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T-: -
MARCH 13, 1857.
g-We are under obligations to Mr. Son
' tago, tha gentlemanly ckrt ef the steamer .Tteniei Boont,
far late St. Louis, Cincinnati and Nashville papers.
Office? Williams, of the Chirac po
IIOe,arrlred her on Wednesday night, with Hekdricii
laeustedy. The Utter 1 now In the calabtote.
fffS" Mr. Capers' bov, Goldinf:, was yester-
liriur eamnvtted by J edge II I LI. te JU, lo amrrir tit
eharg of parttelrattag in the murder ef Mr. Tasker.
The Inauguration Washington Cor-
BXEPfMCBESCE- On fir second page th reader wHl find
aciresnstantlal and we think highly Interesting account
ef the Inauguration ot President BcchaXan, from tie
pea f Cel. McClakahan, ot this efflee.
Correction-. In our report of the proceed
ings ef the Grtmvaal Coarl jftUxiij, we stated that Mr.
Thomas James had been sentenced to the Penitentiary.
The name should have teen Thomas Joxes, who was
sentenced for atx years.
Moke Truth than Poetry. As the folks
hereabouts hare recestlj had abaaaxat cause to know,
winter may "linger la the lap of spring." The weather
daring the last week has been a1iast as ctM as any
. dortagrfce wtatet which it was feniHy hoped, had hid us
Mexico Treaty Rejected. Our telerrapb
tcdletutehes this morning anns&eea the fact that the
late treaty with Mezioe, prelected. It Is Mid by Gen.
Gabsbes. as ce&eladed by Mr. Forsyth, has been
disapproved by President Bpchaxax, and withheld tram
the Senate.
J5f We are indebted to Captain Smedley,
ef the steamer Choctaw, for a Newuiltans Piccjmnf o!
Smdayltst. Oa the margin ef the paper we nad writ
tea, "The rery superior and fast manias Hannibal haa
the sM." This Hannilal Is eee ef the rery slowest
boats en the river, aad the mail will proe-aMy get here te
morraw er Sunday,
Fire at Brownsville. On Wednesday
night a fire brake eat Is the Circuit Ceart roota 1& the
Oaart House, whK destroyed mast cf the Beaks and pa
pers ef Mr. S. M Ash, clerk ot the Chat eery Oaart at
Haywood count y. The fire is tufpeaed to hire originated
tram tha store In the room, the Ctreatt Ccart haTlag
boea la sessiea uuring the day. The toe was dUcevcrri
la time to save the tuiUBg.
Harpers' New Weekly. We have received
from Mesws. Cleaves Jr. Gcios, No. 10 at Harpers
lftitlf Journal of Civilization. It ceatalat a vast
amtast at reading matter, aad treats apeo almost every
known s abject. Ibis pubUcaMaa has ofcUtaadaa lm
meaae ctrcalstiaa. It Is fcraisaed, by euVtCfipttoa at
(1 60 per year. Sin el: copies can be parchaicd at the
aw book stare et Cleaves Jr. Gciojt. Main street.
gST" At Clark's Dafcuerrean Gallery is a
estaevtf Photograph of Mr. Fhve, the artttt, catered by
htmseef aad takea by Mr. KHM1XG70X, which la as per
feet aad beUf at a llkeeesa as eae wtt see anywhere.
is a large, but set a fall stee. Mr. Frte hss alsa
painted several other likeeeeses of weil-kawa cMiseas,
amoaee'bws a most perfect paitrait ot Fletcher
Lae, Esq., and eae et James Elder, Esq., Michael
Magetxey, Esq., etc.
A Valuable Work. Messrs. Cleaves lc
Gvius hae placed apaa ear taWeanew beak mm the
jmMtiats hoete ot Garrett, Dici t Fitioerald,
eaef Ir.-qziirc If'ffMr. for Anythirg Ton Went la
JTiwtr, " watch geaera! descripOes coaveys a Tery faith
fat idea ef Ks raian. It is iaterded as a beek far f amHy
retoresee aa all saajecta Gsaaected with domestic ecoao
rar, i.c , it. TVe do not kBow haw hoaae-keepers
chM le witaost K. It may be boaeht ot Messrs.
Gleaves It Gnow, at their See store oa Main street.
The Artist's Bride Messrs. Garrett,
Die & PlTMERALD. hare forwarded us, throsgh
Messrs Geo. Pattisn it Co., a copy of this, the last
pro4aettoa et the set bralcd novelist. Emebsox Bes
nett. K oaataiBS faar handred aad faai U-ea paes, is
pristted ea large dear type, aad beaod la embossed doth.
Price $1. Tate is eee f the most Ihrfflmi EatiTepradsc
tasac we hare erer read, aad yet the incidents are so tree
to aatare, so IKe-ltke. that the reader can scarcely realise
the f aot that he Is reading action. The sketches of the
"BrsWaBt Heiress," eaa of the interview between the
Lawyer aad Ms Stadeat, pwsess the mcst abeerbtng In
terest. He never allows vlrtaocs precepts to Hager far
bebisd the recita ot virtue ru praettce. Bth are in cte t
Stop the Thief. Mrs. Mart Jones, a
hard.workiag widow lady ot this city, waited apn as,
.yesterday, aid reqaestta that we seeald offer on her be
' halt tea sem ef $U for the detecttoa ef the thief, who
rooaed her on Wedaesday nieht of a gold watch, a seif
cacMag ptstW, and a dirk knife. The articles enumerated
were stolen from her residence en Madisen street. The
person whoa the sapposes robbed ber.lt a man who goes
by the same of McQcabe. She deecribeg him that :
Said McQoade Is aboat IP or 3 years o. age, fair com
plextoa aal thort light hair He hat lot. onecf his
teeth, aad the little soger on hit left ha -Hi has been cat
offaboat tte Sret Jotot, audit tied ap. Webopoteps
Itte win aid Mrs. Jones la reoovertog ber property, and
briag the thief to jasttce ; she will pay $23 either for the
retain of the property or the cobvkUob et the thief.
V Inociee Within." Socb is the title of a
warkwaHbwe received yesterday from the publishing
hoateof Messrs Garrett, Dice &Fitxberalb, New
Tork, whtct contains "over 3,769 nsefsl fscts." It is
a large Eve. vatame, containing 434 pages, and is printed
oa good paper with dear, large tlted type. The price of
"lLalre Within" is $1 It is for tale bj Geo Patti
so Co , Main street. We make the foUowia; extract
from Be" preface" .
INQUIRE Within" Is deeHedly the most vonltrjvl
aad metal book that has ben Us c-d f eratay years. It
shoaM be In th- bands of every fami y la the country, at
H greet a v.st amount ef iuformtion on every sohject
eoaeeet dwttndoaiee'lc life, not heretofore in priut in
nr .alter wrk As a book of r-frence ltts lavalaabie,
K retort to and explains every thing, whether yoowi.h to
model a S ,wer 5n wax to ornament a vs by the art of
pettchoBianie; to serve up a relish for breokfakt or for
sapper; to sappty a deUdons entree for the dinner table;
to plan a dinner for a large party or a small or.e ; to cure
ahead-ache; to get marri-d ; to establish acquaintances
aaeerdteg to the rales ot etiquttte ; to p'ay at cards, chess
dku ff.na ; tevstov an hoar at carl. as puzxes and
arithmetical questions ; to Us any kiad of a met ; to do
apaneat p-rcei; to relieve the invalid; to write aad
speak eorrectty; to arqaaint yourself with the technical
un to tUeratBTe.law and medictoe ; whether yoa want
to daasa ; o oommeace aad oad a .oort.btp, or whatever
vav aT wish to do. make, or to eej-.y. provided your de
s bu relallin to the nec-siitles of aomrsuc l.fe a'l
yoa have to do Is to procure a ery of Inqcire Within,
aad K win give alt too information yoa want to know.
f&T Oor article in rerrard to Mr. Bland,
-was written on soea relise lBtormaltoo, as Wt us no
fMa todoubt Itt eerrectnets. Ta whatever extent it may
Ibtdeemtd by Aim erroneous, we give him ine oenenioi a
!'dsnal by pubtishln g the following card. Except In a very
-sajghtrtspect, the ppbttshed statement seems to aeoord
wMh Us ewa:
"AV Octraoe "I notice In the Appeal at yester
dsy.aa article headed as above ia regard to aa tHercatl n
between eat ot the female teachers of oar pevtte schools
aad myself, aad feel It due mreetf 1 ssy, that same of
the atterttent are very trroaeoas. The orcamttaneet
are then : My little daughter came home at noon ciying,
and taU the teacher had tltd her cp to a pvrt before the
waotetchool. I immediately wtrtte the tcboilreom and
atked for the teacher, and when the appeared, commenced
tarVtag to her a beat the tielag op, which she (the teach
er) said wat tree, and the only regretted that the little
"Irith ieg trotter," had neaped before she whipped et.
Oae of her scholars here exhibited to me a drawing upon
a thtte of my Utile daughter with a rope around her neck
aad Med to a psat which exetted me very ninth. About
thai Jttaetare, Mr. HARLOW eame ap, aad ttklag me by
the ihVBaer and taming me raaad aH, I matt not dis
latfe his sebeeL I poikd hU nose and kicked him, Bt
eeatkag very mach exdted, I did ate prefaae and volgar
laagaMe, whKh I confett was wrong, aud for which, after
iT excHetaetrt abated, I wrote a Bote to the trwher e?4
eglxtog. I did Dot Ward-like " exhibit, nor did I have
asset my perron anyjsfslsl or eerfe-lnie, nor did 1 of
tn aBf vManee to the unprotected female tea- hers, (Mr
Harlow being pretent ) other than ny laagaage. 1
think great nJeiUe has been doae me In the article above
ret tried to, by giving to the pahUc a etM-ided, erroaeout
ventaaat tte aalr, and make thlt sUtement, that tht
whoietralhmty be known, and the amoaat of blame ac
corded me I deserve. G. L BLAND.
On yesterday, by Rev. J- O. Steadrnaa, D. D., Mr. R.
Bowell. of DeSoto eoanty, Miss., and Miss Ellen C.
Xeelt, daughter of Mr. WBliam No-ly, of this vicinity.
WHh tbe above notice we nceived a bottle of ch-rry
eeTcHal and a fine pound cake. We did justice to both,
aad remembered the happy couple wbil doing so.
Cliicltering's Pianos!
MX PIAKO& frm the w wl 1-renowned
manufacturers, Messra. Cblckrring &
Sons, the original Jonas Chlrkering, were
shipped lo as on tne Z2ia or resruary. per
ship Jlfalioar, and will be received In a few days, which
..1. . . IK. ra.nnrlttr,r nrkw, . T
we euau euc mi - - ,
nentts of transportation added only.
