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I h Lwell
f I
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. -
S if.
!lhlcoaplimerta of the season, which
understood in the amplest serueM our
3s and patrons, we announce that
ill be no paper Issued from this oipce
snorrow nornintr it beinz a holiday which
53Sfel ways been observed by all connected with
telSMOBKIKG IAS. 1, 1857.
- - JiMrm: kew yeah ahd the old teas.
L1febas often been compared to a pilgrim'
'asa-man to a nilirrimwho riloda alongover
a V . .J f
ie rugged road and yielding sands, finding Ms
tare in the looied-f or roal of the grate where
trtHiforever rest from his weariness. V hue
talifiedly adopt this view, yet
we;ta6Tv Uat there pre many mortals wno
W?farle!s btSfrffMUie beginning to the ter-
minaUon of earthly existence, and to whom,
gfilLfe Isiadeed a heavy and sore pilgrimage. Not
c"3jhowever, with all. The journey of life is
" toMine a protracted -recreation a trarel over
. isunny lands, pleasant fields and smiling land
acapei?, where the mile-posts (the advent of the
vkcewyear) hurry upon them at a speed far too
great for their comfort, ani the goal oeyona
presents a gloomy and forbidding aspect.
Well may the possessors of a useless ana
jc m1nentlife tremble atthe approach to these
" " ' . . . . 1 t t - r . 1.
mlle-DOSla or time uese lcaicaiorn ui iucu
ownfolljr, which have brought nothingvto them
but cray hairs, furrows of care and preyin:
memories !
. Well may the debauchee and the idler startle
;at the swif teess of their coming when they so
.Hnrelv rolnt to the end oi
a worthless exist-
Ami well will it be for
the Tea-
" - a. v,. mr(a
eon-of the New Year's moon,
' gainer to tnetaaelves new aims, new eowgj, fl0Wj t0 ons common current, leaving tne ecaiea
and a new Hfe, that what is left of their term and counter currents along the sides of Individu
Tnav nofb'e wasted like its first period ! 1 Poonas an onw portion ola
The acteal presence of a new year anords
occasRiii to cast lhe eye over tne one juscpassea
anft-poader the changes in.the history of our
Ifobably the most important event, m an in -
- ieraatiooal Doint of view, that the past veai
wodaced. is the pacification of Earope.by the
1 , t. - , i j t,
tre aty of Pans between the Allied Powers on
"Vdt oaecaM, asa tae uoveramentoi ivussia oa
etlier. A locr. exoensive and bloodv war
thaps Jiever waged and carried on by en-
tkws .wth less decisive resultr,
the results left the narties in so near -
ease position as that fhey occupied be-
fore the opening of hwtilities. Accordingly,
! wearied with the matter, before they got through
with it, and sought every reasonable excuse to
embrace a peace. "Conquer a peace" they
could not ob either side, and it was left for ar-t-bilratioa
to accomplish what it was imprac
ticaWeior the iwe-rd to do.
An e vest of far more significance to "the peo
ple of the United States, which has just termi -
nated favorablv to the wisbes of the friends of
coasen-ativi geverameat, is the quadrennial;
, -f, , tV. tt ci.... ,
Lieleclion for President of the United States.
Je election of Mr. Suchaxan was secured
....4 , 4 .
ira coates:, mpreceuesiea lor earnrouieej
and enerffv. carried on mainlv bv the Section -
hi "..i. j.i r.
aUsls oflhe Iorth and the Democratic Consti-
tuiloaal party, whose aim is to secure the Con-
aAntional rights of all the States, and therebv j
& perpetuate the blessiBgs of our Federal
J Man. When the true patriots re'trospects the j
jeevere trial whlcn has been saved to our coun-I
trylby the defeat of the Sectionalists, and thed.
aerioss apprehension, which, at one ti-iif , over-.
publicjaind, of their wucceai, he can-
to us,fro a peril m imminent asd fisawosTT
Nearly connected with the affairs of our own
'country is the partial success of Was. Walker ,
4 ... . ... . , , , . . i
in establishing a civilized Anglo-American rule
in theStateof Nicaragua a country which has
hitherto been the prey of misrule, anarchy and
revolution. Rivaling the conquest of Mexico
hyCesTtz, in daring and brilliancylie achieve
ments of lyALCER will bear fruits which the
dreaming Spaniard never conceived in his wild
est visions. It will open the gateway between
the two oceans to American enterprise, estab
lish a magnificent commerce in the Carribean
cavwhich will vie with that of the Atlantic,
11A fill with prosperity, plenty and peace, a
emtry of unbounded resources, but which has
ltrthertojaeea consigned to a wilderness condition
by the indoience and rapacity of man.
The troubles in Kansas have also formed an
incident in the history of this country which
las not hitherto been without its apprehensions.
.Mat the firmness and good sense of Governor
Ceasv, together with the want of a motive on
the part of the Sectienalists to produce fresh
foed for agitation since the Presidential elec
tion, has quieted affairs there, and the American
Confederacy, in common with the civilized
t 1' world, now rejoices in the contemplation of a
ji-i-peace, which we trust may be as long as it is
productive of glorions and progressive results.
."" . G5" The mail yesterday brought us the fol-
lWIg letter. If the writer will give us his
TJjHLme and present Post Office, we will most
"ffleerf ully give him credit and change his paper.
"Wo wttl hold the three dollars subject to his
:"i December 29. ISM.
MeltrttJlilloTi gf lie Appeal OfLtt. Memphis, Ten
tietieez T wlfl tad tclot4 $1 to), for which yoa wjU
, a4han rrCAl. lo Waterfard . O., Miss.
5T At Stillwater, Minnesota, the Rev. A.
U. Nelson, Methodist minister, broke down in
. hisSunday morning sermon, and was so con-
founded by the unaccountable and awkward
dilemma, that he summarily dismissed his con
gregation and ran home. He got there just in
" time to save his house from destruction by fire,
which was well under way.
State Debt or PEK.vsvLVAsrA. On the 1st
iust,, the f anded. debtor Pennsylvania amount-
cJto $39(36,975, aaiMe nn&indMtoSzWL"
There reiBams iff the State treasury
xe rSiBams iff the State treasury and the
sinking fund the sum of 5i93,257, which is ap
plicable to the further cancellation of State
stocks, -ttc
g There are 531 jiee plantatioas in Geor
gia,' North and South Carolina, each raising
20,00 pounds and overj. There are lfi,745 to
liacco estates of 3000 pounds each and over, in
.3Centupky, Tennessee and "Virginia. There are
L726Jn Maryland.
u. 1
p"The Washington correspondent of the
.Baltimore CZfpptp writing understate of Dec
.'BW! "
, ".The House cf Itepresentativea to-day pro
ceeded to the electiou of a Chaplain. Seven-
"wteen clergymen of various denominations were
. it. ti r : rti:.-. l n.
ellv. of Iew lork, voted for Jrartaei juonian,
"JesalUriest, of the city of St-Louii? whilst
'tle'Blrs. "Spinner and Mott voted for the Rev;
lAntoinelte. (Brown) Blackford. Before the
Result of the trial was" announced, a lage
ninioer of gentlemen changed to Daniel
"Waldo, the Chaplain of the first, session of
Congress, andne-was tiecteul" '
TheiCIarksville Jtfftrtoniau, of the
tilttthls speaks of the recent excitement
e : v;
We are grV.(ifid to know that the fearful
eraentansjng from theappreuensionor an
lection amon? the darkH s in this vicifii tv.
""V subsiding and an equlaimity of feeling
wlllbe. m i a ar..,, 4, aiiriif ihr
f uwpau ....v " A & . 1.
Ufie vigilance cCmrdlOtenave met
umty against any insufTecliouary:
uosbi?- sKwuiiwie negroes migut iaKe,egpecianv
. ..nr-4t. . - . . i . ;,
itrM, mat uen everybody is on tae
'i lxsX fS"
1' -"'ragta
I f tt w0 and adopted a very feafe tan
. - r -"w-iaor reso utionsr which ift-rifnau:
,t 3 s feartrfjptK.1. i executed will Drotectt iod.i
.li t5;7rr;?rCefi?u,?'"ercI8ve 4 - K Alas. I've Itttle hope towin her, -
. iraihM-ItrltiDraitatpreEep" ) h Jjouraeq oi oamiua waw 1 j. . vMweail;e out tome i" 1 aim civil war
'W " a.1.' -. U U. .a.. . . - 4, a,, ' j - -W'.- - I
tines-.iJf . t ' - --V f WSc--S. r .-. . S-TL r J . . '" i
'jsmmam tt - . -,111 ,,,,.,-MMi -, . ..
Supposing the grtSe and contracts for the
two kinds of road tqeost the same, a covtr can
be built by framirg posts 12 feet hLh, and
planted in, the.grofmd 20 feet wide and 20 feet
Ion over the grade, ana coverea at xoiiows:
2 Dosts.S inches square, 15 fcet loug.SX cants 91 00
3 tfates, ifcy 8, 20 fret long. 2Xc
1 (X)
1 cross plate- cj w"ivfc, n
U rafter, 2 by 5, 12 leet Ions .... .....
1 C8
C8 feet 4 men uuu
ISO whit oak boards, I feet long;?
10 pound nD......
ConttrccUcn tuT 20 feet.
2 09
wnsle cort of 23 reel alter ;ht fltitSO $8 7
26i friae, permUe $235 OS
Plant iwcrisarr t oorer rod be
i. i irvi CI ner httcdfed-...l-'S31 00
Cost ol lartoS !wn Ue plant 300 00 00
S 432 03
We will now take Into consideration the ad
vantages of the two roads.
