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IBWMM1—IW■.!-•%« - -~ - -»- ~-r |—-||
Ifi 1 lie Constitctionai. Whig is published twice a
v eek, (Wednesdays and Saturdays.) at five dollars per
annum, payable in advance.
lET Previous t*» a discontinuance of lire paper, nil ar
1‘••‘rages must be paid op. Anti those wjio may wish to
discontinue, will notify lire Editors Ur that effect, at least
t.ioty days belore lire purit'J expires fu.* which the; tub-]
Ij* Pur a<lr*rtl«ing—7ft cents a square (cr less) for the 1
fir?t lUSBttinu, ami 60 cents lot cacli ciuuinnanee,—'l'tie •
number of insertions artist be uoled on the MS. otiici wise
•trey will be continued and charged accordingly.
■ ffJ” All letters to the Svliiors inujt be post-paid., or they ;
will receive no nltetrtion.
3-f* Notes of chartered specie paying Banks of any of
the States will be received in payment for subset rption to !
tim Whig, though Virginia or U. State? Bank Notes would J
bo preferred; and remittances can he made through the |
Post Oilier n| the risk tit the Editors.
To f/*£ address nj Jlcssrs. Goicuti tSj- -V-irjr,
The fine British Brig ATLAS, McKenzie, j
master, now loading at Beunuda Hundred, j
and will lie despatched by the middle of An- J
_tgust. 1'or freight, apply to
jMlr 2t JOSEPH MARX £ SON. j
Green Ginger.
JH. BLAiMir Inis just received a supply of
• Green Ginger, lor jirt serving-aud jrick’ing, ex I
pressly for family use at hi3 Drug aod Apothecary j
iiioie. directly opposite Etigle Hotel, siau uf the Mortal.
July 30 — W4t
PROPOSALS lor puhlt^nitig Li i'i;n;i:&niKG, Va. a
,,e'v Paper, to be issued eveiy Monday, to be enti- i
lied 1 IlE TIMEa. I-HASrvis G. Yakcky, Editor; Hex* ■
lit W YTHlk Publisher lie voted to Agriculture, Mann-,
factuies, Commerce, the Mechanic Ai ts, Sciences, LilciA- 1
tore, Poetry, and Geneial News.
iilb TIMES will be of the laigest size of newspapers '
exceeding in dimensions any Journal at present publish-* j
r.d South of Washington City. It will be printed on j
paper of tho best quality, with entire new Type, of elegant j
mrfdern cast. Its pages will In? compact, filled with the j
most valuable matter, under the bonds above enumerated; j
and the Editor and Publisher pledge themselves that uei- i
liter expense nor labor shall he Spared to render it useful i
mid entertaining to the Planter and Farmer, the Metchant j
in town ami country, tiie Professional Gentleman, the ,
Manufacturer, the Mechanic, as w ell as the lover of Mrs- :
< filaceous Heading, They will endeavor*, especially, to ■
make it acceptable as a Family Newspaper. The state i.f |
tne Markets will he particularly attended to; every kind of 1
information industriously sought, and the piic.es <.f Domes i
tie produce, «s well as of foreign goods, given with tint tit- j
Ui'.ist attainable accuracy. l‘o ensure the. readers of the ;
limes the earliest intelligence, a correspondence will he '
established wUli Europe and all the principal flities uf the i
, t oiled States, besides b general exchange with the interior
nawspapers; and Slips will he issued imifiediute.ly afiei the
Hnival of every inaii with interesting news.
Tim price ot s.,tjsr.rjptio:r will be THKEE I)OEEATS>
■jmr anniiin.
Advertising or the year >J15, iitni*rd to two squares— j
420 for three squares. Truusicnt advertisements inserted.
at the Histomary tates.
U i<!' this exposition ofo-.'r views and iiilrntious^ we res*
pecttully solicit tile support of our fiieiids and the public.
i hose inclined to favor the undertaking will please cali 1
tipnn c.itht-r the Editor or publisher, and subscribe their*
ttanifs. As tile terms are as low as can possibly he atVn,a
ed, and ab considerable capital is ri-quhcd in the com
mencement, subscription in a U twice will bo -ratv* « •- ■
i ue first number i -crpcctcd ta appear.* *.r’y i-i .-V , *
before which, it is n quested that all the lists u.iay !-*
t-irnod. Petersburg. July 111.
Have. opened on extensive assortment o;'
At Ao. Ill, Pearl Street, Hanover Sruarr.
_ . . NEU7 YORK.
Comprising nearly every arlirte in the trade—aitior.g i rJ:
KNIVES and Pori;?; pen mill pnrket knive.-,
Razors and scissors; hand and hack «■:, • -
Drawing knives; chissels, gouges
Files, plane irons; scythes, sickles
f’baff knives; currier’s knives
T'fiiUpns, hone moulds; locks of all V.in''
Rrass and glass knobs: hinges, screw
Stirrups, spurs; spoons, ladies
Gum lines; !ij miners, sledge,
Indian gun?; anvils, vin ->
Pawling piece- ; lag and trace ch,<-i>
Faux-Ha anil spades; nails and sad iionv.
iflrsrcbnnta lYmrt Southern States, me esj-tt". • v- -
V:‘*‘d to «>»ii; ili'-y • vi!i be setnn accomodatim; terms,,
July g3__ 1 ’r
New Stage Route.
rS'IlM Subscriber having contracted with the Post Master
J| Genera! for carrying the ma il from Preriei ii ksl'tirg,
! through Warren ton to Pm is, i:i Fatu|itier county, has slat- .
fed anil is now running ttvicc a wei !j a
which will easily accommodate six passengers. He has •
•procured good g?, a«!y white drivers, and excellent horses. !
The cst-ihiislmteni is belh.-vurl -mi to ho inferior : > any ;o ,
th;s sredon of the Snfe.
