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— . J -•-- -£LV?L«^o. y»»V,,SATnu..vr Mo^o^ui.Y 1S, SP .3-=
■-im'»■■■■■ ■ i ■ ■aMnwmUMMn><wu
Vol. V.—No. 40.
(r]f* The Co.vsTiTtrrtoivAL. Whig is published twice a
Week, (Wednesdays ami Saturdays,) at five dollars per
annum, payable lit advance.
O’ Previous to a discontinuance of the paper, all ar
rearages must be paid op. And those who may wish to
discontinue, will notify the Editors to that effect, at least
thirty days bjfore the period expires for which they sttb
O’ For advertising—75 cents a square (or less) for tint
first insertion, and GO cents for each continuance,—The
number of insertions must be noted on the MS. otherwise
*hey will bo-continued and charged accordingly.
O’ All letters to the Editors must be post-paid, or they
will receive no attention.
O'* Notes of chartered specie paying Banks of any nf
(he States will be received in payment for subscription to
tire Whig, though Virginia or U. States Bank Notes would
he preferred; and remittances can be made through the
Post Office at the risk of the Editors.
Farmers’ Dank of Virginia.
THE Piesident and Directors have declared a Dividend
of two and a half per cent, on the Capital Stock, for
the last six mouths, which will, he paid to the Stockholders
on the 15th instant. \VM. NEKERY1S, Cash’r.
9th July. HJ-2H. _ 4t
LULYK ~Oh' VTRfJixiA, i~~
7th July, IQ2S. )
rpiIE Pie>ident and Directors have this day declined u
A Dividend of three per cent, on the Capital Stuck,
payable after the loth iost.
July 9—It_W. DANDRIDGE. O.-sh’r.
Twenty Dollar* Reward.
AN away on tile 1st instant, a negro man named
•»> ISAAC, a good blacksmith. He is about 20 years
col, 5 feet 2 or U inches high, well built, and rather daik.
A number ol scars trout burns nre on his hands, arms and
legs, ami a remarkable bole like a smnll shot hide, m ar
one ear. I will give the above rewind for aptuchenditrg
i..«itl negro and delivering him to me at Edge [(ill coni pits.,
Henrico'county, or securing him in anv jail so that 1 .»et
DTiii again. ‘ JOHN A. SHiPPARD.
J|lly a___ts
The Barque PRUDENT, I.\t; r.ltk'rt r.
Master—to sail ou the -Wt August. For
freight of 100 Hhds. Tobacco, .apply to
June 21—St* C. & A. WAliWICK.
,C Tt.ktvjnfSOMB assortment of French Batiste, I.ondnn
-’A printed Cambrics,plaid and striped Glnghann^ Tbt&nri
r.actrt, rich Scarf* nud Hdkft. Gauze and tiros :le Naples
Kjbboir*, w’orktrd and plain Muslins—ut:h u variety of
other Goods received hy the Ptar.tcr, for sain at voiy low
, jfrtces (nr cwSh, fry HAI.t. NElLSOjy.
June 28 K
German and Irish Linens.
I^INK and extra sfipeifrim German f.inerF, trf \*-.rv
superior itfxjtiro
IJt) do I r i: 11 ihr
For sain at low prices for cash, hy
J litre 2ft—ts__ HAM. i\F.l I.RjO.Y.
Curies Neck I^iul far Side.
BY virUre of a deed of trust, executed to tire suhscri.
her anti uUiers hy IVado Mnshy the eider, at.,1 wife,
'.rearing date the 6:ti day of May, 1820*11401 duly.recorded
in the cieiVs ojfrcb of thv county court of Henrico, for
purposes therein mentioned, and by couspjit irf the parties
iittefested in all previous deeds of trust on t i.e p.pvrty,
will be sudd, on Monday. th« 21st July next, if tail, u
mil* the next fair day thereafter, to liit* highest biddirr, on
♦nc prcmlsi's, at ;nihltc auction, for ready money, that well
known tract nf lend lyitrg in Curies Neck in llenric.)
cjiunty, called Old Curies* containing 522 acie-s ln> the
Dtne rmne or h-s5. This tract of land is «;> well M owi.,
tant it Is rfeernfed unnecessary to ciMhnefa tc the many
advantages it jnrssrssrs. The.t* is a large marl b-rt.lt on
too land, situated in u v-eTy advantageous jnrsiliou *:i he
dMiibuted. A vpry largt: portion of the laud is well set in
» d clover, and a large cron of wheat may be seeded on a
clover fallow this fall. Tlrrre arc mi irn? land, an e\. el
reirt dwelling house w ith 10 rooms, a good barn, stabler,
ninl a first rate threshing machine, fit. Set. Tlvc title is
fu-tieved in he timjnrsiiouable, but the subscriber, selling as
trustee, will only convey such title as is testid in him.—
Possession will he given i'inim>d'rateiy. Top safe w ill eoi.v
nprnce at 12 o'clock. WM. W. MOMiY, Truster.
Jntrr 7 ______ 12t
Western Lunatic Hospital.
VTOfirK is hereby given, that this institution w flb
l ^ so far completed as to hr. ready for the reception
S’f |ratie»it9 on tin; 25th day of July ift’x.f. i\i oirr: V. ill he
ryfcivnl previous to drat timr.
