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Witt, Keu»z, ami Iluuigrr, though neither uAei:>]
dare attack hun,&. \vlmui me pt, !J uimjccd '
to destroy in cadi «»»' h 5. reports.has i :»:rr. »; Volj.v- 1
nia, aft< r having passed iiw. ling. nc-.'- ilr K. v. ,«'n
the night of the !Oth miu i :th c .'*. nt
The «> dicer, Knrzknwtki, v. ho iia tii.iy
news, l»*ft him on tlie «G ii .•«t 1 it rechiiw. et ihu mu— ,
mnni when hm coliiiiina'ii>< l\ the iliricton <.1 Duono
nml Krscintemec Our Gmi nl met ct Ghuraclinw.
racrut j« from Voihvwa, *v| jjh tiie Russian.-; were
loading in chains, lie n.-k«d wln-t was »lie crime >
t h»r which they were enclu ined. Tiny repi eii io«t j
they had cocnniuirti no c ion*, hut ihai they w< r<>!
leading them in ifii wav to j mi the army. A It
these brave fellows r«joined General I),\. r i hi,
pom i ig to our men, ami learn finm • le-m f
one of them lias bon: treated in hi ci«o » m, >n! .•
th'*y will reply, that all of them have has etod. f.i e
ly ami fall ol ardour, to the cietei c • of , ur c m.io.ii
country; and mi me order ot tin* Gen- r il, our i. n, ..ft
and our chasseurs broke tin* i liauiw, whieti . It*>,<■*-<1
an aif-cting npeo acle K ubr Ce e:n h » tm r iin-n
find the tjcoeral to titi tit, you a ,• all bfot,^*rs.
Tears flowed, cries ol j-.y w.-re h**Hr.|. 1 he V I
hymans mingled will our uo»p. Tli> euihui «>m
is geuern ; contributions flow .n Hi.d the i il.ubitams
arrive from ah sub s will* i rms 111 tloir hami
The entry of General Daorncki mlo Voll.yi ia
promi-pp us great jnlvni tig. ; t y Hi b tli-^ gniil <>f
insurrections for all the R isso Polish Pcovincps; ami it
will ensure us besides great supplies of provisions. Vol
hynia was the magazine for tha arms 01 the Field-M ;r
snal, who alre idy but obtained from it a consider tble
transport of corn. Nothing resisted the entrance of our
general; he is said now to oc at Djbno, and tbit on lus
road he routed some detachments of it.c enemy. livery
. body is arming; already sevcr.il squadrons are ready to
mirch. You can form no idea of the cnt.iusiasm of
the inhabitants who at every sto,) arrived .0 crowd the
ranks of our brave men. For the last half century our
brethren of Sainogitia, of Volhy.iia, of Podolia, and of
the Urkane, have groaned under me weight of servitude,
and of a hostile occupation. Nine ce 1 long years have
pissed since the inhaoitants be/on I tha III / Hive seen
for once the Polish lance. D wernicki aliowen them again
our victorious ph ilanxes be iring the st mdard of liberty.
Second Report from Du e me r.ri.
Scarcely had D wernicki passed the Rug, wnen his first
stepson that Polish soil, were manned with tuaeess; on
the 11th inst five platoons of the 2d regiment of Lan
cers, and of the fourth horse Chasseurs, composin’' a
part of his corps, encountered, noir Povyck, tne whole
regiment of Dragoons of Chargopoloki, which enjoys a
high reputation in the Rossi in ar.uy. Oar detachment
rushed upon this regiment, put it to route, took five offi
cers, (amongst whom is Prince Oaelenski,) 153 Dra
goons, as many horse, and more than 2 10 carbines and
other weapons. Too enemy’s regiment lost also a
great number of men in killed and wounded; finally, the
remains of this celebrated regiment havo been dispersed
in the woods, and are contin tally falling into our hands.
Tne attack was so unexpected, and at tne simc ti.no, so
impetuous, th it wo hid only one min wounded, •whose
name isOaptain Z jcwski. Itch. Dwernicai has already
taken possession of the bagg ige and transports of pro
visions destined for tho great army.
Dated from head quarters of Jeychrzejow K iluszyn,
17th of April, at two o’clock. (Signed)
The London papers of the 23th, published the follow,
ing paragraph, from the Consliliitionncl, of tho praau
ding day :—
“It is rumoured that a courier arrived yesterday from
Germany, with the news that the luro <>.' the Vistula,
after a terrible battla of lirce d iys, fo.iglit on y seven
leaguesfro.ii the frontiers between Russia an J ancient
Poland, in which they displays I prodigies of valor, ha 1
completely route J tho ar.ny of their enemy. T.iey inter
ceptedacourier fro n Mars'.i it Diehitsci. to the E nperor,
informing him that the I nperial Guards were entirely
disheartened and dis ideated.”
Tais intelligence, being too good to be true, has not
been continued.
Tne Dutch and Gar nan pipers 0:1 tho contnry, rap.
resent the Polisn forcas as di nitiis iad in iiu.nbar, and
exhausted in energy, whila duly reinforce neats add
vigor to the itassiaas. 1 f wo ire to j i Iga by p is* e.fac s,
the latter picture must he false; on the tr.it i of the for
mer, a few days will decide.
Tne report that Warsaw h id fal'en in‘o the hinds of
the Russians on the loth, could not h.vj ueeu trac
Theeleations of a n •■•v Biriiina.it, wara pruiaJii'r
with greit spirit in E igl in I, an 1 tin friuii 1= of A ;tbr a
were c xrrymg every thing befora than, l’ai appa it to
the people it is oelaOvel, will an ■. la ths miuistry io tri
u.up l over all opposition. ;
i‘ la Mjrniag C ironi :1c of t'ae 3 1 h, says—‘The A i.
r;-il:for.liars are, in every populir pi me, driven, .n a
mo neiiL, from tne held. Tue city of Lon lo i h .s retur
ml foar stainch tt jfor.n-srs. T .3 boroi.; i of South,
ward nas retarnad two staunali Kofor uers. T ie A it;.
Reformers sec taat it is hope.ess to contend wiiit the
force arr.ycJ ag.inst the a—t'ae form of a united peo
T ie Atlas of Sunday, M y 1st, states, that, as fur as
the elections h ave gone, the mini ilors have obtained a
clc .r majority of twenty.
