wmuenV worsted and Imnhs-wonl hosiery
.* do m.-n u ouv i. : .ng.’ed'. Sc 1 iciich siil. hose fcliail hose
j 4 do men and women s coUon iiose and men's tiaii huso
j !> do liliick A; col'd cotton & worsted Ittiso Se men's hull hose '
y do gloves, making a huge mi l choice assoilmtnt ol
. 'vomen s ». ni.< and Mark silk, I id, Jong and :ho. t, horse
d in and ftiriod, and men’s Lest buck skin, beaver,!
ilorse skin and (log skin
:d do worsted mid cotton nett suspenders
1 do very superior silk suspenders
. .* Hod ■ < and (i ■ furniturV and garment dimities '
■» do cotton bandannas and Madias hold's.
1 2 f,n ‘I 4- 5 *1- C 4, 7 4 nnd H ! rich . hint/, sl.awis
~ r’"“" 4 4- 9 ,! a»'' 5 4 British m.,1 Swiss navHts
1 on real (itrin.in id! chillis
I (in iJdil |.s. silk braids, piping cords and furniture bindiim
7 <I!" ,ah!i>' velv,‘,s» "’“'e c< «ton cassitnere. Tor «i-* tops
1 do tooth, hair and cloth brushes
11 tin {'ill and i nrninon pins
.‘. do gdt buttons, assorted, 2 do bone ,in
do silk and cotton utubrelias
• i b xcs combs, viz. sbeil tuck, s-i.Ie, long bent, Cra. i!iati
luck, Imni, Sic. Sic.
• >•!.> vci v richly worker! .;jid flounced Swiss muslin ro!
mid points, pilarcites, raps ami collars
1 do common tnnslin robes
” rases loom f'gmet! hn.-ik and jaconet it-nslies
■> do 4*4 and f. 1 plain book mid S-.viss nindins
2 ,t;1 4 4 ,,H,I C-l *«!»• ‘•tiipcd and chocked jaconet i:»t»-i;
■ j do 9 " ami d 4 cambric muslins and jaconet can.bi: s
1 do plain and figured white Marseilles
12 tin iuu.n;: —consisting of 7 8 ami 4 4 Irish linen®, in
v hale an i halt pieces, l lack and brown India mb. !„
mil lri.ii linen sheetings, 8-4,9 4 and 10-1 linen j
diapers, <’ nuatks and double da masks, hi ids eye diapers !
and (lamas!: napkins
! do linen rmln ric an I linen cambric h ikfs.
j I hale hear duck, 8 d > topsail do
j •) do best >rn!( ;i cotton bagging
j '• do r.nssia sheetings, din ks and diapers
j 2~ do <human & i’litish nnmhurgs, burlapsX; ti.-i. J.-idang
j <*3 do DonifT.Hr Ooor/y—consisting m 3.4 t. 5 1 ii.ic and i
rtipeifine indigo plaid®, 3 4, 4 l and 3 .J (iitnilnie and |
j apron checks, .> ! and 4 ! bedlieks, and s.iirtiugs and j
j sheetings, ',3 •!, <1-and 5 4 Inown and bleached
:..! do rn!!o/i t/(trr.*. uadi assorted, fiotnNo. I t; it)
! it> cases fancy prints, tr-akinj an .i :soilui» nt (d ti; ■ newest
Jii.ti uuiwsi every sivic
*.» <>f» ((>mni:>n and in !i furniture prints a- 1 rhint:;
.. do ’.•'inter r.iifluins ami jVi*r»vjcb stiii,cs:
1 p;i»kari> casltinne bilk bo, -'•) dozen infants’ vm. -vl;
1~ jmeheU iiiiir rn.i--, 10 boxes genuine (Jolcgiic i
'■ niff, lZdo/on Mr:. fjunu .l.iV t corsets* i.'J tirxi’s per- !
mined snap, 'JO dozen chili1.-* tfj •carle! nod sti»t*:*r* v. oi :i- r, !
bonltCcs, I ptK.karo ririi htiirrleN* .oir-htii,- of a great •
’variety* etna’*.*, cloak rlar;: , carpet hiiaiiur5, tapes, bobbin
anti many other ariirh’s.