By order of the Court of PrTccjnrs.
JdnetM—Rt XICH’S C. KINNEY, c. r. r>.
Valuable Ifaanoke Lunds for Sale.
npiiE subscriber is desirous of selling his two, tracts or
ml laud ujrc.ii flie Ko.iroUe Hiver, in the county nf
Mecklenburg, lying immediately at Fetid's Ferry, R miles
below the jfioctinn of Svtaunion and Dan Hiv« •» and
about 8 miles fioni Bojdton, Mecf.lenbi-rg rourlhni.se.
The two ttacts (hotter known hy the name of Food's
Sc. U'alkot’s) ate slip [rosed to contain nbont 1200 nc.-rrj
of whidi thcio arc 41*0 actus of ns gtuid low grounds as
any ujn>n tiip I’.oamike Hiver. The bigjt land is of ex
cellent «y inIity. There f* nut a nftire valuable tract of
I url njioo the Hiver, of tlic same ijnantify. The is.tat-x
w i'l be sold separately or together, ns may sort the cc.n
v.ciiietiei' >f jrurc hasets, Upon tlte estate tjicie is an e*x
<-.• Ifmii duelling lir.iiyp, of S rrr.mrs, all iiandjoiitply frn
'died off, an-l oewiv painted.
Tlntre arv 0 large hatto*, 4 of tlortt) frame bann> 'abdv
'-.■tilt, an excalltfiit granary, s’.able, air-t cpm .Vn-ni ni!
fr*.lisps, Set.
"I*he ternts of sale will be nrcrtiniundatlirj — fler.i Vnren
ii o«i*d to jrtirciiase valuable lands, au. imiip to come
■* id view fire premises—make iipplit alien to I'apt. fde
prten Betlfoid of Charlotte, cr Mr. James Daniel, of
Motklenhtirg, who lives <>■ octly ojijiositc tn thp estate,
'•i tin* ttbseiiCo of Cite sul/scrihi»r. tv lot tt-.ides on the p.ru
fd»rs. WM. 1. B. BKOFOBO.
Mount Pervb, May 2D. ;,f)—J Jt
Lim d for Sale.
^ f^ITK nrfbirriber having concluded to rVniu •• font t'-.is
I- mrtinn of country, if lie ran di-uner o* ins lands, of
fers tint following tracts for sale, to wit:
Oho tract of 500 acre«, whereon he now live', lyi; son
O'tcr Fiver, in Bedfotd county, in view of par! of the turn
pike road, 15! miles from Lynchburg and 8 miles from Lib
c fy—irrarly one half wood laud, the greater part yet t®
r?‘-ai;fs excellent tobacco band, and tba plantation in res
pectable repair, li*s well, well watered and in a p’puluus
Anutirer tract of 1JV) a<’re«, lyin’ lit t’-e jimctlan of the
swo Otters—the most part of this tinrt is cleared, though
’■ t« n productive firm, »*it!t improvements suitable for a
Afso, another tract of COO acres, lying cm fJore'e flrcr*,
' irliio a mile rtf injunction with Ftauntnu Fiver; about two
hardr<’>t aci< s arc cleared, f;0 of which is bottom land, an !
half of that quart ty ispxffillrni tohocco lend, and r: the
" nod land there is not Irissthan t-.vo hundred acres of first
rate tobacco lard—the la*t named tract I consider one cf
'ae best tobacco plantations in Bedford, and could be made
an excellent stock farm, being better adapted to grass tbar
' iy plantation in tii.’t sccth.:; of cotintry or on this side of
•be mountain*, wild «\:t”o-r r o-,— T .is tract will be
fiifwn by Mr. Orvill l.civivr. who lice ; **., premises, and
tfic two first tracts by r <* s ubscrihi r. To- cfrrrs will b«
nuidu very af.coinmnd.j'.ii.g £0 as to suit most of 'mrebaser",
.'F-’Si; LKFTWlCJll.
I.yncbbufg, Ftb. 11 7 luf
lf~e offer for sale on our usual terms, »
Fresh Seasonable Dry Goods;
| Comprising a choice and general assortment of articles,
■ particularly well adapted to the season, and the trade oi
j this place, and at ranch lower pricrs t It tin we have ever be
I fore been able toaell goods of similar quality. Our entire
| stock will he opened in the. course of a few days, wl.eu a
i more particular advertisement will appear.
r. & E. JAMES Sc CO.
Ajiril JG Market Square.
: 'J hr floods referred tn in (he above advertisement, can
( principal!!i of the followin'* article*.
Jlatj 2tyh, 11211.
i A large as * tment of tine, superfine and extra blue and
black clod1 s
• Oa do Jo rlu brown, olive, green, claret Sc mixt do
j>o do do blue, black, drab, white,buff and mixt cnir/.>
I meres
Superfine blue habit cloth's for gentlrinejn’s suinmej coats
.♦r-4 superior black and mixt French botnba/.iites 'j
| 1’.hiides Sc Co's, black tastings am! Circassians '-j
: Real Kouen cassimcies anrl French union mixtures ^
• English and f leouh cassiuetts and cosbti.erillci, a. ^
nr u: a*ticie. rt
j 1 l plain and I twilled, native culered French |
1 drillings
^British nankeens, plain and twilled j 4
F.’irig and short yellow and best blue nankeens
| Black and uiixt Denmark ratlins } 5
| White, drub and mixt London drillings 1
J Blue, buff and lilac stripe jeans j S !