At nine It c»p«*ti*"o and trouble have been inrorri'd in
. p-tflng ;hc above i-slab'i-htnrnt in operation, the sobsiri-j
her 11 iKu.s hirer'll he v. ill lime •„ lihiTral share of public |
pat.i'iiH^o. Perrons travelling fro in the Western to the;
Southern country in stages, will find i: the most r ;vd - I
fioi.-c. shorfrs', and cheapest mute Irom VVi:i.-h.n;!-r to'
Th? anival and departure of thev stages ,:t Pmis, i*
yr; rc.gii'.-!it I, as to detain jinriPiigcis criming Irm-t or c i -.g
I to IV iotlics'.f r, and in that direction, on!', a f-w ni-m.*-ats
aft:r they reach the town. Passengers from Winrhc: '»r
to Rir hntnntf, Predprickslinro, nud the lower r.-ttntrv, or
** the reverse-, will find this a pleasant rnttfo.
lit? S?agcs leave Fredericksburg about C n , J .
M. on Sundaes i.nd Thursdays, arrive at Parts about
o’clock P. M. mi Mondays and Fridays—returning, leave
Paris about 4 o’clock. A. M. on S.n>« lays and Tuesdays,
and arrive ot Fredorirksburg nn Sundays and Wcrtnr«J. vs
a bet H l KJrdi.loek P. M.
!**rom Paris »(, ‘•'ale n, * ;
“ VVarrmfon,
Eikrun, p,
“ t'rrricricksb'.ifg,
ioy intermediate distance R cents per mil-.
JOSEPH D. SMITH, Control hr.
July 23, 1828. _ dt
.Mecklenburg County .M<ry Court, 1C 20.
rvlvi id William Jones, who mics by Georg" Crov. dei
1 -• L"-i>rdian end rest friend, pit. ajain-t K'i/.:ibei!i D. •
.7oiii--. »- . pi 1 Rrlruinirtrrtrri't of ITm, Jones, r'r-r;..'
j ra: - i *’• J'-ocs, T.li/aheth D. Jones, William June*. '
Dr. e-ci J •»•??, Thomas Junes and P-t?r Jur e*, woo a;e
■ ;. Id.-it of lire faM Will • < Jones, !»•.-. c/ls.-- Pit ,
Tne dr fe admit V.’i.l'aui Jolt"?, mi' ftaving » -.tried his '
■* innr. ii.-i-.=nhug to the. act of assembly and f'r
i- o! this r urt. and it BppeafiTrg to the «R tisfartir t
ot Thn ro-:-*, tlv**. h" f nut a it M.'oi'r tact of tbi*- !
mi motion i • the plaintiff, by !»• '-’rt Jnr"- • '? i.t'?rr?” •
•' is or lefed, tfiat tit' said rlslr.odont do appear here on ;
’he first day of Atrgt?v' court nBX’, end enter his appr;ii
>-.re, am! Answer th- plaintiff's bili; mid that a ropy r-.j
•Jis order he tn-erted in one of the newspapers printed’
t f in the town of Petersburg or city of Richmond, for right i
week', successively, and pn«te.d r.t ti;c front door ol the ■
1.-C|-r t*li0»tpr. Of SRrrf eotirf V. d
Vr,- v. thv », p-Al'Tli'T, +
Classical and Knglish Instructor.
rIlML advcitiser has been several years engaged in die
.-** business ol preparing youth for admission into ooi-,
lege, mid in i hi pa nitty to young pci sons, the various bran- •
rhes ol * useful and ornamental education, lie is desi
rous o( receiving proposals relative to taking charge of an
academy, oi i„ tbo establishment of a school in .» healtiiv
and pri.u.ismgsituation; a pieferenca would be given to
111 Virginia or Maryland. He has ln.cn accustomed i
to teach Heading, Orthography, Aiiihuictick, Plain and
Ornamental Penmanship, Geography, Map drawing, Gt ftlll* {
mar, liheinrica. History, Mathematics,including the prac
tir.e asswell ns theniy of Surveying, Natural Philosophy1
<iw\ Astronomy with experiments anti iiliiatratinus; to- .
g.- liei with the lirff k and Latin Languages, to witch will
be added, if required, the liehiew and French.
1 lie most satisfactory referee.cos will be. giver-; ami auy
inducements or proposals will not bo cnnsiilcicrl otdigat-iry
unless the school be acknowledged of lit si rate CKceilum-e.
Coinmur.icatiuiis post paid directed to L. 11. ft. Hici.
iiiorid, Va., will tecuivc prompt attention.
July 19 ;
virtue of t» deed of Trust executed by Thunm* ’
Oliver to the subscribe;*, to secure a certain sum i
of money therein mentioned, bearing date the i;*th d.iv j
of February. 1828, duly recorded in the County C nut j
ol Hanover, we shall proceed to sc!!, for cash, at pub- I
lie audio'., on tins premises, on Toes lav, the llhii dt-y
of August, ll—8, at 12o’clock, 1 GOi ar„s of Land, more
or less, with a goon dwelling and ;,!» convenient out ■
houses attached thereto, whereon the sail Thomas Oil
ve.- now resides, lying and i cing in to,. county ,.i Han-’
over, and adjoinin'; the lino* r»f Mimha 'Timherlakc, !
* ° 1,1 Green, end also tie lemainiug part if said ^
;.Hcl of laud lately [.iichascd he Mary Cam-on. The i
title of the above mcuiinuerf land, ib believed to |,e in
.tisptitable, out we shad only ronvey smii title;,, •• b
'•'l! »« us. .’OliN TYLKR >
July M dk rVREE, \ ‘"y
411 ATtnsoMK ussoitmer.t t.f French Hatiste, 1 otidnu
printed Cambrics, plaid and striped Gitigham;, Thread '
Laces, rich Scarfs and Hdkfs. Gaiwa and Gros do Naples !
Gibbons, worked and plain Mmdins—with a variety c'1
omer Goods received by tbe Planter, for sale at verv low
prices for cash by HALL NLILbON. i
J iiiii* £8
- _ ts
Curies Neck Land for Sale.
f>Y virtue ol a deed of trust, exe-ruted to the. subscri-'
*> Uer and others by lWt.hj Mi»by the eider, and -v'f,
bearing data the util day . f May, 1826, and duly re, oiried
in the clerks oOltit nf the county emir: if lI'iir;co <c,r
’.imposes therein mentioned, ami by co.ttrm r i the
interested in nil previous deeds of tro-uru tl.c p:openv.
will he sold, nit—lYnniia••. tf.u ilis; ,»,.|v ’p
m>‘* ,l,« « Gi- day there a t r, to the hi si , ’•
t. e piemisAr, at pahiie auction, lor rcariy inonnv, t . t i
l.nuwn tin cl :if land hit - ia flu, Its Neck ‘ii, H-cric'.
county, call, I t'i! Cories, cor.lniuing o„*2 at;ie-, S- ui.
