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the possibdity of real grcaln***. All was suspicious, in- \
sid.ous, *e.cu*atory; all affected plainness fc systematic
jnggl ng; pretended uniformity and incemuint contradic- 1
f'on. No results Ihorelnie came troin hi* mind, bill !
aucb as wore nit.sliapou or malignant. It bad no
power of connected thought or action, fc impervious to
« eucwlent or kindly or philanthropic excitements,
coo Id be loused only by such as exploded in test mess
and sc nudity. |> was wot lied upon both b> presump
lion ami impatience, the tunnel debarring it hoin the
conception, (he latter from the achievement of excel
leuce. hi any thing. His ostentatious claim 10 a cer
tain uncompromising honesty and stiffness of principle,
winch like a braggraf he wan loud of throwing out, was
but the more mcongiuous from the incapacity of his
{puid to form auysralcm of principles whatever. Those
who might even deny this. r^uld not help admitting,
that all the principles which he had. laid al the meicy
of his hot antipathies and spile oganist men. and were
pul on and pul off accordingly.
It rnliow.nl by irresistible deduction, that a mind so
ftmdimeniallr vicious in its texture, was as devoid of
all elegance, av it was of depth and strength. True
scholarship repelled his pi tensions. Tried by ebas
toned standards, they came under the sentence which
Ins burlesque obtrusions ot them provoked. It was
sigi»ifi«d—in |co.s Neither hie Lalmity nor his Eng
hsh cruild pass. Mis syntax, nay his very orthoepy,
was romatkable to be as defectives* his iutnngein.-nt*
of the cannons of taste woi« perpetual; nod it was hard
to determine whother in h>s /*»#r»>r lingua, nature or
rnsci.ui got inori blows from turn. <£m.u>rt> of Latm
like himself were common in England, but not in good
coinpauv since the ridicule cast upon them bv Sm'oliet
Finhlin*. Oratory asked it her art in' America
had sunk to mere gabble. She gravely demanded, it
it consisted of speeches eked out by a jumble of all
things, with hard names applied In all persons. On ex
(limitation it was perceived, licit tins was a succinct
explanation of his speech.-: and that n«> ether suited
them so well. Genius advanced with her inquiry_
okniiis with piercing eye, and rolled in splendour.
She held wreaths in her palm, and her ornaments had
fho solidi'y as well ns the lustre nf gold. Her presence
owed whilst it daxsled. Tlie questions which she nro
pounuen were listened to sv ill, eager and deep atleti
(iuii. Being toM that he had been thirty years mi pub
Itc life, shu desired to he informed, wlia't inemoiiaMic
had raised up of himself in the American nation; what
laws lie had introduced; whal measures he had car
ried forward; what schemes of public advantage hr had
recommended; whal works lie had founded, useful 01
munificent; what act he had done, whal idea he had
originated, that was to attest to nfiei times Ins wisdom
luii intelligence, or Ins patriotism ? If nothing of him
relf. had he been follow-worker with others m rearing
up any of those establishments of policy or legislation
which, in peace as in war, bad enhanced tlm sober re
nown, or lighted up the glory of tin* republic * The
inquiries were fruitless. They produced nothing, tip
ponuuities the most ample had been lost upon him
.spacious as had boon (he field and ferttii/.uig the ele
ments, fm him there was no haivest. All, all, was su
rdity, aH jf under his barren star there could be no off
bpring. dun,;mpnv, who stood by with lier balance,
sn,r°hdered Imn up m amar.cment.
the film was removed, and instead of the heavenly ho
riy in whose glittering beams ho had been affcctin - to
shoot nothing was seen —but a »a.;k-lantern. And is
Hus the person, the exclamation went round, who hai
ke<t men ot abilities among h„ admiieis? Is this the
pn-son, whoso audaciousness has boon exalted into re
unis, whose impudence has been confounded with bril
lancy 3 Is ibis the individual whose lUmarv k personal
butr.ioi.enes have been haded with plaudits ? Impost
) u. t K*re is too intmli £ood loo much pood tastf*.
too much good feeling m the United tft3tes. The whole
must have been irony, pure irony. .Supposing him to
be rescued from this conclusion, u was will, one ac -
cord declared, that she only way of accounting for any
talents in I. w a* by infer ring ihem to his depravity,
v.-lncli was ever driving Imn upon strniu* of thought
and utterance, the first risings of which, though joyful
to his bosom other men would stifle. There are a
inoog mankind those who, wauling strength and swift
ness to run rrfteurf of flici, fellow men ,» the noble race
of achievement and distinction, seek notoriety bv run
ning away, in strides of moral and mental obliquity.
To this class einplaucallr belonged, it was also decla
red, the ludividual m qn»’9!ion.
Hu claims to all genome superiorly had evident'v
fallen in quick succession to the ground. On th»
most deliberate estimate whirl, nghi reason and crr.t:
cal justice could form of his qualities under a strict
hut fair review of them all, the decision passed agaiusl
linn as gentleman, scholar, oiator, statesman and man
of genius. It became hopeless, mi the hook of Ins lifr
oomg opened and scanned, to deck him in the honor*
°f any ot those characters, any more than to make bin
out an ammblc or good man. His title to each w as m
si.mtaneouBly overthrown as spurious There was n,
local partiality, no recollection of his adventitious fame
nonnof flio empty exaggerations and iK.onri.d.u..