Theovered road, if made of good white oak
posts, charred at the lowe.- end and covered
with white oak boards, will stand from 15 to 20
years without much repairs. The road, being
free from sun and rain, will be more plevsant
winter aud summer.
The plank road is- objectionable on the fol
lowing grounds: 1st, the planks are constantly
being misplaced by loaded wagons. 2d, they
will not last more than 6 or 7 years; and 3d,
travelers are compelled to take the sun as well
as winter rains.
Taking all things together, the covered road
is the cheapest and best, bting easily repaired
by pinning on a post to the old post when it de
cays, and is most.pleasant to travel on for man
and horse.
That section of country on an. air line from
Memphis toCorington through the heavy Urn
ber on Big Creek, ix., abounds with the very
best material the world affords for the con
atruction of either a covered or a plank road,
and one is much needed, being inconvenient to
the rail. LAUDERDALE.
Fbom WASHisdToxPs-We make the follow-
ing extracts rrom a iectrr jhiuiwucu iu
i.aE- i.it-v i tid
j R330111 or uec
Washinston, J)rw6er IS, 18oC
-The drift of
, and the ceJltre of opini0n)Or middle ground up-
on which the diflerent wings or me party are
settling down, is to leave the Question of Squat
ter Soverignty,ci troio t inc sxtoratKa mu,
m . tm I a. -
, rami. This nolicv is wise, from the simple
to De aeciaea. u necessary, ujr uie oupicuic
i fact, that we mav not hope to push successfully
I the i correct State-righta view, which gaye us our
rights in an territory, maepenaenuyoi uieiuia-
. regtrictiont thi Kanias Bill, Ind even the
unconstitutional exercise or Squatter borer
I eicrtv In the territories.
A I write, Hon. John A. Quitman, or mis-
. HoTereifrn tv is invol ved in our political
at - ofpm Hf annM fhc hroad roiition that
, original sovereignty was in the States forming
, compact; ui tuey u.u-
as friends towards the world. When England re
cognized that independence and separate and dis
tinct sovereiEBtv, she did it, not i'. regard to the
'United States" not in reeard to a community
of Stalet not in regard to the "people" as a
Imass, but in regard to each State, naming each
State by name, as separately ana distinctly in
dependent. The speaker then passed to a sim
pie ana beauurui exposition ot tne jenereon
idea, remarking that at this time no apology
. . ... a m m a. t rr
j was necessary fcr a recurrence to elementary
I nrincioles.
It may be as well to state here that General
Quitman took occasion to remark, that his vote
,5 0,,,,. l-. .v..
nrincinle that Conwess had no nower and rieht
; ju iuc Dial t'tibuu a tjuiuuuiio naj wucvu uw
i -I!- --it- . . li...
, to pronounce upuiima uu qucanuu ui uiuiant).
! "ad ms own opinions on uie slavery ques
uon, and on many ouiers, out utterly denies UN
"?er f Coti to coerce him -J0 m cxpo.
gitiou of them, or decide in anticii.atiou as to
their morality. It was an excellent " hit,"
weU received on both 8iJea ot lhe
Love's young dream" put into the
heads of two children to elope from Fulton,
New York. The Patriot says :
j "On Monday evening last, a French girl
Jiving wiuu.
.T m . r
years to accompan.. er. The truants were
traced to Salina, where both were found. The
gr formerly haJ friends living in that place,
and the boy says he was induced to go with Ler,
by her bim an abuudance of wealth.
The first she spoke to him about leaving was
only an hour before they started."
Harriagei and Costly living I&creasa of
liaeiy and Decrease of Matrimony Why
Leap Year wag a Failnre.
From tie Albiny Krtntnj Journal.
The statisticians of Boston report that
" Leap Year has been a failure-' in the Modern
Athens. There has been twenty ;ier cent, less
of marriage there this year than the last. The
fact is by no means one to be joked over.
Finally, however, the modern-Athenian sta
tistician ascribe it to the passions ami expenses
of. the recent Presidential election ! Taey view
wedlock from afar. If they come quite up to
the Boston Hymenial altar thev would be in the
way of an explanation of the lamentable fact
tney publish. That shrine to Love and Mar
riage is crush ingly draped with silk at from
three dollars to fifteen dollars yer yard it is
festooned with laces at prices to cause lock-jaw
to hear of expensive jemmed jewelry flashes
through the meshes of the point d'Alencons at
ever- part silver plate, paved thick upon leases
of " genteel residences," supports the altar
silver and milliner's bills forever purchasable
luxury and necessary, more terrible than the
bills of vultures, litter the base of it as votive
leaves to the Frost Spirit circle the oak in au
tumn. What effect has this profanation of the
shrine of Marriage on the young men of
Boston, who would fain bring to it their per
sonal offerings?
Those statisticians can see it and bear it.
The current of masculine marriageable humani
ty sets right by without stopping. Great sighs
heaved from the bottom of prudent but hopeless
hearts, are all that is given to hymen. Young
artists, young artisans, young doctors, mer-
cnani'g clerics, lawyers of more youth than cli
entage, yet all outof debt and earning comf ort
ble and honorable subsistenceit-one, according
to the scale of 1846, pass by quickly, alarmed
by the evidences of the inexorable conditions
attached to reputable marriage in these evil
days of competition and social display.
Marriage is becoming a luxury to men in the
United States. The cost of provisions, the wa
ges of labor, the rent of dwellings, the cost of
necessaries and of luxuries, added to the unre
lenting preipure upon people in respectable so
ciety to dress richly and furnish showily, make
the inevitable price of a family out of reach of
the salaries and incomts of mout of the young.
Of the effect on the morals and character of u
state in which wedlock is prohibited, it ia un
necessary to enlarge. By reading or bv tra.yetlr-mn.iin an-Wnoiin,
all familiar with it in France and
1 intri-
Austria. Prudence and custom forbid marriage
in uie xormer country, wnere mere is not as
sureduncome to maintain its wants and social
pretensions. In the latter, the armed law holds
asunder Trom the relations of husband and
wife couples who do not possess property guar
amies uiat meir cnuaren snail not become a
burden to the State. In all ranks of its society
income is the marriaee cement of love.
Marriage mayas effectually be prohibited by
me expeusca oi miiunery ware ana ttouse-fur-nishlng,
as by a police.' regulation. If those
modern Athenian statiscians will stand with
their note books beside their marriage altarfor
two years to come, tney win nave to record a
steadily diminishing, worship at the shrine. If
old maidhood be, as many say, an evil, the pen
alty of a general repudiation of cotton goods
and a score, of gingaam, will be paid In every
house whrr there are daughters. Does It not
behoove all mothers all good mothers to Im
itate, individually if not in concert, the wise
conduct of the Belglc women of Bruisels " Up
per Tendom?" Their "ntrncJim.f c!.
- vuvuiiiblt 4?V.i C
ty" has been organized to make economy fash
ionable. Its weekly meetings receive reports
of superfluities dispensed with, and discuss the
feasibility of further curtailments in house
hold and personal expenses. Its members are
mothers, and taes? their labors are for the pur'-:
pose of saving marriage to their grown up
daughters, by making It practicable for those
young men vhose capital is disproportloned to
their industry and integrity.
Oh for the restoration of ginghams awl prints!
Is there no deliverance from the silijeaweb of
evil which French looms weave for us? i
Rwssd to their G HAVEs. Of ths'liu raemV
ben of Ihq famous Hartford CenventionJ noted
.Fit' j uasjuaimeu
.Ra.niTrTti5 1."" v-v aB '"c Jmniver-
.i .v 1 itj. 1 lie ifnaiiiiure or amim f',.Aii.. .j'
?roa tie yew fatk EreBl&s Tort,
t(I knrvr
V Woat hotp-wocldliold ta atauncb, troa iisrlp'tAtt,
' o' tt wetld J wowa purine ji.-
Not three Tears aso, a hoopedskirt wai ano-
velty to the ladles of this country. Inventions
of divers Kind Dusues. Btarcn ana ruinerous
thicknesses of cloth were employed to give
that graceful expaiuionto the figure below the
waist so mucn uesireu uy me rairsex, oui in
vain. Bustles did not exactly answer the pur-
dosc Btarch was a very unsatisfactory expedi
ent, and the multitude of skirts was a positive
evil, interfering with the freedom and grace of
the movement, and lapairiiiir the heaitn of the
wearer. Still something must be done. There
is not one woman In ten thousand, who, like
. . . . i- . rv-'.t. I 1:
Uacnel, snows to auvauiage in me eiinpie um
ber drapery of the classic ages, and who can
wait apparently unincuinuereu oy ucruoui
skirts. A happy accident brought relief. lo
the Empress of the French was it reserve.! to
revive the hooped skirts a fashion which had
subsided for many years before the unceasing
assaulte of the wits and gallants who took a
dislike to it.
No one can have forgotten the censures which
it provoked in the days of Addison. " I con
sider womau," says the great csiayist, "a
bautlf ui, romantic Hiiimal, that may be adorned
with futs and feathers, pearls and diamonds,
ores and silks, lhe lynx shall cj it his skin at
ber feet to make her a tippet ; the peacock,
parrot and a wan shall pay contributions to bar
muff; the sea tliall be searched for shells and
the rocks for gems ; and every part of nature
shall furnish out its share towards the cmbel
ishment of a creature that is the most consum
mate work of it. All this I shall indulge them
in ; but as for the petticoat I have been speak
ing or, I neunercan nor win anow it,"
There were other reasons besides popular sa
tire and ridicule, which contributed to the
downfall of the monstrous hoops of former
times. Thev werj as heavy with cordage and
buckram as the multiplicity of skirts which
they supplanted. Their unwieldlness and ex
pensiveness also have helped to drive them from
the tasmon.