-too- mo:t or les.s. This tract ,-f bind is so vvi-;i krrnvn,
fiat it is deei:>e.i muicce-siry t.i emnmraie ;i;e . n:\ :
adraotages it possesst-s. There in a large mar' t ank on
'lie land, sitnau-il in a very ad vain., genus position m he
'.istribtited. A very large pm:inn ol uie land i> wr'd n-.i in
ii-i. Conor, and a larg >. crop of wheat i.-gjy ho ssedej c.i r.
■ over ialimv t!,ib fall. There art* on the 1 mrl, no evrel
h-nt dwelling house with 10 moms, a good horn, stables,
**•"•*• a Iuit threshing machine, Scc. Ne. 'l ira ilt’c is
hcl.evcd to he unqceMimiiiLde, but the. subscriber, e.as
trustee, xrili.ouly r . ; title a- • .... . \ jM p-„
: ..ssaasiotl will hr Jvei. i ame.liaH-iy. Tlir sale -.v; i
mci.cc i.t 12 v’..!. .. V.'Al. W. MObUY, i .e
Tune 7
faillE Drop- i.-t .r, cr.tti ;.:I f,.r the citron,;
7**" *,ilf iverived for tin- 1 -1 three years, r'n repot t i.'tv
ting been i ircul.iten fV-t she ii.rends t » break up he,
establishment, video c.-.lcuhtted to ;■ ne tier.) ,,-‘
pcctjirlJy informs tic pubic, a,.d pniti ,! iiiy be. r, t»
r.'* tr»ci.*5“. thru .die mi . to f.,j., r , t) •
the VIKCIMA COl*FEE UOh'SE, vhme if they V:i;,
tail,they shaii ho necuiitnuxiattui tvi:j. ti.o host th- market
Real Estate at Auction.
|fe ' * *ll<‘ of a deer] r.t tiust excrutcd to the subscriber*
2.3 h:. Mi. Je.lin Danarott, dated the 30th July, 132d,
.( till .inly n er.ved in thooAice of tiic Hustings Court e»f the
■ ity nf l web mom!, im the pu. pose of securing a certain sum
i.) money due to Nath I Howe. will ho raid on the twelfth
..ay of September next, at 12 o’clock, on the premises, fur
-•any money, tho c valuable Houses anil Lot of Laud in
|",v c*’V < litriimoiid, opposite the new Theatre, and nt the
nters etiftt o! the ti-t *:;h; of 7th street with the north
..h-o. I t sum t front.i i 20 ln*» on the latter, and running
n;»t U I■S, ire: on the (n,’u:»r. On litis lot there is a large
trick tenement, m tutded at present by Mr. John Nelson—
i • vc.iH won.im b.iihli; formerly occupied by Air.
..ii'hoid (,n;i'it. I'. tii*-i. tenements t’te necessary out
houses p.re :*i' tchr.l ‘I ins title to this property is believed
4 * be in 'itptil.ihii*, but sci'.iiig as trustee*, the subscribers
v. id only convey such title as is vested in them by the
ffliiivtniid deed uf tnr«t.
'VM. I). WINSTON, ? t, , ,
July 12—«9t HECTOK DAVIS, \ Trustees.
jj^JOTICE.—Cmm lilted to Campbell Jail, on the G:h
^ day of November last, two negro men, who raj'
tin y belong to a Mis. Newman who has moved from near
Hi' iu. oti i to the V.’» «t. They say they left their tr'vnf r
about the Alleghany tuninitniii. James is n yellotv fellow-,
twt:ty• ?:?; ye u > i.I I, full eye.-', and has us hr says
bre.i hired to Mr. L.-ber! idrt’iT.hmv r.f the city r f Rich
i, for i ••• in**, inn y • Cliesley is a black fellow.
Moiit t'.vetity.five years obi, stout made, n mi sovs ho lias
l»**n* hired to wotk a^th** r< ti p;*s r.hi.vc !ii» i-.ninitd.—
- bests fellows It: 1 ( e w!ii*n co'iintiurtl, a suit of Hue cloth
elolbc* and a t ,r hat, ami the other a wool hat. Thrv
■ y that I :. I:--.. Johns n nf Louisa rr mi v, i t.
is a bi-i'bcr-in-Iftv.' uf fsi rs. Nt vvman’s. 'I he owner rf sr.id
iteirr...-. are rnyirstcd to com ply with the law art! t. ke tin
same onirl Jail. i.EKMAN JORDAN, Jailor
*" •' ~—w’.lw for Campbell county. '"2.
To Country Iiattcrs.
'fftVi!'. «"r:hrr Hits now on hand a general assortment
*- <>f Mailers* Ptncl: and Trimmings, which hr will soli
aj> f<r cash, vi : Denver, Garrotted and Raw Russia
r.iid fi*< h Hare For, Mu Vrm ?>kin', Spanish Bodies,
< line!*’ Won!, Bed Wool, T.iv. Coney • ur, Hatters Bas
/■*’«. BItie an! Buff iiiii ti ii Skivers, I'rlorre, Panin Me
' aliion h*r Tvs, f!tnh«*rd (,'ot’pn Tips, Bow Strin-s_
' ‘ilh ft Renfia! u*s.ntn»»-ait of Black and Drf»h Bindings
ri:.! Bandings. .’Oil."'.' THOMl>OJV.~
.Voi Corn !ti; Cwcrf, \-\ ,/>/Zy, j C28.
(!»o>:V‘ 1. lltigMi-'i, />//. egstinM Warner Hurst. adnt’or.
of Jane liimtio e. .nut Isaac \V. M'jisf, Ifit.—In C/oth
11 » »/.