192 Main street.
Hallett, Davis & Co.'s Pianos!
51x.TJSSn or inoec uuitcj-j ,nju,i
3-pi.no Fnrles Sve nnw In store and el-ven
I to rrlve pertains Hiawatha and Uara
1 fAenand bark Allot all of which, will te
s!d at extremely short profits by
Raven, Bacon & Co.'s Pianos !
-.i rnrRTEEN Pianos f mm the above map-
njiw on tisnj.ihe balance
J . , T'-.l-.I...
Ituppl last mnin ler atiitia hm,ij
.nrS Shcmard Knew These Pianos are
to well known in Memphis and the tcrroundlng country
that farther tu tioe from at Is ninecessary, omr
that we can afford and will sell them at leaa prics than
hererolare. mtriuj . i -
AiriPrt xv. T.add &.C6.'s Pianos!
EltiHT PIANOS irem me aiuiunwwi
I" AUStrS. A . ir aw.
IsMnced on the thlD ;ifarafaol These
1 Pianos will be due here next week, and
New Tore, March 12. The steamer Kangaroo has
arrired and reports the cottoa market rm, with sales tor
three days of 17 090 b Jes, et hleh speculators and cx
porters took S.tOO hales. Quotations : Mldd lot Orleans
7Xd.; Middling Upland 7 Kd Sales lue.day amounted to
4,000 bales, market closing dull. The steamer's news had
no effect upon the market. Floor doll. Wheat and Cora
unchanged. Provisions generally unchanged. Consols
advanced M .
Arrival of the Arabia.
Xew Tore, March II. The ateamer Arabia has ar
James McHnry It Co qnote common to good Ohio
floor, 32s 61$33s; mixed corn, 33s SdgSJs.
Liverpool and Manchester letters are Very dlsoosraglng.
Several Greek bouses, engaged in the colten bcalness,
haTe failed.
Uo date has been fixed upon for the meeting of Confer
ence for the settlement ot the Neutchitel qnettltn. X
favorable resnit is anticipated.
Dineultleswith Persia are In fair way of adjustment.
The treaty to that effrct Is to be signed at Paris, among
the provisions of which. Is one that England shall have
Coasats in Persia wherever Bnsia has.
Official reports state that atTtlrs la Xaptes are qa'.et,
aad aU peerless ramors to the contrary are nnfanni.il.
The Esglith eaadrea has not yet evacnated the Black
Sea. British troops arc also yet In occupation ct the Acs
trim prlactpallt'es.
Xew 'Orleans, March 11. The ship PrntUilvania,
hence for Havre, with stx hundred biles ot Cotton oa
board, Is a total wreck. The crew were all saved.
Recrnits for "Walker.
Sew Orleans, March 11. The steamship Terot,
with aWreeraltsfer Walker, saUed to-day. Gen. Horna
by, of the Xicaraguaa Army, was among the passesgers.
Fatal Affray.
LAVISVILLE, March 11. During a debate at Madison
vttle, la this State, between Messrs. Cart and Marrow,
DMaecrattc candidates for the Legislatare, a difficulty
arose la whUh the latt'r was shot by the former. The,
woasd it supposed U be marUl.
From TtTasklnzten.
"Wasmisoto.k, March II. lord Napier, the new Eng
lish minister, has arrived, snd Is ttoppiag at vnitard.
Geaoral Saott to-oay paid his re. ports to the aew Secre-
tary of War.
la the Seaate several hoars were occupied la debate on
the DoMas CtaRnd.n treaty, bat without nasi action,
3Ir. Guthrie at Louisville.
IonsviLLE, March 13. Mr. Guthrie had a brilliant
reception to-day, on the ocoaslenof bis arrival In this
The Mexican Trenty.
Kew Tore, March II. The Pre Meat has rejected the
new Mexican Tteaty withoat snomKilsg it to the Senate.
River Mews nnd Markets.
Louisville, March II. Departed, TirieheJl and Ohio.
Arrived, Soath America and Emrrtss.
lwer graJt sogar tllghUy easVr better qualities
heM arm. Molasses aachanged
Louisville, March 12. Klver faUea three Inches.
Arrived, Soiqoebaana, Landis airl Latrobe. Departed,
Ohio, Bmprtss, Betipse and Virginia.
St. Louis, March 12 Elver tailing anj navigation is
nearly saspesded by ice.
Cincinnati, March 12 Floor doll and mere unset
tled state receipt of forctga news do sales. Whisky dolt
and unsettled, with tales at 3c. Provisions buoyant,
with asre bayers than sellers at yes terday's prices. Lard,
aador ieaaeacs of foreign news, heM at 11H.
Xew Orleans, March 12. Sugar Arm. wllh a fair
demand, atIO$10Kc. Molasses Arm at COc
Sew Tork, March 12. Gallon market declined W
XC Ptear heavy Straight State decllaed St., and aales
at$Sl3t3Q; Southern 5c -lower, with sales at $6 60
$670. Wheat declined. Corn heavy, with a decline of
Sc on White aad Tellow. Mixed Corn has tlso declined
lc. Mess Pork active, and advanced lt50c. Old Mess
said at $2 SStS $24 SO. Lard firm.
Don uf
River Matters. a
E3-Tha river la falling very fast; thewtather still
continues cool. Buslnesi is now very dull at the landing
JCJ- The Simonit has gone above to take on a quanti- I
ty of freight. She will return In time to leave for Ntw vROir....TennesseeCumber!andbar,)5Se; Pennsylva
Orieaas after the arrival cf tl e cars to-morrow night. nia (Pittsburgh bar,) 6c; Castings (hollow ware,) 4K
53" Tbe JMf.. iroyae U th. p.tk.t for St. Louis this
aitersooa. zav ua kvu.cuiu j buj.c,B i
conMBodatiens lor passengers.
The ZranrriHe arrived yesterday morning from
WbifB liver. She wl'l leave to-morrow afternoon fir
Jackseaport. Captain Riley Jones la her cemmandsr, and
James V Bturae Is her first clerk.
J3"Th Ben Franklin will arrive to-day from New
Orleans, and leave this evening At Ave o dock for Leal
- The II R- II'. HJII arrived Bight before latt from
New Orleans and left yesterday morning for St. Lculs.
The fleet Dents! Uoone arrived early yesterday
nirnlir from Nashville, crowded with passengers. She
returned lttt evening
rj-Tbeirafefritsee wfH leave this afternoon at two
o'clock for the month of White river and Napoleen. Pat-
sengers gslng ap White river will te suro to connect with
a mall packet It the mouth.
The Little Rock Gazelle, of the 7th Intl., reports
tht river falling slowly, nith sufficient water for all cav
igable purposes.
-The Ll'tle Rock Gazette, et last Saturday, thus
speaks of " The River":
w rrrrrtta leira that there has been much damsce
doB br the hhh water, ta the ptaatatlans ot Col. James
.Smith,' Floyd Smith, dre'd, Dr. Waedie, Gen Mitchell and
mher. Tpb levee at the two first named plantations
bare broken tve hear of no serious aamage oone ausre
Piae BUfft. There have been, as a matter of oaurse,
horsM, cattle and hogs drowned at many places above aud
below this. Yfe trust ine waters wm ran oat wi
proper chanaol, in time to mike a crop eveiywhero The
tmirt of Prfirmr. . 1857. will glva new cemeis some cor
rect Idea of tho rverflowing capacities of our rlvtr, when
It takes a notion to spread Itself la erae.
XJ- We copy tte lcllowlng from the St. Louit Jtrptib
Hcan. of last Tuesday:
'The river at thit point continues falling slowly, and
w VMterdav fall of fl jating Ice. The last arrival from
i be Illinois river reports the river closed wllh Ice at
Peoila,nd gorged at Kingston. Some ot the boats now
in th river ar Its bound, and these in port aad bound for
th Illinois will now lie quiet until watmtr steamer
Virizattos ia the Illinois Is suspended for the prestnt.
Several of the Keokuk packets are In port, but none of
th left v sterda v. the comDanr ooosid-rlng It alvisable
to keen their boats at home tll ihey will be able to make
their trlpt without the danger of tearing ihemselvet to
pieces. Navlia'lon on the Upper MUsls-lpplmjy bacon
lrered sasixaded. There were two arrivals from tbe
Mlsurl yesterday. Ttey report tne river very low ana
.till taring, aud ihe weath. r exceedingly cold. Several
of tho boits upward bound have bsd to store their freight
to enable them to gel over tbe bars. The .now which
f.itnn Sandav nltht reached a dVpth of three inch's.
urh wereontveaterdiv moraine. The Levee became
very mnddy awl tlnppy be'ore night, and at dtrk the mud
was troien ham ana ice naa lormru
TtircmcAr. notice.
DR L. SHANKS haa asodatel wit'i him In the prac
tice of Medicine Dr. T B. THRALL. Office, at the
old place. No. 137 Main ttreet mar7-d2w
isd a.z:ji IK
-r-rS lnt received alaree assortment of BDROPEAN
H LPXCRIES. srch as Prussian OeeseBrenst Bruns
wiex Sausages. Eei In Glc-r. Pete de Folet d'Oiet, it
rnnmrA de Srcc.H. en Truffe. Green Vegetable, con
raf imiriini Beans. Peas, etc.: AnlovisTr.no'
nrrrinea. IJmbnrc and Sao Sago Cheese. French
Ch"Coiat. Germaa Pranes, Rheni, Hungarian Moid
pr.-ti iriKlts. Core Orstera. Lob't-r. Sardines
Saucer. Pickles, etc.. and general asaortrae it of FANCT
.nd ravii.T ftROfjERtlS.
Maavot the aove articles are ror me arst time im-
".".'.-.v. tri.) a..... ..i . k. h.in vm.
P?l?" ""-'" "".r -vrrr
phis ONLT ot
HAVE received, per iteamer Memphlt,
such extensive additions to their former
stock ct Pianos Melcdeott, fine and com
mon Furniture, ef every style and variety.
as most f u'ly justify ns In assuring the merchants tr onr
city that their oriers in tavor of their planting friends
in theCOUmry, can avieuucu iu i- ra&uuci wiueuic
.. .... ti.n m?n pr.ArrERTr?E una
tlluicriiiiBwu- - .
marl Comer Main and Union streets, Memphis.
AN excellent FRAMED COTTAGE, containing
fourrooms, with Lot 75 feet I y 160, with good
cittern, situated on the South side ot Alabama
treet. near its junction with Fjplar.