Fortunatelv, the inveitive genius of our ae
has supplied the defect and removed most of
the objections which were chargeable to the
hooned skirts of an earlier pattern. The skirts
wbicn are manuraciurea oy Aiessrs. uougiasK
Sherwood, ol wis cty, comDine ngatness wun
streneth and flexibility, tp a degree which can
hardly be exceeded. Not long since, a "skele
ton shirt" was sent oy man rrom tneir estab
lishment, folded up in a letter envelope, weigh
ing only four ounces, and yet, on being taken
out. it was found as good as new bursting open
and expanding its bell-?baped proportions like
a fresh blown morning giory, anaexnibittnfthe
elastic tension of a well spread umbrella. Such
is the convenience of wearing them, that the
first woman or this country thus emancipated
from her swaddling clothes a woman over
eighty years of ace confessed that she never
had enjoyed the free use of ber limbs before.
The styles ot steins are quite numerous, vary
ing in shape, size and cost, Not less than sev
enty-five kinds are sold at the establisbmeLt
referred to, the wholesale prices of which range
from six dollars to seventy hve a dozen. There
are, for example, the skeleton skirt, several
varieties of the zephyr skirt, the la Grange
skirt, the Congress, la Sylphide, and the Union
skirt. Silk, muslin, haircloth, cactus cloth,
and other materials, are employed in their man
ufacture, besides the tape, cord, bone and steel
which are needed to give them their set. In
the matter of hoong, a general preference is
expressed for the round whalebone, which,
when boiled in oil, loses that brittleness which
has been the main objection to its use. -Some,
however, prefer steel, aiid others insist upon
cord, which, with crinoline, constitutes a sort
of compromise fadiiion.
The most popular styles of skirts at present
appear to be tne union, uie skeleton and ia s7l
pbide. The latter is a simple, tasteful article.
bell shaped, and in eize a just medium between
the ungraceful straight petticoat, with its folds
collapsing round the hips and legs, and the full
blown ultra mode which is such as annoyance
to the wearer's companions in the theatre or
the omnibus. It has three bonei, the length of
which are ftv-six inches at the top, seventy
four in the middle, and ninety-five at the bot
tom. These are' considered the iroper propor
tions, though we have seen some skirts at Gen-
in's which, at the lower bone, miasure no less
than one hundred and fifteen in&ies in circam
ference. As for the number of hoops, tastes
differ. Some ladies go as high as six, white
few are conlontwun less man two.
The skirts most universal! worn last sum
rner, tvere the " Skeleton Skirts." They ware
first made ot round wnaiebone noopg, field to
gether by tape ; but these were complained of
as being apt to trip up the wearer. A deep
borjler ofinuslin was then added, which ren
dered "them all" that could -'he desired. Their
greafmerit conslstedIhrfOieir1extren,e Mgbt-?
ness. During the busy season, three thousand
a day were made of this kind alee. Another
style is called the " Union Skirt." It is made
o white or dark cloth, with the lower part
quilted in large diamonds, finished round the
bottom with jute cord. Above the quilting is a
whalebone hoop, and about a quarter of a yard
above that, another. The back is then finished
by three small hoops of whalebone, which form
skirts one above the other, and extend over the
hips. These are joined by tapes a quarter of a
yard in length, which were suspended from the
front of the binding and attached to the hoop
in front of the skirt.
With regard to hoop3,we are told that every
day adds something to the novelties which are
said to combine all the advantar.es, with none
of the difficulties, of those which preceeded
them. The eutta-percha hoops, a late niven
tion, have proved quite impracticable in wear
ing. Tbey break immediately, and will not
bear gtretchii.tr twice in one place. Another
strong objection is the fact that, on becoming
warm, tney emit an unpleasant o-ior, whicl
soon renders them intolerable. The steel hoops,
a still later production, are free from some of
these objections, but are neither so elastic or
flexible as the round whalebone boiled in oil,
which is the best material for hoops we have
Been. Made of very hiebly tempered steel.
they are also very expensive, $6 each being the
price asked fcr some, which were only of com
mon materials. They are also very apt to breath,
and example of which was afforded a few even
ing's since at one of Thalberg's concerts. A
lady's steel Loop broke and sprung into her leg
nearly an inch deep ; the wound was very se
vere. and may make amputation necessary.
Few persoss are aware of the extent to which
the business of making hooned skirts a busi
ness scarcely three, years old is now carried
in this city. Messrs. Douglass & Sherwood,
No. 343 Broadway, besides their establishments'
in Connecticut and otner places, occupy turee
floors of a building in Broadway, two hundred
feet deep and thirty wide, in tne manufacture.
In the busy season, three hnndrcd trirls, fa
charming congregation, by the way, to tbe ad
mirers of female beauty,) earning from five and
a half to ten dollars each a week, are employed
in cutting out and sewing SKiris.ifiree tnousand
of which are turned out in a day. One hundred
and fifty of Wheeler Ic Wilson's sewine ma
chines, and a variety of ingenious labor-saving
inventions are constantly in play, so mat a sin
gle skirt is made in ten minutes. We have
known a husband enter the store, give an order
for bis wife's skirt, have it patterned and made,
and receive it all done up and ready to be car
ried home before he badhalf smoked his cigar.
A ton of cord is consumed in a week in the
manufacture, and not less than $0,000 worth of
whalebone in a month : and then what acres
what lenctbs of thread
ini9n.itn h,f ..nr.
and tape what enormous quantities of little
brazen tubes to unite tbe hoops, will in process
of time be consumed, it has not entered into the
head of man to estimate. The imagination
fairly breaks down in the contemplation.
Though the new fashion has not triumphed uni
versally, it is irresistibly contagious. Wher
ever it is seen it is admired and adopted. Per
haps it is not extravagant to conjecture that
the day may yet come when, secure iu these
moving towers of bene and steel, our invincible
wives and daughters will laugh at tbe exploded
theories of female frailty, and when every wo
man's petticoat will be her castle
The impregnability of such a defense is thus
illustrated by a faiiadeipnia poet:
"It cannot be It cannot be ;
Fain would I grant the claimed kiss,
"But, dearest, yoa must surely see
It nerer can be dene in this!"
' v She painting to her bristling dress,
Wl'tiflounoti outworks branching off, .
.Proof against every fond caress
- A silk and velyat MalakoffJ
Full fifteen paces round about,
And full Ire paces through and though.
Ah me, abn looked so very stout,
Tba slender one that once I knew
I psced my lay round and round, .
- (Which reemed an endless task to do,)
in nope Bcma icup-noic sugoi Dm xouou
Which storming Love might struggle thro'.'
Invate, 'u vain 'twas perfect an;
She'stood " the Fashlou'of the day,"
Whose rampart, bastion, tower and wall
. Might hold beleaguering hosts at'bay.
Curtained, and f rlngsd, and fortified,.
A whalebone " carnta on iier back,'.'
And tbo hemmed In on eery side, ' " "
ntresched securely from attack.
I compassed her about again.
Resolved toproves firm iiorer;
Fonndrorco and strategy in Tain
b Laid siege to and. sat down before her.
"Starving," I said, "won't make her thinner,
. Sayping and mlolDg must not ke
Alas, l're Mine aope to win ner.
. v)MetaH!cuitoine''
, - ' ' V
So imm fcstd! mrSelea-tlM ;
I, Sretetwiu nc'r retire witbrot :
Sat.'baullna: dally for dt Win. i
Will lit escampr.4 tta jtir about k
rindtar, at fat'ieac!) deipertte rait,
Ttaat patience Is th tttr force,
I trntt to -via the town atlatt
Tie chanslcj ifodet 07 Wooden Hone
advanced to the use of hooped' skirts, arid that
is tneir inconvenience to gentlemen. law ob
jection Is by no means Insurmountable, asaev
eral young gallants within our knowbdz'o Ifctve
acquired a knack of walking with a lady vitfc-!
.out experiencing tne least trouble from ner unci's 1
fThe way they do this must be learned xnalnlyvj
rrom practical experience, out we unaerscanc
that Messrs. Douglass and Sherwood profess to
be able to communicate the art to all who ma
desire instruction.
Our discussion of hooned ski ts would not be
complete without the publicatlen of the follow
ing lines from the Philadelphia utlttin,by "A
Cooper," which exhibit the subject in a pro
fessional point of view :
Hoopa on barrels, kr and palls,
IIoops on roxea, tubs and bale.
An articles Indispensable .
But hoops as tbey pair out woman's dress,
faking the wqmax seem so much less,
Are tblnss most indefeasible.
IToops. when their sturdy clasp conflaea'al
In brown old casks the richest wlnn.
Are objects of admiral Ion
Hat hoops as part o: woman's banage
Are Uie the whoops of a painted aarag
X vile abomination.
IIoops make useful, pretty tars 4
l'or actlre Utile clrts and boys ;
But hoops on woman, gesUe, ' 4
Are things lo sneer at and to scoS. -
And Use the whoop of a whooping cough,
if either useful nor ornamental.'
For while dear woman bones her skirts,
And with a skeleton flaunts and flirts,
She has aomuch lo carry,
- Man finds It hard with her to lalt.
And harder atlU to sit or walk,
but hardest ( all to marry.
- " - .1 . ..... ......... 14.. ecu, u
Inoll the lout In rr1nr,l!n Jt
The one his heart holds dezrer,
Ohl what acfcM to ardent passion, -To
feel that, thro this hoUowiashlon,
He never can be nearer !
That Instead of timidly drawing near.
And pouring Into the tbriUlng ear
To flood ot his soul's devotion.
Tic must stand and oellow la thunder tones.
Across a halt acre ot skirts and bones.