We haverictyved the 89th number of tho London
Qu urieriy Review. Its contents are as foilowsr 1.
Baecuey’s Voy ige to tae Pieiric, and Beering’s S.r i‘s;
2. M thlius and S idler on Popula ion and E a ignition; 3.
Capt. Hall’s Sketches of Sc;i L fa; 4. Frenc’i Rivol.i.
t.on—Conspiration de Bt.iuef;5; Tae West India Qj.f. '
tion: ti, and 7, Reform in Parliam nt.
Tne Duchess of Wellington died on the21th of Apr!’. '
T.ic City of London was splenui ily illuminated on!
the night of April 27th, in honor of the Ka^—partic- j
ularly with relerence to the dissolution of Parliament
rThc French papers are full of comments on the oven's 1
in England. The King has issued an or Jonnance deala. j
rmg that all me nbnrs of tlu N .tion il Guards under |
ite.ia:, pass 11 pravi > is to the l iw o .’ M ir :’i 2 i, shall i
lie released therefro n; that all sue i prosecuti »ns <s have !
been commenced, sh 11 caasa; and that no . ffjn :e co r. !
mitted previous to the above d ito shall io ta c n not! c-a of i
The members of the late Caa nber of Djputtes arc •
crowding every dill-genca on thair way hae c to meet
their constituents. ' .
Count Guilleminot, ambassador from France, lias i
been recalled from Constantinople.
It being definitely settled that AlgieriWto ho a Col.
ony of Frinca, many fimilies in Toulon were makin"
preparations to e.nigra'o.
The latest accounts roc jived from Brussels, state that
the National Congress w.j convoked for the first weak
in May; and that Colonel Borre.n ms, who, it will be I
recollected, h >s been convicted of creating a distur.!
bance in Brussels, had been sentenced to five years!
imprisonment and degradation.
The German diet have consented to postpone the qnes.
« tion of the occupation of Luxembourg for one month,
with the threat that Belgium herself shall he occupied
by the arms of the confedcr .tion, if sutisfiction be not
then made. Some preparations have been made by tho
.Belgians to attack the citadel of Antwerp.
The affairs of Italy aro not quite trtnqui'ized, for if
the account* from Boogna be true, a re-action is ex.
pected; but this, considering the num ier of An tria.i
troops which have liean pour d iri won d seem g a u -
tons alarm, and not one arising from le il d mg r It I
is stated that the nu nber of ban sh no its, in c nse
quenoe of the putting down the in.-urreclion, is ve y
groat. Asa measure of precaution, lest the re-a tion i
suould be attempted, the Ans ri in troops aro c neon- !
trating themselves along tho Pn. B.mn Geppert pas- i
sed that river on the IBth.
A conspiracy had been detected in Turin, the obje -,t
o. which was to place the crown of Pied i.ont on the
hood of the Duke of Modena, by o military insurrection.
We hear from Rome tint the Count de St. A i a rc
nas obtauned from the Holy Father tho pro niso of a
general amnesty for all those who look p.rt in the la «
politics I events, except such patriots as fo igl.t with arms.
- he Ialter are to be punished, but his holiness h .s en
gaged that no sentence of death shall bo executed.
. ' xUura»7 evening, A r 1 30.
•«* p®r Cent Conjoin, and do Acc mr.t,
78 J to 79; 3 per Cent. Reduced, 78 *; 3j, do, 86t 7- Nlw
3J per Cent.. 87J 8; 4 per Cent., 05*. *
Live?.root., {Saturday) April 30.
There has been a moderate, steady demand for Cotton
this week, without any alteration in the prices of our
list quotation. The sales amount to 10.500 bag*, con
Mshn* of lyflo Bowed at 5» to 5?d, (10 at 7d) chiefly
- ' '• fit ' ‘or n,Hd5io~ *0 <V'v frr 1°0(* O-; «
at 5a to 7id chiefly at G}d to 7J for fullv fair to good
lair; 9o0 AluUa .ia and Mob 1« at 5$d to Gjd; 1JJ Sea
Hiand at 1 Ji to lUd; 1J Stained Do. at 8d; lldJ Per
nambuco at G*d to 8J (l J at 8,;) 7GJ M.ranha n at G*d
° ' i ^ lhia ut (Ijd to 7.1# 3.id Egpytian at did to
JJ; 1J Berbadocs nt G\d; 4 JO Surat at <Jd to G'd; 30
Bengal nt ijd. Tuc amvale are 3917 bags, besides a
number ol' veisels not yet reported.
1 ne 0- tnaii j tor ih.iMVC » Ma.> u*rt*u ripa'lv KU’po-i
d o dining t whole of t ie w.- k. Rico cj.s in e
iii nii.derate i'ciiisim ; tlic bun ins- dune iln.s w« ek i
dJ.Vd baes white B>ngul at |4.-t 9 1: • » i£»s Go.
mid 79 tea Cho'.ijii ui IGs Gd tier cwt. ‘1 lien
ims been nuvariation v.i.tp v • f no» ce u> rb
t?tato i f ..nr t.'ern market ii:,* p,«! <j ,a| i 8 ,,f
Foreign und K yl >'» Wheat ..iitnj..e ■. tin
Hi.: luivrs «t toll p i (!', bet all t'i • mid 1 up
iifd tot r or de>eri. t .*ej r.-mai i j; ,,|
ond are . tf.-r. d r»,ft> r ! w.-r. Amc i .. i Kh.ui i
Nie <1/. lien.gli l rj<■ |i. re. Is nrc ■ un ine f r.v.ud .!
Iom an n u.,.1 (> ... .ii.jy <| i.> ed at .j >m» | de |
• i >e. We i.a. >«s»g i. imd 1 .oe roi.pl e.-. ot Am-r- I
ieliil 1. lux :»r>eed. nod a torill" r <• dill'll. n III p |. e I
l*«M b*-<••> Mllmi.ti.il to;. t:i til. C U.-i-e el' thl» \y... k
tn srly ‘K Ut. a lm\ e F ••*•<! hu\rs;.i \a j uk price ,1
ilio i.tpUB' * win. li \viw 47- f. r onitnux S. ed n i' .