Or* 10 — tv • l *
*• 71W f.... .- -
At rules, hidden in tho nlctIt’s r/Tico of tl-n superior
court of chancery fur the Richmond district, lino i’d !
day of July,
William Lowndes . . . ]>!t»
Peter Townalctte, Richard Wallace, and Joseph Pot- (
lypool, .... <//,'*.
! Tlic (Jcfcr.d?.n*s Peter Tcwn'.ifeJte not having cnle- !
c.1 his apprarntire and coven security accoidin*r 10 ti,c
; act ol assembly & the ui’csoi' this court, and it appear*
! ir*g by satifadory evider, c, that he 1? not an inhnb
t itant of this country: it is ordered, that the said defeu
: riant do appear here on the first day of the next term
! and answer the bill of the plaintiff; and that a copy 0
I this order be forthwith inserted its some newspaper
i published in tho city of Richmond, for two months sue
jce.-ivcly, and posted at the front door of tho capitol,
| in the said city.
rJ \ 077/ Tesfe. WM vr. I!i.yr-rc?; C
/f iring open*■(! th* principal purl of Itis
I1 ancy and Staple Dry Goods,
<K|Oi.!U’h die attention 01 his friecds and llio public,
llocaii am.' examine them. lit feeli coundcnt, in
fao selection, no store iti the ciiv can surpass il; and a
! positive dcteriinnalioo that none shall undersell hint io
,4,P ••cTd*<‘-T"lc. ..irnorg' tbo ait teles now v’Sered for
sale are—
Sep. Muc, biadv, olive and Oxford mixture, and other
fashionable cloths and cassimcrcs
rindies’habit, pelisse and meiirso cloths
,\cffro CiV.t'nnj—consi .tin^ of kerseys, plains, linscys '
and nnpt cottons
\c^,ilSs neirest nru! ipc t fashioi>:4f;le patterns
1,'Sur (I nm! plain C«ro i!o Naps, in great varieties
Florences, satin levaniiiies, Italian In trines
Satins, inodes, crape lisse, jjau/.rs, various colours
Uatti.ste, barege and (Iretriu robes, splendid assort*
Iiriiui!l IltlpCVt'l? I
Nankin, < autnii and Italian crapes
Imperial nnp, tlnfrit, barege, grenadine, maraf.it,
gauze and mlk briit-v hr! kin.
Merino, cashmere and sliarvls and Scarfs
ii bile and black lace veils and lelkfs.
Pelerines, capes and figured lace do.
Ilobbiaet laces tuul ijiniliap
-« ® and (5 -l figure I an,] pi i<n hnblriiict
1 ifuri'd a.i I plain liivi-s and mull ii'iislins
( nii:biics, j nets :nu] bonk tniislms
f jingiiaiTj', calicos and cambric prints beautiful
C'iicassi.m plants and stripes
Tartan plaids and oamh
•dnglisii and 1'ici:
U oisrcd, lambs’ ivool, Angola and cotton hosiery
t .rr.s- bleached linens and Iiisb sheet gs
Homhazinos and bomb, /.i ts, coloured and black
?«-uribric and fniuitiirc dimities
Hibhoin cl every desoi iplion and Mipcrior qualify
C»I. oired :.t ,! tvbite domesiic, satlmels atid checks
foi- , point and duf.Io blanket*:;
M ith many other articles mil enumerated. T>y flic
nrxt i'r,tt'oN, J shall receive an additional supjd, to
complete tin --rtinent; among them, will be extra
si:p la iiuin .hiv C loths and Italian Nets.
O u. i:;_it
JLnimcnn 'sotanic Garden.