As If hilling a ship on the ocean
And if, by chance, the maid of his choice
Shall faintly hear her loier'a roice,
And smilt her condescension
Why hecaptures a mass of hoops and rings,
Skeletons, bones, and other thtugs
Too horrible totnentlon.
Thus lorely woman hoops to folly,
And drives poor man to melancholy,
by her great frigid zwnea ;
Then let her hear a warning roice.
Between the hoops and hopes make choice.
And give the dogs her bones.
Some of the inconveniences of hoors not vet
enumerated, are thus presented in a recent num
ber of the London PuncA:
Prom our Fal-lal Correspondent amongst the superior
Accidest ik High Life. On Tuesday last
a lady of title, whose name has hitherto been nis""" mat tne woriuy otirgners were eitn
kept a profonnd secret, whilst proceeding up ;er awfully frightened, or else most fearfully
uie grana stair-case oi oouinenand fiouse, to
r.air th amaisi TinrhB.:. viif ni.t.
are sorry to state, o take the customary precau-
uon ot waiKin jp sideways, ine consequence
nf hrr r-vii.naa fivWrh if i
will serve as a warning to other ladies,) was, gray eyes, which look as if they were con
that her dress, which tt on la modt. was fully ' 8!antIJ on th.e al"fc to a peep at the middle
twice as oroa a as it was long, became so com-
i.t.t. in k, ...... .k. .,mi-
the wall, that it was impoasibleforher to move
ih.r on. wav. nr th. nih.r
Her ladyship's position was not one of thel
. . -V- -
most agreeable iu the world. It was, in fact,
as alarming as it was awkward; for it was not
a pin's point more practicable for her to ad-
vance, than it was to retreat. There she re -
mained for some considerable period, perfectly
..i. ,..t i..
tuiiMVivuviw uwjj U1UUCU 1IUW UisaalUICU All
temper : and every minute or that prolonged
agony will probably be recollected by the fair
will probably be recollected by the fair
erof crinoline until the last or her life,'
he throws off the " mortal coil " of hoops !
when she throws off the" mortal coil" of hoop
and hencooped petticoats. Finding at last, her
efforts to release herself from her ridiculous
iInmnrmi.nt nM-foM I- in(r.t,ai ti. n..Hnn
,(..,-, ii, ... i..u. .i
Were the banisters to be sawn awa v : or was a
hole to be excavated in the wall, sufficiently
iirA t .ia.Tit a .-irM. ;,. ui,i,), h.riv.tnn
could with safety turn round and slide off? Ko,
out of respect to the Duchess, it was resolved
br a council of clderlv ladies. hM on th lan.1.
in. that it was better thai thp.in... nlmni.! h.
cutaway. Accordingly, half a dozen young
milliners were fetched from Madame deJupon's
establishment in the neighborhood, and, with
the help of large scissors and garden shears.
they set to work in earnest, in order to clear
the thoroughfare. Ilurlm; the operation, which
was witnessedintbmosPlftartiesir sUercelby
fa large crowd of European nobility, that, owing
to uie passing impediment, nad gatuered behind,
her ladyship wns supported by burnt feathers
being applied under her acnuiliue nose, and
lumps ot sugar dipped in eaiAle-cologne being
dropped into her mouth. However, owing to
the distance caused by the circumference of
her dress, these had to be inserted between a
pair of tongs (of the brirfitest stefl, . and it
was only by extending the to'tgs at arm's length I
t .... i .1 4- a: , i l ; . i , - !
ludi iuc i caiutdiivcs cuuiu ce iiuruuuceu near
enough to reach her exhausted person.
After severe labor, and the sacrifice of seve
ral yards of the most expensive moire unlike,
mauame at jupon's assistants (who, if they
had been female navigators, could not have
worked wiUi greater zeal or hardihood) suc
ceeded in extricating the unfortunate lady from
her distressing dilemma of solitary confinement.
The difficulties they encountered in cutting
through the innumerable strata of silk, whale
bone, guimpure, foundation muslin, game, stiff
ening, calico, flannel, caoutchouc, and crino-;
une, would, we are told, if minutely related,
send a thrill through the bosom of the stoutest
engineer 1 The lady, considerably curtailed of
her fair proportions, was carried home, more
dead than alive, in a sedan chair. The ruins
of the dress were removed in a cart. The
staircase is to be enlarged.
We do not know how we can close more an
Tiropriately these selections from the literature
or skirts than with the followm? ghostly im
provement of the theme, " By a Wretch :"
Think, this presrut when thou wearest,
Fal, la, Ia
Xot on ne If augbi thou carest -Por
the gfrer, lsdy fairest,
Lai, la. la 1
Think of what thou bait about thee,
To expand thee and i pread out thre,
There's a skeleton without thee,
lis, lis, ba!
Think ot this when tceu art danclnr.
Pal, la, la!
With some trlfler, him entrancing.
Where the chandeliers are glancing.
La, la, la!
Think, too, while soft gsllants spin thee
Silken yams, in hope U win thee,
There's a skeleton within thee.
Ha, ha, hat
Then this gift, for all lis lightness,
Fal, la, U!
Warn thee well, arrayed in btifht'ness,
Xotlo lace with too much tightness,
That thy waist may be a wonder,
Xot to squeez it half asunder.
Crushing so the bones thereunder,
11a, ba,ha!
Whilst this garment, wide of measure.
Pal, Is, la I
In the whirl ot mirth and pleasure.
Shall encompass thee, tny treasure,
-Lai, la,-la!-"
Thou wilt feel It monitory.
In the heigh of Fashion'a glory,
'Iwlll be thy Memento Mori,
Hi, ha, ha !
Horr'ble Story. The New York corres
pondent of the Philadelphia Inquirer writes":
" It will be remembered that the late Corpo
ration Attorney, Lorenzo J3. Shephard, Esq.,
was some three months ago found dead in his
room, after retiring tbe night previous in good
health. The physicians reported the cause of
his death to the congestion of the heart, and
the coroner's jury returned a verdict in accor
dance therewith. The body of Mr. Shephard
was placed in a receiving vault, preparatory
to its final Interment In the family burial ground.
A few days ago Mrs. Shephard ordered the re
mains of her deceased husband to be taken
from the vault, but those employed for the
purpose were horror struck on finding the body
removed several feet lrom the coflin, the shroud
torn into shreds, and covered with blood, giv
ing the impression that Mr. Shenhard had m.lv
been lying in a trance, and had recovered after
being placed in the vault. This seems almost
too horrible for belief, and I understand that a
relation of Mr. Shephard denies the truth of the
report, and asserts that such could not have
been the case, from tbe fact that the body was
packed in ice over two days previous to its be
ing placed In the vault. On the other hand,
mere are tnose who contend tnat. Mr. bliephard
was not dead 'at the time of placing his body in
the vault, and that certain facts are li, posses
sion of the family which eo tc ;Low tbe truth
of their assertions."
fp7?" Col. Forney, in his late admltable ad.
dress at West Chester, Pa., thus alluded to the
great contest just closed :
"So iloseir allie&are our blessinrs and our
datige's that, in the midst of an almost univer
salvronsciousnssa, in the midst of an almost
iiriiyersal concession th.it no human Dower could
ltnj air or overthrow our free institutions, we
w;re ueuoerateiy maicuing forward m mat,
rata whicq bju Dave -temiuatta in disoiuuon
j A llttta bey, an orphaa ,1
nnost ssge; esa wKa
'a leb.
With timid steps app
.Sosescant-t clitaBu
'WhoM braini knocaer7sBoottian4 ftaat.
HU Utile hands its pjke suptiifd. f
And open flew the portVl wlde-i. J
A clergyman ot moJerfa date,. i
ls fam'd tor klndn4s than tstata V
"ow ey'd Mn bor fml tjn f a i- ' I
And ll.teaia to tils U of wi,
Said, take this ust, Us moUdy too
. But,sU!l,'lUgotnc aghioiiyoat ' r ,
The boy rtceiTtd It witjh god trace ' i
And turn'd atbout to q tit the jiiice '
V-f !op ."M.th Wle. a orph.,n bo'y
j jacoBld not pursue sucii bad tinptjT ; t
Answer methls.praylcaayouread? I
ABtso,slr.'tlsatrthindeo '
Not read! why then irsu cannot pray' '
I'll teach you after (rue tana May' i
Our Father wbaio tlearenait, 1
"OurJ'atber."Uuihea his UUa heart i
Is Ua your father afetn, and mini y J',
Tea. said the reverxad Dlilne t j
God is tbe father; us all.
Of Tich ani poor great and smth.
With teellDgs rfUsznitrd. tbi boy
Samtc'd up the.whole la this replr
I- .We're brotherfret it not x nan "
Tou ever gaiy ma mouldy bread
Proa " PartersVSplrlt." .
iMCDVILLE, Mhls'L. KnJ. Oilh
iEAK oF-iKix j a am aucn a bird oflpassaee
that my own pointer often fails to npot"me
however, my present habitat la a mall one
horse town upon the Links cf the " Big Mud
dy";" plumage tvreed gray, tapered off with cow
hide shanks ; food, principally sot" schapps,"
uiKcn uy ouuuuii. Airassiz, ho doubt.
would class ms with the "suckers." atthmivh.
yiiAtologlcally speaking, I reeemble more the
'mud cat" Oregon trout, as the celebrated
McM ,of;the Washington Hons s, calls It
My object in squatting hire is to eniov the
ifoeiety of the snipe, woodcock, and myriads
of water-iowi, wnicn tne winter months brings
with them from the far North.
Although this is quite a small towrf, hardly
honored with a place upon the map, still there
are many interesting "associations connected
with .it, as the site of a large fort informer
yearsj the garrison of which met a tragical
fate at the hands of the treacherous savages.