TT,:f sale easy, or rent moderate. Pojaestlon can
be had at once. Enquire ot
oe naa ai o" v. M0KTG0JI EET.
.uii, No. 11 Madison street.
3?i SSLtJiS;
uiiiiitjuii"" -'-- -
V V of those unequauea srauu ui
Thi. snrm- Bed combines more advantages than any
other heretofore eflarcd to tbe public It Is more porU
Me.doraWe and cheaper, and requires less bedding than
any othr Spring Bed everofl red for sale.
Amatmsef any description, of two-thirds the usual
tbi kness and weight, laid upon one of these Spring flol
m tail, ntriiantrr laving bed than any amount
t4in- i.irf nnnn T,tt nv tasking. This Bed Is so
constraded that It can be taken apart and put together
In two minutes, and when packd for traasportstlon re
quires two thirds less room thsn thi xnosi poriaoie cpiiai
Spriag Bed ever onerea for stie.
A all parte of this Bed can be seen at a glance. It af
fords no hiding place for bug.
Thi Bed ta capable of being stiffened, In ease they
it rnr the mnvetilRnGe of unnsnallr heaw persons
All of lha above Spring Beds sold by ns are wsrranted
to be as represented. If they should prove etnerwise,-
the money wtll be refunded. McKINNET t-u.,
193 Main street, opposite Worsham Hons,
0muicrrial cpaiicrSa
Fni day, March 13, 1857. j
Cotton There Is no change In the market as regards
prices. Sellers are firm, and buyers sifadtnt to Uke all
Cottons put upon the market. We csntlnue quotations.
Inferior 10 R10X StrictMI!dllne;.12;13
Ordlnarv 11 "X Goad Mlddllcg.13 I3
GoodOrdtnary....llXll Middling Falr..l3 Ji13
Iw Middling. ...12 12 Fair 14
Ulddllng..' 12X12X
ofpics of ins picatune, i
Saturday Evening. March 7. 1E57
Cotton The forelrnnews by the Penia aot being.
calculates to proauce a ravoraui enecion tue metier.
and rain having fauen a good part of the aay, we nave
not heard of a sale ot any mesuent. Wa repeat our last
figures. .
Inferior a & 3 X I Jtiaoung 13 buk
Ordinary 10X&I1 (Good Mlddllng.,13K(4I3K
God Ordln.ry..llHI2 Middling Valr...l3K13X
Low Mlddltng..-12S12M J Fair J....I1 &
Stock on hand 1st September.tSSS Bales 7,193
Arrived since
Arrived to-day.
.... 6,702 1,273,471
L2S0 C69
... 19 all 973 379
.bales, 570,260
Exported ta date...
Exported to-dsy
Stock on band and on ship-hoard.
Baooino and Hope. ...Kentucky Bagging, 1920
for Hand Loo r, and 2122 for Power Loom; Rope,
Hand Spun, 11 12c, Machine Spun, 12J12Mc.
FLOTJR n bb'., ssoouss; sapeicne iancy S7 ou
25; Extra CS&AS SO. Tbt-'stock It light; the demand
Wheat.. ..Sales at fromS5ctotl per bushel; bnt
little arriving
Oats. ...stock light, with umitcuaemana; tnsacxs,
delivered, 46ao0c and retail GOc.
levee sold at 4547c e bushel, sacks furnished by buyer.
and sac, sack furnish"
Corn.. ..Ear Corn ouyoot, tu dg o070e.
Poworn.... Kentucky BISe tenkeg lots and upwards,
$6 25; under ten, not less than five kegs,$6 60; undsr
five kegs, $6 75; Mining Powder, ten reg lots and up
wards, $4 75; Ave kec lots and uawaras. $5; nncer five
kegs $5 25.
Stock- Market.. ..There is a gooa cemana ror an oe-
ecrlptioBS ot Stock, and buyers are paying from 4KS6HC
for good beeves; 6J47 cents for hogs, and $1 60 $3 00
fl head for sheep.
Seeds.... We quote clover at $11 $12 T4 bushel; blue
grass 2 60; timothy $4$5; herdsgrass $2$260;mus-
keet, (J 60; orchard $2 SO, scarce; millet seed $2$2 25.
CorrEE....llHl2cfor Pair to Choice.
auaARS....rair u , i-rimc uuoic i.tw
13; ClarlCed andGrsnclated 1415c.
Bulk Pore.. ..10c for hog round, with rood stock.
Teas Kctall prices: Imperial SlSSl 60H B; Gnn-
powder 1 & SI 60; Toung Hyson 80c 41 25, Black 60
75 eents.
Provisions.. ..The market is almost entirely Dare or
all kinds of Cut Meats; therefore, pricea are nominal.
Star Candles.. ..Advanced to 23 for Boxes ; naives.
29, and qnartera 30. wlt'a an upward tendency.
Paints and OILS....wnne ixca ai a 10 a oa lor
wholesale lot, and 10c for retail; No. 1 do, 7KSc; Bed
Lead sainwct Lard 0111 10 te 1 25 by the barrel;
Train Oil $16 to J JO? bbl.
Sardines.. ..wnoies, none; uuves. tit dm ftuazen,
Quarters, 3$3 60.
WRAPPING 1-APER... Largs ee, Uf icua, me
dium, 90c; crown 60c.
Lard... .we qnote DDisaiuan, anuaegs ai
16c. Stock light.
Molasses 70c for prime m barrels, ana n&ixm
half barrels.
Salt... . No ana from lanaing. sa;es ir-m store si :u
to II 30 for Coarso. and $1 60 to $1 65, from ttore, $1 45
U$l 50 Coarse, and $1 75 J me.
I.nMBcn....Fjrlir. ail50izco; uypress, sidkid.
Tellow Pioc. linfelS; Pine Flooring, $30; White Pine.
dressed, $30; Shingles, $1603 60.
Crackers... . Water. bbl, $625; Butter, $585 60
Sugar, 9H si ft; Soda, 14c; Boston, lie.
Tobac. o.... we quote iinfonrl, jveninciyaDu ieaiirs-
see, pounds and half pounds at 21t$26; Virginia, 5's
and 8s, good brands, 2549c; Tlrglnla, extra brands,
pounds, 40S0c; and choice anl fancy, 60$1 00.
wmstv ueau-B suwaic
VINEGAR.. ..Apple (pnre) $6 003650 7S bbl., Mann-
f actnred (pnre) $6$5 50.
CORN JIEAL....I rom waKoas pan wees at .wftcir..
Kii.E....Brlthe tierce 606Kc; scarce.
Soaps.. ..Memr bis, 5KCc; Eastern 7Sc $ S.
Starch.. ..Ohio Pearl, U&9H.
Mackeral.... Stock light, and advancicg, no. I in
bble, $16 60, No. SlntMs $12 6013; No. 3 (large) $11
00(12 in bbls; No. 3 (small) $9 0031050.
Blackiso. ..mason's S3 soissou gross.
Wooden Ware.. .. Painted Palls, $2 60$265a dos.
Painted Tubs.$4 12K425 nest.
Steel... .Spring, 12 mo; German, ism; ungiun mis
ter, 20c; American Blister, 10c; Cast Steel 2oc.
Cordage. ...Manilla, 1616c B ft; Cotton, 2530c
Stone Ware.. ..Selling at ?16c gallon.
Shot and Lead Patshot$2 10; Buck,$2 50;Bar
Lad 83c; Pig, 77K. Supply scarce.
PEATHERS....amau supply, ana in gooa uemaiiuai
SALERATCS.. ..Sales aremaae awxi&oc t? a.
Snm 613.7 V, St.
Spices. ...Nutmegs. $1 25? ; Ginger, 8H10c.
Saltpetre.. ..20S25.
Coal.. ..None In market.
Tar:... In bbls, fe5$6; la kegs, 75c; hiltbbls, $225
to $3. . ,
LEATHER.. ..Domesucooie irongn iu&iic, a m
lr- . .. .......
WESTERN-SOLE, loax; JrilE, aiMre, S"Si-
Skirting, 444Sc
Eastern. ...Sole (hemlock,) 353 ,c
TT...... n.w ?nin, ifo: RHUic tar Green: H5m35
Jor Sneep
KlXmgM Block
Bar 45 cents.
GLAsi?f.'?FrenchWlndow,8xlO,$2 25; 10x12, $300?
box 60 feetf 'Pittsburgh 8x10, $2? box; 10x12, $2 60.
ffAiLS...;S1.60to 35 00-a keg, accoraingioquaiuyior
Easetrn; S4 60 to $5 for Pittsburgh.
LINSEED OIL.. ..SI su, perooi , iwa goou.
Cheese.. ..12 t &13C very scarce.
wiu Paper.. ..The stock Is moderate, ana compri
ses every variety of style and price;, demand active, at
10c$3 50 fl roll of 9 yards, as In quality and price.
Chickens. ...iomjuc; sggs i anrjj .u-r
$1; Butter 3040e a.
r0TAT0ES....insn roia-oro a v.
BROOMS....Fancy,$34 50; Common, SJ22a$2 76
Blacx Pepper ..we quote at ioc n, wimamau
supply and demand.
LIME. ...SI l&KSi P oarrei.
tTay....Si23(RS30'?! ton.
NDTS....Sott SheU Almonds, IS to2i ? Pecanr
I5&20 cents.
IjDiao....$l25io?iou ti
Memphis Hank ."Vote and Exchange List
nninnRmnkof Tenuesseo and Branches
Planters' Bank of Tennessee and Branches
Cltlsens Bank and Branches
Commercial Bant..
Southern Bank
Bank of West Tennessee, at atempnts ,
Bankof Jlemphls
Bankot America, at darks vule ,
LawTenceburg Br.uk
Exchange Bank
Bank of Chattanooga
Oeoee Bank.
Agricultural Bank.'.
Merchant's Bank
Bank of Middle Tennessee
Bank of Claiborne
Banket Knoxvllle:
Bank of Taitwell
Bank Dandrldge ...
Farmers' Bank of Tennessee t
North Carolina.....
South Carolina and Georgia
Kentucky, Ohio and Indians. ...... ........
2d Is
, par
..parrSIf prero
,. 1(31 K prem
Northern Bank of Mississippi
Commercial Bank. Manchester, Miss...
Miss. Mutual Insurance Co., at Columbus
New Tork
New Orlesns -
Louisville and Cincinnati..... .........
,.H tol prem
IK tolKprem.
..Vtol prem
St. Louis
..Ktol prem
American Gold...
American Silver...
Arkansas Scrip
..IX (22 prem
..lHiSS prem
SO$l 00
40 acres $40 00 1 120 acres
80 " 72 00 1 160 " .
