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! i
JANUARY 28, 1857.
KST" Col. B. F. Diix returned home jester-
!aj afternoon, on uic iimqei a. a. r r
(Ty Owing to the lightning on Yeterda3'
wt re WIUJDE tesrgrapuic uufai-cue. uui iuu&.
ffT We art under obligations to the clerk
of the steamer H. S. TT. Bill tor a package of late Ntw
Oritant papers .
fTST We are under obligations to Mr. John
S. JL.VIX, the bar-ke eper of the steamer Choctaw, for
a bottle of superior Peach Braady. TT tan tampltdV.
asd pronounce it in excellent article.
J3 Attention i directed to the card of our
friend Ir. J. 3. white, wdodu rcmovca to Jitmpnil
and taken an cOce on Court Square. The Dr. it as expe
rienced and incctiitul practltisner of nil prates Ion.
ffDr. Johnson, the celebrated Aurist
aaaocsUit, returned home yesterday evening tram
NashvrHe, where he had been on a prof esslonal villi. We
retnrn oar thanks far late Nashville ptptri.
Rrxirr Bali- Although the element war
red against theae who ware lBsirumestal In retting op
the "Relief Baa," a large anl rtipectaMe crowd met at
Old Fifcwi' HaM, latt night, and whlled away a few
pUaaaat hours is the maiei of the dance. We did not
participate, bet enjoyed onrfelrea in looting at otheri.
(jy Judge Longstreet advertises for tale
to the Kigeest Baaer, on tne teeosa Jtosaty in February
nut, between tlx aad seven hundred acres oflasd adjtln-
lug the University land lm Mississippi. Sale to take
place In the r9m of Oxford. Tcnna : ene, two and three
years credit.
5?" tate plenure in directing public
uiconeB toiae earn or ue aaeisy state Acaaemy. this
Institution iatboenin existence fer many years nndtr
the aniplces of Mr. A. M. Bxrrrx, aad under his ad
ministration K has prospered and become one of the rst
IrutHctiens of ear cenntry. "We know Mr. Baftex,
and lets than a competent teacher, wt would not recom-
atBd tin.
Swindling. The case of R. A. Forsythe,
tharitd -with swindling if run. Jacob Waxxeb. Sc Co.,
out e-f $10 in clothing and $10 la money, was brought be
fere Recorder HILL j etterday afternoon. Forsythe plead
mlKy, and the Recorder ordered him to exter into a re-
cogatsanee in the sum of $1,000 for himself, and two sure-
ttes la the tern of $500 each, for his appearance at the
cixt term of the Criminal Ceart. In deficit of ball he
was committed to jail.
Robbed. t. Yegterdar rnornlns the store of
Htttrs. Falxexieko JcHAxEls,oaHals street, above
Adams, was Tabbed of two fifty dollar Milt on an .Ala
bama bank. Mr. Haib.ii considering he had coed
grounds for inspecting a man named. Martin, called to
hit aid the special pellet, who arrested him and lodged
him In the Calaboose. An examlnaties wrll, probably,
be had to-day, when the particulars of the case will tract
Pire. The Nugjlxa. We neglected stating in our
article yesterday, coieercing the kin of the steamer A
car,that she had onboard the TJ. 8. Man; as, also, but
Mttle of the baggage of the passengers was get en shore.
It is to be hoped bath the mall aad lntgagc wlH be saved.
ITauderstaBd that wagons left BrownsvUe on Snndiy
Jer Xaado'ph, with tfe intention of bringing the passen
gers who wtre stiU on the Island to that place, and it is
pressmabie they will arrive in snrcity to-Bight.
TED to Jail. TVe learn from Mr. Bes. O'Hatrt,
who retsrned en Mendty sight from Marshall county.
Mitt., that on Sinday last, Wm. Steventta, whs was
arrested In this ctty lift week, tar negro stealing, was
taken befere Joige Bkicht, ct Holly Springs, tnd after
an examination, wat felly cemmltted to Jail, in defacltof
$5,000 baH, to answer the chargt of Begro and mnle
stealing. Ththorte which he role to thit city, and which
it sew on the steamer Evantvillt, was owned by his cos
tin, who testified against him
Accidents. A young man by the came of
JOKES, employed in the Faeto-y of Paelok &. Paskis,
in South Memphis, had one of bis hands badly Ulcerated
yetterday evening, by getting it cangkt in tome partef
the machinery of that establishment. And, strange to
tay, in a fewmiaBtes after that accid'nt occurred, Mr.
7Asms,oneot the proprietors, put his hand in the same
ptaee and was tlallarly vannded. Sr. "VToodwakd
being caHed in, amputated one of Mr. Jokes' fingers aad
dressed the woseds of both gentlemen. It is feared that
farther acrgery may have to be performed in both cases.
"The HokSs." Accompanying the present
et a splendid "devote set " ef Bock's horns, yetterday,
from oar friend Mr. Foqleuax, of Crittenden county.
Ark.,, threathMr. Chai. T. Morris, of this city, we
rvcaived the accompanying note from the latter. The
present is a fine oae, aad is folly appreciated by ot. It
itprrstnts twe Backs having met in mortal combat, the
antler ef eae having pierced the brain cf the other; the
aaUirs ef both were inttrlteed that it was impositMe
far tit vt back te eeperatef rem his dead foe, and he per
ished also, jls whea death estsed they were sot separa
ted, rjtttfcer.tre they sow. TasiefsHy decorated as they
are by enretaecratic friend McKeiix, they present a fine
appearance. T&ty now occapy a premiae&t place in oor
stnctnm, "where er friends can call and tee them :
Eoxtoss or ArrrAL : rieate accept the ' horns,'
aaited Ja battle: "stag hiving met stag" the victory
beiocgiag etoeath. Ihey are presented yea through
mt, byyodx friend asd patron of Crittenden county, Mr.
P., who toned them on her Democratic sod, as yen re
cffve'tfcem. Thinking the ArrEAL BMrits the antlers,
and that they are emMimatie ef ar comisg Bvcfi-enan
adainistration-m.ae, aad united I remain, your
friend. M.
Citt Council. An adjourned meeting of
the Beard ct Mayor asd Aldermen, wat herd at the City
Halt last evtnisg. Presint Hen. Tbca. B. GaneU, May
er; Aiderman SaCirrani, Chairman; Alderswn Cepe
land, Begart, Ehaw, Dapree, Fackler, Csrtli. Barry, Ei
der, Douglass and Hughes. Absent Alderman Finale.
AMcrmaa Hughes rest to state that there was a rais
caderstanaiBg la relation to the leasing of a certain par
tus of the Navy Tard grounds to Messrs. Moore, Hal
stud 3c Co. Mr. Banks, a member ot the firm, made a
short expUsatien, when Alderman Hughes offend the
following resolution, which was unanimously adopted;
Rttelvtd, That as there is a misunderstanding between
the Committee charged with the lease of the Navy Tard
grounds aad Messrs. Moore, Halsttad &Ce., they may, at
tatir optien, c ote the contract er not, and if net, that the
property win be leased on Saturday next.
Aldtmaa Elder atked leave to introduce a pctltiea f rem
a free maa of celer, named Frank Peanle, whe had been
ordered to leave the city. Permission being gives', the
Chairman rf ad the petition.
Oa saettea of Alderman Hashes, the petition of Frank
F.nart wat referred to the Committee est Vigilance.
Alderman Fsaaie arrived and took hit teat.
ie bcslaett far which the Board convened the con
sHcrxHcn ef aa Ordinance proposed at the last mretlag,
far the benefit ef the Memphis and Little Beck Railroad
Cerapasy was takes up.
The Ordinance is as tollowt :
JStit orielnedbjlke Board of Major end Alitrmtn
ef thl City of Htmphtt, That they wiU and do hereby
mortgage the entire property known as the Navy Tard
property, and all the improvements thereon, situated at
thejaactiencf the Mississippi asd Wolf rivers, for the
rodempttos of $389,600 ot the Bonds of the Memphis and
Little Bock'JUUraad Company, to be issued by said Com
pany having fifteen years t run, bearing arven per cent
Uteres! per annum, parable semi-annually In the ct y ef
Charleston; aad we further agree t mortgage $10,000
per annum ef the re venae amine from the leases or sua
Navy Tard property, for the payment of the interest on
smM Bsads. and the remainder of said sum of $30,000
ansuaHy ihaHbe used as a sinking fuse rar tne redemp
tion of said Besds J and that they do hereby agree to
take stock la s aid Memphis and Utile Reek Railroad Com
pany tor the whole amount ofssidsumstebe paid by aald
city, either as principal or interest.
Alderman Hughes osrd the following amendment :
JLuoltei, That the words fifteen years be stricken out.
aad the words thirty years be subttuated.
The ayes aad soes being caBtd sstUed thus :
Ar" Aldermen Hughes, Barry, Curtis, Shaw, Dapree
aad Cepeiand.
Not s Alderman EMer, Fackler, Fianle, Bogart, Doug
las and Safiarans, Chairman.
Alderman Dupree offered the following as a substitute
for both the Ordinance and amendment :
Sell Ordained jr the Mayer and Board of AUeraen,
That the property known as the Navy Tard be mortgaged
to secure the sum of $(00,000, to protect 300,000 of the
besds et tha Memphis aad Little Eock Railroad Company,
having thirty years to run, bearing 7 per cent. lserett
hereafter te be issued by that company; ana to secure
$100,000 ot the bonds ef this city, or of any Ballroad
Company the city may choose hereafter to aid; further,
that this Ordinance go into effect when a full asd com
plete settlement is made wllh the assignees of Bradley,
SUcknty &. Co.; further, that the city be axsredby mort
gsge en the read and lands of the Memphis and Little
Bock Ei Broad Cempaay, to the extent of 300,000, sua
mortgage te be released in whole or In part, at the optics
cf .the Board ot Aldermen of this city.
Farther, That all sums paid by the city as interest en
the $300,000 ef bores secured fer the Memphis and
Little Uses, uiuroit uompiny et tarta at stotr in sua
Farther, that this Ordinance go into effect when $125,-
090 ef solvent sucscrtsiiens, tsitsisctery as sues to tne
Beard, are made to the capital slock of said Company,
The Chairman raied this oat ot crJer. ,
Alderman Douglass mored'to lay the Ordinance cs the
The ajes asd noes were called.