It "is quite a picturesque spot, too, aitutited. as
the town is, atthe foot of a bfty range of bills,
J.L.JwI.l. II 1!
uecitcu Miiu we ctcigiccu magnolia, ana swept
at tae Dase oy tu waters oc me restless iUls
sisaippL 44StiMlbelrof,u-crn,ers, deceased, 1
A traaiuon exists, mat in years long since,
an aged priest was murdered upon this spot by
tne inaians. mis story was strongly corroor
oratcd by the Dutch, who afterwards settled
They swore, and their children to this day
swear, that upon a stormy nieht, when it seem
ed as if the -evil spirits from Pandemonium
were set lor.se, Ibis old priest appeared ipon
the hills, moving bis arms to and fro, as if ad-
,lrefi!hr an niltilnr. Hntcvr. this ttt ,
( lon balh rit -ni jnAj' h,,t
P"red froc? tb country, it is the opinion of
i . ... . , .
i I wish to introduce you to one of our" char-
meters." He is a long, lank pattern of hu-
!-"' 'j 4.--..6
i red hair, rather and a pair of deep, sunken
. , "V " vr.t.U4.
" he keeps 'em allers skinned."
1 a 1",?ure3r Tom cousin to Tom Owen,
! celebrated in the songs of Thorpe born, bred.
I U-....l.i i 1 C4.sv- - af t i-
'"J S" "F..1" '" ow" .'JVllilBWW
with a through ticket for any kind of a spree,
from a ban to a " bar-hgnt a few in any kind
of nunting, out especially ueatn on turKies.
1, was nuatmg early one morning during the
, !ast "gobbling season," and was quietly steal-
ine throusb the woods, when I was suddenly
" . l V ,
"J DUi"t- '"b
T t
ra ke.
not.n ,t
4 04,, ouauLtl. yuu
ain't seen
a one-eyed, ball face, bob-tail pony,
cruisin' aroun' here this mornin,' ia yer?"
wary one-eyed, oau-raced, bob-taiied pony,
my ineno," i replied.
: "Well. I reckon the little cuss has straved
' .? rd. home i but 1 11 lam h,B hide when I ketch
t nl2: , . ,
i The speaker was about moving on. when see
lDS, ,that he carried a nfie, I asked him if he
I na'l"cen successiui in nis oust.
! Stranger," he replied, I'm allers success
I ' a"d it don't matter whether I hunt in a
cleann' or a canebrake; ef lever place my
i eye on varmint, he has about an much chance
I 88 ,a wgger baby in a bar-fight He's a gone
I Jark' """n- As for turkies, I don't know
I whetner tbey war made ieat 'specially for me
t UU11E or 1 -s. mace just to nunt tnem
to hunt, or I
WhertI-was-a..4!Hby, theyijieavc,e n-ttfrfcey
none mo cut teeitt on, ana l rather recKon it
worKeu rataer Inter my natur'.
" A turkey gobbler is mtiy cunnin' the cun
nin'est thing in the world, I reckon, except it
is a wide-awake widder or a one-eved vankee
Hunt a gobbler rite close for awhile, and he
will get so cunnin' that he won't gobble with
out runnin' His head in a holler, and won't cross
a branch where it is muddy enough to leave his
" Up In Arkansaw, oncet, I hunted iust such
a one more'ii a year before I fixed him. I had
my heart set on klllinj; him, and I actilly be
lieve, ef I hadn't sot that gobbler, it would
have been the death of me. He dodged me so
I long that I was jest wastin' away to a shader.
That turkey roosted on my stomach and gob-
w,vu 4.4 uii cat ctciy uij.Ub. last, wuugu, l
fixed his dint for him. I diskivered he was too
fat to fly, and findin' it warnt no manner of use
tryin' to burn powder at him, I one mornin' put
my hounds upon his scractiin's. My docs is
n., ,M m.Ai . .. . v ........ t . i .... . .... ....
; jaxi, out tney run that turkey three hours be
fore they come up with him. The last half
mne i could track ntm jestijy the grease that
drapped out of him as he became heted; and
vd en tne dogs picked him up, he warnt nuthin'
but one. gob of ile and feathers.
" Stranger, that gobblers beard was so long
mat ne allers carried trie end of it in his mouth
to- keep from treadin' on it, and his spurs vrar
so big that I used one of 'em for a powder
'' Remarkably large turkiesiyou have In Ar.
kansaw, my friend," I replied, as soon as I
could catch my breath.
" Yes, stranger, but everythinir else Is birr In
that State. Tbe muske'etera grow to be as big
as oiue ncrons, and tne ticks are larger man
your terrapins here."
Just then I heard something drop can't say
wnat it wati oeneve somebody fainted.
That's the way I first saw Turkey Tom.
(3" A bill has been introduced into the Le
gisiature of North Carolina " to encourage and
promote matrimony."
Moke Gcld. The Rome fjGa.) Courier
says :
We learn that some one has struck a new tn
in the notorious nineteenth District of Paulding
4- 1 1 1. I . " I - l . r
cuunij', piurmsca to ue very ncu. air.
Dickens of Columbus, is about establishibg a
mill, propellid by steam, for crushing lhe sock.
The rock iu comparatively soft, and is said to
yield five dollars worth of pure gold to the
bushel. "i
O.ve or the Dances. Bayard Taylor,
writing from a village in Germany, thus speaks
of "one of the dances:"
" One of the dances was called a Polonalse.'lL.
Stir!' pnnRiateirfifihe wrTnlp romns-nr "fnllnirini
r. . , i
me leader, wno was scnmid's son. ile danced
us down stairs into tbe street, across the brook
and up again, winding up with a rapid gallop.
After awhile the leader came up with a glass
of some dark beverage, which he insisted on
our drinking. I tasted it; it was schnapps,
the most villianous kind of brandy,and'as strong
as it wag bad. One taste was sufficient, but it
was no sooner offeied to the strong Elizabetha
then she emptied the glass without changing a
muscle of countenance.' The quantity of this
drink consumed by the peasant girls, without
any apparent effect, surprised me. It was
stronger proof than I had yet had of the vigor
of their constitution."
We copy the following from a late
Washington letter, published in the New York
Daily Aetci :
" A marriage in high life is to come off at
Martinsburg, in Berkely county, Va., on Wed-
nesda'y next. The Hon. John P. Campbell of
Kentucky, is to lead to tne iivmeniai alter Alias
Mary, the dauchter of the Hon. Charles Jas. fi
FauSI-ner ot Vireinia. This weddinsr will be a
grand affair, and as your correspondent has
been Honored wita an Jnvitatiou to it, ue win
take occasion to sire Tdur readers not only an
account of it, but of everything he sees in old
The Hon. Preston S. Brooks' of South Caro
lina, elaborates and publishes in full his speech
delivered the other day in elucidation of the
true Southern construction of the Kansas Ne
braska bill.- I must say that a tetter elucida
tion of It I have never seen. While I do not
agree with Col. firookjt in all of the views
which he expresses, I &iay well commend his
view of the doctriiio of tha KansasNebraska
bill to Democrats everywhere throughout the
length and breadth of the land, f
Mr. Vanderbllt is here pushltfe his Ocean
Mail project through. . E. K. Collins Is here
endeavoring to g?t Congress to continue his
extra compensation. Betwe eti Vandtrblit and
Collins it is pull Sick, gull Devil.
r,.T .... n' I,..
V. Browa&tnMlytforaaeat Ja th Cabinet." U
I.' t ' - ' IT., I 1-, KS . I -g-- .
the hlahMt bidder, two Krfs vflaaM,
xoown as Ifia Ballr Tract, m UUKti CoL 9e-
tU, (Jtttttn miles 'rem Kempblf, d see-aIf a Bit
Kortt ot tho Memphis and Cbarlestoc l3ilrt( oeohula-
dred'und thirty acres In a flae state at celilvaUon,
ouuciags, wiia a iiuit repair, gm cauw asa ffia, wti: af
cistern. A splendid nelgbborhood, morally, socially aid
InteiltctuaUf. I
Com out. if any of you cltTltes wish to breath roc
try air, which is Ilks theoh that ran down Aaron's bear
wnoitsome. and pilch 13. T mean to seuv Terms,
cull, semalsdar in 1. 1 nd , .
Janldtd W. L. COOPW0OT.
A persona Indebted to us either by cjts ocMseuj
Xjl welcome forward and attUe, as logger In
cannot b giTen. POPE It BKDTHK1
Janl-tm ia5 Vln-it.. Memphis, gees'.
For Mire
tt AVE for hire somt ten or flftn
OK0E3. consisting of Men, Women, Bj- and
uis. iney wui oe mrea on vi oay or Jan
uarr R. if P2R11T.
a Janlat
Bvantcd Immediately.
ATR0S1T, faithful colored JfOHAS, wanted at i
nurse far the ensalnc rear. On iorImc? lit
the.care and managient ot yoaon children preferred.!
apstj yau omce, or aaaress vox:) roil usice.
&t cost:
$25:000 clothing
new and seasonable
and ruayisnixg
tiOODS. at actus! tottftr eoih.
Owlngto'achaneelnour tnslnrss. v. ntr-rat. uttnl
cost for cat and cajA only, our entire stock cf Clothing
uurunusaiDgtrtocs. A the businesi must be closed
up, and to d to the stock must bs sold, ' persona In want
of Goods in our line, win find It to teelr advantage to
ii.oiu.uu.. Ji.r.l.UJSll flOJUU.NSOX.
1. 2fo. 3 Clark's Marble Kocfc,
Janl-Jn- T - 2TJ Main streak,
8j Eequlrer copy three months.
. WtCKIBSUAM.... ..........ED. A. BCCCHES
TTOEKKts AT LAW, aiemphls, Tenntssee. Offlee,
Xo il Jsfferson strejt. . Janl-tf
Chancery Sale of Valuable
,4 -Esfate.