Hie highm-i Ut- per . \yi I r Very go ; |i'rICC.-1 me 11!
present ipnte n .luma'. O A nor cm Ui.vi ig F. <x- j
teed I.-,i» tmv li -n ;i a • G | ,,, }',.r pi,..]
aiid 60Dijr•• 1) i rli li’iir... .I, l..r erii'iiin , at .ji)tsp »
Imp r ai cpi ot. . Wei ave l,.-: r ! ..f m. pal..- ,„0, e
i.. Ci-ie.tn• on hark N .ih iK m i.e n, Ti ..
"r 'ie erip ion •>! Pur. We t-av • experienced .
VRI>' * *1 cleiinu.d tor Asm- f. tie- l.usm «s tloie* n*
m.ion in.r to only mo r -. Mo t e 1 Pm at 39, G i
•o dip. and lOu ii 1.. I*-*.*r* supposed to b<* o' 34a
p r ewl.
. ^Martwsr'ctogu
' cy . ./ • /./;// “,'777
Sohr Fairfield, Coffi i, from Now York.
Sc'ir Meridim, Iugcrsoll, fro n N :w York.
Sclir Diuniuh, Johnston, irom Chickaho.miny, with
corn, to master.
Sohr Volunteer, with corn, to master.
Sclir Ariadne, Jeffries, from New York, with sun.
dries, to J H illowell.
Sloop B:tsey, Buck, from Philadelphia, via Canal
Sloop Mary, from Norfolk, with Jobaeco.
*'^ *.i-iibo it ( ornet, \ oung, from Petersburg, with
sundries, to merchants in Richmond.
Lighter Dispa*ch, from Petersburg, with tobacco.
Lighter C ator, fro.n Petersburg, with tobacco.
Brig Richmond, Fahcns, for Salem.
Sclir Columbus, lor New York.
Schr C i trio*, S n th, for Wes Point
•Sloop Hiram, Biilv, for C ty Point.
Ste i nhoat John M arris, Hiobiri, for N irfol't.
PHILADELPHIA, May3f).—Arl, sclir Free Ocean,
Willots, frjj.n Norfolk, and sloop Citizen, Townsend,
from Richmond.
NEW YORK, M ly 33.—Ard, schrs Tantivy, Couch;
Extra, Robinsoh; President J ackson, Somers, and Hori
zon, Ingersoll, fro n Richmond, and Charles Sidney,
M ison, and Atlas. Foster, from do; schrs Globe, Goure,
Mars, Curtis, from Fredericks’, urg.
C’l 1, schrs Hyperion, Creighton, for R'.chmon 1, and
Wogham, Swa , Petersburg.
* its Pu*vK Ui’i c .
■m^IRtSINIA STATE LOTTERY, for the benefit
V ot the Town of Wheeling—Class No. 1—to be
driwnin tins Eiglo II »tel, To-Morrow, A'lernoon.
O* CAPITALS !—.1 pr=ze of §10,0)0, 1 of §5,000,
•See. Ticicts §4 II .Ives §2. Q iar;ers 1.
I)A I bt) LO I 1’ERY. Class No. 4, Extra, will be re
ceived S>.»!irl«v next, a* 12 o’a’oc'-.
ICTC YI»ir\V?-!—3D n;». 2),00), Tickets
§10, 11 Ives 5, Q i triers 2,5).
*** for sile by T.I0 3. B. BIGGER,
jnn 2—3:
O ! A w Mo I'OIN I’l'.K I) )(i tvi . i { c
it l«n 1 • n • : rn *a ■ «.)hi
I»r«* • ),lv b t irb <>
mu » i 1«
turn to o’i
..i, j
w 'I || I- I lul l- of
V’ ft tl I* *. ll:. Uf •»( t.
»>r tl ii . \ .i, J.'j.
per • l 1 i
B i.
. q m U • i. iond r
.< • mils r . p.Uf:
5 UnT r. r-piv
* .I f k> oi ('o
• r • t
I Mjimr Colnumi".
t )"C;i I ,
’ r 11V
rorn Host
.1 r
SpAR —T\R— ’"is* received, 1-j- tbe t’oop Jolly
Sailor, fro .! Nr r^|!i. thirty ciirbt barrels Tnr.
ile 1 > JOHN V. YVI LCO v, JR & CO
ii r*»i
^V_- p V ll
W* rut.
hat r In r
:r i •' pm •» fi r
.rod it n liautft1
I PT? V no o
1% OT1CE.—Til ? concerns of John V.n Lew &. Co.,
i's and John J. Worth, Jr. &. CO., are t lis day di ”
solved, by mutual consent. All persons inrlobtcd to the
a ove concerns, are requested *o rnnbe payment tc.
either of t ie un lersigned. JOHN VAN LEW
jun I—3t JOHN J. WERTH, ir.
Joll.N J. NViiiiTH. Jr.,
Jjt I he S’-jr,, , f tht Golirn Key,
8 Boons Bei.ovv tiie U. S. Bank,
AY ING *a ;o l the Stoer oi t ie 1 ite concern or
John J. YYerth, Jr., &•- Co., intends conducting a
General Wholesale and Retail
// 1 a l) IVA It E BUSINESS.
HE expects to receive in a few weeks, direct from the
Factories in England, an extensive addition to his pre
sent Stock, co nprising a great, variety of articles in his
line—all of which, will be sold at low pric es, and on
very accommodating terms jnn 1—3tw 3w
fcOHN VAN LEYV will continue business in the
3> House formerly occupied by John Van Lew &Co.,
where he will receive in a day or two, by the ship Ar
nold Wells, direct from Liverpool, a large assortment of
Hardware, Saddlery and Cutlery, among which, arc
Weeding hoes, of all s zrs
Trace chains, of different kinds
A 1 irge assortment of anvils and vices
Single and double barrel percussion and (lint guns,
some very elegant
Single barrel percussion and ffirt pistols
Dixon &. Son’s Britannia te i pots
Cream do to match do
Sugar dishes to do do
An assortment of anchor bolting cloths, of all num
bc™- jun 1—3.
fnsuraice against loss or damage bv Fire
**• 111 . A ,#\V ^ rl{ W'H (if t \ Q (i\ cr
\V Fio*. H>.ti|iii:ifl;K, MerrhaiifMz ■, Furniture, um1
•'her urupcriv.
nt !)•■ ('<’ur;tr;iu Ru>m <> Huiibnrfl & flerd
•er. R ■j-p.i) 7 - - tnu'tv
C10RN*.— 700 Vi«hc:3 of Corn in r'or^. whinb will
y «ol<] low if i.nmoJiatc appli-j’Mor, »o
may21 JAS. Wf^STON.