Tvs •’tv came Mo-ploir.tif* by 5 i* emm-ef, anl it op
pea ring to lire sp«hf,«rtit.n of the ce-nt that the defendant
J si .T \' . Hu i • t >' not a n inhabit* oi ct this Commonweal ill
on the n-otior of t> P plaintiff,it i* nrdrreri, that tin- .-aid de
fendant appear hr re on the second Monday in October
r'xf, and answer »• *! bill >f the plaintiff, and that » ropy
of ^his or ;cr be forthwith intertrd for two months «uc
r«'«sive!y in some newspaper i-ublishr.d in the ri'r of rub.
rjiond, ami aR ’ tvim' t ; j:out door efftn* C' ^'tsiit fc
of this roun'v.
A ropy. Tf-e. T. BA J ]"'•% , c.
B. t VXTe’X f’S, A't'Vlte'-. 51— •
German and Irish Linens.
F11NE and *\tr« superfine German Linen*, .if -,c.y
superior texture
Do do Irish do
For salt nr lea mt^er f: • rash, ?v
>«•' o-i* jiii- NH/itN
Jf 'e offer for sale o;» usual terms
Fresh Seasonable Drv Goods*
('cimpiiiiiig a choice anti general H*«urtiiu>n«A*i: articles
particularly well adapted to the. season, :.m| tin* trade ol*
this place, and at murk barer r,irrs than m h&£ver be
fore been able In sell goods ni similat quality, eii’.nc
ilot.k will be opened in the course of ;i few'iley^ hen o
•Dure particular advertisement will !ip:n-:»r.
i'. Sc E. JAMES i: CO.
APrii-3_iVfe'ket Square.
The Goods referred to in the aturee advertisement, con
iixt principally of the fellow tug erti<l,s.
" -V-ry 28Hit 1828.
'• ‘«*rgc assortment of S.n. s'".sue and extia blue and
black cloths
On do do tl.i brown, olive. n ixi do
lio do do bfoe, black, drab, white, It.if and mixt cus*{
5- .ipRiJine b: uc lu'jit c.olbs for ganliftneti's smntuei coats
b -4 supetioi black and mixt Fit rich bombazines
i.ho.it'* Sc Co's. Idack la dings nnd Circassians I s
i.ea. itniieu cas>imcres and 1'iench union mixture? j —
Lngliilt and Fui.in cas sineUs and caslin.etillu?, a • .
new article i y
■*•4 plain and b-4 twilled native culoted French ! i
drillings r. .-=
British nankeen*, plain a; d twilled j ^
T.oug and sltoit yellow anti bos: blue nankeens j *jt
Black ttfjtl mixt Oenttmik sattitss | 3
White, drab anil mixt London rtullmg-, I
111.ic, bull and lilac stripejeans
\ large assmtineut nt giaudoioll stiipi-s, fir. J
itboues «c Co. s bl.uk and erdured plain amt tigwed iu-ci
"1. .—1 -V- 11-<1, stout rnttou tiilipcic
tr--., i —8—«*, 9-4(c 10- i I.iiett diapers an i rich ilaiuasks
d-» bird's eye and Russia diapers
<-3 and 4-4 grass bleach Irish and German linens, soft
6- -4 Irish, and 5-4, 6-4 and 10- 4 real Russia sheetings
A. good usMMian-tit uf fine lawn?, linen cambrics and linen
cambric Itiikls.
.1-4 line Irish brown IJollam's, 4-4 hiark cotton do.
*3-1*, 5—J and G-* cambric, jaconrttc and medium uim-lins
*_j*» •' ^ and G-1 plain book, mull and .Y'tnnsoolc muslins
0—!, A; G 1 cottled A. checked muslins ami figured crnubiicr,
• licti (ntnbtinrod book, Swiss, midi and jaeonette muslins
Loam-sen ed hunk a lid ncoficllc do,
nry i:-.:i SwLv tu.d jncor.rue mn»iin tobes
l.i- u Swiss winked lidkfs. pcl''t':iies .i,,d infuuli' i.niv.
—- Mh.*ot tti.iii,t t.f - babbit,cites ..u„ i;- h boboinette
\ lar;*;: i*s-.urti',.'iit of 11:icad, hi id'ineit ami ctuition r.start
l..c«:s, edgings a:; 1 inserting
* v.oit.*, i i -e, r. > ai purple and straw vi lored fi;-;»-t u s
••• b. tc.c atm rd-.n i»;..t k iluim,c , n nett flow lr;-ir i t lies’
. ft l-.iick lta:;a.. <t",t rings, sr,lt hui.i, au-1 \ >ry hoi'.",’
!ct b'tti v, blue Mach, royal pur; !c, bin -, gicen, wiiitc and
Is'1-.on eidozed pii.tr, Cit s -it r\i.plcs s 1.x
do. do, . wl.'.u, bun, pink, dtn'y
nnd brown watered and figured do.
L.a, k f enr.hetvs, f-rutiuXUS, r«id«.t ,i•; French levftutines
UUu si s\ i l r (1S
•' bite, j.iuh, blue, brown, pnip’.v and slated cu! ned, nlain
and fignred sauisvj
Lila,:k li.-urad tiros d* Nap’,’* silk, amt rich figured India
sarin levantines
J] ■" : - ■■ ■ ■ bev . ' . 0v nil » ui breUas
*' K a"“ <•••!•**e;l Ji’a. i Canton crane.1
bi.iud.trin relies . >* ■,
i’.:. in a mi ngn.eii ti'.arl. Na»ir.:;i ’is: I Mrndai'u cinj.os
if, -wm. black, pink, t,!.:r, rrre: and white ii.,l;ai, era:
• i it ‘i.a-'i:’, b.i cl. *iii i v.'Iijfft i.i.ij .• i!.. e
lirt.un, caiit t, vr How, iin.icuinp.n.;. !j.i" Jr dmi.nnn iull.fs.
1.;.! .Lu !);: ikI.u.u.i-., iUisdruj, hkf:. au'i Ilerk'e'c-; «ii-. Vcr-wn
cravat -.