; A large assortment of grandiireil stripes, Arc. j ^
Rhodes A. f.o. s black a:,J colored plain and figyreiKbom- ,
G 1, 7-1 and R-4 stout rntuui diapers
• 1, • I, b- i, 9-4 &■ 10- 1 linen diapers and rit'h damivkkt ■
• »--l biul’seye and Russia diapers
»-R ami 4-4 gra^s bleach /• <?/(.twid German,linens jpvyt
| Jiniift V i
i ri^4 Irish, and 5-fl-4 nnd 10-4 re*al Rjissla jflicjrtin^s i
| »Trj} superior
| A good assortment of unu iavrnf, ITuPjv cambrics nnd linen j
cainhiic hdfcft.
.1-4 line liish brown Hollands, 4-4 black cotton tlo.
9—G» 5-4 and G-t cambric, jnconrite and medium muslins
I d— 4, u—4 and G—4 plain book, mull and J\"airj.srmJc tniislitii
u Sc 6--.1 corded checki’d muslins and figured canibiics
Rich tambouisfl book,. Swiss, until and jaevuretfu tiufidirrs
L/wm-sewerl book and jaconetie. do.
Very rich Swiss and jacouette muslin robes
. 1 *bcli Swiss woikc.i lidV.fs. pelerines anil infants* cajis
A large, n-ssortment of p1;ti;».bobbhrexicsa-ml rich bubbfm-.Hn
| i.M-ue assortment at tit re-art, bobbimftte mid ctjntamu cwtan j
I lacev, edgings mitliifisexiingj !
T ink, \vliitp, blue, royal pitrplir nr.,! straw colored jlore.itcei; .
Jet black ami blmtUIaiu ironblc French flnrences flu Unfits’ I
J.1’ t'lack Italian 1. .-..'rings, st>11 finish an(l very hopvy
i '*ct black, blue black, royal pftrplc, blue, green, white anil !
H'.mvn colored plain finis ilu Maples si’.k
1 f) l* do. do. white, bnlT, pitik, dtab ;
i ^ ajiti brown wate.rerV and figured du.
B.ack senchew-s, saisjieitcs, Jiulra. nr.:l French k-VyUtiucg 1
and sailors.
H bite, pink, blue, brown, p„.rjjie ami slajed cClajvl, plain ■
and figured sattius
Ii.ai.k figured (iros do Maudes si!!-.*, and rirfh fgilred India i
satin leva mine* f
.dire, Jjrovt n and green senclsrivs, fit* coiTfin;* undrre'lo-s J
liiack and colored plain and figured fj.iiitmi crajr-s nm;
Mandarin robes
Pritiii iiii.I figineil blacl. Nankin at.d Maudaiin crapes
SsipPrioi black, pink, blue, green and white lialiao crape.:,!
Hat crapes,black and white crape lisse.
Brown, vu rlet, yellow, mu! company flag I’auiliuma hdkfs.!
foilim Is *t oil a u mis, MiiJids Ifk * s. ao4 Be i k CI ey atui Verona "r
cravats * !
Black Italian, Canttut ami levantiiuvlfkf?..
Worsted be-ieges, It alum nclts and black nu des
A large assurtnissit ticli finiey gauze, bercuti and ct.vpi
JiiSe ill. Ts.
rlcn jflaid, Fif/.ciaie,iicv, f»a varlr.oniio •
ettar piinij
F-.irnitn,e chin's and print'*
A large assortment of 1-4 a-ml 6-4 cirm'bnc truf, jaconeitc
gi ngharns’
Dit do 4-1 and 6-4 stfi.ptrfj anfi pTaifl baiislosj cede
pa levs, Ac.
Do d> 3-d, 4—1 and. 6-4 garment and furnUirro diinitrek
Do do r-al and iuuUtllon Bugsia sheetings* ducks and
D> 4 • Berman imfl British tfzitaburgs, ti4kiejituTg<i»
hut Jape, Sic.
f'cntch A; Bussia Outsail dock, and stiffened Ihreu paddings
A supjriy of.) J, 4-4, 5-4 & 6-4 brown am] bleached
dr tnestic shirting* ond sheetings
Do do ?i 4, 4-4 iiml 5-4 apron anti furuitiiio linCn and
cotton cheri *
fXi Ho 3-4. 7-9 find 4- 4 plait) dofntestic*) rto (to;
In (1 tickings
Dj> rh) plain Ac tigtfed flniL'ntine end silk velvet vewirgy i
Do do of ladies o ml gwiilenrcifs gloves uf ntmust!
every kind
D'o do Ladies’enttrro, silk and woTsteflhot=e
Do do meat's cotton, silk and worsted hose am! bn'f hrts^,
A large assortment of hinmet, belt, cap and oil re r ribbons
velvet ribbon?, piping raids, French la peg* cotton cards j
and fringes
hewing silks, jrar*ri,t fh-rcards, Fprttds of floss anfl sew in* j
rntton, and cotton balls
A large assortment of combs, say shall and BraVilran tuck
^ ami side; Imre, shell, a-r.d wotnl potfketcand fn.c ivory
Chub, rrnmb, itafr anti tuoJh bruSitvS, a great vavrely o) ■
■ ....w. « f* T*'T
A lcrge a*"iirtineiit ot lititlrrns and button itifiuMk of a'linTi^.'
every kind
A iMndnnse BcrflifmCitf of stifiniier veilings
Miilencftrt, inundation muslin's,, t Wirt To lace, btmrret
wiie, &c.
