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Hon Tottw V. "Wright has DlaceJ us
r ebltgatieas for Coofn-jiiocal favors.
K?" The "Kilev Familv" passed down the
. - - . .. ' . ru- -. it- t
tfZ3" -We are; indebted to the officers of the
fine sterner H. D. Newcemi for a package of late New
Orkaas papers-
vrr. ,.. .a ,
by lac yesng men of ilea phis to tender Mist Maggie
UZW " V. "-t.V .1". .. .
Mitchei.1. a compftraeatary beIt.
The Conductors Of the Illinois Central
KaMvai, 3feers. KOOUK and SHAff, aad S. A. eel-
let. ef the SeUenUtee Rattrot, arrlred yestcrdiy on
1rLn. L&jik anJ art &tAMkifmP' at 41 riom n r a 1 TTnl
'It will be seen bp a card in another!
thlt Ifeears. VT. $.. Gusnu k. Co., bare opened
a paMfc estteo Warehewe on the comer sf Third and
Mearoestrtrts. WooamtEd osr; yomxg f rlendt to the
The Yotjno Men's Christian Association
hotd thetr regBlar moalWy Bseetteg, at their roeas, to -
sight.. As there are serenl ieaportaat matters up for
ceniMeraUea, it It to bt hoped there will be a fatt atten
dasee of Kt members.
IVxekly Appeal. The Appeal fr this
week, beetles eoBtalsbtt; s large aavest of peWkal,
mitoellaseou, stews aadlocal natter, faraithtsthe pob -
HewMh Gen. QuitjiaVs great speech. It ul be ob -
tataed hi ear eantiBg-reoxa,thls raorsisg, wtth or wtth-
ost wrappers, at tes cents per copy.
(J3T"We had the pleasure yesterday morning
or greeuog oar irieoa ut. jaci.ux, iroat ai. lbh, ine
pooprieter f McLean's Cxlebbated Stremgtkes
ixg Cv&BIAL. "We adriseear Drsggttts to order a top-
Itrof K, as it is heysad all doaet the most pepalar resaedy
Is the Uerted States. Wt knw t Is rery pteataat to
take. See the BotKe in ssother coIssbb.
'Gee. J. A. Quitman- aod Hon. A. G.
Bwwic, of Mitsiesipai, hare oar thanks for Bezaeroas
TahuMe peetto decamtatt ; amoeg the BBmher, the troth
aaaeat Report of the Board of Regeatt of the Smlthso-
alaa lorlitatiaB, asd the Report of Secretary Guthrie
ob the FtsaBces. Oar thanks are dee to the MheiiMppi,
ArksBttt and Teanestea dottgattoaa ta geatral for an-1
farm limilsr f arors.
Vsjcal Music Mr. L. C. and Dr. A. IS.
Erc&ETT, who hare Tisttod Meaipais wtth tfetTiew cf
estshttihing csasregatioBalciueot la theaUTereat church (s
for iaitraetioa a sacred bsbsIc, will giro a free lectcre oa
the eteaeats aad practice of this terrace, is the Camber-
laad Presbyterian Charca, at 7H o'clock to-night. Theis
gtattemea eeme to oar etty hUhly recommesded for prt-
Seiency, aad we doabt cot their labors will be ftlt in the
impravemeat of Charca maeic ssdor thetr ifif tract ion
Suburban PaorERTT. On to-morrow, Col.
L&cxx, win sen, oo the premises, tht desirable rtstdeace
.property of Mrs. Law, sltaated oo the Meaohis aad
Grenada Railroad, aboet ooe mile Soath of the city. The j
properly to that Betghborhood M laproviDg as sabstae-
tially aad by as good cHiiem as asy lo the TtciBity of
Memphis. This property will be told to the highest bid
der, aid aH who fee! any interest la sacs saltt, woaM do
wen to attead. Omalbctes nUt hem waiting at Col.
Lmkx's aattiea roemt to take bidders oat to th: pre
Memphis and Charleston Railroad.
We leant from the nsatsvttie Airmtt, of last Thors
dsy, that "only thirty miles of trtek-lajlng resoalat to
eeaaect the two ends of tail road, aad place at la direct
eoaaecUea tth MeaBhtt. The graatag is to be comple
ted by the 1st proximo, aad the track-laying by th: lit of
ApriL The iron for the thirty milet It ready to be mid
dtwa. Meet rt. L. RcsoELL at this ead, aad J. C. Gsob
ue at the Welters ead, are the coetracters for laricg
the Ires, aad we eoasider the eonptettoa of the road, by
the designated ttme, as certain."
Theatre. Miss Maogie Mitchell an
.peared last aight to one of the largest aad most lateUl-
rest aaalenwt that ever atsemHed within tht walls of I
oar aheatre, aad created, tfaronghoat the eatire perform -
ante, a perfect furcrt of eathaeiasm. She Is, wlthoat
doeat, a most aosomptished commediesuie, aad dee
ef the aaareciation of oar Memphis aadieectf ; fastidioat-
)y critical as they are. To-Bight the appears tapporttd
by the bett cast of the coatpaay la several of her matt
bcaattfat characters, the priBCipol of which is " Dot," in
Btekeas' "Cricket eatht Hearth." Wo aBtldiate for
the "Fairy Star," oa this oocastoa, a fan hoase aadap-
apprecoatlve aadtters.
The Weather. Yesterday was a beautiful
ay tae tan eetetog sat la gorgooas tpaaaaor, rtmtBo-
lag oae of the sweet sprtag tiate, aad givtag totea of aa
eatty wadCof the mttd Soath wiBds, breathtag of odor aad
the perfame of violets. If this deligatfa! weather ihoaM
laat for a short time, tht bads aad Uotsoms of the etrly
versa! seasea win come, aad the green virdar: spread oat
Its maatte ever hUl and piatn; and the woodlssds vocal
with the warbiiag music of the feathered tribe, stogtBg
aatbemt of praise to the Great Giver of All Good. This,
however. It premature reekoauHr, aad wo may anticipate
ehamsg times yet to come aaoa tfre we can welcome
in real earaett the sweetest sostoa of .th yea-. At aBy
rate th: streets wi'l dry aa, aad the walk ef pedestrians
be maeh facilitated thereby. We hop that It may con-
oar eyes go ag.m, a. y. w,la
" iwi .-p-j '"-""-
batinett, everywhere exhibited to oar etty.
A Card.
Steamsoat Golden Gate, I
Fehrsary 1, 1867. J
Whereftt, wt, thepaiieagecs on the Golden Gate on I
her lata haaardoas aad daageroas trip from Cairo to New I a rite. Owing to the breaking of tht Fulton gorge, coa
Osteaaa, haviag observed the eaergetic aad geatlemaaly I siderabienoatlsg Ice passed oar city yesterday, bat la the
conduct of Oapt. Williams, aBd of the kiainer s aad cost- I
tesywith which we have been treated by the ettrks, I
Messrs. Blabard aad Jehstea, asd the other omcers I
aboard, take this method of shewtag car spfrcbtUon of I
their services aad their kindness. I
"Ws.tbe uaderslgaed, do most heartily recommend the I
steamer Goidtn Gat e to the tra reUag eommaaity.
Judge H. S. Orton. Madison, Wit.; C. H. Wiekt, Xot-
toa Matt; Dr. J. H. McLean, St. Loat Me.. W T.
Perry, Boston. Mass.; A.T. Joaes, HormesvOte. Mln.;
A. J. Perry, New Orteaat. La; H. I- BeaJasiB, Mem-
pbii,Teaa.; together with sixty other gaBttetaee, aad I
lOfiytaree laawt. i
A Card. I
Wetae uadersigBed, paste agers on hoard the steamer I
H. B. Xtneemb, hereby tender oar aiaoere thaaks to 1
Cast. Hart, Mr. Lasdram, aad the other officers of the I
boat, Sor their aalrorra kiedeeta aad atteBtioB to their
patteagort, aad eipedally for the skin aad safety with
whttfa tht boat it managed ; aBd we eheertatly recom
mend the M. S. Xtucomb to the traveiieg paelic for
safety aad oomfert eqaal to any beat on the Mlsiittlppl
G. D. Matched. Thee. R Basks, W. 7. Fercaees, Wra.
F. Pearciaeld. Joaa R. Hamptea, Wa. Baite, D. M. Rog
era, J. Hassan, aad tevesty-lve ether pastesgers oa the
Impsrtant to Commission JIebchaktj.
Ib reply to a letter of enquiry, Attorney Gen
eral Stieed addressed the following letter to a
goDtloaoa of Athens, Tenn. "Ve copy from
the Atbess Post :
Nashville, Jaaaary 15, 1857.
Dear Sir: Year letter ef the 27th ultimo
was duly received. The natare of my official
esgagemeBts here, in aad out of court, hare
prevented an earlier reply asd now oaly afford
me leisHre to anlvrer briefly :
1. That if a merchant, or other pert on, car
ry on the business of buying and shipping
wheat, bacon, or other articles of produce for
ethers, for which he receives a commission, he
thereby becomes a produce broker in the sense
of the 4th clause cf the 7th section ef the Rev
eaae Act of 1856, ch. 74, and is liable to taxa-
"tioti as prescribed in the 3d clause of said sec
tie. 2. That the term merchant, as used in the
3d section of said act, pertaics to such as buy
and sell on lartr ten occoanj ; sod if one li
ce8.ed tender that section, ble&d with the busi
ness so carried that of selling on committien,
"sak," "implements of husbandry," "patent
'medicines " or other articles, he is liable to be
' taxed as a Commission Merchant; also, upon
the amount of tudi talct, as prescribed' in the
7th stction ef said act.
Very respectfully,
Mtorney General.
' The Baton Rouge Gazette, of Sunday
week, says :
"A son of our fellow-citizen, Judge J. J.
Bark, met with a serious accident yesterday.
"Whilst shooting at a flock of wild pigeons on
the wing, his gun burstcd, shattering his arm
and hand in a dreadful manner."
A SITUATION as Beck-Keeper or Shipping Clerk, by a
LJL Youag Mas from St. Louis. Good reference given.
Address C. H. MARTIN, P. 0.
Xut Crackers.
QOMK very substantial and beautiful articles of this
O Mad .sew for sale by as.