*Jii*: I-. !•*1 uii\ Canteiii ai.: luvi.i:.'m
Worst: 0 briKgcs, Italian i .etts- m- ihliic'i irv *•
A large ar.itrtiueiil ii i, fancy g/iuz,-, but ego and
Jlss»! Ilk.ri.
l) ** «!°i *•«!» !**»’• J, Flt/cfciiencr, Navc.riiioaml
other prints
Furniture cl: :.t ; mid p.iips
A large arsnrtmeut of 1-i i .id C-1 a: ii.*;.; m-j;,cf,,u.|:„
phigham s
r>» do >1-4 and 6—1 striped n ;t i pin id batistes ;• d.
palcys, S
Dr> do 3-d, 4 '*.• an:! f.-'i gaii.mut r.inl f,ntiii(.;.» .r.mjjjpj.
,^0 i.o ret., am! ini;ir,ti«».i -beetings, ducks .tori
Du do German ar.d o/imbi.-vcs, ti. klcnbur-s,
burlap?, A •. b
.-cotcli Russia topsail duck, writ stificucti linen padding?
A large t-opp.y t>; o- 4, 4-4. 5-4 fv. t!- 4 biou n and bicaciied
(It nieslir shirtings a mi slieutiv;- r
Do c* 3--1. 4-4 Htitl 5-4 iipron .uni t.iiiii’ i • lim n un i
rnttnn chucks
I>o do ;]-4,7'-3aiiii !- 1 plain -loinestii *: *i,« da
p.aiu ,r«- fj oiii! ;l >u iiti v-an l -jlk ii v<'s:ic.g5
Do (!:» «>.' fadirs' ami gentlemen's glove, <t niai,,st
every kind
| r>o tin ladies < •lion, silk ni.r! • nrst-d !iu?e
Df> do n.vt: s cotton. silk e i i v.'oisi.-fl Ikis.* and li.ti! hose
.V large iiMoilir.tint of bonnet, lid:, can ami oilier ribbon.*
Velvet libbniu, ; iping eo.d , Fi .It ttip.v*, rotffm curds
a j:il fringes
L -'uv.;ug : Iks, j a iei,t lau-s’-, siurj’s of f!o;j mil sewing
Ctiil il. Hiifi r*c*SV• • • l fj.’ lis
; A la ign n-::<wiiiivj!» i f conilis, say sheii and Crav'diaii tun!;
.m l sin ; >*«»! n, fhel', amt wood pocket, and .kne ivory
j ' ?l,i r-Mnb, ii.iir and too*’., luustn-s, a great \ ..rtrtv ol
j . •; \ »* r <i rnffnn »: uiHf r * * ^ s n ii j pr» t i *• : •
, A ingr .. snsinirnt oi butt "is an:l button lnm:! U of ..iinosl
t every kind
j A hnuds'Mii? a*«mtn-vnl <•( e.inm f: s(.«:'ir„ ?
t Millen-tts, foumlatio!: rmislri tbullo I are. bum,• t ire ’
wiie, kr.
! dolb®, .ertPtings, bin , a*», .Vstier an.I palniettu Ira
, T.eg'mrti. IJolivir an ! g'-ps •? fa' straw br-unels am! mra’i
I Leghorn bats
| 1'rinrsnti, scailct and grren numuijt
j Oun.nion black, Idne and pink cambrics, and nippriot
grass and buff cotton do I or boiurcts
Gottori and tvorgled net sospendrrs
Royal gj'tatid common |.ack pins
1 iucii and cotton lap:?, bobbins, books nnd cvc?, mad.iM
canvass,,vc. ' *
.' lay birel*, Mi? Cantrlne'i*errsetts. Nos. 4,5 nilfj 5
>y a large arsurtinent of the following woollen ; ood».
3, .1} and f» point blnnkrfs
7-4, »S-4 and J)-4 Hrirtol and Loudon dnillo do
R 4,0-4, 10-4, 11-4, 17 1 and 13-4 .mu (|„
f-int.'ly's napt cottons from No. 1 to 5, v.’ry ?up
Kidderminster am! stair carpcliu^s
ricrinan and tlunirrltc liiisrys
f!mnmon and superior domestic t .-gro clnths
Rloc pliiics, drab cloth? and a few (iushipes
(•reett and blue iiuniestic. merino ctrMli?
Oxford ar.d steel mist, blue mixt, ntul clot:, Muosatlirtotl*
Cotnn.cn white m:4 red flannel?
ffuperinr merino white ami red -fn
fc■.ij’Crfin*’ white gacr.c do,4f. f d.
Y»y 73 —w'lvv
Xicliofas U’ r>7 107
Ooans LS ioS ;oo r/io
*a*»rn; above tU rnhv 1 fro Hbds, of Tobar.ro bavin
l been iit Use Pubis.- Wsrchonsp nptrsrdsof Ihirnyears*
shall, on fisc 1st day of^-pt-rober is-*., bom* coutt day
of the county of Memirn. sell tbs-io (unless rlaimcl previ
ons to that time) to the hteVie5t bidder, and di-spo n ef ti,e
r "«ds as the ;a, f- V'Lt.fAM men,
> ’ i* ' 4' •
STflt gonBtttttttBttai eatijsf.
!'i °:n Ike y.tftuMut'c Virginian, July 23.
I ^ ' -JACKbUN* AND L’l'KR.
, • I.very ds.) fM.nishPs in, wul, addiiionsil evidence of
- :ht‘ '•»iu»iifibtm.ii. rti.,a bu'veen th.-tc m 0 men. \\ e !
' av ''ru,c our n ;,Jv is to~Jay, auoiher coriiinurricaiiio
ron, J mfge .U illj:ni;3, ,a winch l.e enters more into de- ;
I . .T*1!: ' -' m:,!* CJU rtblK! 'b«* iorro of ,(:e (actp 1:3,1:,.
: u,l b> Williams and Mr !;„over, l,£ must be
1 mane or unpenetrable sniff. He places the kmei 301:10
one since trumpeted <0 the noild liy Uuii' Green a,id
I,is minor h.itell,ics will, eJ ,ruoh eclat, as having been :
° ',er‘ Jt‘ck'"n> Lv ;s corps of s.jj.etannua
tUy ,wfr°r‘Bff 10 «,,ace l^ernstlvcs under tbs
c mmand of the//no, on ii« p,0pcr Acting At ibe
! ,i,ne ,jf' 3 ruolication. we suspected i: ,fl U a / „ .