Oil duties, ferreting-:, liindniig?, fcatirer irnll palmetto leaf
| Leghorn. Bolivar and gipsey flat*, straw luhilte\s And nttfnTs
I.eghorn Iran
j Ciinryon, scarlet nod enrrit inrrrcTin'?
> Ciinimuii block, blue nod junk cambric.*, h itl superior
gr-is? an,! buff ctvttnii ihi for boiiiict.-*
i Cotton and worsted m*t suspenders
( Rnyal gilt and crnmnoi, (rack phis
I I.iim awl rotten IHjirS, hubbiiii, lioidil and ry(% ion fifing
onnvsrss. .fee.
j 8-ray laroK, Mis CanfrWs co'rsrR*, N’os. .1, 4, 5 and 6.
n lai :;9 assortntHit of tin: f.dlatl ing wnoliini gdods.
i f. awl 5 point blank;*;
! < 4. B *1. anil !> 4 Brrtol and Loudon dufl!e do
| 8 d,n 4, 10-4. 11-4,12 4 and IB-4 rose do
r,Ht,dy% n,i; : cottons front No. 1 to 1, very snpriir r
; Ividderntinsjt-r and stair ct«rpntings
I dernrnn amftlomrstin finseya
i Common and superior dontcsllc nccro etoths
KI«io plaint, drab cloths and a few flushings
Breen mill blue donmtie merino cloths
Oxford ami steel mfxt, blue ml*», irnd cJnflr b!»jc sattinett#
(koinnimi wbiuand red flannels
Superior nirrimi white and red <lo
Stiperliuc while gauze do,fi e. <,■■■.
May S8—wBw
To Country flatters*."”
r|r1nf; *'>'’CM'.er h"* n" hand a genera! as-ertmont
i JL of_ Hatters Stock and Trimming*, which lie will srll
.« i-'ir fer cadi, vi-t Heaver. Carmttcil ant Haw Russia
j*1" Hare fur, Me* hr at Skins, Spanish Bodies.
! RJoivls V.'eol, Ret! 'Vord, Raw f mipy Ttir, Hatter* Rns
j c-r, j{j,rr Buff Kit git fit Skivers, Belongs, Ratlin Mc
[ dall’nn for Tips, Enibosid Cotton Tips, Bow firings_
j v illi K general ass«rtni *.it ,,f Black and Drab Bindings
mid Bandings, JOHN THOMPSON.
m.o your conduct, upon tl.o laic Presidential election,
have, m their despair, fastened themselves, as a last
and only hope, upon the refusal of Mr. I\ P. Ulan to
disclose |o the Senate of this slate, the coutouu of. *
latter alleged to have b«3eo writtrn by you to bun
sometime in (liemonth oi January, lU'«.\j; and upoi.
the statements of Amos KcndaJI, tq the ^aine body, hi
le.erence to su overture you had umi'd to him to
remove to the city of \Ynshingtun, ami accept a clerk
sliin tntho department of State. Although Air Uiair.
nt the instant, deC’iirod that his silence vvae not die
tated by any consideration ot the eirect it might have
upon the controversy, one tvay or the other, and that
the refiual emanated from bis sense of the sneredness
and inviolability of coniidcntuil correspondence, let
tlje bitter and unsparing spirit of yonr persecutors
eagerly embraced the occasion to instil into the public i
mind suspicions that the'contents were inauspicious!
to jour repulaiiop, and iepleJe with proofs of lihcil J
negotiation and arrangement between Air. Adams muJ |
Voniself. The Cential Committee raised in this State,
to piomole the elevation of Gen Jackson to the Pro
sidency. triumphantly announced this circumstance,
as iirefragabh* and conclusive evidence of your guilt, :
and eyiltingly suggest whether Hlair, your friend and
correspondent, would have declined divulging the let
tor, had (he cuiifetits contained no evidence of bargn.o
and corruption. The sUtemciit oi Kendall, although
on its face frivolous and unimportant, is mace subsi-1
diary to the same object. The Central Committ.-e .