"IVERSONS having claim*! agiinst the estate of
Janes Gov in, late of H mover, will bring them
forward, and those indebted to i». will n1e**a mahe im
mediate payment to either JAMES GOV AN,
Ex’cr3 of JA.MES GO VAN. dec’d.
ju 1 law6t c '
--- i
**■*'»». <A' SiVfiv'ia r'ojifirc,
* JtJllKViitoTr and fcvtotrnori of V/m 4r Miry C'oU
^ le-rc arn r'!«r><?c*ful1v remiiHed that t>e 4th of July
isthe'hv of th'Mr rcffu’nr mn »al meeting. at which
M*”»« a full bo\H is eirnestlr dosi'e-l, a« -usiness orvi.
the interest or t*-n f o!V<»c doTnamls
uf , JOHN VXG% P.'-i;r.
NE.V YO.l'a 2'.\ 1 M 1331.
ImQO-*.* i. *. _•...
'FYIIE most hrilh-iat Lo:*cry over ’ ;.i tha U.
JcL States, *,vi’l be drv-va in t j c‘.*y"of X v Yor
on the loth Jana luiu It .,i .7 wJa ..t* c , 4
thimmo.h Loitery," oy .vh:a.i apj<etl>t.ou i .s Jroaily
design tied. My c.slo.ners at a ilist.sijj wi.I h .vj
plenty of ti.uo to wr.to lor thcsj tie ic.s tro > anv p rt
of tlio United Statos. T.ii; Lottory nijst cc-.uii .ik1
the attention of tnonied in 11 as well as these who ,r'
in want of “the ready.”
36 Number Ljttery bj Ternary Permutation_5 Drat
1 Prize of $63,llJJ is 8-3,013
1.50,033 .... 5 hOJJ
1.4J,*iOQ .... 4J,s)3J.
1.25,033 .... 25.U33
1 . 20,000 .... 20010
1.10,03.) .... 10,0.13
6 . 5,003 .... 30.003
6. 2,500 .... 15,00.)
6 . 2,003 . . . . 12 00!)
18. 1.033 .... 1^.000
18. 503 ... . 9003
186. 153 .... 27930
186 . 100 ... . 18,630
186 . 80 ... . 1 i,aso
186 . 63 ... . 11,161
1116. 43.J4 643
13350 ... 23 ... . 2733300
Ij“ Price of Tickets 829, and Shares in proper ion.
| Package's must draw, allowing the worst of lack, one
hundred dollars and stand the sains chon jc for the
truly magnificent Capitals. A package contains 12
tickets, and will cost 8313. II ilvci 8 12 1, ani Q 1 .ners
860. I make a deduction of 5 per cent, on packages.
There are, however, many good Lotteries to he drawn
in the* interim, as will be seen below. Orders for Tick
ets by mail, or otherwise, will receive prompt and con
fidential attention, if addressed to
iVe tc York.
D” My offices in New York arc under the new
American Museum, (marble building,) 220 Broadway,
corner of Ann street, nearly opposite St. Paul’s Churoi:,
also corner of Park Place an i Broadway.
The following Splendid Lotteries arc next in order.
Will as usual supply his customers with the capitals._1
I give them early notice to emble those at a distance i
to chose the class they prefer.
June 1, Extra 14—$33,033, 23,033—Tickets G>10.—
Rich Scheme.
June 8, Extra 15—GO No.—$20,003, 10,003_Tickets
June 15—Extra 16.—The MlimnothSchemc—3G3 O^O
50,033, 40,033, 25,033, 23,033—Tickets 323. ’
June 22, Class G—$30,000—310.
■ Jane 23, Extra 17—$15,030—$4,
i -I't-L-2.’.-__
I.cghoms, Duiist'ibl.s, \.c.
J Cases Colivnr lejhorns
j 2 do Dunstable shape do
1 do Misses’ fancy cottages
1 do do Dunstables
2.do Ladies’ do
10.) do/.. Ida. and yellow Nivirirtoes, reoontiv re^eiv
| eJ, and for sale by ' UALDWIN, IVE S ci: CO.
Vo Professors anti Veuenvrs;
f*\HE Visitors and Oovernors of Willi mi un i M :rv
College, having failed to attend l.ie meeting e i.i
ed in Oc.ober and November Lit, tor the purple of
tilling the vacancy in the M ithc..iatic 1 Prof ssorship.
occasioned by the resignation of Professor Coup jell
•S ewart, the election to till that v.c ney, will take
place at t he regular annu il meeting, on t ie 4 h of J dy
next. The e nolumen s of the suu uion. m the h ,n.:s
ot the late Professor, varied fro.n fi teen hun Ire 1 to
two thousand dollars. T.ic Professors in this Institu
lion, have the entir ■ disposal of one t nrd of l e v • r,
.nd at ill ti ocs, every me ois%f'prose; i.ia ' tp.'r r.'
pursuits, in which respect, they j one s JYi\\
super.or to those which re offered . v any o her ,'n'..
versi-y in the Union,
1 ne .e t->rs an 1 lesti oniils hcrdo'Vre a mt to Mu
liec or. which have n..t ecu, nil wine, shall no i
ol. erwise d.rectcd, previous o the 4 h o .1 iv , 1 U
presented to the Do tru o V.si’ors. T .ose wh'oY\v , !
re idy tpplie 1, m iy, if tucy thin proper, sc i I .nl ji,0!1
testimonials, and all • ho desire the situ it ton wi I h iv:
heir wishes made kno vn to ilia il.j.rl o.' Vi ira :mi I
Governors, I y direc ing their cfl.nmuni • I’ir.ns, (non
paid,) to JOHN PAGE,
Rector of Wm. and M ry Co k’r0.