Ayes Aldermen Barry, Curtis, Bogart, Shaw, Dupree,
Douglass and Hughes.
Noes Aldermen Elder, Fackler, Finale, Copeiani asd
StSaraas, (Chairman.)
Alderman Hughes oovtd fer a reconsideration Jot the
vote, which waa carried.
Alderman Barry fc trend the following as a substitute
far the original Ordinance :
Whxbeai. the city ef Memphis feels a deep interest
la the tpeedy completion ef the Memphis and Little Rock
Be it trdalnei by tht Mayor end Alderman, That at
soenaa $125,000 ot solvent individuals or coporation tub
tcrlption, satisfactory is aach to this Board, in addlllen
te theirpretent subscription is subscribed, the Mayor it
authorised and requested to mortgage the Navy Tard
grounds, buildings asd appurtencet, to secure the ultimate
payment er suao.ww 01 tne Bonos ot sua juuroaa uom
vanr. payable in fifteen years with 7 per cent, interest.
Iaytbl la New Tort or Charlestons aad further that the
gassies arising rrca resit ana leases ti tne grounds ana
bslMlnga of the Navy Tard.be appropriated t the pay
ment of the interest on sua ronas. -
Alderman Douglass moved that the amount ot inscrip
tion on the part ot the city to the 2Iemphls asd LlttleBcck
Ballroad Company be placed at $300,000.
The motion was carried.
The vote was then taken npoa the proposition to require
$115,000 additional subscription as a condition, and lost
by a tie vote as follows:
Ayes Aldermen Hnghes, Elder, Finale, Copeland,
Fackler and Safiarraas.
Xayi Aldermen Barry, Curtis, Bogart, Shaw, Dopree
and Douglass.
The question was then taken en the proposition to re
quire axuortgage ot the Boad and its property, to secure
the city, to be released upon the completion ot the flrtt di
vision, and decided against the proposition by the fellow.
Ing vote:
Ayes Aldermen Curtis, Bogart, Ehaw, Dapret, Don.
Koes Aldermen Hughes, Blder, Tackier, Barry, Fln-
nie, Copeland, Sacarrans.
The question wat then taken on the tlm ef the bonds
sixteen yean and carried in the aifirmatlvT.
The Ordinance was thtn read upon its first reading.
when Alderman Doogtatt moved to amend by atriking
from the mortgage the realty, ltaviag the revenue alone
at the tebject of .t, which wat rejected by the following
Aytt Ahlenneu Curtis, Shaw, Bogatt, Douglass, Du-
Koes Aldermen Hushes, Elder, Fackler, Bairy, Finnie,
Copeland, Safiarraas.
Alderman Doaglass then moved that the sum ot $25,000
of the revenue cf the Navy Yard be appropriated Instead
ot $30,000 aad decided la the negative.
Alderman Douglass moved that the ordinance be opera
tive only after it shall hive been approved y the voters of
Memphis, in a vote on the first Stturday in February.
Alderman Fackler moved at an amendment that all the
legislation of the city go before the people, upon the ap
plication ot any cne member.
Alderman TXcghet meved to lay both on the table, which
wat carried by
Ayes Aldermen Elder, Fackler, Barry, Finnie, Cope
land, Douglass and Saffarrans.
Stjs Aldermen Otitis, Shaw, Bogart, Dopres and
AHermsn Cepeland called the prevloui question aad the
ordinance was put on its passage, and carried as follows :
Ayes AKermen linghes, Elder, Fackler, Barry, Finnie,
Cepeland and Safiirraas.
Nays Aldermen Curtis, Shaw, Bogart, Dcpree and
Alderman Hughes movtd to suspend rules and put it on
lecend reading, which was carried, when
Alderman nsghts oCered the following amendment:
Br It furthxr erisintd, That this Ordinance take ef
fect so soon at a full discharge is executed from the for
mer ceutrattors er their represent atlves, agreeably to the
proposition midt by this Board, and agreed to by Mr.
Austin, and aC ordinances to the contrary are hereby re
Which wat adopted.
Alderman Dapree offered an amendment at follows :
Beit further ordalnti. That an additional subscrip
tion ef S123.OO0 satisfactory to thl. Board, be also obtain
ed befere this Ordinance goes into effect.
The vote being taken, was lost by a tie vote.
The Ordinance was then put on Its second reading, and
adapted as fallows :
Ayes Aldermen Hushes, Elder, Fackler, Barry, Fin
nie, Ccpetand, SaRtrrast
Noes Curtis, Dapree, Bogart, Shaw and DjujUu.
I ail
River Matters.
J3 The river is almost entirely freeef ice, and Is ri
sing rapidly. The only arrival yeiterday was the E. JU
TP. IIU1, from New Orleans, and the only departure was
the steamer Aleonla, for Nashville. About 12 o'cleck on
Monday nlcht, a large quantity ef heavy Coating lee
passed down, same ot It peering over a foot above the
unaeeef the river. Itwai anppojedte be a portion ot
the broken gerge, below Xandolpb. But little business
wat done yetterdar, owing to the heavy rain, and the
bad condition ot the landing.
CJ-Tfct Chtetav it ttlll receiving cotton, and will
leave at soon at there is SEfficieat water on President's
Island bar to permit her to cross.
EJ"The Ingomtr will depart this evening for New Or
leans. She wll receive cotton until 4 o'clock.
X3T The B. R. W. HUl, arrived early yesterday after-
coen Irom New Orleans. She will depart on Friday. She
is commanded by Captain Newell, and her flrtt elerk Is
Mr. Nat. Gibson, both well kaown atcamboatmen, and
favorites oa the river.
XS" The Icte Friiiee will leave to-morrow afternoon
for Napoleon. Capt. John Shirley It her tommander ; 711;
Wood it her first clerk. Those wishing to travel to the
mouth of 'White river could not select a better packet.
EJ- We have heard nothing farther from the sUamer
Cumberland. The Aa.txor.ia will probably arrive to-day
when we will be enabled to give information concerning
both her and the Xiegara.
3" The St. Trancit hat gone down to the steamer
Repiiet, hard aground on Helena bar, to lighten her.
Who can hese? We undentand that one
of onr cititens, who recently made a pleasure trip to New
Orleans, discovered upon his arrival there, that he was
the fortunate holder ot a lottery tlsket, which had
drawn a prise. When last heard from, he was "going
it" extenslveiy, with a suite of rooms in the ladies' de
partment ot the St. Charles Hate), with a private box
at the Opera aad one of Dubois ne pint ultra, carriages
in constant waiting at the ladles' entransi. Conaifericg
it beneath his dignity te travel cpen a public convey
ance, he had purchased ene ct the Southern Packets and
was busily engaged ia fitting up her ladles' cabin in a
magnidcent style to carry himself and a select party back
to Memphis.
Again we tty, who can he be? P
For the Memphis Appeal .1
Oar Municipal Election.
MbssIU Editors : I pereelve that IheCcgte and En
quirer recommends te its partitas friends to mike a par
tisan contest in our approaching Municipal Election. I
trust that the good sense and patriotism ot the goodly
people of Memphis will frown dawn the suggestions of the
Until the origin of the American party, we sever
made a pat tlsan question in the election of either our
county or city Municipal officers . At 'er aa experiment ot
two years, the American party voluntarily surrendered
their policy, aad their action In the premises wss hailed
with pleasure by a majority ef our citlaens.
I can conceive of but ene cause that can be brought for
ward for a return to the abandoned policy, and that is
this : there may, peradveatnre, be a few aspirants for
office who feeling conscious that they cannot be elected on
their cwa merits, yt t, trusting by management to get the
nomination ot their party, hope to be elected by a partisan
vote. Let all such be watched.
1 do not attrlbate any such motives or views to the
Eagle and Enquirer, yet I am not sure that a few aspi
rants msy not be urging this new movement for their es-
ptcisl benefit.
Let as all keep an eye to windward. MEMPHIS
(US' A correspondent of the Knoxville Jtfer-
csry, wTltlng from this city, under the noade plume ot
"Timothy Thoughtful," siys:
"Of our good city ef Memphis I have nothing te tsy.
except thit everything gees on here pretty much as It
do.a everywhere else, aad it is still. In its beauty and
ever iocrtaslngprosperity the pride of Tennessee, tae
gem if the Mississippi. Ot banks and commerce, ot
prices current aad business items, I am silent. These
topics I leave tj others. My pen aiaaiss to D employes
in tbe tcrvice of mammon. It is dedicated to amuse
ment and to fancy Tbecgh cn.y a common plume du
ftr. yet we shall tee If it cannot scribble bits ot poetry
ana romance as reeuagiy at 11 11 were an angers jeami
(tt ant el have feathers on their wings) dipped in the
ink of your black eyes, sweet Nellie ; and aa enthnsiss
ricaUy of man's rights (aye aad woman't rights, too,) at
tbeufh It were the veritable eagle's quill with which we
are told our gallant President elect intends to indite his
Inaugural. With this modest announcement ot itt
meriu and capatitles, my pen, Mr. Editor, takes are
sptctml leave of you and your readers for the pretent. "
Time Changed!
THE subscribers respectfully inform their old f riendt and
ALL the pubiie, that they have opened a new Rettan
rant on Union street, where they are prepared to f nralsh
the best brands that can be found in the market, served
la tbe best Parisian styles, Oysters, Game, Sf akt, Salt
and Freah Water Fish, Birds in fact, everything suited
to the flaest and most delicate epicurean taste.
Give us a call We have six different rooms for the ac
eommodaUoa of Private Parties. We will not be oatdoae
in any branch connected with our business.
JinlS-tf DEMfEKWULr at uiviaa.
Jijust Recd.
r-ft BAGS Rio CeCee; 10 tltrcet Rice;
QU 2S tblt. Mackerel;
200 octsn liarrei-a onus Bottles ana rapert ,
Mbags B. W- F.ourj
200 drnms Figs; 23 boxes Raisins;
IS cases Sardines;
lOObbls. Potatoes;
lOOdotenllostetter's Bitters;
25 cssks London Porter ;
25 boxes Maccaronl and Termlcilla ;
25 boxes Claret; 25 dot White wine;
100 coses Bed Cords ; 25 do Brooms J
25 boxes Garden Seeds.