T ubSOaXCIo s Bscree of the Chancery Court at Jfcn
crjto a Bci
JL ShUrwotreJ KoTsmbrtTerm. 1836. Jnthe caeof
Wesley Blikettore ts, Sirj4G'anithers and Ha Carutb-
i'su at
SilTUOiVXISViJir 31st, 1S57,
In frontef mrpace. laUie city of Jfemphls, proceed to
sell to the hlghtst Wdder, the f oUowlug Taltable Beal Us
tate, lying neayhe city or .Utmpels, to wit; OKE-fFiLT
of a certain Tracx 6r pircefc bf Land, situated In ShiHy
county, TeantsiwiiWartheelty of Memphis, known amH-'
oesnaieuonera,DO Lotalald ofTbrE. 3. Todd for
WJItoushby WlUani, icu os. ,S And TT; on the ner
nando Koad, besinrinj t STaUke on the Xorth side of
" e west aef the Hernando Boad,
rnnnlnglhenee hojih withlha line cf said Hernando
Road atxtten chain td thlrtT-serrn links to a stake at a
point opposite towhVe the North side of Williams' At
enue Intersects the ffrtundoKoadrthenci West with the
hub 4,4 n . iBrnr lot xnvBtlafls.teTeiiy.
ssren lints u iBesUe cLrtWeans street. thae
South wimtB.jHest U of Orieaua streeV-rSurteen
chains and seveafy links .jo stake, at te corner of
Walker street, thence Xa(t wlti thJne of Walker
street eight ehalnar'alrv.i.Mne Unks to the
biinnlng, conlamlnr asren anartone-half acfei. The
said ene-halt thereof being the Interest owned therein by
James II. Caruthera. )
Said Tract or -parcel ot Land wmibe ibdlTlded Into
two equal parcels, and the portion allottrdto Zstateot
James II. Caruthera will be sold In Lots of conrenient
sue to suit purcpiicrs, a planot which will b exhibited
on th day cf sale.
Terns of Safe The above mentionedteal Estate win
be sold on a credit of seren months, purchaser to execute
bond with approved security, and a ltcnv retained on the
Sileat 11 o'clock a.m.
Janl-dswtd ' - J0HX C. LAIHSR, C. kit.
THE nistory and Records or the Elephant Club; com
piled from Authentic Documents now in the posses
shin of the Toological Society, by Me, Knight Buss Oct
slde,M. D.,andMe, Q. JC PhUander Doestl;ks, P. B
This being the rerltable and Tendons history of the
'oingsaud misdoings of the Elephant Club. With the
minute and particular narrative of what they did. To
which is ad lid a complex and elaborate descrlprton of
what they did'nt. Containing, also, theexulUnticord
of Ihelr memorable mceo-s In eventnaUy obtaln'ni each
and every one. A tight of the entire aiut unadulterated
Animal, fiom lhe primitive hair n his attenuated pro-
boicis 10 iac iui im oi au gTmmciricai tan.
The Humors of Falconbridge ; A Collection of Humor
ous and Every Day Scenes By Johcathan F. Kelley.
Lake f.'gaml; or. Explorations and Discoveries during
Four Tears' Wanderings in the Wilds of Southwestern
Africa, with numerous IUustrations,reprsenlins Sport
ing ujcuiurri. onojrtii or .natural History, itavlc for
destroying Wild Animal.'', ic.
B.-aamarcbali and His Times. Sketches ot French
Society In the Eighteenth Century, mm Unpunished
Little Dorrlt. By Charles Dickens. Cloth and paper
boend. For sale by
JC2 Enquirer and Evening Xews cory.
Incorporated in 185B."
9X1 m frort!reentai"wJHilesi!i tHtiOECGXtM);
JL lfKllHUARx, ana continue twenty-one. wreks,
W. n. BEXNETT, A. M., M. D , President. Ancient
Mrs. E. BEXXETT, Bovejcess. Vocal asd Instrumental
Miss MATILDA KOEX, ESL. M., English Literature.
J. B. STAMPS, Steward.
TtrmtiPayallc at the Clote cf Eae Settton.
Primar? Department . $10 OC
Academic ' 13 CG
Collegiate " ?r TO 00
Music, with use of Iuitrunient , 25 CO
Incidental Tax 1 00
Board, including all contingent expenses per month S 10
Xo extra charge for Ancient Languages.
Students charged from time ot maUteuIatlcg to close o!
session, and no dednction excrj-t for trotracted illness.
The President and Lady board in CoHrge, where all pu
pils ran be accommodated. Janl-wSoi
S3 Enquirer copy
Gollierville Male Academy.
continues twenty-one wetka.
J. B. STAMPS, Principsr. insli.ti.
J. CLATTOX, A. M., Ancient Languages.
G. K. BRIDGES, Steward.
Orthography, Healing aivl Writing $ S CO
English Grammar, Geography and Arithmetic... 10 01
Philosophy, Chemistry, Astronomy, ic 15 00
Mathematics and Ancient Languages..... SO 00
Board. Including all contingent expenses perniouth 00
Students charged from time of matrijulating to dose
of session, and no deduction except for protracted illness.'
53" Endulrer copy.
Capital Prize $00,000.
Southern Military Academy
To be drawn In the City er MOBILE, Alabama, In
public, on frida j, Jan. 30th, 1867, on the plan or
JOIIX iruilTEL and W. T". McGUIItE, Gommisaloners.
30,000 Tickcts-3,29o, Prizes !
More than One Prize to Every Ten
?TPrli of....
.. 10.0CO
. 5,000
,. 5 000
SPrlxec of,
2 Frizes of.
100 "
100 "
i Prises cf $253 Aprox'tlng to $60 000 Prlss are$ICO0
25 000
175 "
105 "
75 "
"66 are
5 0 000
.250 -JC- 2,500
3,295 prizes amounting to .......i $326,00?
iWhole Tickois, 816: Halves, 88;
Quarters, $4 ; Eighths, 2.
f The Srst two hundred and nineteen Prizes an decided in
;the usual manner.
Jatingureor tnenumoertnai uraws im tw.iwu rrar.
fror example. If the Xumter drawing the $60,000 Prise
Vnds with Xo. I, thea all tne Tickets wnere tne sunncr
Sends in 1 wlllbe entitled to $60. If the Xumbe- ends
(nv. v. e .11 th TlrVal. shn. thp Bnmhf ID1I1
iln 2 will be entitled to'$C0, and so on to 0 .'
: Cetllficntes of Packages will bo sold at the fijowias
MkiAit m ins e sr
Certificate of Package of 10 Whole Tickets $100 00
10 Qalf " 50 00
10 Quarter " 25 00
" 10 Eighths 12 50
Address orders for Tickets or Certificates either to
S. SWAX & CO., Atlanta, Ga., or
S. SWAX, Montgomery. Ala.
: deci3 3. SWAX. ISoxSOO, Mobile, Ala.
"X liberal terms, if applied for soon, a Xo. 1 DRAT,
J aimesttiew. aij, set or aingie uirnen. Apptyat
?,5t7Maln str.t. aecig-iw
WT) AXAWAT from my place on Cow Iriind, bn tie ISth
Ell, inst., my negro man, named SBWALLpfce Is about
Oyesrs oia o reel 4 or o incurs man, nas aueep icirga
one of bis cheeks; very defective teeth : Jiwtrlnr hi,
and Is cf a dark copper color. I think he is lurking la or
about Mt-mplis. I will pay the above reward for his
iofgment in Jau al Jtempnis, so inai i can cei mm.
. decij-dlw IS miles below Memphis.
OXB of the finest OARSIAGXS'that
'ever wis brought to this market, nearly
""new, wav mad' in Columsla, Tens., atont
-four months ago Wo challenge M metis
Carriage Manufacturers and livery Stable Keesers, to
hr against our model carriage, wmea can twssta at
BB.1 ICE'S Ave story Block oa Monroe. street. er.fur
tbet' particulars apply to J. M. SHAW & CO.j
1 RMlBstateBrokers,SoulheastcorserCourt9Uf.
I dcl9
Caution to tkeFitMic.
r i TPoeket Book was Lost or ste.rB from me oa the
yVX Shotaell during her Is te upward trip. Amocg other
valuables, it contained several promissory bote. AI)
.persons are therefore cautlosed not to trader for any netea
me, unless properly Yoaeaea for.
i.knowa aittiSatIr Trt aatf VMlw CoLl- Soirli-'itiifc'Vus. . -4 Tfc -y anil .w . ?iBBkSKP0 " fl 1 9
stlalitsMlSn?titiiiits VX
275. 3K JsvO: (VAUjsi- Xj
njnmMmm n to. teijrintat: tho ctUms of
tU tmnht ftUU fnertT.f that wr hare re
M mt mKo pregs lo the orctr of Mala sod
TM inoride
, ar-wiirtake pleasare la aecoaao-
Matiaralt K jmsJ
aMfrif na with a call.