LAWYER, Memphis. Office oa Msin street, opposite
OUrk's Marble Block, up stairs, above Johnroa's
drug store. Jan30-daw2w
TO 'X'Hi H ' i-tT.Tri!
The iladison Street
Sasli, Door and Blind Factory.
TER aadrstlgBd hat takes the stand recently occu
pied by Moore & Hal&Wad. over the Plan lac Mill of
Whipple, McOdlagh k. Co , and Is prepsred to fill all or
ders for Sash, Doors, Blinds, Frames, Uaslngs, Mould
ing. Mini", Ac
' Partiestar attention paid lo dressing and ripping Lum
ber, far the Carpenters and Builders. v
JtE23-dea Jt, TIRGES0K.
I From "Washln-ten.
AtnisoTOX, January 31. Tht Senate bu pasted &
Bin appropriating $?O0,OC0 to restore nd maintain peace
in the territories t nrntn snrl W.tfctnrtfm
f I " -
. . hM.nd.rle. f
XiBBeitta, and authorized the formation of a Stat Con
,ltin. The Home has alto paued a bUl for the relief
I of the people of Kansas, which declares the laws passed
by the Legislature at Shawnee Mission null andTold, and
0rde 1 n'w "" pr0TlfllDl neiTy -""M" JorUe-
' vouag. m wil aujwing uregen w larn a oiaie uon
stuuuon nas also passea mo uow.
Vashwbtos, ternary z.-Tiieaeiiat. nasaaopicaa
resolniwncamng lorintoraaiwn jnrtgara wiBeuam.r.
I nla TlgHaBec uoaiaiiiee; ana also at to me resnil or in
a I trUl of Cuadt ftr illltUry terrico.
AwauTA.(A., Febaary 1. An ateMnt orrred on
I a railroad here toay, by which 10 persoas were lojored
gt. JokaMa had his arsa brekefi.
From IndlaBopolis.
IiOoisriLix. Janaary SI. The Demecrata of the Sen-
4t ,B4 As.embiy met m can. to-day and nomtnsied
1 Hso. JieD. Bright and Hon. O. A. Flteft for tut u. 3.
Senate. The election takes place en the 2d of Ftbraary.
The Coaveation reeemmtaded Ex-Got. Wright for as ap
pointment 1st the OeWnet.
Rlrer News and Markets.
LocisrtLlX, Janaary St There was a general taow
1 lit sight aad Is boy freetteg. Th rlrer has risen ten
1 ihe
OtSClSKATt, Maary 2. Fonrtnehei cf snow fell lait
w vnfiimJt fit tn-j)av. The rlrer li awelMnc
entire rise is f ear feet. The Ice Is stationary.
ST.L0Vts,Febraary2. Th weathtrhas rea colder
aum um.
JEW URX.EA3ta, Jiauarj a. uoiiea aaKi lo Gay
16.664 bales. The steamer' newt haa had no effect on
the market ; prices Baohaaged; saks for the west, 65,600
ahead of last year 44,000 balet; stock oa hand 272,000
bales. Rio OcSee, liev ; prime, lOH'c
New Tore, Jaaaary 31 Cotton market ciosrd, bay.
rt active; tales 3,680 bales. HiddHag Orleans, 13814.
Cikcinxati, Janaary 31. Floar doll market 25c
Mets Pork adrasoed. Lard Ib deataad and actlre, ad-
Taad-$1S. -SThltky in deaaad aad aetire ; prices 22
-ji. i. . '-rj' . o
$1 26.
New Tour, Janaary 31 .-Floar in email demuid and
dedteiag $6 66. Wheat dell. Corn Inactlee and droop
tag. Private adriees, received by steamer, lets f arorabie
than aaoiiahed accooBts. lard active, prices advanced.
Mut Pork very In ; holders ask higher rates, $51
GiNCisxxTi, Febraary 2. Floar matktt dall, prices
nachaBged. Mess Pork holders aaticipatlBg an advance
r nt : wi. rV.f 1Q T-9rd demand acl.n..- . .
. , .
tire aad advanced J,c; quoted at UK. Whliky active
Vrir TftKr V.Kris.rr A TUar m.rl-t rfaU r TiTir
, , -. , r
nuOml VWI ,l.n. ....11 ,nJ .rin.
dediaisg. Wheat demaBd moderate, priers firm. Mett
Pork advaaced, $11 75. Lard-drmacd fair, pricea firm
.(til . , Co I
" - , "ine, oo. i
LecisviUE, Febraary 2. The river is ntarly station- I
H..vrr T-.V O -1.. t .1... I
hss risen fear test. Fifteen feet rite reperted at the
tgraph says Cleveland," bat that's mmsente.
Pittsboboh, Febraary 2. It froze hard last clfht.
PORTSMOtJTir, Febraary 2. The ice moved the whole
ef last night. The river hat stopped JweHlog.
Cikcixsati, Fobraary 2. There have beta three feet
rise ia tworve boars, and the river Is still rlslag rspidly.
Ciscisicati, Febraary 2. River open aad freights
pteaty. Fioar Tt, aad Whisky $1 75.
CisciirsATt, rebreary 2. Lie ring river has risen 3
feet ia foar hoars.
St. Louis, Feoraary 2. The weather is maeh colder
aadvehJees are atala croeiiBg oa the ire. Ths Legitla-
tare aad State oOcers were received hers to-day by the
city xathorttiea aad the Chamber ef .Commerce. A din
is to be ttvea to them te-aorrew at the Varieties The-
New TorC, February 2. Cotton active ; tllshtlyd-
diaed ia aoaseqaeBce of dtcrease in receipts from tht
Soath. Mtddttag Orleans 13K, Baeon active with large
Dr. Burden has bees matdered, which creates intense
0it jtf glcmgljis.
River Matters.
The Goboe Broken. Early yesterday marslfig the
Getitn Gate arrived from above, bemg the first boat that
arrived at ourlaadiag since the breaking of the gorge,
which occarred oa Saiday. Dariag the day the A. B.
Chaaien, IBineu and Amazon arrived. From tht
clerk of the latter boat, wt learned that the 2f. W. Thorn
at was the oaly host that taSered any damage from the
breaking of the gorge, so far as hit kBewledga extended;
the was throws oa a bar and wat hard aground when the
Amazon pas;ed down. Of the beats betsw the gorg, the
Fallt City, had parted her cablet and waa oat in the
stream, bat It was aot tappased she would tafier materi
al daf&are. A eoaelderable nrantttr of ftoittar Ice oasiad
T.J., ,t. nn toav and to-mor
r.n - It will run heavilv. We are elad that navieatlan It
Bclnlj.rn(, wWM ,hi. ,nd r .nA m.v
reatoaaMy expect a fleet " of boats In a f ew dtys f rom
the latter pert.
Q" The rlvtr Is rising fast, opp-istte our city, having
risen la an, some tlx feet siace oar first announcement o'
course of two days we expect to bo enabled to chronicle
the fact that the Mlseieslppl rlrer, opposite Memphis, It
entirely dear ef Re. Owiag lo the lovely weather, yester
day. coasUerable business was traasacted at the landing,
aad shoaM like weather continue for a few days longer.
we may expect the land log to atsume that buslaest at
peet, which it Its woat la February, when the weather It
filr. We rejotee with boatmen, at the breaking of the
g caa oaly hope that they, as well as we, ill
. . . . , . '
no more eomptalatt to make concerning low water
aad ice for moatht to come.
j-xtecae ,team-r Choctaw, the veteran Caplaia
Smedley la commaBd, win leave for New Orleaat this
moraiag at ten o'clock. She has her load ea beard, and
wHI go through with dispatch. Passengers will bo taken
oa reasoaabte termt.
XJ" The Kate F ritiee was detained by heavy legs en
Saaday night, aad did not arrive until noon ytsterdsy.
She left, however, at five o'clock, oo her return" trip, car
ryiag a large Busaber of pasieagors, with a good freight
list aad the U. S. Mall.
3Theane steamer Evantville arrived on Scaday
f rom JaeksoaporL Navigation Is now uninterrupted In
White river. She will depart this afternoon at thrta
o'clock for the White river country. The ranjrit has
saeeritr accomawdatioaa far passengers and we commend
her to the public.
3 The fine packet Jaatt LauyUin, leaves this atter
nooa for White river. She has superior accommodation,
f er pasteegers, and will carry a large amount cf f rtlght
Captain Mtlaraalt is her commaadtr and Mr. Booker is
ber detk. Billy Hodge Is her agent.
Exchange and Bank Ifoto .List.
New Tork...,
New Orleans,
.... Kprem
New York.. .......I pretn
New Orleans...... lUprem
Loelsvllle & Cln. 1 prem
SL Louis.. ........ 1 prem
Louis vWe&Cln.
St. Louis
New Orleans
Xprem 1 New Orleans 1 Xpren
North Carolina. .. .
3 flta. 1 All large Upper
Miss. Mat. Ins. Co.. par. I
American GoM.....l Kprem I Gold 2
SUver 1 Kprem I Silver 3
ntgheet marketa rats paid for Land Warrants.
MUslssippl Land Scrip for sale.
Corner main and Jackson-sts.,
THIS well known Hotel, having changed hands,
and been thoroughly repaired, aad provided with
new Furnlterr, 11 now open far the accommoda
tion ef Boarders and Travelers.
The public may rest assurtd that every exertion will
be made oa the part of the Proprietor to reader this
House leooad to Boae la West Tennessee. Having active
aBd attentive 11 rvaott, aad a table always famished with
the best the country afiVrds, he confidently relies .upon
giving eatire satisfaction to all who may favor him with
thlr ratrosege. WM. K. BENNETT,
Jan8-dlwaw3m Proprietor.
53" Enquirer copy.
Farm for Sale.
I AM extremely anxious to sell one of
the best Farms la DeSoto county, Miss
I offer for sale my entire tract, consist
ing uf 12S0 acres, oa which there Is un
exceptionable Improvements, at what
Is la reality a reduced price sS5 per
acre. Or I will, In thecvent that It would suit the pur
chaser, sell smaller portions of the same, (not less than
160 acres.) at $10 per acre. The Farm Is sitasted sixteen
miles from Memphis, and eight miles from Hernando.