3!k:’ al:|;o'Jgh it tutus out (o be a line ccrV.\*t tlm1
. farmer in which it ws.3 twisted from its original rur
1 P^f^wascrjually criminal as it it |,aJ been foiged. The
V ;l°V t *' ! *V form in? own curniiietiiitry on the I; els ;
1 Jfcla,,trd b-v. Jud?c Williams. Wo havo neither time i
nor 100m lor remarks, it indeed any were neccisarv. '
' r«> the 4 tiiior of tS*«? Sparta R<*\ it*v.’,
Jacksos Burr.—In your last number of the He
j view y ou de.'emi Urn. J. o, you aat the Telegraph He 1
tend- him .mi the ground that a number of respectable i
I veterans of tne Revolution, Cul Kobt. flays among the
, munber, ,tht* brotlw, in Ian ut Gfc,,. J j addressed the
1 *v,ll» ■* »iew t«> at.l bun in bib efforts to suppress
the degraded Aaion Burr The. Telegraph does out I
• ix the time r.I which the address was made, but sn\* -t
was made a few wet-u^ after Jackson, wrote to Gcv
( tamo. ne. Cbr.h,Mne’s letter, you say. was ,,„vhe .
. -.ti .W and u lew weeks alter that lime would ;
i [,e ai,olU *h«* <*■ lk'<-* IWti. It would be minor- •
i lanl to know where Btur was at that tunc— the Unit
■ol da, ksmi’s letter tu Chiibo,nr. At what port or Cum- i
i 1V,?a,ui hia boats weie bmldmj —w hetiiei at ttie mom L
<»; btcme’o nvor, or higher up the Cumb,-tland river—
; near to Geu .»’s b u,e. It w-uid be material also to !
; loow, w tip the GeneraPs fri, nds and itlalivcs were.
I Wl,a vvt‘,e P*-*T*riog U. go off with lk„r. and wlm dr,!
| id taa i*it ml \vic!s him! See j copy of John l louver*:*
I letter here eiiclo^u1.
INnw . Ir«i,n Burr’s Tri-.-.l, it appears that the Cm,soi- 1
i.iiois en tue Uh.o, had from Rlauiie,hass.-t’s Glundon .
.ae 10.h Ike. it ii ), and vv. ro at ihe mooth ut Cum - i
i ‘'V U,,U' 113 b0"'1 iiS li'tv conveniently get it,, i^
when*, in. y met mil, Col- Burr, who bars,,., ucd (Lei
: rneii and (old t,hum he would devclopc his sc tu* rues to I
to,*,., more tolly il,an be cold will, safety t^h,... inter ,
e* ts do theie. So, it is believed, that, at the precise
, \ir W,,eB4,hr lc,"<,r ,vas by t ob Robert
r^.iyes, and ot.ie.r R.vululionarv vet, rails to the Gene
j i i',. Aaron Biur u as iu t!,e neighborhood ofC.cn J’s, ’
: building boats; and many of the General’s near rela
j turns and ineod, were preparing* to go off ivitb him. j
!.ih" t «l«**jrspli mnkes L,d. Kobt. Hays express the,
!“ ‘“e. at ,,iC rr«c»e lime when his i
I f°n.\ -3- hi ayes, was preparing to go off in boa's i
I oiw.i tor ..orr, al me mouth of Jkonn’s H»ver, a point
j mi Use Cumberland near to Geu. .Is house. i heed i
i ‘'a6,‘V,lc V ll,<? tiUH! v,l,ra th:“ Adless was ikst ?
! l,u,A»s»ied m the papers, and accoidiogto my recolhc
| non, tt was be foie tb,*ie was acy talk of Bun’s C,m- i
spuacy. It now* occurs to me, that ,t g!«,r out ,.f i„e .
nrorpr ets of a.Spanuh War, ar.J the rekt.on ot V/,l- i
>nd the bpa.Tsl. Army, e» the River Babinc, j
; and I believe it had at the time of it, ,irKl publictiun. ’
. uoo l.er ctiBHeciir.il with Cel. Run . ||e is believed
■ ‘hough u, have b.*. u somewhere ir.tho Western oi.nn
By—perhaps near Nashville. J re,..ember to |.*,'c !
; lu-ld a conversation will, Judge John Overion ou the i
sam,* r von„ g , n, the next marring, after Gen. J. I- J
; i,,in l"- h ‘U at Talbot’s Tavern. Ov. ■(,*., S
j, j,*is,,n a,J,: Ui3scif* ««••* other friends before that time! !
! {,;.cu ‘erniB-of the .stric test inti.-aacv, and ,t was .
the thee* "j ..udge Overton, on that occasion to te- i
■ mom.rate with u.*e. on account of t! , p.*,,; J ,..r.s then
t.-fctng agamsi Burr. I recollect dt,it;.e|lv. in that;
. convei aIkui, Ins tele,cnee to this company of old men ;
j <'vI"’*w i*<,J"J*‘,s bad been signed and delivered, long |,c. !
• :orr’ lo d''ol»son, and r..skod me if I supposed such ’rnrn
; »v oi.* n.uoi, ; I to the uountry, and vviilii-g to commit
..reason. It * answered any thirty, I tnosl l.ave an
swered as I now bchere, (hat //,„/ address bad no nm
iirction or nllu-ton to Burr. This convert;ton uhk
! P'Tbt'p* the very evening Judge Overton ra„ic l»l
! me, urn!, tin; information that Col. Burr yvotild not ! 1
attend the Ib*J/ as Ida company would be disagreeable.
.h.,,e ..) (., > y t»u |>ica te Air. kdtlo,, that in tin* town !