-j I * *• ~ 7 ' • ~ V1.MWII '/I Mil; llli.'lius III llir .in
mini-t-a'inn, assembled here in December 'act, repos
ing confidence in yonr j .itriotisrn arid virtue, feel h a [
solerdn duty incumbent on them, »o repel these un
merited and illiberal imputations, by requesting of yet, -
tor pub lien firm, copies of your cnrrerpondeucc with !
those persons, in referenco both to the one and tiie :
other of those matters. The committee are aware ot j
the delicacy and impropriety of exposing to the public i
g.ze an*f animadversion, puvaie and cunlMumtal cor J
rcspomlonce '} iiey me conscious that the practice
tvmj'd become hateful in the.expcrimcnt, as it is in
defensible iipna principle. They cannot however give 1
iriio tin* bul'of liiat 11«3 inviniabihiy of private coirc6 •
pondenee, irnpusea on yon any obligation to submit in
silence to these calumnies, or to withhold the means
which enables you to vindicate your reputation and
your concoct. T hey must therefore be permitted ini
urge their request, and to indulge tho hope that il
there are no circumstances of winch they H.e not ap
priced, rendering a cumplinucc exceptionable, you iydl
not hesitate to act in conformity to their wishes.
J. IlARym, Chairman C*. C.
lino. II. Cr..sv.
*"* /
VI isniMiTo^i, 2> Ii June, 1821*.
^S,J ‘ cur teller of tin: 1 I'li nil. as Chairman ol the
Ccntrat (.outwit tee of the frien 1s of the Admiiiistration
in Kentucky, requesting for publication, copies ol m\
Correspondence nith Mosers. R|*ir and Kendall, was
received shortly before 1 made a late visit to Philadel
phia. My ai ;seiic< from Hus city, the press of busi
ness incident to the close of ifra session of Congress,
aqd the foebie riale cd my l.eallli, h;»vo combined to
prevent an earlier reply.
1 pieservid no copies of my letters adJrisaed to ci
thcr of those genllemeri. Mr. lllair has tumished me
with copies ol *: vent r i those directed to him, inciud- j
ing that upon which, I understand, a reliance is placed j
to establish the fact ol my having made a cunopt a-!
greement, in relation to tb«- Kite Presidential election ;
Wy correspondetice with that gcntlemao was friendly i
and familiar, and sometimes sportive- it is charac j
ter.zed by a freedom ol language which >s occasion i
ally admissible in private and fiie. dIy intercourse, but |
which would not be il, catuus towards Die. public. Mr i
Rlair La's himself ichist'd to exhibit the lette r in quos- ;
tiqn, or to tcs'ify concerning its contents, upon the
principle that JVa will not, voluntarily, consent to the t
violation ct private correspondence. That piincipie!
must cifimnaiid the rc-pect ol ail honest men. tau far ■■
.is regards tlie charge again t me, tho publication !
would benefit instead ol injuring mo. > ,:b is the!
npinion of several gentlemen to whom 1 have s'linvn '
•he r.orjespondence, and such is my own. Rut I will i
not avail myself i t this advantage, a* the sacrifice of a
piiriripfe, the pieseivatiou ot which is a necesvarv
guarari’eo to social confili nee and intercourse. I
could nut, moreover, publish my own letters to Mr.
Rlair, without some ot his. shewing the sense in which
he under .loud mine. Although Im has given me j cr«
mission to pnbli b both, be thinks they ought pot in
be published; und 1 will nut, on the defiance of a pro
fligate editor, be tho fust lo set « mischievous exam
ple, which the other paifj to the correspondence l.is
ipfuted lo establish. T most decline, therefore, smihn
li/.mg tin? publication of oilr cortgspondeiiBe. Rut tho
l.’mtral Committee is at liberty to exhibit to the hi
sprc.tion of any gentleman, of any party, all such por
tions of it ns relate to the late Presidential election,
and i will do the same upon any such application being
made to me.
.W) correspondence with Mr. Keminll stands upon
different grounds. T hat gentleman has assumed Hie
triple attitude of iny accuser, the witness to establish
the accusation, and the publisher of it to the world,
through the paper which he edits, lie has not scro
pled lo violate prnatn correspondence, nod to misre
present nvy moliveil, am! tim better to enable him to
accomplish hi? purpose, (as I ain compelled to believe'
lie stains that he has destroyed my letters. Ii he has
really destroyed them, I regret it vory much, because
I should hare preferred (heir speaking for themselves
instead of their enu'ents being penciled by his enmity
and prejudice. Should nil or any of them be hereafter
found to have been pre-erved from the flames, he is at
full liberty to publish them No? content with mis
representing me, I am informed that he has givnn, ia
tha Argu9, an erroneous and faithless version of the
testimony beforo the Senate of Kentucky, in (j,at
mast extraordinary inquiry which was instituted before
that body at its last session.
The obligation to respect the confidence which is
implied between man and man. in their private cor
respondence, must be reciprocal. One paity cannot
i bo bound to respect, whilst the other is free to violate
il. Still le«s ran such n one sided obligation exist,
when one of the parties has not only violated if, but
' misrepresented the purport of the Correspondence.
i\ir. Kendall has therefore absolved me from all duty
of withholding from the public any portion of the cor
respondence winch has pasted between ns, if it had
i ever possessed a character of higher confidence than
i that which was actually stamped upon it. Hut | ^-jji
| not avail myself of the privilege which his conduct ha?
i thus conferred, further tbao ii OQ£.e«sary toxiuJ'cate
j imscli against him and his testimony. Uefore^ pro—
-j ceed (o ootice the letters from Inin, wluch-are now
t cominuifieated, it is proper that J should lake a rapid
j survey ot the relatiofu which existed between.os.