The Memphis and Hernando Plaakroad runs directly by
the dwelling, while the Mississippi aad Tennrtse Railroad
also bisects it about a half mile still west of the dwelling.
It would be well for any 00a who might with to purchase,
to make it known early Terms of sale, one-third cash:
the residue la oae aad two years .
Address the subscriber, at Horn Lake. Miss.
jau2S-lw for R. S. Manning.
OA. FROM the subscriber, on the night of the 25th
r Instant, tlx Negro Men. four of a dark copper color,
fnd two of a black color, the latter being spare
made. The four copper colored stgr.es are rather
tow and stonUr built. Their namea are JOE, a black
sartth, BILL, HENRY, 0ATO, MAJOR aad SAM. I will
give a liberal reward for their apprehension, or say in.
formation respecting them will be thankfully received.
jasSdawlm Gotten PUSt, Xlil.
fT ifchfii ti til' ii T fjfFH Y- T
Tuesday, February 3, 187. f,
Cottos. Ttere was a good Inquiry In the market
yejterlay, and Mitt reached 1743 bales at abont an at tr
ace price of 11 H cents, sales mostly running upon tfat
lower grades. The market up to Saturday wat, very in
active, owing to the untetUfd state of the Liverpool eot-
ton market and the alow facilities cf thlpping from thlt
point- We giro a ttatcmest of the receipti and tbip
mentt at thlt port to January 29. It Is ettlmated by our
prlnclpj ctma Ttct0 lbtt tB, nnmber of bales yet to
come will n.t txcd 60.000 bales. We arrange our quo-
- -rrMMII!i with now helnr nai J.
Saix.- bales at BH cents 5 15 at 9 10 at 10 21 at
10J,; lsti0)i; 48at 10.V ; U at 11:7 atlIK ; 102 at
UK ; 3Jat 11MS 168 at 11M? 1 at UK ; US at llf; 9
at 12; 43 at 12HJ3I1 at 12 X; CO at 12 6-16; 74 at 12H 21
I at 12K; 16 at 16?.'; 27 at 13. Total namber of bales, 1715
Strict Middllnr.llK!
Ordinary 9KHI0
Good Ordinary.. ..1010.
Good Middling.l2Kl2K
Middling Flr..l2KW
Fair (carce)...12KOU
Low afMUln:....106ell
Middling I1HUK
Receipts inee September lit, to date ,
Hecelpts for same time last year,
Shipments to data this year.
Shipments to date last year.,
Decrease 11,692
Stock on hand at thlt date 18,233
Stock on htad last jear 7,376
xxcesi orcr last year 10.917
Receipts at thlt data In 1865 114,699
Salvments at this datt n 1855 93.039
Stock at this date in It '- 25.833
I wntri m ,i m t n . wr
Moaday Erenlng. Jann.rr 26. 1857. (
I Cottos With the Ptrna't adrlces at hand boyers
",T eforwart lest freely to-d.y thongh we notloo
i anr marked decline, and we reueat ear lait ocotatlone
I jQferior 9K
Good Middling.
Middltag Fair.
I Ordinary 10 &10S
1 Gobi Ordinary.. .11 U011 K
Stock on haad 1st September, 1856
Bales 7,153
Arrired since..
ArrtTtd to-day
Exported to date 6S4.404
Exported to-day 8,017
slock oa hlDi saJ on ih,pboln, not delred
Taetday. January 27, 1 r. u
I Cotton There appears to be a fair Inquiry, and that
I III m " of srxw bales sold.
Scqar We notice tales of some 200 hhds. mostly to
one party at asout previona rates.
jtOLassEs The market lsdnll and the sales are can
fined to a few lots from secend-hands at (2Kt. v) galien
for ceolce.
PORE Me.s Is nowretailint at 421 5CS22 bW.
Balb Rofe 200 cells msehine made were sold res-
terday at lOXe. B.
rnrrrr-.?Mhit-i Uln if .1 'irv nA orm it tAVA
i iwat. r o.
,.lk.,lllm( .K. . I
' ' ---"",". i-.w.
1 so small as to caas: a Terr small trade.
I The ttver oontlnnes Orm with its bridge of loe, allowlag
l" rff? P"tge or root passennrs ana light vehjdet.
........ uuiu! w viu,
Kmill sales ai fallawi r
Ftoon Demand confined to the retail trade, and no
sales reported.
. - 7 . 7 ."
"trace; 339o.partmBsty.atSlflSI 10. tacks returned
Oats UokJers asking 60c In bags, tat the only ssles
"P?" ' " 03c aaauig bags, ana 00 bags
Pbovisioi.s Market oalet. Sale of 100 bbl. dtr
rnet s port to-day at $13. In other descriptions, nothing
I won.a vi tittiuki. luaL.
Wilts KTStle of 22 aad 30 bbls. at 2Sc and CO bbls.
' 30c the latter aa oatside Ogare, as the market was
Gc!es A lot of 60 bales light was sold at 12 We CO
days time wlthoat Interest.
rS-xprjLias Trado, 1857 :
Nos. 304 and 306 Main-st.
"Hcuing's" Patent
Balamandcr Jjafes !
HAYING now received the greater portion of our
Goods for the SI-RING TRADE, by recent arrivals
from Europe and the Eastern Cities, we are prepared to
offer greater Inducements to the Merchants, Planters and
xecnanicsor the Soutnweet than nave bitnerto been of
fered la this maraet, for proof of which we respectfully
so ictt the inspection of our stock and prices. In view of
this, we have placed ourselves ia a position to tflcr each
Inducements to tho.e-nbo may visit Memph-.s for the par-
post or mskiag taelr parcnasf s, as will deter them from
seeking another market, so far at least as car business
Is concerned. To tally carry oat this object we have made
permauratarraagimats witn tne best manufacturers In
England and la this country, to be regularly supplied
with a full stock of Goods lo our line, aad will furnish
those who way favorns with their orders, with goods at
as low ngnres as any nouae in tne country, soum or n , est,
Oar stock comprises
For the Country Trade.
Boiled aad Charcoal Iroa Castings,
Boston, Philadelphia and Wheeling Nails,
Hunt's and Collins' Axes and Hatchets,
L)C, Trace, Stay and Stretch Chains,
Brltht and halt bright caststevl Hoes,
Cssttteel pallthed riveted-eye nos.
Oil root aBd steam beat Hames,
nog skla Collars, horse and male.
Cotton, wool aad Jim Crow Cards,
Manilla and Jale Cordage,
Thread and common cotton Rope,
Plow Lines. Bed Cords, Clothes Lines, JtC,
Losiiritle, Cincinnati and New York Sitters,
Nova 6eotla and Beved Grlndstenet,
Ames' casts teel Shovels and Spades,
Rowland's and Caa's Shovels and Spades,
Table aad Pocket Cutlery, all patterns,
Locks. Latches, Hisgcs, ax., 1
Well Wheels aad Well Buckets.
Together with every at tide salted to the trsde of the
country merchant. Ia the
Agricultural Dcpariment
We hai e made tbe best selections from the most approved
manufacturers of every article necessary for the planting
comraoDiiy, inciaaiag
Cotton. Caue aad Grab Hoes.
Can. Kalres, and Briar Hooks,
Plow aud Wagon Chains,
Fan MLls, Corn Mills, Corn Shelters,
Corn and Cob Crashers, Straw Gaiters,
May aad Manure Forks, Rakes, Ac,
Grain Cradles, aad Scythes,
Patent aad common Churns,
Hames, Collars. Singletrees, Ac.,
Pruning Saws and Chisels,
Gsrden Implement! of alt klndt,
Hall & Spear's wrought aad cast Plowt,
Allen's Cotton Plows and Scrapers,
Together with a fall atock of the ;celebrated Avery aad
Livlagstoa &. Co. Plows, which have for strtral vears
past given such ualversal satisfaction. We are fully pre-
parea to xeep always oa nana a large stock of thete
Plows, together with the extra Points antkCastiogs, so as
to be able to supply onrplanters with them at all times.
In the stltction of our stock of Goods In the
Irleclianical Department
We have paid most particular attertlon to the Interests
of our mechanics. We have selected such goods as are
best tolled to this market, and can safely guaranty satis
factlen toatl.
Oar stock in this .department It fall aad complete,
comprising in
Building Materials
Greenwood's celebrated Hlagtt,
Greenwood's Axlt PulUes and Shutter Fattnings,
Pear! White end Mineral Knob Locks and Latches,
Close and Electro-Plated " " " "
Cottage, Rural aad Mortise " "
Frat aad store door " " "
Sliding door Locks aad Furniture,
Self-shutting door aad Gate Hinges and Latches,
Bolts aad Hooks, Nails, Brads. Screws, &.C
This departmen. In oar buslaessls under the special
supervision of one of the partners, who has f er many
years. In this city, given It his careful attention, and be-li-Tlni
that this branch of oar bat lness requires more
than ordinary care, both ir. the selection of the goods
aad in filling orders, he Is determined to use hit btt eo.
dearors to keep sach goods as shall please all our rre
ebanlcs, aad will held every inducement to merit thilr
we waaid can ptrticaiar attention to oar stock of Tools,
the quality of all which we can tally gusraaty. compris
ing la
Carpenter's Tools
Union Factory Planet, Rules, Slc.,
Spear 2c Jackson's Hand aad Pannell Saws,
Batcher's cast steel Chisels aad Filet,
Earl Smith & Co.'s Files,
Wetherby's Chisels and Draw Knives,
Cam's celebrated " "
Spirit Levels, Rales and Gaages,
Augers, Auger Bitts, Screwdrivers, he.
Blacksmith's Tools.
Peck's Lonlsvllle Bellows,
Newoomb's New York Bellows,
SAM Box ?ad Parallel Ylees,
Armitage's Mousehele Anvils,
Coley's warranted Anvils,
Hand and Sledge Hammers,
Blscksmith Tongues,
Farriers, Hammers, Knives and Placers.
Tinners' Materials.
Best Charcoal Tin Plate 1 C,
14 ti It "IX,
" Leaded Roofing Plate 1 C,
Bar Tin, Sprltre. Ac,
Iron Brats and Copper Wire,
Bolt Copper, Soldcrlnglrons, Jtc ,
Tinned and Braziers f.beet Copper.
Boiled and Charcoal Sheet Iron.