*** try which it had been puff.*! n,.t; there was no ...
goiimiy of fancy or force of logick could save l„m.
Itmig.i. be a shock (o prejudices springing from soch
sources as these, and which time bad made almost m
veterate, suddenly and totally tog,velum up; but there
was no resist,ng tbo convictions which made it mrvi
inble. St.ll ,he contest wus not over. Cando.i. re
quired llm admission l.'.ai there was one other cba
1,1 bn Unshed in hi, own country
and flemished m supremacy:—,.* cbaha«-tf.i* or a
v MjMNiator. TI‘I' was (lie exclusive le-i to wlnr.h
w?m| J!'nr iall 7'"*' «lne was left, npon
. .f ,?,.bu,!d 'he ‘‘’a'4’ »»f reputation lor Ins men
hl T!8, Bu' »»«*•« §•« was great. Here, (bought
I. he will bear tire bell. | shall have Ihe victory n.Tw
True there will be something ignoble in it, bni n* v
ml'rl*?’ '*■ *711 ,be v,c,"'y- rneie ii nothing can
inaich lum in this line surely. John Randolph agamsl
Ihe win Id. Hero I w,ll take post. d3 on a ruck. Tom
Hpr.ng a no! more the undoubted champion of Ih,
gand or t.riinj.M, the hero nf punimnine, than our
Ivandolph is foremost in cutting and ii.aohng a cl,mac
b-rto pieces. He can do il in abonginal style will,
*" ro,,V ,n B<,,roPR> trammel!* d by your formal,ties
a.„l venr fssndiuusnMs. a,e unar uuamted. All rr
rnrves be scorns, all ci,cm,Inc,turns Semper porn
''M’:wbe would sny . He cun !.,g you id ami sc.dn
you a I ,esnlent or Secretary, aye ell four of the Sei
cretancs m group, no n,(ter what the debate, when
your Mberidans, ynnr banning,, your Broughams,
w mid be look,ng at each other,,, mute wnndrrr„ove
dreaming by what ho«us pm-,., l-e had contrived it -
Ivor is tl,e abrupt intrepidity ol b,s onset greyer than
o lu.y with which lie can gash and mangle, vs ben
once at work. How pungent and Inreraling |,j,
,,s invective how for,nid.,»,lr! how eonsurniim! Who ,s
there ran stand before it? And Then that Ini'* f„ ger—
ah how wo.se than a-y dagger as he points ,1 at l,„
0,0 h«cn.,mr?._
T?k ,nil 7" f,r”7'n' *»""« frighten* others!
Talk , the itrpp/o*to p„h, ,f you will; ,t never came
• O to. iis ,/;Vrf» dps javelin of rl....o,ie-f„r
vb.,t other name can tun,re I/Oiiginnses and Qo.nl,
li iris give ..-which he darts out with oritormal effect
*o clnvalroii) and deadly
While 1 was .ddolgmp u, this vein ef anticipated
triumph, the Union p,„ „ q?lns,lon. lf’P^
Jessedl liimseit •gnoranl of anv aboriginal sty |P of ora
tory, bnr simply asked, whether, after all, »e, jn otIr
comitrv. opposed Mr. Randolph superior. ,o the Ime
ef abn-e to |,e,r < ohhett! I ,r„ wholly unprepared
for this question I shrunk from it with.,,,, *nwer i
crr..lly,„g. ftwa- plan,. m, moment’s refl rction, <
f.TJt rKlHwf,h'^ "•»« hold with es.rao,dinars j
. lebiy up |„ a ceitam pmnt. but fall short afterward-'
1 A3w, in despair (l,al ever, ,ri this line, top. | was In bo
f ’k.'’",nK » lil. lo rhft (in. su>! ^. i
nmn »l.ke ...... '
«'•< here Ibn resemblance ended. Jn vu,T»tm
huaubp-cl 1 wa, ... m admit. i|,afV*.bheH
f 7ie ^Va,,'^C 0,,* blows of rnas hue
f rce and Vigor, reasoning , S,l,t |,e deoo„„c* ,J. Ra0
. -h’lph, impotent of reason, pouied m„ sheer venom- I
dj-gusting m hr- rmnnten.re, nor,rmg i* o,;! ,lr„n ,
females as weW as meu. The one Ibid on his calumny 1
with the dowiwgbt ppraions of a man. The other}
teamed out hm, with the r»Ce of a Jcztfbcl. 1 am bound t
to add, that | never hoard of Cobbeii’s nil* ode, mg wo
imm. It ik understood, on the contrary, Uiot he is kind
to the sex, and that the domctic feelings bio Bound in
It is tune for tne to think of coming to a pause. I
have more, much more, to say of llm trunsoemionl im. j
postor, an incltanlion may piompt and leisuru allow;!
but nut now. t >f leisure ,t m proper to premise, that
there is hut little to mo. This my attempt to present
the proper analysis ot his intellectual and moral enor
mities to the American people, would not ^jhdMbuvr
been so long delayed. In following up niy task of por
tray mg Inin under all views. 1 will violate uo confidence.