(O’ The Lldors of the Ni'ioml In c’li ron jer
IV s'nngton; Courier &, En purer, New Yur 7 l' s’
Gazette. Piiiladelphi i; and C i trleston Co r>r. Soulli
C .ro in i; will insert the above twice a woe , un’il the
2 )th of June, and send their acroan's to llu offij_> of
he Richmond Enqniror, for se.tle.nent.
ma 19—lltc
I o l sal.* at t|ii> Sly,, . r I, * PADLOCK. a r,-m
1 P''t« a.-.o.|ine.t| ,| S. il.rrf, J v.arr.M.1
Brili-h P.j*<*nt tf.y i.,< »>• m -IK to 5 I inehe
ail worn i lit* i.i t.*n*inii . f PAR M 111-: -t.
AM> a ot v- ii u. i-s *i rME’; r .-i
'■ADiM.EB v <fc f i\r rrjTf El, i
DKVitB MI.V.4 P\TK\I' Ii\!,\U'»'X
xr.tnics siuiyiiLs
EMERSON’S i;.\Zo.i si’ltoPS.
Glaziers, Ih.unnnih anilG mi,,,,- II «i pvVf'.Ve*.
vVurui Hie a tentinu f|,i, c ,n .• r
mn 5 —Ift rv TIIOH A< A Rl »
- /'n:”1'3 *"*">'» "'"l Cifff'jC.
3 Huds. 8tn°t!y prim St. CrVix 8 i£.rs
Jfi. B 40 bags O.J Java cotTcj, fro u London, iust
received, fors Jc, by 01*13, DUNLOP & CO.
m i 3 J
l,*" -? v*i *ivs,
_ fl And 4-4 »r.s'i linens, of every quality
** l> e ,'fi Germ m do, so.n j .iclv
tine lor collars J
I.inen cimari.J hd tin., plain an i co’oro.i borders
L.nen cambrics, a large nu.noer of pieces, at every
P» J
5-1 lira 6-4 Irish and Flemish sheeting
1J.4 fine Russia do °
B- l. 0.4, and Id-4 table di ipers and double damasba
Birdseye and Russia do
For sale cheap, by F. &. E. JAMEA A Co
_ M .r cot Bridge.
frHK f',h*ct <»m I..H, a | a*. ^rh(V>1
1 -I tiitlietimii of Mai K'ri ; to lirn.Mi
if .iiiffj m:«- f-. rnuipgen rtn •) ci l.-l i t „ , fc , _ f, 1 tl‘ ’ '^‘'
n'iiueiNtn u ill i p x rout .. t l Ifvrtrtp. j '
fj ant c*»" iiiaiiniii In otdpr »o t1r\cr.‘ t|ii* "
llmtf to ;hi» tilOfin-pd tchfi.'l. he IVtil fr •>., it ''* r<
orar.tr^ to Cam of"‘T'”"!
«nfl III* F»<ifi>tl ar.d C |rmt Sri|-, f,of , 'v ■
•rht fi„t ..... .i„ u.„{
on, o/.tniv,r
during to* ip.m* id tap Fed*,., I *,„j C-r- , i -
Court*. Thu t'iiti.'in ftp, r „ ()j '[ .
dollar*. Peru-.an da.non* of Inrnon,,. “ j,r" ' r‘
ronmuniratp toe fact toil.*. *;»>./■ r no/. ~, v .J ', ’*'
pra<* lira ole; and iiroioot aii«riittr,i will tip ~ ”*
u-h.rh they mav »h„ k proper to t.-ii. *“ **" ° ,PT,,'S'
May ». laai—wnr KPKr r,y. r.. n*?.r*vviv.
•Y°S% Cortina Short JttSerrUigo.
1 | *» ‘N Kj. C'lt ic rri'Ot. -Jt,!
100 <J/> do •!m,) 'cpn vinv i„ d'<*• 1f ■ •
a •• ov r.ptrr p M»p«ti *; ’ ' \,%t
- l- * h - cosuisif ou ce M\:titn2u
for SALE.
-< parsttuna of t!:»j po er vested in tha Frosidcnt
l -:;j i.-irco.« ra oi t..e i Uor..ry i’c «J,rl y an act of
'•* - A:.3j»:i0i? p .v .'a Xlbth 1 cbruary last, autho
r-< llo ^l0 s-L of tutf fern-toe ir.ct of land, in the
county oi t'niK-j V% iluaia, proposals will ue r-.t^ived
1 j lilu fcuiJ President and iueciois, lor the wlime or
uu/ por.ion o; t:ic Said true’., until the 10th day of Octo
ber ncxl,
1 .ic annexed extracts from the law will shew the
conditions requircu of the purchasers.
Persons oiioring j^roj os_is \\ iil consult their own con
venience in ionag u.c iii8t_lincuta of iho purchase u.o
i .ie Dcir.toc tract contains ly survey C434 acres, the
greater par; oi which is ; noer ie-s.s which will expire
1,1 1*1U 3 l‘**r io-i'.l, and v. Lien arc subject to an annusl
rent c: about L.i,0(JO pounds of" tobacco.
1Jy or-er ot 1,10 President cud Liroctors of the
J. BROWN, Jr. SdAud'r.
Be it further enacted, Tn.it it shall le tho duty
o: the s;id President and Directors, to require of tho
purchaser or purch .f-ers of the said tract, bonus with
sufficient personal tccurity, payable to tiie said Presi
dent and Directors, together with a deed or deeds of
trust on th ; estate so roid, to secure the payment of the
purchase money and interest; which Lends so taken,
shsil be.-.r interest from tho datC3 thereof. And all per
sons who shall tail to pay into the treasury annually,
" t'-’( months after the same shall become due, the
interest which may accrue oil their said bonds, shall
1 or.cit a.l Claim to the credit given on their purchases,
and the principal sh ill thereupon become due and bo
recoverable by the siid President and Directors, with
all interest in arre :r, by motion to the General Cou£t,
on ten days notice of the time of making such motion,
or the p ly.ncnt thereof enforced by proceeding on the
deed or deeds of treat aforcsiid, at the discretion of
th<' said President and Directors.