Buss. Imitation, Ruts, and Galrernlxed Iron,
Bar Lead, Rivets, Copper Tacks, &c
Wa would also call the attention of Railrtad aad Levee
Contractors to oar stock of
Railroad Barrows, Amt'a Shovels and Spades,
Boring Machlaes, Mattocks, Picks, fcc.
Haviag a thoroaz knowledge of oar baslaess In all Its
branches, wo are determined to give It oar eatire atten
tion, an! eball attend personally to all the orders, and to
the transaction of our buslaess In every particular, aad
by so doing flatter ours tires that we ran give satisfac
tion. DAWKS. SMITH & CO..
febl 301 and SOS Maln-ct.
Main Street, Louisville, Ry.,
MANUFACTURER'S Agents for Machine Roc. Bag
ging. Jeafii, Iinieys, fct, JanSt-ly
. ai.t-wiavwTroitlaaW'mi' rtfr tttr -e- .
HoIIoivry's Ointment and Pills
VOSE need despair. Here U relief for all who saner I
Ths sickly may gala renewed health, and strength by a
careful use of thete marvellous remedies.
Sold at the manufactories. No. 80 Maiden Lane, New
Tork,andNo.211Strana,lvncenj anu uj wuuituu,
at25c..62MC.,ana jiptrvmi v.
Jan29-dtwawiw i
Vrof. Wood's Hair Restorative,
Advertised in another eolnma, la tpoktn of, by alLwho
have used It, and by the press everywhere, as an excellent
article for the preservation of hair, and for the promotion
of Its growth. We have ouself tried 1. as a toilet article,
and find It to be superior to any other J and have known
otters who experienced great benefit from Its ate. It Is
worth a trial, atltatt, by thote wbote hair has a tenden
cy to come out Kentucky Yeoman.
To be had of 0. J. Wood & Co., 114 Market etrett.St.
Louis, and of drngglttt generally. Jan29 daw2w
210 BflHln Stroot,
ARK making tht flottt PICTURES ia the world. All
we atk It for yoa all to tall aad examine them far yoor
made only at the Star Gallery. Jan-datw
Wm. A. Batclxelor's Hair-Dye.
GRAY, RED or BUSTY HAIR dyed Instantly to a
beautlf ul aad Natural BROWN or BLACK, wlthoat the
least lnjary to hair or skin.
Fifteen iltdali end Diplomat have been awarded to
Wal. A. BATCHELOB tince 1533, and over 80,000 appu.
cations have been made to the hair of his patrons of his
famons Dys. Prejadlco againstdylag the hair and whls.
kers Is unjnst, as It would be agalntt covering a bald
head with a wig.
WM. A. Batchzlob's HAtn-DyE prodnces a color
not to be distinguished from natare, and Is warranted
not to Injure In the least, however long it may bo con
Made, sold or applied, (In nine private rooms,) at the
Wig Factory, 233 Broadway, New York.
Sold in all cities and towns of the United States, by
Druggists and Fancy Goods Dealers.
V5 The Genuine has the name and address upon a
tteet-plate engraving on tour tiaes 01 eacn Dome, or
233 Broadway, New Tork.
rj- For sale by S. MANSFIELD & CO., and Druggists
generally. mayj-urwawiy
Adams Street, opposltt the Worsham Hoase,
THANKFUL for the extensive patronage received with
in tht lait fear years, I am now better prepared than
ever far fitting and caring the worst forms of Hernial
Rupture. I caa, besides, famish, ready-made cr manu
factured to order, superior Stocklags for Varicose Tclns,
instruments for Prolapsus, Shoulder Braces and Band
ages of varloas kinds. Artificial Legs and nanas made
to order; in short, J can easily procare Instruments of
every kind, owing to arrangements made In New Tork
and Philadelphia. The following certificates, among
others, speak for themselves:
I. the undersigned, hereby certify that on tht 27th of
June, 1S54, 1 was fitted ty WM. A. GL1DDON with oae
of hlsTrntset. My age l seveaty-eae, aad I been rap
tured for nigh five years. It It now ttreral menthi
since I have left off wearing the lnttrument, and ao lar I
have exDerlenced no return of the complaint. I cordially
recommend Mr. Gliddon as a Trass-Utter to the comma
ally at large, satisfied tht he understands his business
and trade.
Memfhis, August 23, 1SS5.
Br the advice of Dr. A. K. Taylor, Professor of Anato
my, Memphis Medical College, I called on Mr. WM. A
GLIDDON, and had a Trass made for m aad applied.
Mr case was aa Iaguinal Hernia. The lnttrameat was
fitted la April, 1815, and I now cootlder myself perfectly
cared. My age It tblity foar, aad occupation that of
Lei. tern bailder. I can cordially recommend Mr. GLID
DON to ail wno cave rjren ro naiurtanaie at to De aratoi
e-1 with Hernia. (Signed) CLARK BARBER.
MEMrHis, January 6, 1867. JanI4-dawtt
XjOoiez: Xiook:
The greatest wonder of the work! has at last been dls.
covered a specific In disease DR. SLEDGE'S NER
VOUS TONIC, for the cure of Chills and Fever, and a pre
ventive to all grades of Fever, as well as a cart. It has
been tally tested for the last foar years, aad It Is now
conceded by scientific men to be one of the greatest dis
coveries knewn toman. This will be disputed by thou
sands, no doabt, bat It It so. Read, look, and Judge for
Fifty thotani doltart will be paid to aay persoa who
will produce Its superior. Thi Medklaes can be found In
all the Drag Stores and towLs throughout the entire
West. J. M. SLEDGR.
Memphis, October 3, ISM.
This Is to certify that we hare been selling large quan
tities of Dr. Sledge's Celebrated Remedies, and take
great pleasure In reeommendlag them to the afflicted as
noasetslag remarkable properties In controlling the dis
eases for which they are recommended, and we have co
hesitancy la giving oar testimony in favor of their supe
riority over other preparations for the same dlseas et, as
they teem to give ualversal satisfaction ta all those
who use them.
Mansfiald & Co., Druggists. Peyton & Harbin, Druggists.
a D. Joaasoa, nara ajoaes.
Chandler it Co., " neary Wade, "
R. Joyner & Co., " W.M. Sheltoa, "
100,000 Hides "Wanted !
FOR which we will pay the highest market price In
aad BEAR SKINS. In fact, aay Sklas used by TAN
novl2-m 13 Front Row.
2G Madison Street, Up Stairs,
Marine Insurance Companies in Ibc United
Exchange and A'oto Broker.
I wlH attend to the negotiation of all
W. W. IIOHG13,
3VT 3E3 OR. C EC a. 3ST T ,
WILL attend faithfully to all business entrusted to his
care. decl8-2m
BY the New York Exhibition to the English or foreign
Sauce Manufacturers has been obtained, amongst numer
ous competitors, by LEA & PERRINS, for their
Worcestershire Sauce,
whereby furthertettlmony Is afforded of Ita being the
best Sauce extant.
The celebrity of this Sauce has extended to every quar
ter of the globe, and Its efficacy In promoting the general
health Is becoming dally more observed and acknowledged.
In the United States It 1. held to be the most agreeable
condiment, aad Is esteemed for its tonlo and Invigora
ting properties, its habitual use enabling the stomach to
digest the food.
On the Continent of Europe, these qualities have been
testified to by a gentleman, who writes to LEA & PER
RINS thus : "I have carried a bottle of your Worces
tershire Sauce in a tour I have Just completed through
Spain and Portugal, and believe I owe my preteat state of
health to lta use i your Sauce Is stomachic, and I think
medicinal. I can wtth truth say there Is nothing in a
traveler's baggage so essential to his comfort, at least In
these countries, as ytur Sauce. "
in India, also, where It is found at the mesa of evert
regiment, a medical gentleman WTltes from Madraato
his brother In the same profession at Worcester, In the
following terms: '-Tell LEA Sl PERRINS that their
Sauce Is highly approved In India, and that It is, In my
opinion, tbe most palatable as well as tie most whole
same Sanca made."
This Sauce la aaltable for every variety of dish, and the
universal demand which Its excellence has created has
led to many Imitations being offered to tht public, under
variety ex names, oai ine geaaiae may oekaownoy
thenamea of "LEA 4c PERRINS" betaglmpreitedBpoa
the patent metallic capsules, or patent glass stopper of
the bottle, as well as the labels aud wrapper.
aoie Agents ror tne uattea states,
apl2-ly 405 Broadway. New York.
Tmp ortont to 3Toxxa.tJLoo
THE combinations of Ingredients In these Pills are the
result of a long and extensive arariice. Tbev are
mild In their operation, and certain In correcting all lr
rcgalarltles, palaf al menstruation, removing all obstruc
tions, whether from cold or otherwise, headache, pain in
the aide, palpitation of the heart, disturbed ileep, which
always arise from Interruption of nature. They can be
successfully used aa a preventive. Theae Pills should
never be taken In pregaaacr. ax thev would be snre to
cause a miscarriage: Warranted purely vegetable, aad
free from anything Injurious to life or health. Explicit
ejections, which should be read, accompany each box.
Price $1 . For sale In Memphis by
t3T Sent by man hr enclosing I to Dr. CORNELIUS
L. CIIEESEMAN, No. 192 Broadway, New York.
Valuable jLand for Sale.
I UrFhK for sale a valaable tract of Land, sita
sted ia Fayette and Haywood counties, containing
abont 1600 acrea, being the tract of Laad on which
B B. DeGrafiVnreld resided at the time of hit
death. The Land will be divided to salt parehasers. It
Is tituat'd near the Memphl: and Ohio Railroad, aad It
regarded as equal to any tract of the aire In Faytttc.
Purchasers are Invited to come and examine It. Terms of
sale will be liberal. At ply to me at my residence in Fay
ette, or to Calvin 'Jones, orW. A. Williamson, atSomtr
vllle. H. E. DrGRAJFENREID. Executor.
-The Malinofci3LeT
TTI?5I-TirJ'"e mon brll,lnt. od wlH never fade.
better. In cloadv as ele.r weather .
THIRD There Mnhoelven . h liinkn i
fP"ed surface aa artistic efiVct and flatta that cannot
; ' 1 la Btia tm 'uk .ruoio-
Remember I Thatw. TfDrsrtnNf?. iarvm iirMt
haa theexclnilve right of the city of Memphis fur the
Malatootype process.