(r.o.\r; ixl.»x/\ jyh.jji xeiv vonic.)
t.v II.I.IAM ITHVt. K, Proprietor of this estnlilh.li- |
. y m.-nt, announces to the public, that tlic neiv odiii.ni ;
( J 1th) «l his C.iiiilogucs, Ims just issued from the press anil !
may hi; obtained :■/.■(//-, of Mr. |{. Tu.mcki\s, of this Cil. .
Tue iolvanrement of this establishment has been pursued
v.iih unabated aid.mr, ant «ep.nr»lU:c of expense bv the
present Proprietor ami his father, lor above hall a century; I
' Ilr‘M llt eniatge.l ca'aloiMio, he ofteis to the public,
_ i.* 1 ne oiieis m rim putiiie,
17~ varieties of Apples of Pears, To of Cherries, l.'jp (
oi rimes, ‘\> of Apricots, Mitif Pear Iks, 20 of Kectaiines.i
10 tif Ah. . I f ul Mulberries, 6 ot (Quinces, Iti ot
f ift'. It! of (.arrant;. I.i of llaspbeiiies, 47 tif (j.inscht i
iies, -On! Mi a u ben ics. 19 ot ;\uts, 2 >7 tif fi rapes, .1;»| ,,j
r.oses, as ot Pa-.mi.s, 10 J of n.ihh is,51 1.1 Camellias, r.ori ;
in all i.ear 220.1 species of C,een .house Plants, lit sides an
inn.ion.e assortment of Hardy Ornamental Trees, Shrubs ‘
and Plants, Iridiums Flower Hoots, He.—This collection
is not only iiniivaiuii in this country, hot is net surpassed-!
lie atty mi Llnrojio, ami lor tbe systematic (neuron/ vv it]> '
v. hi. ii every or.h . u i,'i bo ore. nted, the proprietor give-; his \
express guarantee. * ,
IVilh reg.,|,| to the f,'rapes', they hate been most rare
oily selected liom the iVoilh, .Middle nn-.l South of Hi mice.
’ *>‘f inm.y, Se. :i.:t;rland ami tin: Crimea, by v. hicii means
;he I'K.prietor is enabled to supply
to the /v.yrr.Vc ml where s;ich M-l'ec
Is m... iu ...Ml, ii e.i.tli lie nmiie tvirn set iinniinis „'.teil- <
2 >' Oiders left .with
flint aide | dl,eci pe. u
Oct 10
>1, will icceive protv
»M PK f A'S, r.,
;:t a itcnlinn.
Trust nitic <•;. v alual rty.
f )t KSC A jVI to tiie provisions of n trust di . ,1 executed
k. by J.iini T. Swann, Uenj.Hnia N'tirkc.’-s and Charles
Hughes, on the loth of dun:-, 1827, a i. i .Inly . d
in the county romis of (mi .-bland and Haim.cr, wii! be
s .1c, at pm he ftur.ti.iti, to the highest i.alder, for rash, br
um the front door of li.o l>p|| 'i'avr. n in the city of Uii h
111111.(1, on We i .ii'.'ilii) the 7th day of MnvPmbrr n xt, if fair,
if not t i.i‘ next lair day, t >'.e to Ho . .*«ng i,t ads, slaves and othei
property, or so much thereof.as may bit new--ary to nn.y.i r
the purpose* nl the trust, to •mi: nne tract of l.uirl contair.im!
•ttrtc humhe.l unrs, lying in Hanover counts, c illril the
Uml.v Mills, on v. hieh • I Swann n,»;v reside;-, having a
valuable <ilist at t Saw Mill •hereon; also five tie"Mrs.
name!,—Tom, John, Violet, Iv'cil, Palmyra and William,
tin! five lion s which Inn 1, negroes and ln-rscs, is t!;.
pmprity i’l -aid r-wann:—llni-e other tracts i.l l ied belong
in;; to sairl tit kols, v i .• one tract entraining two hum!,.■
•it.,! sixty iiries, lying in t'-onrldimd county, adjoining 1».