Not*that I have ever had any from him, a traitor by in
stinct to his friendships, and wIioko person I hold in un
i mixed abhorrence, but that I will have nothing to say
| of turn in connexion with private names nr 'private j
: «n»»sions. He such violations with him, an Im violates '
I the mansions of tl,e dead. I will truck him as I have
l b« on doing, in the clubs, coffce-bouses, and highways '
! of Lnglaiid; nr elsewhere at my pleasure, l.et me!
j odd, that to assail others. in print nr otheiwise. i* no'
pail uf my vocation. I desire (<» reek in a di lie rent I
;,ram of pursuit*, my pastimes and my duties. Yet,1
whon holding up to incited odium the most msligonnt
. I <>IU*ndms and tt.js | have aimed at by u fleeting Ins
j *M't- I'i'ige to the nation— I shroud riot myself inwecre- i
: *-V I »'»n the public, my name will bc kept: nut so
from the offender, should he wnr.t it. Ir scums that Ins
: peciib ir tavetiousnoss cannot be gorgi d by victims in
ti e legislative hall alone. At the last session of Con- i
gross he dmenmned to enlarge lire sphere of h,b imn.u- 1
atyons. Prolific in itie nice conceits ot a calumniator,
i prolific in untiling else, he hit upon so ingenious ox
peduml. Me turned author, lie subsidized the pen
as Ihu ally of hre tongue. Nothing too logh for the
ieao.1 of his ambition; so tie determin* * to go down to
ppunity both as "nter and speaket! ! Was ttie orator
or Tusculum his inspiring model* In a new , cstary of
j malice, he betakes himself therefore to the rompcsl
■ lion of hbeU in the retirement of bis clnset. usdo-ring
j them into tiie world under the cunning (oim ot xitks
; to Ins speeches.x And so .1 is, that he embalm* the
| af:* r thoughts of Ins splren! So it is, that he seivtr np
j a ,!;,,n!y -second course in Ins feast. The glutton tan
l dot get enough in Congress, though forever munch ng.
j lie mm.died in the Senate, until Virginin, shocked at
the spectacle ol his indecencies, dmve him by a legi—
I v,’*° f,°"‘ body; hurl. <1 bttn, in her pist rind
.cha-tisjng anger, from a station dial Ire disgraced aad
j polluted It was a vote that will bo id* ntical in a'l
; nine with his infamy, since it was instigated by the seme
j or hm indecencies alone; for he had made a show «f
j tie.ending in tin- Senate a camellia! Virginia, horn he
; nn.ivnl principles of public policy, approved. What ;
.degradation! What a lesson to those who prostitute, t,
passions b(, humble, (be functions of a legislator How
• •M»Pr»’B,<ive, to a mind of any feeling, bow awful! |?nt
| ■' hu History has, peihaps, no parallel
instance ot shamelessness. Inst* ud of tailing down m
contrition before the offended dignity of his native
| ?siate. or thing for the remnant of his life to ttie obsni
| m' v <d some hiding place. hideous llrazcoface. in
| cot i 'gable to Ins fmiJ appt‘; es. and with tins bimid ot
] ex | UiMi.n from the .‘Senate fresh upon his forehead re*
i all’<Mr‘d in the House of Kcpresentatives—audit-sum
! "s '"'"iching. And there he sits, exulting iu hi*
| abomination. Thoie, contumacious in innruitv. he sits
deriding and virtually baffling the vote of n commoj
, wealth I h«,e he is, reinstated upon his throne of
j Mander, giving loose, as with renovated audacity. In t!ie
j Habits ot he* nbandoned and remmseless nature There,
j . “ 1 *"s Rbaatly form looking like a frightful
: -tueleton,,is h$ io he seen diagging fresh prev into his
■naiv. !>„t there alone to munch and to devour, will
; no longer servo him; no, his grand meal in the House
over, hke an amateur gormandizer, he must have liis
piquant relishes. lit* bloody ti*!>its, afterwards. To
: these he Heats himself-i„ his notes. Tins » the de
j'.cut wnh which he garnishes ont tho shambles of his
, huinon slaughte. house. Defamation is hm dsalinw
i >,a ;'“"»* bis eternal lust; in public, in solitude. in youth,
! a.RO: befo/f .l,*e assemblies of the nation and m the
•reclusion ot Ins study, at h-une, abroad—m both hemis
ESTT-T*" !he br,Pat deeP itself—it his his mighty,
} t-. ahoorlnng, In.s uiidecaymg lust. Like hungry Death
| jpon a wnitM l.orse, there is no satiating him. Derides,
Jr hu hke, with outstretched fangs and yawning jaws,
• crying—inure! more! J
I -t'hj. 1828. JULIUS.
i !" 'nPnlnrflbh* NOT Er*, with an improved edition
ot vlu~.li h.- has threat,-,„Mi t„ wiirti the world, he diverts
| nnn.elt with the personal a,.,,. arni.c e of his victims. fois
gonrt- It Im* given fair hold of his own.
j / root the (Ttn.\ R'KfWer, of Jtrtu I ", }
i " !' * Mate ol political excitement, it is difU
, far anj man la escape censure, or avoid tbo at
| arks of partis.-in editors. thnr aiders and abettor-. In
common with mam others, I have come in for a share.