...$105 00
None In market
Icliango and Bank jffote List.
t-nr .
O. W. J,H, h;2ILe. " esstt CO.,
BrTIKO RATES. .. .........
. Kprem
.IK prem
New Tork
New Orleans....
Louisville & Cln,
New Orleans...
Loulsvlllefe Ctn,
. I
St. Loult
. M pre in
1 rjrem i New Orleans....
New Orleans......
North Carolina....
.IK prem
2 Ail. All large Upper
par. I Ceaxtry......
Miss. Mat. Ins. Co.
American Gold 1 Xpreni I Gold 2 prem
Silver IX prem Silver 3' .pren
Highest markets ratea paid for Land warrants
M!lsslppt Land Scrip for sale. -
T ATE of Court lin4. Alabama, having removed
I j Merupbls, ofT rs hit p-oiesslonal tervltet to the pub-
lie. Offl.-e No. 23 Froat Row. in the Richmond House,
r ntni i-.ne ,.u Sontl, .treet. east of .he m.rtheasf
Corner Ol liernauuo a u ouaiu siiccib, rwuy
I house from the cor..-er.
miTE nndertlcned having on thi 1st Janntty last as
I indited with us Mr. ROBERT BANKS, tnderthe
stvle of MOORE, IIALSTEAD tc CO., ardnow building
an extensive establishment, for ine manuiacinrc or
Doors, Sash, Blinds, mouldings,
Turning, Scroll Work, &c.
Wa have also added machinery for dres,lng Flooring,
Wctther Boarding, snd every description of building ma
terial, with all the latet Improvements and Inventions
adapted to our line of business.
Their Sew Ettabliihment is cn Second street, taint
dlstcly South of Union, and will be fully under way by
tht 16th March next.
Thankful for put favors they respectfully solicit a
continuance of the same.
Lawyers' Institute of We9tTen
TneS as
inrii niTf SiS,1rMps mav be exDectea irom Qlttin
gultbed mernbers of the profession. A full attendance of
the bar ot West Tennessee Is desired.
feb21-dsw3t JOHN M. MORRILL, Gen. Sec'y.
TTTE have now In store an Infinite variety of DRESS
VV GOODS, comprising
Silks and Tissues,
Grenadines and Bereges,
Printed Linens and Jaconets,
DeLalnes and Organdies,
Crepe Moretts. Crenede Paris. Jtc.
of.whlch cannot te excelled in elf cano slyle or.
besnt v. and are the richest that could beiobtalned In the
'Eastern market.
fecial loftcc
THE nnderslgncd wocld take this opportunity to In
form the traveling public that he has been appointed
71fk'et and Freight Agent for th- city of Memphis for
.v.vmr.M. central Railroad and all Its connections.
Office, No. 15 Jefftrton street, third door East of Com
mercial Hotel, where ho may be found at all hours ot the
day aud will take pleasure in giving any wiarmawoo
the line of his buslnets. Through Tickets to Philadel
phia, New Tork and Boscon.
Pgrw MOBgl-
Holloway's Ointment and Pill
WET tarry or hesitate If ytu are, tick or suffering?
Hereareyour remedies 1 WhaUvrrmay be year ailment,
itneedrbutatrUlof their wonlrous ecicacyio u .
bS$ manufactories, No. SOMaldtn Lan New
Tork, and No. 244 Strand, London; and by all droggUts,
at2Sc.,-63Xe., and $1 per pt or box.
Kcstoraiive for tlie Hair.
Till! are In which we live Is truly one of research and
dltcovry, and to Protestor Wood the present and suc
ceeding gtneratlons are indebted for cn of the most
valuable remedies produced for tha restoration cf the
hair. Many persons while young In years begin to lots
their hair, and seme turn gray, but by the ute of this
ruw wonderful prparatlon, itt teadencj to fall off It
arretted, or rettorrd to Its original color., and It Is ren
dered soft and glossy In appearance. Remember, this Is
not adye. Wehearlt highly tpoken of. Qufncy (III)
Patriot, A'ov. 3, 1853.
m be had of O. J. Wood k Co., 114 Market street, nr..
Irals, and of drnggitts generally.
mtr5 daw2w
Por Spring and Summer of 1867, w
. . n.. vni.itm and Ciulmera HATS, re- T
ELEGANT Dress. Moleskin and Cassimera Uiis, re
celvedatWHEATON'Se Front Row. where those in
want of a superb and fashionable HAT will please call.
Constantly on hand and receiving the largest aad snesi
stock of SOFT HATS In the city at
fb24 WHSATON'g, 75 Front Bow.
ca.se:: c bec:
100,000 Hides "Wanted !
FOR which we will pay tha highest marktt price la
and BEAR SKINS. In fact, any Skins used by TAN
noTlI-ra 73 Front Row.
THE cash system the best for eveiybody pay-day will
come. We have attracted some attention for the last
three yearsin the way of selling fine and beautiful goods.
We have decorated -qnlta a number la cur business who
have refused to psy their acco-i-ts when due. We say
to al! such who pats by ut, we shall send a metsenrer
from the Law to speak award. If their accounts are not
-settled before the Irst day of March. Longer Indulgence
wl'l not be given.
Wm. A. natclielor's Hair-Dye.
GRAT, RED or RUSTT HAIR dyed Instantly to a
beautiful and Natural BROWN cr BLACK, without the
least Injury to talr cr akin.
Fifteen HtdcU end Diploact have been awarded to
WM. A. BATcnELOR since 1839, and over 80,000 appli
cations have been made to the hair of his patrons of his
famous Dye. Prejudice against dying the hair and whis
kers Is unjust, as It would bo against covering a bald
h.ntl vlth &wlr.
Wat. A. BATCntLon's HAin-DvE produces a color
cot to be distinguished from nature, and Is uarranttc
not to Injure In tho least, however long It may be con- 1 be taken for confessed as to them and t et foi bearing ex
tinned I Vare htl taat copy of this older bs pub'ished once a
wwortiipura, (iuv "
Wig Factory. 233 Broadway, New Tork.
Sold In all cities and towns of tne unuea aiaies, ay
Drneclsts and Fancy Goods Dealers.
r"The Genuine has the name ana aaaress upon
steel-plate engraving on four sides of each bottle, ot
U II. 1. 1 Ail A. UAiUMAlAIA,
233 Broadway. New Tork. I
ty- Tor sale by S. MANSFIELD it CO., and Druggists I
rnriiv. maySl-dtwawly 1
S . -i s T T Tl T"i TV I
I A K l-r A I i I , Pi K Y.I
-- J-- J' v- 7 J I
2X9 3VC4t,isa. Street,
ARE maklnx thr. flnett PICTURES In tbe world. All
we ask It fr you all to call and examine them for your
made only at the Star Gallery. jan-datw
The greatest wonder ot the world has at last been dis
covered a spedfle In disease DR. SLEDGE'S NER
VOUS TONIC, for the cure of Chills and Fever, and a pre
ventive to all vradesof Fever, as well as a cure. It has
been fully tested for the last four years, and It Is now
cnnordrd bv scientific men to be one ef the greatest dis
coveries known to man. This will be disputed by thou
sands, no doubt, but H is so. Keaa, iojx, ana juuge lor
riftu th.outc.nd dollart will be paid to any person who
wiu produce its superior. Thi Medicines can be found in
all the Drug Steres and towns throughout the entire
MEMPHIS. October 3, 1S58.
This la to certify that we have been selling large quan-
Htirscif Dr. Sledge's celcbrslea liemeaics, arm laax
great pleasure In recommending tbem to the afflicted as
Tvm.esjlnc remarkable prcpertles In controlling tbedls-
.cr. fnr which thevare recommended, and we have no
hesitancy in giving our testimony In favor of their supe
riority over otner preparations ior msiamo wscssct, as
thev seem to give universal aatlsfactlon to all those
whoua- them.
MansBeld & Co., Druggists. Peyton &. Harbin, Druggists,
G D. Johnson, " want t joaes.
Coandler 6; Co., " Henry v aae.
R. Joyner Jr. Co., " v . M. aneiton,
BT the New Tork Exhibition to the English or foreign
Sauce Manufacturers has been obtained, amongst numer
ous competitors, by LEA Jr. PERRINS, for their
Worcestershire Sauce,
whereby further testimony Is afforded ot Its being the
best Sauce extant.
The celebrity of this Sauce hss extended to every quar
ter of the globe, and Its efacacy in promoting the general
health is becoming dally more observed and acknowledged
In the United States It It held to be the most agreeable
condiment, and Is esteemed tor Its tonic and invigora
ting properties, its habitual use enabling the stomach to
digest the food.
On'the Continent of Europe, these qualities have been
testlSed to by a gentleman, who writes to LEA Jr. PER
RINS thus: "I have carried a bottle of your Worces
tershire Sauce In a tour I have Just completed through
Spain and Portugal, and believe I owe my present state of
health to Its nse your Sauce Is stomachic, and I think
medicinal. I can with truth say there Is nothing In a
travelersbaggage so essential to his comfort, at least In
these countries, asyaur Sauce."
In India, also, where it is found at the mess of every
regiment, a pcdlcal gentleman writes from Madras to
bis brother In the same profession at Worcester, In the
following terms: ' Tell LEA Jr. PKRRINS that ttelr
Sauce is highly spproved In India, and that It Is, In my
opinion, the most palatable as we'l ss tha most whole-
t tne Sauce made,"
This Sacce Is suitable lor every variety or aisn, ana ine
universal demand which Its excellence has created hat
ted to manv Imitations being offered to the public, under
a "variety ef names,, but the, genuine rosy ee mown try
the names ef "l.KArJUBiujia" tieingimpresseaupon
thepatentmetalllc capsnjeskor patent glass stopper cf
the bottle, as well as the libels and wrapper.
Sole Agents for the United States,
anl2-ly 406 Broadway. New Tork.
Adams Street, opposite the Wot.ham House,
THANKFUL far tbe extensive patronage received with
in tbe last four years, I am now belter prepared than
ever for fitting and curing the worst forms of Hernial
Rupture. I can, oeaioes, mmuu, icij-m.u m.nu-
factured to order, superior Stocklsgs for varicose ems,
instruments for Prolapsus, Shoulder Braces and Band
ages of various kinds. . Artlflclsl Legs and Hands made
to order; in short, I can easily procure Instruments of
every kind, owing to arrangements made la Jew lork
and PhiladelDhla. The following certificates, among
Sthers, speak for themselves :
I. the undersigned, hereby certify that en tha 37th ct
June, 1551, 1 was fitted by WM. A. GLTDDON with oae
.... - . ... rtT innnw am
of his Trusses, ay ageisevemj-eac, u.iuwu.-K-tured
for nigh five years. It Is now several months
since I have left oQ wearing the Instrument, and so far I
tiiT.mrinrl nnrftsni of the comDlalnt. I cordially
recommend Mr-GUddon as aTruss-fltWr to the commu
nity at large, satisfied tbt he undtrsianaa ma onainess
and iraae.