.We are als,SMefet of x fun uml? of M mta nn.
ktDuls. CfceBkaa, Paints, OUs, rrrrsmerT, &c.
j-arvwar Kiesuon pans, w Clllog omescriptlciif at
ll BUrs Ul oy SB1 BlgBl.
dcc3-tf e. jonnrs. k. co.
iBAh'AWAr iroM the iasar. uo the 12th el
Julr list, two Sftra BcrsTKlCHAnti ami RAM.
jiiecarauTorcirr, copper cotsr, aiotr thifty-OT
'riirt of axe. has a scar U-tw-ra the sotrtiMrt.
caua by s rising, and another bSow ttie Iconr Oa
kn ui affected br rheumatism. iaArrnt htA ksck'
kueil. Sard ! about tvecty.0S9 ysars of K'Wis!.
abost!25 or ISO pounds, has as tmpljct la spwteb.
rrnamnz it ojsjcuit ferhla to tnmi alm:r wt
barshly spvkra to. Torehrad low. aod of dirk 'awt
x9loi uoe pouarca oouarv will bepaiu to ay jxpva
deliivrlax them to n. liTlninearilornlBf Sn3tlr
Joca lyi Tenn, or afly ceOara If cuslntd ia Jail that I
4 deSt-wSt
A r.Ltboje Indebted to me, wffl Sod It to their interest
f. and credit In (utore, to can by tbe 1st of January
next and say. Such as doa not empty. wU b lorowt Ui
pay snd prompUy ffttitd credit any kiBer.
. Idesa
i iKiigle and Enquirer copy.
CoeimaTcUI IloUl.
iBs'uraHce iVoficc.
ntTUhe Ui in of aaoacr. th prraiun ojt ajl Jlre
l Polleirs ami be said oa delfrfry of Policy, and an
rlna crsminma must be stUd at the end o each
taotth, ; iCEKFIIIS !K3tTKA.SCX CO.,
J. a. iJHfSDAUS, Alan,
t If. B. 2IILTOX. Agent,
! J. E. CUASWICC, Agent.
MeaptH.DfO. a 1S5 ieOVlw.
liuiltliug- and Loirn Association,'
ffII Thirtieth rattataeiit of the Memphis BcHding aad
fssr5jaWe at tbe cOce of the Treasarjer, corner of
will posltlrely be joined iiai tTOing, at 1 o'clock,
Es Xlome's tfUco. Court Sausre.
t.t tCZZ-tX. 3. g. CnADWICS. SecreUry.
m Crittenden County. p
follX aabsertberi&ra-for sale his very deslraMe Tract! Saturday, J Snuary 31st, 1857,
J of 'Land, In Crittenden County, Ark. Of thcTnct la frost of wr Seela thi esty off Xenrptii, precee-f to,
then arelO acres will deadsed, and 0 is a suecessfut sej to the highest btdder,
'his'llssituatMtweiTemaesabaTeMnayMs.flTel A Valuable Lot in Sottk MeffltS,
Tfllesjiaelc of Gen. llradley's plantation, and one infie j gKnid .o She Saethwest comrT eflAkicB ad St. Mar
soj th of Bayou Wapinocka. Un streets Saul st freeta oo Seatb afe ef Usdea
llif only object the undersigned hai in sHicS is to ceo- tMtx KH feet uj ram ttcx wtts St. Matsui street x
irsteai means lower aown tne river, ror xcraiL,
to the subseriber, at the Worsbam Douse, (wbere
will be two weeks. 1 or to Messrs. Bcbinsan It Clinton.?
ln sireet. Memphis. 1
0. I & A. V. DuPONT,
MAXPFACTtrazas or
rw MaiK-Street, Louisville, Ky.
ToiBMSSlon and Grocer Jlerchants,
nhlTE Mrnaeer haa thenlHxsitra of annauiKiBr t" the
Jl publico! Memphis ttat be has. at great expense,
io,inrd an. engagement, for a few nights commencing
Monday, JJec.29th, 1856. ,'
Silthei following eminent Artittes. composing
n?p's Great Englisil Opera Gompaisy!
new on their wsy ta the Xerth, alter fsHIIUng tie most
hr4laat engagement ertr known itt Xew Orleans
Piiraa Soxina, from the Xew Vork, ltosl&n and PhiladeS-
phiaTt atres"."
Cent'alta, from the Icexm. InJon, recently Wallaclt's
Thsjlre, Xw Toifc. r
Plluelpai Tenor, of tbi Theitres Bijal. Drury ase and.
wotcui uaroeu, Tectuuytoi a' segujB upera woope. .
rrmedy Priacipat Basso or tbe Theatres ItayatV Cerent
Garden and Srurr Lane, Her Majesty's Coccegs of An-tieut-Masic
ttatPkilhannoul: Coccerts, Ixtidon.
-.i Kf.'P. IiYSTEE, I
,71130:491. Baritone, frbra the Xew Talk Theatres,, aril
e -,13W. Tmaon' upera Troop.
-V " Mr. -P. TEEVOH,.
Second Tenor; from the Xew TftXBostoit acd,Phl!adel.
; paia Theatres.
Itlr llanis; Mr. Wirtliehnd Miss
For prosramnies, see b.ili of t" day
..UMISSIOX. Boxes $2 i Pamuettc $1 50;'GaIleTy 50
centsT 1 t , decn-O
Tmstee's Sale of Real Estate.
MBrTirtuerr aDeed of Trujt, executed tome
by B. It. Mills, for the benrat of UcClanahan,
Ilutton & Co., and J. n. Dn: hank, bating Cate
the 11th September. 1350, and duly flied for rtg
Istrattin, I win procred to sell for caih, at p colic salr, cn
tte sontlfside ot Court Square, la the city of Mrmphis,
at 11 o'clock. A. M.'.oa WKDSESDAT, tte 7th Cay ot
Jl nmry, 1S57, the House and Lot now occutied by said
K. H Mills. The Lot front on Dunlap street 55 feet;
a?id rnnsrback 200 feat ta an alter Alo. one vacant
X tt. a jfolnlag the improved Lot, fronting 63 feet on Dun-
lap street, and running, back also 200 feet to an alley.
Tbe title to this property It undisputed; I will, now.
eier, esnvey only as Trustee.
'dcdS-td" J. JT. SIIAW, Trustee.
DUOPOSJtLi! win be rceivd at the Engineer's Offloe of
J. -the Trrmessee and AUbamt Railroad, until February
liltb, ISSirfor the Grading, Masonry and Eridgiag of aa'iot
Badroad, fwm Spring Hill to opposite the towu ot Colaai
bis. abost-thlrteen miles. "
Tbe ahoTe wfcrk comprises some heasy rock cutting ;
aDout sit thousand perches ot llridge Masonry, and tlx.
,tx hutalieafeet ot Brtatln?
Jlans, Pcaies and Specie utieni miy be seen at any
time, an any f-jrtlfr iatsroailua obtained ty addrelng
J. II. sgvEKCL-x. Dlrisloa engineer, aturumoia. Tenn.
A. AXDKUSOX. Engineer.
XasnrUl Dec. 15, 1556-d23tawt4ilybS ,
i "Tro roHtracfors.
TVT auihwity of the Directors of the Memphis and Big.
AJ Creek Plankroad Company, I am prepar-d to contract
fiirtbe construction of a Orst cuw reaa ficnt this city to
thenorttj line of the county. I also invite proposals for
tie erectk)or bridz of single span, accof.lns to How's
plan of Zallroad bridge, upon Welt ana llatchls rivers
aoJ Bigcmt. Tlans and iprelScatlsns may be seen by
calllne oa thAttadersIgned.
drcST-ditt A. It. DflCOLASS, President.
X3T Ktn.ctrer.And Xews copy d3t
O fi fi SOXES Baistns, wholes, halves and quarters;
fiiJJ icu drums rigs ;
25 tUs. Oranges ; 5 bbls. Currants ; .
25 this.- Roll Butter ; ?5 kegs Pig Peel ; .
200 boxes Bullish Dairy and W. E. Coeese:
IMbbls! St. Loall Flour;
100 buses assorted Pickles;
. . 5fiieji-JC-SloBM-- - - -
50 bbJsJDottt'r, Plc-XieanJ Sugar Crackers;
25 casks Byass London Torter.
ALSO, Sugar, CofRe. Tea, Rice, Tobacco, Candlest:
tmuiy, .,ior,sii oy j.r rninsi.
Xo. 15 Front Row.
Improved, containing 315 acres, nine
1 miles from Memphis. "
Also, 1075 acres ef superior Cotton
Laud, ia B:llvar -county, MlstlssippLs
oa jener ivpuii: t
AI?, sevenXots in Block H.hea' the Beal street Iand-8
uig. a.y ot jsempms. jerms, each parcel jia.oou ji.uuu;
quo. ino oaisnce may oeceierreanvc years oy Faying
Interest anunilly.
1 Those wanting great bargains would do wen to can cn;
Immediately. j
JoriurtheriarUcuUri anoIV to t
' ' J.M. SnAWkCO.,
3 , Real Estate Broker.
dK25-2w 1 Southeast Corner of Court Square.
2MC astoft'o sc a. 2or a? .
WIUftijNttfuaytoall bulne.a entrusted to his?:
otre. M - xcis-2ia
Il-fl I JL M O &
"ITfftQ and aMfr .this date, the Psssefiger Train will
SMkedalfrlrs.fSundaTS excepted.) uutU further.
V'S- 'V fiVe .Ttvta-Se "dgg'lsTand ilTtaitC to
J'1- l" t"iiC430eetf I'aai'r 1 toe oI cbuSt 17, Jd at tbe establbbment cf .TJdSlM
c.cHorPaclaBd Grenada; alto whereample atiXC.T. TS-ni li o and !2 Beaver street. In thkcltr
nUnaT,ece40raaa and hjr by Coimlk
, P7lX-'Klt Srifend..
( K3- Bcqnlrer cgfr. A
VflTIf'F - " " sfeould not permit nis modesty to nchihim Dor Cf rem rua-
"I'tnLLnet rel'eaaror.e.Whi: er M.
J(Itiw without I see. the ccer who
p.-toaew." ; ,.. THOMAS B.CARR04.V
asiSHi. tfxmeerjs. ios.