•1.1. Be it turther cn ic’.e J, Taut all persons becoming
p ire i iscrs oi Uni pni.'r tho provisions of this act, \
s. ial. have the privilege of paying the amount of the
purchase money at any time.
•1 h. 1 his act shill be in force from the passim*
thereof. 6
»?y2‘ , 2iw tds
t ICr Tne Li ters of, the Xitionil Intolligencer and of
t. ie Alev uidr: i Pat-nix, will publish this advertisement
twice i week until 10th Oct. next, and send their bills ;
to t.ioJJ Auditor’s office for pay nent.
Hand’s :\cw Hinu Via Canal.
Tt c -;wiii i\l-ptui;.\ t<> moot wit!
d Hr!'. K r tr«*i*»lit nr np i
-44v^,,vvv.re“v:,i; ai 11 ck-,H l
O \\ .. u • V> t «T *<»
.... I \\(;.\STF.ti PEVRV * #«*
& AL AD OTD.—23 ius^’s ‘u H; Fr’od cil, Irr.din
>3 for s do by LANCASTER, DENBY & CO. •
WlilSKKV —111 llll(!r F.l! ,1. v*,.*.
• » »• ■ ■ i»« A tie hi (i {or >h| |*y
- -v :’0 — »r L \r.\St i E|{. PEN’It V & C. O.
iST- HE subscriber wishes lo purchase, or (if he cannot ;
1 - do that) to hire for t ie rest of the year, a wo.nan, j
who is a gioi housc-n tid, washer, and ironer. One
without c lil ircn would !.c preferred.
ina 23—tf D. CARR.
\SLIV )0 A l.lS'E. j
-"Jb E ■’ N w \ t n** regular pack*' J
p ,ir HORNET. .1 as (LMi,.-ter
„ . ' - --- ^ • ’ 11 ] | J 4
Hill v 1 —•.*> H \ V
. haViiiir soodpii - ■
o t liiiiFt i r in. !•
’OR I’ M
£i vmJ vV 33 k*< yi &i*j a sJ
tev v. <-/>.
-'Mi's. * ic nr.Unit s 15 -;»rt!i:nr House
R- respectfully announces that his
'■ ti SALOON is op
an 1 hiving received some of1
X mu’: tin -st P.uno For'os. invites the minute inspec- !
1 son o« A 1,1 tears an 1 Professors. A nong them wilt j
l,o found -
■■ .S I- til il. Hot z 'ntnl, CiUiiiI Piano, equal
-V n or, <> \</ •• a .! one Upr'ghl C .hinet, six O;.
t ivus, one S si r: G O •t ives, all Instrument* / the :
rmj fir:' -• • li i se'.o -te 1 assortment of M sic,. 1
cons-s in^ R-.m los, V rlvioni, Div.-rti non*os, M reh
es. W ii /. ;sr, «.v •., in 1 all the Popular Vocai. Music of the
d iy. wl i fro ’> i in tnge n -ut with the N »w Yorh
pi Usher, Mr. Knight is enable J to offer at ku'j the for
mer prims. • , ma—23
. i hiHIN IS—1G > bids I\>:o n , Herrin r •emved
at? I far site hy J. H. EU a r.-VCE
Vi* R Zl £■: ft '8' --
A Br.i-i Tmeneut, with five rooms, an )
'.Vt’.TC tl,,‘ ,,s '-l ou*.houses, with a good garden,
<’ iur :h-ILi!, adjoining the Rev. P. Court
v « fc r tp-;1. t . V ' * * 1 * V. »#UI f
A:n£*VZ2i11 *>’ s- I os es.- ion /nay be h ul the Is' June
Apply to B. SCOTT,
nin 38 2uwtf
V ' • Ij
cW M ft *
i »T;‘LU » J<)
I* '1*1 L OV MR- J’. COOKE.
i{->. K X J ’ll I’ respectfully announces to her
friends, !'i tf she !i .« <:<:> u nenend giving instruc
M . For terms, & ■. apply at
Kic'.iur.Ison’s Boarding.House.
tions in \ >e.u
t..e Saloon, .Mr=
Tumariiiri* um I .White Popper
j? I’ST r.; ■ direct fron the I-lan.l of M irtinique,
* J 235 i stp.*r;or ♦rish tamarinds—and fro .1 the
Islani of Simuin, E st Indies, a Isrgc supply of
white pepper, gr-e itly superior to the black pepper, for
family use. and can 00 sold unusually low.
111a 2d —1 it J.’ll, EUSTACE*
■p" AN DIN A fra:u S~7 --
liLJ 75 boxes c mules
>1 1 big.* gi.i it, firs 1I3 by
. ' g v»* ‘i. lug! ret price to
-P- Ft • ip 1-Piit'd t',,r Huai \\ .irr inf. ui.iier the A<
f 'lie whUi ul M iv id! 1 1 3h 1 n • y h-> t«■utkJ at :}>•
Hi o *• IS. Mtrlii • E.-«j . jip s.tc .he Meichant.
”i>li«*t* I i us •, M..in Hi
11 •> ! !> - 1«' n' IA K \. F.K ST A N FIERY.
Mrinh W^lnen Store.
8 jt ^‘FF!R f II. JENKINS invitos those persons
v. thing to exinint t'm n twist an 1 most f.sh.
imi t’*!e Kin •/ DRY GOODS and IRISH and GER- !