Memthis, August 28, 1SC5.
By the advice of Dr. A. K. Taylor. Prefessor of Anato-
. ... . tr vrrtf a
my, Memphis Medical College, I called on air. -.
GI.IDDON. and aad a Trass made for me and applied,
My case was an Inguinal Hernia. The Instrument was
fitted In April, 1816, and I now consider myself perfectly
erred "Mr urn I. SMtfr. fnnr. and occuuatlon that Of
cistern builder. I can cordially recomm'nd Mr. GLID
DON to all who have been ro unfortunate as to be afflict
ed with nemia. (Signed) CLARK, baius a.a.
Memphis, January 6, 1SS7. Janl4-dawtf
Tenn. Office, sooth tldt of Court Square, one door
west of Wallace's Auction House, up stairs.
TkROPOSALS will be received bv the Committee for
JL building of two MARKET-HO JSES, by private en
terprise, unit! the 1st of April next. A Plan and speeth'
estlons may be teen at the efflee ot the undersigned.'
. I. r.hilrm.n nr Rnaelil riAmmlttee. 1
Choice PinJi-Eye
lOO Barrels
TTJST landing from steamer Northerner, and for sale
U low By WANT & CASE,
ttb21 city Feed Store,
..L. r. CARR.
ATTOENErS AT LAW Will praetlce in all the Cocrts
in this city, in th Courts ot Shelby, Haywood and
Madison counties, and Supreme Court at Jack.cn
Prompt attention given to securing and collecting in Wait
lennesse. North Mississippi and East Atkantas.
One ot us ma at all times be fouad at our ofSce In
Cnlon Block, South aids Court atreet, between Mam ttreet
and Front Row. febl5-d2w
THE undersigned, at pre.ent representing the beutr
of BREWER h. CALDWELL, New Tork, win make
liberal Cash Advances on Cotton consigned to them for
sale. Apptj at 47 Front Row, up stairs.
sep27-tf WM. H. HULL.
GARDBN Ploughs Cul'lvators. Seed-sowers, Spades,
Forks, Rakes, Hoes, Reels, Floral Hoea, Transplant
ing Towels Grass Lawn Rakes, Pruning Knives. Pruning
Saws anl Chisels, Grsttlng Chisels. Ladles' Pruning
Shears, Lopping or Branch Shears, Garden, Border and
Sliding Shears, Grass, Hooks. &c. , for tale by
feb24-lm 13 and 14 Frost Row.
A NEAT GARDEN SPOT, of two acres, with
a residence for a small family, two miles east ot
theeliy. For further particulars, apply at the
Appeal Office. MIX
N addition toour large suck we have received a lo ol
Copenhagen Watches maaeio our oruer me nsesr.
Watch ever offered lu this market.
frbl& r II- CLARK & CO.
L,ots at Private Sale.
OFFER for tale, upon easy terms, unimproved Lots,
JL 121, 122,125,128, 103,104, 131, 132. Improved Lots,
163 ana ito Detng on tne plan oi auoaiviiionoi ureruisw.
SaSarrans, Looney & Keele. O. B. LOCKE,
novz-lf Auctioneer ana ursi asiaie urocer.
FIFTT THOUSAND pounds Bu k Pork, fsr sale by
mar3 o. is artni now.
mWENTT tierces Scar.Gnrrd Hams, for sale by
No. H Front Row.
Irdp oirttixxt to Toranles
THE combinations of Ingredients In these Pins are the
result cf a long ar.d extensive practice. They are
mild in their operation, and certain In correcting all ir
regularities, painful menstruation, removing all obstruc
tions, whether iron cold or otherwise, headacb, pain In
the side, palpitation cf the heart, disturbed sleep, which
always arise from Interruption of nature. They can be
successfully csed as a preventive. These Pills should
never be taken In pregnancy, as they would be sure to
cause a miscarriage. Warranted purely vegetable, and
free from anything Injurious to life or iealth. Explicit
dbectlons, which should b read,' accompany each box.
Price 1 . Por sale In Memphis by
O. at AtiarlBLD at 'JO
tT5 Sent by man try enclosing $1 to Dr. CORNSLICS
L. CHEESEHAN, No. 1M Broadway, New Tork.
In Cltancerr at Memphis.
QTATE OF TENNESSEE. Proceed uga held In the
O Clerk's oface. Chancery Side of th Common Law and
Chancery Court ot the City of Memphis, Monday, Manh
21. 1857
Jlirlhy Francis Owen, James 0 A. Owen, and Sarah
Alice Owen, Uomplalnants,
Vincent Bangui, Fanny Baugus, John Moore and othen.
It appearing from affidavit filed in this cause that the
Defendants, John Moore George Moure. Richard Moorr,
Marthy Moore, Loui-a Moore, Franklin Baugns, Bryant A.
Baugus, Polly Nail and her husband, Nail, arc non
residents cf ".ce state of Tennessee : n is oruerM that
they do enter their appearance herein beiore or within
"" ""Vari',,
i0,wer or demur to Complainants' Bill, or the tame win
n r r.n. tnrr.tiivfi VMrc ,n ir. iiMnnmi . ri f r
A copy attest : JOHN c LA.N1EK,
Clerk and Master
joiin uallcii. ouciior tor impris
mar!2 law4w
In Chancerv at Memphis.
Otatk or TENNESSEE At Rules beta in the Clerk's
VJ office, Uhanccn side of the Common Law ant Chan
rary Court of the City of Memphis, Menay, March 2d,
Saffarrans & Co., Complainants,
The President, Directors & Company of tha Botanico
Jiemcai college ana others. Defendants
It appearing from affidavit filed in this cause tbat the
Defendants, Alexander Miller and A. P Sheldon, are
non-resldenta of the State of Tennessee: It Is ordered
that they do erfter tbtjr appearance herein before or
mat iney ao emer intr appearance nerem oeiore or
within the flr.t three days of the next term of said
Court, to be held on the fourth Monday in May next.
(1S57.) and plead answer or demur ta Complainant's bill.
or the tsme will be taken for confessed, and set for bear-
lag tz parte. and thai a copy of tbis order be published
once a week for four successive weeks in the Memphis Ap
A copy attest: juun o. lamkk.
Clerk and Master.
Jas. B Tiiokntos, Solicitor for Compl'ts.
Pianos, Melodeons, &c.
A FEW more on hand, from best ma-
1 kers, including Cblckrring Jr. Sons'.
Pianos Tnned, by applying al
City Tax Payers.
UTT TAX PATERS ar notified tbat the Tax Book fot
W the current corporate year Is now made out. and
will be kept at the efflce of the Mayor, where all persons
interested are earnestly InvIUd to call and settle.
feb!3 JOHN NKWSOM CilyTaxCol
No. 79 Front How,
trivrrniprrrnrrnD ir m nrvrrvva-n
Dry Goods, Wools Shoes,
ARE Jnst receiving and rpenlng a splendid assortment
ot Sprltg aud Summer Goods, to which they call the
eMiectal attntlon of Country Merchants and River Tra
ders. Our facilities are such as to compete with any, and
to unasrseil a good many. Please can and see.
TT7E bare Just received a fresh supply of Red Clover
r T Blue Grass ana Timothy seed.
Agricultural Warerooms, 13 and 14 Front Row.
TTall Paper!
VI EW and beautlf ul Patterns, Just received at our new
IX stand. No. 221 Main street.
Coal Coal
" ,rT COAL has come at last; wind and bsd weather
iVJL has kept It back so long. I received one pair of
boats, (12,000 barrels.) out of four pair that I hare
bonght, this (Saturdty) evening. I thill be at I ho Red
Office f rem thlt time out, ready ro wait on my Iritndt and
customers with a large and constant stoek ot Coal. I
have had a supply of Coal on hand for the last four and a
half years until a short spell the latter part of January
I wiu now promise two things that I will lav lc more
Coal, andl' I make a dollar on It I will ktep It among us
at home. I buy my Coal at tbe headof the crrek at first
cost. imarcna iij thus, jAMr.s.
For Sale!
I OFFER for sale fire hundred and twerty
acres of Land, fourteen miles Northeast ot Stu-
errllle. on the Jackson read, knswn as the former
Tcsld-ace of Stephen Jarmon. The place is well
Improved, has a goed framed dwelling house and excellent
outhouses, gtn-eouse, wiin gi tna tn-csner. te--couja.
&x. There Is on the premise; an extensive orchard, with
all kinds of fruits grows in thr country There are twt
hundred and flity acres of land In cultivation, and th'
remaining portion well timbered. Apply to the under'
signed, on the place. B. V. J AKMON,
mar3-w6m buck uak urore. Tenn.
S'iOO Wewavrt.
I WILL give th above reward fer the apprehention of
JOSEPH BAILET, If taken out of tbe State, and $1C0
It taken la thlt Slate.
The said Bailey was under bonds for his apiKarxnce at
the next term ot the Circuit Court, for tbe murder of
JORDAN J ACS SON, In Gibson County, Tennessee, and
disappeared on the 14th day of February, In company
wllh hit little son. about twelve years or age.
Josnh Bailey lsflvt feet nine inches nigu. Heavy until
a thick heavy set fellow, weighs about one huad'rd and
seventy pounds, dark complex I .n, sandy or light besrd,
and head the same color, full faced, Una eyt, (inclined
o te crry. uown-ca-t look, bis nr-M crooked a mtio one
sHe, his body long and tlrnts short.
I refer to any genueman in uiDen ciuniy as 10 my
XBT Weekly ArrEAt Raleigh (X. u 1 !laneara ana
Galveston (Texas) Civilian wl 1 please ropy to the amount
of 5, and forward accounts to this office Trenfon
Journal. marS-w3t
Jf A
fi 0 v Rrnv
- 1 . TT0RNETS AT LAW, General Collecting and Land
j Agents, for the Northern and Eastern Counties ot
Arkansas, DES ARC, ARK.
Administrator's Notice.
THE undersigned, having teen finalised aa Adminis
trator ef JOHN A. GARRISON, dee'd. at tbe March
Term, 1S57, of the County Court of Shelby, notifies all
. , i.v,-., ... j, - , . , , i
persons Indebted to sad deceased to mtke immediate
payment, and tbote having claims against said decedent
are requested to present tbem In the time and aa the law
directs, or Iney will be for ever barred.
mart dim JAMES R. GARRISON. Adm'r.