Also, Oranges, Lemeci, Pigs, Rilsln. Tea. Tobacco,
Sugar, Molasses, fee. For sale by
j. a-. rniJik,
J in JO No. 35 Front Rew.
HAYING qualified at December Term, 1856, of the
County Court of Fayette county, T-nn., as Adminis
tratrix ef the estate of the late John W. Bond, deceased.
I hereby notify all perso&i having dates atalnst said
'Estate to 'Present them for ptymtat within the time pre
scribed by law, and all those indebted te aald Estate to
come forward ana maxe iremeaiate paymcai.
J an27-dawlm MART F. BOND. Administratrix.
ON Lauderdale strot, outside tbe corporation,
NINB ACRES OF LAND, which has been ee-
cuDlfl for years by a uaraeser. On the prem
ises is a small dwelling, cor.talslBg tour rooms
and basement. There Is a good cistern sesr the bouse
There Is also a good orchard, aad a fine grape arbor. Ap
ply Immediately to
fiontmcrrial Mattes
VTEDKESBAY, January 53, 1SS7. J
Cottox The market matlfested no interest yesterday,
Hd wn hexrd of ne transactions worthy of note. Sellers
are firm and buyers unwilling to give the prices asked
IVe continue quotations without cbaage.
Good Ordinary.
Low Middling.
.. SH& t
... 1X SK
,..10 (S10K
..11X011 X
Good Mlddllng.lSKdlSH'
Middling Falr..I2X12K
Fair (scarce)...!! 13H
Tnesdiv Kvtalnr. Jannarv 20. ISS7.
rnrTdv Tit jtrnrfra't advices have nroduced but
little rfiect on the market, and the demand has not been
Tery active nor general to-day. The aalet amount to
14 COO balsa at easy prices, but generally within the rango
ot oar last quotations, wnicn are repealed.
Inferior 10 I Middling 12K12K
Ordl.iry........lOXfc10K Good Middling.. .isjiWis
Good Ordlnary...llJ. Call X I Middling Falr...l3 &13X
Low Middling.. .UHQIZ ratr. u
Stock on hand lit Sep te sober, 1S5S Balet
Arrived since
Arrived to-day
.. 12,111
Exported to date...
Exported to-aay.....
Stock on hand and on shipboard not cleared..... 410,616
WeJneidiv. Jinnarr 21. 1S57 1 T. M.
Cotton There are some buyers In tbe mstket, and
thus far we notice silts of about 1600 bales.
Suoak Tbe market It firm for most Qualities, witn
tales of about 200 hhtle.
mtact Prlf-a mrm nth,. Wtfr Some 250 hhdS
hsve been sold at 6061Xc for poor to fair and 6263J'c
$ gallon for choice lots,
Tobacco We notice a sale of 52 hhis. of which 21 at
13MC, 13 at 12c, 15 at lie, 6 frosted at SXc, asd 17 at 6e
FLona We hear of 700 bbli St. Louis superfine takes
yesterday at $7 12H ? bbl.
rnnvXnLhlnr cf ibt eansinneDea has been dene so
far. Holders are asking the advanced rates of 82 MJ5:
Wheat 1600 sacxs prime wniie ware aow, yiswiuaj
at $1 63 t barrel.
Oats asd bias-rtotaing report'".
Pork Mess retailing at $21 ? bbl, and same holders
asking $21 25.
Bacox Transaction t cmunea to re:m.
Lard We hiar of nothing doing.
WiutEY Nothing ot any consequence has b:n dene.
RICE 70 tierces were sold yesterday, mittly at 4Hc
Bale Ropa We hear et some 3500 colls eo'd yester
day, of which 1500 at 1010Kc; 1500 at 10X;500atthe
tame, and to-day 600 alto at 10.VC.
rxEiaiiTS nothing reported icua tar.
Exchaxces We hear of no alteration In the rates.
Exohongo and Bank Koto List.
O. "77". JX, i'iJciJEirS' tSs CO.,
.SELLISO rates.
NewTerk Kpren 1 New Tork 1 prem
New Orleans...... VpremlNew Orleans...... lKpren
Louisville k. Cln. Hprra I Louisville h. Cln. 1 prem
St. Louis Xprem St.Loals 1 prem
New Orleans Hprem New Orleans 1 Kprem
North Carellaa.... 2 dis. AU large Upper
Mils. Met. Ins. Co.. par. Cesntry Hprem
American Gold.....lMprem I Gold 2 prem
Sliver lit prem I Silver 3 prem
nighest markets rates paid tor Land Warrants.
Mississippi Land Scrip for tale.
Cleric's Sale of Real Estate in the
City of Memphis.
BT virtue ot a Decree cf the Law bide cf the Common
Law acd Chascer Court of the City of Memphis, at
lta November Term, 1856, In tbe rate of R. E. Chew and
otbera, ex-paite, I will sell to the highest bidder, at pub
lic auction, in front er my ooce, northeast corner of
Court Square, on SATURDAT, February 14th, 1S57, the
f allowing described property, to wit :
Twenty-ono Feet of Lot No. 192,
on Mais street, in the el'y ot Memphit.
Trail t One-third Cash; the balance In one and two
yeara, with iLtertstfrumdste
Jan25 MARCUS J. WRIGHT, Clerk.
Dental Notice.
DR. J. BOBDLET would respectfully
Inform his friends and the public that be
has a fine assortment of Artificial Teeth,
and Is prepared, where the gums are round
asd tree of sensitiveness, &c, to insert Teeth oa Gold or
Silver Plate, In twenty-four hours after the cast Is taken.
Specimens of Teeth on Plate can be seen at my office.
All other operations performed as usual.
J3" Office over Winn's Saddlery Store, Whig Building,
opposite Court Square. janl7-lm
TAKEN up at ay huuss, one BAT HORSE,
3-lef t hind foot white. Hsd on new saddle and
bridle. Inquire cf C J. B. L. WINN,
jaan.tf No. 231 Main-st.
Drugs ! Drugs !
WnvCV .loncs,
KE:P constantly on band a very heavy stock of goods
in their line ot trade
Country dealers, phyr lctans. and others will Cod It to
their interest to purchase of thsai raf.er than from
Northern or Eastern cities.
The rapid Increase of trade In Memphis demands of us
to compete with other larger cities. Jl'e are determimd
None but punctual men or cash customers need
apply. Jan51-daw2
Trustee's Sale.
IN pursuance of a Deed of Trust, executed to me by
James L. Hill and John B. Hill, for tbe benefit ot
Bradley, Wilson A. Co., dated 23th of May, IS55, and duly
recorded In the Register's Office of the county ot Shelby,
aad State of Tennessee, I will proceed to sell for cash, at
public sale, on the premises, at II o'clock, on TUESDAY,
February 10th, IBI7, the following described rroperty,
with the improvements thereon, being the North half of a
certain lot fronting cs the East side of Second street,
stvesty-'cur feet three inches, running back Eastwaidly.
and at right angles with Second street one hundred and
forty-eight feet six leches, being that certain lot of
ground knewn and designated on plan or map ot the city
of Memphis as lot number three hundred and fiftv-seven
upou which It a dcuble three-story brick dwelling house,
together with all necessary convenience", ke.
The title to the above property It indisputable, but
will convey only such title at It vested In me at Trustee.
All right of redemption It exprettly waived by the terms
of the Deed of Trust. W. A. JONES,
Jan20-tda Trustee.
Chancery Sale of Ttvo Valuable
PURSUANT to a Drecree of the Chancery Court at
Memphis, rendered November Term, 1S5G, in thr
case of Joseph Lenow and Archibald Wright, Adm'rt of
Albert G. Underwood, dee'd, and ethert, ex-parte petition
to tell Slavet, etc., I will on
Tuesday, 24th February, 1858,
In front of my office. In tbe city of Memphis, proceed to
sell to the highest bidder for cash,
Two Valuable Negroes,
belonging totbe Estate of tald A. G. Underwood, dee'd,
vlx: Negro Man .turned nENRT, a No. I Plasterer, and
kit wife AGNES, an excellent House or Kitchen Servant.
Sale at II o'clock A. M.
Jan24-dawtds JOHN 0. LANIER, C. k M
Chancery Sale of Valuable Real
PURSUANT to a Decree ot the Chancery Court at Mem
phis, rendered November Term, 1656. 111 tt- oase n(
Wesley Bla temore c. Sarah Carutbers acd Ida Ciralh
ers, widow and helrot James H. Carntbert, decease J, 1
will, oa
In front et my office, In the city of Memphis, proceed to
sell to the highest bidder, tbe following valuable Real Ks
late, ljtng near the city of Memphis, to wit : oke-iiai.i
of a certain Tract or parcel ot Land, sltuaied in Shelby
county, Tennessee, sear the city of Mtmphlt, known and
designated on tbe map ot Lota laid off by B. 3. Todd tot
Wllioughhy Williams, as lots Nos. 76 ar.dT7. on tbe Her
nando Road, beginning at a stake on tbe North side ol
Walker atreet, and the West side ot tbe Hernando Road
running thence North with the line of said Hernando
Roid sixteen chains and thlrty-tevtu links to a stake at a
point opposite to where the North side ot Williams' Av
enue Intersects the Hernando Road, thence West with thi
line of W. and J. HarberU' lot one chain and seventy
seven links to tbe Esst side ot Orleans street, thence
South with the East line of Orleans street fourteen
chalas and seventy links to a ttake. rt the corner ol
Walker street, thence Bait with the line of Walker
street eight chains and elghtv-one links to the
beginning, containing ssven and one-half acres. Tbe
ssla one-half thereof being the Interest owned therein bv
James II. Carutbers.
Sill Tract or parce'. ot Land will be anbdlvlded Int
two equal parcels, and the portion allotted to Estate ot
James 11. Carutbers will be told in Lots of convenient
tut to tult purcbttert, a plan of which will bo exhibited
en the day of tale.
Terns of sale The above mentioned Real Estate wll
be sold on a credit of te7cn months, purchaser to execute
tona witn appro rea security, ana a lien retained on the
Sale at II o'ciocka. X.
Janl-dawtd JOHNC. LANIER, C. &M.
Corner of Linden and St. Martin Sts.