Heal'o makes Ambrotypes, DsgnerrrotTsot, Flouro-
jyw, vcicreoiypes, iianeoiypes, raoiogripBS, ax. ate.
purcbasad In Baltimore list summer, for sale oo
llm. I, .n.ltHll.. V -.1 - - , . .
Holland's sub,..
p.f BAGdRloCoCVe; 10 tierces Riot;
w so dms. Mackerel ;
200 dosen Garret's Saufi Bottles aad Fapew;
60 bags B. W. Flbur;
200 drums Figs; 25 boxes Rallies; .
15 cases Sardines : t
100 bbls. Potatoes;
100 dozen Tlostetter's Bitters;
25 casks London Porter ; t
25 boxes Mscoarouj and TermkUla ; a
26 boxes Claret ; 26 dot White vhej
160 deaen Bed Cords ; 26 do Brooms;
25 boxes Garden Seati.
Also, Oranges, L-mens, Figs, Raisins, Sea, Tobacco,
uuft.,, AViwn, (w. srorgaieoy
J20 No. 36 Praat Hew.
Ilimtinc Imnlemenfs.
ALL KINDS We hare just added to oar previoasly
large stock of these goods.
Ifl'l Ini..fn T
oetM W B' uIhk.
Drugs! Drugs i
W ard &. 3oucs,
XTT.i-Y couitinUy onhaud a very heavy stock of goods
K ) . . i. . . J "
.U U4 .1 HQ
Conatrr dealers, ahvslclans. and allv 1H imih.
their interest to DHrcbate of th.m rti- tt.Zr,Z
NorthernorKa.tr oti,
Th. nnM i4r..A in ... i-
tn r.-.mr..t.ih .iK.ri,.... ... j..
3- None but punctual rata or cash eatiotners bo!
pp'y iatrJi-dawiw
-VflTir' i-"
HAVI.VG qualified at D.cember' Term. 19o, of 'the
Conntv Conrt o Frette twantr TV- lilmlni..
tratrlx ef the esta'. of the late John W. BoBd. dtccated.
I hereby notify all persoas having claims atainst said
Estate to present tbem for psymtat wlthlD the time pre
scribed by law, and all thete Indebted to said Estate U
come forward aad make immediate payaseBt.
jaa-Z7-dawim MART F. BOND, Adtataitlralrix.
Clerk's Sale of Real Estate.
William V. Anderson, ) Ex. Parte Petition to sell Real
Aom'r of too, s. simp- jfetale.
son, dee'd. and others. In Circuit Court of Shelby Co.
"PURSUANT to a Decree of the Cwcait Coart of Sbolby
L uounty, reaaered on toe 23d day ef Jaaaary, 187, la
the abote cause. I will, on the first MONDAY, betoc the
zj aay or iisrcn next, m rront of the ooart Maose door in
naieign,Teanei:ce, proceed to sell to the hlgaost bWder,
at puoiie auction,
llleg In the 11th Surveyor's District of Shelby OtBBty,
In Range 6, Sections 1 aad 2, on the soath toot f Wolf
rlrer, being tne same Laad of which Thtsati S. Statosoe.
dec u, seizu ana possessed.
tebms oncnalf caib; the residue ob a credit of six
months, with bond and security tor the Octet red paymeat.
n. d. l. STSWART, Clerk.
Wm. K. Poston, Att'y for FctiUoaert.
ON Laaderdale stre t, outaade the eorporatifra,
.m.ms AuKKa ut I..M), wktca Baa been oc-
cuplalfor years by a Gardener. Oa the prem
ises Is a small dwelling, ceetalatBg foar rooms
aad basement. There Is a good cistern near the hoase.
There is also a good orchard, aad a Use grape arbor. Ap
ply immediately 10
Cllrr liv jriir mntr ennnnr
THE sixth tesslon of this School will commence oa
MONDAY, February 9lh, 1867. The expenaes per
session, including toiimki sau Board, are SCO to S70.
For farther particultrs, address
A. M. RAFTER, Principal.
J. R. Evass, A. B.. Assistant. jan38-daw!m
rjIWENTY Thousand Havana Cigars ia store aad for
X sale by
nov27-tt BOYD it AXDRRSON.
"ntlFTEEN Thousand pounds Goshen Batter la soare aad
JL' far sale ty
nov27-tf BOYDi ANDERSON.
A LL persons Indebted to n either br Bote or account
XA. will come forward and settle, as loafer induhteBce
caaaot be given, POPE & BROTHERS,
Janl-lm 235 Main-st , Memphis. Teas.
Just Received,
AND for sale low to the trade
20 hhds. Brawn Sagar;
100 sacks Rio Coffee;
15 bales Dundee Bagglag;
1C0 halt colls Rpe.
U8v9 23 ttrmi IWw.
T AY be had for a few gentlemen, also a good room for
a family, by applying early to
Corner Exc anpe aad Third streets.
General XjaxzcI .soxit.
TTTILL attend personally to the locating of Swamp Laad I
r r scrip aad warrants in tbe Jackseopert aad Helena
Districts, telling una ana paying Texts.
B Graham. Mtmphis.Tenn.; A. S. Haey, Little Rock;
R. 0 Brlnkley,
MaJ T. MalL Mies..
W. M. Folweil, "
F. Laae it. Co , "
H. P. Coolidge, Helena,;
Myrtle & Moore, "
AUen Polk,
C. W. Board, Jacksoaport;
J. Norton it Oo.. N. O.:
J. A. RoassoM, LdGraage,
Tena ;
W. E. Bolts, La wren Seville,
Pool &Wat:9B,Jackseapart
Garrett's Suuff.
1KA DOZEN Garrett's Snuff In bottles ;
X (7 u iuu aoxert
10 bUt
' Madders,
For sale by
ON the night of 25th December, a small cbes-
nui sorrcii mule, rour.years osa, marked with
ine couar, in gooa oruer, naa oae taee 00 before,
had a rope on his neak when he left. Anr in
formation left at Cayce's stable, or to myself, two miles
North of Memphis, will be thankfully received, and aH
irouoie uoeraiiy rewaruea.
JanlS-dawtf W. DONALDSON.
Webster's Private Correspondence,
WITH Autobiography and Personal Reels! scow,,
contalalng al.o a Biographical notice of Bret lei
Webster. Two vols., 8vo.
A new Life of Sumaierfleld, by William W. Willett :
Canterbury Tales, by Harriet Lee, In two volasBes ;
The Miter, Ritketicketack, and the Poor Geatkmaa ;
Three Tales la one volume by Headrick Coooatctence ;
roemsor uenry naasworia langreiiow complete m two
New Juveniles.
The Castaways; or, the Adventarti of a Family ia the
Wilds of Africa, illustrated;
The Play-Dsy Book, New Storlet for LlttleFerks, by Faa
ny Fern ;
Chanticleer, A Thanksgiving Stery of the Peabedy Fami
ly, by uomeuus Mathews, with Illustrations, by
Our Grandmother's Stories, and Aunt Kate's Fireside
Memories. Just received aad for sal by
Jan21-daw CLEAVES & GUI0N.
J. S. YTHITE, M. D.,
LATE of nardecian county, having removed to Mem
phis, ofiers hl professional services to the cittseBs.
Offlc on Conrt Square, oae door west of Wallace's Auc
tion bouse. Residence on Pontotoc street, soath tide,
between St Patrick an St. Martin.
JaaSS tf
Exhibited in Memphis for a Few Days Only.
Can be seen, for a few da-s only, the wonder fa! Calf,
VTOW ttven months old, having SIX LRGS, and other
J. N wise remarkably developed one of the rarest curios
ities of the day.
Also, the celebrated animal,
bom with only TIIREK LEGS, now about three years old,
and otherwise folly developed.
Also, that beautiful nondescript Fig,
a perfect Hermaphrodite, and a perfect curiosity la hit I
The above all form a
rarely to be met with, and can be witnessed at the low
puce of Twenty-Five Cents.
uautn and see tbe cariosities. Jbz7-1w
Wanted Immediately,
A SITUATION as Book Keeper or as Clerk 111 a notel,
or any situation where a young man. by eaastaat
attention to and lnterett In the business of bis employer,
will enable tbe latter to pile up the dimes, and at the
ai t a - ' I
tame time give the former a chance to make a smal'-
very small pile for himself. Address D. S. BURTON,
through the Post Office, or laoulre at the Memohis Fe
male College, Adams street. Inferences can be tlv n. If
reqalred. sn29-dlw
Classical and mathematical Echool,
A SCHOOL of the character above Indicated will be
opened In this place on the 9th of Fcbrnarr. 1857.
The course of instruction will be the taste at that pursued
at ine universiiyot Virginia, and adapted to Xljfi prepa
ration of youth far the University, or the hatineis pur
suits of life. The different branches that will be taught
In this School are :
English Language and Literature;
Moral Philosophy and Ethics;
Mathematics and Natural Sconce;
Gretk Language aad Literature ;
Latin Language and Llteratuie ;
Modern Languages aad Literature.
Havlau atteai'ed the Lectures in the Llterarr and Sci
entific Departments of the University of Virginia; ob-
lainea ine negro ei iiacoewr or Asts, and been several
years enxsgea in lescning, 1 natter myself with the hope
that I will be ab.e to give general tatlifactlon la tbe dlf- I
f erent branches wnlca I profeas to teach. As regards
qualifications, moral character, and standing. I can refer
to the Professors of the University, aad to tbe dtixeas of
Charlottesville, Va., from whom I have ample testimo
Terms. S10 per session of five months, psyabte Inva
riably In advance. No deduction made extent .a case of I
protracted Illness.
For farther particulars, see printed circulars, or call on I
me, at tne uommerdal uottl.
I'aS&annaStmtfh -
TtR !EKI3?.R n exclusively to fiarglcal Diseases.