QITOLEN from the subscriber, on the 3d day of Decern-
her, 1856. on the Mississippi river, be. ween Memphis
and Cairo, the fallowing Bountv Land Warrants, vlx:
warrant to oorneuas sale, wo. 17 431 for 50 acres;
I " Stenhen Johntiin. Jin. it SJtt fr fiO aers
Stephen Johnstn, No. 17.433. for 60 acres ;
" " Geo. W. Higglnbotham, No. , for ISOscret;
" " Msry'A. M Henlev. (widow et Rleaardton,)
No. 23.703, for 80 acres ;
" ' Delilah Fulcher, (widow pf Henry G.) N.
44.317. for 120 acres;
" " Nancy Wright, (widw of Moses,) No.
for SO acres.
The above named Land Warrants were all assigned to
me in blank, and dnly authenticated In Amherst county.
Va. I claim said Warrants as my property I forewarn
all persons frsm buying the same, as I have filed a caveat
In the General Land OHee, to prevent patents from is
suing for the same. I shall apply to the proper depart
ment or General Government alter sir weeks foraupir
cats Warrants.
A -TTORNKT AT LAW. Madison. St. Francis county,
Arkansas, will attend promptly to all business In
trusted to his esre, in the following counties, to-wii:
St. Francis. Crittenden, Poinsett, Jackson, 'While, Man
roe and PhUUns. f ehlS-wSt
I ENNKK attends exclusively to SurgicanJiteases,
inn imim. Piitnlei In Ans. Strictures. Stone in
Bladder, Ulcers, Cancers, Tumors, Polypus, Diseased
Bones ana joiris. Determines irom mmi, uwuy.
Contracted Tendons from loss of Lips, Cheek. Nose, Eye
lids, fee., Closed Jaws from SallvaUen, and all other dis
eases' and deferral ties requiring Surgical aid.
ETB dJ9JD oi?.
DR. FESNER also atunda to all Dl-cases of the Eye 1
and Ear, and Is prepared to Board Patients from a ;
CT Office on Main street, In Walker's Building, resi
dence on Court street. sp20-dtwawlylne
pop. diseases or titx
01JJ -.TIOKT3.
Two Doors East or Commercial Hotel,
may27daw MEMPHIS. TEItii.
pouGHs: ploughs:!
E are manu-acturlug the ' Bolivar" and 'Livings
ton" Ploughs. Persons wanting them will give ua
a call. A. ST BET & CO.,
feb5-daw2m Poplar street.
a, i. t " a o
184 Main-sL, epp. Worsham House,
Men's and Touth's Clothing,
Hats, Shoes, ic, hx.,
Sadllery, . Guna, Rinet, Cutlery,
Boys' DouMe Gent. Fine Tobacco and Tea,
To Oonamnara or Dealers.
WILL attend to any land business in SoutecasteTa
Arkansas, with protnptnett and Sdsllly. Address,
Florence, Desha county, Atkantas. ftb24w.3a
36 Madison Street, Up Stairs,
Marine Imurance Companies in the United
Exchange and Note Broker.
I win attead to the negttlatton of all
WE have In store anl art ceastantty recelvtag the
mtt celebrated brands of TOBACCO from Tlrglaia,
Kentucky and Missouri, which we sell at maaafacterers'
prices. We weald call attention to the foUowtng btasds :
Trotter's uougn ana waty lwiai j
Pace's " " "
Walker Sr. Co.'s " "
Holland'- Extra Pancake;
Mohican, pounds ; Whit Tans tall, pounds ;
Pocahontaa " Smma Adams "
Bigg " H. John's "
Parkins " Satterlla's "
Persian Smoking Tobacco.
t :Ml-a Madison str et, two doors from Main.
Merchant Tailor,
HAVING removed to No. 6 Court street, between
Main itrret and Front Row, beg! to return his
thanks to hit friends and tbe poUlc generally for their
liberal patronage for the last tlx yart, and botes, br
trict attention to buslnesi to merit a continuance oz tne
Having engaged a No. 1 Cntter, ot long experience, he
is now prepared to make ip his goods la first rate ttyle.
and cheaper than any ether home In Memphis, tar cash.
He buys for cath and tellt for casa. teun-sm
lOO Barrels Flour,
VARIOUS brands, from the best Extra to SuperSne,
for sale by B.MERRILL,
oct2S xain street.
A-VN easv terms. Lota Nos. 109. 101, 103. 70. 66, 61. S3,
yj S3 and 93, In tbe Batture addition to the city at Mem
phlt. Aha, two brick stores o water sireei. nine
above lots are not sold prlvsti-ly, theywinbeefftred at
Auction on SATUBDAT, the I4lh instant. Apply to
mart-3w n. a. nAuusbu
rnWO DRATS also two Dray Licenseswhich have eight
air. uiuc luuutu, .j uu. .,',,, ,w
febt-tf uwi.mis ol ijiu;u.
18B7. 1857.
A DAPTED to both city and country trade, consisting in
XV. part of the following viz :
Plain, Twin- it ana siripea osnaourga ,
Brown and Bleached Sheetings and Shirtings;
Brown and Bl 'ached DrtT3 and Jeans ;
Blay, Blouse and Tellow Linens, K and 4-4 ;
Cittonades, Denlmt, Camlets and Nankeens;
Cotton Velvets, Mosquito Nettings, Cambrics ;
Prints, Irish Linens, Jaconets;
Plain, Checkrd and Spot Swiss Muslins (
Lawns. Organdies. Plain and Fancy Berages ;
Silk Tlssnts, &c , 4.C We hsve alts reoelvtd a full
stock of
Boots and Shoes, Hats, Caps and
Straw uooQB.
Also a large assortment of
and In addition to tbe above, would Invite attention to eur
3tock of
Beady-Made Clothing,
which Is very Urge snd well suited to this section f
country. Our f acuities for buying ana seuing goas una,
are not surpassed by houses in tht trade in any market,
and we Invite the attention ef Merchants generally to
eur stock, and ask thesn to examine ga ds snd prices.
believing it will be for their Interest ta make their pur
chases ot us. mar3 dlmla
LAKE NG1MA; or.Exs!oratlns andDiseoverlesdarlng
fouryeais' wanderings la the wilds of Sjuth Africa.
By Anderson.
History cf Grsece, 12 vols. By Grele.
Westwsrd Empire ; or, the Grest Drama of Humsa Pro-
gre s. By E. I. Magoon.
Letters tram the United States, Cubs, 4c By Miss Mur
ray. Newsupplr.
Abbott's Henry the Fourth.
Idfe In the Itinerancy.
Rifle, Axe and Saddlebags. By Mltburn.
Kathte Braude, a Are-side history cf aqultt lift. Sy
CurrerLyle., EyReeJir.
History of the Elephant Club By Doesticks.
Marios Lester; or, Tte Mother's Mb take. ByMlnnleS.
Rousseau's Confoiilens tranalated.
Draper's Physiology.
Brown's Grammar ot English Grammars.
American Almanac for 1S57. mard
I OFFER ftr sale one and a half acre, cr the
whole of my Lot. It Is high, dry, healthy, ant
well Improved, with a large numoer or caoiw
Fruit Tires n It, aud enclosed wits a good plank
fence. It lies on the north tide f Bass street, or Atiarci
street whrn extended, ne-fouith of t mile east at tbe
corporation line. Inquire on the premises.
feKO-dlm CHAS. T. nglDBL.
rriHEco-partnerihip heretofore existing between Drs
I i. , , rTU?n v.. At..
S a.. 1 . fl AIOU.I aA 1 ul.,', ua
solved by mutual consent. Dr. K lmhro settles the old
N. B Dr. KIMBRO will continue business at the old
ctare, oa Untaa street JicSl-davrJm
$700,000. $100 000
CHARTERED bv the Legislator of Tennessee. Session
ef lS55-'6, to make Tire, Life and Marine Iasurance
and to cans- themselves to be re-lnured when deemed
e.ipedient. In view of which they have arranged with
the following Companies, for re-Insurance by means of
open policies : ,
British rjommercia: ue, ixnuoa wpi' --vx
Equitable Fire,
S 500,000
Int-rnatlcnal ure,
Knickerbocker Life, Utlted States,
Great Wf stern Marine, "
Howard Tire rnd Marine,
Consolidated Fire
300 000
' ,.,1. , tv.
it i, inniti , kucs an inrKij. iuc &w i u
foflowlng Directors and Committee were elected lor the
ensuing year r
GEO. R. GRANT, ami, ucaijaji,
lledieel Examiner GfO. R. GRANT, 5 .D,
Attorney J. B. THORNTON. Esq
Asifly S. P. BANKHEAD. Eq.
And at a meeting nf tbe new Directory ct Wednejdar,
the 11th lntt., the following officers were (botxn far the
GEO R. GRANT, Fife President.
xnOS. MeADAM. Secretary.
OFFICE No. S, Madison street, corner 1 root Row.
District Inspector
fT STEAMBOATS, Steamboat Boilers, and Sttambott
yj Machinery, under the provisions of the Acts at Con
grass ot 1333 and 18tl. Office, 8 Madison street,
mar4 THOMAS MeADAM . Inspector.
Sixty Jegroes9
JUST received from North Carolina. South Caro
lina, Georgia and Kentucky among them two good
feb24-daw!m N B. FORREST.
rp WO HUNDRED bbls Pittsburgh Ale. la store snd
s sale oy u. u. t-tiiTSri. iiainsircei,
marl Third door Xorth of .Worthaa Hout.
Thos. Peters' Residence for Sale.
I HAVE for tala the Residence and I83H acres of land
belonging 0 Thomas Peters Bsq-., lying on the State
Line Road and the Memphis and Charleston Railroad, 21
miles east of Memphis, at Bray's Station The Improve
ments consists cf a Jwe ling, bul't In Gothlo Style, i large
rooms and 2 small or.es. with closets, store rooms, &c
Kitchen, 2 servants' rooms, cisUrn, wrll, stables aad
bam, carriage h.ue, wagon shed, &c, &e In short, It
Is one of the best improved places in Shelby county, all
new and ta perfect order. 1 will sell tho Improvements
and 83 H acres of land, or a'l together. If desire , I will
sell the stock ot sheep, hugs, and cattle, corn. taMsr, oats
. sUnghtd aad packed in the smoke house,
wfll lrt-. Z, to t0,. Peters, on
npaczca in ne tmote nouse. a
bargain wfll be given. Apply to Thos. Peters, on the
premises, or to O. B. LOCKE,
drc 21 Auctioneer and Real Estate Broker.
Suburban Residence for Sale.