i Mi Kendall had beco educated at Harvard Uni
| versity. which is among ,the must respectable. If it be
j n'Jf the tno-it celebrated, of the institutions dedicated
i to education in Ihn Uni ted* States.—During my ob
i sence from inv country, on its public service,, ho was
; engaged by Mrs <'lay as a private tutor to insti(let my
cliidren. Upon tny return. 1 understood that he bad
j been attentive to the dischnige of the duties of bis sta
j tion, and I ascertained that they had henefittrd by bis
insti actions during Ids residence in jnywfamil). Pa
rents kndtv bow to estimate sucb a relation. My per
sonal acquaintance with him was never great, be ha
ving left my home prior to my return, and iny opporlu
nities ot teeing him having been chiefly limited my
occasional piofeasional vibits at l'rniikfort, where bit
resided After he became the editor, of the Argus, I
took, and generally read his paper which I thought
exhibited some tabo euJ much diligence. I have rev
er spoken io any boasting or reproachful spirit ot hospi- j
lalities or kindnesses, leceived by him under my root. !
If they ever create any obligation it is cancelled when- ■
over they are ti impelled forth by those who dispense ■
them. He has chosen^himself, publicly to advert to ibis
subject, and I leave bun in the undisturbed enjoyment .
of the sophistical distinction between instance* of hos
pitality rendered by a man. and his wife, on which be ;
dwells with so much self—complacency.
Ihe reiatius which ] have described, create.il a [
strong^ interest, on my part, in the personal welfare of !
Air. Kendall. It was not extinguished er abated bv j
i he bu t. ot Ins taking a part in the local politics of |
Kentucky, which my judgment did untap wot c. 1 j
hue never allowed my private leeltngs towards inJi— .
v id u a Is to he n fleeted by a mere difference in opinion |
no political subjects, when the opinion opposed to my ,
nv/n Is believed to be honest, and is maintained with J
proper atteution to tiuth and decency. That interest
in the prosperity of Mr. Kendall was. moreover, kept ;
alive by frequent expressions from him, of dissatisfac- •
ti.iu as «d editor of a newspaper, and intimations of Ins
(■(.'site to change it for some more eligible public ec*i- j
vice. I have no recvilection of having ever written to!
I.hn n,.. I„ti„.. --I_____■_ , . ..
J -- ,. M I \ OIUMIH.W UAtllUU, :
ofi'ering to aid turn in procuring other public employ !
mot. * Applications lo me’ foi such aid were, however, ’
irequent, whilst.! was a member of Congress, as they
nave been since; and it is quite possible that 1 may have •
iVritten to Fuin on that subject. Hut if 1 ever did, al! j
inferences from any friendly ex pi essions of mine, that
l was subsequently to be appointed to (he Department j
of .State, and that I would then provide lor him, (and
such 1 understand to be the import of the insinuation, ;
contained in his testimony before the Senate ol Fven ’
lucky.) aie as malignant as thgy arc ulic<ly groundb as. :
After, and not until about n month after, 1 was np I
I united to the Department of State, believing that Mr. ,
Kendall would make an Useful subordinate clerk .
in (hat department, I o,T»-rtd him an emplotmerit in
•bat character, with a •■alary of v.1000 per anuuib, but'
as the campaign for that year wj. jsj?.| opening in IZeo j
lucky,on her local politics, I annexed, as an indispensa ■
ble condition, that, if be determined to pcecpt, bet
should not quit the field until the campaign was teimi— j
naled. My motive for this condition cannot Le mista- !
icon. rite offer led to ?ome correspondence nrd con- '
veisatiou betweeni;', in thif course of which be ex>
pres-ed n willingness to accept of a place, provided a
♦ !aty of J5I0OO »ia fiii.ti lieil to it. /Xs f (fieri bad no
such place at my disposal, (be negotiation terminated. 1
Mo v fortunate the public and 1 have been in such ?.u
issue, let the world now judge!
Among other modes of Mr. Kendall's appeal to rue!
for an! in his embarrassed circumstances, was that 01 i
his endeavor to prevail on me to effect or make a loan
ot inonoy to him. I had a snm of Common weal 1 ids
bank paper, helongingto the estate of Colonel Morri
son, of which I could make no use. in the course of its
niiinir.istration. I resolved not to sacrifice it by a con
verson of if into specie, at an enormous discount, fore
seeing that it would certainly appreciate in value, if
our state shoo'd not he ntflit ted with iiimio- legislation
Mr. h. applied to me to borrow a part of tfi.it paper.
I loaned him, iu K;?5, for one year, 1500. arid
took a mortgage lor the reimbursement of the i
loan, with legal inteicst to the same paper me- ;
diui.r. ‘The mortgage was committed to record,!
(hereby demolish;.ling if,at I hod no wish lo th«ow j
any mystery or concealment around the transaction. !
At the end of tiic year, Mr. Kendall expressed himself I
unable to pay the debt, and I gave him another year, on !
the condition ot his paying the nrroar ol interest. At j
the termination of this other year, he was still unable i
to pay. I informed him (hat the mallei must be clo-ed.
but i instructed my agent to extend to him eveiy in
dulgence. consistent with the Kcckritr of the debt,
about which 1 entertained some apprehensions. He (
has paid a part of it. by (he rale of some of the tnorlga i
ged property; and, at the date ol my last advices, a'
considerable balance remained undischarged. 1CJ had!
retained the paper unappropriated in my possession, as !