C. aw fold and otbet —eat ihcr tract r.miininiiig one loin
• 1 cd and sixty-mu; acres, lying in said county of Gonrli
I»urf,a<joii t '■ .... othei
tra< t on which s.i. i IJenj imin iVi ckols liien resided, con
t'titiing one hiitidr. d anti ninety-one orres—also five slaves,
i .aurly—Saul, Peter, Amoy and child, iMolley and .M udm,
f ur horses and one waggon nml -ear; also the propt ity of
s ii tiriijaiuiu Nin I els:—also run; miter tract of laud con
taining sis hundred act ?, lying in Hamu r r county, adjoin
ing the P.m-ky Mills and (.old mine, on which said Hughes
resides, ami seven slaves, namr !y--Gahrie!» Peter, Strang
man, Oitin, Priscilla, Sally and Martha, a vvagf.:r> and
live Itoiser, am! all i.tw sairl Hugh 's’ stock of cveiy des
cription; which last li.-MIli
ctl.cr propcily,
( liarle • IIngl) •;
convey the lisle
stock of rv.
••I tract of bind, slaves am
, owned mid tntiveyed by the sai.
The trustee., nr t c*• ,• artint;, will rmli
H. A. CJ.AlboUKi:, >
Gi'iir. p. a at,
Vi i’ cmv 1'ijt Iri ;',n sale as u hit : In 1" •• prrj r*fly roll
vi*ycm! liy n>, nii'J will give a it- »if f.airti cn in<>n:li
n»> Mi- :-irplan after eat i-.fy h'S die (!-»tJ of tnr-t — unlv
srveiilet-n or eighteen hniidii 1 ?'.»:!»r* will bp rf-M'-retl.
JOHN T. S\1 ANN. (
Oct (1 — 91 jam: 1. SVV A?, N.
I :ilUL\7.7:
At T»;h.\«, hidden io t5.'* c!r'ic’s onico of iho
ci.-nitofchance.iy for the Iticbmond dh-tHct, the ”d !
-v id July, 10-7: ,
Tl:in»;.s Morris and bv.ssaona 7\. hi: ’■’•i.'V, Thomas
Morning arid Ciin-tian !.i-> wife, and Joint If. i’os-1
ler, . . . nits 1
Thnmns Chinn and *Onr::!»a !•?« v .f<>, V‘illhtr:i Tostc" ’
Albert '’otter. ;•>.;! i.'iachwcll I't-fi r Jr. Hcnja—
Him l*ync-s and f-;« !y bis tv if.-, Abraham l)el tp. t,nd
1 aniiy l»i3 wife, 'J h'/ims Jt li ey-iand ?>nncv his wife,
Robert (Jrc'.ham and Soilyhi:.. wile Matilda Proes,
James Pvoes &t:'-an I'yn i'l'tnirg Pence Itotci?
Martin, (Jonrijr Martin, and l-'llison Marti", i!»h
The defendants Ab-aham Oeljp.sind Fanny his wife,
not having entered tlirir appearance and given securi
ty according to the act of assembly ft the rules of their
cu’.irt, audit appearing by satisfactory evidence, tin',
they are not inhabitant* of this cowtirj; it is ordered,
, (hat the s.iid defendant* do apf nr here on Pm fit *1 day
' of the next term and answer trio mil of the :>i;rtit;"r>;
and that a copy of this order be fouh>vi;b inserted in
'■ran newspaper p-tblislud in the rity of Richmond, for
i two months Mjrcfts tvolv. and posted at llic front dour
| o5 the capital, in the : id city.
. ci a -.or. Tci**- v;v *r. n£\rr
ourn _tti n m i -_ ~ —>?-, ^ ...
| attioual ggiujfgT"
. (l T[f[': voice or r.A TwyetteT
At the burial ol the Deputy Manuel, which cattrnl
so rouc.i excitement lately in Paris, after M. I.afitt,u
‘ iiad ai.ili: s«eJ the multitude, it appears that Gen I,a—
J'ayetlc advanced, to the edge of the "rave, and tlr.i9
addressed the immense assemblage, in a voice solemu
and full of fceliir". The editor of the IN’cw-York A
inorican has translated the remarks from the printed
prnces verbal cf the ceremony, which be received by
tbe last packet, and of which, by the bye, the sale had
bc«m obstructed iu Paris.