T OFFER for aaie. urxm good terms, the former Reel-
Jl denceoi C. F King. Etq , lying oa the north side ol
. i. - o... ti A . nti. .rA . fe.lr ..at Af tv. i
city. The tract contains 'it aes, and is improved Witt I
a small residence of three rooms, weu ana outer improve
ments. Also, a four acre wood let, nearly opposite. Tali tract
U within three qnaaters of a mile of a good church ano
school, and Is In one of the best and healthiest neighbor
hoods In the vicinity of Memphis. G. B. LOCKE,
novl 1 Auctioneer and Real Estate Broker.
Just Received.
a a
CIGARS, sous very toperlor.
u. ji. ruiuo,
Main street.
f b!9
Piano Fortes for Sale.
I HAVE la tUre, just received direct
from New Tork TWELVE PIANO
FORTES, from S I-J to 7 octa e, ef tnpe
rior finish and different styles, some bring
Inlaid with Pearl. They will be aoid at greatly reduced
prices. This pre eats a most favorable opportunity to
purchase a superior instrument at a bargain. Ttrmt
made Usultparchaiert. G. B. LOCKS,
dec-13 U Auctioneer and Real Estate Srekirr.
THREE or four good MATTRE33 MAKERS wanted
immediately. Good wager, given, at
Ianl7 McKINNET It. CO.'B.
eiv JFumilwre.
McKINNET Ji CO. have lately receiv
ed a considerable lot of fine FDRNITfRE
rrora Nw Tork and Boston, to which
they invite the attention of purchasers.
at 192 Mam Street, Memphis. jan!7
Chamber Furniture.
BEAUTIFUL black enameled, plain and orsamtatal
Oak Chamber tetU, jest received br
janl7 1 n Mala ttreet.
A SmTATION as Bwk'Kteoer er Shipping Clerk, by a
XX Tesng Man from St. Louis.
Good reference given.
Jvew JLlqiior Mouse
THE aubscrlber begs respectfully to Inform bis friends
and the publie genrallj that he has opened ths:
lanre and handsome butldlnr. N 3 damt atreet- hree
doors below the Waraham Boate, where will be -ound at
a3 tlrtes tee choicest of buttled Brandy, Whltky. (Scotch
tea irua,) ice uaeii rrraca wines, uouaaa M, ic
do3 Purter, to 1 Temger'a orleb'ated Scotch Ale Also
on hand a large stock ot line Teas, Preserves, Cigars,
Tjbaccg, Jtc. Steamboat Barkeepers are respectfully so
IklUd to call aad examUta my stock before purchasing
fe-ta j. r, Mcdonald.
T WE NTT Thonsaad Havana Cigars In store and for
sale by
BQvT7-tt BTB Jr. ANBE320N.
FIFTEEN Thousand pounds Goshen Butter In ttore and
fsr sale by
CIO ft SACKS choice Irish Pctitoes rn siore and fsr
sale by
FIFTT bbls. Old Rye Whltky and Eoarton, warranted
pure, In store and fersale by
COVS7-U No 137 Main alreet.
A HORNET AT LAW, Poalotoc Miss , wfll attend
strictly to all professional business which maybe
entratUdtobimlaany ot the Courts ot North Musis
alppi. febVT-Iy
Late and Interesting BooTis.
THE GOLDEN LEGACT. A Story of Ufe"a Phases.
A Pbyslelan's Vacation; Or, A Summer In Enrape,
by Walter Chinning.
Aurora Leigh, by Elizabeth Barrett Brownlig.
Sanga ot Summer, by Richard Henry SUHdard.
The Man of Business, Considered in his Various
Relations, by James W. Alexander. D. D , John
Todd, D D., William Sprague. D. D., Stephen
a Tyng, D. D. , Isaac Ferris, D. D., Jonathan P.
Stearns, D. D.
Th Children's Bread, 1st Crumbs from the Masters'
Bread to My Children, by Mr E. K. Blunt.
The Pnddleferd Papers ; Or Hemors of the West,
br H. H. Riley, with Original Illustrations.
The Paragreens on a Visit to the Farls Universal
Violet; Or, The Cress and the Crown, by Miss
MelBkah. For sale by
marS-lw CLBAVX2 Jr. GUI0N.
. JflerrlmanSs
SPECTACLES I Single Temple, gold.
SPECTACi ES 1 Jack Downing Slides, gold.
SPECTACLES l neavy SUdles, goaL
SPECTAflJCS! Wire Temples, gold.
SPECTACLES! Turn Pin Temples, gold.
SPECTACLE.-,! Extra Fine Temples, gold.
SPECTACLES! Gold Frames Perlscepic Glasses .
SPECTALLKS! Gold Frames, Doabe Cor vex Lens;
SPECTACLKSl Geld Frames, Convex Lens.
SPECTACLES! Gold Frames, $5 to $20
SPECTACLKSl Silver Frames bilver Temples.
SPECTACLES! Silver Frames, Jack Downing Slides,
SPECTACLKS! Silver Fr mes, Heavy Slides.
SPECTACLES I Silver Frames, Perlscople Lens.
SPECTACLES! Sliver Frames, d'ble Convex Glasses.
SPECTACLES! Sliver Prases, Concave Lens.
SPECTACLKS ! SUver Frames. $2 to (4.
SPECTACLE 11 Steel Frames, Perlscople Lens.
SPECTACLES I Steel Frsmes, Double Convex Lens.
SPECTACLES! Steel Frames, Concave Glasses.
SPECTACLES I Steel Trames, S-Tgle Temples.
SPECTACLES! Steel Frames, Turn Pin Temple.
SPECTACLES ! Steel Frsmes, with Clerical Eyes.
SPECTACLES ! Steel Frames, Bin Glassrs.
SPECTAt LBS I Steel Frames, Green Glasses.
SPECTACLES ! Steel Prams', Grey Glasses.
SPECTACLES I Sttel Pramtt.wlta Double Eyet.
SPECTACLKS ! With fine net work Protectors.
SPECTACLES! Gold Frames, with Springs
SPECTACLKS! Wllh Springs, Shell, concave.
SPECTACLKS ! With Springs, Shell, convex.
SPECTACLES! With Springs, Silver, aval.
SPECTACLES t With Springs, oval. Steel.
SPECTACLES! With Springs, round Eyes.
SPECTACLES! nand Spectacles.
SPECTACLES I With lost-hoWeri.
SPECTACLES I For young persons.
SPECTACLES 1 For middle age.
SPECTACLES I For dd people.
SPECTACLES For short slghU
SPECTACLES! Forwesk slgct.
SPECTACLES! For cataract eyes.
SPECTACLES 1 For ladies.
SPECTACLES! For gentlemen.
SPECTACLES! For servants.
SPECTACLKSl For all kinds otejes.
SPECTACLES ! Of all pricea.
SPECTACLES! " Wllh no nonsense about then."
SPECTACLES! Of the "Sparkler" variety.
SPECTACLES I For Railroad Offices.
SPK.CTACLES! For Railroad traveteri.
SPECTACLKSl That wUl tclt yea.
Everything elte In eu line that yon may be In want ef:
Watches, Jewelry, Silver Ware, Plated Ware, Guns,
CaneA, Cloaks, win suit yon.
Ccme and tee 1 J. X MERRIMAN Jr. CO.,
233Maln-tt. Union Block,
feb22-!aw2w Memphlt, Trnn.
Drr Goods at Wholesale.
TUST received, direct from New Tork, on consignment.
J of apwards ot $30,000 worth of seasonable StapV
Dry Goods. The goods being on consignment,! can ai
ford and will sell better bargains than ever was offered li
this city. Merchants aad planters, who wish to buy bj
the piece will find to their interest to examine my atoct
before purenasing tisewaere. wv a,
corn Auct toaeer and Real Estate Broker .
Over Tivo Thousand Bottles of
Us. 'x .loassadt ot weak, faeble and debllitatd ptrsons la
thlt c.ty hare been made h'alth y and strong by taking it
It ia .be beat alternative ia the world, and the only
remedy tbat will purify th blood, and at the same tine
strengthen and lavigarate tbe whale organization.
it will rfftctuaHy car all complaints ot the Liver.
Stomach or Bowels, such as Liver Complaint, Headache,
nilloueaess, Bad Breath, Dyspepsia, Sour Stomach. Loss
ot Appetite, Nervous Diseases. Faintness, Weakness or
any disease ot the Womb, Kidneys or Bladder ; snd re
moveyUowness or sores from the skin. It 1 a sure
pretenilve against Tellow Fever, Chills,, Ague aad
Fever, Cho'era, or any prevailing epidemic There Is na
mistake about It.
S3" Every bottle Is warranted to give satisfaction. Try
It It Is very pleasant. It I earrs a delightful aromatic
flavor In the mouth after taking 1L
J. H. McLEAN, Sole Preprietsr of this Uoraur..
Also, McLeana Volcanic Oil Liniment.
tJ Principal depot on the corner of Third -xd Pin-
streets, St. Louis, Mo. Far sale In Memphis, by
feb3-dawly corner Madison and Main atree'j.
Jnst Received. .
CASKS Booth Jr. Sedrwlck's London ICurful
Gin. by H. H. POTTER. Main ttreet,
Third door North Wortham Hoot.
Received This Day, and for Sale.
BBLS. Superfine jfiour,
100 bblt. Extra Family Flour ;
150 " Fancy III Inols "
50 " T Harrison's "
50 " Cape Jassamln "
ICO kegs No. 1 Lrat Lard;
5 casks new Bacon Hams ;
250 boxes, half and quarter boxes Candles;
100 boxes Western Reserve Cheese ;
200 bags Coffee, Rio, Lagttlra, St, Jago and
110 hhds Sugars;
CO bbl? Crushed Sugars ;
15 bbls Powdered Scgaxs ;
25 bbls Coffee Sugars;
50 bbls and 50 half barrels Motsises ;
200 bbls and halt bbls Dnter's Whisky ;
3CO kers best Eastern Nails
piaster Pari C mint. Lime, Soda and Butttr Crack
ers, Champatne Wines and Cider, Pickles, Catsups,
c .. stilt mnn rWatprs. Tjihstrrs. Tebscco. Cigars.
w.trhr. B ubs. Rcckrts.Tubs and everything kept In
i Grocery House, an cf which wo will tell, whalesala or
for J retail, cheap, to tie trade. clakk Jr. CO
i ,5" .r? w.si,
1 tebil io. IS Front Bow, Memphis.
TS' 9rytUy The fSiSS
Leaves on S ATPRDAT, March 14ti, at 10 A. JC
For Ohio River,
Cairo, Louiavillo and Cincinnati.