I JhMico In III) sell theietore,demands, that I should ask
i tiiejattontion of tho puld>c for a few moments, whilst I
I submit a plain, brief statement of fuels in 1 elation to
! , .‘“‘nsnction spoken of in (im last Repnbl.con,
; leaving (he public to draw (heir own conclusions,
i During the ia«t year, a charge of negro trnding was
! Pre'erted against (Jen, Jackson m oRo af (he Kcmtuc
j k> This c iiargo, the editors of the Rcmibli
"* us,«l temperate stylo, pronounced an tn
fumntt* fafxr.innif A if tv days sub.'Vj.cnt to this do
i ”'al 1 ,v;,‘5 ",f,,rmrd h? a gentleman of this place of
! ,0,VI* *■11'■ um11ances which tended to establish the lad
! and a short tune alter, whilst lonk.ng over some oul
h.»,,k books, w hid had been I) ing m the Nashville
J bonk almost unnoticed for twelve or fifteen y,,rs I
■ , '.n^ "no belonging to Gen. Jackson,’in
! '"I'1'1'"s a,c,:,’u"« <•»« hai.k had been made op ard
Med. and which had been left theie before I w.mi
jnfo |},« back. I am not aware that it w86 |elt ,0
;nn“ ’"'der Tn,y 0,W “»in ordinary circumstances.
,ha' 7,r <;»‘dement, and «rUr hcw„ wri|,eo Ha,
nev<T called for. In the f„s, p:,g© flf ,t.is book was a
mcmoiaudun. of the character alluded tointhe Repnb
! ,l>e ,1or,nr of satisfied mo nf the fact, that
j the Genaiai was concerned wiili Coleman and Green
i m.,r«d"'^nr?r<3p9‘ This memorandum I did -ex- j
! bibif to fivn o. mix perse,,s amongst whom was a firm ''
j muldo,rim frinvt nf Gen. Jackson. The exhibition !
| ot Ibis paper or memorandum was not mado will, anv
design of injuring Gon. Jackson in public ealimatibn '
or of producing any effect whatever upon the ajproach- |
I h»l h»r tl-o purpose of showing to those!
* r w individuals, tha. the editors of the Republican. In I
Ihr.r great zeal to serve their friend and patron, had
j-eon too hasty in their denial, and that there were
, »tnm, grounds at least for the charge. If I |inu lrilcn(, I
ed. (as charged by .he Republican) to have used tins
memorandum to the p.cjud.ce ol the General, why did !
• -how it to one of his particular friends? to ono with
whom he hail freely conversed, a short tunc before, on
the subject of this very charge ngamst him of negro
trading Why did I not furnish it in reply to various
offers which have been wniien toe from othoi states
ashing for mf-rmaiion on this subject? To ll.eso let’
ters I have never replied.
n,* charge of ctmnfoinst nl its publicity in anv sbnpo
c-liafwv»:r, ruber here or elgewhtre, I positively deny.
'• the contrary I have endeavored fo prevent its pub
iif-nfion. Part of the information contained in the
memorandum alluded to, has been given to the public
Hntv (he person giving,! publicity. obtained if. I know
not, but it teas certainly published without any “con
nivapee,” knowledge, or consent, end against my
*7* !®* , JIr»\wevc*r ardently I may espouse tho cause j
of Mr, A darns, and however opposed I may be to the
election of (Jrn. Jack.no, I have never been disposed
to resort to unfair means to attain the desired end.
n.«.sc w»,o know me are willing to do me inatico, not
mithsfanding political feelings and prejudices, will not
believe me capable of inlentinnnlh, violating eithe, !
public nr private confidence, to promote ilia political;
view,, or aid in (he elevation of any mao, however my
(actings may be enlisted in Ins behalf.
Jfr ,Vr Ai'N;K.\ri<'F. i,,bc :
Whim Ofr.rp, ♦'
JFovtfflw tfetotc j
I'rutii t\n JVria York I'rtninr i*Ost.
c aro iudebied to tho 11ri*ikIi Y*«»e ChiimI 45," tins ■
city, for n Quebec paper of July 2!tli, containing in
telligence Ironi England brought by the ship Mctntxm.!
pi^t arrived at Quebec from Liverpool, which port she I
loft on the 25th of June. She brought, however, no1
later papers than the niiiQteentb. Wo copy from the >
Quebec Us/ntle such items of news as have not he- |
fore been receiver!. From a Liver) ul circular ot ;
21st June, it will be seen that cotton has declined 1
Thu advices from Greece, represent M<>d..n JC’oro- !
noa and iSavariuo, as very clutidy blockaded by tho
allied squadrons
Under date nf Smyrna, April Nth, it is stated that1
U.1* ambassadors of the three aile d powers were short
ly to meet at Lor hr, ; <»j certainly inust on tho ruter- '
Teotun, of Turkey toail.v the troubles of tho iUorea I
and use compulsion. I bat for fire lalt.-r purpose, botli |
l. '.gbsh arid French soldiers would land or, the Morr a. '
In the 1* reneb Chamber <>l Deputies on the I Ulr, j
Mr. L'Abhede I’oinpiert-’s motif.n. that the Chamber.-,
do impeach the la»e mtuMrv of the crime of t.easuu
be. passed unanunbusly, ,a„d war referred to a com
m. iloe to report upon.
Te.egraphic orders had hern despatched f*o n Par '
rsf .riho transput fs at Marseilles imrred.atetv to sad
(or Toulon as a rendezvous, whence an expedition
declination unknown, was certainly to sail. '
On th® aulhoritby of a private letter from Lcphalo*
u-a one ot the lonim Islands, if u stated tl.at Smvrtn
ha.l beer, nearly destroyed by ft.,. Russian fleet
rr sramer, huv. g landed and been killed
by ibe ruths. I be F rank* and foroigue.fi
on board and the bombardment commenced. \t il'.e
time of rb.smg the letter the tow,, was nearly nil in
hum"'" 1)18 'S °0t CO“firmc‘, i;’ tLc papers of the 10th
The celebrated Mr. Irving preached to a hrgo
°Rr (’" (hr: r'"' -7 ••»«?. •" the Church of K„knN
<Iy, Scotland.— I be galleries, from the pressure, SmK
deny gave way, and 20 person* lost ti..-ir bios.