PURSUANT to a decree cf the Chancery Conrt at Hem.
phis, rendered November Tetra. :S56, In the case of
Thomas H. Phillips and wife, Ellen Phillips, Margaret
ItcGinnls and others, heirs of A. B. UcGinnts, dee'd, ex
parte petition to sell Real Estate and Slaves, I will oa
Saturday, January 31st, 1857,
la front ot any ofSce in the city of Memphis, proceed to
sell to the highest bidder,
A Valuable Lot in South .Memphis,
Situated on tbe Southwest corner ot Linden and St. Mar
tin streets. Said Let fronts on South side of Linden
street tSH feet, and runs back with St. Martin street on
West side ltd feet to an alley.
Terns of Sale. One-third of purchase money In cash;
balance ia equal instalments at one and two years, with
Interest from date. -Purchaser to execute aolts with ap
proved stcurity lor the deferred payments.
At the same time and place, In pursuance of tald decree,
I will sell to the highest bidder for Cash, a" valuable Negro
Woman named Jane, belonging U tald estate.
Sale to commence at 11 o'clock, A. it.
dec30-dawtd Clerk and Vaster.
I SITUATION as Beok.Eeeper er Shipping Clerk, by a
Xjl loung itan irom ai. uomt. uooa reference gives.
Address C. H. JIARTIN, P. 0.
Isnl7 "
For Kent.
I WISH to rent for .the pretent year
the Farm belonging to the estate of
W. F. Allen, lying wlthls eight mllei
of Memphis, end It one ot tbe bett Let
"tea Finns In Shelby county ; 275 acres
'la cultivation, and two-thirds of sec
ond bottom land, with a good Dwelling House, Gla, Mill
and all necessary out buildingi. rami m good repair.
Jan20-w8l B, McDAVITT, Guardian.
Hollo-way's Fills.
THE flneit.famlly ntdici-e In the world, and are re
commended to all who suffer from diseases of the Liver
and Stomach, at they sever fall to cure these diseases.
Seld at the manufactories, No. 0 Maiden Lane, New
Tork, and No. 214 Strand, London; and by all druggists,
at25C, tr-JHC, uu bi per pi or box.
Ok ! Yc Buld-Hcaded.
WE Invite the attention of those who are bald-headed.
and those who are afraid of becoming so, to tbe adver
tisement cf Prof. Wood's Hair Restorative In to
day's paper, We are sot in tbe habit of puffing every
quack nostrum that It adsertlsed in our paper, but we
feel It our duty, when we come across an article teat is
good, to let the people know It. We have no fears of
having soos to "tend under bare polet," asd therefore
have sot used the Restorative, but think, if the cer
tificates of honest men ess be relied upon, that It mutt
be a first rate article. Tr It, ye whose satural wlgt
need rejuvenation. Rockville Republican.
Tnbbadof O. J. Wood it Co., 114 Market ttrcft. St.
Loult, and of drngglttt generally. Jan22 daw2w
219 JVIOTi Stroot,
ARE making th finest PICTURES In the world. All
we ask It for you all to call and examine them for your
msde only at the Star GallejT- Jan-datw
Adams Street, opposite the Wortaam Hons,
THANKFUL fer the extensive patronage received with.
In the last four yean, I am now better prepared than
ever tor fitting and curing the worst forms of Hernial
Rupture. I can, besides, furnish, ready-made ormanu
(aetured to order, superior Stockings for Tarlcose eint.
Instruments for Prolaptas, Shoulder Braces snd Band
ages of various klnJj. Artificial Legs and Hands made
to order: In abort, I can easily procure instruments of
every kind, owing to arrangements made In New Tork
and Philadelphia. The following certificates, among
others, speak for themselves :
I, tbe undersigned, hereby certify that on the 27th of
Jcse, 1854, 1 was fitted by WM. A. GLIDDON with one
of his Trusses. My age 1 seventy-ne, and I been rup
tured for nigh five years. It is now several monme
inf. r kir. wt ntr weartnx the Instrument, and to far I
have experienced no retdrn of the complaint. I cordially
recommend Mr. GUddon as a Tmet-fltter to tht commu
nity at large, satisfied tt ne usaersianos ciinaiuai
and trade.
Memphis, August 28, 1855.
By the advice of Dr. A. r. Taylor, Professor of Isato-
my, Aiempnis iieoicai touege, x caircu ou jt. ha..
GLIDDON, and had a Truss made far me and applied.
My case was an Inguinal Hernia. The instrument was
fitted in April, 18t5, and I now consider myself perfectly
cured. My age is thirty-four, aad occupation that of
cistern builder. I cas cordially recommtnd Mr. GLID
DON to all who have been lo unf jrlusate as to be afflict
ed with Hemla. (Signed) CLARK BARBER.
MEMPHIS, January 6, 1667. Janl4-dawtf
Wm. A. Batchelor's Hair-Dye.
GRAT, RED or RUSTT HAIR dyed Instantly to a
beautiful and Natural BROWN or SLACK, wifhout,the
least Injury to hair or skin.
Fifteen Medals and Diplomat have been awarded to
Wat. A. Batciielob since 183J, and over 60,000 appli
cations have been made to the hair of his patrons of his
famous Dye. Prejudice against dying the hair and whis
kers Is unjust, as It would be against covering a bald
head with a wig.
WM. A. BATCHELOR'J HAIB-Dye pTodnccs a color
sot to be distinguished from nature, and it warranted
sot to injure is the least, however long it msy be eon
tinned. Made, sold or applied, (In nine private rooms,) at the
Wig Factory, 233 Broadway, New Tork.
Sold in all cities asd towns of tha United States, by
Druggists and Fancy Goods Dealers.
JCJ"Tbe Genuine has the name asd address upon a
steel-plate engraving on four aides of each bottle, of
233 Broadway, New Tork.
EJ- For sale by 3. MANSFIELD & CO., and Drngglttt
generally. may31-dtwawly
100,000 Hides "Wanted 1
FOR which we will pay the highest market price In
and BEAR SKINS. In fact, any Skins used by TAN
NERS or FURRIERS, we want a', the HIGHEST CASH
novl2-4m 73 Front Row.
2G Madison Street, Up Stairs,
Marine Insurance Companies in tha United
Exchange and Note Broker.
I will attend to the negotiation of all
W. V. HOliGE,
JVC 3Z3 3RL G UNT -X1,
WILL attend faithfully to all business entrusted te his
care. declS-2ai
The greatest -wonder of the world has at last been dis
covered a specific in disease DR. SLEDGE'S NER
VOUS TONIC, for the cure of Chills aad Fever, and a pre
ventive to all grades of Fever, as well as a cure. It has
been fully tested for the lat four years, and it It now
conceded by icienticc men to be one cf the greatest dis
coveries known to man. This will be disputed by thou
sands, no doubt, but It Is so. Read, look, and judge for
Fifty thOTuand dollars win be psM to any person who
wBl produce Its tuperlor. Thi JT edict's can be found in
all tht Drug Stereo and towns throughout the entire
West. J. X. SLKDGK.
AlEMFiiu, October 3, ISM.
This It to certify that w have been selling large quan
tities or Dr. Hedge'a Celebrated Remedies, and tak
great pleasure in recommending them to the afflicted as
possessing remarkable prcperties Id controlling the die
eases for which they are recommended, and we Lare .-.
hesitancy In giving our testimony in favor of their t une
riorlty over other preparations for the same diseaset, .1
they seem to give universal satltf action to all those
UsnsStld & Co., Druggists. Pejton So Harbin, Druggists.
G D. Johnson, Ward &. Jones,
Chandler & Co., Henry Wade, "
R. Joyner & Co., " W. M. Shelton, "
BT the New Tork Exhibition to the English or foreign
Sauce Hanutacturers bas been obtained, amongst numer
ous competitors, by LEA & PERRINS, for their
Worcestershire Sauce,
whereby further testimony is afforded of its being the
best Sauce extant.
The celebrity ot this Sauce has extended lo every quar
ter ot the globe, and Its efficacy in promoting the general
health is becoming dally more observed and acknowledged.
Ia the United States It it held to be the mott agreeable
condiment, aad It esteemed for Its teale aad Invigora
ting properties, lta htbltual use enabling the stomach to
digest the food.
On the Ceatlnentcf Europe, these qualities have been
testified to by a gentleman, who writes to LEA &. PER
RINS that: "I have carried a bottle of your Worces
tershire Sauce in a tour I have Just completed through
Spain and Portugal, and believe 1 owe my present state of
health to lUase; year Sauce it stomachic, and 1 think
medicinal. I can with truth say there Is nothing In a
travaler'sbsggageeoessentlaltohls comfort, at least is
these countries, at yeur Sauce. "
in India, also, where it is found at the mess of every
regiment, a medical gentleman writes from Hadrasto
nis brother in the same profession at Worcester, lathe
following terms: '-Tell LEA tt PERRINS that their
Sauce Is highly approved In Iadla, and that It ia, ia my
opinion, tht most palatable as well as tha most whole-
seme sauce made."
This Sauce la suitable for every variety of dish, and tbe
universal demand which lta excellence bat created hat
led te many imitations being offered to the public, under
a variety ef names, but the geautne msy be kaown by
the names of " LEA & PERRINS "being Impressed upon
the patent metallic capsules, or palest glass stopper of
the bottle, at well as the labels asd wrapper.
Sole.Agents for the united states.
OS Broadway, New Tork.
Xtti portaxtt to Foznolos
THE combinations of Ingredients in these Fills are the
result of a long and extensive practice. Thev are
mild In their operation, and certain in correcting all Ir
regularities, pataiui menstruation, removing all obstruc
tions, whether from cold or otherwise, headache, pain In
tha side, palpitation of tht heart, disturbed sleep, which
always arise irons mterrupiioa or nature. They cas oe
successfully used as a preventive. These Pills should
never be takes In pregsancy, at they would be sure to
cause a miscarriage. Warranted purely vegetable, and
free from aaytoiag injurious to me or health. Explicit
Cirecnnns, wsicn snouia oe reaa, accompany each box.
Price 1. For sale in Memphis by
s. Mansfield & 00,
Q-Sent by roan by enclosing $1 to Dr. CORNELIUS
v Vn.vavVlV Vn IWItrMitvtr VwTMb
4j. mi u r.., " w. - j v. a.