1 did retain a large emn. the estate would have derived
all the benefit of the anticipated appiccinlion in its val
tie, which has, in fact, been realized, without risk cf
the capital. The sole effect produced by the loan, (on ^
the supposition of its ultimate reimbursement.) will be,
that the estate will acquire interest upon the sum loan
ed. 'I nis innocent pecuniary affair lias been represen
ted ns a dispobi'.nn on my part to bribe Arnos 2£endnii;
and 1 have been held up, at the «am« tune, as a bank
rupt and a griping creditor, seeking to compel my
unfortunate debtor to pay in specie, dollar lor dollar, j
that which he bad borrowed in paper; and robbing the j
estate of a deceased friend of the benefit of the opera- 1
V/* nut e ivuers oi luiiw iveniJau, lierrwu,i Mans .
; milled, (lie firs' hears dale Hie ‘JIM dav of January,
; I">2i. In that Idler lie slntcs that Gcu. Jackson tvas
i his second choice, bul adds, “if our interest in Ihe
4 west can be promoted by any other arrangement, I
“shall be conlent. At any rate Id us have a President
441 would sooner vote fir any of the three, than have
“a Vicegerent for four years. Du w hat you think brst;
“fhe Argus will not complain; became it has FAITH
“that yon will do nothing to compiomit the interests of
“the western country, or the nation.0 What Mr. Ken
tlall meant by promoting our intern ! in the west, by
any arrangement other than Ihe rleclionol Gm. J. hr ;
does not explain; and never d>d explam to cm. That
at the date of that letter lie hod not heard from Mr.
Blair, or from any other person, that J had tnod° a cor- i
rupt rgreement to obtain Ihe appointment of ficcrrla
ry of StafT*. is manifest, from his explicit avowal of
fnilh in rue, and that I would do nothing In oom
prornit the interests of the western country, or the na
The committee yvill hear in mind that Mr. Kendal! i
stairs, m his fe.-fiinony before the Senate, and lias re- :
pratedly otherwise asserted, that he obtained infer
ir.ation from Mr Blair, in January J825. of the existence
of a corrupt bargain, by which J \ras to bp made f?c
i cretary of State, in the contingency of Mr. Adams’)
election. 1 have shewn from hiv own letter, that be j
could not possibly have receivefJs«ny such information
nptotho 21st Jan. 1*125. The nrxt lettpr from him,
herewith transmitted, bears date the VOtli Feb. FJ25
In (his lettpr he says, “There is much inquiry,” [at
Frankfort, where both he and Mr. Blair resided, and
where he pretends he received the alleged information, j
! “whether you will be '.flier ed, or will a> cept the Secie- ,
; “tarysblp of State, and mnnli dryersitv of opinion »4 I
J *4to what ycu ought to do. if :t is o^'crcd It to
"me ti.at no mail here can tell ivhai miu ought to do:
"because it is impossible for us to know all the circuiu
“stances.” That which is known, is not, ordinarily, a
matter of speculation, although it may lead to specula,
tmn. If n woie known, al Frankfort, to I\Tr. Kendall
; and others, on the ?0tb Feb. 1025, that 1 was to be ap.
pointed Secretary of State, there could have been no
• ou“lJ* no uncertainty, no speculative enquiries, about
'! Tins inference appears to me to be fair and irre
sistible from the context of his letter.
But il any one can hesitate, yet. to believe that Mr.
Kendall never entertained any opinion unfavorable to
the purity of my public conduct, and that his charge is
a t'r0S3 fabrication, I invite the attention of such a scep
tic to the remaining letter from him which is trans
mitted. ^Jefoie it i; introduced, one Word of expla
nation is necfssary- I had heard, in the summer, or
September. 1326, that a i sport had been put in circtii
lation. in Scott county, that I had sought to bribe Mr.
Kendall, and to buy him ofF by a < leikahip in (tie Dm
partinent ot Stale. I a ldressed him a letter, in corp
se-picnce of if, in September of that year, comiuunica—
ting the existence of tie report, expressing my sur
prite. and enquiring of him about it. I kept no copy
of my letter; and, therefore, ypeak of its put port from
memory. His repK bears date the 11th of O j. I«2C,
more than twenty months after the period when be
alleges that he had received from Mr. Blair the in
formation of my having made a corrupt bargain. Ia
this answer, he states that he had not heard of the re
port; that it had never received the slightest color from
any declaration of his, and that he will take prompt
measures to put a stopl to it. And, he adds, “Whatever
“course I may ferl constrained to take, in relation to
"the Administration generally, 1 tiust J shall not be
“the means., nr the occasion of casting any impu
tation updn your INTEGRITY or HONOR.”