Bladder, Ulcert, ' Caaoers, Tamor., Cm 'nted
n,nij .... i J5?s'..uttmJP'
, I ma. .. t. .'"rV 1 .''S"'
eases aad deformities requiring Surgical aid.
i aepmMtwawiyts
MlfM JlvJ&
DR. FKNNBR al attends to all Diseases of the Eye
aBd Ear. and it prepared to Board Patienta from a
t3" Office oa Mala street, ia Walker's Banding, resi
dence oa Co art street. sepSG-dt- awlytaa
ron diseases or the
T'tT-ft TlAkia l?kcf rr PAmmnri.l lTnfAl
a ii ly iiuuij liUb vi tuuiiukiviai aautvjf
Birv .llE.lll'Jil.N. TKA.'a.
jsjji COST
POK Afin WORTH of new and seasonable
OOD8, at actual emtftr rM.
Owiazto a change in our hnsiaets. wo oiler at actaal
coat for catk aBd eath oitfy, oar entire otock of Ootkrog
aod Furalthing Goods. As the baoioeos matt be dosed
p, aad lo do so the stock most be soht, persona la waat
. No.SOUik's MarhloBlock.
: Mala street.
X3T Eaqairer copy three meatus.
Jrinimry 3Lsi, 1857,
TIL5SSso" "f !!L.tBe F"
I X kBoTledgmeBta. for the verv liberal oatmaaao rxsaad.
I ., ' - -
F itawr ibc rvswro so
I roaatry.
I uar aewor ponner iciu oe eoastaatty m sao juioatn
market.aad wU keep us faByiaptdkd with every da-tn-
I '
StaDle end Pancv TJrv Goods. &c
1 We are Agenta for some of the boat braada of IM-
M,CS' OSNABCRGS. which we offer stftctor,
P"ce. JsaB-aawSm
Wholesale and Retail Dealers in
231 J, BE3 S v
JaBt-daw3tn 325 MAIN-ST., MEMPHIS, TSNV.
cr. ia. ta"s-Iioh.f
1S4 Mala-St., opp. Worahaa Hoase,
Mea's aad Yoeth's Clothiag,
Hats, Shoes, fee, &c..
Saddlery, Gams, Rides, Gallery,
Boys' Doable Gum, Fine Tobacco aad Tea,
To Consumers or Dealers.
TEN CfSAR-MAKBRS tia aad et
JACOB! & CO.'S Misnfactory
at J. C.
Apply tatmedattr-
lyatNo Saf Mala street.
I HAVE three MOUSES and LOTS to rent for
the preeent year, tftaatvl In the Northeastera
part of the city, .a what is kaown as Waaches
, ter Avean. it beiag tbe property apea which I
bow live. For a more partlea'ar descripttoa, aad for
dosing the contract of rent, call 00 Majer William Raf
fia, at th Gas Offlce. BOB PRICI.
OKf. BAGS RIO COFFEE, for sal by
QAA BBLS. FLOCR, various brands, for aade by
Ft fl fi KRGS NAILS, bett Bastern for sale by
Optician, Watch Maker and Jeweler.
ilaHton ttrttt, between Mai and Front How,
RESPECTFULLY annosaces to his friends and Use
public in general that he has permanently located
himself at the above stand, where he may coastaBtly be
roaad, ready to give attention to those who nay favor
him wtth their patronage. I will always have n hand
a spieadid asortmnt of various improved Spectacle,
alto a variety of Watches, Clocks, Jewelry, Ac. Re
pairing done In evi-ry braach of the busiacs at abort
notice, and warranted. Janll-dtwanly
JUST rece'.ved, a splendid assortment of various kinds
of Improved SPECTACLES.
Optician, Watch Maker and Jeweler,
Madisoa Street, between Mala and Front Row,
Opposite CI Usees' Bank, Memphis, Teao.
There celebrated Glasses are ground on the exaM prin
ciple ef Sober leal Accuracy, of a omicavo-co:vex mirror
form, admirably adaptfd to the orean of staal, can he
used to paroae the most minute employmeat, either by
day er candle light, with perfect ease to the eye, and
never coaxes tast gtoaineos of tne neea, or peiniol sen
satles ta the eyes, that many expertoaca la aoiag the
common. Spectacles, but strengthen and improve the
sight, as win be seta from tbe following testtmontats :
From Ifm. A. Johiuon, Gov. of Term.
Mr CMtrtLEt Sir: Ha lag fully tested the merit
of roar Improved Spectacles, I do not hesitate to say
that they excel any I have ever tried, and find the pecu
liar manaer in which they are ground, obviates the pals
I have frequently experienced is tHtng other spectacles.
From Dr. Barton, of New Orleans.
Kmoxyiixe. Texx.. June 28th. 185S.
Mr. f! Muller Optician Dear Sir: The glasses you
prepared for me exceed IndSMlactaeos aad brilliancy
lon anr j a,T. er used. Tbe principle of a focus
acceamodated to every motion of the eye, is invaluable.
as it prevents latl.ne to tbe organ, aad dees not impair
vision. The beaaMlai transparency of the glass, with its
great hardness, gives a durability which ia invalaahie to
those haviag a constant demand for them.
These imarovemeau arereoomBMadaltoas for their ate
highly meriting pabiie patronage.
Very repeotf ny, jour eoeatent servaat.
u. II. u.vktu.n , n. u., of it. fi.
From Hon. A. MeCleller.d. Ex-3tembr ef Coneretf,
1 enneuet.
Mb. C. Molleb Sir: I find year glacees to be far su
perior to those la common use. A. McGLELLAND.
From Hon. W. II Humphrey. Aider of the Fedora
Court, rennatte.
I have tried Mr. Mailer's spectacles. I centner them
altogether snperier to the spectacles commonly need.
From Saml. R. Rodjrrt, Senator fro Knox end Roane
counnei, i esrteetee.
Mb. C. Muller Sir: I take great pteature in stall
the public that I am using ystarleaaroved Spectaates with
perfect latlsf action, both by daylight and caadMlght.
consider them a valuable iraarovomeet.
G. H. Kyle, Jackson, Tens.
-Thomas Gamewell, Jaekson, Tena.
Hon. John Read, " "
V. B. Woodfolk, M. D., Cotton Srove. Term.
W. W. Hawkins. Brown a vine, Tenn.
wm. u. Brace. it. u., "
Mayor A. M. Shaw, SoaaerviUe, Teas.
Wm. H. Patedexter, "
The Spectacle Less In commas aao, 'eras Ambie con
vex, have but one focus, aad that being the tent re, ad
mits of a perfect vision only tbroogh the centre. Now as
the eyes, la retting froea aide to side, depart from tbb
point. It it afibrWhy tbe.ditterttOM mridoat, and ocea
sieas in weak eyes fatigue and pain, and In sesoasr eyet
a more frequent chl-ge of glass for those of higher power,
than Is caused by the slmpte flattening of the eye by age;
tocwtlie uaguaire of maBy, they make the eye grow
older. Could the glass be attached to tne eye, so as to
meve with It, or the head be made to turn and accommo
date tbe sight, while tbe eyes remain fixed, the doable
convex leas would not be ao oMectwaaMe. Bat as neither
of thtse plans could be very well aeeomptiihed, an easier
method to remedy this Import ant defect In all hitherto
constroat ed helps to tbe defective human vision Is desira
ble. This end Is obtained in these giatses which, having
not only central focus, but, for all practical purposes, one
throuzheat. the objection above named Is obviated, as thev
enable the wearer to perceive objects at every angle
of vision, with all the correctness of the natural healthy
.SnVI 1 El 1 1 mil a TaT Awa
TITE co-partnership heretofore existing between Drs.
K. P. WATSON k, A. L. KIMBRO, has been dis
solved by mutual consent. Dr. Klmbro settles the oh!
N. 3 Dr. KIMBRO will continue bnilntsa at the oM
office, on Unlot street. Jaa21-daw3m
OH A SACKS choice Irish Potatoes In store and for
&JJ saleDy
Fine Cypress Timber for Sale,
IN Dyer County, within two talks of tht Mississippi
river, into which It can. b easily floated. Address the
undersigned immediately at Dyersburg, Tenn.
janlo-daw2rr 3. K. latia.
Memphis, Tennessee.
CAPITAL S150,000.
rn W.WjJJfj.Tj.80n. TCS.: iJCIl JkLay, B0C.
. ' ' ,
oryicE ox jcrrEssoit jtbeet.
H. 0. WALXER, 3aI. MotBT,
W. B. Gbxexlaw, T. n. ALXEX,
A TT0RNEY AT LAW. Office ever C. W. Cherry &
JX Co.'s.
or THE
n WK take pleasure la Inform tor the Citizens of
f Memphis aed the pabiie generally that we have rc
BMved our stock of Drags to the corner of Main and
Union streets, aad will take pleasure la accomrao
Uims all who may favor aa with a call.
We are also in receipt of a fuU sappiy et fresh and gen-
mac Droa. Chemicals. Paints, Oils, Perl araery, &.C
Part Scalar attention paid to filling of Prescriptions at
an soars or aay aaa nig&t.
decai-tf R. JOYNER k. CO.
Thos. Peters' Residence for Sale
T HAYX for sate the Raeldeaca and Ifau acre sf land
JL b rloBtlas: to Thomas Peters. Esq., lying on the State
Liae Road aad tlte Memphis and Chartestea Railroad, 21
nsilea east of Memphis, at Bray's Station The Improve
ment eoamsta of a Jwe itac, battt ia Gothic Stylo. 9 Urge
rooms aad 2 small one, with dooete, store rooms, Ac.
Kitchen, 2 servaate' roemt, cittern, well, stabies aad
barn, carriage boo, wagon .bed, Ave., &e. Ib short, It
a one of the beet tmprovoa placet ia Shejay cooaly, all
new and la perfect order. I win tell the improvements
andM- acrea of laad, or all tecether. If dearer, I will
sell the stock of sheep, hogs, aad cattle, corn, fodder, oais
ad pork, stanch tered aad packed la the smoke hoase. A
hartmia win be given. Apply to Thou. Peters, on, the
P"" " or w G. B. LOCKE,
1 Aactlotteeraad Real Estate Broker.
Suburban Residence for Sale.
I OFrRR for sate, apea good terms, the termer Resi
dence of C. F. Ktatj, Bee,., tying en the north side of
the new State-line read, a mile aad a half east of the
city. The tract contains it asm, aad Is improved with
a small roatdtace of three rooms, well and other lmprove-
Also, roar acre wood let, nearly opposite. This tract
is within three aaaaters of a sleet a rood church ard
school, aad is In one of the best aad healthiest BeixhUr
hoods la the vicinity of Memphis. G. 3. LOCKE,
novl I Anctiuaeer and Real Estate Broker.