1- ‘ ,!lC IMar.joios of Falmcl
la, had l«tt London for Oporto.
1 be Lords of the Treasury have permitted all goods
rmna.rnng bond m Great Itrur.ir, .0 c-.tmuo ,n
wsrebou e, one year from'•l.e 12d, J„n«
Lord Gronby, Logl.sh Ambassador at I’aris. was
I>uk« Av ,rpR'?,ned- LordLruwlcy. brother lu the
t»oko of Wellington to emceed.
sS,r John Ilyng, it was said, would succeed S;r
inTrHand Ur,> in Chltf "T the army
An Italian paper of the 221 May Mates, that Gen
f h1urfh 3"'« « |3rCf« body of the Greeks, had betfn dc'
tested near Missoionghi.
v r° a?pt,Jl-2ines’ of ,h" sr,'ron,,r f»™ r.ticufw
Avrrs Mr. Ne.lson of the INrhang,. Head,,,;; Room*. i.
widebleH for fi,*« nf I.., Caret., M-rramil, „m| the H i.ic,
F.rVrt, the former to .Tone ldth, ..ml «l,e latter lo the 7,1,
Tteso paper® eontHin ve.y little iutelliEei,re ..f interest
'uS* ®f Ayr*.,,,, we.e te!ievcr!
rrot, all ilouht With resprrt to the Course of Rivera. |.v lb
Ofltenl publication of despatches from him, E,vin- an ac
r"“n! 'He capture of seven towns of Us Misinne* Ori
eotahs hy the troops under his comma.,d, in the latter pan
m }. • rh<MC t:,'vur:', Finnishes, one of which
l^oft.e enemy, together with the commamler, weie killer],
«o.l -f token pttsoners. to number 500 Ii«r«=e9 we.-e taken.
• A.r'*p"M “’S' current at Htie,iQS Ayres, that the Brazil,
tan fleet .tail eaptuied a full riggea brigand an Hermaphro
H.lit. and sent them into Montevideo. The schooner IN
press, fro,;* Hto, was captured and sent to .Montevideo, as
"he hC,,n°,U!r Marsh' f"’"'Havana, erm in.
! • ha(1 Het-ar out .10 days when captured. The first di
vision of the hlocKad.n- fleet, co„aip,i„R pf 22 sa d .umle,
i jf" Adnt.ra Granville, was lying bt.i 12 miles ofl
! *7*”- 1 »*- second division, consisti,,* of six sail.
| wav off Em*,ana. anti the 3-1 off Point India. The brig
, I nmtia. Morris, Buck, sailed 1(7 days before for Antwerp
Prill. firpvb.
i t. I'KOir rio uANr.mo.
i < spr. Wolf* of the ship Cornier, who left Rio Ja
j notro on (l.c'20th of Juno, has furnished a delail of the
j iitnult and massacre of the fore.gn troops at that
j place, winch differs in some respects from the s’ale
i rnnd<J bJ an «rnval at Boston. XVe shall publish
I it to tnoirntv. The mutiny terminated on the I2tl,,
j when the Irish troops sunetidered, and about 700 of
I tl.ein were put on board an old hulk, in the harbor.
\ The German troops at St. Christophe, remained re
’ n!?Tyt nnd .,n‘‘l5<cd cn 8 rf,dress of tbnir grievances.
jO:. toe fel.owmgday (the 13lh.l a guarantee was made
;by toe British and French officers, that their demands
, should be complied with, the troops refusing lo take
the promise of the Brazilian government. The Er
j g “ 8"'1 French marines then wiihdrew to then vi»m
| seis. MI,tie on shore no refreshments were offered to
.hem- By the treaty agreed upon, the Irish troops
: were to be sent homo to their own country, «i the ex
j pense of me Brazilian government,
j A change of the Brazilian Ministry took flare on
: the I6tl, of June.—[,V. Y. .Yal. 1,3Ce °D
DOMB STIO OC fa UR «.i5 N C X]3 .
I)r, R. M. Fatteson, of the University of Pennsyl
vania, has accepted the appointment of Professor'of
Natural l lulosopby ,n (|,e University of Virginia.
PoulsorCs Phil. [). .JJp,
-h\Ttr.VsroK, .Toly q-j—This troublesome com
plaint is still ragmg with all .|e violence, fdtoies are
sin,i np, wuh endorsements on the door, -nil sick ”~
Tl.e Bank of the State of South Carolina, has but two
effiorrs capable of attending to the duties of the insti
t',t,ou. and both of these have henn down but are t on.
valcBcmg. Families go without their dinners, „r ge
,:iem 81 ® ,at® bo»G <-om *lm sudden attacks of ser
vants and cook?. It would seem, that nor one indivi
dnal in the city, i9 to he exempted from its visirr.tion
v regret to learn that it is making it- way into the
country.— [Cily Cazcltc.