1 JPR IfJRjri?, f.,-1 V
a 1 ne i xi MLS ' p am i t.r kr.-UtSfL:
aMttwthot.lbeflaRWorhjsru! f fcr
Z Jv
del -set-, -r. VMS.' , 5e!y.
nteceriSKr oes jtrs. WHiassr.i
ta f . . -o?-r JJHUL?S' 1 . 1 1
.Bhrr 4.T- arrrm 'MJ
iTTtT.- -ih"w-w
rZ0 mi Ufi J.n-at, Clerk-.
.' . s,.-- SAX' Agents.
j' G Bie-Iclce's,
. QOMXEKcikp jQNUJtlYi, 1857.
ATfPiisUniVJuntnaa ate&tsjwaea ef.
, liu-st tad most BSeial jcVX sale, mi"
Tnl' Is tS
vKetnt In the.
city of JOnipfct.
f IUV1SO Anarai at- ,
xacmnAt. wSJi orR
feck, tturk an! 6rre 23 sei
I Wort, ti vsics, aitd
ease it wr senriea ovetl itr
ttjt fnt calra J auttbrt,"i.
triiW-Tita:Vi Qogiryld
tBas.lLcPremX'CMt, wMetijjaawarMciO'iuBaaau- - g
fnrttioa tv Rattse s I rWfc. ' (fcind kaw
uan te ts e btH stand, &a Viii Uie lirit patnniV
wtts: une maeatatM Aat SOTts; wooW be sae,e.a
wehvtnd3ccirs;!ttaBske tfcsta&f tsfru far and
w)d TkehtuM&gs are eoSBSueioas three stable sli
by Si Uii lal irtf. nrrt.ag tt- hsEdretT'ifCsit, wuh
Soctj til, Ht-Tfl X3d fc! w.ttm i ' H bp. D&faniiUSGt
ars SfitxA a sbert leas', tt'ktn be -rzteaded ierx
terns ot years, ai tavdiibM grusf X rent. PnrtLar
comSMSt laottiesa.
nrtimaataMlitr. as we have labors uader
emSmassaeSt 'tae uy iuax protracted ulons, which
we axstawflUig to bear v ng ihaa -ase can sell outand
be fre The SnX say owe so ae All pmeo ar- In
vited to this sptculatidb Terms easy A8 sums tmitr
&ltC nsb orer. oneAiurd casbaiaanlaslxaadniaa
nffTTy. wcsl tecred. . Terr t -vTtaliy,
X. t CATCE fc SOK,
Crsrral Aacssaaccn.
Tj'iBSwAXT ie a decree of the Chancery OenrtrtIrsi
X phssVndsredWoTvrifcKTT-.iia :85, sa the ease of
-t isA;nt to aa ls-f
xvrais nf SU Oae-Uurd t psc&as4mEe5'ki(asb;
intenst f reai 4ate. rwchaser tocxecate set "wish ap-
prjred MesBty f er the deserred yayatnta.
At the sametMme and siace. sb narmiitrr ar rflJilrrTr r T
I wM teC to tftc hUhest bidder for Cask, a vataaMeXe
Wenua Jimn .line, tsogisg to sM eetate.
Sale to cuamtce at liestock. A. M. ,
joux OL iAxara. -A
-f decSMawtd CfcrkaIMaata, I
- chsfe
&ale of Yaluaolc
- 7
groes- "
TiCBrfAXTtoaBKareof the CkOK;
at Me
i v. - - - -.- ... i tmrr-im in . .
iirai j v. i j, jssrj x-riy hq amrrm uetn oc
Ritben B. Berry, deeeaxd, . Tad Creottors ut aavl
Sesnen B. Beny, I wliLea
Thursday, January lsfc 1857,
Ialf rant of my oOce, la the'nty ai MroLn, prMeedts
setltodsehigsetbsilderfor(aai tteMiratos valaaMe
staves, belusxiag te sM estaV. to-wtt; .
nxSXT,a;td afeoul 35 years. .
ISRAEL, " " 18." T
XED, ,""
WILLIAM. " " 16 . -
i- JAMES. " - 8
M HAXXAHV " " 39 .
W SARAH. " -20 - ,
and her CHILD, 'K - 2
' . MAKG.lZaK'." M
SstecoimriaatU'rftck a.
deciObwtJ , JOHN" C LAX1ST., C. X Ht
WZ will ia future aioy s4trut uirr 3la
bles. the place of Trait. 'AM re't a; pgueQ
will say, tae. stablev U .tb pt-r. TCES
D ATS iwi TnrHSDAT3CiU) ttictotk. wXlVa
1 1 .WiiI.i ial (n fo Kbw ed mWmjt tmkWt' .4 K t
their latertst so maeBber CAJBSfS vMammoth Stables, f
known as the rigit place. f- ' dy-ir
" " ' j?'.:: " v c-.
J. hi. VUlUttiCK'S iJERiiiEara
. TTUI Al way site Feajfclttf hI.ChInw
TJKRSrjXS'wUhtss te know sit hekas t fi t
ill be icrr" and it ia thr .astfeotoaa. on w Si-CuS il 'i
.FAGS. StfrnaicT tba:. au4 save yoarertt th.- inutWs gj
or sMua&zn oxer toe paper.
An Dosa4 eMtmiAi to ae u be attended to bare
ruity and with dpauh
Office Madisen .Street, apposite taisa Baak.
ft; i (
'.HCna Fire and Iniandi lYcviiai-
ti "-r -Insurance Cuninanv. a
pC-UTTAX. AXD SCRPLU3.., .....$l,00Q,5of t
it- Aiarxioru jt xre insurance Co., .
Cliartcr Oak. l.ife-Insurance Co.
jtJApmL AXD S8RTI. tS... ......
QOLICIBS .ssd oa rr.MuMe Mobs, Losses
JT bit a4Jntd t d pr ivyj Biid.
Mlayoso and DiSotostr.-ets tjjj, 68 In SO re, ejftaja-
ins a goou tra -e cwet ing, y,lh fwcr -om-Vr:l t-Jje-IVent,
and grocery ataui on tU Wracr. W, U ie nKi ton,
....... ..vol . ' . . ...... .mw.
4. w.u w. -rtJ t A iwtvnA,
Memphis Land Oflce, irjJiS63,tw. rnwn Ek.
neiTt CYT In .S . -. . , . rt . i
lne Rooms, oa PeetoC street. H agoudCHstein at
uennj. rv-HBta, iamediatefy.
; FOR S A L E Svn Arrw 0f LmmI, eoveredf with Ca
r-nit Trees, withia hlif . ntieeMLe cttr limfts.ea tta
ternaodo Ptesftt Kelj iBejaire ef T
k- x J.K- OHAttwICK, McSBVfclS Land OfSce,
FOR SAa,v Three Tears' Leaje of a iloe vA
-z-. . . . s
toaveniept Jame Dwetlasg, MBUintoc fcar rooms.
WWea aiyrsenanta' rwei, w.'tst seed well er water.
oas csKe trait Trees, staoie, am aoooc stx acrea
SneVHaMe Laa,1 RaM( tor ganitBiBf petes, al
thin ae and a hi,' iit Us otOaoi SBare. jgurreo
- MeriiAii taild 0w,
sepU ' OpWa-Bntoa Bank
i-t OLD JEXSJ Morto!t, 7'
'JT GOLD ?KB ! Kstiej'h -
GOLD1PRX? ! Rapp's J
GOLPPJ3J.S? Sopuivir Points r ,
GO a puss? short Xsr. e
GOLD PKXf ! fans Xs f :
GOLDPKXS! Smsrr-eiJf .-s ,
GOLDTliXSl LarseSlsej
' GOLDPeXSl Kaerssas ,
GOLD FBXSt Mammotl.
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THIMBLES! Cbas'daiia Plain.
An excellent axsottment of the aVovr can 'sivajs 1
found at our storvad especially at this time jf
dec2 J. K. MIRRIMAX fcCO
iTteckaniciil Paradox.
TTTE have far sale a few of .th&e, curious tnffinaests
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tion, 'completely puszle alike", tha pbtkiApher an4 tbo
uhthlukisg; no one has yet been abisto account for tba
cause or the motion exhibited by these jokrrs. which,
seems to set the law of gravitation aitofetoer at defiance.
Ton cave doubtless witnessed spirltnal'nianil.'statiea
and periled your brains to aecocat for tbe phenomena;
here Is something equally mysterious on whi' h you may
study at vainly to understand, th cauu asonthesnb-
.ect. ox apiruusiism. u jtra aa nee peiievr, come ami
see fr yourselves and yoa wBl acknowledge that ic Is th
most mysterious development of mechanical lava yea
have ever seen or heard of.
dec23 j T. E. XHRRIMAX & CO-
Farm for. Sale.
PITS HUXDRBD ACRES' for any number be
twixt tkatanif TOO) f first rate Shelby county
Land, fourteen miles from Memnais. oa tbd
Plank Road, five mCes East ef Raleigh, an-l
about m from Uaion Depot, beautifully situated, well
impruveu anu laztn cosuuion lor mat jt excellent crops.
Com and look at the- place yoa wilt be iini witU
the ImpnivementT as w I awith,thiAnd Good Dwel
ling, good Cistern, good WTI, goM rich crrek-fcotttnt
fleis, good everything. Cohen uk, ajd yoajbsltbavu
La good bargains CJ. X BARfLKTT.
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jf be sure-taattheyipurchase the genni,
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Vte, who ,re thus atfenrptms tdefraud
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rt. K.H. CAPPS.
s . Ci MILLS,
g. MILI3 will continoo' the Julness; at the A
tottsttflur J. C. Mills t my" f rlenda -aSd tfcijuic .
ntsemaneTecy.' wsj nurthy of thitf confldesce sad pa
sEeweT ' B. K." CAPfS:
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