5! AN LINENS, of the 1 itcst inportitioj. to the fnl. I
lowing extensive viriety. I.i LACE GOODS, will be !
fo >.nd rich 1 c : caps, c ipes, fiord! is, c le nisetts, man-, j
s tie Its an I cdLr .rich and eleg mt thread and bobbinct i
1 ic :s, for • ips an I tri ;i nings, of all descriptions, quilt- |
i lg or fooling liccs, at all prices, thrcid and bob'oinet
edgings, of the ns .vest patterns, rich and new stvle 1
piin'el muslins, thshioaahrs c 1.1130 striped and plaid j
luc Jul o.elug AE'l GOODS for L.atii 7:
if' rssrs:
i G :o 03 ? lillipini eiiis, To i!on stripes, changeable
i an 1 figured grade ips, and gro di A'henese, black
3ii 3 colvr d lig-ircl mandarins, Hondo guajos, !e?d co*
; -orc-J pro do P.i.r.v, B (in g uize, * it' in f-tripod silk
I barege, Sinn muslin*, O.iontaliaos, T/roleeu *Btrip;*e,
■Polisli «(riper, w ith no extorsive assort.nent of the ;
[ newest and mo:t fashions' !o style of calicoes and ging» !
him*, a few elegant while Brussels lace robes, oil the !
new md fashionable cr.re and pause handkerchiefs, ;
ec rfs. md pvbrir.es, worn; Dunstable bonnets, black
:r. i yc low ^ .rai .no bonn> ts, and very rich bonnet
rf > lundc, r ir i»o!s of al! sizes and colors, and umbrellisj
of v*ry superior mnufiat ira—Also, Irish cm i German
s'liring linens, of the moat approved bleach, table lin
en.-, of all widths, liner, cic' ric, and cambric banker,
c’ iefs, It :1?! i and bird’s *yo diipor.-i, glovecand hosiery
of evory de-script ion. with a general assortment of *ila
poe’-ot handkerchiefs and stocks.
Ti:'-. «' jvo Goods, v/ith many othor Summer Goods,
rs of the latent importation, and chiefly from the New
York a-ict-or.wconcofricaily, they wiii bo sold at the
moot reduced price?. ju 1
Carpi-'itri-'s <•;>m,>ou»ifi Fiuir),
O ce’.ebntod for the cure of diroisey of the Bhd. ;
a "7 dcr I’-sirurtior-s of Urine, ci'ironir Gonnorhei,
rr. ’ . :?<r!v reroived,
- ' K C. iJLRA .
Acneaxter, JSPtHltg />• Co*
PElttMP i ofii ^ ALi_.
» J°-M®RROW MORNING, Frifay. J ue 3d, «
lan past J < ’clock, ut o^r ifiice, uc vnl :cli ts i.itl
without reserve, * ‘
a Frhl 0 crtcn Cuba and Havana Ci fTcc
nn . ua ° lo ot.ered,
,, “pds ^e\v Orleans sugars. •
A (L “"p,,'k ,r1°lm sc,1,r" Euin.cid and Meridian.
Terms hbcr-1. JL. b. &, Co. Auctr.
n , additional.
>\ ill be added to the above sale,
10 hiids Pennsylvania W’/dskcv
ju 2
OnT.•fi5j!5rAJrl "rUBLJC*AUCTION.
rA^HS,AI UKDAY’,ft ' mM-’ Ut ^ CciOCk, Mill b
rented. icr one yc-r, 1 .Chou** Wharves; ut liockeu’t—
A HO, 1 Jb feet Oi ground ut the mouth of the hock.
— --' ___O. J. 5>. & Co. Aucts.
*Ut, fcAUL,’
QN :he premia ut pubh. am t on. on th second
U ; dnesauy. .he 0:1, June next. „ y 'j rac, . t
GAiNlliu Loudoun eouiiiy, Viignta, wm. t ti« f\n.
mtur-.tne hunk ulljorfe.. Catt.e, Sheep. u, d M Li.
I tract Ciiu.-ists of ru l»—r more (tan 2 i»o Her**
* advantngeuudy situated in „ v,.rv il#.aIl,lv
try, about J4 in les from Washington and Al xan
- na. and is of good q»..l.,y ; Little Ki^cr “ ,
through the middle ofit,„„ w .„eh Umre ar- , b ut
^.1 acres-r excellent meadow I.mi ... j„“
'7 , ^htel. .a now ,n tim.itby it m... i,e divided
into turtv or lour farms*, to tint the perdu, ern In
he centre is a large n„d VC(J. .yonnod,.,,,,, „ k
Ihv If.rg i...» c with all the .... e, Uml.nngt r , e^s,,,
. v fur .in* ace .nmedanon „ ta,g.. „r, ....J h,..
v;h.. »t servants laborers, &e ,. v, (a. . ,* Ui,;,,, ; r„
1 orn-K I a. rei- «l-o a Gr rt a,.d Saw .\>.|1
'If r.i't At the upper e d, and «.,j .eg
ur.ii t«e leading o Al. x*.inJn» .-ml the . ,.v r.. 'J
motor able f rune IWlhng. w.-t, a , Urn.and
Mim- other ncrotmimdatmn*. A: the lower end t’h. re
wtf*j lio^e. !,,“l “*■> acc mu,..date 0 *„,nil
1 m .y r.m stori; "1 each rlua> is nuiu rmin; t-m
4m.v;, ere gr. orally ■ I the AI-ii«.. nic e a * relit or
me, two. and three years, payable in . qu I mwr.-.i.
uei f. v.itb tn er st, iv.il be gwei. r;jr .he fund,',.nil
„.f for «,.c Mm.k. am ■„ .rdy h-i«g given lor the
.m.ctui.lp.vmmt i bo^e to w .on. 1 „m imt.-ired
Mil be "llnwe.i credi tor any p tipertv ih.-y may nur*
odir.-e. to tne full ant uni of ibvEt-m.- cue. and on
I fair condiiiune ’
. bc,,,ff ab‘«-*>n aecount Cf.nv weak state of
j l" co»'*»cr the sale mv,, 1*. I i;ilie given full
.fiver to tnv son m law. Samuel L G mverneur, and
;my nephew. James .Monroe, j.,». pL..form ih s
,-crvice. f-r winch 1 have v. tied the prnpaity in
hem. In the event of sate, they have power to
| ,,,u!ie‘ every otlp:r arrangement w hi. |j eirreni-toreeu
; may require. J A AIKS MOMIOE
mar r}D-c2aw ts
Tnp . . Mjtuktl tor Sale.
I1L Subscriber wishing to remove to the Western
Country, oilers for sale his land, lying a’ out two
miles below Louisa Court House, on tne Miin Stage
head, leading from the City of Richmond; on which
ilantation, there is situated a good Brick House, finish
ed about two years past, with s,x rooms, a passage rui,
nu.g through it.-and a cellar containing one large dining
room, and another for a kitchen, with comfortable out
houses. riie above mentioned Tract, contains about
four hundred and ninety acres, Of which one hundred
and -0 acres have been lately cleared, and is well adap.
ted to the culture ot corn, wheat, and tobacco; the bal
ance is in woods, and is remarkably well timbered. It
lies m the gold region of Louis i, has a well of excellent
water m the yard, besides springs, which are entirely
convenient, and is situated in a good neighborhood.