Thc'<I>rnzuC”-\Ve published, on Monday, a note
from New Orleans, respecting the epidemic which
had made its appearance in that ri»v. A letter from
thence, of the 9th ,nst. contains the following notice
oftho new disease, which will allay any fcTar, ihaf
Ihere -rlvofTf0 °f pftri,on8 h™wg friends
“ rb° Spanish Fever, or "Pa/guc” from which (here
appears no exemption, (the whole town have had if *r
are taking if) although a painful disease, so long ns it
asts, accompanied by high fever, and a pain in a!) the
limbs at once yields to a tva.in bath and hot fc.-.s
toil , little or no medicine. Its duration is from 12 to
''' bo,JrB- B ha*, os jet, proved fatal in no instance.”
f , t**EnERrCKSnt7Rf», (Va).Tilly IB.
irgwin Gold—A gentleman of this county called
on us yesterday, to show some specimens of pure gold
found about fourteen miles from this town. The nicer*
were about four in number, each weighing about twee,
ty two peonyweighfa. ITc stntcs, that, at different
tiuus widim the last fifteen years, various piece.* have
<ren found, half the size of a man’s hand; and lately
having given more attention to the subject he men- !
tamed that if abounds mosf in a grey pobblv sod, and
a soil approaching rod, having a good deal of iron pr-i
£**?’ q'J*r,Z,f nnd cellatcd roc!;s of different
hi Tb« l»-,tl|W U< T* 7° ‘ ,C M,rfacc’ a™* " fh the earth
neni f ! k ' °f f,vcjfcet w,"cb 19 ;‘9 far as any experi.
(i rl9.'fbfm fmadp- Aftrr *v*rj rain he employs ;
,o r,,|'ir"wiih e°M’ :
Job Printing-Office.
OCr The Proprietors of tJic Whig have:
Hltlod to their Printing-Office, a set of New
Job Types, which will enable them to Print!
PnnmMrN. TltrmlbrlK Cirr.fil:ir^ Cvr'K ^:cl
■ —r
Never hare a parly received a mom mollifying, u
mom unexpected. n moreojauiom* blow. than rho Jack
suntans in I .otiLiana. It has cut the combs of | »„a*
and i ll thu lundot J.icksuft cocks. Woll may U—lor
.1 has written vtmc Mel, on tl,e walls of the Ilermi
luge. Conjoined with (bo intoll-cm-e winch wu shall
ptiblish tins day fortnight from Kentucky, it seals the
rate of I he in.liu.ry candidate.. Tho -mad" an,] “mis
ctunrous” attempt to elect a mere Indian fighter. Pro
Mdrnt of the U. States, will be most signally suppress
ed, and Republicanism and tho Hnion, mil rivj .vi:b
irc'sti lO.stro and vigor from the s?i iggl.i.
]t:iils:.vs -it is nm yet so certain that Jacksmiistn
'<a> mo prevailed in Loins,a„a. IMrfectly certain
Dufl’—much more certain we fear, than that pleasant
scheme of yours and ours, to realm* a handsomo fgr
t,me ,n a v'-r,J *,'«r» *••««. and .ei.re to enjoy otium
' u,n attain. Wc wish Duff, with all onr nnght. that
you and tv« wore as sure of being -ratified i„ fnaI,
",,r r-n»o«Hl and philosophic purpose, as it is cer
"U!‘ that Jarkbcniniii has nm prevailed in the Lmnsi
aua elect tun.
Noah has the knack of sustaining adversity, with -ren:
froor! grace. An elegant writer has said that ho “shines
most ii; total overthrow.” It so, a glorious occasion js in
preparation for hint. On tha first Wednesday in Decern
; a" opportunity will he presented or immortalizing
himself. We have been mud, amused at his ingenu
! the causes of Mr. Livingston”, de
; t.'t. The first he assigns was the prevalence of the
1 n,,’£uc (,r Spanish fever at New Orleans, at (he time
; °} election. Out, to reader this excuse sufficient
I!,,° MU” m«a» prove that (lint new fashioned fever is
peculiar to Jacksoomen. IIis second apology is do
nved horn Mr. Livingston’* absenco, which appears to
”3 equally unsatisfactory—for if Mr L. was absent, all
jibe other Jackson Candidates for Governor and the
j Legislature, were on the ground, yet they ail shared
Me. Livingston7* fate.
, A letter from IW Or lean*, of the I lib nit. In the
Editors, aav?:
Gentlemen : Th« Administration tins just obtained a
m..sr glorious triumph over the coalition The election f0‘r
Governor, U-presentative to Congress, and Members cf
the Legislature, has terminated in our favor. The whole
ticket has sur.rerded hy a handsome majority. Enclosed
; 1 SP,ui 7°'* * sbP of ,h« Mereanttle Advertiser, which
i "I11 ?,ve you Hie exact number of the votes polled,—
I W e have heard as yet of only fiva parishes, and cve.v
j wbelrc we have been triumphant.—Herewith is a statement
1 of the noils:
I *
X\ C K. 3A * K. ADSt.
' . Marigny. Butler. Thomas.
^.Orleans 288 195 16
! JciTerson II t>
• Ht. Bernard R fit u
j Plaquemines gg go q
J St. Charles. g 0 0
3 l-i 3 55 HI
j v rx i Livingston—JacTi.
)A. Oilcans
■ Jefferson ‘Vq
i St. Barnard g.j
| Plaquemines -j,,,,
bi. Charles ~g
r. . , 7sT
j rive parishes not yet heard of, bnt all of which will
lowin'rny,H°,,bf l,,r~c majnrilip< 'o Judge White!