\ ou have just Imard tiic touching and patriotic nc
ecu's of public grief and private friendship. Penetra
i tod. with (lie same sentiments, it is with the deepest c
motion I appruaoh this tomb, about to close on the ei
joquuut defender of the national liberties Around me
are those monuments, so intimately associated in every
j heart,wi:!i great misfortunes, noble iecnlloctions, sub
: hrne talent, and illustrious victims. Here, on tlyg
j spot, bleep two honorable friends, and colleagues_•
j the brave and generous Fuy, equally brilliant in polit
■ maI debate, and the field of battle—the genuine model
, of French honour—and the frank and courageous (Ji-.
' > who in the Chamber of Deputies pointed oe;
; ihe violation of the Ko val Charier, as in 1702 be def< ;/
led the cow-iduiional Intv3, which the sovereignty of the
! rench people had enacted. We saw these three grvu'p;
one another in the discussions of the Chamber, a muto,.; .
a pdiiotic, a disinterested support. History will pr*.'
: stvc the recollections ot the life of Manual. Wi
i even a boy, in the wonderful campaigns of the i<q o'-.,
licr.n army of Italy, ho linked himself inst jv..
with the surpassing glory of the tricolour*,
When late.r, in the crisis of the Hundred l u. ,'.'
I the Chamber of KepresentntivcB ho w. /
; admiration, esteem ami t!»n general coufidr.-.
i When at the tribune of the Chamber ol 1.) ■ , .... t.it
J delivered those speeches now engraven in
orr and heart of every patriot. Kut lot :r-. • k
; moment on that dth of Match when ‘!-.i r • r ■ -
injustice that ever consigned to in=igunr}c&;.v-. ,v.
I rative a-rsenibly, was visited on Inin \\. ..
, him so firm, so calm, so faithful to his tin t— .1 2.
, not less honorable for Ihe National ( ’uarij
; that fortunate establishment of 59 alive is d. ;•,
I l}*e cause of liberty, equality, and public ouh
| remarkable services, interrupted :it three • ;
; f>t.'iods are a sure gnurantv of its future rovivr.r .
i period return to I lie principles of its priuutiv* •
izaiion. V-.11 have been told, andevety friend of . .1
tiel will confiiui the declaration, that, ftom .. ,,,
of his retirement, to ihe last day of his existent:
desired, hoped, longed for, die libeityof his cum.
As for us, citizens, here, among the tombs of
faithful set vants of the people, we have not only iu
strengthen more and more our respect for, and devo*
don to imprescriptible rights— tn regard them as the
objects of our most fervent and virtuous aspirations—
the mod important of our interests, and the most sacred
of our duties.”
the United Static (l.vzjrtte.l
A friend, who rarely suffers any thing worthy ■
-crvalionlo pass unuoliccd, observes, that havio •
casinn to purchase a piece of coarse muslin a U. v.
since, lie had the curiosity to have it careftiIIv m. . .
and weighed; ihcio were in it ild yards, aud it wi
■A Ihs.
The whole cost, ft 2 yds. x £+UO
(’o;t of i lbs. raw cotton, at la’J-— 50
^f) "
ft follows, then, that if (lie cotton had been sent Co
r.nrope to he man nine tured. the country would have
received only fill} cents of the lour dollars paid for the
This year, the amount of raw cotton used in this
countrv will be about 200,000 bales, of J00 lbs. each_
GiJ.000 000 lbs. This exported, at K’Acts. per pound,
amounts to £7.o00.000; hut manufaetnred at home,
e\• t» m the coarse article iiiUilioiittl noove, it amounts
to $00^00,GOO.
- ew
/ Vo;n !:ic C'ltaveland (Ohio) I}* raid.