Main Street, Louisville, Ky.,
MANUFACTURER'S Agents for Machine Rope, Bag.
glng, Jeans, tlnstys, &c. Jan21-ly
The Itfalainotype,
TTtlRST Thev are more brilliant, and will never fade.
1? SF.COND They can be token equally as wet it not
oener. in cloudy as clatr weather.
THIRD There can be siren to tha Imoruikm on tbe
Japaned surface an artistic effect and finish (hat cannot
be produced on any other surface knots to 'he pboto-
grapnic wona.
Remember 1 ThatW. HJDeSHONG. 181 Main street
hss the exclusive right of tbe city cf Memphis for the
MtlilDolype prucess.
He al'o miiea Ambrotypes, Daguerreotypes, Flouro-
lypet, ieiercotypes, Tlthneotyptt, Photographs, &e. &c
Optician, Watch Maker and Jeweler,
Madixon ttreet, betueen Main and Front Row,
D ESPECTFULLT announces to his friends and the
Ab punitc in general that he has permanently located
himself at the above stand, where he mar constantly be
found, ready to give attention to those who may f aver
nun witn their patronage. I will always have es baad
a splendid assortment of various lmDroved Spectacles.
also a variety of Watches, Clocks, Jewelry, ic. Re
pairing done in every branch of the business at short
notice, ana warranted. Janlldtwawly
TUST rece;vid, a splendid assortment of various kinds
O cf improved SPECTACLES.
Optician, Watch Maker aad Jeweler,
Madison Street, between Main asd Front Row,
Opposite Citizens' Bank, Memphis, Teas,
These celebrated Glasses are gTouad on the exalt prin
ciple or apnencai Accuracy, of a concavo-coarex mirror
form, admirably adapted to the organ of sight, cas be
used to pursue the most minute emptormeut, either by
dayct CADdle light, with perfect east to the eye, asd
uevercaeses that giddiness of the head, or palatal ses
satlcn In the eves, that many experience Is at lag the
common Spectacles, but strengthen and Improve tht
zai, as r-ia be tetn from the following testimonials
JTrom Hon. A. Johnton, Gov. ef Tenn.
Mr C. Mo LLC ji Sir: Hating fully tested the merits
of your Improved Spectacles, I do sot neonate to fay
that I bey excel aoy I have ever tried, and find tbe pecu
liar manner In which they are ground, obviates the pile
I have frequently experienced lc utlcg other spectacles.
JTrort Dr. Barton, efNew Orleans.
KjtoxviiXE, Tekx., Jose 23th, 16K.
Ms. f! Hullek, Optician Dear Sir: The glasses yea
hare prepared tor me exceed Indistinctness and brilliancy
of vision any I have ever Uf ed. The principle ot a focus
accommodated to every motion of the eye, it invaluable,
at It prevents fatl.ue to the organ, and does sot impair
vision. Tbe beautiful trans parency of the glass, with its
great hardness, gives a durability which Is invaluable to
these having a constant demand for them.
These Improvements are recommendations for their use
highly meriting public patronage.
Very respectfully, your obedient servant.
G. H. BARTON, M. D., of N. 0.
JVoot Hon. A. McClelland, Ex-Member of Congress,
Mr. C. Moleeb Sir: I end your glasses to be far su
perior to those In common use. A. McOLELLAND.
i'rom Hon. IK. H. Humuftreys. Judge ef the Feierci
Court, Tennessee.
I have tried Mr. Mailer's spectacles. I eoasider 11 em
altogether auperior to the spectacles commonly ased.
From Saml. R. Rodgers, Senatorfrom Knox and Roane
counties. Tennessee.
Mr. C. Mdller Sir: I take great pleasure isi stating
the public that lam mine your Improved Spectacles with
perfect satisfaction, both by daylight and candleHgkt. I
consider them a valuable Improvement.
G. H. Kyle, Jackson, Tenn.
Thomaa Gamewell, Jackson, Tenn.
Hon. John Read, " "
V. B. Woodrolk, M. D., Cotton Grove, Tenn.
W.W. Haw tins. Brownsville, Tenn.
Wm. C. Brace. M. D., " "
Mayor A. M. Sbaw, Eomervllle, Tenn.
Wm H. Polnaexter, ' "
The Spectacle Lens la ecnimoa use, terme loabte con
vex, have but one focus, and that being In the ceatre. ad
mits of a perfect vision only through the centre. Now as
the eyes, la railing from side to tide, depsrt frees lh
point, it Is affected by the distortions Incident, aad occa
sions in weaE eyes fatigue ana pain, aad in strong eyes
a more frequent cha-ge of glass for those of higher power,
than It canted by tbe simple flattening of tb ejre by age :
or, to use the language of many, tbey make the eye grow
older. Could the glass be attached to the eye, so as to
move with It, or the head be made to turn aad accommo
date tbe tight, while the eyes remain fixed, the deuUe
convex lens wouM not be so objectionsb'e. But as neither
of thsss plans could be very well accompli bed, as eatter
method to remedy this Important defect in all hitherto
construe ed helps to the defective human vjtinn is desira
ble. This end Is obtslned la these glasses, which, having
Bot oaly central focus, but, for all practical purposes, one
throughout, the objection above named Is obviated , as they
will enable tbe wearer to perceive objects at every ancle
of vision, with all the correctness of the satural healthy
sight. jssii-aavGm
Profitable and Honorable Employment
PERSONS ia tows or country ia search of empkytseot
as a tource ot income, or to all up their leisure hears,
may hear ot such by enclosing two stamps, to pay poet
age, to Professor JAMES T. HORNE, Box No. 4,1 New
Tork Post office. The employment Is fitted to either sex
station In life Immaterial. It is an article ot daily
consumption, and can be manufactured In any person's
dwelling; secured by copyright; tales as periBanestas
Sour. An agent is wanted in every town in the union.
TITE co-partnership heretofore existing between Drs.
K. P. WATSON & A. L. K.IMBKO. hat been dis
solved by mutual consent. Dr. Kimbro settles the old
N. B. Dr. KIMBRO will continue business at tbe old
office, on Union street. janSl-dawta
Strayed or Stolen,
FROM the subscriber, at LaG range. Tens.,
xVlthe nlKht tbe 234 of December list, an IRON
GRaT MARE, about sixteen bands bigh. four
years old lat spring. She has a small lamp oa her with
ers, about the site of a large marble, caused by tbe saddle.
S le was shod before when she left. Nt other marks re
membered. Any Information will be thankfalty received
and liberally rewarded by the subscriber.
LaGrange, Jan. 10, 1S07. II. H. FALLS.
GOLD PENS I Mortoa'st
GOLD PENS 1 Bacley's ;
GOLD PENS! Rapp"s;
GOLD PENS I Superior Points:
GOLD PENS I Short Nibs;
GOLD PENS 1 Long Nibs ;
GOLD PENS l Small Sis;
COLD PENS I Medium Siae;
GOLD PENS I Large Size;
GOLD FENS I Engrossing;
GOLD FENS I Mammoth;
GOLD PENS! Smooth and Easy Writing;
GOLD PENS I Warranted Peints;
dec23 J. E. MERBIMAN Jt CO.
MAT be had by applying to
lans-lm Corner of Exchange and Third at reels.
TWKNTT Theusaad Havana Cigars in store asd fer
tale by
rwv27-tf BOTD & ANDERSON.
FIFTEEN Thousand pounds Goshen Batter in store and
fer sale by
OH ft BOXXSFresh Cheese! fw sale by
A LL persons Indebted to u either by Bote or account
JTA. will come forward and settle, as longer Indulgence
i-aacct be given. POPE & BROTHERS,
jj::l-ln 23oMaia.lt., Memphis, Tean.
Extension Dining Tallies.
MAIIOGANT, Oak and Walnut Extenaloa TaVej,
from ten to fourteen feet long, Just received and fer
sale low by
Just Received,
ND for sale low to the trade
20 hhds. Brows Sugar;
100 lacks Rio Coffee;
IS bsles Dundee Bagglag;
100 halt colls Rape.
nevt 23 Vrent Rew.
MAT be bad for a few gentleman, also a good room fer
a family, by applying early to
A1119. rAKllAU, -
JaaS'lm Corner Exc' ange and Third streets.
3-oxxor-l XjjxxxcI .gozit.
WILL attend personally to the locating of Swamp Land
Scrip and Warrants In the Jacksonport and Helens
Districts, telling Land and paying Taxes.
B. Graham, Memphls.Tean.; A. S. Huey, Little Rock;
R. C. Brlnkley,
Mai T. Mull. Mist.;
W. M. rolweu,
F. Lane tt Co , "
J. Norton & Co., N. O.;
J. A. Rousseau, LaGrange,
W. E. Buttt, LawTtnoevllle,
Pa ;
Pool ttWatioo,Jackienpart
H. P- Coolldge, Helena,;
Myrtle c Jioore,
Allen Polk, "
0. W. Board, Jacktonport;
Garrett's Snuff.
DOZEN Garret ft So off In bottles;
100 doxen " " " papers;
10 bbls " " " bladders.
For tile by WARD & J0NX3.
A BEAUTIFUL Cottage, with tlx rooms. In
the corporate limits, with one aad a half acres
ot Land. Apply to
JanlJ-iw 215 Main ttreet.
ON the night ot 25th December, a small ehes-
yBfk a
nut sorretl MULE, four. years old, marked with
tne conar, in gooa eruer, nia one shoe on before,
had a rone on his seek when he left. Anv in
formation left at Cayce't stable, or to myseir, two miles
North ot Memphis, will be thankfully received, and all
troublellberally rewarded.
Webster's Private Correspondence,
WITH Autobiography and Personal Reminiscences,
containing alto a Biographical notice of Eiekiel
Webster. Two vols., Svo.
A new Life of Summerfleld, by William W. WiUett ;
Canterbury Tales, by narrlet Lee, In two volumes ;
The Miser, Rleketlcketack, and the Poor Geatkman ;
Three Tales la one volume, by Hendrtck Ceooatcienee ;
poems of Heary Wadsworth Longfellow complete In two
New Juveniles.
The Castaways; or, the Adventures of a Family Ninths
Wilds of Africa. illustrated;
The Play-Day Book, New Stories for Little Folks, by Fan
ny Fern;
Chanticleer, A Thanksgiving Stery of the PeabodyFaml
' lr, by Cornelias Mathews, with Illustrations;" by
Our Grandmother's Stories, tnd Aunt Eatt's Fireside
Memorlei, Jui t received acd for sale by
jas2,-daw CLEAVES & GUION.