Such is a faithful account of my relations and cor
respondence with (Ur. Arnos Kendal.', so tar as the
public enn fec i any interest in knowing them. Had
there not been a call upon me, from so respectable a
source, it would never have been communicated to
the public. This is the only notice of lum that I shall
ever take. I will not descend to the level of a news
paper controversy, with one who has shewn himself
destitute of all principle. It belongs to mv tempera
ment to think favorably of my fellow men. But I have
not been so often deceived as some of my Kentucky
friends imagine, . i respect to the dispositions of men
tow aids me. 1 have long known that sevcial promi
nent individual- ic that State now m^ open enemies,
cherished, during many years, amidst the most friendly
professions of esteem and admiration, a secret hostility
against me. Some cf those have hiboied fo hcightc-a
the effect of their present enmity by the affectation cf
a foitner warm friendship. But'I acknowledge that l
have been deceived in Mr. Amos Kendall. ° Ti e re
gret which the development of his want of veracity
arid integrity has occasioned, is mitigated by thecoiriu>
tioo that his malignant shafts aie harmless and in:pu*
1 ain, with gieat respect,
Your obedient servant,
II. C£.V\.
Jcn.v Karvik, Esq &o. &c. &c.
Fra.'iIU/OBT, Jan. 21 St, 13C.fi,
Df.ar 8 m:
Our legislature is gone, but hare left sis no repose.
We have a prospect of n contest more embittered
than evgr. I regret it, and would gladly escape from r;
hut the tafcs seem to order it otherwise. I rnay misiakt
but « think liie legislature will be sustained. The ex'
Cileinent is among those opposed to icmov ing the judges
by any means.
As 1 informed you, the resolutions requesting you to
vote lot Jackson passed, and you have doubtless rg-.
ceived them. Jackson is my second choice, all cir
cumstances being equal between him and Adams. Hut
it our intererst in the. west can he promoted l>v any
oilier arrangement, I shall be content. At anj'mt.-,
let ui have a president. I would sooner vo'o ^Tor any
of the tluee than have a Vicegerent tor four years.--.
I)o what you think best — the A.gus will not complain,
because it has faith that j on will >|o nothing to com.
promit (ho interests of the western country or the na
Sincerely your friend,
FnAKieroRX, Feb. 20th, KJ2A.
Dr.ui Sir: '
Since (he enclosed was written, ivc hare received
the nr irs of the lesull of the Presidential election. ft
creates very little sensation here, in Frankfort, pro
hably half oi nearly so, appiovc the course of our in
presentation. Jackson’s original ft tends r.re. loud in
iheir compiainfs, and several who uoic for you join
them. I think in some sections of theconnli j , there will
be a considerable stu; but if the ndminintiatioo is pru
dent, it wdl die away. I speak of Kentucky only.
There is much inquiry whether yoti will be. ofiered os
will accept the Secretaryship of State, and much d:
veisity of opinion as to what you ought to do if if i* or
tered. It seems to me, that no man heieoan tell w hat
you ought to do: because it is impossible lor .09 to know
all the circumstances.
In there not a piobability that Jackson may be elec
ted by the people 7t the eo dof four years? Will no!
Clinton unite his interest with Jackson’s with the ex
pectation !bat he will sor reeJ him in the Presidency,
and will not such a combination be too powerful to
withstand? Will not Adams for his own safety, retain
Crawford, and thereby conciliate Ins interest? I know
nothing of thpse matter*!; but on viewing at this dis>
tHiice, the posture of men and pa>(ies, ideas indicated
by these queries, have fluted through iny mind.
"Vour friend,
I’RAKKPOBT, Oct. 11 til, IS2Q.
Dear Sir: ^ ones of the 27iU nit. is this moment received,
mirl I thank you most sincerely for the information if con
tain*. No statement of «lip character mentioned, a* having
been mnde in Scott, ever received the slightest colour from
any declaration of mine. To several who f nrjuiterl of me
relative to the rumors mentioned in a letter written by ma
to you ia>t year, I have stated the simple facts, and gene
rally added, that I should have accepted the offer, had tbn
Salary been #1500. I do nor know whether either of the
gentlemen named were of dint number,
I hav» not before * arri of this ieport, hot shall take
prompt nteasiites to put a stop to it. Whatever course X
mav : c 1 r'Mi t. *iued to take in relation to the adininistra
i»< a geneially, 1 trust I shall not be the means or the occa
si’- ’’ of casting aov imputation upon your integrity or bonne.
Altera dreadful attack of the flux, which totally dis
abled me for s;s weeks, I am barely able to move about and
write a li*tlo. Your friend, &c.
P*H?F.jr, Jiiop 17.— At a meeting of the friends of tha
present Administration of the General Government, held
in Darien on the l<lth fnst. pursuant to previous nr,tire,
Ai.T.K.v B. Powkm.. F.srj. was called to tha Chair, and
Gf.o. T. Rooers appointed Secretary.
After a few preliniioary and appropriate remarks fiom
the f.hair, the following resdutinus writ* unanimously
Resolver?' I hat wc deeply deplore that spirit of pro
scription and a burr, which is abroad in our land, and
which spates not to assail, without mrasuie or remorse,
our pun si patriots, horoev, and statesmen,
fle^rrlve'l' Ihat ti hay become the imperious dote of e-.
I r»y viltuovt* coroumoify jg. uur lylWved cm/iiTr^ lipwawaf

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