Piano Fortes for Sale.
I HATE la store, Jatt received direct
FVMtTZS fmm a t ,
SdlS7,,: i
it. TWwinka m .t ir...
talaM with Pearl. They win be sold at greatly reduce!
cos. Tata preheats a most favorable oasortanitv to
rai'nniu a tapenor tastnimeBt at a baraata. Terms
made to tatt parchasou. G. B. LOCKE,
ace-is tf AaetioBter aad Real Estate Broker.
HOLD PRKS1 Boaeya;
GOLD PENS I atsperior PetsAs ;
GOLD PENS I Short Nibs;
GOLD PENS I Small Stae;
COLBPRNSI Medlaa Stae;
GOLD PENS r Large sire ,
GOLD FENS 1 Bxrosstag;
GOLD FENS! Maasraotfa;
GOLD PENS ! Smooth aad Easy Wrtttsg;
GOLD PENS I Warranted Palate ;
THIMBLES! From No. 1 W No. IS:
THIMBMtS! Oped aad Closed lap;
rtaiaiaui All stiver;
TMlMBUtSI Steel 10p;
TniMBLRSi tjoMOctaaon;
TH1MH1.ES I Geld Baabessod;
THIMBIJESt OotdHaaSaeTatned;
THIUttLESl BaaTavedGoH;
THIMBLES I CaaaMandPaatn.
An exeeUent aosottsaeat of the above ean'alwavtbe
foaad at oar store, aad esaeciaay at this Mate. '
eet J. 3. M El'.RlMAN it CO.
A rrnnl Voi-SaV-v
fT Goods .v.eh as are sjeneraJty kept ia our Has of the
most aeaatttai styles, saltahie tor
Holiday Presents,
aH of which we are selling very low.
J. B. M tatS all AN X CO.
ANEW atieitaitat J est recetvea.
Shaii-1 Pins.
TTTE caa now saaaty this very dfestrebie article.
t t jaHtlt
TXTE keep every variety of Saeetaales that are to be
II and la any market. We have jaot received a very
brte addtliea to oar stoei.
No. ST Adanag-st, Memjihis, Tea.3
HASJnat received from North CarollBa,
1 twenty-Bv hkely yeans; negroes, to which he
7 destree U call the attention of purchasers.,
2 He win tn in the regular receipt of negroes
f roox North and Soath Carolina every month. His Ne
gro Depot la on c f be !U-.-tTcDmpiete aad eommodioas
entablUbment of the krsxHnjihe Southern coon try, aad
bis rtmwiaiKHis exact aavi sysirmauc, cleanliness, neat
nen and co-n fort being strktly observed sad eaforced.
Hss aim is to furnish ta enstoewrs A. 1 servants 'and
field heads, sound aod perfect In body aadraiad. Ne.
greet taken on commission. a&2t
Garden Seeds, Crop of 1S56.
T"IRBCT from D. Landreth, for se.e by the paper, dozen,
XJ pr-una. ana kasnei, wbutosaie aaa retail by
janzl-dawxw WARD Si JONSS.
A Teacher Irani1 ed.
ryiHil undersigned will give $100 aad beard to a com
A patent Baptist Lady, who can teck lax RazJiek Un-
gaasje, lor a terse of ten meatus. Only two chiHrta to
be taught. Address, A. F. CLHAYELAND,
Jam-4tuw4t SiedgeviUe, Ml s
TKKSprtnt; term aad Fifteenth Seesson wnt com
mence on MONDAY, tbe 3d of February.
For terms see Circulars
Dancing at Processor' charate. jan91dtwaw2m
fTlHIS is to forewarn all perseH from baborlag erem-
jl piojing ritaui. viiuizk, avaaa to me as aa
apprentice to the GaBtralth bottaeet for a Bumber of
years. The law will be enforced agatast any person or
persoas who will grre him empieyment, aa he has left my
shop without cause, before finishing his time as obligated
Fresh Feathers.
I KflA POUNDS new Feathers, fresh from the
coBGtry, for sale at
JLife-Sizc in Oil Colors.
HAS opened his STUDIO in Oark's Marble Building,
where he win be pleated to see those that with to
employ his pnd:.
J3-portralta aloe palated freoakDsguerreotypes aad
JOHN CUBBIKS Is my aattWrtxed ageat daring my
tj tensporary aotecce.
McKINNEY ft CO. have lately receiv
ed a considerable lot of fine FURNITURE
from New York and Boston, to which
ti JZthey lavite the attention ef purchasers.
at 191 Main Street, Memphlt. Janl7
Chamber Furniture.
BEAUTIFUL Hack enameled, plain and onumeatal
Oak Chamber setts, just received by
' McKINNEY it CO.,
Joal7 192 Maia street.
Hallet, Davis & Co.'s Pianos.
. sia. or (note sptenoM Mvea uctave
J Piano Fortes, received per steamer Pete
Whetstone, and for sale at Beaton prices.
'freight added, by
X HAVE received lately a very good aecond-hand BOIL
ER, also, BRICHEN and STAND-PIPE, which I am
aatborizrd to sell very low for cash. The BoMer Is twenty
six feet Ijag, tetrly-eix iaohes dlamater. two twelve lath
f aee. G. M'LEAN, Boiler-Maker,
Jan3-d3w:wM Opoeeite Navy Yard. Memphis.
fTIHREE or fear good MATTRESS MAKERS wanted
JL snmeataiery. tiooa wages given, at
loan McKINNEY A. CO.'S,
$25 H.23-Ca7-H.X!
Stop tlie Runaway !
RANAWAY from tbe subscriber, living six miles
north writ of Hernando, Mise. , a Negro Man. named
ALBBKT. Said Albert is between 25 aad 30 years
okL 6 feet 5 or 6 inches' high, dark complected aaa
snick ipoken. He wore off three pairs of pants, three
coata. and carried with him two Blankets. He was raised
in Halifax, Virginia, from which place he was brought by.
Forrest & Jones, from wnera I bad recently bought him.
I win give the above reward for his apprehension and Con
aement so that I can get him.
JaaSo-dalm 7 0. GARTRELL.
To the Patrons of the Commercial Hotel
FEELING very grateful to a liberal and generous pub
lic for their 9 op port In whatever branches of busi
ness I have been engaged here, I desire to reader my ac
kBewledcaeate seer especiaHy for their support ef this
establishment . and fer the quiet and good order my guests
have enabled me to preserve tr K.
The license for retailing ipirttaoaa liqsort at the bar
having expired, it will, in deference to the law, be closed
from and after this day. D. COCKRBLL,
Jaall-tf Preprtttor Commercial Hotel.
Plantation and Negroes for Sale.
THE subscriber, living is Fay-AA.
elte county, Tennessee, about fourzjr
-iMnfra miles soam 01 uKurr wjiac
tjlfipLftgLnd five northwest of Macon, will"
1 1 1 't.s-Caell la the hlehest bidder, on the
25 th of February Next,
five hundred acres of excellent LAND, being the tract on
which I now reside ; 350 acres cleared aad in fine state c
Improvenwttta consist of a substantial aew two-stor)
Frame Dwelling, Ota House, Press, and all the necessary
oat houses, a most excellent wefl of water, good oreban
of peaches, apples, plums and various other fruits.
Also, fifteen NEGROES, of alt sexes aad ages Mta
Women. Girls aad Children and at the tamo time am'
place all tbe Corn. Fodder aad Oats, Horses, Mules. Cat
tle and Hogs, Carts, Wagaas. Oxen, and all and every
specaes of property oa the Plantation, including about IS,
GOO pounds of finest quality BACON.
Tesuis One-third purchase money for Laad due nex
3Slh December, the balance in one and two yars from
that time, in eqaal instalments. Negroes aad all othei
property will be sold on a credit to 25th December, for all
sants over $10; that asm, and under, ca.b.
Persoat wishing to examine the premises will call on
me, oa the place, or my son, L. F. Dupree.
JanaS-dawtds H. DUPREE.
53" Enquirer copy and tend hill to B. Reil ft Bro!
Profitable and Honorable Employment
PERSONS la town or country la search of employment
as a searce et Income, or to fin up their leisure hoars,
may boar of sach by eachniag two stamps, topaypost
age, ta Professor J tMES T. BORNE, Box No. 4.S51 New
York Post office. The empieyment Is fitted to either sex
station la life Immaterial. It Is an article of dally
consumption, and can be manufactured In aay person's
dwelling ; secured by copyright ; rales as permanent aa
Hour. An agent Is wanted in every town In the Union.
on ci ti 1
Leavea THIS DAY, 3d' last., at 10 a. St.
CHOCTAW... . : Doss. Smedlit, Master.
U THIS splendid passenger aad tretgat
n tteamer will leave for the above aad in
termediate ports THIS DAY, Feb. 3d,
at 10 A. 3t. For freight orpaesazr ap
ply on board. feb3.lt
Leaves THIS DAY. Febraary 3d, at Soeteex r. at.
For lYhite River.
Earr aod Farley; Clerks.
AlgJBUth. THIS llzbt draught and fast rusBisg
rlhia'v pstseagev and freight packet wtK leave aa
oftirJ-vI5j! above. Persoas deeiroas of beiag pat
aemr- m-'mS through " la quick time wfil de well to ha
oa board at the appointed hour. For freight or passsge,
apply on board, or to
Regular Dlemphis and White Riier
JTames JLanglilln,
P. MAINGAULT, Master J. P. BOOKER, Clerk:.
1. THIS fast raasttg, rreigat ana passes
51 gerpacktt, win leave Memphis for Jack-
J sooport aad aU iBtermeenate laaatags,
S etery Wedaesday, at o'clock, r. St.
Fur freight or sastaze. asalT oa beard or to
W. W. HODGE, Agent,
dec30-3m No. 3 Bask Avenue.
Esse. :::::: 1837,
James P. Smith, Master.