I he above mentioned Situ ition, is good for a Tavern
a l^ri\ate Residence, tor a Professional Gentleman, or for
a Carriage M iker, Cabinet M iker, or any other Meehan
'c, being well Timbered, as Timber is very searcc in its
| vicinity.
s At the same time and place, will be sold, two Half
! Acre Lots, situated adjoining the Hotel at Louisa Court
t I12,USm’ 'V,ln a \'toru • louse, (c-.. oil each Lot. There is
| a Mail Stage that runs by the s..id Court House, twice
: every wee i, to the City of Richmond Louisa Court
• House, (the village,) is among the best Stands in the
country, for merchandizing, as there is a great deal c
cp-’h business done there. h ^
further description of t lie Property, is deemed un
necessary, as ,t is expected that those who wish to pur’
chase, will view the premises before the sale
II the above Property is not sold before t!.e second
Monday in July next, it will be offer, d at public sale on
that day, at Louisa Court House, it bpmg court dav.
H i should sell privately, previous to July Louisa
Court, the public shall be notified.
ipa 12—law7w ALE.vA.VDER LEVI’
/• as|)ion;iJ>Io I'nncv Dry Goods.
ODER 1 II. JENKINS, has received the follow
mjr additional goods to his extensive variety of
-■Joe /a „ !»««•» # Lice cheimsetts of the most fashion,
able shape—rich Byron lace collars, at reduced , rices—
quilling or footing lmes of all widths-,,lain white
bobiinet lace—white plain and painted feather h ns—
fine (,-4 dimity—bead reticnlee, and many new and
Giieapgoodsfro.il tlje New \ ork auctions. may -JC_ts
.V,w a nil Spiciiflifl Gooits.
11ALUU co- «re receiving per Tai ti.
vy, and opening tins morning,
.50 dozen rich embroidered crape, gauze and mand —
rine hdkts,, new and hcautiliil patterns
Super and extra super black ILulian lustriir 8
Kich changeable do. do. 6
Changeable gro de indes and marccinet,
Merino cassiiuercs and cashmaretla
Black princcttus and lastings
Extra tine black and fancy coloured brachclhn
Superfine 4-1 black Circassians
Kich figured mandarines and oscarinea
Chintz iaattibte
A few pieces Orlean iisc (now article)
Extra rich gauze bonnet ribbons
PI tin and cinbroided belt do.
Pink chambriys
Extra fine plai I and stripe ging!ia:ns
, Silk stripe seersucker
j Plain bo ibinett insertings (all wi.Ithr)
C te.niselts, new an 1 h in doom j patterns
3-1, 5-4, and 7-4 rich P .rh i in cr.«je siiawls
i One balo cotton c rpeting:
And hi/ the pre'sent and, other rezent arrival■*,
i 5 bairn British oznaburgs, and a out fiiOO pieces
domestic and British print*, many entire y new and
; beautiful patterns; al! of which we offer for sale, hy
wholesale or retail, at very low prices, ma 14
’ illARTINIQUE MOLASSES—1;J hhds prime
i ■*■*-*- Martinique molasses ,ust received in store and for
sale by _James wivston.
Salt & til pit ftr *
ccleinatec wMier in' j l«ce, u. u r r/>rp*y if
m M'-iv.v. ui the i‘p| cr i.ijontry ot Virg ma continues
rti.l.'f tlii, •i|^iM^/infn| cl iic ordinal pi*>pr «* or*. Thi* ciui
nc.iti of !,«, .-•all t'ulj.Mur VVj'tif h.,,. neen y> well e-tauli-hed
••y Hih ejtpeneiKv of many • »- icfirai n,, as
•i.amfc-iad ny poiji e pa rnu**p *:i t x<fu*if.rly d .Ti .efl that
'lie k:ih#cr:l>pr» deem it ubrnni n”edie»t, io eu'tr ’»'o an
ri»nn.eia:n:i r,f iij n ruhc’ital voire*. |,» o-ten-iMe qualoics
a,* iai|,Miir and »<.da. fnnr.u g a salute n ixiue—,,,
pen.nr t« anv a riiffr-’fil t rrj>a,«M. j — at o re | Irjt-am a- a
drink, mild >•> it» epeiannn. Rod permit,let,-;; Iryn, fcr. al tot ho *
<h»«!a»icd, I* h.l» proved nn :t particularly cfficacmu* n biliutiw
and imliii-.r.arv complaint*. a;,d m ail ca-» . ti a fepoire raihar
'ic femedi,.— ;ii dlicgse* of ll.e live/, (ly«pfp»ia, ilipumatimia
and emit
The r.irr.iiio*»aiir.«r of itf having tcu»o fror'ert ’o for many
w»r« paw. by gen'Jrnvo cd „..ai a .d ral du-tipfiion, hrrr,
various l>r,,««•♦, [ ari'rnlaiSy fo>:,- ii.r >, i.iit v I etc approhauon
ua» maik’-'i y ihe raovtinm < i 'hr r vi-iu, fnrn;»r>t-» a flar.
lei'Kj. ,•»•,..),■><■• la! oi i|« vali.,i <!e ina’I ral
C<#u-i.i'ma.rl« iniptovemeni# oav.- tyin n>/idtt *uic« »d« ta§
year, mid , vir.mi-.- va.na a'ir;>tif p to v’kOOf*
'i>ai faav |. re cr.un/or* mjyhrrcd. In tl>cir arenm., odaiiona
and hiri. Me? vtedia no ptmlir *»iabli*nmum m Virgo. 14
T.,*y ra^aa.rtfully.»n:,,-.u id rci.» „i,.r„,.. of omThr pat
• nr.e;a ER'KINE .v C X‘’U fuKR.s.
1 b# N ‘ )fVvi* ^r£it* and Charia>;or, < imfiar will iori,/t'h^
ahnv* o.-r,» »«r«. k » !!•'.««. <*<id their arrn.u i in \ri
4\ f.r
4“ - FT

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