D "f exel " T to Surgical Diseases, (jnf-J, ON THE FIRST DAT OF APRIL, 1S57, 1 will
tnu as PUes, Fistula! la Ano, Strictures, Stone la VSjtSI offer the above well known and valeiMe property
Bladder, Ulcers, Caneert, Tnmsrs, Poljpus, Diseased! lortale,at pubhe auction, oo the premise., if
Bones and Joints, Deformities from Burnt, Hair-Lip. I JtLULnot before disposed of at private saV. GREEN
ContractedTesdoBS from loss ot Lips, Cheek. Nose, Ere HlGn is situated la tbe flourishing aad pleasant village
..v., .. ... omerois-
eases and deformities requiring Surgical aid. .
DR. FENNER also attends to all Diseases ot the Eye
and Bar, aad is prepared to Board Patltatt from a
53- Office oa Mala ttreet, la Walker's Building, reii
dence on Court ttreet. tep20-dtwawlyint
isiEanox or
Two Doors East of Commercial Hotel,
mayZ7daw .iIK.itritl, TOJi
&T cost:
C?t)K rv f"l fl WORTH of new aad mtoaabie
UOODS, at actual cost for cash.
Owing to a chaBge ia oar basinets, we offer at actual
cost for cask and cash only, our entire etock ml Clothing
ana jraraiihiag Uoodt. As tbe business must be dosed
ap, and to do so the stock most be sold, persons la want
of Goods In our line, w81 find it to their advantage to
give us a call. KELLER & JOHNSON,
No. 3 Clark's Marble Block,
Janl-Ssi 272 Main street.
Jj- Kaqalrer copy three months.
oauuory 1st, IS G7.
N offering our card to the pafelic we feeder oar ac
knowledgment, for tbe very liberal patroaage extend
ed as daring tbe past year, and premise for the fatare to
farnliboarcastomen the LARGEST. CHEAPEST aad
oar Sensor partner will be eoBsta&UyiB the Eastern
market, aad win keep us tally supplied with every deeira
Me style ef
Staple end Paney Dry Goods, &c.
We are Agents for some of tbe best braada of DO
MESTICS, OSNABURGS, tic., which we ofler at Factory
prices. Jaa3-daw3m
Wholesale and Retail Dealers in
S 5,
Jaa3-dawsra 225 MAIN-ST.. MEMPHIS. TENN.
181 Main-sL, epp- Worsbam House,
Ken's and Tenth's Clothing,
flats, Shoes, &C, ..c,
Saddlery, Guns, Rifles, Cutlery,
Boys' Doable Guns, Fine Tobacco and Tea.
To Consumers or Dealers.
$2G H.E5X7-a-H.33:
Stop tlie Runaway !
RANAWAT from the saaecriber. living six miles
nortnwestof IIerDaad,Mie.,aNesireMaB. named
ALBERT. Said Albert 1 betweva 38 aad 30 years
old, 6 feet 5 or 6 laches high, dark eofsalected and
nick i pot en. He wore off three pairs of pants, three
coats, and carried wuh htm two biaakets. He was raised
in Halifax, Virginia, from which place he wat brooght by
Forrest U. Jones, from whom I bad recently bought him.
will give the above reward for ait apptsbentlon and cis-
a nnent so that I cas get bim.
tawl-duelm V C. GARTRELL.
. O. SMITH.. ..B. r. OCTMRIE....QEO. 1. XOtVXAXD.
Commission Icvclnvwts
Foreign and Domestic Liquors
Virginia and Kentucky Tobacco,
No. 30-1 Main Street, between Second and Third,
Jt? pare, ia store aad fer sale by
nerS7-tf Ne. 157 Main street.
OnCi SACKS cheleelrish Petateet ra store and for
SJJ aate by
Carriage Factory,
THE aadereigned have opened a Carriage Factory oa
Secoad ttreet, between Washington and Adams
atreets, where they are prepared to Manufacture ami Re
pair Carriages at tbe rhortest notice. All were done by
them will be guarantied, aad a share ot public patroaage
set id ted.
JaB3-Iy L S. BURR it CO.
Tatum's Patent Oil-Ground
Prom the litest number of the Photographic and Fine
Art Journal.
N tbe whole history of Art la the prod action ot Por-
JL traits of the highest order, no s ingle Improvemeat
has ceatrieeuii as mncn as this new process. All tail
has been developed by science la tbe use ot the camera
aad tbe light ot the sun, to wonderf u'.I , taecesstul la the
Daguerreotype, Arabrotipe asd Phetegripa, have bees
appropriated by this new process to large pictures oa the
meet perfect and durable of all grounds to receive the
plastic touch and exquisite tint of the artist's brush.
Real oil paintings in o:l grounds upon canvas, such as
bajalwas been regarded by the masters ot art as the
best receptacle for colors la oil, are bow readily prodaced
with ail tbe truth of the aaguerreotype W oeitBeatlea.
and of llvltg, breathing, blooming nature la color, tone
and ezpresetos, from the miniature ap to that of life site,
with a facility aad durability that is attoaadiag evea in
this age of steam, electricity and latellectaal progress.
Portraits the site of life may be secured treat saiall da.
gaerreotjpes ot persoBS deceased, with as atach trash aad
acenracy as from tbe living subject.
Sittings from tbe living saWect are almost entirely dis
pensed with. 4Bd tbe finished portrait delivered in oae or
woaays irons tae oroer.
The durability ot these oil greuBd photgrtphi is tu
tored for a hundred years, if desired, as there is r o chem
ical er fjreign matter used or introduced that eaa la any
wise afteet the permanency or duratllttyof tbe picture,
the ground betas tee same as hi. beta most approved
and that ordinarily need by artiste is portraiture aad
landscape; tbe vehicles aad palats are also the same.
Mr Tatam. the patentee, with a raiad well stored with
scientific truth, and possessing an enviable skill In the
higher walks of art, bas thus, in his last achievement,
and the liberal terms offered his fellow artists la prosecu
ting bis aew process, not eoly refiectrd credit upon his
native country In tbe gnat race ot bumin progress, but
dose groat boBor to his own head, hand and h art, and
doubtless will receive frosi an oblige propte the reward
doe his ardaous toil and brilliant achievement
or THE
ARE the oaly Artists la tbe city who make this new asd
beautiful style of Portraits. Ttey hive tbe ezdaslve
right for tee city, aad all other Portraits made upon can
vass by the Photographic process are bet iaUtatieas of
tbe original TATUM process.
Many beautiful specimens cf theciHsens of Memphis
are oa exhibition at tbe STAR GALLERY, where all are
lovlted to call asd see for themselves lan lm
jLots at Private Sale.
I OFFER for sale, upon easy terms, unimproved Lots,
121,122,125,126,103,101,131, 132. Improved Lots
1C9 and 170 being on the plaa ot tabdlvlsionof Greenlaw
Saffarrans, Looory is. Ereie. U. B. LOCKE,
nav2-tf Anetieaeer aad Real Estate Broker.
To the Patrons of the Commercial Hotel
FEELING very grateful to a liberal and generous pub
lic for their tupport la whatever b'aaches of busi
ness I have been engaged here, I desire to reader my ac
knowledgments mora especially for their sspport of this
establishment, and for tbe quiet and good order my guests
have esabled me to preserve in it.
The Ucenscfor retailing tpirltuous liquors at the bar
having expired, It will, in deference to the law, be closed
from aad after this day. D. COCCRELL.
Jinlt-U Proprietor commercial liotei.
THE nndertlgned, at preent representing the hoasc
of BREWER & CALDWELL, New Tork, will maki
liberal Cash Advances os Cotton con signed to them fci
sale. Arply at Front Row, upstairs.
sep27-tf WM. H. nULL.
Laths and Shingles.
BOGEET &. WITT are still miking Laths, and are al
ways prepared to supply the public with tbe best ar
ticle at reduced prices. They are also staking Shlaglet,
aad will keep a supply constantly oa hand. Mill oa Wolf
river, above the Bayou. Jaly M, 'Sg-ly
100 Barrels Flour,
"TTABIOUS braads, from the best Extra to Snperflne,
V tar tale by
V ( -. IE . 1
Main utrCbt,
Tint Crackers.
riOMR very substantial asd beautiful articles of this
kind now for aale by us.
Dry Goods at Wholesale;
TUST received, direct from New Tork, oa consignment,
J of upwards ef $30,000 worth of seasonable Staple
Dry Goods. Tbe goods being on consignment, I can af
ford and will sell better bargains than ever was offered lr
this city. Merchants and planters, who wish to buy by
the piece will find to their Interest to examine my stock
before purchasing elsewhere. O. B. LOCKE,
aov5 Auctioneer and Real Estate Broker.
BAGS RIO COFFEE, for tale by
BBLS. FLOUR, various brands, fer tale by
KflA KEGS NAILS, best Eastern for sale by
Greennigh. for Sale.
or uiirange, and is accessible from all parts of the
country, being Immediate j on the Memphis and Cbarles-
ton Railroad.
It was designed aad prepared by the late Dr. J. N.
Cocke, expresely aa a Water-Care and Boarding estab
lishment, and tht very liberal patreaage extended him
during the summer ot 1S55, and to his successor, Mr. A.
B. Glotter. fast summer, shows in what high estimation,
as a healthy and pleasant resort. It is held by tbe com
munity. The buBdisgs consist ot a two-story Frame House,
with eight rooms dining room 26 by 0 feet; twenty
ave cottage rooms, kitchen, outhouses, stables, it, alt
f to flne repair, with new furniture last year
There are a number of sever-fatHag Springs wtlhln
thirty ttept of the house, affording aa abaadaat supply
of the purest water. There It also a aae Cbalrbeate
tiws a quarter or a mile, which win be tetd
with the place. The lots contain eighteen or twenty
acres, with tine garden, orchards, shrubbery, 4c. The
arrangements fer Water-Cur-, such at baths, ic., are
aspse aad complete.
Terms or Sale. One-third cash; balance ia oae
and twu yean, bond aad approved security, aad a lies
retain! oa the property.