Mgtf-aaU ON the resumptioa of , TZSZZZx Ju
lyLtf navigation a line of first f JJZi&R
class packets -will com
mence thetr regular trips3
between Memphis, Cairo aad LeuisviUe, connect lag at
Jiempnis WHO. lae .-tv unaa mi, a. i.auu
. Jr ancakeuLteI1,liJTl!!e
the Louuvllle and Clacbx.at packet liae.
These Boats are fitted up aad tarnished in elegant style,
with every regard for the comfort aad convenience of
passeag. rs, are officered by careful aad experienced men,
who, by strict attnthm to bustaess, hope to merit the
coaadeBee and patronage of the paailc
LAYALLETTE tc MORRIS, Agents, Memphis.
oc21 BENEDICT A SON, AgeaU, LoBttvlBe.
J3 Eagle aad Baquirer copy.
Memphis, White Hirer and Napoleon
Helena, Friar's Point, Laconia & Coocorfial
JOHN T. SHIRLEY, Master.. ..WM. T. WOOD, Clerk.
i. THIS aew, tplettlW aad fast steamer,
sfA barmg been perchaaed for the Packet
Trade la place of the James LaagBtta,wui
'coBtiBBe regularly ia the trsde. leavisz
Memphis every MONDAY and FRIDAY at 2 oNtook t
M., paactaatly, coanectia: at Napoteoa with White aad
Arkansas river beata, laklag freight aad paaseagen to
White river at regatar rates. Returning, leaves Napo
leon every TUESDAY aad SATURDAY, arriviag at Mem
phis Soaday aad Wedaesday evenlags.
Thaaxfal for former patreoage, the owaers hope to
merK a eoatraaaaee of the tame to their new boat, pro
mastag strict atteation to buslaess.
Noncr to SHipriKs. Tae"Frtshee" wat receive
f retaht aatll oae o'clock oa Mondays, and daring the ea
tire day Taaradays, and astll one o'clock Fridays.
IN order to accoauaoaate the pabUc, the owners aad
Btaatera of the Packets heretofore in the trade between
the two cutes have organised a Coaspaay ta run a TTi
Weekij Line of Packets between Memphis asd New Or
leans, under tbe name and style of the
Jlemphis and New Orleans Packet Co.
Tbe Beau composiBg the Line art all of the first stats,
inferior to none in the West or Soath. for speed, eestfort
and safety. They will leave each plate every Uondey,
Wednetdey and Friday, at 3 o'clock p. M.
Particular attention wilt be pan to way burinut.
Monday Packets.
NEBRASKA .R. Alex. Irwfc?, Master.
INGOMAR L. McDonosgh, "
Wednesday Packets.
JOHN SIM0ND3 .Wm. Wray, Master.
H. R. W. HILL. Thos. H. Newest, "
Friday Packets.
BEN FRANKLIN .M. G. Aadort, Master.
BELFAST H. L-Caarca, "
Shippers aad Paafasors may rely aa the aeaetetaty of
tbe boats of this IIbc.
A cestiaaaBee ef the patronage Mtherto extended to
the owner i of this Uae it reoneowatly soMorted.
X3T OOce adMang W. B. Rietaaoad U. Co., corner
Coart t treet and Front Row. sep3
3L CSlJiD.
I HAVE Just received tome of those ele
from tbe celebrated Plane Faetory of
" Ebaxd. " at Paris aad London, aad of
fer them for sale. I keep those ipteadtd little ORGANS,
called Seraphiae, with from tea to thirteen stops, aad all
the latest improv ratntt. These are kaown to be the beet
InotraaaenU for Charches, Lodges and School Rossis. All
iBstraaMoti told hv me a e warranted for five years.
53" Tuning and Repilrteg of PiaBes, Ytettns, Organs,
Mtsedeoas, etc, etc, doae la a wjrkmialite master at
moderate priors.
S3 I o aot pretend to give lessons oa aay namber a3d
variety of Instruments.
Janl-tf 1U Mala street.
Mechanical Paradox.
WE have for sale a few ef these carious initnnaeats,
which, by the entirely need principie of. their opera
Uob. completely psrxle aKe the phitosepaer and the
oh thinking; to one has yet been ahteto aecoaat far the
cause of the motion exhibited by thtse Jokers, which,
seems to set the law of gravttatioa altogether at defiance.
You have denatless wltaessed spirttuar mantftstataoaa
and puzzled your brains to account (or the pheaemeaa ;
here Is something equally my sterieus ea which yoa may
study as vainly to understand the cause asoatho,ssh
!eet of Spiritualism. It you do not believe, come aad.
see for yourselves aad yoa wHI acknowledge that it la the
most mysterious development of mechanical lawa yoa
have ever seen or heard of.
dec23 J. E. MERRIMAN 4. CO.
THE aBdenigaed has a stt of the latest Improved St.
Iz-ais Steam Saw aad Grist MHt Machinery, which
he wishes to sell, either part far cash or aH oa time. Any
persoa wishing to bay the mantry, aBd has not a good
situation to pat the mill up, I win .-11 htm, for money er
on time, six or seven hand red acres of aa good timbered;
laad as Is In the county, nine miles from Memphis, aad
two from the Memphis aad Ohio Railroad. My mlH haa
a 10-lach cylinder and two 32-inch boilers, 13 feet loag.
AU of the machinery Is new and In good running order
bands for Saw aad Grist Mill. My Machinery runs two
Sawt tbe lower oae fifty aad the upper one thirty laches.
This MUl la warranted to cat one thoasaad feet of lumber
per hour. If attended to as It should be. Any person
wishing to hoy a mill can get a bargain by ealltag on the
subscriber, at his residence, oae aad a halt miles of Ral
eigh, Shelby county Tenn.
Jaa9-tf D. M. SAND 2R LIN.
Trustee's Sale of Real Estate.
In pursuance of a Deed of Trust executed tome
by Wm. Walker for the benefit of Wm. Richard
son Hunt, dated on the sixth day of February,
eighteen hundred and fifty-five, and duly recorded
in the Register's office of the county ef Shelby. and Stato
of Tennessee, In Book No. 13, pates 16S, 167 and 1GS", oa
March 21st. 1S5S, I will proceed to sell fer cash, at pabiie
sale, la front of G B. Locke's Anctten House, east alio
of Main street, Memphis, Tennessee, at II o'clock, ea
SATURDAY, the 11th of February, A. D 1357, the foi
lowlag described ,
XlOt Of C3rX01XX3.d.
with the taorovemeats thereon, to wit: Beginning at a
stake on the east side ef Raybara street, at W. T. Avery's
(new R. A. Parker's) southwest corner; thence scuta
with said street four hundred fret aad six Inches (100
feet) to a stake; ihtnce tast stvtn hundred asd sixty-one
fret and tlx laches (761 H feet) to a stake oa Park's are
nas; thence north with said avenue four hundred feet and
tlx inches (100K feet) to a stake at the ss Id W T.Avery'
(now R. A. Parker's) southeast corner; thence wtth said
W. T. Avery's (now R. A. Parker's) south liae, west
seven haadred aad sixty-one feet aad six Inches (7S1K
feet) to the bt inning, containing Ueven acres (7 acres);
being the north half ef Lot No. 189, laid oil by WHtoagh
by Williams, south or aad near the city of Memphis, and
the same that was deeded to Wm Jayaer by XL L. Guiea.
on the 3d dty of April, 1852. and registered la the Regis
ter's office of Shelby county. lean.. In Book 10, pates No.
30t and 306, ea the Tth day of May, 1S52, and also deeded
by Wm. Jeyaer ta Wm. Richardson Heat, en the 6th of
Jaaaary. 136-1, aad by aald Hnat deeded to Wm. Walker.
The title to the above properly Is undisputed, bat I
ennvev nnlv sach title as Is vested In me as Trustee.
"Equity of redemption Is waived by the terms ef the Deed
Of TraSt. niuaAJ, lltUKC
Memphis, Jaanary 10th, isa.-janutas
JDental Notice.
DR. J. BORDLEY would respectfuRy
inform his friends asd th public that ho
has a fiae assortment of Artificial Teeth,
and It prepared, where the gums are sound
aad free of sensitiveness, &c, to insert Teeth on Gold or
Silver Plate, in twenty-four hours af tax the cast is taken.
Specimens of Teeth oa Plate can De sera at my office.
All other operations performed as niuil.
Office ever Winn's Saddlery Store. Whig Building,
opposite Court Square. anl-la
xaabri up aw ray conse, oae UA.1 iiunafi,
JUSStett hind foot white. Had ea new saddle and
-brm Iannire of ST J Tt. T trlNN.
Jaal7-tf Mo. 231 Mala-tt.
THE undersigned, at present representing the house
of BREWER tt CALDWELL. New Tork. wS makjs
liberal Cash Advances on Cotton consigned to them for
sale. Apply at 47 Front Row, up stairs.
sepS7-tf WM. II. HULL.
Dry Goods at Wholesale;
YUST received, direct from New York, on consignment,
J of upwards of $30,000 worth of seasonable Staple
Dry Goods. The goods being on consignment, I can af
ford and wlH sell better bargains than ever was effered In
this city. Merchants and planters, who wish ta buyer
the piece wHI flad to their Interest to examine my stock.
before purchasing elsewhere. G. B. LOCKE,
novo Auctioneer and Real Estate isroKer.
FIFTY bbls. Otd Ry Whisky andBourton, warranted,
pure, in store and far sale by
isuxi aa.-itiaiuu.i,
nov27-tt Ne. 197 Main tlreet.
Laths and Shingles.
B0GERT. WITT are ttlll making Laths, and areal
wavs n re oared to tuoDlv the nubile with the beat ar
ticle at reduced prices. They are alo making Shingles,
and will keep a t apply conitantly on hand. Mill on Wolf
river, above tne Bayoa. jary ia. -j-iy
tots at Private Sale.
I OF FER for sale, aponeasy terms, unimproved. Lota,
121,122,125.128, 103,101, 131, 132. Improved VLots,
169 and 170 being on the plan of subdivision of Greeslaw,
Si Si trans, Looney & Keele. G. B. LOCKE, "
nov2-tt Auctioneer and Real Estate Broker.
A GOOD COOK Is wanted for a small family. An okt
woman preferred, aad one that haa ne children. A
fair price will be paid, It early application Is made at th
e. -.-
! I
1 n
mMI- tit1 V'r;: ,111 1 r 'i"iflif

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