,d Vle dinv.i!.*, li., ,o liv;sailla„ y.y the name of'11,e
oditc Burton-a man of truth, and',ev*ectab*ilttv, as l 1
b.,ve beard her, —be Mates tiiat in 1003, he tot*'on* of
, hury s »»». and was niusuved into serv ice .u ibe t i
ve, Bottom, with arms ,n their hr nds—that about sev
tuny live mcni'grtd ibe list of enroll,,,enI at tin*
<m:u with lthrwelf— that at tbe lime Gen. Jackson ami
Aaron Burr, were on the ground, and that l aMur, An- '
i.er son war- bis ( h,plain. Wat ton says, when ihe men
j nn,.or Anderson separated, ,t was under an agrorm. !
as to Ibe time when they were to mat,:!, r.n with Buir. '
! :15 i,:s J^n-and ibtl befote that time came ,,.„pd, (l)t 1
matter . ms'ed. 'i’hn ts a condensed view of what Mi.
; Rtirlon SHvc who refused to give a wuMen staler,n ot _
Aow, when Uru. Jar k-mi was sinmnoned as n wutuws !
to Rtcl.inond agamvl Bur, if |,e had calied or, R„m,„i
’ a*- nnolbei wtlnrjs, tin* Gore,timet,t would have been
j eiMbtid to have proved an overt act of Treason on 1
; Burr— , i.-asor, w l e t, connected vvtth Gen. K.ilonV and
i f otn. 11oxton’n Kvidctice Why, let me a, k, did be
. fatllodoso? Hint. I rrcollert, that it.e doMtuottot.;
, of tbe Attictican Institutions «*as the object of the B'trr
j CotMpirary, and it,at Gen Jackson vr ,s ,n the r„..
• n«-ston of facts and circuinstances winch would bav c
. uonvir led the ctitirpiralnrs. and yet improperly m ,M,
b**M ibrm, when summoned to liicliiiioud |>, give res
• Itmony, thereby enabling ll.em to csc?i*<; from
• ctinishmeot, ] am filled nidi astonishment, that the I
..intnciui nation should think for a tiinmeut of supper- i
; 'mg bn* pretension? to tlm highest office ,n the gift of;
, the people. In vinv of d is slate of things, I tu mble I
for toy country’s honor nod safety,
t If Mr. Jefferson, invested as he was with such polifi '
j cal power and authority, had been as fnrmlly to ||,jr,’* I
■ bchen,n Jackson is believed to have been, it t . ,fn. j
possible for the mind of man to conceive, the . uer*- j
(bat would have threatened (be snfeiv of ilu« i;„, ,
nlcMiiiville, June 2Tijb, to*;;.
R'tthcrfnrd Comfy. .uuifrenb<>t'ovgk. J
Dear fur; My your request, I enclose you a feiv i
lines respecting Gen. Jackson’* conduct toward* \n- j
ron f>utr, about the time he was suspected of a compi- i
rxr.\ against the government,
i u hclher nr not Jackson was a partner in Him’*
j conspiracy, I cannot positively »ay. I can only 0ny,i
♦ here was to my mind Mr nog circumstantial evidence, ’
j that hr wav 1 was often in the neighborhood of Gen
j Jackson’* while Hurr was there. I recollect it well
i {h it HiAt made Jack*on> boit»e his home; and what a
• onsideinhlc intimacy existed between them. r>.Mr
; had some 1 built near Jackson’™; sod whir, he
i went down the river, some of Jackson’s relative and (
j part cular friends wet with him. V rum the character I
1 of ,husp relatives and friends, I was always of opinion, i
i t,,al vent ofT at Jackson’s request What still |
further (rnds to convince me th .r tliere was something ' -
, in the conduct o(y,rn. Jack-on not right, was, that j
• "kk' :* V f -; .p UVJ 1\.. , V. , . I
•riou-ls and relative: in going with turn, were unknown.
1 he genual character of Jack-urn. and hia standing
in h»e at the time of hit, intimacy with Burr, Bltcogth
ctw the suspicion aga.nut hun. lie is dariug and cx
ccidmgJy "iTtbnion."': and his standing in Ido a< the
tune ahiivetnentioui'd. was its hit* t*st ebb. * He might
d <n justly have conceived that nothing he could do,
would Jewel- Ins standing very much, ami lie was bold
» nough to attempt any thing.
i ne-«- ate lb:; pri;.c pal cirriumtances which indu
■ ’dine >• L lifvt-, (hat t/t n Jackson n us » confidant
an-i associate of Aaron Uu;r. Yoot*.
uJii. ft Williams.
On,- of the c ircuturMnce* which might have had a t?r.~
-'■i-.v tn this ebb in the General's character, referred to by
• ii. H inver. is the death ol Dickerson, who was killed in a
da, 1 by Gen. Jackson. 1 think in si trial tor a libel he
it the Genera! and D Waikins, in the Davidson rouu
iy iuun tit Aashville in It/Uti, befoie tee Burr affair, it
smite how come out in the trial, the fainting of M>s. Dick
srson, us the General accidentally pci haps came into her
presence Htuv the tiiiil ft*r u libel was connected will;
ihc fainting ef Mrs Ditkerson, Ido not now remember,
hot that it did conn out in siiine' way. 1 believe is toe facl.
i was engaged in the cause as a lawvrr.
ft. w. wiu.iaMs.
Fi om the i 'irginian.
V« o mentioned m cm laM. Ibai the Knoxville lie.
'ister contained a defence of Jackson’? MHigue with
l‘ijrr. iios defence is evidently unauthorised by vho
1ackson wiie pullets in T*-une*.see, and will doubtless
lie disowned. The cdiiur should have waited tor the
word of command. V* e presume.* however. Ins im
patience got he better nl his discretion, and he eoulu
not hsook the de lay occasioned hv the absence trotn
the 1 lei milage ot Jackson. Lee. Eaton. & t o who, it
appears, by the last papers, were on a gormandising
and mne bibbing tour through the Stale. Even the
sycophants ol the Nashville llepnhlicau ate silent as
the grave, not withstanding they have heretofore de
tor:ilcd ciery ael ol Jackson’s li.e, Iroin las first 'ppexr
ance on the arena, as a gaffer nfcocks, through all ihn
higher grades id vice In bis fault- of slandering Mr.
t lav arid i\u. Adams, with a zeal which doubiless lucks
forivaid to its reward.