Per was wlshlag to parchase cas oMaia aay iaforma
tloa they may desire by ad4retstg ate at LaGraage,
Tf- K.WlNmJ,
LaGrange, Tees., Jan. 9th, 1S57 Jull-wit
E3Ejfie aad Eaejatrer, LoatsvtsteJesnra! aad Oeve
laad Plata Dealer, testy twice la Daily aad Weekly, aad
send Mil to ArrCAl. oAee aad paper to Cos. E. Wlnettn
jES 3VfT O "7 J. Xi
or THE
n WK take pleasure In informing the cittseae of
24 Memphis and the pobllt generally that we have re-
n moved our stock of Drugs lo the corner ef Mala and
& Ualoo- streets, and will take pleasure In aocoaim-
daiuig all who may ravor us with a ran .
We are also la receipt of a fall tapaly of fresh aad gen
nine Drugs, Chemicals, Paints, Otis, perfumery, fee.
Particular atteatioa paid to fill tag et Preterrptteas at
all aourt or aay aaa sight.
det3I-tf R. JOINER 4. 00.
Corner Zllain and Jackson-sts.
THIS well known Hotel, haviag changed bauds,
aad been the roughly repaired, aad provided with
new Furattarr, la sow epea far the aonesamoih
tleaof Btardera tad Travelers.
The paMie may rest atsand that every exerUea watt
be made oa the part ot the Proprietor to reader this
House t econd to aoae ia West TenBeuee. Haviag active
aad attentive strvaats , aad a table always faratthed with
the bett tbe country i Sards, he coeadently rettes.apea
glvlog entire satisfaction to all who may favor him with
their aatronage. WM. K. BENNETT,
JanS.dlwaw3ei Proprietor.
Ej- Eepsirrr copy.
Tlios. Peters Resilience for Sale.
I HAVE for sale the Etsldmce aad 1S3K acres of land
beioagiat; to Thomat Peters. Esq., lylag os tbe Stalr
Llae Road asd the Memphis and Charleston Railroad, 21
raties east ef Memphis, at Bray's Station The tsapfeve
mentseeasists of a Jwe'ltsg, built ia Gothic Style. 9 large
roetas and 2 small ones, with closets, store roe ml. Sue
Kitchea, 2 servants' rooms, cistern, well, stabtes asd
bara, carriage house, wagoa shed, &.C., &c. Ia short, it
is ene ot the best improved places in Shelby eoaaty, all
new and in perfect order. I wW tell tbe Improvements
and S35i acres of la ad, or a'l together. It desired, I win
sell the stock of sheep, begs, aad cattlo, ears, tedder, oats
aad pork, slaughtered aad packed Is the smoke hoase. A
bargain win be gives. Apply to Thos. Peters, oa the
premises, or to G. B. LOCKE,
dee 21 Aactieaeer aad Real Estate Broker.
Suburban Residence for Sale.
I OFFER for sale, upon good terras, the former Resi
dence of 0. F. King, Ksi., lying oa the north tide of
the new State-line road, a mile aad a half east of the
city- The tract contains 11 acres, and is Improved with
a small reiMeace of three rooms, well aad other improve
meats. Alto, a fear acre wood let, aearly opposite. This tract
is wHata three quaaters ot a mile ot a good church and
tehee!, aad is la one ot the best aad healthiest neightar
heeds ta the vicinity of Memphis. G. B. LOCKE,
aovu Auctioneer and Real Estate Crater.
Piano Fortes for Sale.
I HATE la store, jut received direct
from New York. TWELVE PIANO
FORTES, from S 1-3 U7 octave, of supe
rior finish asd different series, setae beinc
ia'aid with Pearl. They win be sold at greatly redaced
prices. This preteots a mott favorable opportunity te
parchase a superior Instrument at a bargain. Terms
mads ta suit purchasers. G. B. LOCKE,
dee-13 It Auctioneer and Heal Estate Broker.
THIMBLES! From No. 1 ta Ne. 12;
THIMBLES! Oped aad Closed Top;
THIMBLES! All Sliver;
THIMBLES ! Steel Tep;
THIMBLES! GeM Octagon;
TRIMBLES! Geld Embossed;
THIMBLES ! GoM Engine Turned ;
THIMBLES! Engraved Geed;
THIMBLES I Chas'd aad Plaia.
Aa exceiteat assortment of the abeve caaahrsisbe
f toad at oar ttore, aad especiaHy at tats time.
e23 J. E. MERRIMAN &. OO.
A Great Variety
fXF Goods such as are generally kept ha our Hae of the
most beautiful stjtes, satiable for
Holiday Presents,
sH of which we are selling very lew.
ec23 J. E. MERRIMAN & CO.
A NEW assortment just received.
Sliaivl Pins.
TTTE eaa Bow supply this very deslrabte article.
r r janis
WE keep every variety of Spectacles that are to be
had Is any market. We have just received a very
large addition to ear stock.
IS'o. ST Adams-st, Memphis, Ten.,
HAS Just received from erth Carotlaa...
tweaty-flve likely Tousg negroes, to which he tiO
desires to call the attention of aarchasers.a
He will be In the regular receipt of segrees-12.
from North aad South Careilaa every month. His Ne
gro Depot Is one ef the most complete and esmaodtoas
establishments of Ihekladla tbe Southern coaatry, aad
his regulations exact aad systematic, cleanliness, neat
ness and contort being strictly observed aad eatarced.
His aim is to furalsh to customers A. 1 servaatsaad
field hinds, sound aad perfect la body aad mlad. Ne
groes taken on commtsiiea. Ias21
Garden Seeds, Crop of 1S56,
DIRECT from D. Laadreth, for Mj? by the paper, dortn,
pound, and Lusael, wholesale and retail by
J an41-da wSw WARD Sc. JONES.
A Teacher "Wanted.
THE undersigned will give $1K) and beard to a com
petent Baptist Lady, who can teach the Eagtish lan
guage, for a term uf ten months. Only two children to
be taught. Address, A. F. CLEAVEL.VND,
Jaa23-d2tawlt Sledgevine, Miss.
THE Spring terra and Fifteenth Sessioa wBt com
mence oa MONDAT, the 2d of February.
For terras see Circulars.
Dancing at Professor's charges. jaaSldtwawSta
THIS le to forewarn all persons from haborlag ertra
plovlBg FRED. VOLMER, boesd to me as aa
apprentice to the Gcnsmltb business for a number et
years. The law will be enforced against aay person or
persons who will give him eraptoymeat, as he has left ray
shep without cause, before Cubbing btsAime as obligated
SACKS Fine Salt,
for sale by
RAfi BUSHELS toand Potatoes for sale by
SACKS Coarse Salt, fer sate by
OLD BOURBON WH1SKT, for sale by
ROPE, for sale by
Frcsli Feathers. t
POUNDS new Feathert, fresh from the
country, for sale at
JLife-Size, in Oil Colors.
HAS opened his STUDIO la Clark's MarWe Battatag,
where he wHl be pleased to tee thote that with to
employ hit pencil .
5 Portraits alto palated from Daguerreotypes aad
Photograph t. jaan
JOHN CUBBINS Is my aathoriied agent daring my
temporary abtecce.
JVeiv Furniture.
McKINNET i. CO. have lately receiv
ed a considerable lot ot flee FURNITURE
from New Tork asd Baitoa, to which
they invite the atteatlen ot purchasers.
at 112 Main Street, Memphla. Janl7
Chamber Furniture.
BEAUTIFUL black enameled, plain aad ornamental
Oak Chamber setts, just received by
janl7 192 Main street
Ilallet, Davis & Co.'s Pianos.
bia. or those tpieaaia even uctave
Piaao Fortes, received per steamer Pete
I Whetstone, and tor sale at Boston prices,
1 freight added, by
I HAVE received lately a very good recoud-hasd BOIL
ER, also. BRICHEN and STAND-PIPE, which I am
authorised to tell very tow tor cash. The Boiler It twenty
slx feet Lag, thirty-six Inches dlamater, two twelve Inch
sues. G. M'LEAN, Botler-Mtker,
JaaS-d3wrw3t Opposite Navy Tard. lfemphis.
THREE er four good MATTRESS MAKERS waated
immediately Good waget glvea. at
ltal7 MeKINNBT Sc. C0.' .
Valuable Land For Sale.
I OFFER for sale a valuable tract ot Land, situ
ated In Fayette and Haywood counties, containing
about 1S0O acres, beiag tbe tract of Land on which
B B. DeGraffenreld resided at the time of his
death. The Land will be divided to suit purchasers. It
Is situated near the Memphis and Ohio Railroad, and Is
regarded as equal to any tract ot the size in Fayette.
Purchasers are Invited to come aad examine It. Terms of
sale wlH be libera!. A; ply to me at my residence In Fay
ette, or to Calvin Jones, or W. A. Williamson, at Semer
vllle. H. Z. DeGRAFFENREID, Executor.
UpIar latfufs
Regular Memphis and White River
James JLaizglillti,
P. MAINGAULT, Master J. P. BOOKER, desk.
THIS fast running, freight and passen
ger packet, will leave Meawbts tor Jaec-
C tenport and all intermediate landtag.
every neoarkuaj, at e-tu&, r. M.
Fur rrelzht or naitage. apply oa beard or to
W. W. HODGE, Ageat,
dec30-3m No. 3 Baak Aveaae.
10e. :::::: 18C7,
James P. Smith, Master.
tju ON the resumntiea of
so navigation a line of first
class packets will cat
metKe their regular trips1
betweea Memphis, Cairo aad LoaisnlH, coanecttag at
Memphis with the New Orleans packet ttae, at Cairo
with tbe Illinois Central Railroad, aad at LoolsviBe with
the Louisville aad Cisctn-atl packet Uae.
These Boats ar fitted ap and faraleaed la etegaat style,
with every regard for the comfort aad convenience of
passeagtrs, are officered by careful aad expeiieaced awn,
who, by strict attenttea to business, hope to merit the
oteadeace aad patrooageot the public i
LAYALLETTS be MORRIS, Agents, MeaiaHs.
oc3t BENEDICT Sc. SON, Agents, Louisville.
EJ" Eagle aad Eoqatrer copy.
aicmpbls, White River sind Xapoleon
Helena, Friar's Point, Laconia & CmeWcliar
JOBS T SHIRLET, Mister.... WM. T. WOOD, Olerk.