! :' b7, be e‘Pr,P'1 over l,y 800 votes. As m<„,
” , returns a,e eo,„p|„,e. Hi send then, to rnu _
donot thud, that in November we will hear anv thi...
. out Jaektonism rn Louisiana—it is dead. Brent and
J Hcuiarly probabin,-v be re-elected—the lHtter par
’ r„r S;;'-Ue 'h'* n,0inPnt bpar from another parish. Rt.
John Baptism. Pirbigny 137, Marigny 17- White 105
to .V* j '"u* wri,'"K lhi* "lornirg It has mine
i , .; "Ovv.edge, that the Jacksonian* had prepared 200
■ ridges and a hand nf music to celebrate this victory.
, - »»re tuey acce-hu. lo, all dead to-day. The Louil
1 |,n I1'*[“■'«> dny — liie edito,
: *re fatl ,wr •»« "F
Another of Iho i.'Jib, say-:
' «r«M!T,n:- W,r‘i,r’ lhe B,,>»'*«i“ratin,. candidate for
: I f ,sf ,!,s,rir‘* h»' b«pn elected over Liv
j'r. °n ‘bp Jacktoiiian, hy 700 majority. !>erb5-ov the
: fhJLT T°n rrfI’dl(,a!e fur Governor has obtahmdin
. e r-ame riintrirt. two votes against the two Jncksc.fi can
. H dat.-s (Marigny nn 1 Butler) one. Otit of 28 members
r« Si3SK
, trniion and ;» Jacksonian. The triumph is complete.
: but -rnnH'h, ye* r”,n ,be 2,1 ani1 ■i,i c"nS‘p-,VO»iaJ districts,
j ^ hnp"' a,p '"Gained of the success of Brent and
| Mercanlile Advertiser of tho Mil. »nrs:
j I tiK Er.rcriov.-The morns lr-.ve no dooht «|,oi)*
| .he success of Judge White, and Mr. Guriev. There i,
| out one par|,h to he h-ard from i„ this disl'rict, and 2 in
U J!,riry *• , '*c fa" °"ly nfler a general statement, j
hes mmnucg.of the vote, rcr,-ivad so fet, tvi.l, a promise !
tn give a general return in the next.
C»V KUNf.il.
Derhigny 004 j
Itiillrr p p i
Ma,igny £J:'.
1’homas ■.
O'* * i
<• >.a i. urt*.
1«rsf liistiic.r,
VMdi jf,P^
J ivingsfon logo
Sccrml I'iitrirf. '
Hurley p.f<)
Saun'ler? o\p
' i-r two parishes to he heard f mr, in the ,eco0 * di.t'irl ’
""""""T Washington— both which have
given Hurley a majori'v.
Hy these it will hr seen, that TVrVgnr, the adminis
trabon candidate for Governor ia oiected over flic1
Jarks«n candidates, hy a r0»c exceeding their united
strength that Liringston is beaten by White 800
votes or near it-that Curley is re-elected by a small
majority, and that the preemption is, that Cel, Tlrenl
i9 also re-elected,
Tl.o Argus of (he J?M, July, nays:
' '!* »•’««■ f l <*>* Administration party in t> reern, I
caVeTof’lhI!/?" I’’"1'*’ wi,lcprfPCf ,hr overhearing arm -I
5j?er o, l rar*^; 'nfprtn 'he P^rle ..r onr
J.*, 1 ,P » ,]'a,’on ,f*e theaire of the Herns alnry, a j
majority of independent citizens have boldly BEu.Aftk*
ha. he ,s C.vnr for ,hc office to whir), he a.,V,rr*._W„„
hMih?i9|S,ilP b7,m1R i,r",if,p<: wi,h *he civil compact!
TnrW? Pfln!!,'1'1ff'd*-d»" expression of the public „ ill,
Im red, the moral powey of the Tropic has been so dearlv i
demonstrated upon this occasion, ibat none but the most ]
obdurate unbeliever can withhold his acknowledgment rf
",r appalling fact. To effect n different tesult, however
'* ’ ".-Sr *50". V or 'i ■ ft* i- ♦ *1
Iiolfiing. The sanctity ol the City CounuuJ was invaded
by Hum, in the shape of nn approbatory address to the
honorabU Ldwer.l l.iv»ogslou— the judges of the election
wne first coaxed, anil then b.nw-beaten—pearearble ci:i
/,'"s we,B farmed, and threatened both by inflamatorv
si .wrlre, at tire polls, anil by their Mouth Pint. but nil to
I'urpoM-. Thn bone ar.il smew of our population had
priMiitly marked out tneir course, aud pursued it without
,7 ,M th® discomfiture of the whole Jackson
phalanx. but i a triumph, in the very hot bed of Jackson
is"., speak, volumes for the moral integrity of the people,
an. Ig.ve, a sn{e plenge •„ our country that the Adminis
tration has nntliing u> tear in this quarter.
The Jackson parly since tin*, overthrow, pretend to
say they have orrer claimed Louisiana! Oh no! tin!
modest gem {emeu have never claimed t ! Their claims
have ever been restricted within the bounds of truth
and moderation! In like manner, when limy are do
?va,od ,n Kentucky, Ohio, Missouri, Indiana ami llli
nms, we shall hear that they have never claimed ei *
ther of those state,! The very day before the news
WHsrcce1vu4.su f\\uv Yo.k, the Evening Post, publish
ed a letter from iN’cw Oilcans, assuring all that Liv
mgvton was safe, and that the State was cafe for the
fieri! It was rather ungenteel to put the lie upon
i ’i:0 :,a8e,tl(,n tl'e very next day after it was made.