V. e tmve only one word to say in relation In tho
Knoxville defence. it is based eutirelv and ex
clusive ly ui on the gratuitous and false assumption ihoL
Jackson was unapprised et the real intentions of Him ■
t.»r, says this wise defender, **t*:rj* relations with ifitin
tticn woie an uiilriencly aspc-c-,” a ml • linrr gave if in
He understood that bn prrjtcl teas against Sjutiv; that
it was, iii truth, the project of oor government; and
that lie was only its agent, or instrument /.*” Was theio
rver such a barefaced compound ol ignorance, r r, it
uol igrioiance, sheer falsehood, employed to screen fiout
merited indignation a man who held the tiailor’s sword
in liis hand, and who only did not use it, because it
wnp struck from his grasp? Is rl possible that Jjcksuu
was so profoundly ignorant of facts, as not .in have been *»
aware (hat “our government” could trot have rnedifa.
ted any hoMilc project against Spain, or ativ ether pow
cr, without its having been known 10 every rnau, wo
man and child? Would he, who it iu pretended, was
always a leader among the wise and great men ot
f'emiessee. rot have been informed of it, even (bourn
His neighbors might have been left in (he daik? The
assertion is false, on the face of it Eveiy man knows
(liat our government dare not. and that it nou/d not. if
it d.ircd, net thus by stealth. — Dm. another ciicum
M.uice shows It absurdity. The Knoxville paper says
that Jackson’s letter to Claiborne ol November, Ib'OO,
was designed to put the killer on his guaid. How,
pirn, ran this a-sertion be leconciled "with the plea
wbicb, m die next breath, u puls in. of Jackson’s rg
imrance one month afterwards, tov.it, in Decanter,
!”•“>, when he was the intimate associate of linn in
Nashville? I loth cuiu't lt true,—and the k.lutv cf
cither establishes Jack-on’? goiit.
From the J irg i.ihm.
Query.— A hv do cot the Jackson papers pul;!i»!i
•fudge \\ nliatns Ccinii.miirntioos? £N c*o the'I cijiics£cc
papers, which abuse him foot as & dishonor! bill as a
a e.ik man.) dare not do if, til! a voice from (he (icrrru
^age or from Puff is f card. So soon a * the (lent ) c
t • recric s and JlJnjor 1 u c’a, the leaders or the Jackrirti
•any shall digmfy the siiHfcl. nu^naL a\n' xoivut:*
vdi be seen Hi mg mg up the rear.
irict Celebration of the Fourth of July, cl
. \ashx ill*, Tennessee.
• he late anniversary 01 Aineiicun I mb-pendcncc wav
:tiehratcd by a portion of (bo fiicudi, ti> the adoiinibtrn
tu n resilient in .Vn.yftvitu and its vicinity, rt the Man
r!0n ‘ ,o08e in that low n. About 2 o’clock tb<> Dcclar
atn.ii rf Iml« pendent:*; was mod by Thomas Washii. ■
ton, Ksq. ; fiei which flip company, consistirg of ore
I,hi.: uu millJftun, sat due u k> an elegant dinner pir«»
p.nc.l by Mi. fj« mge LTmrn, Thomas Yenlman, i so,
preH-denl. assisted by Moi.ms Simon flead'ord and
lYialtbeir Y/ulsnn as v ice presidents. After the 'doth
n removed, the following ti...*t:, ivrte dinnk, prepat -
eii for the enrnsinn by the remmitler of anancrmei>tc
composed of Mi B^-rs. YV. Tamed.ill, Thos. Washincfoo
KM n Mall, Tims. \\Inh, Francis IJ. logg, tdum
A. IVjiHhof {mil John I>. Hru iii.
I. The day— eomccinlcd to patriolhm and gialcful
*• The memory of Washington—fust, on this octa
H,on- in the minds of Americans, destined to be lie
la^-t amid the decaying record'* of tune.
3. 'I hr Heroes and Sngra of the Ilevolnfion equal1?
worthy ol our gratitude lot their nei Vicos; of little a
vail would have hern the efforts <>l the soldier, without
tlie guidance and co-operation of the statesman.
-I. John Adams and Thomas Jefferson—illmfrintn in
their lives, glorious in their deaths—future s*;cs u til
do jiis. ice to ibcir memories.
'lho surviving ex pres-dents of Mie United States
—iosy they long continue to enjoy the gialitnJe. res
pe< i and esteem of their country .
fi. Charles Corroll of Uorrnllfon—Tim only survir
ing signer of the Declaration Qf Independence
7. Die memory o» De Witt Clmion—ll,# useful In,
bor* and patriotic services will insure him a lime tar
or*yoTifl the duration of ib<> r>nr»v contests of flic day.
f. The President of M.e Untied States—Alike eidi
1,1 * r,’*if’,'f’i by (be dignity of bis station, and (ho
»v ►; lit of rii:;rr.f *<•».
?. Die brads ot dep.n imculfl-. JudicfPOsIv toleclcd
to: wmth and talents.
I1*, flm Spirit winch animate ! tin* Congress (bat ile
cl .red our Independi ncc —r bniarirriy.ed by tolrnt and
|*U»'lic virtue— tiiiaffcrled wnh pari* andviews.
It. Internal Improvement* and Domestic M.ioufac
fiirr-f. Let the friends ol those measures be judged by
IIm/if nets and nof (linr
r ’ TIic pMitl La Fa* el (e--The early and consistent
rrnrl of lihetiy throughout the world.
13 Tin* Fair Sex —
Th.d fertivo mirth th.? day employ.,
!• them we look for highei joys.
' .H'0"’5’9 Vcatinan. Prudent of flm day—Tho
" ' •udti:-trioi|., and cvpeiicnced labotl>e> who
,;,ve discharged their duly ably ami bnnrMb.- I- .13
member them, and not be ungi 1 et^uI i.* '.iking 't<’in
Item business and employ mi nt, and c , ,..g ,,> ,hose
. nose # xperu nee a«»tl prude e .<» < limited »i.nsrqncut
y, 1 lieu ability to perform doubtful
ID bnj»cn F.adf.d, Vice Pi«r iJe£t--K«>u:cfcw**

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