W THIS sew, spieadid aad fata tieamer,
svlbaviag been parchaeed is ta Packet
Trade ia place ot the Jaam Laata.wlH
'cootiaae recaiarlr ia the ttaaa, leavlK
Memphis rvery MONDAT aad PRIPAT at i attttk r.
is. , panetaally , eooBecttag at Natoeeoa wttsi Watte aid
Arkansas river boats, ukiag freight aad patoeogtra to
White river at regular rates. ReturaiBg, staves Napo
leon every TUE8DAT aad SATURDAT, anteaag at Mem
phis Sunday aad Wednesday eveataae.
Thankful for former patreaage, the eywaers hope te
merit a coatiaaaaee of the same to their new beat, pro
mising strisi alteatiett to tmtasj.
Notice to Snirrtas. Tbe Frfeeee' vtt receive
freight aatil see o'clock oa Meadays, aad aarlag the en
tire day Tharadays, aad aaitl oae o'clock Fridays.
1856. Jill 1857.
JACKET Tt 1 rJ.fcJ :
Fr order to accommodate the public, the owners aad
masters of the Packets hretufvre ia the trade betwees
the twa cities have organised a Company te raa a M
Weekl) Line et Packets between. Memphis aad New Or
leaas, asder the aame aad style of th
.Memphis and New Orleans Packet Co.
The Boils composiag the Line are alt of the Sf si easts,
inferior to noae in the West or Sooth, far speed, eeetatrt
aad safety. They win leave each peace every Monday,
Wednesday aad Friday, at 3 o'clock r. si.
Particular attention wUl be paid to ssay business.
Monday Packets.
NEBRASKA R. Alrz. Irwia, Master.
ING OMAR L. McDeassigB, "
Wednesday Packets.
JOHN SIMONDS .Wm. Wiay. Mis err.
H. B, W. HILL. .Thos. H. Newell, "
Friday Packets.
BEN FRANKLIN -M. e. Aadors, Master..
BELFAST H. L. Chare ,
Shtpaers aad Passeagers may rely oa the puuttaalKy of
the boats ot this line.
A cecUaaiBca of the patroaage hitherto extended M
the owners of this Uae ia resfxctfally lestcHti.
ET" OSes adjoining W. B. Rtchasoad at Co.. eosser
Court street aad Frost Row. teas
Sep J
I HAVE jaet received tease af their ele
froea tbe celebrated Ptaae, Factory of
Ekakb." at Paris tad Loadoa, aad al
ter them for sale. I keep those splendid little ORGANS,
called Seraphine, w.th from tea to thirteen stoat, aad all
the latest Iraprovt m sts. These are kaewa to be the best.
Instruments for Churches, Lodges aad School Stoats. Al
lastruraetts told by me a e warranted for ave yean.
St? Tuning and RepairlBget Piaao. Ttotsas, Otgaae,
Metodeoat, etc., etc., done in a WMksaaBttka rntaaer at
moderate prices.
3 I do Bot pretend to give lessees oa aay saaaaer aad
variety of Instruments.
)aa3-lf 1U Mala street.
Memphis, Tennessee.
CAPITAL -$150,000.
T. W. Wilkinson, Pres.; Ben May, Sec.
orricx os jErrcnaex jtuhzt.
H. O. walxeb, Sam. Mossy,
Q. C. ATKIIISe, T. W. WlLXl.tSOIt,
W. B. QnzEXLAW, T. H. Ar.T.gw,
J. J. Rawlixui.
A TTORNET AT LAW. Ufflce ever C. W. Cherry Si
xiC.'. jiaS-K
To Southern and Western Mer
chants. "Wolfe's Celebrated Schiedam
Depot, No. S3 Common Street, New Orleans,
THE whole coaatry Is Hooded with CewatorfeK aad
Imltatita Schnapps. The public sheaM be care fat
to purchase only the genuine article, nsasntf aetared aad
imported by CDOLPHO WOLFE, which bas the aaae ot
the maaafactarer oa the botue, cork and label.
For tale by aU the respectable Druggists aad Grocers.
Read the opiaieas of the New Tork Press.
J. W. BURKE, Aet,
SS Ccmmea stxtet, New Otteaas.
Frera the New Tork Mercury.
Fraudulent Imitations ol Superior Commodities.
Araoag themaBysdishoBesties ot trade which the moral
tease ot the cooaaalty is carted apoa ta taaeress, we
would parUcalarly aotice a most pernicious aad tatamoea
practice adopted by unscrupulous dealers, of lmrUltng
and coaaterteKiag the exterior appearaace aad precau
tionary labels ot popular drugs, medteaaieQts, aad ether
articles et persoaal consumpMoa, aad that, by seixlas
upon the weB acquired reputation of aa eatrprtolag tra
der, palming off mott destructive aud wertatett com
peaads. to the sore detriment sot oaly of the et ataaser,
bot to the character of the maa who has expeaded thoas
aadt of dollars is briagiag the geaasae article into es
teem aad demand. These petty larceny thieves are tha
pest of all honorable dealers aad traders aad he trade
is as saach highway robbery as the violent asartailea
of their neighbor's parse ; is fact, they, are ataealatae
burglar aad highwayman ia doralty fer the it latter
f etoaa exhibit a bravery or reckjesanett of character la
nowise distluguisbiag the mercantile assaioisM whe stab
ia the dark. And ought they not to be rewarded with a
paaishmeat cemmensarate with the cowardice ot their
crime f We were led to these remarks by aotldentosty eb
tervtag a spurious counterfeit of Hdolaoo Wolfe's Schie
dam Schaaops. The labels were imitated perfectly, wHo
the slight addition ot a tew letters to pttad teesMretal
avoidance ot the law against coasterreitros; the battle
were very siilar, aad everythiag pn-aredto baaeto
upon a careless purchaser. Now 1. not tao mas who
perpetrated this fraud a felon, a robber? Asoaredlyho
Is ; for. at Mr. Wolfe has expeaded largo suets to bring
bis genuine imported Schnspps late popatardemaBd, that
demand may be justly coastdeTed a pan ef his capita ia
trade, aad a fellow steal log a part ot his reputatlea Is as
much a thief as if be had stolen a barrel ot his Schaaapo
In balk. And to this crime he adds a farther eae of de
fraading the community by giving them a rasaoas arttda
fer the mene; they intended to expead for a commodity
ia which they had coaadence. Aad, farther, every raaa
who participates Indirectly in the fraud, by seWsg spu
rious articles, is as much ot aa offender as the priactpal
who planned the imposition. Tbe remedy of Mr. WeWo
should l.e In hi: holding all concerned up to the eoatempt
of the community thus swindled by their eperatlaas, and
unconsciously imposed apoa by taeir noxioat eompoal-.
tlans. We trust that Mr. Wolfe wlH obtain aames, sot
only ot the coacoctors of these cossterteMs, bat at every
maa offering them for sale, aad then paMish them to tho
world ; for his own reputation and the heakk of the com
munity demand that all parties should be aasM to tha
pillory ot pubiie execration. ,
From the New Tork Dispatch.
An Infamous Business.
When aa enterprising man starts oat a sew batteess.
to tbe establishment ot which he gives Ms ladst try, tal
ent! aad pecuniary means, cas aaytaiac be mere con
temptible than to have another steal ia, aad, nader tpe
cieus pretexts, bold out to the peWfe aa hatettor artiste,
and endeavor to obtain their patrostage? Pray, what
difference Is there, so far aa the heaesly of the thing la
concerned, betweea purloining the business by which a
cltixen hopes to make his bread and steaHag the bread
itself? A common thief, if he takes without leave, how
ever hungry, a loaf of bread from a baker's shop, is ap
prehended and condemned to the penitesttary tar daring
la a surreptitious manner to appease hts appetite; but
put a respectable looking coat on his back aad a few dol
lars la his pocket, aad he may, with Impunity, nay, even
with the app)ausi of his fellows, by knavery, forgery or
other Infamous means, take the business or an haaest
maa from him, aad go unscathed of justice. Aft this le
wrong. Some y'ars since a geatleraaa of this city
(Hdolpho Wolfe) iatrodeced to the eitizeos of the Halted
States a medicated article of gin, wbKh was highly ap
proved by professional gentlemen as a superior tonic and
deobstruent, and the knowledge of which he, by adver
tisement aad otherwise, disseminated throughout tha
country. So soos as tricksters, who pass in the buslaesa
community as honest men, saw that Mr. Wolfe was Hkery
to have handsome returns tor the mosey which bo had
expesded, they set about forging his labels aadpabalBZ of
up a the people detestable asd potseaeas eenmuBe's
which they have the hardihood ta caM "SeMedaai
Schnapps." In some instance! they have gone so tana f
to put Wolfe's aame to their villalsoos BquHi. Aa"thl"i
horde are growing bold iu their rascalities, It is time iSa
public In town aad country were put apoa thsir guard.
Consumers should be sure that they purchase the genu
ine article, or else their health may be Irreparably Injured
by using the horrible ttua that unscrupulous menbe
canse they can buy It cheap, will offer as the genuine ar
ticle. Pure Schiedam Schnapps ran only le obtained at
tne ttores of respectable druggists aad merchants, in
tows and country, and at the establishment ot Hdolpho
Wolfe, Nos. 18. SO and 22 Beaver ttieet. In this city-,
where It Is gotten ap exclusively. We think Mr. WdlfiV
owes it to hlmseif aad the community to pabttsb, by
name, the rascals who are thos attempting to defraud
both him aad those who would be his customers. Ho
should not permit his modesty to hold him back from ma-.
king so rltbteont an etpoee oct30-3ml
Caution to the Puhlie.
MTPucket Book was lost or stoles from me oa tho
SAottseU during her late upward blp. Among other
valuables. It tontaioed several promissory Botes. AH
pertots are therefore cautioned sot to trade for aay no tea
dne me, unless properly vouched fer.
dc2t-tr THOS. B. CARROLL.
Fine Cypress Timber for Sale,.
IN Dyer County, within two miles of the Mississippi
river, lato which it can bi easily floated. A(tdrei the
undersigned immediately-at Dyershurg, Tenn.
Janl5-daw2w S. R. LATTA.
Hiintlncr TitiTil ptn nntc
A LL KINDS We have just added to oar previously
i t large t'oca ot snese .sous.
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