1 ;c«l in Twinshtirg, I’ortHge county, on the 21sl irj>
s’ant, <isfs and A.ijion A* n.cox, aged ahont 50.
lo our obituary i.l this week, we have insetted a
notice of the death of Mosc-s and Aaron Wilcox, o£
f wmsbti:g. W e lament that it came uiincroinpaniCil
wnh that eulogy duo to the distinguished merits
• fllifi! personal character, and with some account of
| !l|e singular coincidences which attended (heir lives
j and death.
I :u , as rt a re. informed, were Twin hi c'lier*, ?:orn
in Cornu client on the same day, and of course,of the
. same mother; they were married mi the same day,
ths-ir wives l eir g sisters; the} hoped to have r xp.er icn
end religion on the same riar: they engaged in rior
, cantile Inndntss Ic.ryther. at Middletown, and failed
together; frnin thence they removed and .settled tbem
1 selves tcgelhur in Inis State, at a place which, from
them derived the name of Twinbburg-; they were ta
ken sir it on the same day continued sick the same
1 ngth of turn ; they died the same day, and were bu
ried in the same grave, and have left to their bereaved
children the same ri< !i inheritai.ee of an unsullied mn
r..i . nd Christian c'»nracti < The smgriltir identity which
peivaded the char >cter of these men, and the event’s
of their lives manifested itFcIf no less in their person*,
inuring (heir ycuMi and middle age, no nearly did they
I 'rrinfdc e;.eir other, as to challenge die most disci im
mating c, ta distinguish them. JJrnployed in the ear
ly p ■: of their l.vrs, in the neighborhood of each other,
as school i v’.f • . tl -y wore wont occasionally to
change school*, and always without any detection. «m
the p.-it of the v:h lars of the change. What reader
o this as he pa?,s€3 through Twimshurg, tvill not (look
of the t « i:i-;.
Mr. ! tii • celebrated founder of Hamburg. S
Carolina, and Mr. Hot d. Intro been trirrl at EdgrfirM
Ciin; I for :■<> murder i.f J, -rp!, r*I-ir« cm t he 3 let of
. :'y iftl, a?i account or Vf!nc:> appealed in the papers
• r. i e. ..t: f ho • >:-y in aiV;;it 30 minutes bronftItt
in :■. vc til.' i of "tf.l;• it manslaughter. (irROK M'j
i • in, e-'j. ; :.s <;nv of Mr. r-liuI*'/.’? couTinetiors,
Tl*cir Eciitenc.c .- monihs imprtroninent, and brand*
big on : ;o lirai7n of «5.o thumb the first day of nr3; t
court Too Augusta Courier is informed Mint ?,Tr.
.Shultd made a very ir»{f"rrjrpf address to the court
| after it bad delivered its sentence, of which tbc foilmv
; pr 1 r-rv cMract: ‘'Vfitn a bleeding beait, I confess
ti nt ibe pry of my country found a true verdict Sc.*
corditi^ ,J'3 unhappy deed:,.”
At r\ vmitha (Mo.) ‘sept. 1 't'p, ;p,2“.—A yov.r.' ii.an
fm.•» tins neighborhood, ly the nauie of VViiliim Callaway,
’v1 1 had been »o the miner on fVvei River, tv as aniden*
tally killed on Friday i n, at a Mr. Patterson's, on Fau;
eay's Orrck, Pike County. II arrived at Mr. I’nttersoti’s
on tile Wednesday evening previous to tite accident, and 011
Friday morning, v. iirn about to t,it-.e his leave r( th-j
family to ret of n |o bis friends in lids neighborhood, and
whiV to the art of sb.kiu: bands with his vie or, at
door ol ti;c liou-f! hu ii-.n s!;o! by a man who d;vr'uar;c»l
bis rifle at a turkey on the opposite side of a cornfield near
tiie hot'se. From the place where tbr man font, the huier
was 0'i®cured fioro Ids view hr the trps of thr O'lii.—
Hr ?ai,l ire thought, bf tore ho fired it a’ t..o boose tv.i* in
iii< dirrrtiou 01 Ido aim, but conclude.1 L should do rto

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