, An important lesson may and ought to be derived
■ from the election ... Louisiana. It ls, to put less con
' (identic tn the bragging and roaring of l!,o Jackson par
ty. It tUtisr.ales ll.et.nth. that thn public has been
ifT6'* ,hn rC!3,ir° S:ren5:h <>f «■» I»vo parties,
I t lC 8t,pCrSOr no,8,! ar*d «proar of Jacksouism—
|"e,,aVO ,nade «'e observation a hundred times, that
t iree or four Jackson men in a company of a dozen,
l shall make you more noise than all the rest, and suc
ceed frequently jn making the impression that they
were the majority. Is conversation carry ing on—they
W'A rarC,y a,,uw r*n> 01110,3 to talk but 'thcinsnlvcs_
Ate toasts to be drunk they will give three to one
j for any body else. This has been the most successful
I 3,1 ,ho,r 31 ,s to dLl ,d« P’^lic opinion ns to their real
! strength; and they have succeeded ia inc. -u.in-r it,.,,
I ■ u« ngtn. by lust producing .his delusion
j f| Ti,,„E“TmCr 3C9'erdi,V’ for P«rpo« of breaking
the Wl in Louisiana, an,! keeping up the flaggin- 8pi.
, nl» ot ibe party, published a table, which leaving fV
j York doubtful, gives 103,„ Mr. Adams, and ,,7,„
iGcn Jackson. The table ,s crroneoiy ,n three re
6pCC,S- l* 1,1 CivinS [Missouri—2. Illinois_an.i B
^ allowing five votes to Gen. Jackson in Maryland
1 .iree days ;,g0, ti.ero was a gentleman of high prfr
( rate and public standing in this city, just from MU
1 *0Un‘ H,0, l,a8 ,ivcd ,ht“e many years. IIo says,
J 'at ( 'Ir Ha*csl ,ho present member, and the admin
j miration candidate fur re election, will be ro-eSd
with the greatest ease, aoc! that his election w,|| pTovs
: !.<• l.'>sSi'n"r»rmfl",rr",C’S* ",ro,Ioh TWra
! aS?: E'&Te sr 'Z'zz :i:
, to that settlement, assured ins friends i7itT*"'av,,,t
j istration strength was 2 to 1 ’ lh" ,he
i in 'V,“,y,and. Gen Jackson will not »ef more than
| three votes, and it i8 doubtful if he v.lL ?
•'!« "(*c- i. t„' ,V7J
j m, Ibe fnnl,d,,‘„'f,'|C"",|'de,P‘l am"n5 mosl Hen;.
1 7 , tbe friends of the administration lately held a meet
j In Maine, we me inclined to think, Jackson wPI
mi<..d'P.T,C,"'eJ br“'P'«r. h'.« Ripley g-il, be
[I*11 »««•*» o'p/rT^Pe°LCe.','o“e!rD'f,‘riou",C
lenoK.ee ere felly », donblful „ R^y, fi ^ine
Notwithstanding these 108 rrttes are vieled |, '
t Indiana, even a part of iVew Fn/lanV°‘,Urdtjr’
; .11 doijbtfol all “dcbateable.”^ yat ul 2,
; ,r,v*r^mrce in IVew Hampshire, the Jackson caodi
: oi.i0.bb
| -m New Jersey. COOO-in Delaware 700-in Indiana
i ,,‘^I ,s »m little or no contest. ’
! ' a! J',’5 1 .from Jacks°n '» Maryland—3 in Missouri
! J 'i ,n *l,,nois, II Will reduce the calculation for Jackson
i *2; -rr ^T
Maine :md tlinl in Tenunesee ,b’i.aw07acb°olh°'f
; *l wil then take 21 votes in N. York io elect Gen
-ackson, and only jg to elec, Mr. Adams. Ti e fol
lowing table will be found on .he 1st Wednesday of
^ mUZh ,n°r0 acc’Jratc «&an lhat of the Old
79 Kegland. ‘'"'Tl' |
2’ y°,k* 24 To
'> • Jersey, j;
Doiawsre, 3
Maryland, 7 ^
l,f*nn8ylvarij!» C10
Virginia, **
rV. Carolina, j y
b»- Carolina, * ^ j
Georgia, 9 ,rt
i’enntH**, , ,
Kentucky, > I
Ohio, jy;
Indiana, t
Idinoi®, •••
Missouri, 3
Alabama, *'
f.oiri«|nna, g
?,r k
dams, w€ shall bare no doubt of PennTJZJSl A~
Mr. Adams will bore *1,7,5. f con7,c,'on- <b*t
an unexpectedly great majority. " rrr^ l*rokab,J by
r.:tt -i.b tl,e 0(
oe arker in publishing the subjoined explanatory
. Cr* ’V,,h nnaffec,rd P»«wure. He fcas, in 0Mr Jo,
!onh,mrT RO,rr,'V,eCk,ed’lhat th® h*W ascribed
’ 01 a"C,‘ a ,,a‘lIrr ** «0 require lsts persona!
ippearaone in the newspapers: for we have greatly mis- , •
understood tlic former feehngs, and tke more :.<*#( in
nf ?v,h*'' ^ Vir-fp!,. .r any man rant j

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