KICTMNGB.. ........J. fl. Adams Master.
TniS magnificent passenger and freisht
packet, will leave tor the above and alt
Intermediate ports as above.
For freight or pagr applv in Scara
or to A. C. W.UKZBACn Agent
maris ' No 38 Front Row
Leaves on p-RIDAT. arh 14. at3 P
For Cairo and. St. Louis.
MATTIK WATNE, W. P. La moth, Cspi.; R. K.RBy, Clk
t. THIS splendid passenger ana rrtign.
7( iteamer wiu leave for the above and in
termediate ports on pkidax, asarcn iz.
at 3 r. it. Tor throcgh ticktU Eait,
Ar riMms. anntV o
marl2-2t LATALLETTE & MORRIS, Agents.
Regular Jlcmphis and White RlTcr
James Sjaug1tilins
P. MAIN GAULT, Master ...J P BOOKER, Clerk.
t. THIS fattnaauig, rreigBtaaa jit.tu
J?i gerpacktt, will leave Memphis for Jaek-
sonpor ana all uiicrmeaiai iuoiw,
eeerv Wednesday, al 4 oMeek. . Jt.
For freight or paassge, spplyea boart lerw
W. W. HODOE, Ageal,
drcJO-Sm No. 3 Howard's Row
3VE 33 O jcV. ON" T ,
.VO 3HOrTAJtfl'S XOrT,
WILL attend faithfully ta aft ballasts eatrMledteits
care. "
XBC6. x i i i I 3X5137.
James P. Bmith, Jfaater.
ON the rttumptlea et
Esvlgatlona Una ef trst
dan pscxets wiu com-,
thilr resra'.ar trip1
betweon Memphis, Cairo and LoulavOSe. eaaaectlng at
Memphis with the New Orleans packet llae, at Calix
with the IiHaols Central Railroad, and at LoularlTe with
tbe Loaiavllle and Cindaraa packet line.
These BaU are fitted up and fsrcliaed la tUgaat style.
paasengt r
who CT al
Mn,Wt . nA natrooazeof the
" LATALLETTE Jr. MORRIS, Agents, Meatpals.
ecfil BENEDICT k SON, Agats, LeulrrtSt.
Q- Eagla and Enq-irer copy.
Mempliis, bite River aid Sapoleefl
Helena, Friar Point, Laconia & Concoriia
JOHN T SHIRLXT, Maater....WM. T. WOOD, Orfc
THIS aew, tpleadid aad faat iUi
h.rlnr been ourehated. fer the Packtt
Trade la place of the James LaaghiU,wUI
IciiitiTine rrrslariT 1- the trade, 'ear lag
Merapblt every MONDAT and FRIDAT at I o'clock r.
m.. punctually, conatctiar atn'apain wltii While aa
trkaitst river boatt, rakiag freight and passent-n lo
While rivtr at regular rates. Returning, leaves .ase
feon every TCESDAT and SAT3R3AT, arriving at Mess
phis Snndsy and Wednesday evetuags.
Thaaxf ' far former patronage, the owners hope to
meritaeePilnuaneeef tha ame to their new beat, pre
mising strict attention ta business. . .
NOTICE TO SKirrxxi Tha "Frlsbee" wffl
freight until one a'deck on Mondays, aad during the en
tire day Thursdays, and until one o'clock Fridays.
1856. jSSt 1857.
N order to accommodate the pubMe, the owners sad
masters of the Packeta h'retofote In the trade between
the two cities have organised a Company to run a Tn
Weekl Use et Packets between Memphis sad New Or
leans, under ike name and style of the
Jlemphis and Sew Orleans Packet Co.
-rk. rt..i. mniminr Iks Uu ar iHei tit first olatt.
Inferior te nene la the Weat or South, for speedveasfort
and safety. They will leave each place every Xtiuteg,
Wednesday aad mcay, as x o-ctocx r. am.
particular axteruion ku oej-av.w - .
Monday Packet.
INGOMAR LMeDonough, "
Wednesaay iraciieis.
H. R. W. HILL. iaos. a-
Friday A'acKeis.
BEN FRANKLIN X. o. Ansers,
BELFAST .....H.L. Church,
Shippers and Pattengers may rely oa the punctuality of
tte boats of this line. ,
A continuance of me pairona,
the owners of this line is respectfully soHelted.
LATALLETXfi ar. auruus, jLgm...
Office adjoining W. B. Rlehmond Jr. Co., eorser
Court street aad Front Row. tepl
HE partttTihlp ef Smlthwlck, Wiay Jr. Co. waa die
toved on tha 10lh lntt.. by th withdrawalot A
"r -a tra it l i W SMTTH will continue the bcsl
ness at the old stand, under th name and style of J R
WItx CO The Dooss or tao oia b: i i
with J. R. Wray Jr. Co., who are ready to tettle aH out-
ttandmg clalmi. Those owing Umlthaick, wray a. to.
will pleaso pay as soon as convenient. .
Memphis, Feb. M. 1S37. teb3t-3w
S. 3. Rembert, J .iiiiin ta divide land, la Coun
ts. ,
James T. Stewart. J a. .
iNthU cause ItapptarlBgthalJ. T. Biewan, ic
fendant, is a non-rttbient of thla State, it Is ordsrrd
that th- Clerk of tats Court make pubticatl n la tho
Memphis ArrrAL. newspsper, reqflrte B W.T
Stewart to make his appearance at the next'term ot lb 1
Court, to be held oa the first Meada yln April next, and
ptead, answer, or aemur to ine r"'""" '
01- d, er the tarae will i e taken for cociessea as 10 bid,
and et for hearing rr-jyrfe.
mar6-U6ap juaa r. iitrji,w.
FOX th f jHowlag arUtlaa en tiaiige on uu t ai
GEO Jr. CO.'S WHARFBOAT, Memphis, Ttaaestea,
Msrchl. 1357:
T. Slegg, Memphis. I sex sns l cnesi,
1 chest without any mark:
Levi Jy, Bolivar, Te na., 1 box ;
C. T Brtdfard. Friar's rolat. 1 bardie S!try;
29 tacks cotton teed and peas, withoat any mark ;
R. 0. Hemphill, Meaphls, let household goods, box
es. J ;
M. O., care Duval, Algoo Jr. Co., Memphis, S boxes;
L Sk Louis, 3 boxat ;
T B.ThraR,Mempult, Iboxj
Edward Flood. Mtmphls, 1 bureau I
M. A. Deaa.Anburn, Tenn., I Crate;
J. P. Knight, Mempfels, 0 bona Tobteoo,
Jno. M. WUUamson. Mea phis. 2 barrels.
If not called tor at end at th month, wilt b dlipejed
of to pay charges.
HAVING reduced their prices to correspsnd with lt
reduced cott ot Saltpetre, cont.no. to ofir tk'lr
well fcioivn brands cf ELkCTRIO INDIAN XIFLR aad
KKNTCCKT RIFLE POWDER la kega aad caMtltri.
Alo, Gun Powdtr far Butting aad Kiniag. eersprlslag a
full ast rtment ot qaalltltt and klndt rea.aired by tt
trade, guarantied to give entire tatitfaetlon.
The ttaudardof their Ptwder. which haa now enjoyed he
highest repntatlon for more than twenty-five years,, wiu
be found unsurpassed by say other manufsetar t tha
kind m the world
For sale In this city by GATES Jr. WOOD, Ageala. a-vt
at the cCce ot the Company. Na.,89 Wan. "corner Waltr
street New Tcrk. A. G. HAZAR5, Pretldejt.
A E. DOCOLAts, Sec'y raar-:gt
CASES aasorted Cordlalt, for ttle by
H. H PUTTE&, nam airttt,
Third dr North Worsham Boast
ota -I
CASES Pure Juice Port Wise, fer sale by
H. n POTTER. Main ttreet.
Third dtor North of Worham House.
II ft CASES Hcttelter's titters, for tale by
(J U H. H POTHER. Mara it ttt.
marl Third door North ot Worsham Ban.
fSTi HUNDRED casrt B-xita JtS-dgewlckLonden Cor-
J dial Gin, In ttore and for saieoy
n. H. POTTER. Mala street.
Third door North of Wossham Htust.
rNE HUNDRED THOUSAND low p:lca Cigars, fer
J ssl by
rr n POTTER. Mala t trett.
Third dcor North of Wtraham Hentt.
-I ri hLS. Harrlton's Ex ra Flour;
I I Jl 50 bbls. and 60 hall bbls. Mack-rtl;
20 drums Codfith. 50 kits Macktrei, Net. 1 aid 1;
10 casks Hams. 10 casks Sides;
50 casks Byssa' London Barter
100 bxrs Hostf.ter's Bitters;
60 " White Wine, 60 boxes Claret
10 casks Claret, 100 box' s Star Candles ;
1 00 bags Coffee. 25 dcirn Braoms ;
10 bbls. Rail Butter, ou gross barrel's anna,
20 cases Sardines 5 boxes Cheese;
50 bbls and 60 halt bbls Dexttr'l Whisky;
75 bbls Harris' Ale. 100 bbls Whltky
50 boxes Lemon Syrup, 60 boxes Pickles ;
60 " Soda Cracker. 60 bbls Fic-NlCraxxrs;
JO " PI Fruit, 60 boxes Rslslns;
60 dozen Oysters. SO dosrn Washboards
10 bbls Cranberries, 50 doxea Bed Cords.
ALSO. Oranges. Lemons. Ceoanuta, Figs, Tobaeeo,
Sugar, Molasses, Jte. For sal br ,
zaxtl No. 33 Front Row.
New and Interesting Books.
BRAZIL and La Plata ; the personal record el a emit.
By a 3. Stewart. A M.. U.S.N.
Westward Empire; or. ia: umi. una, ci hbju-
rrrvss. By B. L. Msgooa.
Modern Greece: A Narrative ot Retldeaee and Travels
In that country. By Heary M. Balrd, M. A. Elaa-
A Journy" Through Texas; or, A Saddle -trip oa the
Southwestern Frontier: With a Statiitita! Appendix.
By Frederick Law Olmsted.
The Puddleford Paper; or. Humors ef the Wett, wlra
Original Hlnstiatlons. . .
Lena Rivers By Mrs. Holmes, author al "Tempest and
The Homettead on the H1B Side. Sy tha tame arrtnwr.
The Paragreeaa on a Visit 18 lb Paris Universal Exhibi
tion. By the author ol "Lcrmro
Torsale.bf, , fl ,, . aXAJX3,Jr. GUION.
' mart lw
ritl be sold low by
marlO-davrtw. - A.7Wt3 sdrv,
j . . At

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